Brewers fall 2-11 in game 3 against the Dodgers

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Sunday, July 22nd
07/22/18: IL 2, LAD 11 - The Blain's Farm & Fleet Baseball Post Game Show presented by Milwaukee Admirals Hockey...we are #MILHockey. Tim Allen and Bill Schmid discuss what happened to the 18 over Crew. Hear them talk about these past 13 games as well as the high points of Hernan Perez and Erik Kratz throwing scorless innings.

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Brewers fans you've made the switch after the last pitch to this show for twelve seasons welcome to. The blaze harmlessly baseball post game show preset about. The Milwaukee admirals who we are. Hash tag male hockey now. Live from the international Hyundai Greenfield and Hyundai west Alice studios here's the franchise Tim Allen and bill baby town Schmidt. It is a final from Miller Park the game and the series in the results are not going to be down by the Dodgers is they take the game in the series eleven to final. And welcome everybody it is the blames farm and fleet post game show presented by the Milwaukee admirals we are hash tag mill hockey Tim Allen baby just bill Schmidt and Ryan Moore of not our executive producer today and Griffin American Idol men as the brewers fall. And I asked just what happened I was just say what the hell happened in this in in the last thirteen and that is thirteen games special season was what everyone was pointing and there's such a great feel. These guys are death for an. They are. It's just a little funk they're going through. A get out of it come home boys and live on. You gotta do it. To understand there's no reason not to be and it is Al Ahram. Getting the best part you you have to get health and and that's what happened I do I don't wanna hear any of this nonsense of you don't wanna be your heart broken the last two months. That's what you mean that's why I do in this I didn't think that they were good enough to do this. Well then why are you watch. There's some so called experts that man had predicted this right. There's others that didn't everyone's got their opinion and they are by the way the record and is 56. And 45. That's 56 and 45 not 36 and 45 okay so they're not nine games under five on no other eleven games over 500. That's 56 and 45 to say. But what did happen to this team in the last thirteen games well I do know best that's our with what we do you know in the last thirteen games they've only won three of them. It's got away from 2 o'clock drill hole situation has just Donnie wall. It has and they need need to get stabilized they really do and ended part of that as I was gonna say. Starts with the health. And the health is starting to take its all. By the way there was a Brad Miller sighting today. Right. Number sand he's wearing number ten a I thought they might cut him for a while there. Or LA DSP earlier on in the year or you just in note you still on the team just yet seen in awhile just disappeared and he is still on the scene he has okay. Is good to see him down the clubhouse that a deal was we got to see our our little buddy Brad Phillips we dead. Chatted with him a little bit as a nice conversation with Brett Philip sought Brent sooner. Earlier today before his start. And you get here and our brand suitor Tuesday. The bill Michael shell 1215. He's slated to join bill Michael's so get to the scoop on. Rough start the first of all in this one and then. An injury did it appears though that left by several forums forums are up for. It it was a it was a weird grass of the forearm elbow area by Souter as he walked off there he's he throws the ball over the first to get the Al. And the third in the NICU and even. It it appeared to have it looked like he was you know I've I don't want to speculate about anything like that but it looked like use wiping away some on the by the eyes well and again very painful he could tell it was in some serious thing well and again that's the forearm deal was why went to the DL prior to that right. And remember when we are talking with them he said at its mountain just precautionary via a could've pitched through to boost later edgy or if I had to. Now he wasn't to being on a Lake Geneva was he. No nor was he climbing any mountains around Denver okay because that I could see of a slight form issue. Right that's that's stressful playing a lot of golf on that tubing yellow hold up that that they handle it got to be tried. Pull up or let ms. Levy was out water skiing. That can put some strain on here on your forearm sides so they'd lose a eleven to today. And short start out of Brent sooner things religion and a crossbow Portland back that can be tough can be tough bowling. Bowling could be difficult our lawn darts. When you when your hang out Google's lawn darts if you get the flat wrong you know call out all that. Core holes definitely tough on the four or shoes just like testy toss like when you're thrown those the latter golf more guest who you know you wanna make sure you get the rotation. And the pull on the forms for really tough horse shoes. Could could have been you know writing out a lot of thank you notes spurt they might have been just prior to right now a lot of good you don't see got to look rampant there. Darts. Darts definitely. Then you little pole beer pong. That could hurt the forearm could act and then there's this puzzle flip cup if your plane you know if you're if we're gonna go drinking sciele you know. And it's consistently. Flip in the fingers up to make sure they get the right balance there that it's going to be tough assault also. I think you're gonna happen is the last major issue on the forearm tightness effects right. 7991250. What did happen to the crew just give us your general feel that's what I'm gonna do today. Other call we're gonna call every employee. On the fan radio station on or off the air I don't care if they want us we're not we're not just gonna lawyers are working on air staff Iran's gonna get a phone call yeah. State their case yet well if they wanna jump on they can jump on if not that that's fine I wanted to get a direct quote from them okay cool in their opinion what happened in the last thirteen games because the brewers have won three of them. Three games in thirteen. Three of that's tough that's a that's a rough go you guys. Maybe more importantly. Need to give us your input on that because I'm trying to figure this out I do know a couple of things they're beat up there's no question about it their beat up. Not at full strength. The plays of a part of a bigger part best offer interpretation and debate. Is said. Strategy as said guys going into a funk together. A myriad of things. 7991250. Hit us up on FaceBook and Twitter as well we go to Dan. Then your first up on the fail eleven to they fall it was looking good early Travis job where they too run based set in that first inning. And then a five run second off Souter and now a solid talk what's happen. You know I had for standing still at some point me I knew we're gonna have to be. On Larry intimidating and a run because it and they just couldn't. And I'm looking at you know me being total will be stack eat it though it's. And that's what. Interesting that about them such as. It's seniority. Grounded into double play it per game which they are. 23 so there in the bottom. And then also. Four scheme runner weapons were positioned. There also on the pop currently an out. They can't seem to always find a way to screw things up. It it doesn't matter you know we're toppled but he guys in the lineup I think there's one too many holes. Record in the rotation. They're called land beyond the line out there's hole. Even in the bullpen which is probably our best of all the category I think. Even earn gonna make some moves they've gotten you look at that compared without Egypt's. Complete difference in a really really you know the great right offer apps I am not giving up on the India Kirk and so. Do well well deny those first. Didn't do in those holes exist when they were eighteen games over 500. Eat out but they also work playing. You know and I think you look at it like that. They are playing. And at a level where everybody was producing for the most part right now diligence yelling back and I mean egg Allard Baird for a home run during a putt. I don't think that the holder really run the diocese. They're pumping that maybe even make a big deal does. Not art medium a child our closure would think that I I just. Well there may give them a well if there's a ton broke and thanks Dan thanks if there's a ton broken the majority of that's gonna have to be fixed from within. Yeah it's gonna have to be success coming from players that you have on your roster guys or the Mets are playing. Closer to the back of the baseball cards you brought up Shaw's too were on base it today the only one they got that to do that needs to start play a little bit better. And he'll say that's the US may so the answer from Dan is the holes were being exposed. Is that about right yeah. Okay let's try and figure this out just that did try to keep it within a thirteen game. Window. Because it's like it's a different team right now is that not. They've they're playing completely different that they get behind. It's it's almost like you feel it's done. So keep it within the thirteen games something happened in the window. The window I don't know football went through a golf ball got yanked. Kids thrown rocks. At it it's a it's in that window. And and so kind of branch has got caught by a big gust of wind in case any cracked that it could be slammed it. You slammed in his shadow hollow and LTE came down close it's too hard you have 79912. Of their finger though. Jesse what's happened in there and Jackson. Good good evening guys I would bet became aren't on the to vent a little soul don't mind. I right Brian came over bases loaded twice came public not to scream well yeah all on. Then Benny had a root enable fly ball instead of him just letting blacks intake get. He got to make the play. Vibrant occur. And then the trip he commit another rare and other open note vibrant. Yep today there's starting pitcher vote for any today. I mean the big big gulp three inning. Yesterday didn't he goes six. Regardless. Anderson laugh OJ Chauncey can wade Miley Natalia my unshakable and Israel itself. So they've been we're starting to beat the clock here you and I at the beginning of the year that they needed pitching. If they don't pick this really quick it's going to be a total meltdown. You can't keep having your African bullpen come in and get lit up. And asking your bullpen every data pits sixth inning in order IB means are we are whatever it and I understand you hit the ball hard flippant. That's been it's problem all year. He can hit it hard everywhere. But always had somebody. Right yeah wind blowing this thing when you don't when you're there at first baseman. And you're right fielder coming in in college you lock and you don't moving the ball hits the ground. And debt debt debt Atlanta and I run in the bracket. And then the bit you make you make an error of around bought him another five more runs. I mean we have been picked up because regardless what lip and I'm I'm looking into it at all I mean the wheels are starting to fall off the bots. I mean people. Who you have to change something in it your pitching doesn't get better. You've got to have better defense you gotta have one or the other you can have both of them gold solve that doubt what happens you end up with 112 games. Jesse I know you're not gonna agree I don't believe pitching is the problem right now. I don't old Miley would only wonder that he went six trillion so a guy went for the other guy went very I mean. You can and you can ask your bullpen that take up much speeding. I would agree with that part of it yet for your call OK there's there's some. Stages of that though levels too there are. But in this last thirteen games. It's just a differ baseball team then what why are we not why are we not seeing the team. Net played. Really well and one baseball games you out there there were some. There was some issues with them. But despite that they fought through it they battled through it they won baseball games there and just win their fair share. They won a lot of baseball games they beat good teams too I mean that was the argument early on in the season when they were were they were out and people are saying all that they haven't done it against good teams then they wanna run of sixteen for. It's a lot of teams or were quality opponents. And now all of a sudden the new unity and happiness to the Marlins and pirates and it goes the other way Tanya for a thirteen games swine. Three and three and ten in their last thirteen games that dates back to a Saturday night at Miller Park on July 7. 7991250. What happened in that window so we're we're gonna try calling. So and asking the air staff exactly that question their their one bad don't. Comment I have I have a quick update via from the morning guys of the hour. I have not reached bar yet no answer I'll keep Tryon and no he's listen and at home most likely. Frames got a hold him he could come on higher because he is on the golf course and is very windy but he doesn't. He does have a pretty simple answer he thinks they've lost their mode GO. OK okay so in the last Eritrea. Fair enough that and that's a valid comment so next I'll contact the midday show the bill Michael's show and each segment will will try to get an opinion from those guys yet and it with a big chip OK the bill Michael's show featuring our buddy Joseph bill that radioed Euronext a little broadcast body yet. Okay 7991250. Tony in Ashland your next up an affair what happened in the last thirteen games or three in ten. You guys heard that call on your shoulder thank you sound. A lot of things obvious. You say. No one's sure laughter timely hitting I was certain we are watching meg yeah at the restaurant where move up your girlfriend. You know all I am opera. For a while I thought it a little bit too Asian. Catcher double play and I finally grabbed my forehead you know. You go black and easily act. And oh swat team. Also there's some are admirable job. Really out. You could tell from the words fit boy you. Need and not. Wait for law. And and part of this losing streak to the Hulk maples. Roll all of these communities that we can trot. And it can no stop. Legal situation. And he's also blown. Call itself. All the ratio many. See it for me personally I do not want you treat anybody. Or somebody's that we don't control. And I would personally would like to see. Fill out the right field and if you're gonna play on these man where I am at second base on. A ego that's that's my idea Tony what what restaurant. Where yup they're not Ashland. Oh you water. Reform Russia got three different factions. But it's our micro breweries he'd be sport TV news. Good food. Good to hear of Al Jala where is Aslan. It's done stronger debate. That it did care were bought all were from superiors. And bought out or from early. A case your ways that's a sound way up there and you listening online on the radio dot com map. While your game up here are originally from walk yeah. One years. Iowa we appreciate that don't be a strange and Tony we say fried. You got it. Areas Tony and especially all that I think should get up there and actually I know you're here they have a great piece apple pie right there in that restaurant. The deep water Zelda was some size did it just didn't they don't you feel better about yourself them a do. This from our body Anthony Dick coma allow non New York. The Mets putting Millicent guard back on the disabled list that he is Tom contracted. Hand foot and mouth disease if it easily could be a big leaguer getting you know acquiring. Kindergarten issues yet within this thirteen game window the brewers are thirteen and ten that would not a surprise me. Whenever there that's there's a big outbreak of AS foot and mouth yeah a lot more sense as long as we don't want or bots can get down and well we can't clean and aid or disease or something. When hit what is he now. C one for 2120. Yes. But it was it wasn't fun now when he hit the home run. Yeah it is one for Tony with a homer that was key right so he goes on its Q1. I got ya all right so something happened in the I went back and I looked at and read it all my notes every everything I could read from what I wrote down because I get fairly detailed in there. Couldn't detect any thing that there was just. Are a rough kind of deal go I don't know I couldn't find anything that I could point to and say yep that's where was there is the tipping point. Something happened in the last thirteen games. They don't you look like the 2018 championship season crew. They can get things turned around all lie there are only allies Hariri they're only 500 the last two games. That's a little below par right there one and one in their last two cubs won again. Three at 1032. Come from behind victory at most in baseball. The brewers now three and a half games out with. With a cup I'll from the cubs I should say so we're trying to figure out this window here three intent 7991250. We've got timely hitting expose holes. That's sounds weird at sound is very strange that does not only are we already recorded the podcasting you can't get back onto it almost sounds illegal. But book will keep a legal is legal is weekend. Are you listening to the blaze farm and fleet post game show presented by the Milwaukee admirals warehouse sag mill hockey eleven to the brewers following game three of us three game set. To the Dodgers will be back on the fan. Where did things go right horror well not so much this game turn. Time for today's turning point of the game brought to my first Centennial mortgage talked to mortgage probe Peter read Jenna bench and go at CM dot com this is doubling his farm and fleet baseball post game show. Presented by Milwaukee admirals hockey. Yeah we're trying to figure that out exactly the turning point in the last thirteen games verse thirty and ten after this so Levin to lost Tim Allen. Bill Schmidt and the boys farm and fleet post game show presented by refining our executive producer vacuum at the Milwaukee admirals there's Ryan and I are hot wheels Eddie that was the where you've been I was at Miller Park on Friday. Last night I didn't I just had denied also went to the packer hall fame banquet good time nice. And today bats finally think Gaza Strip mass like it feels good to be back so my question about that you know hall of fame banquet yeah. They make that an open bar or no it's a cash bar actually about eight bucks a drink. And so I I did the move right started with the captain Wright is that a good or a nice having job for. I says he's looking 120 ounce cup like that they sold the game or it's not quite the four that you get when you go to a wedding and it's like 95%. Not gun 5% 7UP for sprite and every yours or did. It was a decent for a what I did I started with the stock you known as the K 89 bucks a drink from the switch over to some Beers. You know 45 box not the case 88 dollars appeared to. Now some analysts artist starts out talking about awake talking about turning points and and just in this window this three intend window. That's really the game here yeah I think you could say the second inning five runs put up. By the Dodgers off suitors so let's let's celebrate this down a couple of comments organ on social media. They lost their confidence. Another comment here at they were too cocky in the first half. Now what are you guys think let's go to Courtney and we're resisting one where is Courtney called from Tucson Arizona nice been there we were in Tucson and we were few months ago I was when I was already had to go back of the car is your sweat and excelled at a that's right. What's going relative long term cult of all matter argued that while. What do and in Tucson. Are moved out here man moved out here lucky you your boy it is roasting down there in Tucson. It is there is but I. That's for about a week actually. No they've reached their peak I think though that that let you go into that they want to win the World Series they'd better innate. Or or it's some offense. On the air by some occupants some prospect. You two would the World Series not walker Oracle's prospects for the next well thirty years. They have you know been the conversation. On and make this trader you'll know what the world here. Prospects and then they go candidate they're good against Maine which I was has made about three or four plays. That I don't think those products that we didn't trade might make arrests in three years yeah editor of a heated did their state. But the bottom line corny they gotta do something right I mean date that they do have to improve with then I think we all know that they got to get healthy improved form from within. And improve if they wanna win the World Series they're gonna need some distance. It off as they can make the playoffs for sure I'm up until police the Villa won the World Series. They they got to make remote. And and coordinates with us belly Gordon he's right without knowing it's not about making the play its winning the World Series. Yeah that's what we're a World Series that they could play out they'll make a move in the World Series. You've got to do some. So what do you think happened here in the last thirteen games. They're they lost their confidence and I think they know they've reached life. A little bit of their peak I mean it is finger index oh that. The middle of middle office and until we're not in any office there right now bases loaded strike out double plays the recognized. According gray gray hair from me immense stay in touch. I'd take it easy yeah a long long time listener longtime call and a guy that really is all about winning the World Series as some. Some don't set that bar until they feel that it's. Now their time right that this is the opportunity to you they go through the whole stages you go through this stage of all wallet coaches get fired any the gates of the playoffs and it. Any have to win a stage in the playoffs next year and then after that. Then you can break through the glass ceiling sometimes just. It doesn't have to take that long with the Philadelphia Eagles they busted through that thing one year they did note no question all right so we're calling the entire staff I've already done it here at the fan Ed just get everybody already. I've called the represented as each shell at a good additional phone also got barge still no lancer frames he they lost their motion that was his quote. Radio Joseph tried him. No answer no answer from radio jealous refuses because I answer a call from the station. I also called Sparky no answer at him to be there in that club together the probably listening and heard that we're gonna call it out so there avoiding it like Ali no doubt. He found out. Is they they got it all figured out I don't think we need to hear I think Courtney descended on the genital that your. That was my exact thoughts man gets sick here and about his prospects Manny Machado here's a guarantee there's no guarantee any of those prospects lever ever pan out. Here's a guarantee men and channel it twenty homers in the second half of the season. Guarantee is now has 285 well and as more clarity on you know what he has done what he is right. The other is little bit of a crapshoot it's like we set off fair you know you. Bringing in free agents to Milwaukee's top it's not the biggest market. You know you're not probably gonna make a ton of money off endorsements but you bring immense for half of the season he likes the guys in the clubhouse you wanna panic you make a run in the post season. But there's some unfinished business of you don't win the World Series were maybe he wants to come back at least you had a New York you can Paul George. Writing convince abusing him a year and show that you you can sell some special and then Salomon bombing exactly does it doesn't mean that he's gonna give your hometown discount. I mean that's the one thing the keyboard. Well if he's only gonna sign here for a hundred million dollars that maybe well he's not gonna do that you're sort of debate on the money right. You have to pitch him in you have to knee you need an extended sale it's a great example is when you have that you get forced to go some. Or you know your girlfriend your wife your mother alternate language making goes somewhere you don't wanna go you dread at all week together and you're like you know what I like the people like your coworkers it was a good time wasn't that bad that's that's a great exact sounds like you're Saturday night which I don't come to Milwaukee and I you know he enjoys the margaritas in the tacos and going out downtown he becomes best friends of dry ember on the open up a new restaurant people forget about the Aaron Rogers and Ryan brought up failed experiment you wanted you wanna -- if you wanna change your luck potter economy hotel and casino. They have the big money we have the big money play of the game and on Sundays or run a thing where at any moment anytime you're playing the slot and jackpot. He's win the jackpot she Alice. Solves sounds like a lot of well well well I don't know why I now we're due. Little bit overdue that the guys in the morning jog in Bard they're gonna ask you what was the a pot of lottery hotel and casino. Big money play of the game the verse 112 loss. How about Eric crap spits in the scoreless innings and throw knuckle that was not place it is and asked the knuckle of the drops right into the zone yet he can win some nice reward play at pot a lot of me if you the first person answer it. Eric crafts and is one inning scoreless. It's coated Dexter. Dexter your next year on the fan what happened in the last thirteen games. Thank you put there in my quote first though and I appreciate show productivity. Well I have been Wu. They didn't have a matter no more on first broke and epic that book it's gonna impact. Well Woodson and assures countered that it came back from. Injury. I don't Celestine. Orlando RC or salad you know. So do you know look he came back. That's when they're in Larry then that. On right there used to. But go whereby we record can be I'm. I'll look into. WQ and do they had dia. Yeah sports. The manager talked in a game four and great council sit. We're trying to win the world we are trying to win a hole than in the world seriously when he shared that. That made me trio whole lot better about it too Internet. And I'd just trying to make it they're trying to win a whole thing right you'll always talked. The old the whole shoot match all right Dexter thing and thanks to IE oh god yeah hit areas have been called for years now. Years and years and years we appreciate that council is made it pretty clear that they're not easier just to play around and have some fun. They're here to tell it to make some noise they're gonna get it. So that being said I do hear a lot on a lot of different outlets if you will lot of different shows and say well. What are they doing messing around in the news they're gonna have to not only get. Many match shot over they'd have to get Jacob to gram as well as well as somebody else and they're going to be. The Astros the Red Sox or the Yankees in the World Series sim based on your logic to win the World Series and they need a whole lot of help. Well if that's the case then. And that's not. In a reasonable to to assume that they're gonna get to Gromit John doe and others. Then when she going to sell mode that's valve just throw right now volley that right back catch it. Dawn the Arco and make some moves on each about Jeremy Jeffords. Is right prospects for a absolutely and Jennings pretty expendable you know get some for a lefthander. Corey can naval all I could definitely has some pork and able maybe an AL team would like to DH. Eric seems to be available once he comes back off the DL so if you're not if you're gonna acquiesce and not even entertain the idea of winning. They'll World Series then just self. Sell the guys that don't have the long term. Roll right outside Ratzinger straight trip to show you exactly exactly are courtroom burns or any of those guys just because you can't win the World Series this year. But those guys that you normally would sell off at the deadline just do it then if you don't think you gonna in the World Series and sell those guys off. I'd just at these that that is the only goal. Every single year it is the goal. I don't care if you're the Marlins of the brewers I don't care has to be to win the World Series again I'll Harken back to. Why why do I say that because every single move you make has to be based on that goal. Or else then the move doesn't count in theory. This step latter approach Billy that you were just talking about a few minutes ago at just doesn't work out that way all the time and all of a sudden you step Blatter and your. Quote. Patient. And you wanna step ladder it's not your year yet you've got away all of you gotta be patient hold on and then he stepped to the next on open in his own words that when your patient and wait for any get on the doormat. And you zero in front of the overnight entering the valiant knock on the door let's beat on the door okay. Nobody answers up there goes another year OK but that that was interior just be patient someone opened that door the next year yet. Little bit louder. No ones answer now now no insult oh boy another U Erica they got to come back next year next the next guy your ring in the bell. Well on. And pounded on the door. More mobile home. And the worst part is the dogs are barking you know somebody's someone's home and no one's gonna come and answer the door for yet. Sooner or later gonna have to take that SOB down if you busted down. This year today. Not by what happened in the last. Thirteen games certain well we do know there's three in town. I like what Dexter said in fact I'd love what Dexter said are they haven't as much fun. As they were prior to the last thirteen games. The CIA tests say they're avenue has as much fun and think about that. Maybe not. We're seeing a lot of weird body language out there and does the engine injuries doesn't help. We got chaos our requests from somebody named Jeff in Waukesha that we're gonna come out with after the break and now we have. Something that. Even try to hold off on for a long time. Really up another member join in the gun club somebody of substance. While overall substance right world substance thought I mean this guy does call you homer Tim in the email live at one. One of I'm so you have from the fans I got it now so maybe he's not substance. I don't need Jeff we'll check that out now join the gun club is still look at for a few reasons why I'm gonna say injuries played a big part of this thirteen games. I will say that. Not an excuse. If it is an excuse it's a ballot excuse it is injuries to play apart winning and losing will be back on the fan. Who shot or a big line drive let's get today's driver. They gave driven by Acura Brookfield check out the all new redesigned RDX models in Brookfield at a 191 in blue mound. It would love to talk and brewers baseball let's just start right there. Can't wait. Win or lose that's. Why we love doing the job and school and I know you guys enjoy it turned out Miller Park earlier today hung out seven dugout. The law podcast thing we did he had them we get the pleasure of being your own little on the and more inside that. They seemed okay in there. They've they seemed fine and there are these guys distant right I mean there is Sally they're gonna come up to us and tell us all other marital issues. No they certainly wouldn't but what they will comment NTELOS if you know some bothers either heard a little bit you know my. Drive of the game from Acura Brookfield in a brewers eleven to glossy got a when guys are the two three weeks ago get a check out the two. And and that's score today yet there are times and notes every brewers spank and can kind of agree with this now I'm not saying this is the the highlight that sends chills down your that there are certain highlights that do. I know they do for you. In fact I know they do for all brewers fan. And there's a certain highlights that do the job for that primer on 20081 every single time I hear it's amazing. It's of even the yellow it's in and drawn back to back only this it's good that was really really. No losers walk off homer in the thirteen pitch at bat big time that he put the Titanic music into the background as makes a thousand times better this is not probably gonna send chills but it. Nonetheless it's fun. And the 11 tasks Shawn. It's. Been. It's. This after the event you'd know. That felt good for me let alone Travis have felt good for us. It's say that. All of the tomorrow. Dandy Don. Your boy Don Meredith the that is Jeff and walking Shaw's songs suggestion due out this funny you're funny you're funny guy jump. 7991250. Figured out what happened the last thirteen games are just Lloyds not merit a hearing on the post game is number seventeen. Hard just the last thirteen games are buddy Brian. Leaving Miller Park Brian wants on your mind. Yeah our. Boris 1 that I am here to make. My off the year ago period. All the on a whole lot whole I wouldn't put my arm and he would it was just Friday night was it not. That he joined the done club Friday night yeah okay let's is clarified now he's back you can explain Brian explain it. Explain that Brian explain yourself there. Because the record and and and look at it and go out and Matt. They're going to be that at the art that I've been looked up and get the bad. And media are on time back sit on the wouldn't go home lives a little bit ago. And that prior period and make it to make that it. There you go Brian all right here's Seattle are cutting back in the good graces. Tom on the south side you're next on the fan. Well I've. And that joke and I grew diligent Celtic to have fun anymore either. The other might be some narrow Dexter said. Hello I picked that I've seen that it kept us special prayers to the Capel locker room. At the end goal we've. And of course it was that type of person and I don't think the brewers forgot what I hope you remember a few years ago but said that what. Forward debt. Stated reassigned and has picked curator a lot to what the heck but he was Urlacher will persevere I think every kid got ahead. Somebody. Foot locker room. But Jim but you do know Tom that and I've talked to my son about this about the game of baseball being a humbling thing and it's so difficult because I've talked to a these players and and him about and that having fun. Yet it's. It's easy to say have fun when you're suck in for ten days and that's that's the response I get from players and and and my son as well loot. Been known to have a few slumps in his if it's Tuesday night. I can't say that the chance at the slopes don't get me wrong. It is tough to have fun right in the middle of that though. That person that. They're just seen stuff and take trying to pick the people up. Is that right field type. Could be right you could be right eye and that part of that we don't know. Because defense that helped make. The brewers feel better also he didn't get I don't get the brewers the players I don't think they cared as much. Just because of it that the Khobar. And what he did at shortstop. Good stuff Tom Ted thanks for the call. 7991252. Caledonia. We say hello today. Mellow day. Eight cabin pressure employ about agreeing to the construction and hopefully get through migrating gold bugs it's Decker kind get a list all right now. I'm ready to go pregame and began Bubba got the liquid and on the bus here we're gonna try to count. On. So on Saturday invited to a packer game what Tim NTELOS. Absolutely get a tribute to populate looks good lyrics and the Packers are the bird was not at all Eckerd pocketed the feed dogs. It's overlooked. Well being and every year we got it done club entrant. Got to get Erick green globe welcome you guys that I would go up at our all right do it very hard drive through. Our I'd take it easy you know if we're going until packer game and run driving and now. Not sorry Dave I'm I'm gonna leave you on that one I was just a bag and enjoy some of the the cold refreshments in the back but we sell. To Dave's point. We haven't done our fantasy football show yet we have not we will do that once if this keeps continuing. We'll do it sooner than we believe that we what. It'll be a game like this in which joked that if they don't get thrown out all teams do even World Series teams get blown out oil down arms were also gonna have the executive producer of the fantasy football weekly show right or bottle being here it's it will break it all down yet but now we're not gonna talk Packers are militia now where and in the middle of a serious pennant race here. We're gonna stick where that. Until further notice we will stick with this or bot did have. Someone go at him that didn't wanna go on the air. I believe I heard somebody is talking yet calls them junior talking Sullivan junior. Then you could tell you kind of look like a junior yeah that's fine but if you're gonna be gutless. Then not at all. Boy how this got a call back and we could spar one on one usually tell me why you wouldn't want men in the shadow of war signal would test and her injures hand. Hey the guy's trying to win championships what Lionel the morning boy is going to be talking more brewers baseball tomorrow chuck and by day and ask you is that Chile's MVP in the brewers' eleven to loss first person to correctly identify the player's name we give you right now wins free food from Chile say unity that. At 835 it's brought to buy chili's chili's is back baby back and it's going to be aired on Paris to keep that video haul off and well or not errors today. Did indeed throw two innings all the baseball areas is Chile's MB just won the auction. One hit given up 799125013. Games. And the brewers go three and ten they win one in my day they were actually they win. One in Miami they won one in this Dodgers series they got swept in that Pittsburgh series and the final two games. Of that Atlanta Braves series at Miller Park they won one of those there's your three wins in your last thirteen games. Is it just three games. Right three wins three wins. Since the seventh of July. On the 22 and July ball well again you got got the all star break and there's that chews up the days. But UN from July 7 to grab the defibrillator aftermath in July resemble my heart stop until July 22. With winning three games. I'm sorry Griffey's only seventeen times where we're down here and routed it. It's different ankle and we go out to Franklin sale of a Tyler Tyler last thirteen what happened. A guy probably go and been done. Phase so a few weeks ago and now things are still going pretty well. So watch the game and I watch. Quite a few of them know the mound visit and all the guys gather on the mountain. Here you have rap. And Valentino. And Koran. And 230 hitting Travis sharp and saying. And I think in this cup playoff contender. Let the that pin was playing way above their edits. And present the kind of delusional they think of so. Well I mean that months' time goes through this more. Player ready in what they are don't you agree with that though I mean they kept doing it for almost a hundred games here. Yeah I mean that's what the playing field of that kind of come in the Miami may have a starting pitching staff with a bunt the reason for it. Now could she said us not let me just buses were to walk you through the silent. Couldn't you say that and I agree with you and I set it before. That those types of names and no offense any of those guys allow mall there in the brewers uniform I love that team first and foremost. But when you have so many you know a collective. Group of these guys playing prevalent rolls. You're in trouble OK now look I agree with you on that however. Can't you then say that it would have been minimized that group would have been smaller without the injuries. True absolutely. And who would collect one of your previous caller. Are there yet you're sweltering. However you can cover vote diagram and a heck of a lot more fun when you lose in the dugout. I mean I say great bring them back. There are a couple of plays and that got this series below what they're too sharp it's a little bit so you know couldn't handle it I expected that Orlando can't handle that I wondered. Both of them yep I agree with any entity get Santana back up here who you know they were. He wouldn't Buick than any great shakes me up here but you know maybe they'd be child something okay Colorado. He did homer yesterday that guy is thanks Tyler and I agree with you I he has started earn himself with a bat down there as well two weeks himself an opportunity two weeks ago barely three weeks ago and that's what they should have. Domingo and Garcia back up here. Brad Miller I it was he hurt that Imus it was he hurt you barely see this dude. Not seen this guy at all. Have you know areas simply bring up another middle infield though by the way the one that hit 277 last year and was your number one prospect for over a year and a half. Bring back a guy that can play defense because she used the same situation that you say funky or Broxton can provide you defense. It is okay. Let's see here you have NATO are fit in a buck fifty all fifty. Somewhere there'll 53050. But yet so guard not only goes down to the miners begin gets released from the organization. For hitting a buck 34 and a lot of heart out. I don't know man said there there are difficult decisions and sometimes it's all about timing and this year were trying to focus and it's spins out of control outside this thirteen game window but we'll take your calls continue to. Talk about this the brewers fall that they eleven a two hour live here in the international Hyundai Greenfield and Hyundai west Alice studios. So boys farm and fleet post game show presented by the Milwaukee admirals we are hash tag mill hockey. Tim Allen bill Schmidt. Griffin idle men the eight team here after eleven to las will be right back here on the fan. When you're hot you're hot player odds. They're not so when it comes to the crew who's hot and who's not. Brought it buys steel horse realtor accompany your road home begins at steel horse Eleven to the brewers fall Tim Allen baby tell Israel's med and brewers definitely reeling right now losers of ten of their last thirteen what happened inside that window that's or talking about. Those are the big numbers not hot. I think the disabled list has been sports in high this year. The other trainers and hot. They didn't use a lot of tape outstanding doing a lot of good good work on the ultrasound machines making sure the guys are rolled out well. Maybe maybe not a couple of strains today not hot he's whose sag you'll are there are some growing stiffness or one guy today was taken aback a little bit. You know we will we were in their ads right around eight 930 million. And the first thing we do when we get the clubhouse is look at the today's lineup who's who's starting today mix that are. Bynum looked OK. And then we we get back here. And a dual production work. And then that we're hearing the lineups. From our on deck show. What what await us against you read the right liner that would be read in a different day here. And and it confused him Anthony Mandela. Now like well aware Zeus that was it that Aziz was in third it was disposed retain yell it should Aggie brush off. And then zoo's not in there and then Broxton goes to the top and came three and X brawn four and show off (%expletive) Slight hamstring issue for zoos. Now when it rains it pours doesn't that it does. It's just continuing to rein in the city of Milwaukee lol looks beautiful day now something inclement weather some delays earlier today if you're out airshow. You saw the rain this. As festive Italian out of going down. Beautiful outside oh yeah everyone down there apparently there was the world's biggest fish fry in Port Washington over the week you okay foreign idea that they always fan but sounds good and he had that gone so a lot of things happen our great stuff going on in the season there's organized youth baseball term that we've been here and right up going on right up the street in up at the same park that I became famous at. I was we were going to head down there and then and dual FaceBook and die by. Are we outside trials at all I don't know if they really. Yeah that's right guys out of my basically youth ball there. All right what happened in in the window of the last thirteen games we know this they've lost ten of those thirteen to Oak Creek and we say hello. To MJ in this city boom boom Cree. The practice outright because there's a lot going on here and you wanted to talk about this. You know small window right now and in the small window part of it. Part of that is just the bad baseball stretch like to get specific. Keeping an ideal are not been good recently and those are two guys that have come through for you many many times and and it just happened with the ups and downs and received an armed air and a lot of times in this. Current stretch toward the table has been tapped for Antarctic just get that big cat and it hadn't happened and the you can do it every time. And those are things that are just baseball and get better. I'm pitching wise to you if you lost a couple of games in the back and you're all really trigger your top and pac ten and that's who they're not gonna come through all the time but when it rains that part you know he had some cracks there till your rotation. The only one shot in really bad. Has been solid during the stretch otherwise everybody's car in particular alarms. I don't know what his splits are against the LA Dodgers are I don't know what the splits are righty lefty. What the Dodgers fare better at but I found it surprising that out of the all star break that shot scene didn't pitch in the series. Can I talked about it you know and not just put this but I think into it but doctors in such a prolific home run shot into the really good job keeping the ball in the park and ironically all runs early until the burst too much in this series but I was surprised that it encouraged. Nationals are good in and got Gordon and his upcoming ones so please cut. But then on to broaden our little bet. Part of it is exporter of guys and a lot of that has to do it to the island injury and armed. There are you just accumulated too many apps at below average players. And that is going to catch up with you sometimes now I believe. That they're getting healthier they have brought back hope weeks saying that a long term and I'm sure you guys feel the same way I am just 100% convinced that we're going to get a app in the next Sunday and eats you up. Yeah it might yet been a noticeable Cabrera. I'm married Seattle. Are you looked at it doesn't have to. Escobar knows served there's there's there's some of that middle of the road then you know Dozier has had his big monster years let. I don't mean I don't mean any disrespect by that but they're not the big name big splashy very expensive names. No but they're going to make a big difference on nests in especially when they get healthier and when you get. I'm optimistic that they're going to be okay pets are of course none of these injuries look like they're going to be too long term so when they get their full compliment of players back when it adds that extra app there are spent by lethal sort of on line and not come out of business. And then pitching wise to ride. I also believe they're gonna get some sore arm right you know I think there's going to be who night. Players acquired Berry so that's gonna help this team and he ought to kind of about stretching they're gonna whether or they're gonna get our. You're right part of it is baseball and Jay thanks it is but part of it is also strategy. You got to chalk that up into it as well for sure strategy of going with. Hater Jefferson can naval only when you have the lead. Well then once your offense comes back. From a one run deficit out oh deficit that happened twice in this in this stretched. Where the offense did bounce back but it was a little too too little too late because it was you know is Brandon Woodruff. That got beat up for for a few runs. And then the rounded the offense did ultimately end up coming back and had you gone with your guns may be in that situation UN a ball game so it a lot of it. Is. Is strategy as well 7991250. Brian in shore would your next on the fan. Ever recover quick comment or. You're me retard called. I bleed for you and Bobby your command appeared never to be our wish to win a championship Packard are bird. You hit it where you stand I diverted argue cougar. Are when either surrender or gave you would know there are art art art art art it's very few guys sooner than later. But I can tell you David Stern is really showing its age eagle I don't understand this whole mentality about how we're gonna make a trade reported dead right. I can tell you the brewers are done you can put a worker told shirt. And outwit Whitfield none of those guys approach over the top they're nice Spiller. When you have Martin and David Stern it shorted age right now is inexperienced. What he did you know and he suspected in charge you might have all of analytics and off good let me tell you the bottom line it I don't get to agree with my child contrary because. I'd incorporate burger dubious dot. And he made me say that if they ask sooner than later also what they needed to do that whenever streaky. If you're trying to. Extra bat will go if you look at the brewers' lineup. Albertine got to be laughed and negated everything. And an all it could argue rendered there up I wanna introvert he's 85 unite under cover up its collapsing at. We you have the best player in the starting line of media to make a double switch whatever he's an injury or whatever would typical dinner on the and the bench. Well our Iraq or. Mail order that would be you know both guys are not gonna we're older pillars that you can't have five or expelled or. Are in your teens and think you're really here and they can contend for a championship. It's fool's gold. Thy brother Brian I got to turn you loose yachtsman and I thank you for the compliments any time you can. You can Sid talk about me and you come the same kind of yeah right the same the same way it plays out at the prequel is cool is really cool. And I do love this team there's no question longtime listeners know that. And I agree with you that there are just too many of them but is that a product of the injuries. Me got to think that it SOK so what if any he's he had said. They escobar's and in some of these guys mayor field knock it put him over the top. What what if you look at it this way. If if the internal production. Steps up and in. Then you add that player to Vatican war candidate not. Well it's not that far far fetched. To happen that way internally I think they're the first to tell you that they've got to step up their game internally before anybody. Steps from outside disorganization into that dugout they've got to do better internally and they will they're not gonna lose at this clip. It'll lose ten of the next thirteen games right now. He's who say you are Matt Albers act Davies nick Franklin junior Gary Jimmy Nelson Manny Kenya Brent suitor list Erica and Johnson VR Stephen vote all on the injure port listen to those names all them. And I mean you you named it off earlier in the year and so kaine also Christian theology also via Brian brought multiple times guys spent time on the dia. It's as so it's twofold yes they have to do better internally but yeah house. An additional bat and it is alarm. Could put you over the top a little bit it can't get him back on track year human right yeah it's all right you guys and holes sit right there are still trying to counsel on the other side to figure this out Greg counsel his comments he's got to turn this thing around. The good news. There is some. And despite all of this your wanna look at the short term window you're gonna give us some sunshine and rain ice and now he's just lost eleven it's you get the last two games brewers are 500 baseball team better than not that bad were back on the fan. So what's the skipper got to say about this game. Let's get the scoop from the skipper. Brought you by Brian Stratton college athletics offering athletic scholarships and nine junior college sports learn more at BSE bobcats dot com. This is the only station brewers fans need. Before and after the game. 1057 FM the fan. I welcome back we'll hear from Craig Counsell and just a couple of minutes three and tan in the last thirteen games on the crew after 112 lost today in game three of this three game set the Dodgers. They lose the series. And you know one win away from turning this thing around. Was today no idea very close he got to go back at it eats you as it was actually said the nationals were a good team. Mean. I guess in theory Abbott and papered does appear so record columnists here Nina struggled big time Bryce Harper's it like to fifteen they're get a bit more like me ATP and he has you know Bryce Harper and MVP year working through a lot of this stuff today here let's get to our buddy jam in Grafton and he's going to. Praise for us this year. And you know what that is. Yeah and I'm calling out David Stern. David Stern you're better than. You're better than that. I guess I think I got a simple site for him because. You know baseball turned into this. New game of analytic. So we got RT I was struggling. At the plate. Then cannot struggle and at the plate. Analytic why his numbers not too good. Chemistry. Real good. So what they did. Is they put more emphasis on the analytic. And left emphasis. On the chemistry. In that clubhouse and in the dugout. And right now you're seeing. The ramifications. Of that winning three out of thirteen. This Wednesday when they sent the art it down in ten and that now. That's when the wheels started to come off. I've but I think it is. And David Stern. If you're better than that straight done yet some help or thought offensively you better than. Jim let Jim play a former 1970s. Pitcher on me. In a drop a name drop. 1970. Pitcher. Marty patent to walk what. About Billy Travers. Billy Travers left hander who think number 43. About Pete bro oberg. People roper right hander had just. Built a Billy Travers a lot of those games. Reid to man beats you first rail snot nosed Sammy right along the rail they're Jim always a pleasure will be in touch. Billy Travers actually number 25 Pete broke berg number 43. Just just. It's they have to come out here let's did you talk about feel good old days many rows and I'm not knowing the right now. Of illegal rappers just escalated awesome. I'm just say Selig a big man today Tim Allen awesome Brian in Sussex your next and the fans. She's. Hack supplements up. Why are weary thing 10. Welcome in Germany I think he's on the ball where. That kind of an amateur above one. Bring back our C and it or back down is that it would hurt storage but the target anything done and that sort so we're involved. Through. That we ought to give corporate birds are a reporter out hero of bird purple where. Here with Burt. What are you. And number ring all of I don't think the fault for they're broke loose double play in the first city. But I give up with a breaking vote separate myself. Sort of a double play sort of go please don't hit a double play we've all done. Yeah it's so I dig down below on Monday. Well there was there was a situation not wanna say eighth inning in Pittsburg well -- where did where hazy zag alarm had first and third with one out nice and zoos are all zealous attack attack attack that first eskimo baby attacked effort and there was a double play first minutes. Yeah our warts out. Now right now all right Brian thanks thanks for the co write and don't don't worry about it don't. Don't think you jinxed the brewers. Can you go through that time one more time temp. Wish Obama that the three the three in ten run out of last thirteen games. Yeah out there was so the wetland that stark. July 7 okay and out when when her body plays say a ticket for you. I'll Las Vegas. Yeah prom. That was yeah yeah we we haven't gotten it right all of I honestly here as well on the on the podcasts or on the air here so so were wearing a bra set on now. Well you're talking about what battle happened. That cracked the code figured it out that was. In the thirteen game win now. And I will tell you one thing since this incident which we which we don't know of yachts and this incident living image this Monday to Wednesday all right so one. 6789. They've lost eight of nine since that moment in time. Yeah and that moment. A supports. Financial investment who are backing a different company. Say it that way that company. Has come in first in the stock market yesterday out the last nine time as they have done eight in one work young yeah. While check. Right you tie those two together. So. Hey there's certain things that are private on the and now yeah. Sure I'm sick and Bruce come on in your line moves let's now get a lot of it. There I tell you I guess question to you to act in the Smart about it and say we only had. While detergent in the brewers' organization that was ever come up in that was brought so that that the rest of people. Where there aren't due reagents used a prop up the garbage. Saying we offer as a hold on lets us work through this you say in the offensive lineup today you're starting lineup is out to San. Well it's one guy from the brewers organization these ethnic and that was Ron Brown everybody else was a dot. Opt what do you burns or something like. So shouldn't you be reaping the benefits of scouting director Bruce side or rest his soul. Right now. I don't I don't know him but I Iraq. Look at the badgers team and even then they kept it out that there are basement. We got somebody that likes what we opened a monarchy and I even that like bad Monty and I teach me I would. Who is kicked out our local and Steve and according gun. I need notes that two more great organization. And I don't know it wasn't Obama want to log on a lot of them rocket talk about the brewers in March I went directly. One of them particularly. Who's 1617 and eighteen as the most endurance. John Carlos stand and then second is Chris Davis I think. Now I'm Chris Evans as our first. He linked with the most and in a Major League and that's a bad credit for that allowed a church that we have as a second stint at church when when I'm an idiot got hurt. Not only got. I do acting up but anyway. I wish I had the brewers turnaround. I don't know I don't think they can get up when she and that they got the second baseman to Minnesota. And the charge up to Minnesota about right I'm exempt income and goes and talks said. You would accept. Almost as much as you are all much follow the guy in Kansas City even consider them. He went in to consider metric all beat. Boca I Bruce thanks for the call there are certain. Brewer. Callers over the years knowing that if when the brewers win the World Series. I I just wanna give a hug too and that's one. Purse for sure it is it really is long time suffering Aybar fan Jeff's been with us a long time boy. Todd we ought to make it quick is Craig Counsell is up next. How deeply. Let you a little bit in the owner's apartment snapper on parent I. And oh boy secondly I don't. I think we've been put together what the sponsor and aids and justly been in the short to log eventually pops. And that I think that's an issue on unfortunately but. And so that's it's just like the last kept the cult. Go go brewers going. OK it's not hide van de I'll tell anybody mandated Zahn bullet wounds. They don't work too well that a song we used to play about a eighties and I'd signals the number of songs up by BA ATA or whatever it is Biggio box you out whatever that was there was BT back in the day as Biggio UFO. Are Oreo ELO. What was your favorite though. Mario absolutely I was opens I was gonna walk out but what about that when the band we played last Bachmann. That's Biggio. Bachman turner over overdrive LA yeah those guys were your favorite now. Now they've there was and I'd learned about them what eight track in my aunt and uncle's car old Ford maverick I'll while at any track. You don't that is now. Now to have solid. Yet is that we useless in Holland notes on to know that was cassette okay oh so old they were in the cassette days there were no doubt about what about Tom Jones. Now down about eight track time period checks in records probably early seventies Stan Jones right yeah that's that's record that's not unusual. He's a Vegas picture Tom Jones. You'd you'd Tom Jones fan. Yeah which affair it's on it's not unusual to be loved by anybody that was a good one com also the other green green grass. What's new pussycat. Then. A low. It was a pretty close. Let's your grandma Craig Counsell. As governor Tim Allen music stamp of approval pays no eight no. Let's hear from time or. He's he's got a he's got a rubber stamp this thing ended back into the wind I can play the triangle. And that dude can saying. Chris yeah I sing like Singh saying. Now gripped a moderate amount no notes no he can't saying Eric I know Oki group of error by Nokia. I'd let's hear from Craig Counsell womb will I talked to you after this because is this the spot where he says World Series. I don't know some opponents of the World Series we'll find out. I mean it's it's really. The same thing. You know it's it's the same injury kind of the same severity. Assuming have to take this. Soon have to take this we have to take a lot slower as time. But. He review reiterated it. So. It's it's what we did its deal placement. Whether it happened at the contributed some. It's and yeah I'm not sure I don't answer. Here. Today on camera I am. Look like her fastballs non places. Ordered his arms boy yeah I mean what's making it's no I mean I I think generally mum. You don't know the count late movement. It is all as will we see you mean that's that's the strengthen. You know Wednesday when that there was a lot of crisp contact and that's a sign or not get late movement. I. Yeah I mean I think. You know Fred I'd probably think at the end of the today's outing was probably a little tired common bowler in the fourth inning and or the fifth inning and returning him to editing. So you know like pigs then there's tonight's first thing on. That is good shape could shift to go out there and just. You know just that that is him make great pitchers who slaughter us as fast close. You know not located laments that's cause trouble for anybody. You think. Feeling good no ice he's fine he's he's he's fun. That was kind of the first time this year frauds and exposed. Is an inexperienced first baseman. Pop up daddy catches it which shows you know that's what drugs or. Hello look and I think and he hasn't been over there in all especially lately is not an over the much. You know it's it's. Out of need for sure and and you know went with Aggie. You know kind of take our first base and air around it's you know it's been on the back. Back for Rhine and and he's been injured as well so. He hasn't been over the months and that it caught up with this development. Technically. Well this I don't think he could get there and I think coastline knows my re. I costs. System. Yeah you really. He was out there if they if we were the if it was a tight game and and you know to try to win the game we could we could have made some. Adjustments going forward but if it wasn't you know a game like up in more considerate. How do you decide they are humans would have chosen it's sad. Book it's. If you're just trying to. Get outs really sold you know her on get as many outs as he could and he did a fabulous job and then at some point to just. You know I thought that was just enough pitches for her on you don't want to risk him thrown you know fifty some pitches that are you know it's it seems like it's. Not gonna do anything that he had not yet done it that's it takes up an obvious so. Now adjustments when there and they both Donna nimble they're great job they did you know and fabulous. Go that's kind of do you talked about yesterday couple earlier obstacles starters but what did. Would kind of change anything. Well I think I think two things I think one. And you know we had him on the ropes and then the first two innings really and we had an opportunity in the first inning and gets out of a double play and we put together very its second inning as well and Brian it's a ball really hard that. That gets caught so. I thought we did a really nice job it you know on the depth point. You know next at bat sixth two when he did he did settle in. And we did we get much going after. The things they'll they'll startled cry you know injuries and Chris. Now this what we had we had our butts kicked today it's it's one day come back tomorrow but. Others. You know Austin as far as I'm good now insist it's one game it was a bad game today and new series tomorrow and you lease on the mound and and rating go. In every game there's a moment when you say to yourself. Are you kidding me guest today is are you kidding moment of the game. Brought you by Jeanne Wagner plumbing company you can trust GO Wagoner. Dot com this is the blames pharma league baseball post game show presented by Milwaukee admirals hockey we are passed tag mill hockey. Are you kidding me. On 112 loss they've lost ten of their last thirteen. And they are you kidding me moment of the game moment of the show. There would try and every single person member of our air staff yup wanted to get all the somebody be able to tell us what the hell's going on on the last thirteen games I don't know why they wouldn't jump on without some very nice to our. Colleagues always done. Steve Sparky Pfeiffer. What what happened here are just just we've been asking our listeners. In the last thirteen game window and it can be as specific as we can't I mean because before this like a light switch went to the down position. What do you think happened in the last thirteen games or three in ten. They were sick man maybe they're just pretenders and that's all those laws all the special season. Right IR I could figure how to without the game last in Ireland last night. And on you know she gave or are honored seven. In a row terror lurking like so late. Ever fought hard to achieve that. Thought our honor and good wiggles of all why grant why. If they don't real like uncle something like that before the break out like act that there's been pirate. And I'd say well you know the doctors today they blew multiple opportunities into what base or like our a couple of innings aren't quite hard outs are you. We can't come the angle our Bordal. A considerably so bad out of it and helped gonna continue to get Carter hurt I just. I am ready to jump off bottles these thing you know whatever the case is weak we cannot Friday. Art prior day at the palace of on the big show that. Yeah if you are expert once you get directories August that last year August 3 what are your comment on her block these. Your are about soccer than baseball team and commitment not let up in the National Guard actually got a got a lot Coker but the Dodgers and giants. Not what it carried at that point the way they're playing golf forward and you got fourteen got into daughters in the dark. It's a critical part right now for dispersing. Everywhere at all I don't need often fatal in about. They definitely could use to bat I'm telling you right now great job on the plot up. We're maybe a lot more comfortable up as baseball well sport and we're gonna sidled me we'll see. They're gonna settle for older who have been at a Goodyear with the legal action you're clearly coming thing. Immortal at the bar carry that but not bad and drew Cabrera has got off what field. But a lot but the numbers are watching out let another possible option either. What we're talking about aborted very are real magic huge impact at all coming into the lineup and then you look at picture it. And all that have we seen them and halt what anybody. Not at all it talks about air you know here we are involved in the talks. Probably aren't talking about the and I agree that it and the I do it I I think they're the brewers and it's very concerning right now and I understand. Burned a bubble and it didn't actually think that. There was sooner getting hurt yeah you're right with Souter getting hurt and they may have to there's no question about that but it's a trickle down thing. Two things got a happened if people say well as a as you mentioned a couple of names there. I is that bat gonna put you over the top Null. However. It does lighten the load enlighten oppressor out of the rest of the guys but it has that the lion's share of the improvement has to come from within. If you're only go for Ed why are Eduardo Escobar. Then you got to improve from within and then that makes Escobar that much better. Right the other the other thing I'll let you look at that deal but the Carter's gave up. What they gave up against him and you look at trade deadline an electoral. It would start to not make it met the oaks it's just not happening well reported that I cannot force got I think. It made abundantly clear again. It's got to afford me stern like they cannot deal in the wintertime nauert and sit back calculated move it figured out a little bit get what he can get out of god. Once we get to a deadline may listeners who doesn't get back out of vulnerable. Where you go get sabathia out of that Lockheed may not have a portable smoltz is great it may not be that thank you want to give up what you saw before. I'd given up the future and a year that I wanna capture there. Didn't continued success. And I think he will make a deal though ought to be like a Ryan Kordell for a swore Zach. If you get Neil Walker or something. Like what but he's not gonna help that's about the moment and I get sucked okay you your nick are you know which are eaten or something like that but just restructuring per cent based. Who leading up in the not probable but collapsed in the second applicant barrier. Another collapse in the second Africa going to be interest or is compliment our ever let your level at which can't finish boy so I nursed there. Supper come out of the odd at all. And where they can figure out what made you want all the injuries that you saw enough talent. Be better than what they shall sure a lot of. Well you'll hear more with Steve Sharkey Pfeiffer in the boys in the big show on my afternoon our rights Stevie Avago thanks for the weekend man. I only wanna call it he only wanna call us back up you know. I don't want regardless where. A lot of friends make a lot of they really aren't great are the areas these Sparky Pfeiffer yeah I don't you know again. People preached teamwork and we need a sabbatical together and for bonding and everything. Maybe that won't there really is trying to. Senator olive branch ought to make some friends that's all we're just nice to make some friends outside the way that tenement house in the morning podcast number 28 tomorrow morning at six. Get to know big rig. You don't know big Greg is you get to gnome as you well now on the podcasts alone a year an interesting story from both of our summer vacations. Yeah very interesting summer vacations during the all star break for sure are we got to get inside the clubhouse Hui and hear from today. Hour and hear from Brent suitor will do that next he's curtain and it's a DL stint will get the the on news in the latest from him next year on the fan. I. Now here's the behind the scenes post game update as we take you inside the clubhouse brought to buy at a out of deputy dot com ready to get inside a new. Out of deputy dot com. Gets deals done that others can't or won't. Tied eleven to final trying to figure this thing now we're gonna hear from Brent suitor after the brewers lose the game in the series today. Let's say get RD in here art what's happening what do you think happened here in the last thirteen games or three in ten. Yeah I think did one of the things is a lot of the talk over the last couple weeks has been and where the brewers gonna do as far as making a move. And so they haven't done it they haven't done I think as ballplayers do you. You know if you're wondering and it can it resonates through the team. And one thing I know it's imminent you wanna be a championship. Club. You can't be afraid to take risks you have to be at risk taker. And I think. One thing it within this team as you can be accountability and maybe we get those are but you gotta build from them. I still would entertain. The idea of making Josh hater. A starter. You've got a superstar you got Clayton Kershaw doubt in your ball patent. And now the time desperate times call for desperate measures don't be so conservative. Take the rest of it doesn't work out you know by the that you know what they were before. Yup and you have no regrets are right our right thanks for the call are. I agreed to two. A certain extent on that a large extent actually. He gonna have to take risk I'd apps and you've heard me talk about this desperate times desperate measures man sometimes you don't kick kooky or crazy about it. But could you see right now the prospectors in the patient people are gonna say. Show your patience. Freddie Peralta. Corbin burns and Josh hater. Could be at every five day guys. While. I mean I get that but you gotta pop that this thing now I still believe that. I do I still bullies don't leave you with a World Series I do believe that absolutely idea. And there are some tough times going on there's no question about it in more ways than one not just the wins and losses to see injuries Tennessee off the field so often there's says to set. To a messy right now the last two days we've been and there are talks shot yesterday we talked Phillips today both of them brought up. Championship teams will have runs like this yeah. And they did their aware of it that's interesting Brent suitor of latest casualty of another one. To the DL let's hear from Brent suitor inside the clubhouse. So. Just. China. So. So like I normally do and then just felt it in the world's problems I felt that while his room there to than just kept going get worse and worse and Alaska it's as were his painful so. Just come. Really this morning sit back kind of like restrain what to war and it's really is one my team down today and did pitch well and covered boots it's really this point it was 2000. Announced legislation soreness felt like it was a manageable got a good its roof is fine just in among hitters when I didn't feel it until it. The last the second inning and then third in just like this when that started. Markkanen. China to us through it and that is Scott painful you know means that the this has not been seen pictures of pollution in some rooms are more concerned. Yes you can at any time there's a repeat injury it's kind of like. Continued recess forever. Is that is definitely. An strain the first time around that I mean I thought we got through it likely felt. Well good to go through star in Pittsburgh recovered. As well as I can before after it has restarted them. Don't back a false or break it felt fine wasn't like super like. Just like a 100% felt didn't do enough to go for Sharon and today just just a fact that your. She moves into its news. Yeah he never wanna see that happening in the game he started for sure and consumer. The bullpen saying in enough that's I've been. Did he gives none. There to their credit is also moved him into two zeros and had fun doing it like that's that's kind of some smile out today that your. And who. I personally feel horrible right now let's just let the team down pitched badly and get hurt again and guys out there I think in the clubhouse is just like you know it's we. We realize it's a long season and there's ups and downs in the stuff in the valley. A player when when you know that you. Could the end courier you want to be end you have the opportunity to BN. You push to. That's a really really tough pill swallow man yeah and it didn't work out and and the valley that they're in its valley. Back to the PE mail us at pikes peak soon. You were just there. Some like that are close arm but man I I don't know I I can't get that feel and out of my mind here and from Brent right there. Do that is that is the worst feeling you can have. You you keep trying to get it out you you know that you're not 100%. Well you you've looked at those guys in the clubhouse for the last you know four months he can't get get out their form stuff yen I think at the end of this run for Brent sooner. This run here and he's been battling all season long we all know that the numbers on that than they ERA doesn't jump off that this year matchup for sheer. But he's been battle in the team's been no wind and for the most far behind him. I'm not sure he makes it back into that rotation. This season and I'm not convinced I don't know if maybe he's feeling that too. He might being Padilla and indeed lets us squeeze in gem here Jim Muir and acts on the fan. By the power of the directly at the solid but that the rural or having any fun. Each hitter and animals. That's Dexter you've been listened for awhile Zuma. Yes I don't. In the lab and games. I've seen. It plays around that could be for sure. Better feel would've made. They had they'll be lower second baseman and him. Like all Boston Globe. Dropped rules. And he's more left her inspirational leader in the dugout. Am. Also Google's sort of position players that went out there and pitch. I mean that's not an easy thing to do but they did that. Now highlight the fact that they did that didn't burn a bullpen they've got a they've got a game tomorrow against the nationals. Right they're gonna be okay. Or live aren't cute little better and triple 8 am well pleading getting him back they'll get so far are back on the bench. And can never be okay it'll worry about it. They go Jim thank you Greg thanks a lot either that positive Jim we did notice them thanks man way to go to him thanks John M you know what. He's got to deal. Every hotel. Heard that kids had a baby Jenna Jenna I don't give way to mega mark GMA. They sit now what do you want job on Alec or hit a but what will be back on the plan. Now back to the fans baseball post game show. Live from the international Monday Greenfield and Monday west Dallas studios. The other good thing about baseball. Is that there's a ball game tomorrow 7101. Pitch. At Miller Park nationals and brewers get added for a three game set your boy Bart Bryce Harper in town. That boy he has in town. Ryan junior horrified when I was you get a chance talked embrace those that a couple years old and I wanna say at least two. And for all the people that wanna call and talk while Bryce Harper and erred more on twitters when you hear about it being kind of a a Jewish and not at all not at all I thought he was one of the cooler guys we are talking. It was a it was a good interview it was fun and it really was the was respectful I obviously I was and it was fun well obviously I mean enjoy spotlights is something different today he might. But yeah he's in town and and I'm sure that'll sell a few tickets I would imagine him and his 214 aboriginal draw big crowds now. Junior more of a lot. It is a guy that does is keeping hope alive here for the brew crew. Yet yours you're still you're still believe engineer. I'm gonna say wild card spot and beat the cubs are Gunner on live with the central belt punch me in the states. Still don't really good right now under the if they add another starter let me say that if you actually makes a move. And another starter I think the brewers are in some trouble as far as winning the central he was our executive producer but if they continue to roll out chat blood. That I think the brewers come from behind and win the division Griffin American Idol in behind the glass just all over the phones today. You are right I'm I'm doing well some guys burn a hole a nadir over there. Struggle and I feel like that's not doing too much sometimes need to let him okay zip these have played a little Texas hold them last night. Did you get a W. How old colts a case sweets or Colorado. We'll see about it's okay our eyes. That's my house. By game time odds tomorrow at 710. And Dow gets you ready with the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show prior to the game and after the last bit to make the switch me to right here. International Hyundai Greenfield and Hyundai west Alice studios for the boys farm and please post game show presented by us. Our friends at the Milwaukee admirals we are hash tag mill hockey and for Ryan or bots and Griffin American Idol when. Ryan junior more about it just I think he developed a nickname today from phone mussels these. It doesn't like to call any time I'll get my personal sell as well which talks and overall good I'll lingered from Hillary bit on my name is Tim Allen have a great night talk to tomorrow night after game one against the nationals and despite everything. Smile Milwaukee the world will smile back.