Brewers fall 2-1 in Arizona

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Wednesday, May 16th
5/15/18: MIL 1, ARI 2 - The Blain's Farm & Fleet Baseball Post Game Show presented by Milwaukee Admirals Hockey...we are #MILHockey. The Brewers offense comes up dry in the desert. Tim Allen and Bill Schmid break down the Brewers tough loss. 

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Brewers fans you've made the switch after the last pitch to this show for twelve seasons welcome. The boy is farmers league baseball post game show presented by the Milwaukee admirals who we are. Hash tag male hockey now. Live from the international Hyundai Greenfield and Hyundai west Alice studios' gears the franchise Tim Allen and bill baby town Schmidt. It says save five don't prove Arizona and the results are not good a brewers to 21 loss. And welcome everybody it is the blaze farm and fleet post game show presented by the Milwaukee admirals we are passed sag mill hockey. Tim Allen bills mad. Ryan Moore of bot and dean know. Whether it's a few things to dissect in this one. Another one. Another one another tight battle you just can't come out on the right end of the Janet. I know what your referring to right there. I am us some questions about first the ball the a home plate umpire got a little. Value alum crazy I don't know what happened. I think it was what he was Dylan I think he left is Smart in in the ball bag yourself or he'd realize like he looked up in the right field pry it clocked out right field. Realize that he Frye was running out quarters on the meter. Or and just had to get things going are like wow skin will let him I need to get the Scottsdale. I mean come on I will start out the good stuff and that is the only shot scene. Other brewers snapped a five game winning streak in his starts with this 221 loss. There were seven and two and his nine starts coming into this game. So that's a good thing and five in a row his last five starts the brewers had won those games let. Indeed now on this one this in large part due to some offense in give up two runs you gonna win most of those games and this was one that wasn't included in them most. But. The offense did not come to play again where they scattered some hints say he had the RBI from shock in the fourth inning. After yeah Alex had doubled. In a one out later then as I said Sean document. And right away shot scene gave the run right back in the bottom half but okay that's a run right there fifth inning sixth inning seventh inning. Just seen seven full two hits and Ron given up that's an outstanding. Effort by Elise shot cnet's prop possibly the best outing by brewers starting pitcher all year long. I think so it's really the only wanna go seven outside shot scene tonight in terms of the depth then a couple of hits in just the one run I think self. But then you have the offense not to hold an up their end of the bargain you do get in that bullpen near think and that opens tough for the brewers will open us up so as the Diamondbacks. But the brewers' bullpen is tough because there's Jeffers out there in this Albers out there and you've got hater out to Corey can naval. All these guys and it's a tie ball game say it probably hold them. Long enough for the brewers offense or get on the board right. A for sure bring in Albers there in the eighth inning lock it down Jeff for a Soto with a nine definitely at the very least is gonna get Jeanette extras. And then he had core yup and run and so he was going to be available needle lefthander you go to love do you look to lieutenant. Dan Jenkins coming just Jennings and flight veering all over here lieutenant her gracious and what is going on here in the first read minutes of this program so the I word blows up my mouth blows up instead. What the bullpen featured today. In a tie ballgame in that eighth inning and nothing against Taylor Williams man this guy had this did the numbers look pretty decent Donte' yeah ice taken advantage of Vietnam appear. But no analyze on a big spring but it wasn't Jeff wrists. It was an Albers. Wasn't can naval wasn't hater. I lands us. I go Taylor Williams. Got it all right next up after Taylor Williams. Walks the leadoff hitter and eventually he is bonded over to second base. Now we're gonna go would Jeffers right. We gonna go with a Albers. Who's your guest Steve. Boone Logan. Got another one Boone Logan. You're a guy. A huge guy. Yeah of the base that on believe. And and then the brewers are now income although we got almost Pamela hall is there any third runs itself. For the offense to get Iraq. Get back payment. My fellow at Jorge lull that. Or use senile. Got all three. Williams Logan and Lopez. The law firm got it done or didn't get it done in the eighth inning in the brewers go down in this 1221. Idea I also got a question. Is jet Indy really really need a bat in his hand. And had tie ball game before a guy like aired on Perez give Savannah sand do we really have to go woods yet bandy with a baseball bat in his hand catcher's Mitt. Okay I'm all right would that Tyler salad deal for for eight as a borrower. Now he's bright leave him on the bench too big inside the park homer yesterday role in the hot. They can eking catch some lightning in a bottle would Dino salad Dino. But it still begs the question. Does jet dandy really have to have a bat in his hand for the brewers. Now. That's he done that no he does not fairly does. I don't wild night tonight he had this this was a tough one man 7991250. If you wanna jump in here strike zone a little bit iffy. And have a slight issue on and Travis shot not run out of pop up. Just saying. I'm just saying mean. I know we talked about it before you two guys. You two guys think that all you can expect him rot pop up come on it's a problem on the high heeled feet in front of the catcher. The bats in his hand I'm not gonna risk my franchise cornerstone. Some stuff and I gotta get two out of this sort it out of the bodies let me have the highest possible games and why aren't you think and that you should you should go they've had one dropped earlier this year. That helped to win a ball game because all I need is Travis shot a game more I'm losing in the ninth inning. So whole hamstring bus and out of the box. On the ball that's. 200 feet in the air ground for if I'm his size feet in front of them batters Avaya Cisco it's you know he gets a day off tomorrow you're not Sloan right. No effort. Yet no effort their Travis job you popped it up recent run just in case they drop it right now I I agree if this is. The Kenosha. Shaughnessy you'd twelve baseball team and you're teaching these kids good habits right this is a grown ass man right there's so he should know no. Now protect his body because he's making millions of dollars to play baseball for a 160 games. Brian Knorr about the arbiter. In this one yeah I mean obviously you'd like to see him run an outlet. You just don't see it area off out of comply with that either way. Okay of our greatness our defense obviously they asked Ryan thanks Craig Switzerland like Marty from major league for each G-8 fly ball. Cost yeah I mean I I do it will bull you were saying I'd like to see him hustle and out. Especially in a one run game but in the same point and religious kind of come to expect from guys not to do it anymore sec I don't wanna see him like turning cooler tyranny Seattle guys act like running a baseball and running again after double out is put everybody in jeopardy it when I'm Wilson and where does your. Eight weeks last year because he was going 100 person on the ground ball over to second base and that's the thing you know that's when you see you guys get a little bit reckless goal and only ten weeks goes and bosses is definitely a -- of our targets in ground ball like going to make an actual play like it's always something fluke like Bentley really fluke you know I sliding back over to first base after it's a debate I mean these ACLs are always like not contact things like that so I reigning Al. I would rather see impossible about but. Second base is key new tie ball game late in the game. Second base is key why. Why secondly ski. Because it's in scoring visit there channel bingo at that little dinner at that have been bing you got a kick it out you got that right. You do everything you can't get in scoring position I don't know that's me yeah I know a lot of that I know a lot of just the guy as he's rounding first base and he sees the balls are coming down if I yeah. No I wouldn't do that none at all none idolize bush. I'm just excited when guys are actually running out to first I'd shoot anymore you see a lot of guys to slam the bad down into scandal hawk right over the died Deanna seven zip game I get it and get out of the next one right. And seven no check out the film study and make sure he can come up. The guy in scoring position earn around one game run one run game usually is huge way yet it's our brave in the you wanna get over here in this chair Ron is the breakers aren't buying a slap some sigh guess. I sell 7991250. If you wanted to chime in here on any of the above the bullpen management tonight I thought was. I don't know but it didn't necessarily surprised me because when the game is tied or there down one. Entirely different way that Craig Counsell manners assemble them. It's completely different in it is edit and it has been all all season long. P.s in the league he's going forward. He wants a Lockett down then I I don't know about that I think there's a happy medium a little bit in there as you got a couple more shots Adam. Or maybe at least one shot Adam but keeper right there in a tie ball game. And just to see what happens at that point but I'm not saying Williams Lopez and and Logan are here for a reason they are. The big league pitchers but. Didn't work out tonight when we get your thoughts on that and also. Christian the Alex's start to climb the Al latter for me. That's your new boy. Oh well we're gonna yell. Well definitely after that pop up where you run out all that somebody's got to marry yes. Total to merit points on that one that was Travis are you listening ablaze prominently post game show. Presented by the Milwaukee admirals we are has sag mill hockey after a brewers topped one run lawsuit one. Who shot or a big line drives let's get today's driver of the game driven by Acura Brookfield southeastern Wisconsin is exclusive accurate dealer. Shop online at Acura Brookfield dot com. Tied 221 brewers fall. This you know hey you stay up this late with a hours like this. Everything seems to upset you. What a what are we supposed to be by then what are we supposed to be happy when they lose. Oh that's right Bruce Willis re happy when when they lose yeah what I see I don't know why it that way and we're not supposed to be happy to manage tells Arenas mile. Yeah smiling your neighbor behalf beats him. We're clearly lost by one all right you only one but while we get some feedback from frank that's as I sound like him whining. I don't get it. Putting that nicely yeah. I don't get it included some choice language we want to know on the here we did FCC would not like it but hey that's the dude that's crawled up in his mom's basement. Yeah never calls the show no and has a respectful. Conversation. All that that's one of those guys that big man well just like Jane had said Shaw's so (%expletive) hole. He walks all the way to first with a bat in his hand when he should've been on second thought here's your guide men's and that look there's one of them. If you don't hustle a 100% the big leagues when do you. When you're welcome all learning how to play based and that's how it all okay with well it may have cost him again. Think I'm just saying it may have cost them again. And that let alone the bullpen management I wouldn't have done it that way I think there's a little different way to do it I would I would do it that way if you're down one. But I think if your high Aden. I think you still play it out and give your offense shots. She's still play it out with your guns. And Craig Counsell it's obvious this year is not punitive and do that not going to analysts will open the same way. When it's tied or they're down then when when they're winning and this this conversation isn't. Trying to go completely against the normal what you do in your opposing team on the road. And a tie ball game where you wanna save your closer to the into the game. No I am runs our marketing or trying to talk about your top front line late inning. Relievers although I'd would use my clothes are in a tie ball game on the road now said that for years because I need to get to express that's where I need to get too close games over and and I can't save them pretending that we're gonna score Ron. And then save him for of a save. You gotta just hold it right there for as long as it takes with your best pitchers holder right their argument shot they did not do that some mounting calls. You can take. You don't want talk to anybody know I'll I'll Simon 00 yeah I'm not take in the calls. While this is going to be fun nonetheless you send it to cut and talk to Roger Roger what's gone on man. We're ally yacht. You know I realize it. Yesterday. Was that bad game Motley year and not follow it up where it says that. AA Dolly's. Heard com I want to artillery you let him on the ball and management. And odd. Jets that apple lie I I waste certainly cap and not. Gotten to the point where I don't expect. Someone to write out all that high up pop fly I mean oh would that term hospitalized venues. My god that was far from all I thought just. Lot of that band sang out I could easily. See. That cat sure. Being frazzled about where he let out all the hurt throwing a ball that second and shot where they ended up I'm. Eric. And then Asencio already grounded into the dugout and it would have been a little thing we all aren't night when I'm playing a. You owe a huge shot. Scary that damn bat are they come Iraq. I and a tie ball game on the road with a pop open it ending in a game Roger. In in a game earlier this year that was held to honor on a a bumble out there in the in the field on a pop up I just don't see how this is possible at the big leagues I'm side and I never have now this very consistent this not just based on this game. Not at all the only way I can understand it. Is if there's an injury if there's an existing injury. Where I'd rather have him on the field planet 80% in on a ground ball roll over to the right side if your left hander. A five man viewed just a don't hurt yourself anymore who want to with some may be some so you wanna you wanna go attack the problem once there is a problem. Well I injury is already existing. Well we can't pretend that a guy's gonna get hurt just because he's running to second base and happens all the time it does all its name. Sports. Just. I well all the time is up to interpretation there's. Fifteen games going on tonight so how many people dishonor on him. Cruised double. Where you gotta kind of pushed around first a little bit are OK got it and then you go let topple hangs on the not the I'm a Howell M a RK. No man. I can't play the game that way I did this I can't play the game that way I don't I wouldn't expect my players went that way if they wanna play that way they played remain. That simple we're gonna just never know they always say you never know what's gonna happen when you show for the ballpark. Never know what's gonna happen on the ball as popped up you never know when he's gonna bust out of the right handed batter's box and triple over first base and break well notes I think analytics play apart here and the only way I'll agree with you is if you measure the amount of injuries that occur. Running the first race and rounding first base then dropped pop up dropped balls within five feet okay. I understand why it doesn't matter I mean it's how high ones what matters okay so it could have been to the left to the mound it still would may have worked out some names that that didn't matter. But I just. Took to walk there if she's even jogging. Or going with. Three fourths percent or third 75%. Before speed. I think he's still has a chance to get to second base. In a tie ball game on the road in the ninth inning where a base hit scores. And I agree the Roger if we're gonna play the what if the guy gets hurt. Then what if the guy would've thrown it into center field. Now shock comes. And around third base and scores. Then your back even we're still playing ball. You can take all we should go to calls are it looked like Ryan was gonna. Hit hit a conversation return on or can he took it wrong microphones are gonna go to Mike in green fields that. A defect. You know then. One I think everybody liked it is gonna bother. Our bloody you're gonna leave Williams although much. What you thought of that. Well not have had no. And here are your packet about who he had to put in the game. Yeah that was frustrating and don't forget that go ahead and say what they can't win every one but it's what I feel like they should have. And it Beck I don't run out of light bulb that. Backed up cry. And cry. Out now hold on hold on your Mike is it a crime because of how much money he makes or is it a crime because of this is how the game should be play. That's how the game should be played in the second poignant. You get enough money Iraq bode well. OK so so it is tied to the month. I I is I do believe that that does have a little bit of a trigger to you would you. We should I I don't analyze show it. I don't know if it showed its worst are understandable I get this done I definitely understand why coral eyes as low again and as the pinnacle level. It's not so that's that's the way out look at. Ryan is thoughts. That's a couple guys get injured and into first base that's for Bryce Harper had a knee injury a couple of years ago ran a one out and to first but in a teacher to focus on the front part of the banks are your what's gonna hit it. And it's the safest place of these guys know out not to get injured in the bags and I don't know man. You know you just don't see guys running out very often anymore heels of some guys draft and that's injury prevention as a stupid back at seeing guys actually get injured. Running at first base. And the pros. Yeah that happens. It does happen so soda dropped out just like all Daniel yeah I don't know percentage but I've seen it happen. Oh yeah I mean two outs bottom of the ninth. Down one on the road you're trying to win the series. I get the frustration don't get me wrong. But I'm Nicole I'm not gonna go in there in light of mobs say trust you not run out that play know but I'd say Travis Wood we learned today. That's what I'd say what do we learned today tea shop. I learned that catcher can't catch a fly ball Kia pop up I learned that you never know. You should have learned that you never know what's gonna happen on a pop up. And you should've learned when Rickie Weeks bus that is Achilles run and out. A ground ball over to the pitcher you'd never know when your running through the bag. Well now we learn that we have to pretend that we should be delicate then it and that's at these guys do you goal you go until you get hurt or you retire. That's what pro sports is a sole license I'll let you go. To perform. Until you get hurt or in that forces you got a game point or are you retire. If that isn't the level that do this at then there is no level they do that. This probably as the I've been an ounce of that topic yet we go we've got to go there's an auto brake before we have seen right yet we got a break at this. Can we do still podcast where I can swear to pick if we do want of those skeletons out of the morning fan and a man. Job Buick GMC. Is is that the that we do you know that out it is out. Oca while 57 up on the Fran and I come Fram on them. Hide tonight's well I should say this morning after two to one loss we are live in the international Hyundai Greenfield and Hyundai west Dallas studios little forward thinking. It's pretty simple by Ford financial partners. Moving forward together FF PW I'd dot com it's very simple. Effort. Is always there always he gave up on apply. That's the bottom line whether he hustles at 90% or 40%. He gave up on their plight Q we all agree on that. He didn't give up on that play carrying the baton from Israelis. So what is seated. He. Okay conceded that play. That it was that was done. Of but it was. Now I have a theory. But does have with us first pitch tomorrow. Today to 4240. It is wanna go and action innings. I can't expect a lot of telling its aggression and live W reservations Lleyton he's guessing veterans say gets moved yet if he can we took that drive he's got some drinks seven Scottsdale at the home plate umpire I just read an article. And it ended the story but I read the article read the article while Michael Jordan went to Atlantic City before the NBA finals the up. Played crafts for like ten hours in the area too young to even remember that he took a beating on that story see I do remember it but I don't remember of the media backlash surely because I wasn't read in the sun times I loved it and things like that yeah I started to Eddie's played 36 all the going to meet up with a love for basically have to show up. ID I think maybe. Maybe that's those those types of stories these days after what happened when this morning or yesterday and yesterday. With a gambling thing they're gonna start coming to the forefront. By your reaction brewers fall two to one Louis back in the fan. So what's the skipper got to say about this game. Let's get the scoop from the skipper. Brought to you by Brian Stratton college athletics offering athletic scholarships and nine junior college sports learn more at BSE bobcats dot com. This is the only station brewers fans need before and after the game. 1057 FM the fan. OK okay. Two to one that is suspicious if she could do to one brewers fall to 45 and eighteen that's good news. The bad news said they'd lose another one run game and a huge game tomorrow. I'm not taken any calls bill is gonna bring in the calls we hear from my Craig Counsell. In just a second year. You wanna chime in 7991250. In a little bit will play my favorite. No I mean will play the game my favorite all okay right I would I'd like you're wait did that give us another state deputy now you're in rare form tonight I think he has. I've lost but it lose the luster because we've had so many one run games. But these nail biter just bring out the best look this is the third game of lost today. It's true. It's been a great baseball for if you count if you count. What happened over a turn park tonight. Always you guys yeah this the fourth game of lost today my son loses double header to UW I'm. Him you lose your softball game and lose lose. But you had a good day two for three you'll check that out in the box in just a second and I lost the cavs over them at the end I couldn't whereabouts and we are a bunch of losers tonight but hopefully there's no losers on the white fish may bog your next fan what's up man. It. There's a thing called the other minority evidence. Yeah but you're gonna tell us. Well. Negotiator for American auditor wasn't Charlie hustle but. Something here vote. You betcha you have a. A marine. I I think Bob I think what this comes down to is the younger generation is OK with that. And us old guys are not all right we know hustle. Our world. Yep but. What to just look at it this way you. Look at the losses of Parisian. Rodeo on. What their four game sweep. By the they're starting pitching and pitching starting pitching has been great and dynamite. And you know there was a race she utilities there of course so there that opens sucker the other guys. In other horses sixteen to fifteen. Friday 1110. You know low intent. But an indicator so there's chassis where that spectrum for. Seven full two hits and Ron given up. I mean I'm and impressionable and observe. It's kind of our silver lining in this but that's a lawsuit trucks that. You know it's. It was Eurasian for room for hope. Yeah absolutely Bob thanks for the call Ronnie asked me on the index showed today. He said. You wonder sometimes how they're doing this. As to at that time 25 and seventeen and now Tony five and eighteen still damn good. At any Joseph I I I do know. I actually do just about every morning every day I do like. A look at some of these numbers sit down at my desk and to OK let's do some work in the morning and whatever and start going through some numbers and take notes and read and things and you look at. Where there offense ranks and the run differential. In an all these things. Yeah like you should be doing it. It's edition beat where they're at right now based on deaths aka us lord to the B word and other ones right you go over to the other one is that. Well that that doesn't help out they shouldn't be where they're having a that this is an elf and but that pitching bog your right on the money this pitching has been doing the lion's share bowl starters and bullpen. Picked up right where they left off last year offense can you please. Little bit here and there were pleased little bit now they've been doing better on the road here it's starting to it's a show why kaine in yellow which were were prime targets. Yeah for David Stern's in the offseason he might have seen a little bit more this coming in we'd. I think he did. And that's why we're so stunned like whoa wait a second here I want this posted on get area and a well weren't they supposed to go on to Darvish then. And Allison has some Pam bam just rapid fire two days through the biggest bats on the market yell it's in came in daylight. All war okay. All right now I get the pitcher. Know that didn't happen. He he may have you might be right he finds so far into the raid area radar at that none of us. Even would've imagined that. That that was the huge deficiency on this team not the bullpen although the bullpen. You know every team does what they'd. They go on get arms and they bull pens are turned over just about every team every year. But the the bullpen and the starters. He had way more confidence than we did is pretty clear. Yeah that's that's for sure tops in Watertown. Are they boys or we should have hit that trifecta in the war. Old Ted Wheeler duel today. Oh lord. I'll put you at that utterly. On with. They'll electorate by Travis shop I still we'll leave that it's all quality of management style at. If we look at on the airs they commit to. In the old buddy. Console doesn't calm out he called out when he caught our CO this year. And somebody else but he are ever calls but he you know. And I think you're right in the thick air we are older guys or you know did he do it and it's like we look at things it's completely differently that it's that. It'll by comedian you don't leader here and L just just to hear their job you know. You just never know when I think sometimes thanks for the call I think sometimes you can get lulled asleep by the game of baseball. Because it's such a I don't wanna say tedious. Those lower house who may try to announce he is Malia methodical. And it happens Ron Redick he said on a couple of occasions to me that. You know these guys you expect them to think. At every second but it's such a slow moving game. That your mind is going to wander it's just does that dent then take some of the quickest reaction skills on professional sport in an and a satin in a nano second this upcoming matchup at an exit velocity of a 110 miles an. So. Do you have to stay focus and and I'll tell you whenever I focus on how much you guys when I. It's when I'm super super concentrating. I get a headache I do. Not a migraine I'm not Rami. They are gonna take all the work I'm not gonna miss work because of it now but I do and just a wild one that goes away when I stood when I just loosen up a little bit take a step back. Craig Counsell said in between pitches as when you get your breather a little bit you can swing your arms a little bed he kind of in a look around a little bit and then get right back on the horse and focus self. I get that part of it. But I just think there are certain times of a baseball game that are tipping points. And in 11 game eighth and ninth innings not the time to take a little holiday here. So that's a time that now. Bear down and focus speaking to Craig Counsell let's hear from Greg council's scoop from the skipper this morning brought you by Brian Stratton athletics. It was there was basically. I'm. You know us that was tailored for two hitters there. Mom. And now we're gonna go lefty. Or just cutting out it was good material for 100 million consider. So that's Ireland and that. JJ was down he's he's he's got to seize it as this necklace last couple days he's mean he's doing better but. I was gonna use is behind us. I don't want his map for just one hitter so one was Taylor who wanted to know wanted to go lefties and you know it. No it's it's the law that hurts there. He's. And it's you know it's blockages in his don't think bottom a lot of BS throw strikes those guys along Ginsburg. Movements. Yeah I mean it's been online communities it's it's a ground ball it's not. You know sharply ahead necessarily both times. New Orleans I think he made it pretty of this there us down just a moment. He received a six outstanding and knows it was really really nice. You know lead off heads really don't want other ground ball heads I saw that she made this guy also walk Saudi minute pitch that kind of they're called strike. So he pitched beautifully I don't know any you know through seven innings strong. You know really strong Harrington really that the ability like you've gone. Com that was that was outstanding performance. Well he's just generally higher level and you know I think we're about seven stars in our worries been thrown the ball really really well so hardened. They don't. Well we needed right now we didn't know lengths in the game also sons you know he's he did that and myself that night. No I mean he keeps. You know he's he's a little different picture than anyone has been the brewers obviously but. You know you're just not getting a lot of that there's no it doesn't feel like there's offensive counts and you know we. You know yelling in on Travis and back to back doubles and I mean on. Do we do look like we had a shot there was. You know it took to get something on mount second nobody out thing too also that we just made some nice pitches and you know you don't feel like they're kind of had to count look for something is going to go to an intention to count and he doesn't walk you walk turns. Do you use these fundamental well tonight is. You know the couple line drives it's almost caught zone but his is one that I alone. Yeah bronze unavailable then announce on available is gonna bad risks. So we're we're stretched. So got a couple guys down we. I wanted to save versatile player in case we had to something happened so. Izturis just. Who's gonna swing the bat the last couple days this is starting to bottom so trying to get him. A quiet day today and hopefully can respond and then we'll be available tomorrow. Yeah and and you know it's we're gonna have nights like that the guys that a good job and we're right we've put ourselves in position to win the Norman really it's it's. You know auto. There's there's things in Norway today saying you know we couldn't I think from the walkers you know the watershed where else on nurture. It's one thing in my back. This play. Was money. And this is upon a lot of big money play of the game finding your way under par one of the hotel and casino visit pay is big dot com. Well that answers some questions doesn't it. Answers the jet brandy question yes it does. The resounding well. I didn't why I didn't. Have the ability to play pretty much anybody else own nobody else was Paladino the bat boy hadn't taken any rips and a couple of days so we just threw jut out there. Sell a Dino is the one that we was gonna saving case it didn't go in case any extent no late game. In like the fourteenth inning and salad Dino would do would have ended up in their god only knows what position. A case advances that netted he also answered. With Perez. Have in the wrist thing that's why being Andy and then Jeremy Jeff forests. Who comes up with. An injury was at a neck injury right stiff Nacchio the and also Matt Albers another another answering other. He wasn't gonna put him in for one or two matters now. Now he needs him for a little bit more Nutten. Oh man the challenges is keep common end in a few hours some big money play of the game from pot a lot of me. Hotel and casino is they're gonna ask you the morning guys are gonna ask you. What it was and if you're the first person to correctly identify the big money player of the game we give her right now. You win some free reward play at pot a lot of me hotel and casino. You could say that Travis Sean RBI double. Or you could say that Travis John no hustle bets that I was put into words or or you could say the the Boone Logan. RBI base hit given up there again run don't wanna get to the well first Volvo will lie. Clearly this car this event but I was frustrated I don't know what that does Boone Logan thing. Boone Logan Logan is Oliver Willis rollout there will go Travis shock. A's he had the only RBIs there was an RB I double in the fourth inning that spot a lot of me big money player of the game that was nice of you to him. What I wanna know you have a little bit of an evil side and know the word definitely thinking about making it the trap shot until hustle play Dallas. Ryan Moore of I let me ask you okay. Managers over the years and and Billy's been with me when we've discussed this yet when you make a good pitch right. And it ends up AT and RBIs base head or. I've heard how this managers. And players say was a good pitch but the ball ended up way over there. Over the wall for a home run. Is that a good pitch. It to be good pitched in Iraq situation. Doesn't sound like that's not the answer he was looking for all I'm just I'm just I asked him I don't ends. I don't think it was a good pitch in and ends up over the wall over there that's not a good fit you could say well. Agreed only I hit my location but he went accounting got it. As to say if you hit location only regular and I don't like the word good they really didn't hang in. I mean I seemed get pages did smashed and we all had before. But I I attend new agreed. You put that on the pitcher on the catcher that situation. And put it on the terminology. And remove good. This however you describe that pits remove the word good I would go with a wealth thrown out okay. I'm it's just maybe maybe a little bit better than the other an idea. Okay. Batter was he had a spot but the matter was looking for that pits. And he got it or anything go with the classic cliche Heyman the pros around that other side to go. As good challenges facing a good hitter like right there for instance like any time anybody gets to Kirsch especially in the post season remember when it was Kurt shock can't win in the post season he can't win the big on. Like great pitches or smacked around Newton and I now that went just went from good to great OK. Okay what are the broad Iraq's I don't at the bottom but I don't you pick your Brian I think a lot of it has to do the way that seems scalp you know visited 1975. Anymore or a guy gets called up and you see a little bit at tape I mean eco watch tape on these guys from single a double -- And especially if you're Clayton Kershaw on your wins I agree it was a year you know. Guys are watching. I agree with you and I think guys are more than ever these days. Looking for a certain pitch on that deliver any slight little thing to see if this guys tip in his pitch and if it's like. What's his name. Box ring or whenever I was. He started out every pitcher or every hitter in the ninth inning with a changeup. Yes. Do you think next time they'll look for that oh absolutely say well and it's crazy when you go into the clubhouse at today's games as the technology and others like fourteen computers big screen TVs and Nate could literally check. Everything like hey is this guy's arm gold in this motion and it's crazy the things that they can come up with now the games change involves. So much in the past 1520 years it's ridiculous we see him. We see it all the time we go to the brewers' clubhouse what's the first thing it's on all of TV is yeah there's two of my family network and there's four home. Watching film of Baghdad that day's starting pitcher who was it that we were in there a couple of weeks ago op Arsenio was sent one in the stations look and amp. That day starter and can't I can't recall an eight cycle through every at bat that he had against. Current players I think more than ever now they'd look for a certain pitch and account that you and out when when they when they even though. He sit in a spot. He's keeping the ball down. If the guy is looking for down there and knows basically you know what the speed is going to Vietnam vets. It's they're gonna get. And out of my point you know I mean yeah he called her right pitch I don't like it or dead the descriptive word of Gooden. I just that's. It as an okay yeah that's always been and a striker strike out. The good means good for the pitcher if it was a good pets shouldn't be good for the bat it's also I mean if you're a manager in your in the post game you don't wanna say oh man it was just a really crappy pitch that he threw a terrible decision angrily left that one hang and always go it like he wishes he could have that one back Els and nicer way to play that is as the as the lesser guy at a loss especially a pitches going to be making a start and what 45 days. We're gonna stay on the air until. The boys from the morning show give him. A couple that sellers. Breathe I've done well. She's do you guys want to do that he's had a couple good stories. Note I've been at some point this thirty guys wanna do that yeah absolutely you there is an all nighter there's a stretch. In the end of July. Into August. Where the brewers play four against the giants four against the Dodgers one of those West Coast games going to be all Meyer. It's the other party met some fan and how seriously you want to yeah for sure I'm down. The wife's OK with that. She probably prefers to remember the whole towel thing oh that's right doesn't refer to Steve let's get down and sports on just this bored slash gallon up with a rhyme nor about. Brewers fall tonight to underline the AEI a tough game two loss in Arizona as the mash unit continues also known as the 28 team brewers you listening to the blaze farm and fleet post game show presented by the Milwaukee admirals we are hash tag mill hot. Let's add this one a brewers fans time to go inside the box score brought to you by Dave and buster's quote Sosa eight drink it play. And watch sports. You leave that do not hold. How long this even home and I. You've been in radio a lot longer than meets at me so is so we don't talk about numbers we don't we don't in a number on it. A long time ten. New Berle and what's gone on body. Krueger how you met the seven. So then just let the I agree with you a 100% this is hard rock but. I also think the biggest. They're gonna do it happened what is. Shall not up running Cuba giving it all under 10%. They'll fall first while keeping here as you held on so I can handle. The nine zip loss. Far better than 21. Barbara. Then I guess that I I agree 100% late with you and that you know I'm an I'm an older man Q I'm. I'm 42. Years old so I definitely understand that you know old school vs new school and being millennial. And you know. You know I understand were are and and that his injuries and everything but you have to give a 110% no matter what. Yeah good call called the basketball. That's at all and I yup that's all that hype is is millennial now becoming like that hip trendy word to use. And I think it's actually living its course I think it's and the tail end of its usage I don't think so now. And the news is getting worse and worse written report gathered in its like millennial taken over all the jobs and what you have because there in their twenties. That's what hat that's got to Cali should get what you can go to work is going to work get worse I'm I'm no doctor but as the years go try and you get older I mean I love is me you know sit in my parents' basement or and a jab in five years. Well you know we've all loved it I'd love the move back in with my focus right at it I've I absolutely would. I would. Don't have to buy any toothpaste and shake him through and dinners are made for you and don't have to clean any thing. And take that but I I think that is. Really I thought it was on its way out. I thought it was in the same timeline is the term transparency. That kind of popped up the year as. One of the words and everyone is using but the thing is millennia olds use it is like a badge of honor. Raising my hand I'm I'm one of them and an all they ever talk all over millennial so we're different we think differently than other people. No I always think you're just human beings as saying give it as younger the next generation right we got a bad rap because you'll see like a couple out to dinner. And noble via their cellphones rather than communicating Theo conversation and I think that's where we get a bad rap. That and now when you see a four year old child in a restaurant with an iPad you can afford one yourself because that's my kid. Just to keep them quiet you know he wanna go out have a nice dinner for the iPad is is watching YouTube and I are great pair I feel like a terrible parent in a funny because we have a nice dinner Jesus I feel fifty. We haven't derelict another couple and their like. Yeah art it'll never be that kid did you know you see out to dinner are restaurant and you sit there with his iPad we looked communicate now and Malia I'm like yes same here as my kids watch him like YouTube video were aghast karate fight another. A day get up so is that it is that you guys doing your fund in years spare time his garden you know have like wine tasting parties and Arab cheeses. With other troubles no we're actually watch and USC fight because I wanted to losses -- that's you know Gary go OK so this is what this is my guy right well here and anyway at some action on the you have seat fight India. I would I can't actually bet USC I did one time gate quick story and now it was the around aroused the flight when she actually lost. Holly home always GI askew you see just act which is a guy takes like Egypt Colin it was bad. Suddenly got the bricks thrown down money I did one time before that I'd bet money and a Brock Lesnar won the heavyweight title. Centered on some money has like she's not gonna lose this is their biggest you know ace of the companies you don't want her to lose. And yeah she got the really bad I lost a lot of money on that because the money line was just ridiculous and as like no. Claimant a mixed martial arts anymore arm's gonna stay away with a stick or you are watching this at a dinner or something no I was this one I was watching it a buffalo wild rulings are used to order but to like 5060 bucks in the problem with UFC like it here in order a boxing match. You can expect you know ten to twelve rounds right. UFC fight. You could. Turn on the main event and it can last four seconds yeah. I some McGregor not got a guy Mike 52 night I waited for it you know for like three weeks four weeks he spent a sixty dollars boom it's over like that. It's cool to say well that's that's like this guy is super slammer as wrestling Brussels slams right yeah all Latin. You know it's the same thing I mean but only then you get. You know not all nobody you get any time Max right. Max Max work for your dollar your didn't paying for your bock. These matches are all don't want any thirty minutes doubles too long now wrestle mania is like thirteen days long. Yeah wrestle mania was a long shot to take a nap in the it starts on Monday and and like the following link Thursday. Yeah the next wrestle mania is going to feature. Boston vs New York Yankees against Red Sox they're gonna go at it. You guys were mentioning that the phone the maligning olds pace of this was. Now we've we've gotten used to it the older generation. Especially with sports. We we've we've gotten used to of the Dallas Hoff. Sparky and I mean brew up. Through this whole trend or this whole change if you well. Sit and have dinner. With him when he first got hooked on it now he's hooked. You we all know are yet gone totally. So. We go out now by ATM and I. And it. You'd have to repeat everything twice tool. Because because he was on that phone. And I I it just I'd be incensed. And wanna grab the phone and smash it right into his nose. I I really would but that was the relationship. That was going through our show and we would gone to dinner and all the whole deal. He has signed onto it a will be younger and I am ten years or so younger than I am so I think she's adjusted to a little bit better. Main. I guess I have sort of compared to the millennial snow. It's you guys do everything on your phone. I would prefer not to. But I have to. So that's again another difference it's not just difference in technology it's difference in philosophies. And it does it. Delve right into sports here and it's time it's looked at differently. By generation now the generation before me may have looked at. Baseball assists saved baseball for example since I don't know this is a baseball show right thumb or is this some mornings ago. Baseball post game show that's sorted as yup what we could morph it into a mornings there's the baseball on action on the station Joseph. A bit if you if you look at the generation before me they may have said the same thing to me when ice when I would be like. While it is baseball players that they're going to the bullpen it's the sixth inning that's a great move out. And the generation before me I would say. These guys would pay its 30400. Innings in a season why they doing that. Every generation is worse than the one that came before right that's that's how it always kind of goes. You always point that there's something that you don't like out young pop star a rock and roll music. Yeah I'm a fish cheek and I. I'm not necessarily offended by it though I think a lot of older guys are all say that's because you're a little bit cooler than a lot of older gentleman and I'll meet. Your a lot more hip you're wearing skinny jeans in here the other day well on the hit hit it. A data on a day as that they say are you know I remember when Twitter first came out. I was dating a girl and she's in the media as well issues she's and a hard news. In Sony's stitched she'd tell me about Twitter okay who though so face but I'm trying to keep this PG and it. To tell me about it after midnight I FaceBook. Probably like my last year Khaled you kind of blew up and and and you can kind of like I was looking for homework assignment find guys on campus and you can check girls out whatnot. The Twitter came around and has a look at what's the point of this and she's like. Well it's like FaceBook which only have you know so and so this many characters in just got a tweet higher feeling. So she'd be like woke up today Guinea breakfast and I was like this is the stupidest thing ever doubt in my landing but then all of a sudden I saw that I can do its scores on there this guy goes on the DL I can get that out there and here's the opening line for the NBA finals I was like this is the greatest thing ever but to leftists at the same time this is what incessant. Consensus me about Twitter is that you have the sift through. Although I woke up and here's what I had for breakfast and that's the problem and when it was first in its infancy to that was. That was before iphones were everywhere and everybody had. A full computer in their in their pocket sometimes your still hidden four times on seven to get and war right in a text message. Where you could subscribe to people's. Tweets and then they would come as a text message yeah as a Wacey didn't have to sift through all those things but when. I totally understand where your tart variety is when I first started. People would make fun it's her on Twitter usually edits are your status again yeah and it was all I'm going to third period. Should be fine in math class known for the older generation. Of fifty and up crowd. Man give an iPhone and sets herself up with Twitter follow a all the sports people you want. It is Healy super beneficial. Earliest in the saints in the same breath might get as and I found. I think the guys got three apps on his phone. The fan out the weather out in the inner. And that's only meets yeah okay. He doesn't do any bank gain a none of that so I XE 8 am I mean you account I'm pat on American ally. I get nervous I don't know I don't have that. I can't do law we should get a nine who could who Father's Day. We'll break it down William line he was last year I think on Father's Day thing so what am I thanks man. All right well there was a priority in the night and hit it. And they lost in and adjusted does wrap all this stuff together I can handle the nine cent loss in and that was weird to remember that show the nine often. They go is a game three against the pirates pirates when we got dude called you out. I think people expected me to go off. Us to go off can be a little bit more odd disturbed about a nine zip lost they are slim fast Tim Allen ran warning to come out worse still. I don't watch we're still I don't watch offensive watch. Everything else is sort of OK but the offensive slump watch yeah it's. It's definitely a growing is Andreas so the conditions are favorable though for the offense to bust out all the other radars not looking good. It's still only may fifteenth with the radar doesn't indicate. That that there's sunny weather come into the softens what Woolsey. They can turn things around but the two to one loss is a loss like this where it's so strategic. Those other tough ones who is on the tough ones let's. Check out a couple of numbers in this one inside the box brought Dubai Dave and buster's in wallets OC during plane watch sports base hits for Christian yell it's. Pacers regular Travis show all along with many Kenya and he'll lead Shas CNET the only five hits for the worst today multiple strike outs. For real home for jobs and VR and home for four days average drops ten points at 2722. Strikeouts. For naming a Santana Christian elegy an egg you are as well the pitching lies just seen was awesome tonight seven innings to its one run. Couple walks and seven k.s everything was working. For you lead ship. Chassis tonight Timmy. Yen a fall due 125 and eighteen I noticed in nine USA today's power rankings in MLB dad and jumped three spots to number eight. I don't know whether going to be well the week is is just getting going here but that's not bad. Eighth in the power ranking at least according to USA today. We are gonna lighten things up just a little bit and play my favorite next year on the fan. In every game there's a moment when you say to yourself. Are you kidding me garrison days are you kidding moment of the game. Rusty by Jeanne Wagner plumbing company you can trust Jim Wagner. Dot com. This is the blames farmers league baseball post game show presented by Milwaukee admirals hockey we are passed tag mill hockey. On the fan. Sam Billy Ryan horrified Dino the eight team here at 2018 championship season we're enjoying the rise despite. A tough loss tonight. Yeah he's my little jeetz sure we had to take roundabout way to get here tonight. We did. We'll construction. Road closed. That's true there was a fire downtown CNN. Al. Yeah that's crazy I was drove Bassett maybe. 3040 minutes Ford ended up happening. But I didn't I didn't know what the fire until what four hours after it happened you didn't start it we were hanging out at the UWM game and our friend came on with the news at 6 o'clock and blow off so fire burning down so users on ninth and stayed. Thirty minutes before it. The call was came in and it couldn't have been more than 3040 minutes before. I was right over right next I wouldn't say you're a suspect but maybe a person of interest such relish and be talking about this on the radio no. Purity of the cops caught come out here for you. Now that was the are you kidding me moment of the day when you accidentally called 9110. I did it do you did that. It's horrible here. He had done as to how XID cops come out. Yeah I had to go out there and talked of his talent and it yes so nervous too as I gotta get out there before and. The processor that accidentally did this all know the best thing was Tom came Tom Parker came in here and gotten me for when I our boss what he was the Madeline are just blocks and hearing goes. So your genius yeah all the cops now it's got an honest mistake to make though because. I mean this is nobody cares but I run violated says certain code that we did hit Ted dial Powell. And then of if you don't do arise that sort of dials and after this committee and he had 911 bullish. I have family that lives all around the World Series I always had the dial one area code because I'm old school like that you know what I mean such as did out of habit and I was like. I thought somebody was messing with me because I was actually calling it a guest for a for the show in though like I don't want emergency which emergency and a Mike. I'm distressed and box here I mean I needed gas did you EG RE only played fourteen minutes last night is Gary wolf all around and get a how the Bucs are one of eighteen from three point land method. While that's that's crazy all right are you kidding me moment of the game run two by Jeanne Wagner plumbing. And I would say that it. This. Picture. The injuries we in no. He CF Syria. He thought I was known Travis shot non hostile and out of pop up. That Jeremy Jeffers being out with a sore neck I'd that's a tough one that I didn't did not seek common Perez a little bit of a wrist issue understandable why did you bandy up dig out to swing the bat there have been nice world does answers some questions for sure can we be honest. And once again jet bandy awesome dude. Let's let's start looking at trying to maybe have a better option as a backup catcher Oca. Yeah I think he's think we can do that Stephen vote by the way his season is officially done he is going under the knife shoulder surgeries are gonna fill in for jet brandy no that won't hang out and there is set Nottingham. Chris on Christian aren't bouncing court there is him I'd. That Mario rise Luciano down had advanced table guys Betancourt is not gonna surprise me if you see him soon. Won't surprise you know big spring yet so watch for that by the time to argue it's too my favorite. Itself he replied hey Rick borrower. Starring Ryan or not. Especially gas deal. We'll start our bills Mitt. What eighteen verse. Play it too much pressure championship season has been a ride it's been a roller coaster ride. And you step up to the little podium here and you choose now your new favorite brewer. Brandon Woodruff yeah. Did I here. Yeah why don't we start tomorrow in the biggest game of the year. Number 53 Brandon water it is the biggest game here. Tim I think I mean you have the same line. So dominant wolf will like whoa whoa OK am I cannot yet. But it was jumping out of turn here you get introduced them to the podium and give him a neighbor rural Simon are now she tested. Hails from Preston Iowa. He's six foot 168. Pounds. Davis Ryan arm off your favorite room tranda shop. Peter brewer of all time Ben Sheets and sheets I still love him and animal life Jim met his wife and an elevator I did. Wait say that again. I met. His wife put in an elder care. Did you say had I thought that studies that I had to. Affleck it's public isn't done at that that would we're safe harbor fifty you know. You're next up on my favorite brewer thank it would only be right to go to Tyler salad you know. Deep our house salad days salad dean now. Dino hails from were seen Wisconsin. Graduated from Catholic memorial and I don't know I think that right. No it's receding saying Katharine Barrett is Lady Gaga. And now what are your teammates was drafted by the Texas Rangers. Near cap he was. So salad you get on this salad the stuff who is your 2018 favorite room. Zoo's big Zeus. Snooze chasers sake you are right and see if we gel loves its ever Allen. From the fresh. Confines of Kenosha Wisconsin born and raised Tim who is your favorite brewer. It's the best baseball player on the baseball team. Jonathan VR so guard. It's it's not this one would fade Lorenzo came. One might think it flight last year my favor for Travis show off. The longest reigning favor brewer may be right or wrong. No. No. He's got a new one fresh off the board double deuce. Christian. Gallons. You've been listening to my favorite. We can all do therapy together. And end with a smile on her face. After a brewers to one loss was Sosa and it was. May have Adams the man Adam are not running well running to second base what. She needs. Pop McCord was just went deaf that your. Off the court right out of my headphones. And Oreo. All right we'll do it again tomorrow only saw me play. It would we promised well shouldn't you just stop right there yeah I shouldn't say that but it's good it's shouldn't be. As late as we are now 241. Pitch and after the last bit to make the switch right over here. Hopefully talking about a brewers. Oh victory in a series victory over the Diamondbacks would be eight. Huge win you win tomorrow you're guaranteed at least 510. Gamer or Richard that's some big with three to play and facing an off day on Thursday. Your going up to a place that for some reason. Has been very very mean to you the last couple years just that team enhancement and then the beryllium and so. Ryan or about it was fun. Thanks for having me on like the story off the air just a little inside peek behind the curtain here and like the story off the air that your son pooped on the floor. My life you know like that's gonna get unless it now everybody knows the story I don't know your I don't have kids. Yeah I mean if I can't tell my dead supplement hookah itself you know Dino off the air I love your sentiment I'm Gary willful. Thank you thank you very active. And Billy. We didn't get your line on the softball game tonight two for three with a walk a couple of runs knocked in. Hustle double got hurt a little bit a little I argue that finally just scrape myself off her for once and awhile. I I my body craves contact I haven't had a glove side. Ran into the second baseman took I don't like the softball these days guys is so you know this whole fifty minutes. Is rather stupid. Is it really did it should be it's shorter it's been years since I've played well. When I've played softball. It was seven innings. Malia you have played seven innings and now you gotta keep those. Workers on their. Schedule. We will be out. No later than 7 o'clock they came needs to beat John at 7 o'clock because the next Campbell start at 7 o'clock. Not 7:1 at 7 o'clock. And I'm sorry it is our come that is when the game begins all we almost forgot are new intern thank you big hand Alou in Dallas ski behind the glass over there. Is in turn just back from Syracuse socially and turning it should be you know pretty much the whole summer. Yup goes to Syracuse in the communications. Dino straight in a while back there very good you know five for Dino rhyme nor Bob maybe house bills Redmond is Tim Allen he could emigrate night. Very strange showed today had some fun here despite the loss of the smiled Milwaukee the world will smile back.