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Saturday, April 21st
The Blain’s Farm & Fleet Baseball Post Game Show Presented by The Milwaukee Admirals. We are #MILHockey with “Baby Tausch” Bill Schmid and “The Franchise” Tim Allen discuss and thrilling Brewers victory as they win in walk off style 6-5 over the Miami Marlins!

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Brewers fans you've made the switch after the last pitch to this show for twelve seasons welcome to the blame storm and flee baseball post game show presented by the Milwaukee admirals who we are hash tag mill hockey. Now here's a franchise. Tim Allen. And bill baby tell Schmidt. It says save final from Miller Park in wow is all I can say the brewers Kamal they 65 victory and we'll welcome everybody. It is the blades farm inflated post game show presented by the Milwaukee admirals we are hash tag mill hockey Tim Allen. Baby taos bills med and a brewers 65 walk off victories. Roots. In the book. And I'd get up get up get out they hear it and gone. About that no coffee needed on daylight today TIO I lead I would Jews act is this full law went in this place while. Their fifth victory in a row and they go now to thirteen and nine and can you say the beat goes on it was last year I know that was still work and on enjoying the ride here in the 2018 championship season. But here's the deal with this offense man this is when they get go and this is what happens. You don't wanna give up on them. And they can they were chicken and scratch and their way back in two this game and ultimately. They put up a couple of late runs to put themselves in a position now they did get to help let's face it. They can get a little lucky on this one. Well take that so guard you remember what I told you the baseball gods owe him a lot. They say you're a few away from the game one tonight they did give someone you consider that that now runs scoring air. By the Marlins did it. Allow the brewers dude to tie this ball game and allow Zeus. To get it done in the bottom of the ninth inning. Is that thirteen pitches fourteen pitches I don't know what it was what I was final thirteenth pitch of the at bat one that he knocked out in the right center into the Arab terrorists or are thirteen kids. Add bad for zoos as he had a home run don't walk off and get a victory for the brewers here over the Marlins. This big win and I'll tell you why they're all big guy get that new guys understand that we we believe in every game is vague. But it was a big a game in this regard that obviously had you took the Ceres three games to. Fill in the blank then wanna worst. Four games and on you but more importantly I think you set yourself up for at worst a five and two homestand. And that he'll take I'm not saying tomorrow they're gonna lose red. It just assures you have at least that now do we think they're gonna go on and win 52 straight games now. But this this allows a little wiggle 42 or 3037. Or some like that all right well that's a win more realistic yeah. But for budget. This allows you a little wiggle room in not only the series with the homestand and they get it done were they 65 victory tonight as a brand suitor. Well he tried to pitch him. He died he was very he gave you don't yell men's after it was months dried it was. One to get your reaction on the ball game tonight 7991250. S 4147991250. But let's go back over this one when the brewers started this thing sixth and the first pitch it was brand Souter on the hill making his fifth start of the campaign the Marlins get right Adam Derek Dietrich a solo shot. To give the Marlins a one zip Victor once have lead. Brewers go three up three down in the bottom half sooner roughed up. And including a three run home run by Louis Branson. Now if he gets a Grand Slam in tomorrow's game on would be pest. Because then you would have hit for the a home run cycle right Syrians four game series and a solo shot to judge saw a lot of hard contact time brand early and often today means every ball that was. That was put into play was hit right on the scorers it was and now we will talk about Brent suitors would move along and in tonight's program bud. It was forced zip after an inning and a half show off however minimizes the damage a little bit early a solo shot. He's role and not these days he really has. You had a chance to talk to him the other days you know like you as a Ed certainly get a good place and you're in the Arab today as well he was in a good mood right oh yeah he EU can tell when that as Roland Roland high on the hog. And he continues to be a little bit loose and and and jacked up. Making jokes thrown Ohio Cleveland Cavaliers shirts up. He's have a good time and everybody in there was feeling good today you and and as well they show I didn't. Start to get their offense back together here. But shop makes it 41 after two innings. As we moved to the third inning neither team scores in that inning after two outs however Cain rages on air. He's. He reached a second on that Ares balked over to third. And a great defensive play by the Marlins there and I thought yeah maybe it's just not the brewers tonight tonight when you know the didn't. Defense of plays or taken a run off the board. Against yell it's there in that third inning so we moved four to one of the fourth suitor 123 inning in the fourth how about that and that the brewers' offense. They get right back into it in the bottom half of brawn leads off with a double. Shaw walks. Aims within RBI base dead and that made it 42. And Eric so guard knocks in a third run. Second of the inning a fielder's choice ground out that actually. Keep egg went the brewers' way that that may have been a double play but it was sort of a Jonathan VR ask tight bond adventure at second base they gave the brewers are brown did dead for three into the fifth inning. Marlins get a raw and man he needed that shut down inning and now is with two outs. Wild pitch after a base had not a base it makes it 53 c.'s thinking about maybe. He got some game left in these cell brewers offensive hitters. It capped one year game left in the crew bounces back with a tally of their own in the bottom half. Sacrifice fly from Ryan brawn makes it 54 into the sixth inning. Suitors dazed on five innings eight hits five runs. That's just that's not a good good out now known within the numbers are starting get more more damning. I'm Brent Souter they are. I actually of went back and then took a look at and now that I'm comparing that to all does this claim that out Frans. Then Dutch judge just wanted to know when that. The brewers last year demoted Willie for all to just say I had wanted to make sure things are fair here. But it wasn't this early. We know that bud. Would give to Brent Souter conversation just a bit Jacob Barnes a 123 inning in the sixth inning assays 54 right there. Not them for the brewers in the bottom half of that inning neither team scores in the seventh inning Josh hater. A 123 top half Matt Albers gets in some trouble. In a 54 game top of the gate this was huge. Two runners aboard with only one out you're thinking keep it right there on a one run deficit. He got the bottom of the eighth he got the ninth inning you can you can steal this thing now on stand continue to fight. At this point. This feel a little down mid game and now feeling good just hold it right there Albers gets a huge. Huge double playground ball that eighth inning and it sends it to the bottom. Where they get good little lock in and you better be lucky than good sometimes and sometimes when you are good you create your own locked. But that outside yeah. It was it was just a godsend here in the eighth inning when no cell guard hit a little flare with a couple runners aboard. You do have that right yeah I did it. And now it's fires organ or re started and fired right. While and that was huge for the crew is it tied up in the eighth inning. Nine dinning Jeremy Jeff wrists no damage done in the top half and the bottom of the ninth inning once again aid tied ball game for the two when he eighteen championship season in Milwaukee. It was hate Zeus and Gil are. Apple cloud that is. Awesome right there in the crowd a year job giving you guys a couple of minutes to get out there because you've probably still party and there. Oh we got to hear how fast of that crowd was that crowd sounded like the Bradley senator did last night. Rock and it was huge after that the block they were sent on pins and needles. That that sacrifice fly you that you had on brawn theirs as your grown over the game notes. Does it knows that I had a there was there are two different fly balls in that inning that allow you score the run. The one the ideology as that moves Santana over to third first via everybody thought was gone that he hit right off his shoe strings. And then bronze everybody thought was gone do. They were just waiting exit should let it loose and take the roof off that place yet and I was glad pacers game an opportunity to do it 7991250. That was. That was awesome I'm not just a home run but the crowd in there. That's why it is sparking an idea of made reference last night just for a brief moment there within within belabor the point putt. The Milwaukee. Chance. I would love to see that at Miller Park I would love to hear that at Miller Park. Our mind trying to get some that is an organic what you're trying to make it more of home field advantages Varian intense environment. I don't know if that's only natural baseball. But when you have 30000 people there are night. You can make it a little bit round a little bit sharper in terms of the rowdiness. You know what I mean and it's not like they could use him in game entertain I may be the dull organ music in no offense dean Roscoe I think he does a great job Morgan Hamm on the show there's an invite for sure we are. I just think sharper sounds. Are a little more barbaric a little more fears over the you don't mean a little more aggressive if you will. Just that this that drumbeat to some bill walk key. That would be awesome at Miller Park got I don't know if we can push set to get that go on but. In and out of franchisee to anything incredible eye while we got the little chance on weeds we created that we dislike other Zune a chance on for a little while last year to about the Zeus chance Konami and so maybe we can but that. You know this gonna continue year. If that is gonna continue and there are other that the rally cry brewers and never say die and walk off wins. Every week. Guys why not let's go mill walk key. Why not keep it I'd just an ongoing thing was both of bucks new arena. As well as Miller Park that'd be cool I wanna get your reaction another walk off victory for the brewers their fifth in a row what do we just talked about. Now mourn a week ago Billy you what I had a conversation about what good teams do. And occasionally good teams streak. And they know they have a winning streaks are run. A fury and run I think my quote was a 34 or five game winning streak wedges did that tonight courtesy of a yell walk off home run by Hayes whose. Bag alarm we will allow break right now you guys and hold sit right there wanna get your reaction your thoughts are thirteen and nine now is a key role in here may be just maybe we'll have the beat goes on just for old time's sake. Coming up in a little bit. Wanna hear the Zeus highlight again before we head into the break guys you listening to the blames farm and fleet post game show presented by. The Milwaukee admirals. We are hash tag mill hockey. Brewers a walk off win it is dose in the bottom of the nine gives the crew the victory. In every game there's a moment when you say to yourself. Are you kidding me guest today is are you kidding moment of the game. Brought you by Jeanne Wagner plumbing company you can trust Jim Wagner plumbing dot com. This is the blames farmers league baseball post game show presented by Milwaukee admirals hockey we are passed tag mill hockey. All right brewers get a walk off victory. Let's get to your reaction here I can tell you what baby tells bill Schmidt myself Tim Allen. Christian jazz cull ski behind the glass over their not to be confused Jasinowski yeah I can tell you some right now. We don't bring it on the phone lines you're gonna call here a mobile you're gone. All of OK and just say and the suwannee eighteen championship season rolls. And you need to bring it so man it's hot tonight before we get. Is hot. Tonight before he gets you no slouch you are you kidding me moment we all clubs we all got to know what it is do we know what it is having had the I don't know what surprise might walk offs and ninth inning wins anymore I mean frankly I think are you kidding me moment of the game happened more in the eighth inning to beat them when you tied the game I'd sell just for you know. Giggles I think this is about. Wally is ride as bill Schroeder chimes in there or Matt will play on fox sports Wisconsin Wallace all I can say. But I can get used to this you know these tell you that right now. That is the are you kidding me moment of the game has brought to you by Jeanne Wagner plumbing accompany you contrast check amounted Jeanne Wagner plumbing dot com Todd in Watertown. Now you know what I said you got to bring it tonight. All bloody appropriate there's user account that mr. franchises there act. I don't wanna put an athletic great what a wonderful walk. Who do OK did you give up mid game I was at his quest for a little bit. My wife watch with the man onto our second team while my wife and I thought he. Actually my church but the pop up that any and now our starter curt back on their own country issues. What the walk up or bad hair out. I love the cable and I don't want to get ahead of myself too much ground to a little bit map. On the few games sitcom what's keep autopsy. Would be with the pitching situation and we. We run out he suitor against KE. And then start. Maybe Davies and against Chicago. I'd of course just the thought opened late forty's threats of those guys but. I guess that's what I was concerned. OK guys got to what will you do a Todd instead send us a picture. On Texas and a picture. Percent Lisovicz of the lucky shirt on your wife. Yeah okay yeah we got lunacy that she's if they had so we need to see 7991250. We'll get to Brent suitor in in just a bit is that this game once it got to. The one run game. When the brewers seven were down 53 when they got it 54 that's what I said go ahead and gold go back after the singing get this thing. This is one of those games. This was one like com which is a lie and you stole a heat and gas keep your down for a super in this game. Can't fight back man keep keep on fighting when he game laughed. And it's AMA mentioned this last that we are shortened show last night because the box pick and save post game show. That this this team. It's like it watching Cain and yell it's an even though they did have breakout games tonight. Just machine to like robots Billy they are. That's just crazy good last night they were they were on base almost every time Arum on the play I think was likes combined six for eight. And again and I like you said the word on their game tonight didn't have a huge night. No continually just grind out big bats and you wanna talk up pressure those are two pressure at bats you're gone through they are and this team as. Applied some pressure on the opponent now for five straight games let's get direct rake your next. On the fanned a seven and. Eight as we get the content that I don't adaptable and think like I agent and working with an. App and try to lobby cramped in your oldest I've been trying to get him. Bobby and get more playing time I think he's earned. Shall we start or to think or game maybe and got up. All that and make it actually and bench and hit them. Hey Eric I am says has earned his playing time. Ryan brought a star and earned his playing time Domingo Santana drew a group of big time walk in this game off the beds. About a crowded. And it still needs our attention. My mind that should suggestion maybe. A little like. Can they western. Literary at Harvard don't play. Any help a lot deeper for at least three years. For. Trade trade calls channel starting pitchers to LA doctors. Mark that spot ever starting pitcher in the league that you helped. Started right now. OK very good read that Rick thanks and Ed you know what some of his points are for somewhat valid they are. They really are sometimes there's a surplus and you wanna get rid of things went. You saw what happened you got a surplus coming into the season and you had injuries and it gets tested yup. Immediately a look at look at the injury Garcia you're at Miller Park today was the latest Garcia. Hi Dave today it appears that he's going to be all right the swelling was down that couldn't can really tell anything at all. And he said they have counts allotted to you about in there to back that's where the pair air nom Perez Eric so guard in the Jonathan BR come in handy here Eric and that depth. Yes. It's been an asset it has been an asset this year. And think about. Now I heard you grew the other day on the air talk about he made this comment that out in spring training. All the conversation was about Hayes whose tag along and I didn't hear it. I'm sorry bogey I I've I think there was there was a lot of talk about where he was going to Sudan. Or. It's gonna be a tough cot it's too bad. Skewed beasts and they got it let him go does the conversation why wasn't he wasn't the big selling point going into spring training now. No not at all. Oh man I can't wait to get down to Phoenix the Al east is now I don't have improved over the sub. Can't wait we just booked our flight negotiate zoos play in Pretoria and ended at 7991250. As averse get a walk off win but it wasn't really like that. In in our estimation I thought it was eerily quiet when we were down their noggin we were down their early. We're there for the what the first game of the cactus went up that we landed and they were just throwing first pitch the first it is indeed so I hadn't thought I gotta be honest I didn't think he'd he'd break camp with the club. I did I was prize in the minutes of we're gonna go here Kurd Christian Brian in Oak Creek your next year on the fan. Now what are regards Mario game. And that's what did you read because. We needed to another part mobile. A big really big game. Open there was yeah. Ali Al huge it's it's set up again if you wiggle room and as stealing games like existed that you you now insure yourself at least three wins in the four game side you insure yourself that you are at least. Five and two bare minimum five and two in the seven gamer. It's since I've been watching every trips advocates are those who went through. Thursday. That be an all out and allow a whole lot better than what we will. At a boy Brian every pets. And what you do after the last fits. Among those. We're through corporate sphere. We're up by 7UP on the parent. Lose a golf yet they're Bryon you're one of our favorites body that's it also now if you if you can't go to 157 FM the fan dot com. Or one of my seven from the fan 12:50 AM the radio dot com am is the new official home of one of my seven from the fan. Download it today and listen to us anywhere anytime. Speak and aware of some and give you my phone has some phone issues yesterday I get your arms being weird and it just weird at a mall take care of our unsuited Obama and download the radio dot com now you have already and I don't yet know but had yet okay it will go down probably. An animal's favorite Sosa once you do it it'll ask you to putting your location device. You'll locate your put your location services on. The fans will be like the first one there that they don't you'll get it right away so I'd just like almost a two button thing do you get to the thing you'll be right onto our street I'd open up the app and just one button touch much all your listening to us right there and I'm going live anywhere anytime very good 65 hazy sag allow our bottom of the ninth inning walk off home run for the crew. They win their fifth straight game that's called the winning streak folks and they got a chance to sweep the four game set and go six and one on the homestand. And not yet have we gotten any response about don't get so excited it's only the reds in the marlins'. And yet none of that and I don't care you you said you got to bring it I'm gonna say you can't bring that mean yes you've gone. If you do a tournament combo you if you try to bring some light day you're in swat it and off and you're getting the finger and get the figures show ages as I guess the dump button to get out of here I wanna get your reaction here after an exciting brewers win at Miller Park. Especially those of you coming out of apart. How was it when zoos was in the midst of that thirteen pitch at bat did you feel it common not the deeper that. Pitch count went in that at bat. The more I was sank and a man just go ahead and do it. Get it done any did will be back on the fan. Hi welcome back it's the plane's forward. Hopefully post game show presented by the Milwaukee admirals who we are hash tag mill hockey 7008 brewers 65 walk off victory. Pay Zeus in the bottom of the ninth inning gets it done for the crew they've battled back in this one guys they did. This was cool to see. Just a huge win to every single time you look at. We said it's a huge win I feel like every single time but going into the game today I didn't that you needed it but like we've been talking about as the game got going in liked. Just two months we'll say one. Just just fix this when you're just sort of go ahead it's a spell it. You can get it just felt like you can get it it dead eyes 7991250. It is up on FaceBook and Twitter. We talked to a Todd in Watertown in had him. Send us a picture of his. Wife in the lucky shirt yes and someone else has some lucky charms superstitious stuff. Our body Dave who's who's on paper fan he's been I believe c.'s legal for quite some time send us a blue work pulling a gold point one side. Has we're adding that is that outline of Miller Park I don't know where Yahoo! what is the brewers logo. The other side is all Miller Park is you know I collect coins gold plated dog does not surprise me panel known as well I not not not a coin a lack ally absolutely anything you can find it. No I collect senate gallery brewers radio station Tim Allen will put in his collection I IE collect dollar. Chips from every casino arrived and I you know via. Seoul. Is it a coin like that is about that size just some light as I know he's Arizona governor I don't have a brewer point. Well then what you should be doing instead of asking me questions I don't know. If you should be asking Dave to call in and tell us where he got the call Dave would you get the going now he did mention a song that Roland song yes Roland my limp biscuit world. One of us and actually when my favorite songs were still sort of undecided. On 2018 championship season song we are pretty. Not sat wearily and really into the one song right now we're lane and really into that song. But this won't tell you this one Purdue. The right. I'd have I don't expect you don't learn how to play it on guitar will not complain and easily but only that you all always says easily on that play easily that stuff is easier replied that a lot of oh you'd be right on that. But you've probably a but they did. Just for the whole sound of it makes me wanna like I did stick a meat thermometer in my tires on an infield and a feel good about it. It's just. That's one list. Any comment several times. This season. It's a big. And now. You might as well just the. Biden who's hot who's not as broad see you buys steel horse realtor. And company your road home begins here on the web of steel horse Which is it one slot in the who's hot who's not and essays who sag are. Can we play at these kind of issue that is again a walk off the bottom of the ninth. I found love it that laughed as she is beautiful vice rotor this awesome you'd doesn't. I don't I don't know man he is a joke laugh at. Like he doesn't believe it out. Upgrade is what's going on here now the guy with coin is on hold on we'll get to images is second I'll I wanna get to John here first Johnny got to bring him because. We have a quick cook tonight. That's by the it was a great game out that element on where the middle gap that ignored Saudi government agreed at bat for seminary. Like while eager to get it all looks like you can get a hit or walk. Battling battling pitched walked right on all the oh Adam. And so what that means as easily hit one in the gap now he's not at. All out and out at me and that people. It was spectacular folds of the a great atmosphere at the park and why it seems so exciting because they always played or bought off always. I how many games have you been to this year John. On the season ticket holder sold my family and all the I've been before five. Okay where UFT I yell it's drawn back to back walk off. Not quite some of my wife or that was different that ledger marathon that was. He did OK can I was I was gonna say how did it compare to that because it really. I gotta say John it really sounded. Loud like loud laugh like you don't here at Miller Park loud. Not every person that might there he could be just every pitch was the one hand and he just kept battling and battling them. And I couldn't get a Molly ball strike. Strike after strike and I think it's a lot riding with twelve in Egypt he was right up. Boy right back and that right straight behind them. And muscle density and had a gap for all of the racket ball justice and a goal. Late in front of my son jump jump up yet the cats are applied those query. Nice how old's your step apart yeah how old's your son. I pointing six. So we got a lot of games together your goals as a family your goals sort of mom I'm I'm Kent off work but we've been here and ticket holders now for the our bracket or socialist and answering that I was it plays so hard it's great to watch. Nice John thanks thanks for listening guy I'd love it man if if there's vote. One place I'd rather be outside of Miller Park and that's you're talking about the games are we appreciate you tuned in Boca. 7991250. So there's a brewer. Tolkien or point out there I don't need to get and so he has sent us a picture of that what's his name Dave Dave payday what's happening and or are general in. Where did you get that point. So I actually got it in around about wait for free. Are on the third the second home game of the season you can buy it seems to work and honesty and older. So part at all that city and like I want my hat happened according. And the guy over target of the court believe Clinton got his manager. And it came back in just hard to read an apple that it is all recording the whole. Tees. Not right okay so we gotta do is we got to go in there cause a little bit of confusion and they can now get out of there are going to be two of them for free tickets to recall the. How may I like art article late poker idle all. What he went Fortier pleaded it's inadequate saying bookmark our what our. On the other and it sent a horrible yes the radio that one up your ability. You that you know one you can you give me one I'll pay a because I don't want him to sell allow. I need to Billy I gotta have one of those in my collection I know you do is yeah you're salivating at the mile and selling off as a judge did called I didn't know they existed. And again that cut him coming up next is that have the alt. I've been opened at the as well. Policy you got a moral debut at the one not me you collect a five yeah. About five dollars. One other level but once I am all he's been the biggest bet my life and we are back. Go back where I picked up according tomorrow that's yeah Scott Palmer and it. Billy pay back what you know you don't. Actor I don't look at and tomorrow with the word tomorrow from propagate to get out and bill today it. And I'd negative ought to take it easy that is cool. Bill obviously got I didn't know they existed now Heidi I do neither that's really really cool and I'm excited checking out. Do we wanna tell us now we will get to maybe the wet I get my coin. Will talk about valuable dog got it. 7991250. Brewers get a 65 walk off victory over the Miami Marlins. Really. It was a game that I would think some people were doubt net and I will say I'll be honest with you about the fourth inning third inning. Sega was it's like man OK so let's let's start taken some notes we serve working on art production here and I like not that we don't pay attention word detail oriented here but. Went just like OK it's going to be one of those nights these are hat are gonna happen remember we warned you. I'd bet the 61 losses in baseball do happen. Mean. Occasionally even the best teams lose about six to one of five to two yeah you are gonna get blown out at some point at some point and the brewers did lose 678 zip. This year than it does happen but this game suddenly. Yeah it kind of sucked you back in a little bit. Now but let's go to new Borough and in sale loaded no one knowing you're on the fanned a seven. Age you're adopted baseball on Conan. Yeah you you disappeared on a slider you skated out on so I was there when I must automated seamer bought a. Number well mannered. I played ball deviant art dealership and not as much like you. Okay well that's okay good bowl season but but but still it doesn't that doesn't mean you can't check in with us. Yeah I Dario I joke we didn't like we did tonight but. That is gonna talk yet again. So are you a senior now. No junior junior okayed and now are you on the team. You have where we try out there will name its mandate is seen those should be don't go. I don't know why don't we so we know we didn't someone else drug trials we as a purely on the I'm in that team my. Dogged out all you guys. It isn't yet clear Soledad. Colleagues that I'd said don't you you've got a video allowed this to own little viral don'ts. Arnold viral I haven't got any notification but no I don't want. On as well and got a sniff as you. And I don't think it was gonna have to. Yeah I knew it well just just against people up there's there's a video that you did during Zeus is so final swing right. Yeah I knew what I like it did before like once we got its 111213. That you didn't really fight a market. You know hold on Q I know something's gotta take on an idea that you yourself against something go to coming up on enough to be armor and or not but. You'd just it you get that feeling and Indy you don't have to be a baseball expert. When a guy's in that kind of bad that. And you'd just trying to Knoll the outcome almost all ready before it happens don't Jay gets like. To bitch 89 and he continues to follow lob it stays full count no one's given in the pits has not given and they hitters nag and it. Love those at bats which just kind of know the outcome before it happens that's that's really cool. Yeah and like it'll. You can just felt like he looked. But I know that the first couple link you stated the obvious yes it is related. As a backup going to get Margaret started out it that you wouldn't want a gusher sat me. I don't know what we're gonna make his Zeus ma'am because a lot of people are screaming for him to get in there are more than he is already. Davenport and of itself in here and I didn't act Karen. I would then that class the other day a little bit big game. I'll watch liberty spot where to go out like you know whenever you ought to be exact tactic that you know as other uncle that you didn't. Can't wait too much alike Welker one game decided ashes so every game matters. Right on that's good yep. I don't know man at Blair house a month no beer and brought you call us when you make the team and start. Well yeah but. You got it. Yeah dad yeah we're on network we're gonna check out Percy got to make birdies you make the team he had viewed this was. Not going to your games and now you're not in how we're not where and we're not going to the JV game we're gonna RC it's got to be a varsity and will come on out you know come on out. Christian jazz called ski will be our designated driver and Morgan until wields over there yeah we'll be safe and what will dull the we know we've got an all any Beers all of promise as. If not I'm not volunteering for us let's go to Brian leaving Miller Park ride here on the fan men big time at bat from zoos. Back yeah what what a game thirteen it's at bat and a walk up and it bit way to go on five game win streak. School. And like being at bat like yet being players battle like that you'll see a thirteen good at that who often. I could I met with that it would they like all night. How could in any way can I get out of it at that. It's not like he wanted to give in eyes there you know what I mean you don't wanna walked the leadoff hitter in the bottom of the ninth inning and then all of a sudden they're gonna play the bargain. Although I'd check that it is great cast also might be doesn't play the bond game but. Wow what an event where you at the game. I looked at the Amex yet he and the older dog and go on quite a few these games so far. How loud was it when he had that thing. All over the lecture connected and that the pride about it game I've heard all year to be out of the crowd was just. Amazing. Awesome on I'm well thanks thanks for checking in our eyes. A thank you all right. Like thank. I need to we've got a lot of seasons. I'm and I know a lot of scenes are yours listen to a certain. Kidney over the merely edit but it's it's cool when you when they all check in on a night like this. Normally checking in with a does that help him well and I think it's it's super cool that we can ask some questions how compared to other games streak right there Razzaq almost every game. And and maybe that's why they wanna check it out Miley tonight because they do see the difference solid they do see the difference in emotion. They you have a game like tonight and I was off Yemen windy when you get in the Miller Park and when there's a flat crowd. You kind of know what you can tell it happens I understand it happens but. As a longtime listeners of this show will now no offense to anybody run in the ship down there Miller Park way. Just saying yeah any time they fire me from this job if you want Mitterrand your crowd out. I'm there. I am there. So you're telling me that you would rather go work for the brewers and work in the stadium every single game hyping up the crowd and sitting here after the game and meat. I'm saying when they five grid if they fire him out to be the next best thing. Because I think about it every putt and and again I liked the that traditional sort of organ sound. I do away because it reminds me of county stadium years ago. It does remind you of of heritage of baseball and an organ sound as comic coal. But is it China. I don't know. Limp biscuit cool. He thought I mean is it is it to date Cole is it. Can't you have both bright idea what you're saying can't you play Little League Lou we on the organ. Bob during one part of the game but during. This part of the game. We need to step up our game now on the yet we need some whites when he won savage some some Drake pop that in there. And get everybody fired up and keep in mind subject matter. I fully understand that yes keep in mind fan friendly keep in mind. You know that the the anywhere from grandmas to children in there. I would I would assume and keep that all in mind. But what's wrong with a drawn a sharp. Drama. Mill walk can be a sharper instead of Europe and hey hey now. And he goes blank didn't see these sir I'll give this guy is going to knock that it here that's what I say and then we wanted to. Slugs at all. Are you know the castle in the wind acquired it up pretty broad rally tidy answer. It'll be back. Let's add this one a brewers fans time to go inside the box score brought you by Dave and buster's quote Sosa. Eight drink it. Play and watch sports. ID 65 walk off victory for the crew tonight it's the blames farm roughly post game show presented by the Milwaukee admirals we are hash tag mill hockey. Timmons house Christian back there too as I was pounding on the council here. It would have taken one more Milwaukee. Yup chance. And and what would amateur and done and then I would at a clean it up. Yeah because that would make you glad you and your big laid out the scant amount due Lewis. Movements regulated. Services on average oil as leaders want more and it was a dirty eggs did just that makes it absolutely. Well worth that he'll argue at the car. Disease does that mean he wins at. I see I had this tremendous idea for promotion. The admirals games we have sponsored by a whatever Toyota dealership and has. And you damn car and they go out on the ice during the second period you drive around a group of hawks or waves the person driving around in the Emery or whatever as. So my idea was you light up on one and the eyes. You put somebody on the other end the eyes and to win the car you've got to hit the hockey puck through one of the windows on the car. Like chatter it now. Or have the window open in land in the car while I would figure below cooler of those broken but yeah. We could've done that two of Billy back in the days a county stadium that a promotion where he could win a car. And they would park your car. A wanna say just in back to second base. And it was a convertible. And you could. And you've put your name address phone number whatever only contact information model's sticker on the inside the frisbee. And you had to stay in the stands wherever you war and fooling the frisbee out their view landed in the car you qualified to win. Qualified to NC did little Heatley went no because multiple. Fans probably made it in there right okay so they give it away at the end of the year in the way one there are some of the Arab they had assumed offer whenever it was I don't know how that worked with Allison cool that was I thought it was super cool promotion. I don't think companies whose winds that car out there but it was cool that he well I don't think he needs to necessarily win one either. If that's true. And there aren't let me squeeze in before we get to the numbers here levee squeeze in a caller to let's go to Dominic Dominic you're next on the fan wants up. A look at just the coordinator Justin for a respond that your personal income would LL cool days them them to knock you out just because beginning with a Syria don't call to come back. It just seems to news. At every pound to go in the net and ninth inning down. I don't think an outlook. It will need to fight is one that typically excellent you have seen you do a couple times and got your real good picture. It's in this year and a quick thing about these tropic whose talk about the hockey game. You better hope to the first person issue in the season but what you gonna end up winning a real benefit truck. I. But answer me like you get a free car. The least I think you can do is put a new window like oh my god please understand what he's saying is that near misses are gonna Dan thank Allah of that car. But it's a 48. I guess it wouldn't political etiquette. Well got a rocket rocket that. He gets earth always sees it he's drives around in the car used by the lot she Brothers sodomy and ended at an event in a demo derby. Didn't get to talk about his eleven yes stadium up a little bit. And that you know I've lived more to about seven years puts. I remember back in the year 2000 before and cannot YouTube got to get over. And some of the stuff they do in game just kind of that you ground government currently contributes steal bases put on. Lord of the ring clip I would just sit in the stands as Roma yes. In the it's the leaps and bounds better than where it was but. I should be great he had arguably more elaborate. I'd Dominique thanks great stuff great call and in your right on the money make no mistake about it it has improved over the years yeah it definitely pass. But I think there should be two sides of that thing I get the whole family friend friendly experience. But vague we get a situation like a tight ball game like this and especially with the brewers rising into legitimacy here. That these fans. Want to weekend. And the sub compete at and that's why they're there they want to see their team win. It's so I think there's room for bowl sides of that thing that. I remember years ago and Dominique opened up I can't of ideas. That I remember that they did at one was so well when it when they drew a walk. It would be like they play on this score will walk like an Egyptian. Or walk like a man. Those songs those songs that are just sold. So solve so cookie cutter is a key cast its own no brainer I mean let's get creative fearless get a all I'm saying is. Let's give a little edge in there. Ed doesn't mean bad. As they want so afraid of edge edges OK at times it's got to be the right time for Calgary. He get a Gary Moore you get an ad batter you get the bases loaded nobody out bottom of the eighth inning brewers need to get on the border. Tied ball game or whatever Ryan brawn comes up or Zeus is a I mean come on man I'd just dump the organ sometimes justice. Just sort of I K I can't even think of the word it's a melodramatic. Almost. Just give a little sharper that's all I'm saying. But let's go to well let's get to get some numbers in here second side the box Iraqi by Dave and buster's in wallets OC eat drink play and watch sports now third. Teen and nine Lorenzo Cain start off one for for the top line of hope for four from Christian yell for the strike out a 342 batting average so you'll take it one of these days. Ryan brought one for three wood and RBIs and runs scored as well Travis shawl one for two. Three runs scored for Shaw as he walked twice again today vol 387 that on base percentage that right now Eric Fave is one for three within RBIs Eric so guard. Oh for four but does reach a one of the strangest RBIs hits and an error that you'll see all yearlong. Jonathan VR one for 31 for water. Was the pinch hitter coming into play first base Asus egg you are with a walk off in the ninth it was over three -- jet AMD but you know we're not gonna to focus on the negatives. Brad suitor five innings eight hits five runs. They were all earned a walk and four strikeouts two homers giving up by Brent today Jake a Barnes clean inning. Josh cater clean inning one hit no runs for Matt Albers and Jeremy Jeffers locks it down there in the ninth inning. And he gets the win it's his second lease to an Al brewers when it six runs seven hits no errors five runs on nine hits and two airs pretty Miami Marlins thirstein. And nine the attendance tonight was. You have that and running. Thirty was one I believe. 312068. Years a go thirteen and nine after the victory and the 2018 championship season. Rolls on seven taos hear Christian behind the glass over there as CO brewers get to victory. And on AEI Hazen Sagal are walk off bottom of the ninth home run. And this is what good teams do. They come up with a last at bat victories. And they've been doing it. Basically. All season long. This is what they needed the home stands get him be at a minimum five and tune into a six and one with a victory tomorrow let's go downtown assail load art. Our good friend are what's happened and. And WW he left burning the edge. There was. Rated. Quick story about the promotional thing we're completely okay. It will play in Philadelphia late ninety's their college totally get a dialogue with our medical and Al. On the bench yet. They are sort of hopelessly and all. That little miniature portrait that is the lack of the circle and I think most like to do that are critical to our effort to help fight the bad. I'd talk that will be light into the pool. A well I'm whenever whenever you split the party I honored twice the hot pocket all the other got a late. I just won the guys I don't want to box out of the game at the stadium aren't illegal arms Geico don't go to college. I saw you can look at what is the 140. Pocket and proceeded to drink are about an hour or so with god. It isn't easy gods of the anonymous all of that is also. An idea that he got that he came up and I noticed that I did it look like but I just want to got a monumental but anyway I thought my quite David. I think they've got picked to coincide with the brewers are winning. They can't and they should be when he got them as you just let it. Mark of a good team that went OK you're also went result I'm great great also yeah hopefully we can put up tomorrow the wind I don't department. Got a big play well to. NB huge damage. Hugh Morris you aren't you working like the deep tunnel system right now. You know I'm driving under the battle of the ballpark like aren't as. Al Khaled daddy's hands Brees hands free on the cell phones and unlike some people we know okay well you better watch banks are preached look it up stats on on his phone Molly's drive and half the time. Where you target about. You are ready. Just doll lying sure. You've adjuster listens to show that book but it's on the so I guess that's not right its target 233. Dollar a variety year pocket Roger your next on the fanned a seven Roger. Like all the guys. You know first possibly you know I really water based services that I've who. And up and stop concentration. And actually it is. You know want from one type a senior. Justin is Bailey wecht cops want to Iraq and I use odd the error free ball I mean it was. Air by the Marlins that set up that while pop first days so looks set not in Iraq and I. Roars that have an error free ball that. I am I know I've got 45 games yet now we're gonna wait till all. After the parties set this swaggering up by a tip call. It's early yet that. Learned that early. Your daughter Theo. All right Roger thanks for the call yeah Roger have been when those long long long time has been called forever on this show and he knows my philosophy ability that I really don't rush to judgment before 25 gains in games and even then some people say that's a little rush to judgment. I'm just because I think that the 25 game mark gives you enough. They go on not the end all be all I aid that well wouldn't say that things could change for 25 Gary at the 25 games. Before the you'd. You before is it really qualified are the numbers and the poor is another guy and I think so before it everyone needs to stop saying it's early. Because at 25 game market well in the second month or you're into the second month of the season or roughly thereabouts. Know all Nome nugget into the next. I'm I do like some trends though I really do and make no mistake about it I never doubted this offense ever. Not one bit I wasn't but when they were getting shut out eight now often. Six now than three enough and on the same homestand you remember those days yes sir it's still never doubted that offense this offense is going. Ten hits. They will and they're gonna score runs that much I do so that hasn't changed. And that will not change story five game marker not. So we got we gotta talk about some here. McKelvey on Twitter Asus regulars home run she just missed. The truck in right center of the brewers are saying well how conveniently. Ever brewers player hits that are one random fan when it's 48 team Toyota Highlander Curtis senior Wisconsin Toyota dealers. Follow what narrow leave message does is it a walk on this so I want to gain a lot of replay this I don't know more importantly tomorrow. I'm gonna walk over and see if I can't. Find a little finger some on that car did I read is everywhere be exact if that targets hit OK if that car was hit. Then we will now and I will figure it out. OK just take their baseball chocolate do we double checked the promotion is that's our boy is it that one one fan gets set. That was in the crowd tonight. Heady hit it. And how that our data I don't know boldly set up the break I do know they're giving that away this year. Even if nobody hits it there I'm pretty sure I read that there is giving away that vehicle. This year that has to be the most convenient thing I don't let's say there's any. Funny business going on. Well how could there be either it hit it or didn't well maybe it did hated and they're saying that it didn't. So I don't have to give away a car they better not you better not be as were find out where the promotion police on that one. We are. I and I images savaging around the brewers website trying to figure out. The deet tails of the skins all right did did it hit the and it hit that it did that ball hit that car 79 not neutral. If if if you're there are you right now and you know. We're calling me out there. Nadal they would never do that they got really would have to give that I needed state if you ask you a lot. That could you imagine that back what else that I could see some didn't like some low low a ball BL Lexington lug nuts or something and and the extra added. They try to budget and get caught. That would happen at this level it would be a total Jackie moon in semi pro or Eads. They drove the ball over three quarters court would 101000 dollars right we have 101000. And yet he. Why did Horry was ineligible because he's a student here. All right let's let's get a break here I can't wait to hear from Greg counsel he's got to be pleased as tricky about luck good luck charms. I did he not giddy a watch for forgive he sure did this week sure dead and they've enrolled member sense ever since I think is a Bernie brewer wants him. And they haven't lost since he received it since he put it on the move we gotta check into that I wanna hear from Greg counsell coming up you listening. To the boys farm and fleet post game show presented by the Milwaukee admirals we are hash tag mill hockey. They walk it off again denied Zeus bottom of the ninth the brewers win 65. So what's the skipper got to say about this game. Let's get the scoop from the skipper. Brought you by Brian Stratton college athletics offering athletic scholarships and nine junior college sports learn more at BSE bobcats dot com. This is the only station brewers fans need before and after the game. 1057 FM the fan. Welcome back it is a brewers 65 victory Timmons house on the planes farm please post game show. Presented by the Milwaukee admirals we are passed sag mill hockey want it to Greg counsel these guys has me shaking his head internally asked of me. It would just these kinds of games and how the brewers. Have been in the throughout the thirteen and nine mark. He's shown some patience he has he said the other day said about a week ago. Is not concerned about the offense are gonna head. Injuries have little impact in that understand that lets face it. They're two catchers go on there that they're bound to their and no disrespect. The band Ian Nottingham. But it's not what they broke camp with or what should have or. What do you plan not have been all year long Pena involved as well hold your microphone just collapse the other whole thing broke engines broke all over here. Oh I'd just cut myself using or can you they have filed for workmen's comp he did cut himself yeah you see this jazz right there's blood. A deep is it oh it's it I might have to go to the hospital. That's this might be stitches worthy. Maybe stages worthy plays out that Alexy. Due to yeah crazy guy that your play counsel here yeah we got to get to Craig Counsell and that will be make heads or tails out of an injury we're just talking about the two injured catchers. We just lost our receiver as well here's Greg council. There's right. Or call it that. And are sitting like that and you know on the I'd I'd just I forgot them at bats started note to media was owed to it's that means those. You know. Eight foul balls. You know eleven pitches later an opposite field home run. And understanding better in that picture. Yeah and and you you know you fouled off some tough pitches he enters. You know couple slow curves it through once sliders down way he. You've got to kind of candidates filed off a couple fastballs. On. You know you it was a battle it didn't look not at this week's on the fastball that but it pretty it's going down but the they'll speed stuff that looked like uses cast analyze it and they got a mistaken some over the out over the plate that he could. Not knowledge this is what he's shown that he's has an ability to use is. You know become law. A player that. What a bell ought often his days or one at bat. It's stated this of these becoming a force in nationally off the bench consider them. You know I don't know around the on of the guys. Or or more dangerous or considered more dangerous. And it's been away for awhile and that's and that's as an after rookie season. I. Well. You've. Got what you. Yet walks of. On. You know impressive and he's we we were joking about it but. It's a you know what were what I hope and with our votes it's a step forward for him of something that he's improving with this with his plate this opponents that's only gonna make him better. You know the pope's decisions with balls and strikes is still the essence of things Q inning. And you take you take that to another level. In which each you know it's it's a short sample obviously agrees he's doing right now it's its economic moment better. They have made it possible something worse you know bill at all clubs allow your full yeah. You earlier high leverage guys down Whitewater and you don't always like that but well. It worked. Could score or Iran. Yeah I mean that we. You know that the two runs we scored the fourth were were bigger tank you know it got us a little closer. On. You know I thought. Thought we could put up he put down zero LV we have a chance we score one over the next you know the course of 45 innings it was still early in the game so. Which have that we take a little chance of that. There's no question but. In it. It kind of was the situation then with some the other guys that had pitch to bonds too so it was a really these other guys. Needed to pitch in and knows they're termed it sows being. But it worked out well exceed because they all but one newspaper morals while. Yeah I mean it he doesn't. Know I just just probably too many pitches that caught too much of the place. You know that was. An issue. On the first couple innings I don't I didn't see the ball up as much as it's the span where it needs to be with them. But I think cone. Also some balls and this just found too much bigger part of the play of the bat or play. Hasn't gotten it groove it did that strips last year where he. It's just that one what is the beauty. Breeder on our. Yes but yeah I mean it's I think. Yeah I mean there is a couple good innings in there. There was most there's some pretty good swings throughout the game. But. Yeah and it's is to me it was all lose a lot of balls and no play and there was not a barrel balls less less of that kind of strange contact you CEO Brad queries when he's doing well you know that jammed contact here. He's he's really what he's going well with soft contact is what is what you expectancy. That's contact but it's real soft contact him. Tonight there was and an equity. The ball. So I thought of all off the bat here and how. Buick in Washington. Yeah no I mean I think it it's you know I've I've put my head down and you look back up and you see you this stag that left fielder stagger a little bit and you know we certainly got a break there. And yeah others who remain put them into good players the catch me to tell it was a good throw I think that Rivera threw it. On song monitor abandoned and pick up there until after you know they dropped the bong you know he's just wrong. I didn't see what happened prior prior to that. That's a pretty good I think matters. And for for two or three weeks ago and see them. Yeah we went well let's we were trying to. Do some different way to do that last year's over with so little differences here B yes. He has. I'm glad that our government and for all the birds. Yeah how we we played well and I guy I thought offensively we were you know it we didn't get the big inning tonight but. I thought it was another good night offensively since guys that's been at bats and we we did apply pressure again. But we're. You know anytime you get a little streak like this and practices this is certainly true history it's a lot of guys on the roster were or mention a lot of different names every night. And typical winning streaks again that's that's exactly what news. Well which player is ready for the banks all over the next series brings for the crew. Time for some forward thinking. Sponsored by Ford financial partners moving forward together find your way forward at SF. EWY dot com. Brewers win 65. Then we have another injury in our brewer's family so we're gonna get that more. Cleared up and get that information to you tomorrow on tomorrow's show didn't via cell. Stick around for that information. Here at the fan we. I don't think it'll be a DL stint but we'll see you'll see we'll see 7991250. A little forward thinking we still haven't talked about Brent Souter and we will just have brief conversation about that. Forward thinking brought you by forward financial partners moving forward together find your way forward. And FF PW I dot com Brent suitor five innings of a hit five run baseball and his CRA now through five starts. Is that 568. A lot of fives in here. And and Donald good fives. 568. And he hasn't. I think the innings are the one thing that the you know at least. I don't know maybe I'm trying to polish this up a little bit too much red. Now for five runs isn't the worst thing in the world. It's it's not in India gonna have those you ought to minimize that. Eight run or seven run performances at least with five runs you do keep your your team in the ball game in the 45 mark. Five as probably the cap for right there is you know I don't know that this. That's. Allow them Mendoza line for pitching you if you want to go over there. We're gonna have some issues and so collectively now he is past that Mendoza line if you will five loss ERA through the five stars so. Does look at a little forward and I. I would think there's a little there's some eyes on him wade Miley come in back. Now to add to the situation Boone Logan. He's going to be added to the mix there in that bullpen speaker of the bullpen if I may. Just just think about this moving forward. Yeah in just in tonight's game. Jacob Barnes Josh hater Matt Albers Jeremy Jeffers. Now pop Corey can naval under the back end of that group. Act puts in for some glued forward thinking. The group now we're talking about a stacked up pat I think self. I think so but they are in dire need I should say dire need but if you wanna win a World Series title there in dire need Dan. To get a closer. And Corey is going to be a welcome addition back there's there's no question. Little forward thinking we'll hear from brand suitor coming up before the show's done tonight I'll wanna get in now Bruce here. Brochure on the fan nice wind a 965. You know I don't know the guy that and a lot of people want the first cat is named Alex cap he carries twelve point ED me. It is to start. So I got right back out front you know what the problem is he listening out in that situation. And we want to start and so when he came in English and raped. That's two and didn't have his regiment of spring right. I don't wanna quit accepting it's that you were wrong in today's attendance was not 31 it was 7000. 170. Tied up compared to last year what when it out at the 31. I have no idea where you got the Portland I'm what I I'm looking at it in the right under at that box score school. It in the next Saturday it's pretty similar quantity time. Last year is when we get three RD in port out and are about 29000. And if you're averaging only out and oh. They're rocks and then you know what impressed ten years at tech now of course today they had a good changes. They'll Barbara that tomorrow so that probably brings some people out there ratchet up like that don't include it could be a good thing and it I'll. I don't know at what are you about is something. I was watching and being gain pity is that I know this is getting up. Are you real quickly are watching the EPA had him under a revealing Billy Donovan at the end of the first quarter. So lipped that out loud I can't believe it is in early June and he's asking not what a good. Part of the first coach what about cart which scored what what they did end. They didn't and relate to the economic and I could then the second you let him shepherd. What do you do when I'm on a basketball game covering the game when it was speaking and that's our guys covered under that we were out. I can only do so much of an a couple of I didn't eat it I was actually trap and that recognized and ship where I've been covering an NBA game. Yeah well there there was a lot of a mix and match with a national sports media with. ESPN Latin a lot of people go there's been a lot of shots shuffling of the deck. They're gonna have to pick up some slack. Did she is she's so shy after. Covers some NBA Billick yeah sheltered us a lot of eyes NBA sideline especially ones that into the playoffs they want their top guys on. I think you started this may be two years ago a cuts are recovering more basketball he frankly I remembered here and interview says he likes to an. He's a sharp and I cool. We will hear from Brent suitor coming up. Obama I will I will take the onus for them mishap on reading. The attendance in as I'm looking at the same sheet that bad. He was I just kind of flicked. The one in the seven. Yeah. Bruce. Has been with us for a long time long time listener long time caller he's one that is thought provoking I will say that about Bruce. He has he makes me he keeps keeps me on my toes. No doubt about it sodas Christian jazz cull ski not to be confused with jazz cows Keaton. And you are Manning the phones tonight natives are restless tonight well. They call. It hot died very good they've brought you go away and aunts and let her bring US laureate. You shall receive it. So what do we learned tonight and we will still hear from Hayes who sag alarm brand suitor Bo waited so far what we've learned tonight is that there is a brewers coin. Yeah that you are. By all intents and purposes right now allege you are receiving allegedly going to resilient. We also learned that some was injured on the job yes. And we'll get more on that tomorrow is all wall will run through a series of tests and see what we through offered for now our analysts he has data today yeah. If the data de or you could say segment by segment. Could be segment by segment. All right well we'll take a break in and come back here from Hayes who sag allow the the big bomb tonight the bottom of the ninth inning got the brewers their fifth straight victory to run the mark to thirteen and nine so high water mark thus far this season. Prior to this it was a three you know and four and one mark they beat the Miami Marlins for the third straight time in this series. As well as self fifth straight overall on the homestand now five and one. They go after this six and one home stand. Which is cool heading into the off day on Monday if they get a victory tomorrow will be back boys farm and flee post game presented by the Milwaukee admirals. Now here's the behind the scenes post game update as we take you would inside the clubhouse brought you by Adam deputy dot com. Ready to get inside new. House. Deputy dot com. Guess deals done that others cats. Won't. Can't wait to hear from Hayes whose bag alarm after he walks off you heard Craig Counsell talk about Zeus and you and I word Chad at the same time Billy. About. This is no secret. What Agha Lars do and off the bench. It's no back to last year he did this all year last year that's why it was it was so tough when people wanted to move into the starting lineup. Whoa hold our guys what he does off the bench as some that a lot of people can't do tough to replace. And and any of you know he deserves this shot I I would say in some manner of speaking out probably. On this configuration of the roster. It's pretty tough to to have Zeus going over stadiums every day yet or surgery going over brawn every day. I mean you could maybe make an argument was Santana but again. Here we go again what does Santana average cruciate devoted to the little kids to nothing very impressive this is. Put that crazy in your pocket because Santana. Deserves to play as well and Izzy in having a rough go right now yes he has but. All good problems to have and I think what we are pattern to it took to kind of think that way now. Because good teams have good depth and I used to. We do we used to Hector goldmans. And JK Elmore and Colin Walsh. As kind of what we're. At least in recent history used to. Instead of the Mark Kotsay. You don't have may have went Jim Edmonds where things did. Go up in terms of talented. Depth players. I think we're getting to that place now again with brewers baseball and so there will be some frustration going on when. You know who's your who's gonna play in this guy deserves to play over that guy or this guy there's multiples here so. I mean that Colin Walsh's of the world c'mon man you can't beat those guys. Jay Gilmore is out the as a global as a bomb the ideal Rivera doesn't. True or false there was one. Faults. I think I'd bet on that too. They Iowa had let's go inside the clubhouse righty bye Adam deputy dot com ready to get decided new house. Go to Adam's deputy dot com he gets deals done. That others can't or won't let's start with the starter in the and so Brent suitor five innings of aid hit five run ball. Yeah today it was a bomb more than one that says a couple of last signs against the reds to Philly got its bottom line today ads about my lines reflected about it side got behind the lies and really have. Command of my fastball both sides so it was one of those says it's had to reach down deep and grind through five and luckily. Nicknames makes a play for that lead outfit that gets about second. But it did a great job back there are divas are great and then we put of those three runs in the fifth after I came out I think it was. To get right back in the game so. This one of those games are the team picked me up for certain. We won the game was awesome. I mean it's it's one of those things that we've shown must over years just. We got a bunch of guys who play for each other not just with the toe before each other and they picked. People picked me up and then I'll have the opportunity to return favor at some points and just one of those things like. We got a bunch a got a lot of love in this room and the resilience is just kind of a by product that. I was sad as one of us at bats have ever seen and I mean in that situation the only not the ninth we have some momentum from a agreed any budget every Jefferson had knives and he comes in there are thirteen pitch at bat and it's coming just absolutely. Launches one to senator on the thirteenth says those incredible resisted. He's been on fire as we know he's one of the best hitters in the game I mean among investors in the league and he's just continued to show up for sure. If it's you know I think there 70s80s. And yeah physically. You know you know all right Hauser says the great job by them everyone of them came and did their job to Europe to zero and they were really quick innings to come in I know Albers had a couple guys somebody got that those pitches I don't play right away so. Who's really really effective work by the bullpen and there is continuing to beat you in and out there and there's. Those are guys who pitched for each other for shirts you know I'm in that unit says there's lot of love other animal and so. As it was fun Watson great great when you're part of future. It was supposed to sell them so well. These moments. Exactly I mean Corey goes down as the weeks go on. Really we've had a few one run games remaining go way better than that this doesn't covered like crazy and it's been. Players have fun to watch this. Watching guys pick up to each other and pick up Corey when he is on the DL assists. It's the epitome of what it seems all about. Yeah it really is and we just talked about that couple minutes ago that bullpen just in in tonight's game alone. If you look at Jacob Barnes and Josh hater Matt Albers as well as share we Jeffers there. In the ninth inning again it just puts in for good thought to think Corey can naval at the end of that everyone shifts back a little bit. And you're pretty good shape. Now you're feel a lot better at that point about the back and your bowl time you make it work now finishing games out strong you know you make it a war three when assured that game up in in you want that reputation guys just. He'll have to if they can get to the point where we look at a tough bull pen at times on the opponent's side of things. And you say and he got to get this team through seven because in Vegas in the eighth and your down it's over. Hopefully the opponent's gonna get to that that part. When they look at the brewers in general and and maybe they can this year if they need a quarterback and healthy and and pitch in strong. On the other hand the offense and they've they've opened up just a little bit here in the last a few days almost a weaker so. As they've rattle off five straight wins again granted to those victories word to zip. Shut out victories over the reds aren't famous home runs went. We'll take those and it's just seemed to spark once yell it's got back into the slide ever really dead and pushes as we said everything back. V back to back lefties. Billion Sean things that there was interest staying. When I saw that I did today yesterday as well and but and I got to thinking wow now I've. You bring a lefty in the unit neutralize you and at least make you go to you benching go a little bit deeper. Don't think there's a lefty in that Marlins bullpen. No they don't have one so you and you won't see this as much as you might like to. As we go through there the course of the season. But I like your taking advantage of it when you can use that's that's brilliant by council is absolutely brilliant but I wouldn't get used to it was so guarded there I think it was lefty lefty lefty. Are there three arrow at. And okay. Well zoo who's got it done denied the brewers say get a lucky bounce a lucky play defense of error. By the next week when the brewers are in Kansas City. But they need to improve their defense just an example of of what some teams do and I don't know what counsel's gonna do to address set. But Aaron Boone of the Yankees is not pleased with his defense. So what he did the other day was just to Telus team tomorrow voice. Were evident defense practice everybody. All 25 guys involved in a defensive practice that is awesome that is awesome that's addressing. A liability. And maybe council get to that point but the defense has to improve. Are we get to hazy sag you are he comes in one of the better pinch hitters and all of the game the last year plus. And they showed his up prowess in that regard tonight. In that ninth inning a thirteen pitch at bat and he goes yard for a walk off win here's a Zeus after the game. That at that one are you looking at particular case. All permanently. And pool potent local neat little four levels. But the decimal point and we'll do between now early rounds the good for the split. The hope you can again. Coach house took a first wave process that backed him out just look at corporate side I could have. We need well Lou people. In and then we'll. And nodded and then a use Billick whose survival mode instead of life. So hostile to listen posting an. These things we'll live. And that awful awful moment bookkeeping little settlements for them to the little books of the most locals. It possible to causal. No it definitely going through a good time to announce that he enlisted man all around it once finalized. In early on we. We weren were behind and we're able to battle have in the past and things are happening what can be gone. Together. Little little because that's what you know and I just saw little by little whistle on them bloom will be enough for the occasion bottom to the idea. And man the incidents on 12 and it won't go to guy but the mental awfully important fly by the seat dozens of. I am I'm always trying to Heredia and that you you know it's called the settlement plan put him over opinion ready for a few minutes of those for an ago. It just would be. Just meant. The golf tournament the mole. Robinson some of them into the that they have a little bit and we'll let you know ahead and signal which it as a consultant to be totally blown. When topics on the best moment sort of the and I lesson wasn't with us. Them and definitely is I was trying to. See the ball hit the ball really just trying to get a good at bats I know it's just a lot of us pesos distrusted back on that. And in the end and in my mind I knew it was about a between me and managers trying to battle front of its second drive. Years ago. Hearing yourself. If you. You yeah. Ever and it's because of the different different way for everybody it's not just glad I'm here. The play. It's in the room with him we'll we'll all the Republicans and blue. And there are areas Hayes do sag Gil are with Carlos ms. Whelan. After the L ball game hey we need needed to play that since the. All right you guys blisters and up. We wanna game yesterday. We win one today that's true in a row. We win one tomorrow. That's all a winning streak it has happened before. Last season and you and I got a feeling things were about to turnaround for a. And they have five straight for the crew with this 65 victory in the bottom of the ninth inning. The go back at it tomorrow in the final game of the four game set against the Marlins final game of the seven game homestand. He did big to get a win here tomorrow just as they were. Esthetic purposes only one thing to do at a time like this I mean Agassi is only one thing left to. When I mean and now. It's sweet right out here feel good heading into that off. You bring in the group at Miller Park tomorrow. Wipes out ex wife. Still you having and now she uses that to go to war. Act that that person you're bad person misses so far and I need to go to the hospital yeah we will give me an update on the injury report here tomorrow. After the last pitches you've got the switch. Yeah a little show the boys prominently post game show presented by the Milwaukee admirals and we are hash tag no hockey thanks to our crew at Miller Park. Christian. Jazz calls ski. Not to be confused or jazz cows like the weeks. It's still that that don't don't take that the wrong way though. All right Howard Stern is my ovaries or some some ladies shouldn't say we didn't call you Christen. Yeah we don't we don't want the SEC did get mad at us here. And Ryan or Nevada's licking his wounds from this is gambling. And now see your people in trouble here because Christmas is probably listening to this show that a lighter now. He lives CU lives post something half cancers she does she does she loves Shia side why is she from again. In the show yeah six catches like that ticket tour and I sat on all the rules it. Yes you can bring her I'm not a knock out another battle out there in daytime hours would get to know riots in Turkey to beat. Mr. and mrs. Ryan horrified maybe it'll be a tenement house podcasts get to know a little. But still not safe for work great yeah oath that's right variance fail let's put Mary on say nominal professionally and personally let's look at it. All right you guys take it he's we will talk to you after the last fits to my house you make the switch. And remember smile Milwaukee the world will smile back.