Brewers bats shutout in series opener

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Thursday, May 24th
05/24/18: MIL 0, NYM 5 - The Blain's Farm & Fleet Baseball Post Game Show presented by Milwaukee Admirals Hockey - we are #MILHockey. Brewers get shutout on Bark at the Park. Tim Allen and Bill Schmid talk Ryan Braun's return and much more. Also, hear from Manager Craig Counsell and starting pitcher Zach Davies!

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Brewers fans you've made the switch after the last pitch to this show for twelve seasons welcome. The boy is harmlessly baseball post game show presented by the Milwaukee admirals we are. Hash tag male hockey now. Live from the international Hyundai Greenfield and Hyundai west Alice studios here's the franchise Tim Allen and bill baby town Schmidt. It is a final from Miller Park in the results are not as good as the brewers faults of the Mets in game one of this four game set five zip and welcome everybody. It is the boys farm and fleet post game show presented by the Milwaukee admirals we are hash tag male hockey. Tim Allen baby cows bills man that lives right here in the international Hyundai Greenfield Hyundai west Dallas studios. Five zip this a buzz kill little bit of a bomber waited shock this one up to. Or can wait. Another shot out lost just a bump in the road that's nine now that's a little bit concerning. Little bit concerning. Positive and this is that we keep a positive belief five strikeouts as team today. Well that's good and every girl you would assume there'd be more with a no runs on the board and are rolling Stephen maps that I mean he had everything working through a six innings that he was out there for the Mets yet the change of fast cars tricky man. They're dangerous ballclub you can't figure amount there's streaky then and you madam earlier on in the year and they were role in a little bit better and then they had a funk in any don't face of another just coming out of bed then. Big game sets up a big game for tomorrow the brewers' 3120. After this defeat tonight as they've falling gave one zag Davies and his return off the DL not good. Now not not good four plus innings of work here for just out yet any length no end and it's tough to blame. The pitching purse say on this one. Although we did have a bad outing you still. You got to score some runs last Jack two win a ballgame they either. And they didn't billion score any runs tonight could out of favour of the cash and a couple of times. Ninth shutout loss is a little bit concerning we'll talk about the offense here. Later on bird during the show I sit should say later on we're gonna hear from Craig Counsell see if he's concerned. An offense can be tricky that way but still that they're gonna have to step up the offense just a little bit Zach Davies tonight. By the way four plus innings allows four runs on six hits a couple of walks. A couple of strikeouts in the performance and really not what they're looking for. In the return of Zach Davies but okay it will go back adamant five days as Zach who get the ball again not going anywhere out of the rotation. Now he's sick and right in there you're going back to a so get get re take the balls back. Maybe more more concerning is the streaky ness of of the offense in and I'm a big believer that the softens him were I had the cost fear of just putting things together a little bit knighted I really believe that brought on by the way. Back in that lineup in the three spot goes one for four. Did he get into yet a base hit. At a couple of ground balls one of which was a double play ground ball meta pop up. So his return he actually raises averaged. Was one for four to 5250. So he came in to 22. And so I would say that he's probably at two and a quarter to 26 cameras are 23. To 23 starting starting to crawl that's right in the day you gotta crawl before you walk in and Ryan bronze. As we've talked about is going to be frost and put right back into that into that three hole and Travis shot with a day off against the left in Iran and now again. I think their babysitting him like they did. Eric saves against lefties. Anytime there's a lefty be aware that Travis just gonna get a day off. I guess if you're gonna get some days off the lefty would be the day off. So I guess some it doesn't surprise me a figured yell at jerk or Travis show would have the day off today. Zeus in that cleanup role brawn back in that three spot wanna get your reaction here on the brewers five zip lost today 7991250. As the brewers again fall in game one of this three of four game set. Have Miller Park still all in hot guys you're good you're not gonna win every game. There's still eleven games over 500. So all is not so doomsday. Here but I will say that the offense Bob the only thing that has me concerned. Correct me if I'm wrong eleven games over 500 was was the high watermark last year before the all star break correct. Now reached eleven games over 500 that yankees series or was it ten games over 500. Either way I mean it's a horse apiece when it comes down to it and I don't think they had been twelve games over 500 since fourteen so you're Europe. Still on the verge of a season that you haven't seen here for for awhile Travis Shaw alluded to yesterday Els played it all day long. That he says this team is different than last year because no one is gonna. Be able to use the excuse of we weren't supposed to be here little different dynamic when people expect a little more body. For sure and that's that's what's going to be insisting on being different had space when your pro athlete you do and that's what's gonna make things interesting going through the summertime here. And it is and you know the offense I think is is far better and it's my belief it's they're far better than what they're showing. And at the very bare minimum their batter than what they have shown thus far this year. Through the 51 games 7991250. Justin. You're first up on the fan dude what's going on a tough one tonight. Man California and I would like this he like in the Geary Eller and to push our congress be like that and you know we just. Really has got it it. Take a deep breath and I hope these cats don't call you all on a guy you know that we're cynical or are they good our caller. The pitcher did it my concern opening. I get off as being absolutely all they'd like. And we had bases loaded one out and earn and I feel like if you get it got bad ball. Good outfielder that maintain the whole scope of the gay totals. You don't let the old ball that it opera gloves and put on a couple every credit for a look at her face like I have a good shot right yeah. It just like what golf sometimes you'll hit a ball better get off the pop up book title role cook pig is a part of a bounce back to the water SS welcome back Everett is a sport like that. I think that we will come out will be I think our kids tomorrow. I hope that that is their right to keep on different as an opposite at pocono. That's all right we know he has. Hate them. Probably. And he did what all backpack okay they're expected brought. You know since. And I would have really I don't know they're great like it I'm not abducted are gonna try to. Immediate job as lord knows I don't get that paid sick and I'm not that Smart to be that job. But I just little I can see the legal adapt like that legal advocate April cut. He had a couple balls being hit under broad strip it definitely can't hold that we're darned near put. Okay mean. Idea you know with travel with Trevor Shaw often and we're talking about it during the game here and I know Domingo Santana splits against lefties are good this year however. He has been coming out of this thing. He normally hits lefties well and you would think that that would level off there are as the game went Travis always offer earlier this year or Zeus was playing third base. Brawn activated back at first and Domingo are in the outfield. I like that matter and I am no knock on Perez because he's got a tough job. Coming off the bands are not getting consistent. At bats but. Diaw can you check to see of what what the brewers did that game where and I you are was at third. I'm just here I can't recall. One last plug Freeman Hamlet two rapidly got a hold up okay hopefully that to exit just. Pre please breathe. What what we got a C or forward. For these next three games against the New York certainly got a hold of for the two parties to an average is that they have been up and we'll take care of the rest of the importance of that and it I'm confident that all forward and aunt. The lack AFLAC they respect him like you're paying it to close so it every night about some of those back to. That is the most important lesson for our city right now and in you don't thing that you do it. Sparky that excelled at bill like that everyone does it's it's also. And I think we can have the unity around brewers baseball and around a lot of I think our city but we have got a picture. We. Keep it positive in the port one port and so what you got may have looked Fort Collins. Struck the world beat the play tomorrow the multiple Gator by Erica. This absolutely is the biggest game of the year tomorrow without a doubt Justin thanks man put things into perspective I tried to. It definitely do part of our job you have sports is sort of an escape. It is it's one of the it's the best reality TV show that there is the best reality universe or. Out out of this world experience that your able have man mean what are you I'll when your favorite team wins or loses. A couple of minutes in front of the TV that yeah you would've rather seen a better and then now I I I do lose my mind some gusts as fifteen dollars at the movies and go see a trash movie and see in banner and then could. Here you get a free one the next day. The dogs were in the ballpark tonight if you're coming out of Miller Park how is that I have never been to a bark in the park night. I have an hour I have about a Miller Park this year laws work when the admirals you guys had whether the Dow had a one and it was one of the weirder experiences that I've ever been to one thing I find pretty insisting the dual. The darn it bias the dogs have to buy seed to. Well there's sin in one you know Al what do it's a little lap puppy. Belittled little guy there was a little ankle biter just yet just like my two little guys at homes warmer and Rizzo better quiet down those things are not an adult fighters man. And know their names are not shore bird Rizzo I was legs are legs fracturing animals is this guy's a big boys. I think it's a double seat for those guys the yeah they're like derelict some of us on an airplane yes. Yeah yeah we are not yet known and on not not yet but especially not after a dunk that basketball on your. It's how how is it what would the with the dogs in the park I'm just curious 7991250. Also what. Commenting on the brewers offense. Have they hit. Their stride yet. I don't believe that they have there's some was somewhat concerning numbers here offensively we'll talk more after the break. I get your reaction here brewers falling game one there's four games sat. Against the New York mad sits a final of five Zambia listening to the boys farm and fleet. Post game show presented by the Milwaukee admirals we are hash tag mill hockey. Let's add this one a brewers fans time to go inside the box score brought to you by Dave and buster's quote Sosa. Eight drink it play. And watch sports. How welcome back brewers get shut out tonight five zip 7991250. I'm thinking the offense needs to Bobble off a little bit. They were getting at that point where. Adam Eaton. This still haven't gotten to where they should be they're averaging now I believe less then a right around four runs a game. Not great because our great. After a team that's eleven games over 500 no and there are get them done with the pitching I think were more concerned about the hitting I think. That we are about the Vincent I would agree to 48 coming into this game is the bullpen ERA that's no surprise we all know what they're doing. Starters GRE coming into this game 396. That's no problem we deal with that right then that's your offense man. I think I just think that the streak is in them I think there's a a not just a street but it to pour it. Hell bent kind of offensive deal then they didn't do what it a little bit lately just that's taken off the sheet five the six game run. Some like that night won you won nine to two yet and eight at three win reasonably new or recently you have so I know I didn't and come back winner in Colorado they can you're gonna come out of this these start to come out of this thing but still not all the way there yet. 7991250. Let's go inside the box check out the numbers here inside the box Friday by Dave and buster's in wallets OCE during player wants boards. Enzo came one for 41 for three for Christian yell lynch one for 34 for Ryan brawn. With three strikeouts for brawny in his return the DL. Over three with a walk and AK for Asus and regular are aired on Perez is this are at thirty was one for four. Oh for two with a double walks from any Kenya 215 batting average now for being here. 364 average for. Tyler salad Dino one for four with a strikeout as well Orlando Garcia over three he's under the Mendoza line gotten. At 194. Pitching lines Davies four plus six hits four earned. Two walks into k.s in his return from the DL he's out two and four on the year Dan Jennings. A scoreless innings scattered a couple of hits to innings. And one earned run on three hits and a double walks for Jorge Lopez. Boone Logan on clean inning with a hit a strikeout jailer Williams comes in at. For the ninth gives up a hit strikes out one no runs in an inning of work. Brewers lose it on five runs thirteen hits by the New York Mets they left eleven on base and no airs the brewers' lead seven on base. No runs five hits no errors in front of a crowd tonight Tim I don't know exactly how many of these. Are humans. How many of them are dogs I wonder but 33803. Tonight at Miller Park. 3333803. Coming into this game averaging thirty to seven her home date. And that is up almost 5000 some of 5000 more per game than last year. I asked pretty good the attendance has been very very good very strong all. And they start it's just gonna get better as as this way I was raised kids get out of school what are also the other excuses extra height. The weather is it called people on a c'mon the rain even though it's a dome I don't wanna do that. But you do have the group outings come and then throughout the summer C a busloads covenant from a player in Wausau and you know I was you're really had a couple of senior skip days yesterday probably. Yeah you get the moose allows a while to get the moose club in Wausau loaded up on Boston Common on hand. Everybody over at the Maine offend downing can no show again Abbas two or else there that's right. Moving forward. With forward financial partners are moving forward together FF PW buy dot com. Is the offense going to get better they're averaging around four runs a game now that's not I guess it's better. It is better than it has meant it and but. That's not gonna get it done to the potential in the goals that they they've set forth here. And that's just that they're expecting more this year he'd needed to be somewhere around four and a half from matter. And now you put a four and a half four and a half per game average. Not Iraq in the year would with a pitching despite tonight then Zach Davies said and sec Davies would keep a close eye on him. Are moving forward as well 7991250. Let's go to white fish bay and sailor Bob Bob what's evident. And he Europe I think it's a kind of game where you discuss that in order so hard drive a little bit. This Sophie Tucker's. Just keep breathing in terms. Yeah you do have to do you do have to keep breathing now last time I was chill. During during a post game show boy I got a lot of grief for it because it was at nine zip loss. To Pittsburg. There are herb in what. What what else can you do. I'd rather lose that way then. In terms of my emotions. Are what he'll whaling in the whale lost. Root for the warcraft yeah do you are gratified with the although it. Or an error or some like that that those are tough emotionally those are tough but the at all do you have time to cope with a five step. So so so well I noted change subjects. And term it's time for you to get off Schneider here you know the expression time to get on air with this sort. Well by June 1 we god mud less we got about a week. Or. My there's should hear him close. Sort if you can't decide how about a bifurcated system with the what their financial show for what it is where they say if the market goes up they play you're on the money or order in the money. And if it goes down actually stormy weather vocational here at the brewers lose. We've plenty. Don't worry be happy years and jobless actually like jet in the fairway and you know celebrate good times are hope or. You know that over your score at Sherwood or destroy social mores. All right that's the first does suggest that we had to two different songs one would be on a win and the other on a loss and. Earlier and if you can't if you can't decide. And maybe one way to go. All right very good Bob thanks thanks for the call. 7991250. Do they have a certain. Section of the ballpark just for the dogs or can the dogs go anywhere. I saw dogs scattered all around. When we did it at the admirals game they were all in one select and zone as a dog owner I would be concerned with. That many dogs around and apparently this is done all over the country I'd be concerned with a few different things. I Hurst who is gonna pick up all the while I guess that's you am I the only person that wonders that no but that's good dog owner's responsibility. And I would think. That you come prepared with with the doggie bags or whatever once again. Our friends at the Milwaukee admirals and we had it all planned out we handed out bags it was it was dead and stuff they may have tonight was there was a clear and concise rule. As to where the dropping should be taken. Where are you gonna take the dogs at Miller Park. That's why you can't just let him go off our. I'd like and I know roof was open so I imagine the panels were open I don't know it just in the left field bleachers he had a couple just lifted their leg. Act like the green piping was a fire hydrant right. You can't just take you know. A they'll adopt a big old dog dome and just thrusted on your seat like you were a candidate not George you think that would peanut shells the Hong. Your your hand well now here's the question do you finish than not shows and then hold it down there until little Sparky gets the gets at all out Stephen. They didn't figure. It. 79912. Did you get I had like I said I've never been nor dog day. Never been to the dog day and why is the dog bear and dog days of summer during the dog days so. Dark days so surprised you didn't bring the two boys in here. Later on your iced it all I've been meaning to bring the one I think the one can handle at that show one the other one just you go crazy yeah I think like I I think bus would be able to be in here buster woods yet and hold it down Bo would be just he'd be crying in the whole time no I think Bo would be eating deal mine now like it yet I've seen that thing that couch over there is a lot of from remnants of food particles and DNA you know and that is plenty of their also it would have. They would have a good field day with that all sorts of fun little smells over there. 7991250. Brewers fall five zip. And tomorrow that sets up tomorrow Honda they bounce back after this we'll talk more after the break and hear from Greg counsell coming up. Ablaze farm inflated post game show presented by the Milwaukee admirals we are hash tag mill hockey. 7000 the fan. When you're hot you're hot player or not. They're not so when it comes to the crew who's hot and who's not. Brought it by steel horse realtor accompany your roll call begins at steel horse Five zip brewers fall tonight. Who's hot who's not the brewers' offense not. That's for sure right. Now it you don't score you're not considered top ninth. Time this year that this baseball team has been shot now. Nine times. In the first 51 games. So now if we if we take this to my golf score my golf game Tim. 5151. Strokes through 99 holes. Is not considered good. No so it's the same in baseball. Not your nine times getting shut out in 51 games is not good now it's it's it's not and and that part of it is that's almost half here after losses I mean this. If I mean if you're gonna lose. Save save all your I don't know. That's there they've lost money games and got shut out of the nine. I don't get your money's worth yes I guess 7991250. Hey Brian before we get to. Of the few details on Craig Counsell come and are open and some other stuff Brian you were at Miller Park right. Oh. Or the dogs. Are related to dog bit a brave. And so those are ready dog for right. Where were you certain. Own a bit epic funny what the problem of the night to Beckham out of what they need to be getting word it to break vacuum there are. Not beating or brought beating like that there's bit. Not there're. I I think they're. And I that we got shut out and you can't keep all this on brawn. I'll what he would be so result although I'm pretty slow. Sick very sick or that are. So really DR. So and so was VR and Garcia was in there. So you don't work. That that he was yes he was so. How many nominee dogs were there or did you would you say a lot of dogs throughout the park tonight. Norm. Not a lot. Video I don't on the ticket or will what are my at all not at all like certainly do believe there will. I saw that but a very. Where were you sit in tonight Brian and outreach. Okay right field to left field. Broderick. You know I thought our left feel you were cheered among them Ryan. Okay good men aren't Brian thank you. I'm still gonna say that brawn deserves a chance. That's that's good I would hope. And and that yes that he is to be given a chance however. Will say this that even a prawn was a manager. And brawn let that bronze numbers. Brawn would bench brawn you sit at brought some point you sit Ryan bronze a rifle. Frightful person GAAP. Palm Smart individual. Knows baseball just is that there is as good as anyone in this leak and seems someone intelligent yeah. Yeah I agree with you if he was put into a position of power he would sit him at some point. I don't know of could be now. I'm not convinced that B now. He'd he deserves every right to get out of this thing for sure yes you've got a little time. To let him get out of this thing because the reward is worse so much now how much of that. Trust and and that that. Onus. Is to what he has done in the past. A lot of it is 200720112012. For sure for a huge years that their huge years now is he and recapture that I'd probably not says it knows Ayers I never saw him do this for 67 weeks stretching yourself so there is some diminished skills here can we can we at least mean there and there are some skills. That art diminish him in because of his aides and you know where Mary Bryant LeBron fan as anybody beats you. If it's tough to watch to do this frankly but let's say it's June 15 through June 12. And brawn is still brawn. This brawn this brawn. Brawn would bench bra that's a huge debt that's a huge definition that we have to. I make sure we clear up is when you say your ads I didn't say bench I would say just move down put towards a reserve role. Moving down a BM down platoon need tight you know Santana can be interchangeable pretty much right but when you when we talk about. And and have heard that saying so many times we've used it. Brawn and being brawn when his brawn going to be brawn again. I don't know we know who brawny is who is brawn right now as last year brought was a 265 guy who played just over a hundred games. He's on just about pace to do that again this year hell we'd take that he would peachy gas that would be 45 points or higher the east and rain yet. And and in the on base in the month of maize bet a buck 21 at all. So we and that's tough I mean it's give it's getting to be that barely missed about two weeks. He well yes or he's missed about half of the month of may 33. 33 at bats for hits four for thirty. That's that raising long term bad. It's bad it's pretty bad though is as bad drama shows what four of 46. On my road trips up. They've been busted out of it you have guys doing that you have to have a an opportunity for brawn to get honest. You do. But I will say brawn would move brawn of brawn where the manager and saw brawn these bronze numbers. I'd I'd just. Just think that there's more. He's better than these numbers indicate. It was says Yarwood your numbers say York. Well when now oh lord I sure was he went all for three and opening day. So you're zero hitter. No. It's longevity. And he's deserved. He's deserving of the right and the reward is worth the risk if you keep them in there just to see what happens you gotta you gotta check it out you gotta make sure. And that doesn't mean that he can't get scorching hot in August. Or July or June up. But just at some points own. I don't know when that soon is that's in quotation marks. That you're gonna have to move him down. You see him in the batting in the batting. Circle you see him step into the box. He's still looks the same them them Doug Free at bat. Brea rituals or whatever you wanna call it he gets in very digs and he's. Change in his batting gloves and you keep looking at them as that he can still do some of the things that he used to do. And may we were clouded by what he did the first week and a half. Double big home runs helped you win two ball games he walks in off. After yellow which it's a solo shot on the next pitch back hits it into the left field bullpen. But I don't know if you can count on if that's something you can count on or that something that you need to look at as an anomaly. He has the ability totally different dude. To impact games. And right now he's not impacting games. But Danny's still impact games by just having his name on the line. To a degree out I'll look at the attitude to a degree that's a big part of him being who we yes 223. In an on base about to 75. There there is no manager. In the month of June that is going to have those numbers in your three all. I would love song and council would live in the moment now and say hey man AD at his knocks tonight and and that's cool that's fun that's Rockwell's say cannot find what that I'm fine that don't don't mistake my point here on final that right now. You give ended June. A week's worth it June maybe ten days with the June maybe a tick more were amber app that costs now where that three hole number. To twenties. And 270 on base. Can't have no manager what haven't you wouldn't have it I wouldn't have it. Councils not canals or seven hole and cover ups promise you we won't be batting three with those numbers on June 15. It's it's not happen. It's not going to happen because nobody would make that happen. Right now I think there's a debate it's you can make that you give him because it's worth the risk. And and the reward could be such a huge pay off if it works out you give him a little more time. I think that's worth that risk 7991250. We'll go to the northwest side sailor Willie Willie you're on the fan. If felt. Do you think grant broad and put themselves on a deal. I think. Like he could tell that he needs he needs some days off and should go on a on a stand. Yeah I'm stern and the things that what he can hit the ball. He's the first Saturday some hurt me. Put me MTV show. He goes to a team. Which we do so is taking batting practice. Book if he's not feel Owen both men DO what they're. And I'd think Ryan brawn is such a competitor you outlined I think I think he's super rifle for that. I can't see that be in the case thanks for the call but I will say Tim. That there are times where he he does look like he just needs a couple of days and that's probably what we're. Well obviously what we deal with the last few years. And that's okay. When he's in there. The impact that he can have. When he starts drawn walks. And taken the ball middle in away. Look out that right Sadr is just. Deadly when he is done. Then now again you just look around him in the lineup goods disciplined just pipe dream here with me just a second here say brawn puts up together here. One of those torrid streaks of twenty game worries us is off the charts chemistry. There's still Lorenzo Cain and there's Christina Ellis and their Shaw. And there's Zeus. And theirs you know it's just on phenomenon that's why you. It's worth the investment here in this. Willie B yanked from the three hole. If the numbers continue ultimately at some point yes now devil's advocate there's no there's no Prince Fielder behind him. No and and you're not gonna have a Prince Fielder behind them. There's not a printer fielder on this there's no there's no deal you can make the deadline that is gonna bring in a Prince Fielder behind. Know you've done your offensive damage with yell it's in Kane. So the guys around him can equalize that out. They can. That they're gonna have to an end shot steady Freddie Mac and that's what we're Gorham last year. And prince fielder's fund watch. He's going to be back in town I think this year to go on the wall of honor is that right. I think I did read that he's I know he's going to be put on the wall Bonner but I think she was going to be here for the ceremony. I believe so Anna Nicole. That'd be really cool 7991250. By your reaction after a five zip brewers' loss here it's seven taos. The boys farm and fleet post game show presented by the Milwaukee admirals we are hash tag mill hockey here on the fans. Who shot or a big line drives let's get today's driver. That gave. Driven by Acura Brooks feels Memorial Day sales event. Now through June 4 special lease and finance rates on select models both new and certified pre owned cars stopped in today at Acura Brookfield. A 191 in blue mound. Five zip brewers fall there nines shot out this year offense come home now. My own man. Got to get it together that's all right needed they needed stem Allen Clapp the other half gonna come out tomorrow and bust out for nine there you go. Drive of the game in this one what they had zero. No runs. So there was a ball that was driven out of the park and an hour after a two run double com it's. How much my if my friend Jordan was at the game today it was her birthday is so maybe the drive of the game could be her we'll under way to Miller Park. Could be maybe all those dogs taken a lap around Miller Park in the parade parade. How well the that's only parade that I won't watch. The garbage truck that as a few extra pounds and it because of the dogs. Okay that duties that Chile's MVP. Hit it much in the Ambac guy might be that BB the hoops Cooper yes a walk through and clean up all these dog droppings. If he out. A sad tastes best that they scientists aren't yet as the drive of the game tonight the five zip final last time. Perpich. We out last time we. At a nine zipped shut out loss it was a caller that took me to task. And because I was a little chill on it no only to have carries it with an well I was I'm never really happy with a loss but I understand they happen. And and nine shut out sued the twenty bosses I mean that's that's tough that's tough pill to swallow and that's gonna have to be remedied by the in you lose ball games and I can emotionally handle a five zipper on nines have lost a little bit better and a 21. Far far better than that and it's it's all the way of bounce back and that's still think there's much more to this office and they've been showing. So far this year averaging around four runs a game maybe a tick under after this one on I don't know the four point 08 coming in per game. That may have gotten it down around four but I can't do that kind of math on the air but yet so. People get more upset about it shut out nine zipped five zip than they do a two to one while this this gentleman did. It made him I'm a little disappointed. Yesterday on your show you said the so the most important game of the season yep and now you're trying to Barea which way is that your flip flop on that you're better than. I love it. It's and now that. And you're better than. And by the way it's always need that every every day when you wake up you're better than. That should be your new your new alarm you're better than that. You're better than net. How many hits news or better than. Are you sure you're better seat flinty kind of positive thinkers that we need. Well and showed tonight they're better than okay deal locks in years it's guys enough and today you're better than you know who's better than a one for his last one he Orlando Garcia you're better than Brian brought it to 23. You're better than. Brewers getting shut out nine times this year you're better than that it anti. 595. Dollars round trip to Vegas for the Super Bowl or better than. A man. Sorry that that just came off the cuff I'd that we we didn't plan that once almost what percentage of their gains they've been shot out is that right Dino I mean that's the math right. 18% of their games. Nine shut outs in 51 games. You about it and yeah that's that's not a better pattern on pattern that one. If you get the you're better than that you're better than tonight. That's the broadcast the war that should be handed out. You guys for your birds drug suspect that I'm a college radio station or better than that. Congratulates. You get your better than helpful or. You're better handed out by the post game show nothing to do. As safe as it's in the way to bounce back off those set out losses but we'll give. How did the brewers do in those nine games following a shot now. Oh what's fun about it out let's find that out a little little bit more. Information on that but Craig council would back me up by saying. It is a very very important game if not the most important game of the year tomorrow it's the biggest game of the year. Thanks in today's game here so I was on sale tomorrow as an access and then after day one that's that's how you treat it. You have to treated that way. And he said at the other day that you know your goal is to play good baseball continue to play good baseball and they've been. They have been playing good baseball folks you cannot win every game. And again I'd rather lose this one then leaving. Fourteen runners on base. And in three errors in the game allowing three or four unearned runs to score you lose that way and you lose 43 years some might that. Address a rather and you know these losses get him on the way get in get him gone. That the trick here is a consistent consistency of the offense and it just hasn't been there quite yet. He got a level things off it in that regard 7991250. We a year from Craig Counsell coming up in just a bad. And you've heard this Palmeiro Fella. Off the oh yeah. I mean not sentence. His day in court. OK button they had some pretty good success in the big leagues right you didn't and wait since. And again he is playing. I'm professionally I think it's an in the inning in the third. And Indy. Indy ball OK and decide that your gonna grow Rodham mustache goatee combo and I I couldn't do it and failed. But like you despite like you reach the age crisis that younger. Younger people than you have hit the big ugly it's weird yet that I have. In that weird very weird. And then that night you hang on to ultimately you'll hang on to. Webber is older than you in the vaguely. And that's a big one so. Lies lasts outstanding for me. Was Jamie Moyer. Here's the last guy retire from this game that was older than. So it's all over now but if Raphael Palmeiro makes it all the way back. Which she he probably won't. But it signal and let's hope he wouldn't he's what 57. Years old 53. That's why it's significant for me. I'll beater that he's example aren't exactly my age. Like two of the day. Really bright to the day. Same date so he has the same keynote numbers as you. Same keynote numbers flying 92464. You're better. Off we'll be back on the fan. So what's the skipper got to say about this game. Let's get the scoop from the skipper. Brought you by Brian Stratton college athletics offering athletic scholarships and nine junior college sports who learn more at BSE bobcats dot com. This is the only station brewers fans need before and after the game 1057 FM the fan. EF five zip the brewers could shut out for the ninth time this year and the date following a shot out. In the prior eight now we don't know what's gonna happen the day after today obviously. But the prior eight shot out the brewers are five and three and bounce back games the very next game. When you went tomorrow's ballgame you're six and three after getting shut out. Sawyer telling me as I should be positive going in tomorrow ask itself I shouldn't be concerned. Five and three is a pretty decent ability to bounce back after a shot out. The are you kidding me moment of the game hold on hold on hold before before we get that. Our review we can make this the are you kidding me moment of the game but I think you've trailed the disclosed a part of that. Information with the amount of losses well yeah after it shut out of three of the three artists that finish that part up here. Of those three losses. Following a shutout loss. They've been shut out again twice or better are you kidding me and Phil kitten. Yeah that's the are you kidding in a moment of the game rusty by Jeanne Wagner plumbing company you can trust. Jeanne Wagner plumbing dot com another are you kidding me moment happened today my son and I went out to get a bite to eat. And do people what are people not understand about. A flashing red. Were flashing yellow. Or some people call it orange. What do we do not understand about those who lights. Oh they you can go when it's flashing flashing red means what means stop stop. Flashing yellow. Blake yield. Very proceed with caution very nice very nice don't stop. Because now the red guys they don't know what to do. The yellow guys Conan both directions someone's trying to turn it's a big cluster and it's even more egregious in these round abouts that we now. That's true too. Your in the round about now there's a reason don't roundabout there and we we Bob 56 years ago we'd. Discuss this on the idea. On the post game show. There's one right outside Arbil. Yet there's a valid reason for them and I can't recall what it was me doing good deed on that I think it makes sense is yours given all the traffic to go one way in his early in your out here than you're out there than your out here. But I can't remember early why cities do that public once your in it you're in so you have the right to go until you need to leave. That's another are you kidding me moment that I'm getting yen and then it just stops a contest of people should be rejected on driver's licensees have to retake your test every continent that was tough enough for me to pass the first time. Hearst's ties are ready target of half. Let's hear it better than he does apparently not until the third guy. Hear from Craig Counsell after the bruise its job. That's good and I heard it. Just close let's but the instrument. Learn and I think down. No we had a couple opportunities early in the game in the in the second inning in the third inning we had some some rallies going com. Third innings prior bench but. You don't get put nothing up in the third inning and then that is pretty good as. Seldom. It was a it was pretty quiet night after. It. You know I mean that I don't he wasn't it was and Chris but it wasn't in no way he was all right I just. You know he struggled with Nemo Nemo is the latest game all the problems other than that I think as the line of pretty darn good. You know left and it is no place to him. Really. You know really count for all the scoring and contribute to a picked and so. Those religious ones that are in the problem. It. As an honest I am in those who is so very displays is just a reaction. Many good plans. That is the way I thought stick on it and still make the play and it is looked like a line drive others. Craig you've been office was an outrage of the actions longstanding calls mom you just need to get the first one and it is beyond then hopefully next time a little more like it's. About herself. Well I mean I was that it's not it's about making pitches and he's going to be he's going to be fine and he's going to be on the corners and use in four pitches. And dominate he did that today just. Like a study just to connect it's just kind of the one guy that. You know hurt themselves. Well it's. A bit of define the most important business start of the fun. It was a statement of them even now I wasn't that long in the first but the I don't remember Thurmond's and his fastball recur all of them much there. What's now accused but it is no hair no I never know until it's the middle played that that got them. Yeah I thought Boone at pebble and throw threw the ball well his velocity was. That's we've seen this here. Which is there really encouraging is really let him go. Journalism's. Right handed hitters and he kept making good pitches to. On its toes because slaughters of the right hand hitters but it it's Nemo really tough so. They get a good and did that surprise you can check out swinging the bats better. How often they ought to analyst re. Yeah I mean I think I wanted to know that doesn't surprise me I think. You know we just we didn't produce enough tonight we didn't you know there's a couple hard hit balls. Rose seven McCain had won but we distant you know we didn't do enough tonight he pitched a pretty good game against us and and our opportunity to kind of score runs bases loaded in the you know one on the HP up just we couldn't capitalize and kind of break it open and there's so. Let's it's the way it goes. This play. Was money it. And this is upon a lot of big money player of the game finding your way under par one of the hotel and casino visit pay is big dot com. Five zip. Is going to be tough to find a big money play of the game with pot a lot of me hotel and casino you can we're better than net free will reward play over upon me wanna find one. But we'll find one for sure tomorrow morning shock and no. Yeah no the big selfish. Yeah surround me Mac law test that kicked chuck Freeman right out of his. Six to ten time slot he's been there for what seven years. Rotten Robbie just test the walk in drop kick him out the door real Ronnie Ronnie Francis Mac law is that his real middle name yes. Francis or Rami France's. And a photo have been some different don't call me Francis. Rose Stanley says her up killing. Better than I don't know that's probably evil it's from remove all what movie is this. Mike Cameron so other than tax the future Madoff film but it happens. Bill Murray was in it where he joins the army. Stripes. And memory and a belt now Coca. All right big money player of the game with pot a lot of me hotel and casino. Shall we give it to Boone Logan. I mean he was sewn some big money today. He didn't give up much of vetting that. You're better. We Boone Logan is better than a seven plus CRA come on in well but he might not be better than a clean innings so why don't we just him it's yeah big money player and Boone yes. And stuff phase we just did. The Romo Boone are better than side there it is when nastier 735 tomorrow cells how to solve something. Some other stuff planned today I was listening to Rami and and Bart just be all sorts of excited for their. Big show tomorrow morning yeah and now apparently part does the show every day. But Rami is gonna be out of for the first time tomorrow. And they're going to talk LeBron vs Amgen. And it's seven YE Bart has some of big. Bit plan that everybody should tune in for OK I don't. Really remember the name of it because I was kind of just half paying attention while there are fanned Gerling over there. Morning show tomorrow but yeah it apparently is going to be funny so will take that for what it's worth I'm actually leaving a wake up for it. I promise both of them that I would wake up tomorrow so I could hear some of their more anxious but if you listened to and its radio dot com now. Writing catch everything or if fight do you plan if I do end up sleeping till 1130 which probably will happen I and his go to one of 57 FM the fan dot com. Click on fan I'm the man it's presented by John Paul's view exe how do 100 Greenfield mob that bred there Uga. Just like Terrence couch in the morning podcast that will be back on Monday. Will be back on Monday. Dino. As some information on why why. Cities municipalities. Have round abouts. Looks like the short answer is on abouts are much safer 37% reduction in overall collisions are here 40% reduction in pedestrian collisions. Very nice okay so it's a safety thing. Yeah it's it's a safety and idol I was saying and maybe it just prevent. More street lights that's an added Coston. Whatever but yeah I guess that was fiscally make a lot more sense is that the safety Bob makes sense also so that's. That's why you nonsense as I've I've never seen somebody hit out of bicycle at a round about we and I have been hit by a car we ran into a roundabout. As we were headed from Phoenix to Vegas and we're just sale auto loans. That was everybody. Wants like right by them it's like slow down slow down slow down. As answer about in the mid mountain range. That was what I told Joseph I said dude I am not looking into the side because if I do zero. Work drive and write off this thing at some crazy stuff really was as those of fun trip all right 7991250. We're gonna go on inside the clubhouse right. Yep right after this side who's the lucky contestant. Oh Zack Davies you know here how Dave jacked up our way yet know we are because he needs to. He's got some questions answered argue back in the form here and I'm sure he can but it let's hear what does Zach had to say next year on the fact. Now here's the behind the scenes post game update as we take you inside the clubhouse brought you by Adam deputy dot com. Ready to get inside the new. Deputy dot com gets deals done that others cats. Won't. Tied five zip the brewers have referred to fall. Game one of the four game set against the Mets. If you don't wanna listen to the Tim in taos podcasts and that a BR back on the and the ban on demand on now Monday morning it's back because there are some stories that now. And can't be really told here. On this Micah Downs different. And our podcast microphone they can be they can be content while apparently. Not everything can be. Used on the car that's your podcast must be found but will. Turns that there were some issues with. Tenement house in the morning podcast nineteen. And at twenty LB you've. And I guess a little bit professionally safer that was my question so it's just going it's going right to number twenty Reich is nineteen was done. It was and it actually got out for a few minutes there. That was it was loose it somewhere on the dark while before it was hold back in real back in it and this one again and again just have a much more professionally safe. Although children honest. Still going to be truthful truthful and honest. Will be but don't have to say they were or we have to pull punches but we will. Control ourselves yes err on the side of caution. I've. Yeah I went to confession and did my our fathers and hail Mary's. And and can you get you get beach day out of call it that well we'll see still fight now. Let's go inside the club vows a year ago an appeal to pursue. Two I hear from Zach Davies four plus six hits given up four earned runs of these was not sharp tonight. Couple walks couple of strikeouts is with Zach had to say after the Bruce laws that. First. Not not too pleased with the but it you know it is the first third come back from after about three weeks now. You know just you know work on stuff. It. You know the command wasn't there hematoma in an hour sit for the first tournament first four innings. In the fifth inning due to assure and it's and you know that turn and I and to oxygen tank that. You know an audience on the work on that. Now now now it's no excuses. Your back in the game action and you know change going forward. Yeah M and it's saved since the inning I'm not sure how the defense was behind me if if it would've gotten through and in some who have been there in the shift that. You know this. Once I knew that I glow of the balls hope and bounce too far or to make a play in. I was close enough and the rumor wasn't fast enough where I had a chance. In absolutely ultimately. Just bad pitches especially you know with them. It's. You know game plan. Lou is working men. News kind of guys going the other way a lot like all over the Clayton. You know I pulled the ball really well in and put it in spots them online order Weaver in the the united deep but the downfall of the loss others. In his. There's zagged Davies after the brewers loss and nothing about zag Davies is that Teddy he doesn't get that emotional and and in some regard I can I can respect that. You know we inside these guys at this level. They wanna perform. And it does it does to some off when you when you have a bad outing but they have the of the of the cool thing is they have the ability to wipe it away and go back at a tomorrow. Zone that we admire about these guys man big time ability just that shrug it off and be right back at work the next that probably V and new. Number one thing I admire about these baseball players malls though. That can just live in that moment whether it's good or bad they just move on and on to the next days and very difficult to do I could new way too emotional. I'd been I'd be I'd be a basket case is the first time I went one for nineteen. It be over I'd be lost from month I'll come. The answer all right blaze farm inflate post game show presented by the Milwaukee admirals we are NASDAQ Milwaukee. Live here in this international Hyundai Greenfield Hyundai west Dallas studios. DeVon douse after brewers fives applause. You're listening to the plains farmers league baseball post game show presented by the Milwaukee admirals. Hash tag male hockey won twenty bucks Chile's cash delisting of shockingly good tomorrow morning at 835. And know that Chile's MBB to win. Chili's is back baby. Back now here's Tim with today's Chile's MV beaten. Made tough one do we throw home another boon. How about we make it Rami Mac off. For waking up early in and coming into work I now being a team player he's doing a double shift right. I'm yeah I'm more surprised I'm still waiting I have my alarms that calm it's. Let's see here at about 445. Z but I have at this hour. Yeah in case it's a migraine Friday morning via could be Chile's MBB Rami and Bart will ask you that tomorrow morning. At 835. And if you're the first person to correctly and and it and identify the Chile's MBB as Ronnie Mac off. He can win some free food from Chile's as rod divide chili's chili's. Chili's is back baby back and so has Brian Brian your on the fanned a seven run. Good evening John Minko apnea. And that. Good its occupants that quickly about the on the possibly feel as Newton's side impact collisions by apple it's Bobby's fault. The little flustered my father of social optimal route to going two innings. That's true movement in the Pope will then do an outstanding job that I wasn't yet which on if you gave it to Jessica peck. Just the one run through through five innings of work. I am concerned about the business of steps up stability to the shuttle progressing to that I don't know what the problem is ordered yet insights. My guess is that too many guys who are susceptible to cholera or awkward question are we reforming Drexel. Are put himself while the job runs that go applicable standard oil went to a couple BR it was Gosling and he got out. Armed it'll Catholic edit it just to be an inopportune. It's that time but the ultimate it will all how are we were all so there on its. Beckham in the it's toxic period. A thank you Brian thank appreciate him on death Knight thanks a lot colony Texas side impact collision yes that's one of the things round about let's say there eco safety thank terminated at the ball tonight. Didn't appear to be carrying now well. And it just awesome human genome made the proclamation that if the if the dome was shut the roof was shot. That. The brewers would had a few home runs yeah I care I didn't necessarily know where Dino is going with that but I understand it now did you see Jeff absence article today. Regarding. Regarding Major League Baseball and their findings I did officially saying IDs balls are not Joost. But that is due to. Aero dynamic variables. How in the world others say eight years. I I don't think I have a listen to my notes and then we were gonna get to the baseball calls themselves. Where their stored. Is I think key. I think that's one of the key thing that has something to do with that up. And the manufacturers. You can't just change things on. MLB no you can't just odd decide that you're gonna use a different lease of the baseball. And there's just do it at it right and there are certain mud that is rub down some of the baseball's. Had just that that part of it I didn't get there's the BB core the core of the baseball. Com. It just seems too inconsistent. Can you make them uniform across and we ran into this is it wild idea was some talk shows last year a couple of years ago when the deflate gates. Thing came out with a football season. You need to tell me game balls. You don't. You have the ability to. Submit your own game balls. The team can submit seven or eight football's. The chip and putt around. For a week of practice and Aaron Rodgers likes of scuffle mop from problem upper lip whatever you like to do it on. Nonsense. Certain amount of balls for each professional baseball or football in this should be the way it is. What they do it hockey pucks probably same sorts issues. Would gasp basketball same sort of deal. Well in the end basketball games I can tell you that from from first and porn video they allow a captain from each team usually it's the point guard your. It's the guys can be the primary ball in alert goes out they have one basketball that's going to be the game ball they have one basketball that's the backup ball. And each guy gets a chance to go over feel that drop it down C word bounces are right cool that's that's the ball we're gone wild. Yeah we're gonna talk about the baseball so that was an interesting article I did I did really really well on the army Jeff passed and is done a lot of very very good works the last couple months but yeah it was very very well Jim and I have battled on the air over the years. Oh you have no idea. Is he one of those guys that schism of pitches a good pitch when it goes over the men's. Now it's more with the with the brawn thing in depth sort of thing that it was just before the wrong thing when he kept -- numbers on that and on that. Then all that's a long time that's well yeah I guess I'll ask you Scott who was sure to get him on the air was eight years ago. I eat is dynamite stuff he he's awesome he is 11 hell of a reporter if there's no question about that. I'd that's gonna do for us Blair hicks the project. Has been hanging out as well as the you know. And for baby taos my name is Tim Allen thanks darkroom Miller Park we'll see you again tomorrow night after the last pitches you make the switch right here. To the planes farm and fleet post game show presented by the Milwaukee admirals we are passed techno hockey. And just remember in games after shot out so far through the eight shout outs prior to tonight the brewers have bounced back the very next game with a five and three mark. And hopefully it'll be six and three after they beat cinder garden tomorrow. You guys ever grade nine smiled Milwaukee the world will smile back. Okay.