Brewers' Losing Streak Balloons to Five After Dropping Twin Bill in Pittsburgh

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Saturday, July 14th
07/14/18: Blain's Farm and Fleet Post Game Show

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Brewers fans you've made the switch after the last pitch to this show for twelve seasons welcome. Blaine as far as league baseball post game show presented by the Milwaukee admirals who we are. Hash tag male hockey now. Live from the international Hyundai Greenfield and Hyundai west Alice studios here's the franchise Tim Allen and bill baby town Schmidt it. Well this day's been fun it is a fine all the double header is over and when it's found the results are not so fun wow. A 62 loss in game 20221 loss in game one and here we are some planes farm and fleet post game show. Presented by the Milwaukee admirals we are hash tag mill hockey Tim Allen bill Schmidt. Mayor Mitch makes an appearance in IDs gonna make an appearance on the get to know. Segment of the tenement house podcasts would scum and on a Monday morning the credit and the that was the most fun thing we did today. Kind of impressive. With Mitch. Well you did your breasts yes match. Kind of it's just fun. And I don't I know we might call you off Garko and we did we did it happens that's kind of our style we just like that. Counts are right not a good day. It's it's not a good day the brewers have lost their fifth we drafted talk about the game we do well not that necessarily the game the team for sure that's we're gonna talk about the team today. They've lost five in a row. Six of their last seven. And seven of their last nine games heading into the break now if you remember out of the break last year. We are all. Going crazy into the all star break why how from whatever game five and a half lead they are didn't. All the TV recognition you can ask for on crazy are they in improve at the deadline getting even better and everything was then they come out of the break last year. And they went five and eleven they got swept by these Pittsburgh Pirates. Are coming out of the break as well. I was leery about this series. And I wasn't leery about the cubs and brewers going back and forth in first place in the central. We knew that was that we didn't know that was gonna happen does it make it easier to its except no. It doesn't make it any easier. The fact remains deep down we knew was gonna happen. So the brewers out of first place. And the cubs played a night. We're gonna do a little therapy here tonight the Boehner just waited out the final for the game said tomorrow is our final chance to add to our franchise record. Free all star break wind tells C they're trying to make you feel a little bit better that was nice of them. I would it didn't work I don't know if wanna paint and as you know to meet you feel not really kick known. No no not really this is part of the ride that were on the roller coaster ride but I'll tell you. There are some things that do have you concerned this is like the crappy this ride ever this part of it this is like when your on the rollercoaster just plateaus for light. A good portion or strains. Hinders a sitting on the on the two stops right at the right and I'm sentiment. That's kind of where we're at here is wait for the drop rollercoaster ride what I want to get a natural reaction from brewers fans today. Just to see it's a pulls Jack just to see where you're out here I'd tight or IMAP. I can tell you around Manhattan try it out that's why now well I'm I'm but there's. Tick tock going on here. Not because of necessarily. The wins and losses. But because of the names. That are on this team playing. Prevalent roles also I have to question some decision making. You get a it's a one run game. And you get brand Souter at the plate with a runner at first. Nobody out. Top of the order coming back around. And what do you do. The old butcher boy play yelled slasher play fake to bonds. And then he was sworn away with a guy hitting 217. Pitcher or not. Yeah. That didn't work I mean you got to make better decisions and that play it out. Gain in the Ellis coming around at the top runner in scoring position one run game what did you want out of Brent suitor write their Craig Counsell. Rhetoric seriously. What did you want out of that situation. Can you play yet but the book just off all at once and awhile dude. Play well. See what happens. One run game I'd Wear armor no Milan. Took some notes to care act let's go through your notes or 1479912. Sorry if I fight sound polity. Moody alone I am a little bit moody took some notes okay you're peca. This is exhilarating stuffed by you know here here's my first line defense on concerns talking this this is that and and again the you can call old school if you want. You can call it doesn't paint the whole picture of these matters. I don't agree I just think this is the first line defense and that as a batting average give you batting average just give me I you know you can point to. Polish it up deterred as much as you want. Balls hit in play percentages. Are hard hit ball launch angle percentages article all of them slightly you get on base with a hint it's just yes as a first line of defense on hitters are hitters hit hitters and they don't strike out the brewers have a good off putting I have some really good header how many times have they struck out the series. Over 40 am pretty sure hurt. Okay I'm gonna leave. Tyler salad you know alone for now we'll leave him alone. Peg poker is on Phelan is early on in his race for him yet. Yeah Filipino phenom Yamon leave him alone a totally Lorenzo Cain alone. And rightly cells or treatment right not to make gripe about Lorenzo Cain Christian yellow which we will leave him law. And it may be ugly looking strikeouts and a and Hayes who sag relieve him more so your three all stars and three year five all star your boy this just offense were yeah okay and your and your boy Tyler sell at MI guy Tyler salad you know. Let's let's start. Jonathan BR 263 of my boy okay. They Ames's hitting 250. Santana threw we are ordered nine who Brad Miller 246. Aired on parents to 45. Travis shot hitting 241. Ryan brawn to 45 up check that sorry to 35. For Ryan brawn. Our aircraft is sitting to 29. Many Pena's hitting 227. Who. Garcia sitting 197. Jet bandy 188. Keon Broxton 179. Jacob Nottingham 176. Brad Phillips won 43 Eric so guard 134. Nate or old 67. He can drive home the ball majority of your offense is hitting no higher than 263. 263 to fifty to 49 to 46. 245. To 41 to 35. He get a buck 79 in there you get 067 in there. You know 134 and there you know 141 and there you get a 197. While 197 what of that. That's where that's my first line of defense hitting hitting hitting. So that. There's the notes to. You go and Nell feel better maybe a little bit. You flip the baseball card over to say what some batting average who are always at 279. Pretty good. We don't enact partly any of that's. Not a bit. Is it in there hadn't are they tired I don't know what the dealers are really don't know what the dealers. They are better than this though. Which event. Delta and set out landing into the Don club today. We also are only have are ready franc sale which is four for the next two games are gone on vacation some more damages done you know and frank also west. And said that it's ivory you'd attendees sunshine. Okay do his best to blow sunshine and rainbows up our back sides. As he makes excuses. For real hub tired bunch of millionaires. Playing baseball for three hours a day and not go are my god I I. We've done that at all but what we have said is this is pathetic. If you see the last four days but just. Really nausea and brutal and then it gets worse by names this morning and nine runs in four games I'm market at American. Get personal. And just saying collectively now remember the key word here is collectively. Groups of names like exists Nokia doesn't scream a deep run a World Series. Like JJ who burn Alec capture. And Nate war. And even Keon Broxton and Brad Phillips they don't screen World Series yet for some of our. Jack stand. It Jacob Nottingham. Eric crafts. Brad Miller. Mike's ago her ski. Although he's collective names that's all I'm saying yeah is collective names and doesn't scream. That its World Series bound. So do they have time to fix it yes. Despite those names its 55 and 42 yes. Despite those names and batting averages they have been in first what place predominately throughout first half of the season yes. Are they you know fought yet house. Will they play this bad for much longer. Know. Does that make you feel better now why I doubt about it. I'm just that I sent. In guy frustrated by your reaction here as the brewers are not swan dive. He college in June swoon it's July and their swan dive and it's like me back in the day when I was over my buddies fall and we were just had a swan dive straight into the pool and then. Instead we just had our had right on the side of the pool. The ads is to go this is this isn't a full fledged head bashed the only issue is as pools like three and a half feet deep yet that this this as the best says. This is may be a glancing blow that you knew you know you got it. You know maybe maybe a you know you caught some that you caught some that then you know you're really back up the car. Who. It's got the ball save his life it's not that bad debt. The lord got bad your 7991250. Hit us up on FaceBook and Twitter we're gonna do some therapy. Rest of the evening here on the fan. Now back to the fans baseball post game show. Who live from the international Monday Greenfield and Monday west Dallas studios. Not a good day for the crew they get swept in the double header today in Pittsburgh. 7991250. They've lost five in a row now. Six of seven on this road trip. Six of the 73 in Miami and on this the first four here of the five. In Pittsburgh and they've lost comb back to a last Saturday night seven of their last nine games the frustration is now. Harming us and harming our ability to our jobs our computers to stop working I still think simply because the brewers have lost. Five in Iraq it and know anything now. Those numbers of yeah not redeeming about this baseball team but I I think it's a little more than that I think there're some personnel issues here. 7991250. I still think they can get to the World Series. Oh. And does that sound right now. It's still think they get to the World Series they need they're there needs to be a few adjustments okay. This roster cannot. This roster will not will not there's no way. No but there will be some adjustment OK so you're saying. With the proper moves and they can still make the World Series for sure I agree with you yeah for sure and you know what I'll do you one better I think they can still win the World Series. What's he get there it's it's no no he never know it's gonna happen but. Com. For everything that's being floated around today they are. Back to being apparently suitors for Manny Machado and who knows what to have a play tomorrow it'll be that you the Yankees are the clear cut favorite than Monday when government hasn't aired and you'll be Roger Powell liar. So whatever. Is going on with that. Whatever's going on within these personnel moves you are saying that they're gonna need at least one that you Lopes 7991250. Yeah they're gonna just. Well they get better from within our hopes so and they get better from outside as well paid Chad. You're on the fan of seven. I I I did not. Been better and backlash and yeah yeah. Hello hello our armed. Yeah I go on on this yeah I'm very disappointed very on concerned well in Barca but I guess and science. It's a popular not maybe it's better they're they're. Or into the all star break out looting and at a and they got rocky day he can't help it man and few days to think about it. You know come all you know after the all star break this jerk chicken gigabyte again like there are I I'm not gonna give up that in their depth when it up and depth like concerned. Other pitching on eight and. Learn about that's him there not edit their pitching is fine. The pitch to find Jack and. Heard it all injury that aims to mean of that at all period that is an enemy out we kept when he came back and aren't out. I mean has it you got your main arena. They're hitting has been horrible yeah it's at this early that's all I mean. All we got LeBron can't tackle kind of fire engulfed the downtown. Inclusive you know he'd get runner up top and I could adapt or where are to be our enemy. You're saying that they you know are going on and we got six runs again affect the last three games would go out on Iran. What worked what we're we're currently trying to come from behind you know I mean. That's right and and that's why they haven't filed on Thursday of five on Friday that six again in game two they had been years in their guns because they haven't had leads to protect so that it is that's that's a Dili. Counsell handles that bullpen differently when he's up. As opposed to when he's now we know that aren't cracked. Mean I'd say Archie I you have a good weekend our intelligence and your weekend yeah. My locally tomorrow we want. A yeah ago and he it's a BR and it's not 63 flames 250 these are batting averages during a Santana to 49 he's our Brad Miller 246. Hernan Peres to 45 Travis shot to forty. One of the Meyer Ryan brawn. To thirty. Five for Ryan brought Democrats and 229. Manny Vizio to twenty summit. Orlando Garcia won 97 Jeff Bailey won 88. Beyond Broxton 17 and nine Jacobs Nottingham once 76 Brad Phillips won 43 so hard won thirty born here or. Post something. That's just me. In my first line of defense has always been batting average I've. Respected on base percentage more moral over the years but your first line of defense and a good hitter is hitting. Does the name hair. Can you give more than head of collective average of like to talk wanting. It's just. It's kind of comical it is too big time comical especially when he still looked at their 1413 games or 500. It's laughable what they've done the last week and a half yeah and the position at their rent. Yet you don't see teams that are that. Far it will get better over 500 do that for a consistent period of time and got an offer we can here's some good news bettered a slump in July and September. Where did our from. Are you Sanders Jay Sanderson was mentioning that. And that they might need one of those stem I don't know I don't know who. In the clubhouse is collective leader I think they're they're a group of guys that all got a lead for themselves. And we continue to follow you know one another and in like a path but at this point I don't know who's gonna walk and that's it looked as we got figured this out. But our stuff out yeah I don't take it happens now with one game last. Before the break out a little we're gonna hear from Greg council here a few minutes but there's a picture of him. In the post game where he's looking like he'd just either got struck by lightning. Or he walked in and had water is poured all over me struck just terribly bad he looks just exhausted did you have news yeah. I wore her disheveled. Nick Mitch used a really good word earlier today it was a bullet ambivalent ambivalent. That's a good work are not ambivalent here this afternoon I'm moving forward with our friends at Ford financial partners check amount. And FF PW buy dot com. They will get out of this. Right. Are you asking or telling. I'm asking sort. Well that they're not zero blues suspect at this clip for the rest of the season OK I don't know what to get out of it. Means though that that depends on what you think they're gonna do for the rest of the year. That comes in the question of where do you think they're gonna finish act goes ringing in my head about you don't. Talking about the cubs and brewers stormed back and forth doesn't mean it's it feels any better. When it actually occurs which it is right now. But we talked about that and we are part of that was preparing myself. For that. The other thing is that they give a little greedy with their win loss record in throwing Ryan brawn under the DL thrown Manny Pena on to the deal. When their struggles clearly were on office. Well I think. And despite the fact of the timing of him I think it was simply because they noticed that they needed some bats they need somebody those gilligan's Moffett an eight or. And homer. He did hit a home run did a home run that's right I forgot about ego and a whole run he. Oh yeah over the fence you see you made me go out and yelled at me for not. Being happy about somebody and home run. So you be happy for me or I was happy for New York good not good go back to Colorado Springs and happy. All of your neck on offended. Yeah I'd territorial. Bin better. This. You don't always. Forget to Conan asked this question so. Trading deadline how many players you think are off limits for the the rehearse a trade. On the Major League roster the minor league Major. League roster. Well everybody I've always said every everyone has surprised so they're all available in in my eyes so. Yes I mean I guess I can only see Alex came and probably egg you'll I think everybody else. At this point in time that if there's deal could be added they're good deal. They should just start to unload and certainly is the move was to I mean this scene is got a lot of talent. But Darren you know I'd like big picnic the World Series sure but they've got to hit the ball. The pitching staff is doing. Pretty well for what they are. But if states hit hit score runs. Man they're they got a real long road ahead the second. Can we all agree the need is offense. Yeah okay I just just jacket because they're still as of the other day when we got here Saturday. Nobody Thursday are one of the shows whether it was bill Michael's or are chuck and Bart. But there's still an argument to be made about getting a Frontline starter and hides his stone Syria. What's the pressing need on this team. It's it's scoring run at night. Like that I did do they have like everybody else in the league we consider to be like outlawing starters. No probably not you know they they don't but are they doing what they're supposed to do go get that I get to six. And then let you know relief. They did it today in both though both of these games they get. Offensive the offenses on the and they sweetness double matter is that simple. Absolutely absolutely but you know it that lower part of the batting order that it's just it's just chilling scene it's a sinkhole. Well yeah it's it's just it's or it. All right thank all right thanks Paul. Hate talking like that too. Bob my quarterback Ed on Twitter set just not sure we can plug all the holes we have. Haven't gotten anything in the shortstop or second base position all year Shaw's struggled the pen has been overworked and still lead atop the rotation guy that's a lot to fail. And then our but he JJ says they have a week like this coming out of the break and they'll resellers Tim they'll be seven games back. People are asking us open up the gun club you can join if you want your view I'm not always if you want you can join. How do you join in just tell us here in the dog club of that I would block you on Twitter. All right are you kidding me Molinaro and get blocked those that now. Minute we do have a suspension now we do we have one hurt one of our regular callers has been suspended for life. But Andy is an appeal that I the other morning 7991250. Doesn't look good though your reaction here getting swept in Pittsburgh they've lost five in a row six of seven on this eight game road trip. Thus far and eleventh fund milieu one betters they've lost seven of their last nine that's the are you kidding me moment. Because when you collectively look at all these numbers. Outs. Are you kidding I never thought we'd. I know I know there be a little bit of a farmed here I know a team plays down a little bit at times as part of the ride part of that long season. Every team goes through it. Man that doesn't mean it doesn't hurt. And it does are you kidding me moment of the game or of this Ron brought to you by Jeanne Wagner plumbing accompany you can trust. Jeanne Wagner plumbing dot com still getting your reaction here. I still say I know this may shock you especially now I still say. They can get to the World Series. Can you join me on that or no I senator Larry I got are they can I'm not this roster exactly but yeah. They lose six logo camp six to June 2 to one it's two for the price of one unfortunately the both losses. Where did things go rights horror well not so much. This game turn. Time for today's turning point of the game brought to my first Centennial mortgage talked a mortgage true Peter read Jenna vets and go at CM dot com this is doubling his farm and lead baseball post game show. Presented by Milwaukee admirals hockey. Yet turning point in this one might have been when they got on that flight last Sunday night to leave for Miami. I just about turn for the season they've won one game cents. One of these games against Miami and Pittsburgh. Again it is baseball. That is some degree of an excuse. It has you're gonna have times gallery and fall into the slump you've fallen to a slide. That's your turning point in this is that it is is a full fledged water slide yet this is. That they really 7991250. We're gonna do our best serve try to you. And often. Not doing such a great job of making you feel that I amendment being positive and also I apologize and after the top the hour. We're going to be sunshine and rainbows throughout the rest of the show I can't guarantee that but. We're gonna try him. We're focused. We're gonna walk on how this often called kid it's offenses with. I mean it and then shot it up did and he got three games left to the break in your basket in theory your best hitter on your team. Doesn't start the game in game one don't know why runs are a one run game he did get and get an ad Battie was left on deck for. Game on the line. There Zeus on deck get to zoos Cindy got a shot here. And who's at the plate. Your friend and mine are little buddy NATO are. I'm almost makes you just wanna play game Gaza that. Yeah out. It's time. But again so that's sweeping the nation. Named the player of the borrowers championship season good doing now. Tonight's live when. Very nicely but again. Here's your host. Bill sped. Thank you very much as we lighted up here today. What player of the body eighteen jet agencies get the brewers' most likely to whip out our first contest and he comes from a Kenosha Wisconsin. Standing about five foot 845. Pounds. L.s from Kenosha Bradford his name is Timothy Allen Timothy thank you for joining us tonight yes sir. But player that's what he eighteen championship season in the brewers' most likely do without. Can I go at NATO or bill. Not to the next round now laboring out. The mayor the ball see his name is Rich Ross from Wausau Wisconsin managed. As you step up to the deck through a 2018 season in the brewers' most likely deal with now. And I don't they will percent. Three home runs allowed today. Cancellations. Here on to the next round let's see what Roger has to say. Our next contestant comes from Andre was counts in the home of the famous Patrick cat ate bacon. Roger is his name as he enters the fray Roger. What player on the 28 scenes roster in the brewers' most likely do without. Topped wall or why you flooding. You can't show you nicely and I do. New kids steal Tim Allen might occur ski. He's up pseudo wine. As the mayor the boss Mitch Ross with a remodeled. You know who's left Brad Miller. And old. Tom won there if cap off the game Sam Allen. For the clincher. Who on the Saudi team championship browser in the brewers' most likely do win out. Can I go live. Al like gas sure. Congratulations. You are the winner of its what eve five. I am. And Steve Miller high life cans thanks for played salmon and men. Are limiting. But let's go to Roger and cotta and I don't know 50 you're dead now all I wanted to Sunni leader multiply it. It is today if you call that they're so I was I was coming into there are others that you could add to that list there really are and that's like. And that's the problem I have here is that you've got a dip down debt. Air crafts is inject ban d.s and we know what these guys are their back ups their role players at. Bounced the brewers seem to be poised. This year based on in almost 100 games to total World Series. And here's screw around clutter around with these guys man. I just I don't know man I don't know it's frustrating disease you this is too many of hot mine won once and why. How we set it they're they're as close as they've ever ban to the pinnacle. Why you play the sport. And and you just can't break for you in your your doing it with these guys that are pretty. Collectively a lot of armor for God's. They are milk and milk until they can continue to get shots because they're good enough that they should be getting shot can they turn things around in and make a better career out of bed tonight and via of you don't say they'd ability wise right now they're right floater Brad Phillips does that now Keon Broxton does not have it. Aron Welker said and these guys aircrafts. They don't have it members beaten up aircrafts and crafts in north. Perhaps and or if I can do without it sounds like our. Sounds like good news item on the and the bright this mess this isn't that sad because it's a great yellow crowds and or. I crafts in north that was the morning show I've produced down in Sheila Albuquerque. Years ago. Cracks in north 103. I. IE. Insult filled with emotion at this point. I got limited capacity in terms to address. Many. In depth questions like you always. And I want a job. Target one person in the air power Hezbollah's. Well I'm not sent these in high gear baseball. World and has sup. Whether it be hey yes Chicago sports talk to wipe out our. It says that they battle waiting around. For a bit correct pick. String other bands that we've Abdul and dirt this past week I mean. I think it's important. That these players simply yet to wrap. Apparently. An actor wrapped up lead the idea. That this is not going to continue. That now walking into words. How eight yes I read all falling apart the second and up. And these players. Have to lead draft. And day poll. Not all it's not a matter at changing how long I don't live it up or anything like that strategically. And capped. How hot that day at all. Not all. We will not. Nice stereo Roger that is from well polite and and I don't know final run through walls and yeah. I'm. Horrific that in and of events. We we yelled that plenty of times at each other when I was when I was getting ready to go out. It's 2.0 217 points they think the bees and 00. Okay and Roger has got me really fired. Her remedy as positive as I've ever ban chain of events is because of that phone call I I do know that sounds he do it some people right now are saying see I told you so. I told you so. Sure it's a mirage. They're doing it was smoke and mayors. It's the same old same old song and dance. There's sand I say no. It's it's a little bit of a downed some expert here. No please no more. Aisle more that song has vanished. It's taught. About exiting and there's no appeal process on now I would pay it for life that was very well until the brewers and we'll see what happens with the righteous. Not to look at the rest of the season. Unless there is some horrific chain of events of what is Reza writes that thing. 7991250. Trying to do little therapy today the brewers not on a good run here that's for Syria listening to the boys farm and fleet post game show presented by. The Milwaukee admirals we are hash tag male hockey tournaments house they lose to food today will be back on the fan. So what's the skipper got to say about this game. Let's get the scoop from the skipper. Brought you by Brian Stratton college athletics offering athletic scholarships and nine junior college sports learn more at BSE bobcats dot com. This is the only station brewers fans need before and after the game. 1057 FM the fan. Welcome back they lose to today they get swept in the double header not on a good run. And Kregg councils really challenged through tough times like this. Mean seriously yes. Newman our effort and I'm making a joke here he really does. A furthermore he's got to have cameras and microphones shoved into his face twice today. Unlike a lot of head coaches. And a lot of athlete Ellen this is gone wrong for the Cleveland Browns hue Jackson only had to say some twice a week. Accounts got a twice a day twice a day and he's got to adjust the media it's the same saying. Pun intended same old story same old song and dance you walk in their reporting yeah. And and you know no knock out now some of the reporters but. They'd they'd do. A lot of times. Has some pretty difficult questions and he's got an answer to all. And I adjust image in eight in a run like this guys. I don't know if it was a good. Angle that take. A Russian get to the all star break as quickly as possible I'd just I don't think that that's that was a good idea and I'm not saying it was an internal goal. What those guys well we finally have been called out the songs from Bobby green basis. What are you guys get open up that it's your part of the black back slide you push the song deadline backing killed the mayor momentum than bush to back to July 4. And started vets the baseball gods have had enough. Pick a song and weaken start winning again. Well that'll be that's coming up yeah yeah week's trade deadline trade deadline area that's the latest deadline will let its outlets here the crisis that the it broke the Craig Counsell as a man there's still a game laughed and that's a big win tomorrow taking data here's council after the double letter. News yeah I mean words were not score runs and runs and and I think part of that is so yeah I mean this does the game two we struggled we just think Jimmy is with us scoring position win. Who had quite a bit of the opportunities actually. You know we're dead and winners we had a much a single service sales and walks and let me just get no extra base says so that's. Every offense needs extra base sets. You know some kind of extra base since sort of to produce a wrongs and it's. We we didn't get into you know we get suited to a extra base hits and two games. You know more pressure. Yemen a big opportunity was was a little late again. But. Then there was there was more walks and I'm we had good Mormon in scoring position in game two of us. Not only it was it was a quiet offensively the Mariners now the ninth inning aside it was it was quite tell us consulate. Whether you just hours okay. I didn't try. Looking forward not side of clients insists here's you know he's been aggressive opponents you don't situation when your win or lose and it's you know the first out ads. You gotta be conservative in most situations wrong and so so those are mistaken. In both case. And linemen. Yeah I mean. I'm mrs. Darwin apprentice thoughts you know after the layoffs you know it was a great they're really good outing and really positive outing on us. You know we weep I wanted to just make sure he pitched very well he got a suicide innings. You saw good down mass goes over there we we stop and read there. Consider the great work as an excellent. Well this week. Give a lot of your margin. And I got a complete I don't do agree with at all from work. Learning to learning goods but here and I don't know we haven't limited criticism taken away from them the ball for the season weren't tough we weren't a full stretch for an hour. Scuffling offensively a little bit but clone. We know we're gonna end of the break in a good place. 100% we're out of the break and give us. You haven't really had any distractions like six or as on guest induces. I think and this is huge you have to weather columnist these. And things and you'll go through these these types of stretches and they you don't want to high end. Mean you know that's but but you're gonna go through men and we we have to whether it's and then we can do that by playing good game tomorrow. It's available Spiller B. You played there. Here's. And there's no honestly no me and we didn't there was there wasn't our choice. Just holds its bid since it was kind of it's a schedule thing kind of rules. So it's keep saying we've like no no. Continuing its kind of piling on what twenty days and rose fifty me. The new we knew we've known about the games for a long time and sudden let's 'cause there's no excuse there for them. Starts tomorrow it's not us. It was so tough it's called Hauser. Games you I'm in union on in the didn't. They've been broken and have a good outing today. Mean on and where it's a different ninth inning and Vasquez is starting in any of the street nothing is because of the zero soaked so don't. The odds a different game. It's but yeah I mean that's. You know once we can't get you know we're in we importantly get the serious mental contest so lets you know we've been. Behind all four games I don't. I don't know maybe we don't want nothing Marines on the first night when things homer may be but I'm not I'm not sure that we tell me. Let's add this one a brewers fans time to go inside the box score brought you by Dave and buster's wallet Sosa eight drink. Play and watch sports. You wanna go into the box score here from the Dave and buster's smell. I don't wanna go and hear from Tom watered down instead and wallets OC drink player wants for now. I'm trying to digest two things of what I just heard from Craig Counsell one would be. All we did was get singles and walks. One of sleep on that little bit. That's kind of what we want. Mean that extra base hits will happen eventually. But in that sense though in the same vein that's what they can't win because they can't get an extra base hit. But if you keep getting singles and walks once you shouldn't view in theory get runs. Out of the only gets four homer game. And to sink and that these batting averages are low because. You're not getting. Extra base hits or singles. So just start hitting. That was and I'm just saying that it still trying to digest that and then the other one was. It to the all star break I think he. Was mentioning this regardless of what happens tomorrow win or loss there in a really good spot. Zach is that true. The other does fathered their right in contention this thing they'd had the best record in the National League pretty much all year long I agree with the you then and that's I was asking our audience to and in a way. Is that true that there are a good spot let's say they lose tomorrow. They lose six in a row. So there are they in a good spot if now roll the clock back going to your time warp. Go back to to march. And if we told you that the brewers would be two and a half games out of first. Twelve games over 500 at the break. We're all gonna say. L yeah ally would go back all the way its own last all star break if I told you that they were going into that all star break. Losing like that. Are done. We've seen on the other hand they went into the all star break last year. Last year possibly scorching hot remember they want got a lot of throwing out your nine and two they were role in five and a half games up. And you sit for four days and NEC what happened so maybe. It earned her psychology today they have completely flipped they get swat hello Todd bureau on the fan what's up time. How did boys' sport of this planet. Here's a question YouTube acting as he ought to troop thirty watts they're beepers. The senate whatever they think and they have done a. I Garrett let's go I'm not there be lets go tangle what I tried it think it's. No I can sit there and Illinois does that toys but there's just there's no continuity with this team. You know goal normal. Evil routine with these guys it's. Injuries doesn't help that though I will say. You know and it didn't it's Caribbean piece mailed withstand the stop and look at unfortunately. Look at a really good teams and at standard bearers like guys that are out there every day I hate to say it. Look at the cubs penalty. Yet those same guys how to look at look at nationals will be Cabrera. Early in Bragman Michael schools on and on about it right now we just don't have that we Jack keen intelligence and luckily. Yeah well injure injuries have been playing a big part now we'll say this that this is the year of the injury there is no doubt about that. Oh yeah I would look at it that he's so I called them up like I eat you know look at basketball what they get to a public. Like got to treat it detective opening game lineup you know. You know it was Kenya or brunch. You know regular what stadiums as in regular. RRE. It is but if we can get that back and just one other you and a quick Norton's I think. RCA is missed in net and that kind of got a lot. I know that he wasn't betting very well and I hope they bring him back up because. I think he was part of that continuity object he coached Ewing M not if you like it could get Hernando clutch policy you know. About the deal and he treated those guys like to stern will eat it. No I think Dallas when he rolled his ankle though I I think we did little check in on that and the body on body language may have may have fooled you a little bit Todd Leo askew mammoth thank you. It's a good point. It is good point with Orlando Garcia wryly yes artist we'll we'll take a break your brand suitors pitched well activated off the DL we're gonna hear from Brent next year on the fan. When your hot you're hot player Laats. You're not so when it comes to the crew who's hot and who's not. Brought to buy steel horse realtor accompany your road home begins at steel horse Plus good to see zoo said the two RBIs base hit in game two. I was good sure he's been scuffling just a little event. Breast Souter he would struggle. Brent Souter was so one just the one run given up and Souter put him into the hot category 39 ERA the highest the array of any you're starting rotation. In the hot category Timmy. Did give up back to back jacks in the first inning chase but chase Sanderson CRA. Some for now yeah settle and in a little bit like 15 or 16 in his last like seven starts at some point that there are Ronald broadcast brewers as a whole not hot losers of five straight six of their last seven point seven of their last nine games side. We're gonna hear from Brent suitor soon and let's get to a rob rob your next year on the fan. They can't rule baby can't tell you guys do on them they Allen nor did they really don't airliner in a lot of our land because. You know I feel we need art you know a little comedy to importing their competitors do we need honesty is another one. We need for opera and I mean. You'd think any parent you know is deadlocked yet we speak because it lineup. It's terrible art you'll diaper counsel and that it could be that connote thinking right now a little bit of blue. A no no well I will say this though that that being said I understand and I'm with you there there there the collective. Names here are not all always use that term collective Nate is just too many of them but other too many of home because of too many injuries. Why did outlet that I got a bit so that they could learn that the Al yeah. Okay I'll or is that a terrible day DL yeah he'll be good to go after the all's right I mean but. We'll let I do hope that got that stern is there a barbaric thing I am. I mean we get Arab puck kicked by the Marlins. One of the Whitney debate all we go to Pittsburgh and we're gonna get wet a little bit prudent but I don't own cult though that lineup what would you do account. Yeah I I know this side the one that there's only one thing you do run a mile there and make sure the zoo's bats in the first inning that to me is Paramount. That's that I would do all right rabbi I got you are yeah yeah. But I don't think they legalize marijuana in Watertown now I've heard anything no. Dave you're next on the fan. While that I was interest in our list and I have to point to make. First thing first. We're talking about. My child getting a child from Baltimore and I think that's what you'd expect. We've already got two guys playing shortstop right now that are above average fielders that are averaging about 270 between them. And to my way of thinking. With twelve home run. Combined we don't need Manny Machado. What we need is somebody who can sit behind the plate and hit more than wait. And and so are we got three back up catchers. And I think we should actually instead of going to travel which surprised everybody and go real mural from mock from the Marla yeah that's. That that's point number one point number tilt. I don't know why are you OKM. But doesn't that I haven't had a chance to call in deal for a bottom mod but this cute and try to decrease. That I've been calling you every year bought plate discipline. The good taking it a bit too far you I would like if I wouldn't doubt well right now. And I would playing the brewers you know what I would tell them. I would tell my picture is cool book first pick because they won't swing at a and the only two people that can handle. Getting in the op where we negative op. 020112. Art art art Lauren cocaine and egg art. Everybody else and Mike Dodd how many times do we go to are more getting to a lawyer strike all of. Do we are higher strike so. Struck it out of one more than forty times in this four game. Why I'm going to be surprised it would seem like a bad call but now you know all the deck right. Gonna make that same call every time and or or what time were perot's got our own insight and the all that plate got called for a strike and the likelihood or other site at products didn't trust me up. The umpire. Andy any organic 00 yeah we protect the plate. We get ourselves behind. And that we don't know what to look for. And that that comes down to batting averages that we started the show away that's my first line of defense it is since my first line of defense and in analysis of has battled for a long time Ed has been forever. Dissuade batting. We got to start looking at that first pitch because. I swear. I would 27 outs that we get out I would be willing to bet capital batters got that picture on the first pitch. And they took them. You have an and then when they do swearing on a fast ball companies are fastball they miss that next policy very fact I've seen more of that this year than I think in a long long time. He get a good pitch to hit you got to take advantage they just don't they have a bad. However. As Greg council said there and a good spot. Gamer two out of first place heading into the all star break. It's gonna be a fun finish did really well we'll take a break here from Brent suitor next year on the fan. Now here's the behind the scenes post game update as we take you inside the clubhouse brought to my ad deputy dot com ready to get inside a new. Out of deputy dot com. Get deals done that others cats. Won't. Before we hear from Brent Souter we'll hear from James on the south side here on the fan James what's going on. Victim here I got to earn a question. And and what comments are your answer you that so your answer like westerners. Are no public server where you are you a career. Richard who earned anything we hear and from what the world entered ago yes. Okay. I think they'll really night Billy and I are both down more than although it that being said I don't know if that sets simplistic but that that's a quick way to answer it. The other way to answer it is yes however. It's not Stearns is fault that this organization has not won a World Series and has only been to the playoffs four times in their history it's not his fault. That's hurt no like. Rivera I agree a 100% sure I would order in 1931. Not only good article drew like a lot of these people ordered they haven't gone through the writer of the current air and the Packers. And that's all I know we have right there are very. All the pork public current story here aren't popular vote all all we want to be relevant trigger become really good book. All of aren't due to spell it. You're gonna get a World Series and you'll it'll premiere from Kevin Garnett only there's only. We agree with you know yeah we agree with you I am spoiled and we are great side of the strongest words same boat the goal shouldn't be to sustain success the goal should be to win a World Series and then do whatever you know. Wanted to do good now again yeah that's that's what it is it's not sustain success Indy 500 it's. Well at some point we're gonna win the World Series and we're gonna try to continue to be irrelevant team throughout that whole process teachers and win the World Series and you don't selloff everybody like the Marlins and there's that other thing we're well the more times here sustain success has to be first because the more times you get. A deep run in the playoffs and in your knock it on the World Series door and one of the times you're gonna knock it over and get through and everyone always breaks through the grass ceiling. Your 55 of the last two scenarios 5542. Right now. He got a shot of the saying you still do as inept as this offense can look at times. You still have a shot at. Because of a pitching staff that's hanging in there tough. Brent Souter as one of the reasons why here here's what he had to say after the game. And maybe wasn't as great as ever want to look wants to move on Wall Street felt. Felt fine man and felt healthy in this respondent also you know that's for sure. He came out and feel good. Guys until very welcome is like I was ten is off. Just like they show their. It's Jose Capellan. Good to go. We succumb more so. Feels so good to start the second half help. Yes yes and Shia violence. Yeah. For sure pianists or Greg kind of talked about students who knows AJ your biggest body got back. Gives a chance one kind of thing like Marxist who. Livid that kind of thing enough so. A focus MasterCard for sure. How come offices we've been. I mean there's this stuff is gonna happen in baseball in me and have the highs and lows and you know we're boom. Arafat's office. Percent right this is not going our way sometimes we're not trying to get mad. Defense that big hit and just put us just on those fronts. What happened vote we're gonna come out tomorrow because there was happens happened and I mean we can't do anything about what's happened if it was a good volumes are there and oh we can do about. Our own control we can get control and compete. So very last out tomorrow. Oh yeah for sure we have. Pat or opportunity we had guys on base you know Bryant had a guy on second to us accident. Done better there you know we've had because some chances and they've made some pitches for sure enough. Lama tells serious weather gets a cruel game sometimes when can now and is trying to do here is this character to playing. I I can't really speculate on that. I know that even through fatigue and on our teams do enough to win games so. No excuses like. I'm looking back on the season. Might reflect on I don't know but just one of those things like yeah if it if we are tired. Here's what we gonna go out there and try to win games do and do a better job so. Energy dropped for. I'm not dugout and our hustle and everything's in good you know I mean that's hasn't been noticeable at all for my and so. Who shot or a big line drives let's get today's driver. It gave driven by Acura Brookfield check out the all new redesigned RDX models in Brookfield at a 191 and blue mound. Well they lose them both today tough to pick got to drive of the game when you have an RBI based sit by yellow it's in game one and a two run knocked by Asus in game two that's all you have I got one. How about the drive of the game crushed by Acura Brookfield is. Jamar Parker's drives south of the border into his new home Chicago ninety miles south. In true. And a lot of it is that a slap in the face you know I mean it really has just compounding yet swept in the double latter you'll lose him. They can only get better tomorrow right that's true as rent Souter said control old Swedish or better tomorrow Wisconsin. I will say let's have some fun we'll talk more about it tomorrow. But normally. IE don't want the all star break I don't look forward to the all star break normally I wanna work you know that right we'd love to do that is that's why we do it. I mean you're you're lucky you get that get out of here for a few days. But. This this year. And maybe I do need to recharge a bush we're going to Vegas is Siva and of the summer league that would be perfect. But then Joe's in town so. Some we all along we won hit not one where we would I don't think we would win one slot and the like go with Bart. Bart would wanna go do sightseeing and senate don't gamble and party. Now that's Stevie right chuck would wanna go see the Reno aces minor league team you guys in any wanna go over though Las Vegas 51 bus service. It's. Those are his two slots won't go see Ariel. Yeah yeah they're performing at the mirage Ariel at Sam's now. Thank you out of Boulder Junction it that's her. But 1 morning go and we're going to be break down the first half of the season we're way past the mathematical halfway mark. Let's chat tomorrow hopefully it's after a brewers victory will have a better. Look at the landscape here into the all star break and maybe you'll just be happier who knows maybe they'll be betrayed by tomorrow you never know. Could happen. Greg council does say no roster moves heading into tomorrow so. All those roster remaining match Otto would be a rostrum. It would be. Fiat would be darn it we're not commitments out of tomorrow but I don't think better days. After the two losses today they're 55 and 42 and one to play to the break for mayor managed. And a baby jobs Bill Smith my name is Tim Allen. Have a great Saturday night we'll talk to you after the ballgame tomorrow here on the fans smile Milwaukee the world will smile back.