Brewers End Mets 9 Game Win Streak

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Saturday, April 14th
The Blain's Farm and Fleet Postgame Show Presented by the Milwaukee Admirals

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Brewers fans you've made the switch after the last pitch to this show for twelve seasons welcome to the blame storm and flee baseball post game show presented by the Milwaukee admirals who we are hash tag mill hockey. Now here's a franchise. Tim Allen. Bill baby tell Schmidt. It is a final from new York at the results are good a brewers bounced back victory 51. In the final welcome everybody. It is the planes farm and fleet. Post game show presented by the Milwaukee admirals and we are passed tag mill hockey. Tim Allen David's house Bill Smith Ryan Moore about the brewers 51 victory. As raise your hand if you thought Jason Anderson was gonna throw a no hitter tonight. I kind of did the Johnny did not kind of idea. Now I know Jamie. And doing the show with you you would have been furious. Just fuming mad. If somebody were locked it is that hey man it sure is got a no hitter gone. Yeah I know I'm I've noticed. The last couple a times that someone has been put up goose eggs in the hit column. That when Matt Le page is on the TV call. He doesn't say. Asia and brought it up if if he'd if he does bring it up you might generally not talk you had with the diamond spring training. And he says you know there's there's a job you have to do as a broadcaster let people know what's going on but I'm not gonna be the reason why the diamonds now we know better but the and I've got to do it now. But I'm against it. It wasn't super close I mean it was. That will will get to argue recap the year went chasing Anderson was outstanding weighted talk about Jason Anderson tonight. When a pitcher out reaction here on a brewers five to one victory over the New York Mets snapping their nine game winning streak and put the brewers back over 500. As they go to eight and seven. And a home run ball again tonight fellas that's what was happen and tonight it was a home run ball that's with a score and it's hard to complain. Hot and really as I understand it I get it it's sort of like it like a political debate. A catch 22 debate. You find yourself Sam man these guys got to get together and its string across a couple of hits and scored not with a home run and understand what I'm saying here. I don't I don't want it sort exactly yeah you don't want him to hit home runs. Now well we do and they did it again tonight. As in the first inning. You know I've been talking about the brewers have had more bad luck this year than good luck and and again when we started out the games six and first bits Lorenzo Cain at the this. Just completely. Robbed of an infield single great defensive play. By the New York Mattson and I'm like wow man that's that's that's how we're gonna start this thing. But the brewers say they don't score. And that. I don't know all of that great defensive play it was gonna mean anything in that first inning but they go in order chase a couple of strikeouts in the bottom half of that first innings they scoreless. The crew three spot in the top of the second inning. And this is significant because it is only the third. Inning this year. That the brewers have scored three runs or more in that particular inning. Outside of three offensive innings this year the brewers have never. Been passed two runs in those innings. Always been to. Tour last 2101. Or 20. Except for those three innings there was. Game against the cubs of Friday night it was a game two against the cubs it was game two of the season in San Diego. When brawny at the three run home run and then it was this one. As such Shaw by the way shot in hostile out of the box number one. Number two Lorenzo Cain if he doesn't. If he hustles out of the box to lead off the game. I think he beats all that great defensive plight. On around systems has something to keep your eyes on guys. Shot is not hustle he thinks it's gone everybody thought it was on the outfielders thought it was gone you'd thought it was gone. Jeff levering thought it was gone the pace rotor anybody watched and thought it was gone to it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. You gonna play a 100% got to go 1% shot starts out the inning with a double Santana then walks so guard. A quick work. By Harvey was so guard NIC he strikes out but it's set the table 211 out for Jonathan VR. 500. Yard shoots one. That is what he's doing everything is fair ball. Strong. Showing at the. Does it fit. There it was Jonathan BR. Don't look now. But he start and have a decent season again. Fifteen games yeah but it's all about the sword and it's one of the things that first of last year was down out of the gate slow down her knee never was able to rebound. Yeah and he volume was deal and today he's that bad that three run shot right there. Bandy follows up with a base hit chased it sacrificed him over in that same inning. Lorenzo Cain could not score that run but they force Harvey to pitched thirty. Throws in that inning that was good to work that pitch count up three zip as the brewers take the lead. In the top of the second inning. Mets go 123. In the bottom half of the second inning into the third we go in the crew would not then. However after two outs Travis jaw. And Santana single button so garden. Here again. We've got to clean some of the stuff up runners at the corners after the two singles Shaw and Santana first and third two outs somebody missed the call or shot chickened out and answer wits it was a steel and stopped call. Santana goes almost halfway stop Shaw doesn't move Santana scrambles back the first. And and got him there are safe Callaway for the Mets their manager challenges that the brewers win that challenge. Or my guess can survive the challenge yes loses that challenge it didn't matter anyway. As the brewers did not score and chasing Anderson just deal and nothing for the Mets in the bottom half a one out walk but he was erased on a double play Chase's face the minimum through three. And bloodshed bandy how about this guy he needed dance and I gave the brewers some insurance in the fourth inning. NBA season. June. Four zip at that point Chase's deal went through the fourth inning. Into the fifth inning. Brawn leads off the fifth with a base hit steals a base. During the shot at that ends up on third on a groundout doesn't score in that inning. But it's significant because he is removed after that for back tightness and so will have to wait and see what's going on with rhyme wrong open to get. A report by Craig Counsell. Coming up before the show is done. As a chasing Anderson gives up and hit his first one in the bottom of the fifth inning in their away at the no hitter who jinxed it raise your hand. Brewers would nothing in the sixth inning. And the Mets get on the board hit by pitch comes back to haunt jade Sanders and as a two out two strike bloop base hit scores a run off Jason that's the only running he's gonna give up in tonight's work. Brewers to at a run later on Josh hater was steel and skipping the highlights year at this point Josh rader faces six batter strikes out five of them. But the other day were talking about how to use Josh cater Milton and does someone have suggested how about more than just your typical clothes are. You use them in a certain situation for a couple of innings to get the state. Anytime you can get multiple innings out of that guy is just going to be a bonus man because outlook whenever we talked to told Paul Wagner former brewer. About getting it out in the bullpen and didn't up multiple days multiple innings he always says didn't write back up into the second inning of work is the toughest part. But for Josh it's seems like second nature that it did does and and he has. He's just electric this woman is solid that's into that bullpen as. Either pay it's hard look more and more like an Orlando RCA out tax on it's it's a 41 ballgame in the top of the ninth but about land off the bench. Is it hard on you for. And there it is so from fox sports Wisconsin there's all your scoring. As the brewers get a 521 victory eight and seven even up the series at a game apiece and weather is Dicey tomorrow. For the games rubber match. I wanna know here Jeremy Jefferson their pits is two thirds of an inning but Craig Counsell lips chasing Anderson. Six of the third. And 87 pitches is that as pitch count of Reading this right at 87 pages 87 pitches to hit its. One run a couple of walks five case. And he'd lift some six and third now we were the world we just stock and about the last weeks and hate these these starters need to get another couple of outs. Alleviate some of the stress off that bullpen. I'm not sure about this one. I'm not sure of four World Series poised team and I'm not saying this team is or isn't I'm just saying the hypothetical. A World Series. Poised. Team. I don't know if they allow their base to be removed. After six and a third of two hit one run ball. This was an eight and a third. When he was seven affair. Sixth there. Just say. Your thoughts on that your thoughts on the game and chasing Anderson let's talk about a World Series poised team as well in this regard is chasing Anderson. That 12 punch that World Series team. Teams that talk about. Is he part of a 12 punch potentially and that's in the brewers haven't or not but it just specifically chasing Anderson he's heap. Could he be defined as a 12 punch for a World Series team. You forget the moment Ari are you jogging and potentially you know old a season season and a half. That as we speak this numbers are outstanding and the last time plus carbon and that's the that's what's up is. Tim with a hang about on it is because you you still have what. People thought Jason Anderson was pigeon holed. After he comes over that trade from Arizona he was thought to be back rotation guy but yet you look at these numbers like dissent for the last year. Stretching in the last season they're dominant. It they've they really are let's get you got 7991250. A couple of things that he lived chase too early. And it's chase Sanderson a 12 punch that World Series team went half. But I tot your first up here on the fan 51 brewers went what's happen. Reality or politically it would if it's fantastic. Yeah I think I think comes out great. We put these guys in the lieutenant William many who are also are just people don't want on the moon. I had some maps. You'll put him behind golf as my tickets can work and yeah I think you know what he. And change yeah I think it's I've given little plan I'm opponent. To get it going but. I'm an old man jumped off subject a little bit but I cannot wanted to mention of them parts and Hannah you all. An apartment at six know without suspense. Falls to a look I didn't perform well in. Continental concept while meat being put. On to have a flashback he ask your quest for our dart through. And the cards there's a couple of those two. It was glasses work Ari with. And then left. I don't after a book for a curtain call and let us know. But that's platelet. OK and co op in people who want to start to control no he had he really didn't end up pregnant one and I don't. Don't point to point well taken out for sure yup I got to Todd I got some things called the ring a sense and we discussed this before. I think the wind knocked that ball down for yet. And I also think it at a McKelvey our our insider. Billy you and I and and him have talked about Domingo Santana in that. It's it's sometimes your eyes can deceive yield little pad and and maybe that's added to what you think of Domingo Santana defensively. I'm not saying no one's gonna accused Domingo Santana being a gold Glover mill mill. But does it is that exacerbated. By just a long lanky kind of feel of him but optically or. Does he counterfeit into the Corey Hart malls a lot of I always thought a lot out of luck Corey Hart was the same way because the this strides are just so long like dissent in lumbering around. That it does it sometimes at least not honestly don't know what his dog and I guess I will give Todd some credit on that on that comment of last night's game. That's a dangerous situation negated due man if you're mango and and somebody's calling you loft Satterfield he could have been one of those that could have been avoided. Yeah and I hope one of those coaches this grabbed him and and just sent a mango you gotta have ears open to your eyes are open obviously your bureau of Major League Baseball player pictures got to be open to. You hear lol call him anything at all peel away man peel away we don't know we don't need that you know we don't edit it. Jason Anderson really a topic of conversation in this regard. In in specific tonight's game six in the third should he have been removed I signal. I don't think these aces. Are content with six and a third of two hit one run ball on 84 pitches. I just don't. What it's taught it's up to look at you when you know. What is it three out of the last four days we may get a joke about it on the show. That year's starters are pitching last combined innings in the bullpen been in the bullpen and you have laid off that you have your horse out there you got your guy. This post meal one every five days but you can count on him to put you in a W column. And we don't know lead we're just assuming that there wasn't a conversation. In the dugout saying that they gave skip from start to tighten up here a little bit it's hard to fit he was little old it was windy and yeah it was the easiest way to pinch. Yeah so we it just assuming that that did not occur but still seat upper Echelon teams do and this kind of stuff but yet but again I mean. You know people say don't Burr in the bullpen aluminium later on maybe correct councils they can no burn burn my starting pitchers out of a need them later. Turf maybe I guess again I guess a good work both total double edged sword yep I agree if you're on hold apologize we're gonna have to hold you through the break here in the we'll get right to yet. Really the main question however the wait chasing Anderson's been pitch and you really have to think about this. And that is in a World Series poised baseball team. And regardless of whether you think the brewers are or are not would just be in specifics talking about chasing Anderson. When you hear that 121 step all World Series teams got a half. Is chasing Anderson one of those guys. If the brewers were to say have Clayton Kershaw. Would chasing Anderson be the 12 punch along with that guy. I you've got to start thinking about it I mean the numbers don't lie here man. It's Tim Allen baby tells bills med. And the planes farm and fleet post game show presented by the Milwaukee admirals we are past that mil hockey after a brewers. 51 victory over the Mets they snapped their nine game winning streak that's a good thing and more importantly the brewers give back over 500 at eight and seven even up the series at a game apiece will be back in the finance. In every game there's a moment when you say to yourself. Are you kidding me garrison days are you kidding moment of the game. Rusty by Jeanne Wagner plumbing company you can trust Jim Wagner. Only dot com. This is the blames farm in league baseball post game show presented by Milwaukee admirals hockey we are passed tag mill hockey. Growers even up the series were they five to one victory a nice game for the current denied three home runs in the ballgame VR. Andy Garcia. I think if you wouldn't that he would've thought that would guys like that's wrong. James and Sean enables us dollar and 35 homers this year it if I doubt. I'd time for the are you kidding me moment of the day we touched on it in the open there this is when I scratch my dad. It was six at third and 84 pitches in them like go chase has done. Really hate your job your take an amount already. He got the first out in the seventh. And it's not like that the leadoff man got a lot known only got an leadoff guy didn't take him 420 feet. I know and then your look you know you're looking at your taken more inventory and thank him. All right we we got SaaS that is coming up here we got. We got Frazier coming up who hit two homers against you last night and seem like the right time. Now in him with what's going on in that bullpen and and at that time it was a 41 games and three run three run game here. I had just that was the RU kidney moment the game that's brought you by Jeanne Wagner plumbing a company you can trust. Jeanne Wagner plumbing dot com and let's go to a gym in Chicago Jim you're next on the fan 51 brewers get the win. Are they getting Howard that I good with Salomon. It was the gravity of a quick shot out like a bullet there on the job or sit and watch are under gotten into. No she used again his or is on the way. Discuss you know. Or how stupid that that's ridiculous that these children get that we can weather yesterday. They're ridiculous. Elected them real quick Purdue last night. You know whatever was going the whole financial thing and they just bought you all day paperwork out. Earlier this dude and and then you know the world of all why no way to everything will be thank you thank you Jim. Yeah absolutely area out tonight are you know chase went early part we wonder why in go even further. But you know I guess that is what it is but that was should act as you've all lot Josh interstate. The last couple any doubt that was really ought to see and that he has a lot of win. You know would a multiple rod question. Was you know on them you know rated architecture in the first got dug into the. See it and give my well under I wondered Jim and I wanna get your thoughts on this I wonder if rod council stays with hater. If that bid this ball game was a two to one game. That's a great question and I almost wonder out. The almost what are that the confidence grows there. Because you know you have the collection and but the job they and I'd just get it going like that. It was optimistic no question I mean the guy would be great hair just like me Alison it's an all clear. Yes sir it's in a sense it's all hair night the all hair team India could that. In that I Jim wolf that thanks for the kind words that read do appreciate that yeah viewer tuned in last night we started this on FaceBook and then jumped over. On the fan here so. I will say this about money I don't know if we talked about this on the air that we talk about the World Series ring on the air off the air. I'm off air off the nose off the air yup I'm coming up make a proclamation right now. And Billy and I. And I don't even know this is legal. If the exits they win. One in the brewers win the brewers win the World Series. I wanna do a gulf on me page for World Series rings for Billy. Because the team the team at this point is good because. And I knew I would doubt it and I can't afford a real world and I know that I can do no way. I can do the replica thing but so just keep that in mind when that occurs. Later on this nova might we might put on our buddy dean on that mission might be his first mission. In into the season I'm ablaze farm league baseball postage set up set up legal fund pitch but I think so for the work series race. 7991250. And his up on FaceBook and Twitter Jason Anderson six in a third. 84 pitches two hits one run. And Craig Counsell goes to get them despite as you guys all know about this bullpen and how it's been overworked and pitching a lot of innings and they gonna have to lay off that bullpen at some point. And now Craig goes to get him the other thing about Chase's. Is he potentially a 12 punch on World Series rotation. Is he one of the 12. On 12 punch. Let's go to art. Downtown art here on the fan. Although. It's going on art. Yeah and then you know man hobbled school has fit every time I call. They've baseball annoys me it just because some of starting pitchers are left baby croc demo with the rookie Q Robert what. So bill what you think the career leader in complete game this pair. All while. Now I I I know this just be a long time brewer fan I don't Mike Caldwell had himself did we have double digit complete games in one season. I'm department offer for a career what do you think the complete game for most complete game to their careers. John W 4240. I'll just Olga with 749. Yell yeah. Yeah high on 700 we're not I looked it up when you're when not. I think it was Gaylord Perry came into the speech and he yet like 305. You know like 305 complete games felt. You know six and two thirds 84 pitches I mean it's whatever I mean that's just that baseball nowadays right even if a way to gave us so we can live with that but. On Norton is here is BA. 12 punch K we got our Clayton Kershaw man we got quick Kershaw he's on our team. Right now he's thrown in the bullpen because they're afraid and I. For the day I've seen this guy out like this guy is special. And sometimes if you wanna be a World Series champion. You've got to. To move away from the status quo and and avoid ticket. We don't want to change it because this is working it's working right now why would we wanted this to go away for something that worked it. Because if you wanna win the World Series. If you wanna win a World Series you've got to have an eighth man in a bonafide ace. I think we got one but we're never gonna know until it's given an opportunity so they're once again that we were that we are talking about. He should be the clothes are right now that but the network can I have that at what point are we get a feel if this guy can get in the starting location you know become a Spotify is like a Clayton Kershaw. But he can camera called the art art if you were a call. As we will we read Stearns on on the afternoon so I was going in and Rami and I were interviewing Sheehan David Stern's and in he dropped a little bombshell on the instant. Well I asked him his role for Josh rader and he said. Well that would you know he's probably get it it's obviously in the bullpen but it might start to and I went volt weighs sack all you vote. Yeah hold hold on wait a second just say he's gonna start and that's how the pat and his answer was yes it's it's open it's an option I wonder art billing. If there are certain things up for later on in a bush. To not only acquire a starting pitcher but coupled that starting acquisition. With chase. With Jimmy Nelson was sacked Davies and with Josh cater. I'd I would be for that I think you know wanted to tendencies since I've moved to walking it's overly conservative. Town. I think the brewers are conservative organization as well I think the only way you feed Josh rader as a starter. Is if they're not in a playoff race and that is cited given that opportunity but. I'd like to see him be a little more risks you know it's taken Nokia or rim. Really be trying to you know I was talked about as opposed to when we were different sport you know not as many people we all know that but we always talked about. How could we build a team that we know is gonna give us the chance to win a race. And that's that's how you go body can't. He can't be afraid of what the and I were near crawl of a terrific no you don't wanna move heater because it's working it's working why would you want to take the thing about it always encompassed work right now. And I want to get off sitting in the region why is because you wanna win a World Series this and unique company known you can win a World Series unless you have. One at two aces and amenable at a minimum and so I think he's got to take a look at it it's got the real deal. You might be right man all right art things that they argued you might be right and and and I agree with you in the philosophy that is that. The decision making Camby because it's working. The decision has to be and we've said this all along. The decision has to be because this gives us our best shot at World Series every single decision you make running your organization has to be set towards the future of winning a championship and I asked the behavior not making decisions in that thought process. There's no fire burglaries usually running lately did exactly avenue that you lose your job I understand what art scene and I do. I don't know why I agree I definitely see where that wouldn't make sense. Where you would think they would wait until they were out of it. But it does make more sense to and that of your line in this thing up and Josh is gonna get his chance in the rotation it's gonna be to push into the playoffs. Josh chase Jimmie Zach. Okay now we're talking announce that someone else it's it's something we've seen the cardinals teach him how many different years when how many different big time starting pitchers. But with the current weather and okay and I agree with but they also the cardinals also. Get fat in rich on the middle class. They do they find those guys they find those gamers. Conversely a organization like the cardinals they're not afraid to take those risks and move those guys and just say you know what. Eleven miss the gas. What the hell is he. Right where it went. Wasn't this guy the second coming in Saint Louis has to be the next ten year all star that would play in in the middle infield for the next fifteen years gone. What about Cody grass as he was Bosnia and a ten year starter in center field for. David freeze Shelby Miller on and on and on these guys seized and some would say there and their rich middle class that they are middle class players are they superstars. And look at the star of some rumor star sir. They're not afraid to move not afraid gamble with every single decision being pointed towards. What gives us the best opportunity at some point to win a World Series and in this the small sample size brought by the way just talking about in division. The small sample size that I've seen the cardinals and homes he owns and apply. I don't think he plays a cardinal way of baseball guys. I'm a little leery about what's about it states that sign of the year outfield is changing that old school cardinal ways as well look at Tommy fan he's. He definitely didn't fit necessarily into the way of in 19992005. Cardinals. Yemen Ozuna might be a little too flashy for Saint Louis he might say they remain might not be baseball Smart enough for Saint Louis. It might not be but it did it the etiquette he a couple of and it might they might look aside from its original blow the ball low is 7991250. Chase Aniston yanked after six in the third. Let's go to Mattel CEO on the south side you're next up on the blames file monthly post game show it's evident. It would how are you guys at night what's a good loss. Well my first point I have a point to the questions so my first point is. Think that Anderson was pulled way too early I feel a key committee that made eight. And when Jeffords came and they aren't allowed that base runner out thinking man not again but. Because proof but my point is that Anderson awful way to early. Yeah I wouldn't win Jeffords gave up the base hit when he came and I can tell you exact the exact quote minus one word that ice that I sat in yell. What Jeff Chris Jeff press you better get your. She together. Or you're not going to be pitching in high leverage situations and that's the fact. He needs to stop given up lead off hits when he comes in to a ball game aren't we cute we can't afford the home out there. Out of the game that exact same thing and then my question was that kind of a little off topic but. How closely does this team resembled each 1:11 NL central championship team. I don't currency all that much actually detail I'll I'll say it right here because I don't seed. And this isn't this isn't a great thing to say about a team that we all think could go to the last I don't see a Prince Fielder I don't see awry in brawn. Well that 34 that that 34 brawny and friends I mean that was just amazing it was one of the best all time 34 com yes and and edges that that. Staple in the middle of the lineup I don't necessarily see but I will say I think this team. One through 331. Through 34 on that. Poll forty man roster guys you're gonna see might be a little bit deeper than that team spirit there might be as are certain to happen. Way more flexible way way more personal then then that team once and but that team again. He had 212 punch did you not. Mean you hit you definitely had a one punch aid. Exit that was valid that was for sure but they went out and they got Marcum for that they got Greinke for that they wanna make those moves in on the same side detail thanks for the call. As you as Tim you look at it the rest of that rotation. And you brought up Marcum specifically. That was a move that Brett Brett loury. No doubt raise your hand if you thought Brett loury is gonna play for the brewers for 1015 years that he was. All sorts of pub when he was coming up and prospects were just starting to get the publicity that they did at that time. Yeah and in the end he ended up being drafted as a catcher with them on the move to second base because he was locked out of that catcher position and then he turned little salty and I remember interviewing him and I I didn't. I will say this I don't think they'll ever in a real again and I and I know probably never hear this but. I can say this I think it along with their young kid. We hear him and I have you know I know you know there's sometimes you just known as very rare for me there's there's not a lot of players that I have been in front of that I just the states to use you know I've never. It it hasn't happened to me a lot I gotta be honest because the brewers are good character. Guys that they really are but the Lowery thing. It. I don't even know we still have that audio I won't play tonight but may view of the world day in on that. I can't I did CI I would that kid that that kid thought he was. He who is. It was the eighty thought he was Abner dialed they reincarnated. And be involved. That he was totally changed there's a few days and catching position all the same time. Big time I'd say Sanderson was yanks six in the third two hits just two hits 84 pitches the one run given up that was on it. Bloop base hit since status with the two strikes and two outs. Scoring can forgo who was hit my pants so they have but it's come comes back on chase. Would you have have taken amount number one number two is he part of 12 punch potentially. And Jay Sanderson is he's reeled in other words is he's the real deal yeah I gotta say we'll take a look at the numbers not only this year but in his career up next year on the fan. Let's add this one a brewers fans time to go inside the box score brought to you by Dave and buster's quote Sosa eight drink it play. And watch sports. Hi you guys and hold get right to you and I think. Noticing on hold here we gotta we gotta swami. I'm holds the stick around that group went five to one. As they take care of the Mets in game two they even up the series at a game apiece a you know victory in which. She's all all love. Cylinders were collected here mandate they really work check out the numbers and won't get give back to our conversation about Jay Sanderson. We'll go inside the box here brought you by Dave and buster's in wallets those that eat during play and watch. Ports. The box tonight Lorenzo Cain one for five with a strikeout air frames. Oh for for mr. April takes a day off with a couple strikeouts Ryan brought. Before he was lifted for lower back tightness one for three aired on parizeau for one in a fill in role Travis show off on base a couple of times two for for the runs scored. Domingo Santana sort of running was one for three with a walk. And a strikeout Eric so garden up and had a dish to nail for four with a K in their Jonathan VR three run shot was his only base hit. And it's only time on basic double strike outs as well for V jet bandy troops for four with a solo shot raise your hand if you thought jet base and he was gonna go yard today. Jason Anderson all for two Orlando large Siena to general. Comes in plays shortstop and takes one yard one for won his only plate appearance and AJ Sanders are we talking about it it's his first win at six and a third two wins. One run it was earned two walks five k's I'm just 87 pages for chased is ERA now 12080 championship season to eight. To Jerry Jeffers comes in gets two outs after a basic it's a double to double play two thirds of an inning pitch and then it was two full innings on a same for Josh trader. No runs no hits. Five k's in 23 pitches for the brewers lefthander they get. Wonder are five runs on nine hits no errors just won a lonely runner on three hits and no errors for the New York metropolitan. Is. Matt Harvey gets his first lost when he eighteen as they get ready for a rash tomorrow. Yet there will be a big game tomorrow for the brewers by far the biggest game of the year and even out trumps. The any of the cub games in Italy does this a big game for the brewers are gonna win tomorrow your four and two on this road trip. And that's big time Lisa Lewis in New York. You kidding me that's huge guys it's huge and now it's I know you're not a big professional wrestling fan but I thought about drop and in a couple of streets are over drops. As as this was not a game winning streak to commence numbers map tonight. Yeah and that streak is now Don and let's give them lose give a model losing streak here. Speaking of where it's Ned don't want now the cubs. Just we were talking about the St. Louis Cardinals made me more physically ill today how physically ill. I despise everything about that team I'm telling you outside of like real world stuff. Like you know murder rate ten. Innocent victims and child abuse and all that stuff which I dearly care immune sentences. It's it's bad but if that's real world stuff that the world take this in the sports world but it does nothing that he is is even close. To how much I despise the Chicago Cubs. And today they scored a nine run eighth inning they were down nine to one intended to an end game. The most disgusting part of the whole thing is they they go into the ninth in the eighth inning. Down 105 they scored nine runs on four hits. Five walks and two hits back at bats. Five walks in two hit batters. Only that team. Are they might be the lucky this team on the face of the planet. By so sorry about that it's as if that's actually listen to some forward thinking. If you look like let's do it forward thinking and rocket by Ford financial partners moving forward together find your way forward. And FF PW I dot com. We're moving forward by the thought and the mindset of chasing Anderson. Potentially easier one or right now is he a 12 punch. For a World Series team that's and it does seem as a World Series teams isn't just specifically. Analyze and a great out chasing Anderson but we believe offers a path that they had that they believe that there and yet. The the numbers to starts to show how out of touch they really are. If you look at chasing Anderson. Let's see here I've I took some notes here this career stats 36 and 29637. And 29 now. It's got a three point 86 lifetime ERA. Career whip is one point 28 now he broke into the bigs in point fourteen. Nine in seven with a four point 01. That's not bad for your first time given the ball and given every odd days. 20156. And 64 point four bit worse. 20169. And 114. Point 3211712. And four. Two point 74. And now this year bill you edits this year stats after this now he's one and one on a whip under one point 99. In ERA of 282. I'll OK so we see the 12 punch stats that puts in for some for thinking. With four financial partners side 79912551. Final they get the win today it's go to Bob and white fist when you're next here on the fan. Eight Tim thank you prove what we call. Term I just love it ought to your show. And I think he got a bad man character that thereof or are we should comic Dick work. He did tennis at Dickinson you know now instead of the riddler or the Joker it's the gig lower. There's been a superhero. Not. So no what I'm calling about I know you would have talked about chasing Anderson but I thought maybe I think it dropped for a morning you're ramps. You knew it was the second inning where America charted for home element wasn't. Mango gets the water. Are you that your number. Should consider. Some of the plates shoulder so guard you know and decent bunker. Why don't you want to go over to shut in the third and dip a rod to turn dotted manageable point obviously but. Why don't should why won't he do that munitions console I've low I think cultural just how much spin and he's there's a psychologist. There we either remember that why. For strategy. Wise why not do that wanted to. You have to your rush. Because of yourself and made. Better chance to put you up home and practiced and it'll get Iran. Bob he he you know and an endowment of make an effort this year to at least he just ask him this ethic it's a fair question. Because we've seen them bond fell and that's the thing no added we've seen it recently sought to earlier. I believe it was the cubs series of the cardinal series world land or Garcia now he failed on the bonnet town. But he was in sacrifice mode to move a couple runners over. What it's what makes the situation acceptable the bond according accounts. That's all I wanna know because you do do it occasionally we all know the pitchers gonna bonding moment that that's a no brainer fine. It is kind of a statistic and that I really do you don't know maybe maybe he's got some purposely that it says safe first and second nobody else got a better chance. You know that the big inning I'd you know. I don't know I know you're. Well Bob I've I've always said this it to folks that we will we have the blunt conversation. In the debate Doug Melvin told me this. Years ago and he said Tim you are out there that that thing with bunting. Is that. The numbers say. You score that runner at first with nobody out at a higher percentage of the runner at second with one. OK but what about first and second. Now first and second maybe a little bit different because now you got to apply the sacrifice flyer the bouncer on the infield the right right side. I agree with you I I'm a Bonner Connick guy why is it okay when when push comes to shove an eighth ninth tenth and eleventh upon and we get it's not okay in the second third fourth with your six hitter it's Eric so guard now again heap he put the barrel left some balls tonight or no question about it. But what makes it okay in the eighth ninth tenth eleventh. When it's dean net. Far less. Of of of leverage situation in the second third sustain leverage situation in my. An idea is quite area somebody smarter than me no no clue on that. Nearly a lot. There. Are new superhero that gig. About it where were not the point. Line adds. Let's go to Rick Rick I think is the swami down and seeing. We. We had a conversation a few nights ago but Josh catered and we wrecked. And and this this the gentleman right here that it said wanted to do. This and and really create sort of a new type of closer in Madison multiple inning closer he has your closer. But he couldn't close from the eighth inning on it could be a four out goes saved it could be a five out save a W three outer two outs they've. And you're on directors that's what they did tonight. You can't throw the came through big time. Ed page. That there is a big goal ought what he has. And stole Lleyton. In on not not yet I kind of agree you know what day I still think. He did he should be the starter at some point and he would veto left handed. Nolan Ryan he's definitely got the express. You know God's eyes get away light fun. Where wage some long term are out there but. But it worked remain in and for a secede and then open it works but what I wanted to call about you touched on a subject that's near and dear my. My heart and that's championship rings. OK I've got quite a few. What what happens is when a team wins championship. Not this started about 2000 in hand it's the same year. The Packers won the super ball in enough Blackhawks one match Ellicott Luka. That that team's world will put out rings. That are available for that ranged from why. And bill put out rings. Then they called the ultimate rain. And and then though cool don't they have two or three different styles. And they go to doll and pray. Now. How much is the top of the line one wreck. Well roughly let's go bet that the browser and when I got the bickering and the black conquering. I wanted all permit pandering. And they were wait cold. With real time. And those were bought 5000 bucks apiece as it cool and we normally in the wanna Wear in almost. It's a black book. 2015. Stanley Cup. Is viewed close to what the players wore. Our players cut its just got less time in almost is that it's a big ring but it's a little smaller. And Allen was 62 under guidance from. Adjustments comparable. Okay. Now. Look good job of adjustments on the Internet. And then type in use finance girls alright in my all right they got a ring. They got an ultimate ring there for the air strolls really know a dispute. It's 111000. Dollars that's so much. That's right here for a senator could not assess the one associates so is that the eleven so the World Series rings I gotta say. I would think. That the organization itself. Has rings that that the public cannot off would be my again. That's right yeah that's not you can't get the players story so you can commit to what the players suffering is and knows that's early morning. This tie in the US troops ring they only put out our honor and well. In experience were the honor and twelve wins. The Astros recorded live she's okay including in the mold will be broke in you gauge your name on the side they are all cuss me. In order crop then once I got mine on might admire all my Marines say. I got my mom's dream princes on. On the side. And that's my most teams go to jobs shall there that the brewers when there. The World Series should definitely we would be looking there. And then like this you can bow bow on yeah Astros. Have a ring. Yeah you're right here again they were entering the silver ones about 360 box in the not none I've sat at the GPU. While all. Are. Archaic but. Mr. Clinton and that. They'll only know not because I'm a diva BP cut that you know at first like them. Where the first. World Series championship. For the Milwaukee Brewers. I'm getting that ring it's all right hooker or. Enough Blackhawks won it in 2000 troops being quite sold off what was remaining in my 401K. 28 or. Has their tactics though some of bricks that are awesome let's let's talk again we got to move along but that is a great information. And I I think a bill that doesn't go fund me page have to be for charity on well no not at all now not all figured out. Well Mallory has got me on on this this website here and here are just some income were able race the year. I'll buy ads that money. I'll buy at like it was bullet the I'd like that it's a good team endorse that look. They get a five to one win it in the fifteenth game of the 28 team season. And were. Already pricing our World Series rings only here on the fans most games you know there's no discussion about it. No doubt let's I hear from Craig Counsell after this of victory. And maybe he'll shed some light on chasing Anderson's removal after six in the third to hit one run baseball. Scoop from the skipper is tonight brought you by Bryant and Stratton athletics. Offering athletic scholarships in nine junior college sports learn more at BSE bobcats dot com is Craig Counsell. I think this was two excellent performance or there are a couple of traders determined today. And chase has a standing near him he was missed beautiful game commissioners on top of that. For her entire game dominant just performance at the end was. There was poses dominance sing you've been pretty even two starters coming. Chase has been. How important has visibility sort of yeah I mean yeah. I mean it more importance is just not giving up any runs around I think that's that's the key but I think. You know we'd. You know getting into the seventh inning uses it's important I mean it's it's that's yes that's a sub really well with with fresh guys done merits you look you're using less guys. You know those guys own their done back to a job that you wanna you want and be able to think about the next day and the next day. So it don't chase was excellent today you know we had 85 pitches he probably had some pitches lust. Then and I thought. Massive buzz was JJ was Ben Frazier was important to an excellent for us Tom. You know we squeeze the ball through it here and already coming out and got the double play a song. You know it was a good performance and her for Australia's best picture on the moment. Yeah I mean it's you know I think I think the the point is that we would gods fight I just was called we're far enough in the game right side. Along hearing your kind going backwards and he got Johnson and Matt still avail long we have to a lot of guys bill would Taylor was stolen I would Jacob. And then that goes a really good matchup for JJ and that could you don't get just get us through the suns are. Well yeah I mean. You know odd that I was shocked by Johnny's home Ron I think we can all work in the dugout that it. You know I was there was a hard hit ball it's just going to solve all the bad for me. You know I'm from I'm not sure looked like fruit from the rest of the season when government doesn't look like for me. It is hard designated hard. And in doing Eric. Absolutely smoked a ball so there we got a three run homer to in on the normally don't take it away from us a solid. I. Yeah I mean it's it's hard to say because at that should've. Pushed BR's home run afoul. So that's those little confusing for her husband though. I'm not sir I mean I know Eric's home Oregon knocks down her Arabs the motorcade got knocked down I don't I don't don't have none of the are small. I'm not sure. Here. It's. His back was was kind of bug in him before the game today. Lose it just I know bowler on the bases and it's so. I'll see. This is a possibility wait till tomorrow morning your own. No yeah Alex tomorrow no rhyme or on tomorrow what it means it's vague outline now let's look at how interest in this is going to be now that you have this. Little bit lower back tightness in Maine that was bothering him for the demon. You don't really know exactly when he's going to be back maybe maybe a couple of days will be out. Well Christians got to come off the DL long while you know maybe is maybe a tough blow it McCarthy's they have. I don't know year couple years ago the governor and the fields that is trademark saying well. Availability and accountability. You got to be on the field availability is justice or does your performance it's Sox that this is the way it is with Bryant really does it really does I was happy with brawn with a base hit. Just because I don't want the numbers that would gaudy in any such thinking about it. I mean but you gotta be on that field. What were back hopefully it's not that I'm sure it's it's nothing major but. Run around like Barney Rubble out there or steal bases due June 30 how old ardea. You're not John NV ER Erica. It says sometimes. I'm always been puzzled by pro athletes Billy. About how. At times. Certain ball players whether football or whatever sport baseball. Certain players play with this physical reckless abandon. You know what I mean lighten have to trolling your body will you please. But some of them don't play that way it's a big guys don't know how to play outside of that. The only know how to play that was the only went in on a plane and other players yes they play hard don't get me wrong to get at that level you've got to have to count got to play hard. But they kind of know. If you're gonna around the base of a certain way. You're your footing got caught up just a little bit you yet had to readjust your steps to get the corner of the back. I can't push it here because my angles and a blowout might need right now. And that's why I played an up again I'm not comparing myself to them anyway. But sometimes you play so hard that it seems reckless to me I don't know Ryan brawn is like that or not. But he sure seems to get dinged up a lot. I don't know if it was banged up on the so based and later whatever was what though hopefully won't be how long all right well stomped down. Get a yes or splash coming up with a Ryan Moore about brewers to get a win tonight. He has David's house Bill Smith might Davis Tim Allen we've been doing this I've been doing this thirteen years bill is going to be doing it for a 113. As young as he has. It's the blades farm and fleet most himself presented by the Milwaukee admirals we are past that mill hockey. And the brewers get a victory in game two this three games that will be back in the finance. When you're hot you're hot player or not. They're not so when it comes to the crew who's hot and who's not brought you by steel horse realtor com. Opening your road home begins at steel horse Yeah you know I think back years ago. When I bought my first house and I didn't have a Harley to put in the driveway. But if you do you definitely that would look cool would that there for a vote in the garage you 2122. Footer. Oh yeah that's me though it yet and dune buggy and Asia I know yeah at least one jet ski out there you let's think what else. Oh yeah that old Camaro that was probably in there as well at 64 Camaro. Around. But over red steel horse realtor. They've law Harley's and Jack these guys out steel horse realtor and company. Your road home begins here on the way of its steel horse And Jay before we get there who's hot who's not even holding on long time I appreciate that and you're on the fan what's gone on. Yeah I was a car right. Good and all burst off an eight game that was pretty dominating and that was good to see they really played in baseball game and I was excellent as much needed. But I was really glad that you brought up to Che Anderson thing about what he got old because you know. The chopper a manager should be use the players and assets subject out to make the team as a whole better and also trying to help each individual player get better and see his full potential and they couldn't take Anderson that's just not happening I mean if he is going to be in its that your feet are used you know he can be a wonder to punch. Will keep on top of his game the goal or should be to maybe have them finishing game every now and again and I'm not saying he was on pace to do that night but he was cruising along and he got all the eighties some pitches and there are just no need for. And on this team what that need it is because of that shark starts that we have as they have a guy you know. Take control of the game and give the ball and harassed when needed it and I feel like that could've happened right and it didn't. And then when you go with using chop it or wife Jill possibly in the best asset that you are and if it's not just ten minutes the power arms in general that you gotten the pack under the ball and and you know if they don't need to be used on a particular game. They are such an asset bubbles game when you do need to say tomorrow for example if they actually battle in their guardians say that you get into the fifth extending. And you're in a tight Avery have a one or in need and how great would depend if you had. Hitter than the comments for two school plus innings and possibly get another win and I just don't feel like that was necessary to use him tonight and there's so many games are gonna get short starts and you're gonna need these guys in the bullpen we've seen it are you got. If it's not needed my god just you know get operates in its. A channel rider wonders. MJ will debate this but you do understand it on to Sonia the other side of this thing council. In this game opted with the jet with the F Josh hater situation two innings I. You do. Appreciate the fact that he wanted to slam the door here. I mean he wanted this win and and and so I can appreciate that on that end but I definitely get which your sand. With regards to letting chased go a little bit but let's face it tomorrow. You get a pickle tomorrow where it's a nip and talk ball game it's going to be Jacob Barnes. It's might be it might be situation would Jennings on a lefty to come for Rowe or someone it it and it's going to be. Taylor Williams and Matt Albers. I mean that's that's what you face what tomorrow. Yeah Norton Norton and I must say that's bad I'm just and that's what's your face with tomorrow. Now I like carpal tunnel walk I'd just I'd just feel and I don't care that she's Anderson are fit. So in order shots seeing her dear I don't care Cortes when you have a starter who's on top of his game I feel like you should almost squeeze as many of you are not armed. Because how many times in the going to be in a form of murder by gaining a hundred pictures and given up four point. Strong and you know then then you really major ball and if you're our offense is doing well and say it's a high Gabriel we don't want. And it might have a fresh all are where you could still win that game where your starter doesn't Corky I feel like they're all as good enough to do that but when you actually get a start that's. A really high quality one I feel like you should charting push these guys to go even further so. Yeah yeah and you had to wiggle room there I mean it's not like you were due this was a one run game you and had a three run cushion. And that's it you point. The other thing too I don't think I would be making this call it was a one run game because then you would want that victory right from an errant shots the dark but you did have a little wiggle room where you kind of at least allow another piece turner Carol. Yeah good stuff and Jay thank you then thanks a lot I really I thought there are gonna go with Josh cater. In that seventh inning and then go an inning and two thirds of hater and go Albers regular hours ago. That's that's right thought he was headed but then it was Jeff for a soft and after this. Hater struck out the side in the eighth there was nobody up. Systems going to be. Now is gonna be Josh hitter who's hot who's not. Jonathan VR. And they were talking about this on on the I game broadcast and radio. That quietly in and not getting as I think lingering know what at the public. That he deserves is is Jonathan VR and he put together a little bit of a star here. Really saying that to 98 for an on base percentage and a batting averages these fourteen for. Driven in six runs for the crew. I just underneath seven. For Travis Shaw's wells Eric fame is leading them with five home runs. While there's there's some there's some hot matters when I understand I hear is also some some not hot matters Damian and one guy that. How many times that we added had a conversation about aired on parents how's he gonna get his at bats. 46 at bats he has just through these first fifteen games four hits but two of a long balls via. As well as they're so hard today I mean he's only has five hits on the year he's sitting at 172. There's there's a not category but I will give us so be a little bit of the past year because he has barely left some balls man he had yet. Aug give them that little overmatched against Harvey in his first at bat today but. Had quality at bats after that when you back here of real quick about the injury thing on Ryan brought. I again. Injuries are going to be if they're going to happen. And are they an excuse yet when when a team hasn't significant injuries she added. He's now. Would you lose good players either tend not to be as good that that's I don't know I didn't make that up this way it is. And I hate it's just frustrating. That's all I'm saying about the bronze lower back tightness it's just frustrating. I don't think he's fudge in any interview. Her any injury I don't that we have interviews he might fudge he's now fudge and injuries he's not faking injuries. That he's not. You know it's just they happen and the name of the game. Like has said that reckless Bennett Billy two years ago you and I were in Arizona watching my son play. Laces one into the gap it's a standard cruise in the second base double. You but you don't know that day outfielders taken a little. He's taken an angle to it maybe there's a place when he get around first you just call it just just for a couple seconds there couple steps just in case. And the hamstring tore up. What I mean is that reckless abandon her is that this circus present when playing as hard as he can and it. It's a total double edged sword man in. EU we herded. What you you talk about what Trevor shot today there's a possibility where he wasn't like get it out right out of the bag right out of the batter's box. And eight if he's who knows he's in one of those modes where he. Big city could be a W could be a single he's trying to leg through and the same thing happens it and Tim point that team down south. It happened last year with a guy that. Joseph Maddon says plays with reckless abandonment contreras. He had the same thing was trying to like out on an infield it over to first base pulls his camps. He's down for six weeks in a Ramos Ramirez years ago under run run a key I was told he doesn't have the leg things out on the infield man we need chip. I just it's frustrating. Salma set. Brian bronze gonna have a hot streak this year or two or five or seven he it will will happen a told that a seven of them. If vote and he's got to be on the field do you mean that's that that really is is the main thing really hear from my chasing Anderson just a little bit chasing Anderson throws out. The two words that we'd love. In Milwaukee. We'll have that for you coming up here on the fan. Now here's the behind the scenes post game update as we take you would inside the clubhouse brought to buy at a out of deputy dot com. Ready to get inside new. House. Deputy dot com. Gets deals done that others cats. Won't. Welcome back birds get a 51 victory tonight to even up the series at a game apiece they yelled well played game for the brewers our last caller MJ had said that it's a yeah. What's needed well played game that was its. Wasn't any funky this involved I guess just the steel and stop was an executive properly by Santana and and show off. You know my guess is. It's been one of a number of things happen but of them I've put him in this order. Shot and feel comfortable with going. He knew he was supposed maybe a descent screw it it's good he beat me via an envelope leave him a little leave Demi god directed to get him. And make him look bad. Either Domingo Santana misunderstood the signs that about it and maybe it was you know you're supposed to steal there has gulf. And steal a straight steal that was my stock is because there were two outs at that time right there there yet announcements look at both of them in scoring position and so guard was heavy counts in the in the at bat he was work and so they thought you know if so guard vessel lead off the next inning of this doesn't work fine. Or Shaw missed the sign. And it you know boiling where he was supposed to go I don't know it's just. Domingo obviously. Moved in stopped. He adds it's even about the situation at all whatever whatever the issue was. Domingo didn't help would eat you know but there was said that that told me that there was a playoff in. So it's somebody missed something there and and it it was a moot point because they end up. He would have get back to a first base but. You know not not you know 23 error game and it and make it on a base map mistakes and so it was a well. Well played game well it's game. By the brewers and will take 51 winner to even up the series no cinder guard on the hill. For the Mets tomorrow against now again the debate continues you'll least shot scene or Joseph please chassis. Or is it Jolie's shot scenes or you know these shots. I think that's one of those sides finally how many licks is take two Kansas senator it's at to pop the world's may never know we may never may never. You know whatever you know Odyssey. Chase Anderson's name Jim that's right right chase we givers and yet chase. Anderson and they called Andy from what I understand let's go away inside the clubhouse rod you by Adam deputy dot com. Ready to get inside a new house go to Adam deputy dot com he gets deals done that others can't or won't and so feel manner put together a nice package on. Fox sports Wisconsin pregame show. On chasing Emerson now we're not gonna play the whole thing I'm sure they've got it up on their site somewhere and it was it was good soccer really was well done well for produced in and well written. And Morgan take a couple of excerpts from that ago was inside the clubhouse here. But Jason Anderson with a six and two as six and 13. Innings pitched tonight allowing just two hits had a no hitter into the fifth inning two hits just the Ron given up a couple of walks in five strikeouts. I'd like Pitt and at chase sailors and I think we can safely say ability is the brewers ace yeah big time and in a lot of it is due to light he says right here the work to Derrick Johnson's done with them. Yeah I think I think DJ has helped me a lot kindness. To your honor from the flu progress in some ways and you know if one knew what firm parliament. We wouldn't be here today. The cutter in the curve ball in the future just that's the trust relationship. They believe personally that's kind of put it to the next level of focus is coming from 1617 and heavens for drastic changes in numbers appear. You know look it's just it's a big difference but these things just knowing that I'd rather confidently and a handful of pitches to roster to combat the other team it's it's Columbia. This and here's. That it really does and and to give credit to Derrick Johnson that's cool. Bill Schroeder on the fox sports a game cast that today said that. Derrick Johnson quickly becoming one of the better pitching coaches in baseball. That's high praise. It really is and I haven't heard that but bill Schroeder is probably what more well connected and we are really so that. They're good accolades for DJ and as you continue to look in you like he just said how much. DJ has helped out all the other pitchers on the team in the brewers' roster after the acquisitions of eulogy McCain after the season they had last year chased. Looking at the policies and his. There's a taste or mountain town that you right there it's I did that piece of candy and then you know breathlessly Kenny did special like that. You get there and you really want to winning in the playoffs and you don't get there I'm just doing I think that's part of the war machine longer. He had made us hungry and I'll tell you that I discovery you know what I discovered over eastern time buy candy and Ortiz talking about. The the Hershey bar like like not the dark now the Allman opted crazy person just like standard classic Hershey bar right. If you stack tool on top they made one like that like double thick. Like it would be like you stack to move on together there that thick in one they quiver and see. Oh yeah that they had the double C that would be like me opening up that in just giving you one little piece off. All all you like it a little corner piece. I love the little nor'easter and it's all you get to that sit you can tell today's Anderson's apparent per share. But let me talk about World Series as well while that Missouri here when he addresses the future with the brewers. If our own conversion done you know being triggered 16 PM at the foundation of the rebuild a team that we. I would take further than a here long term. Isn't over because I thought we have a lot of it is beneficial. Right there they were in contention for a planet. I believe they are on the right track there's no doubt there's some things are gonna have to be worked out that's all in the story line of a baseball season 2018 championship season. More on that next year on the fans. I've final couple minutes planes farm and fleet post game show presented by the Milwaukee admirals we are hash tag mill hockey and this figure where it's. The admirals say you were down there are the final game this season Billy how they do. Came up short with a with a loss in the final game of the day but a sellout crowd Tim goes really really cool it was not. The AL us sponsored night tonight so the admirals were wearing special lot a LS tribute jerseys. Earlier rugby style are red and blue Jersey like to throw backs they use to have. And those were that auctioned off with all the proceeds going to a LS researched a lot of really cool cause is man we had. That cap go with their operation dream foundation and and then we also had. Baker Chile which sponsors a much different things on this station they were given money way out to Children's Hospital it was it was really were are cool cool night. To see out the culmination of a lot of good work that he admirals do especially the Apple's power play foundation. Helping out the city Milwaukee man. You know what that kind of attendance were talking about tonight's it was it was sell outs are about 7500 people were there. But then that's that's more than the Miami Marlins had the other day off for shirtless yep yep. And in. There aren't that plays its rowdy man especially the results on ice performance going out of him a couple of videos from all time low. I know you're big all time low fat. They were playing at the end game tonight I'm sure there quite good and quite popular but I gotta be honest with via. I've never heard of I I knew you would have been more in tune for the pat McCurry count showing them they're having a couple of days ago that's cool yeah that's always fun. Up I was at the admirals the when they had aria speed wagon there a few years ago that was the ourselves fund yours shock. No he's I I don't know if he barrel now. So we did nation we jail and drug armed. The government isn't sure how I'm shocked in a way cooler Monday morning we'll talk a lot of brewers. Ryan or about who's our producer tonight. When I went to see the admirals featuring RE a speedway and post game concert a few years ago like coupled that with a a quick trip over to. Pot a lot of and I understand you were their last night. Yeah it was a quick trip unfortunately it's an art it's considered a quick check. I could honestly proudly ticked off after it was one of those nights tree sit down at the Taylor daylight yet it is here after twenty minutes and it mistake appoint some Latin. Went down a couple hundred. It would it got even worse from there what was the number that hit more that is kind of panacea we ought to play Tony for an eight. Every single time and play other other numbers but it. You know I was easily split the zeros because he didn't killed on the zeros up. But man the one last night for some reason four times while sitting at that table and ever play the lawn and ever play like before. And GAAP and that in the worst is when somebody next he was literally everything is just everything there was this lady in her husband wanna be happy for it just now you can't you just you know the sixteen just hit elect pro nobody bet six team that goes on economic do you Rhine and he's said. On 24 and 80 are you which ships splitters so you'll throw Kabul and in sleep immediately squadron out there so you know I actually deal when I go there oh my life that's that's her move right there succeed as Agassi he's right on the not I thought yes I do or I play idea out of lake when I go to Vegas Levenson by the pool all day. Are gonna wanna think numbers sides play the outside a player at a place black you know for 121 you know second when he. That is what Ryan's gonna have a good time when he comes out to Vegas with us over the soup WR coming by the way and I just want to make sure you know that. Where. When we don't like playing at the deeply a lot of flak jacket the tables. I just now tournament Vegas no I assume that in just becomes personal Sam yeah yeah yeah it would dealers. Selling. No big deal and you crack. Where you are correct he's either way they used to care a lot more years ago because years ago. In Vegas would I mean we're talking many many years decades ago. But they've got the tip that they got. These days I think and the majority of them aren't like a tip split pool. So like if you know you tip of five box and they get like 36 cents of it. So facility. You know they got a split it with like. 48 other people that are so that's a little different now I understand you also play a little baseball and the brewers started out the season at thirty to one. This was November 2 the day after the World Series ended. They put out the odds thirty to one for the brewers to win the World Series. Billy and I booked them at fifteen to one to win the National League so just to get to the World Series at fifteen to one. And you go by the game. Is that what you do Ryan. Yeah usually by the game I do some I I usually before the season I'll pick a team take a look at the guys easily do you allow a college hoops like last year. When here click story would Joseph me nuts is beginning of the year I tokens Agha and forgot what I got a man. But they went all the way to the national chant I saw a man they lose that game in all man that Ron was so far as like I am to win about a grand here. And then it turns what you guys how about the story of honor our bodies that own. Eight yards deep SE I at Aaron indeed and out here it's got eight hours against Stater without at Michigan he's he's a Michigan Islam. The owner of the 25. Thousand. And it was it was at forty to one. Before in the middle of the season before Michigan won on the big winning streak yeah and he was going to be paid out one. Million. Dollars. On 11. Ballgame. Hey you can get my pay except for row on sports and I can understand these guys here's my tanks this guy to Oregon and win this guy are hot air and Milwaukee's and it does not have a height and a great week I listened to use might actually ridiculous Allison go podcast about this is entire record man is a guy interesting even better you don't see if it's amazing under Rudolph. He has one of the best that you can really hear you from having eats at me I have and it was a great conversation very respectful. Me he added that is not a fake voice you know those of you that listen to this show that we transfer into. Often times for Allen events on CBS Sports Radio that's not of the fake voice masses voice. School in the coolest part is he just flows with the it doesn't care known as Ares doing a show man needs to entertain people. You always wonder about some other personal lives we tend to be an open book if you ever need to know anything about us that were open book called Sharon activists call last contact us and will you ask we answer our Ryan great job tonight thanks as the brewers get a five to one victory. Penn Billy you are now at the admirals huge scurry back to the radio station to radio show busy guy but the admirals clear out for two and for this season. Their championship season. Came up a little short. But congratulations. To the attendance figures and and everybody involved with the admiral's they're gonna stick with us throughout summertime. As so we are presented by the Milwaukee admirals we are hash tag no hockey planes farm and fleet post game show will be back on tomorrow. Oh we'll have to stay tuned we'll catch up on Twitter and FaceBook. We can be FaceBook live pucks go at noon. Brewers play at noon brewers' Mike it rained out bucks won't get rained out c.'s marquee Pfeiffer in will be and Billy will be in maybe you were on FaceBook might do podcasts it could be a radio show. There's a number of no moving parts here. The main thing is also so I'll I got out of that Tim is it. I'm working tomorrow. In the us there's a rain. Will be able to do yourself today and in less there's a ring now I. Thanks to a Ryan for baby tells bill Schmidt my name is Tim Allen once again the brewers get the victory five to one. We'll talk to tomorrow after the last bits as you make the switch and remembers mile Milwaukee the world will smile back it's. Yeah.