Brewers Look for Series Win Over Pirates

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Sunday, May 6th
Anthony Mandella gets you ready for the Pirates-Brewers Game 3 on the Pella Window and Doors of Wisconsin On Deck Show.

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It's game day brew crew fans and we'll get you ready before first pitch. Today's starting lineups will debate the hot topics in Milwaukee plus you'll hear from the skipper this is the Pella windows and doors baseball on deck show built by those they got. Together in building a better 1057 FM. The fan. Welcome in brewers fans it is the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show bill bio Zynga together building better Anthony Mandela in for you this afternoon at the rubber match. Game three at Miller Park. Between the Pittsburgh Pirates enjoy Milwaukee Brewers wanted to get to today we'll go inside the clubhouse. Tim Allen and bill Schmidt of the Timmons house podcast in this very. Place farm and fleet baseball post game show right on this station had a chance to sit down with Taylor Williams at the ballpark also. Here from the manager Craig Counsell to get the scoop from the skipper. And on the roundtable later we'll hear from your own Rami now o'clock here at the fan and also fox axis Caitlin Sharkey. The first full rewind the clock look at the action in last night's game to match up. Released just seen and Jamison tie and got things started on the mound for the two teams in that one and they battled back and forth. Through the first three full innings of that until Hernan Perez broke up the shutout in the bottom of the fourth inning. Top of the sixth inning then as we fast for the pirates pulled back even Adam Frazier tagging and scoring on a sac fly from starling marte. And the bottom of the seventh inning the brewers. Got a couple more first it was Christian yell it at the dish with 21 and two out. Then made it 21 Milwaukee then with runners at the corners the crew got a little help from the Pittsburgh battery yet passed the ball. Against Francisco's her belly play to Lorenzo Cain now with a 31 lead in the top of the eighth it was time unleashed Josh hater the outing. Not as good for him this time around a walk to Gregory cojuangco set up a two run home run for styling marte and the pirates knotted things up. At 33 we then moved to the bottom half to mingle Santana. Double to left field to lead off the inning then Orlando Garcia struck out many Pena grounded out. And Eric so larger walks with two down in the inning. Two on Ryan brawn at the plate. It's too soon. I like this afternoon courtesy of fox sports Wisconsin and that was nothing new this season for Ryan brought another clutch at bat from him. Gave this team a five to three lead Craig Counsell then deciding to stick with Josh cater for the ninth inning and that decision proved wise it was three up three down. For number 71 in the eighth inning proved to be the difference maker in that game. It was a 53 brewer victory. In game two the final line precious scene and that went six innings just one earned on three hits two walks and four k's one of his best starts of the season Jeremy Jeffords a scoreless inning out of the pan. Two earned in two innings for Josh hater who took the blown save but also got the women now one it was his first win of the season George condos the losing pitcher for Pittsburgh. And the rubber match of the three game set coming up in just over an hour but see who the managers have queued up in this one with a series on the line. You're listening to the Pella windows and doors on deck show bill bio Zynga on the leading off goes batting cleanup here's today's look around the diamond. What the Waukesha sports car starting lineup do you have an upcoming charity event to fund raiser. Waukesha sports cards has a great selection of authentic autographed sports memorabilia and call them. And 2625440959. Let's start things off here with the visiting Pittsburgh Pirates a comment at an eighteen and six mark sixteen mark. That is managed by Clint Hurdle leading off for the on the second baseman Adam Frazier. Batting second and in right field Gregory poll want go starling marte will bat third and placed senator. And cleaning up will be the first baseman Josh Bell. Corey Dickerson bats fifth and plays right field behind the behind the dish today it's the catcher Francisco serve belly batting sixth. Third baseman column ran that seventh Jordy Mercer the shortstop will bat eighth and Chad cool. Doing the pitching today for Pittsburgh will bat ninth this season cool three and two. Through six starts and ER raid just a hair over five at five point 01 about as close as he can get there. In his career vs Milwaukee is two and over in five starts with an ERA of 242. But things to your Milwaukee Brewers who are twenty and fourteen. Managed by Craig Counsell leading off for them today the center fielder Lorenzo Cain. Christian yell which will bat second and play right field. Ryan brown back in the starting lineup for the first time since Wednesday he will bat third and play first base his dues Aggie Allard the day off. Trevor shot cleaning up and playing third base to mingle Santana. We'll head out to right field and bat fifth Eric so guard in the starting lineup at second base he will bat sixth the shortstop Orlando RC a batting seventh. And the catcher jet bandied bats eighth with the starting pitcher of today's game chase Anderson. In the ninth spot this season Anderson three into in his seven starts at an ERA of 338. In his career vs Pittsburgh quite sharp 62 and eleven starts and ERA of 286. And last season against Pittsburgh he was a perfect three and oh in three starts with an ERA of just one point. 56. Will today's weather affect the game. Let's get today's field game conditions this is the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show billed by dozing guy. On 1057. Yeah the group opening Miller Park for the first time this season earlier in the series and I'd be willing to bet it's open again today clear sunny skies all afternoon no chance of rain in the forecast. Any pleasant 58 degrees at first pitch could be warmer but hey it's Maine and Wisconsin what do you expect. Really take a quick break here when we come back we'll hit the roundtable Rami Mac cloth and Caitlin Sharkey from fox six will be joining us. Little later we'll go inside the clubhouse here tenant ouch is Taylor Williams and get the scoop from the skipper. You're listening to the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show billed by dosing get together building bitter better and the only station brewers fans need sports Radio One 057 app and. Some of the brewers are hot while some are not. This is who's hot who's not. On the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show. Build bio Zynga. Just under an hour away from first pitch at Miller Park Anthony Mandela in for you this afternoon at the Pella windows and doors Wisconsin on deck show built by dosing get together building better. We get to the roundtable in just a few minutes the first gonna let you know who's hot who's not. One guy that is hot. Seven hits and is so last seventeen at bats including his first home run of the season Friday night he is Domingo Santana a 706. Slugging percentage leads the team over the past week another guy. Sort of a hot bat as of late Orlando Garcia a clean 333. Over the past week for our CF. And Jeremy Jeff for us. Continues to dominate in a scoreless inning last night he has not given up around earned or otherwise. In exactly one month as of today it's been since April 6 against the cubs at Miller Park that was the only run if he's given up. All season so quite hot. Jeremy Jeffers has been all season long. A couple of guys that are not Lorenzo Cain just three hits. In his last one yet that's not to be outdone though by Travis shot who has just two hits in his last twenty at bats. Jacob Barnes has given up four hits out of the pen in the past week that is the worst. Among brewer relievers over that stretch so a couple of guys that are hot and all of a couple other guys not so much. Either way it can't be hot or cold if you're sitting. On the DL let's take a look at the injury report. Baseball is 90% mental and the other half is physical. So who's injured on the crew appears today's injury reports on the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show go by Jose got. On 1057 FM. Some good news. Some good news on the injury front Boone Logan could be back this week from the left triceps strain that has had him out all season. Hopefully a nice addition to the verbal and that has been dominant. To this point in the early campaign exact Davies still eyeing a return to the starting rotation late this week perhaps next weekend have to wait and see. Other rotator cuff pans out not something you want to force if you're Craig Counsell and David Stern's and Steven Vogt Corey naval. Still on their double A rehab assignments we should see them back before the calendar turns to June. To a couple of guys there on the injury report the update. For you on the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show. Before every game. Per skipper Craig Counsell addresses the media let's get the scoop from the skipper. What's Craig Counsell have planned for today's game let's find out with today's scoop from the skipper says is up hello when. Windows and doors on that show. Built by Jose got. On 1057 FM. The fans. Game three of the series today at Miller Park it's the brewers and pirates the brewers a chance. To get their first win at Miller Park over a civil series when that is over an opponent with a winning record this season. But here are Craig Counsell had to say before the game today. I don't I don't have the perfect answer for you don't think anybody does I don't I don't think anybody in the history is good for the future of sports or the path that would give you the right answer on that. You know I. Think it's more fun for everybody when we enjoy each other's company and we like being around each other when we. Have had a lot of fun. No matter what's going on. And we'll always try to do that and you know. There's. The knicks is going to be different every single parents. Not going to be the same it is a different cast of characters and different spot their careers difference about lives. And yet we kind of enjoy that and embrace that welcome but. Word we're surrounded. You know I think they enjoy each other's company and that leaves on them. You know them pull for each other and then. On that which. Hurt them. Well I mean. It it's just it's it's not that it's it's just different and everybody's everybody's. Experience what it is different. You know one player might says is the greatest team I've played on one another player like say this course. It meets again might be it's though it's it's everybody's experience is different it depends on gas use others. You know I think a lot of people enjoyed last year's team you can find some Providence. Ali I'm with you yeah. So listen it's. It's. You know I think and I've been on good teams that that these dollars are different so it's so let's. It's tricky you know I think it's tricky but though ultimately. The reason why it's important is sort of things that the guys clintons and the guys play well. And on and have fun doing and I think we and everybody believes that. You know you he'll play better when yours here. The spot warriors and join yourselves and com. You have a responsibility to each other and they mean something yeah I think it reduces that's better color. Two guards coming. To us that. Every. Yeah well it's it's IE users and now it's it's you know put the suit together like you can scan in and agree it's commutes name but it you know put it this name on it and it in different. Where you put it it's green and it's going to be different. And that's that's okay does have to face the same every year every day. And it's like that and it's. That's part of me. Well. It isn't which minutes trying to. Work. It is that it is out well. So so those sick and balls and family. It saves them. Summer and it's only. What was the loss left a bullet on the via the a different all that he was. He can't. Remember let's let's change it wasn't as much the last. And. Referring to all before you turn them attacks for it is Texas well. Yeah there is this the split was something that we he had just really started throwing before we traded him to Texas and he was probably about a you know. Months and throwing it maybe. And he was throwing. You know wonder to an appearance may be you know. So that's it's definitely it's you know it's an hour or two years and two clusters in the that I think is I think is breaking balls. The great history most improved also. It's it's kind of morph shapes that at times it is approved for it right now that are going to play itself. And that's that's that's what how he's different little bonuses third pitch as a you know that's that's a big weapon for reliever I think it's a reliever relievers having three practices. A lot to handle for guys that philosophy. We've talked about what you were more belief. He's like. It's it's hard to say when you're not you know I don't know there and I've. Always wanted. To. You lose you life it is who. We I mean I don't yeah I mean it I don't consider. You know. I mean I considered taxes before the brewers or whatever it was this Texas City you know that the earlier this currently as a whole different. Whole different story. You know I mean he didn't. He didn't have a lot of success. Utility you know when he got back here from from Toronto road. So I don't I think he was still evolving as a pitcher. Easily. Easily. Duties at the cars. It's that he's pitched in pretty important spots all year I mean that's that's again. We're we're assigning. The number of the inning as the most your signing eating as in accordance. Only backlash it would. It's theater earnestly. And well I mean I think when I mean we've when he came back last year Corey it was kind of cemented in what he was doing it and you know we we acquired Anthony at the end of the year last year so he was kind of cemented in the app role so. You know on Josh was Josh was around so JJ was you know it was certainly in the next with a lot of stuff that we Edson. We got a lot we had some pretty good relievers. And some other spots so. And it's. Really weren't gonna miss by hours not that different this year I think at this point so. He's getting outs he got out slash here for us and they're going to be important ounce continued importance. It. Was. A yet the prices have I mean nets. He he's made huge pitches in tough situations. You know I don't. And and I've been the biggest thing is that he's. Hit of his biggest improvement it's a song strikes you know that's that's what's that's what he's done a much better this year. Uneven competitors what is accurate in the last series so mark price. And and really if you're coming into the system to situations he's come into bats. No that's the most important thing is that he's he's thrown strikes situations. The other there's going to be balls. Get through through some holes that's that's gonna happen. Plus pretty good velocity. That's been dead on the losses you know losses that probably improve a little bit since since last year. Your early history in 99 to be now we know who's going to. Yeah. Now patently yet. He's got just below hers isn't his arm angle is lower than one was when he was. High school dress the picture you see that currently where you to end this it's an interest in pretty significantly different yeah. So it's like it right this time you know yeah I mean well I mean. The worst word worry in a it would be in conservative mode because we've got till the end of the week so I mean it's it's Sunday. You know after today we'll just kind of put him on normal routine really like a normal starters in which is what would be so. Those are you know today is kind of a rest exits would would be that day he pitched. And so we'll just treat this as a rest day in and help kind of on normal routine to get ready. Was last night it was. Yeah I you keep us just any game was he was very good as his slider was loses it added the slider the right. We substance and some swings that we're. You know maybe units investor's best ways he's come around us now. In case he's pitched better there's no question which better yes. Oh. Yeah I mean our guys are doing a good job there there have been really solid. That they really have time and it's. You know I'd. I give a lot of credit spitz has been solid starting pitching really really solve. There is Burres manager Craig Counsell you're listening to Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show. Built bio Zynga together building better so that was Craig Counsell will take a break. On the other side and still to come we will hear. Tim and Tauscher the chance to sit down with brewers reliever Taylor Williams look at in an usher in the round table running now cloth and Caitlin Sharkey said to join us. On that one. Once again you're listening to the Pella windows and doors in Wisconsin on deck show an entity Mandela for sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. It's time to debate the big issues surrounding the crew get ready for. Roundtable sponsored by McCormick law office in the back injury attorneys. This is the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show. Build my nose Zynga. On 1057 FM. The man. There's about forty minutes away from first pitch here on the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck shell built bio Zynga. Together building better Anthony Mandela in for you this afternoon. And we are going to hit to the round table still trying to usher if you end but we will. Go first to this guy who you here. Weekdays two to six on the award winning Wendy's big show in just about every weekday afternoon or evening depending on where you draw the line on this very on deck show. Follow on Twitter at Rami is tweeting he is. Rami Mac off rob me of what is up. I am watching my dog. Opera well played there just throw some Shea just their own and shake your shark while you aired it out right. Absolutely and Dodd joining Rami this afternoon on the roundtable. He is the franchise here this afternoon and almost after every game on the planes farm and fleet baseball post game show is he is Tim Allen Tim what's on the docket for you. Between now and hopefully a series win for the brewers this afternoon. Were there. During the gamble sometimes you know you grab some grub right about now rightly what he would be up today. Yeah. Now lies. I'm actually looking at some grouper perhaps right now movie actor. It may get in shop and they're so on what to do and in enhanced servers are collection. All right so there are no dog urinating anywhere near you right now. No but I amused that I can view. OK fair enough and it's wanna make sure that everyone's dogs are you know functioning at full capacity. Just pick right in the things and we'll start with you ten this season the birds yet to win a series at Miller Park against an opponent with a winning record. Who needs to come through big for this team today for that to change. Who cares. Army that it it doesn't it doesn't matter who's gonna do someone Seles is gonna come it would be nice to just get a run away when I am. Yet interests it would it would really ought not. Couple things number one as sir. It would have these guys when the series. I don't care who counts aren't really don't at this point there's there's the keel to stack up or in some people on a stack up start the schedule. In early Mahan baseball. I don't think that that's fair and apparently has created that that it didn't matter. How the first sitting head against the cubs last year to reverse that the students here and look and act. So right now it's just about Shaq and somewhere them as as council's sent not only your career. In terms of today's game run away with the win. You get another win this stack here you take its theories you're ticket they awful reset. And and then you look at to win loss record on two thirds of her first 35 and a spot that's up to 21 and fourteen mark. That's a pretty big game and serve in terms of all of what that shot. Yeah so you might be inclined to say someone though from the offensive perspective of things needs to get hot today carry this team to runaway win. No nobody out no one in no one guy blow but at the plate. Be nice. Out there's just offensively a report collect their sleep with an eight spot man right away eliminate two victory mean. That would be nice you let's say you Grammy. The Reno said and it got their incur are really cannot also are right pocket or purse current secret to note at the corporate stretch. You Lorenzo Cain get proper threat. Erick Aybar another guy they had planned as being part that I've our middle. Of the order but he obviously can't do anything with Bob that is at Monticello right now or got. C click. For a long stretch of time and getting more rock. Al in Buenos I'd like to see you rank it going to and that it might be able to really see what this operative. It capable of when they have bet. Wind up where it with a lot of run producing guys don't know. That it of that lineup I think that some cartel like to see that we have roots here. Yeah. Santana I mean he's article Ronald they are surprised that you think. Let's say at Hamilton and here's awful in terms of the numbers notebook that's reserved for so garden pair oh their yard. And these guys but. Since then all of a sudden you look up from. All the crap he's sitting almost seventy. Yeah I think I believe he's got like 67. Or some like dapper. No he would start recovery on the bat there's good news is it real here is terrorist without Iranians. It's kind of over them with little sketchy on in and out in an hour. It does put a lot of pressure on ball back on center now. Yen Tim Allen running back up joining us on the roundtable here Tim you alluded to it a little bit just that just dissect their. Ryan brawn clutch last night getting the start today at first Bates is does this first time in the starting lineup since Wednesday at Cincinnati. Is Craig Counsell being too cautious with Ryan brawn this early in the season. You know order group the second its market and the super over the top frustrated about it they're like law just put it all off and you know appear. Senator Lugar co creator there becomes the birds of the game winner in the bottom. Eased their salary their route through a very small something else. And we're been talking about the last couple nights. On the cell and that is it's just. It's yes it is. I don't know what does this happen to other guys around EM MA yet Gaza expect all the day's top and you're an embarrassment or cooperate at the number of games so they would like receipt great picture of access and manage it can and it can be really frustrating I just I can't figure it out by brawn. You know I don't know if it's something that we don't steal it from there probably is but it's that doesn't mean we can't frustrated about it. Fair enough Rami. Yet to get this sport it is something. That you just seal it he'd even get an. Or other. Over the course of the season I think that's something that's been fervent. Over the course of Brian brought career. I'm not a doctor so all I'll take that the share doctor yep I'm a positive of that club I'll take. I'll take the burden medical it's great that. But we'll pay you about what's the best course to take Bryant brought. Although I don't because I don't know everything that's going op with quiet audits are that would help her and a lack thereof. An idol and their fight it out there so what was the best course of action to take you guys. Who seems to be acceptable. Increase specifically muscles straight whether to go. Cowher or hostels or. Whatever the case might be right blog is susceptible to the east exit entries. And I rather see him you know sit out a game or every quarter two weeks then then have to see in this game of twenty year Christmas stretch or 28 at one ideas because. Of a whatever strain are very admitted that that pops up but any given time seemingly with Bryant brought it could backcourt fake. Like him that it's it's frustrating. Yet but it it's also on some level I think something. You're just gonna have to you know you're gonna be without right about mothers because. Whether you're carts were let in one way or the other every season and that just subpar at 2% have to deal. Sure on the bonuses that you. I mean your your last dependence on Ryan brought that you go in and you're strapped so that's a little bit of a bonus. But it's an in a weird way that almost. Makes a turnaround and say. I'll mandate we got this garlic or does go to its its Ryan blockages in their predates. So that sweetly at their are you going to work against belittle that but. I think we're all. Getting to know the situation. As as the months and years or. Yeah and Brian bronze injury concerns nothing new for the brewers but some things that could be new. Over the course of the next thirty days we could see Boone Logan backe is yet to pitch a Major League regular season game for the crew Corey can naval could be back and actions even though exact Davies. All on the docket to come off the DL at some point this month. Which means there are four spots. That David Stern's and Craig Counsell are going to have to find a way to open up in your opinion Rami we'll start with you. Who might be some of the guys that are the casualties. Of that depth. I think you mean you you always start at the back yet. Of the ball and an army packet in terms of guys you go. Right again I mean back in the terms of the guys at least valuable apple had been and go to black. The problem is that bullpen has been so good. I don't know that it right now that it. The thing is and and it's it's weird how how every time he says that it sent out to work this way. Greg alcoholic says that that the roster as a way of working itself out of that surplus you know this all wheel loader guys. Itself that it's gonna pop up over the course under BP game see. That's gonna sort of make that decision for you wait Miley. Coming coming out of spring training group asking to do the roster into the rotation. And the weight Miley injury sort of answered that question for everyone so. I wouldn't be surprised that if and I hate to say this because you never want to see it very well it's harder to beat two game season. I think they're gonna pop up for just about everybody. On a 25 man roster that could. Land them on the L especially when you have the luxury that the birds app now. Witches in open may be may be too many guys for 25 man roster great rob I have. But like Greg council says that weren't started this along with it. These these questions apple way of answering themselves one way or the other over the course of the C. Sure there and off and final thought we'll go to you ten for he start this one off. We were talking the other night it's going to be a gauntlet so to speak for the brewers in the month of may all of their opponents coming up. Currently have winning records short of the Minnesota Twins who played October ball last season. They have struggled thus far against teams who's who and winning records when you you look at this thing come June 1. If you are 500 in the month of may coming out of this do you consider that a good month of base. Can that can I ask you. I am pretty what the current record is against. Teams with a winning record. Let's see three against the cardinals. Won against the cubs. I think that's it for wins that's on right. I thought well now can they be they did strike they beat the pirates so lay a five. But five and twelve Ryan yeah. Erica. It's it's one team and be with you re saying an uptick in New York papers there it will fire here. And world with winning records. Okay they're five and well. Know what will be saying. Well brewers have abortive. Note got a horrible record. To sound like chuck braverman there. Or worse and horrible record with a winning record if they were seven and we'd be saying that quickly piecing it as much well. You remove the Chicago Cubs in the equation they're still 500 against winning teams thus. The prompt reply 200 in the month of may. My point is we wouldn't be saying the brewers struggle against teams with a winning record. No they struggled it's actually. With a winning record I don't look now there are there on the verge of not having any records show that they don't turn things Ralph. So does that take that off the table that's all I'm saying is. Just what's his weight on that's so little bit more. No question about it the first sectional and that's that matchup since. That's the bottom line but again say they winter games to just you know to not twelfth two. At seven intent would repeat. Cheering that in reading that as much as we are not the answer would be no they would they would say well there's little underachieving you know so those seniors or any record. But it would be a partial misstatement. So what you're saying is we got a little bit of blurred vision through the rivalry goggles down I 94. Maybe just a little bit. Just gab maybe in its it's gotten the courage that. It's gotten her friends. I hope that dotted has gotten into that front office line. Well I suppose that's that's a fair way to look at it Rami do you think. Monty made 500. Good bad. In different ethics allotment 500 or I mean you're all her for a couple games. About 500 over the course of many long stretch of the schedule an aunt and the good practices so the question and answer that it. Couple minutes ago about that road trip and whether or not you consider that it is. At the end of the day about stacked in orient you want to set that the division. Because you after the date at the end at the end of September. So it means a little bit more every game against the concert at our market you're the higher. Is it a two game winning one where the music it ever. Heard those that path so. You do a lot more success within the division but at the end of the day it's about back up where they come out with all her or just as it. It at top while that may have they do lots and I think you do look at the matter out they come. And say yeah that was in exit a successful mark this is this is a tough stretch they come up about a bit. A couple 23 games over 500 that's a great market at Milwaukee words in it in the long. And you think that Craig Counsell would have to agree given his comments after that royals and cubs' road trip just a week and a half or two ago. Eric thanks so he would he would answer. And that's one thing that lot of soccer counselors. You know one thing bet that a manager or head coaching Knight or had to do is set the tone in and set the culture or cream and an important thing in baseball it is. That the people pretty level at over the course of under. Presidents such a long Eden. If you get to otters you get to blow and you let those either vote yet you can have a real impact. I'm on its economic about not incur council. There's a great job well. Not putting too much emphasis too much importance on anyone's game anyone's here by stepping back and taking a big picture big perspective looked at PGE that. For for the course 262. Agencies. Absolutely Rami thanks for your time this afternoon and I'll let you get back to whatever your dog is up to now. Well my dog dot artwork today at the Mandela boot you got something going every Sunday. We are very productive guy. The plumber we gotta get all the we doubt we got to get to grass seed that we etiquette. All the foliage that underneath the snow is that a lot of out of the corner of the art everything is going to be an exciting day great great times. Well excellent thanks again for your time all keeping any longer take care of your guard. Thanks Rami and ten you'll be back on the airwaves this afternoon with the planes farm fleet post game show presented by Milwaukee admirals hockey. And may be out may be LB still sticking around here when you get back. That's absolutely anytime Mountain View and you know that love it. Awesome Tim thanks for your time. Tim Allen running back up both join me on the great midwest bank hotline if you're looking for a simple and convenient pre approval process for your new home construction or renovation loan called great midwest bank. Committed to providing uniquely tailored common sense mortgage products. Since 1935. I hit a break when we come back Tim Allen. And bill Schmidt had a chance to catch up with brewers reliever Taylor Williams we'll go inside the club policy here that conversation next. On the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show built by dosing get together building better here on the fan. Now here's the behind the scenes info as we take you inside the clubhouse. Brought you might coaches probably grill myself thirteenth street. Good food and good drinks. Great find that this is the Pella windows and doors on deck show billed by dosing gotten on 1057 FM. The fans. Anthony Mandela in for you here as we wrap things up on the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show built by dosing get together building better before we conclude matters today. Tim Allen bill Schmidt of the planes farm and fleet baseball post game show the tenement house podcast which you can find. At 1057 FM the fan dot com they had a chance to chat with birth reliever and rookie Taylor Williams. Threw attainment how should and Taylor had to say. Tim Allen maybe just feels familiar with the right hander Taylor Williams Taylor are a man estimated Duma. OK good deal when did you walk us through it says that it looked like being in that bullpen this year and he gets outstanding. Promise it's it's exciting it's fun we have it your guys and then I think it's kind of collective group that just has the same the same goal mind and its accompanying image that it Sanford Bernstein and but here's one important thing that's everyone and I think they with everyone's mentality do an independent which is huge and we approached each other. Be better avenues racism. Get the ball than the next guy is that the monitor is going to be out there and you guys definitely have been doing that for you yourself they they've important human some. I know to me it's been a little surprising some higher leverage situations. That is that is the key situations. I don't think anyone you know at the entries we've had two start to use. Generals have been a little bit different and actually I mean there hasn't really been. Girls at times which is. Which is I think he president. Everyone's kind of except today and it said the role is just to take the ball and when it's when your name was called in thought their importance here is an important and teams. No matter what the situation is I think it. I've just been turning out there and and give my team and so when it's involved him when they're. So that's. And that group that you guys have you're at such big spring and and you won the first guys brought back up. How big and is it being stressed that its its Opel a group of like you said the roles aren't necessarily supply. I'm messes things stressed that it is just kind of mutual understanding it. You know we're all here for the same column people and it's a win games and you make efficient else. Com with that being in says I think everyone and as a understanding it. And is there really need to be anything said our our goal is to win games and our job as they chooses to go out there and give our team a chance to win and that's my parents terrorism court. Like last night's game we were talking about it on the post game show about. The ability for you guys to wipe it away. When some like that happens just use of the two run bomb teams titles in the team takes a back up his right back out there doing his thing how in the world problems. Do you guys wipe that stuff away. Hamas that's gonna happen assists for assisting him based volume sometimes in very good pitchers Kenny is dead and that's just the nature and nature of the case. I guess there were a team everyone tries to each other anyway possible so. You know some nice letters are gonna there's picked pitchers up and some messages you think there's that's just how it works and but you've known now privately made you go home covered do you get has allergies celebrated at all. The salary of that great a little bit. There's always reasons to celebrate yet. Mean yeah AM legacy now is getting heavier you know your rest at vanity you know you're gonna they're good pitches it is it's just it is. It's mortgages and looking back on impairment and you know appreciating me at your team your team is there particular ones as soon. You know that you're gonna go pick him up long nights booked for sure there. There's there's a little snippet there Tim Allen bill Schmidt with Taylor Williams as we go inside the clubhouse this afternoon. And this afternoon it's game three the rubber match between the Milwaukee Brewers and the Pittsburgh Pirates Chad cool on the mound opposite chase Anderson. For your Milwaukee Brewers he had just about a minute or so left here look into the starting lineups one more time for the pirates it's Frazier a lot go marte. Bell Dickerson serve valley ran Mercer and the pitcher Chad cool. And for your Milwaukee Brewers a chance to win the series this afternoon if their first. Series win against an opponent with a winning record at Miller Park this season if everything pans out. Craig Counsell has Lorenzo Cain Christie yellowish Ryan brawn dialed up Ron dating is the start at first this afternoon. Trevor shot Domingo Santana Eric so guard Orlando RCA Jett sandy and chase Anderson my thanks to Ryan Moore about producing the show on the other side of the glass. Rami Mac clocked Tim Allen for joining me on the roundtable as well as Tim Allen ball joined by bill Schmidt. For our help going inside the clubhouse and get the sound down at Miller Park. Today. I'm Anthony Mandela this is the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show build bio thing get together building better. Take it easy Milwaukee.