Brewers @ Met, Game 3 - Can Brewers clinch series win?

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Sunday, April 15th
04/15/18: The Pella Windows and Doors of Wisconsin On Deck Show built by Ozinga, together building better. Anthony Mandella gets you on deck for the series finale between the Brewers-Mets. Catch the starting lineups and more, including a roundtable discussion with Tim Allen, and Ramie Makhlouf.

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It's game day brew crew fans and we'll get you ready before first pitch coming up. Today is starting lineups will debate the hot topics in Milwaukee. Plus you'll hear from the skipper this is the Pella windows and doors baseball on deck show nobody else they got. Together in building a better 1057 FM. The fan. Welcome in brewers fans this is the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show built by dosing get together building better. Anthony Mandela in here with you on what looks to be a beautiful winter day in April all across southeastern Wisconsin. If you're on the road drive safe if you're not on the road a highly recommend that you keep it that way because it is horrible outside. Things hopefully a little bit better in New York as the brewers get set for the rubber match today game three against the New York Mets at Citi Field. And it's Jackie Robinson day across Major League Baseball as well. As noted it is the rubber match today they've split the series thus far a 51 loss on Friday and there are part six the five loss on Friday F 521 win yesterday. In new York and things looking good for the brewers yesterday Jay Sanderson started that one for the crew that's more than the top of the second. Trevor shot doubled to start the inning followed by a walk. Domingo Santana drawing the walk off Mets starter Matt Harvey and follow that up with a strikeout to Eric so guard and that's at the stage for Johnathan B. 500. Yard shoots one now. That is when I'm sitting in their take there ball. It's. Not the. The r.'s first home run of the campaign on the second pitch he saw and that at bat gave the crew a three nothing lead and in the top of the fourth BR grounded out to start the inning. But that then brought jet big Andy to the point. Its sister. June. There have at the bandy man's first long ball of the year as well gave his team some breathing room. And in the bottom of the 61 assessment as Scott mats on the board and RBI single plated Michael can Ford though. On an otherwise unblemished performance from chase Anderson Anderson would then finish up at six inning get a flight out to start the seventh. But his day would be done after that six in the third one earned coming on two hits and two walks while striking out five was Anderson then. Top of the ninth crew already. With the lead in hand Orlando Garcia joining in with his first long ball of the season. And that would cap the scoring for the crew of the highlights today courtesy of fox sports Wisconsin. With a 51 win for the brewers that snapped the Mets winning streak at nine games chase Anderson the win his first of the season Matt Harvey. Taking the loss for the Mets the brewer bullpen sharp as could be expected Jeremy Jeffers two thirds of an inning got hold. And then Josh hater on. And struck out five of the six batters that he faced speaking of those batters let's get today's starting lineups. You're listening to the Pella windows and doors on deck show bill bio Zynga on the leading off goes batting cleanup here's today's look around the diamond. We don't Waukesha sports car starting lineup do you have an upcoming charity event to fund raiser. Waukesha sports cards has a great selection of authentic autographed sports memorabilia and call them. Until 625440959. You heard it right there today starting Lance brought to buy Waukesha sports cards will get things going with the home team today the New York Mets coming in at eleven and to manage. By Mickey Callaway leading off for them right fielder Brandon Nemo. Batting second and playing center field Michael 40. Jonas says but it's bats third and will play left field Todd Frazier the former Cincinnati red will bat. Fourth and play third base Wilmer Flores. Youth takes care of the duties at first base and will bat fifth the members are real the shortstop will bat sixth. The veteran Jose Reyes is batting seventh and will play second base Tomas need help the catcher batting eighth for the Mets and on the mound and batting ninth today. No listen to regard this seasons in regard to an Al in his three starts at 8394. Earned run average in his career vs Milwaukee. It's even. Better if you know sender to know in two starts with an 069. ERA against the crew. With sixteen strikeouts compared to just one walk and four year Milwaukee Brewers they come ended today at eight and seven managed by Craig Counsell leading off today. Jonathan DR web a home run yesterday he will play second base. Eric Spain's back in the starting lineup playing first he'll bat second Lorenzo Cain. Is and center field and will bat third with Ryan brawn out of lineup today the third baseman Travis Shaw will bat fourth. Domingo Santana playing right field will bat fifth batting sixth the left fielder and on Perez. Shortstop Orlando Garcia will bat seventh the backstop jet dandy back in their for his second consecutive start will bet eight. And he'll be shot scene. Will bat ninth and take care of things on the mound this season Justine has not been sharp a 11 in three outings this season a 659. ER rate for him and his career at city field. Even worse one in three and four starts with an 838. ERA. Funny at the tube have been said thus far about this Milwaukee Brewers team particularly the starting pitching you saw a great performance yesterday from Anderson. Hoping to get such similar performance today from the only shot seemed. And one guy who always has something to say is manager Craig Counsell here's what he had to say after last night's win. What's Craig Counsell have planned for today's game let's find out with today's scoop from the skipper is this is up hello when. Windows and doors on that show. Built by Jose got. On 1057 FM the fan. I think this was two excellent performance certainly got a couple contributors Herman today. And chase has us spending her manually re was missed beautiful game commissioners on top of that. For her entire game dominant just performance at the end was. They're always poses dominance saying he did pretty even two starters. Chases them. How important has visibility sort of yeah I mean. Me even more importance is just now given up any runs around I think that's that's the key but I think. You know we'd. You know getting into the seventh inning uses it's important I mean it's it's that's yes that's a sub really well with with fresh guys done merits you look you're using less guys. You know those guys own their done back to a job that. You wanna you want and be able to think about the next day in the next day. So home but don't chase was excellent today you know we had 85 pitches he probably had some pitches left. Denham that I thought. Mass abuzz with JJ was Ben Frazier was important and excellent for us Tom. You know I squeeze the ball through with the union and already coming out and got the double play a song. You know it was a good performance for for Australia's best picture on the moment. Yeah I mean it's you know ice I think. The point is that we were gods fight I just was no we're far enough in the game right side. Love hearing your kind going backwards and he got Johnson and Matt still avail long we have to a lot of guys available until I was told I would Jacob. And then that goes a really good matchup for JJ and that could you don't get just get us through the suns. Boy yeah I mean. You know odd that I was shocked by Johnny's home run I think we can all work in the dugout that it. You know I was there was a hard hit ball it's just going to solve all the bad for me. You know I'm good I'm not sure looked like truth from the rest of the season when government doesn't look like for me. It is hard does make it hard. Running doing Eric. Absolutely smoked a ball so there we got a three run homer to it in on the board Julio and taken away from us a solid. I. I mean it's it's hard to say because it's should've. Pushed BR's home run foul. So that's those little confusing for her husband though M. I'm not sir I mean I know Erik's homer got knocked down and Arabs the motorcade got knocked down I don't I don't don't have none of the are small. I'm not sure. Here. It's. This Baek was was kind of bug in him before the game today. Was it just I know bowler on the bases and it's so. I'll see. This is a possibility of wind tomorrow morning your own. There it is the interview there courtesy of fox sports is stunts in the scoop from the skipper there brewers manager Craig Counsell. Still funny come today we'll go inside the clubhouse. If you some field in game conditions in case you're worrying if it's this nasty out in Queens tell you who's hot who's not but up next it's gonna be the roundtable. Ronnie now cloth and Tim Allen joining us next this is Anthony Mandela and you're listening to the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show built bio Zynga. Together building better. It's time to debate. The issues surrounding the crew get ready for. Roundtable sponsored by McCormick law office the back injury attorneys. This is the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show. Bill bio Zynga. On 1057 FM the fan. Just under an hour away from first pitch. In Queens Anthony Mandela here get you set Ahmet Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show. Built by those Zynga together building better. Time now to afford the McCormick law office round terrible table joining us today. You hear this guy weekdays two to six on the award winning Wendy's big chill also on this very on deck show. Just about every week day he is running back lucky to find him on Twitter at Ronnie is tweeting Rami what's happening today. Just about done with my first cup a copy it debating if actually to the shuffle today air that you spent so look I. Senator what shoveling it for the hurt other pictures that we are seeing this or I'll go. They absolutely are and it sounds like you should definitely if you're gonna be shuttling hit a second maybe third cup of coffee yeah and our now it's all out. It's all good because I. The Oreo rally. You you'll rally. Nice ninth inning rally floors here it around enact laws are also joining us you can hear him after just about every brewer game on the when's farm and fleet baseball post game show and by the Milwaukee admirals he is the franchise Tim Allen. Tim what's happened. Merritt group report dead sure isn't there are prisoners out there I have not seen it snow I'm looking out the window in the studio right now. I don't know that I've ever worked on a day that it's coming down the way it is right now let alone in April. It's now all I'm angry so that was recent angry or its lead in the rainy that would reasoning he. All there's all sorts of things going on here but. Well hopefully the brewers you know like I should say I shouldn't say that think about this guys on the on this game three here it's up against in regard. You have no yell it's you don't have brawn in that lineup and not to come back and down in terms of mentality as mat team. But it wouldn't be such a bad thing. To have this thing washed out today Reese sat and let's make this thing up when the brewers are at full strength. Can't do agree 100% yet that would beat them yet the members of the it will connect. And I guess a question then the start out as you you brought it up there are a little bit. Brewers fans across. While wherever their brewers fans. Probably not the happy it's that Ryan brawn has scheduled off days all the time but when it's to keep in mind that you'll hopefully be able to keep them healthy. That you know you kind of you kind of take your lawns and neat you stick with it. But now what you're seeing is even with stays up he still having a hard time staying healthy all the time what should brewers fans make of that. Home then its vision be frustrated and that's frustrating. That he's not as a plug and play every day kind of guy and that's just. We don't want this last year the year before and and that's just the lay of the land for him and up again build Robin I've talked about this. The key here is that it's not as heavy of a hit. As they used to be for the brewers offense there they are so far less dependent on Ryan brawn. Then they have been and probably half a decade here so it. It is as though that the main word here guys is frustrating. See you running. Yeah I agree with pat that's why it is made more sense that it that a lot of people. Eagle out accurate in college and and the red Duquesne because you are yet to be it ever out there can't really count on riot broke play less than. Under 4830. Games and any unity and yet. Craig Calhoun talked about in the past you have questions about. Can apply where it was like I have object had to edit your position. You questions and answers themselves that so far they have. Chela has that. They'll keep that intact the outline Brock knows now what are your outlook we expect it to see. Thirty or forty games in this this'll probably be there are ample. I'll go 34 game that he misses her secret you know back hopefully that'll break it today and all the that was actually. Working out just how the words I think client would they went out got the sorry about that that's maybe palace in the background there crime. On accents. You alluded to their Rami a little bit Greg councils thoughts on kind of managing the forty man roster and one guy in particular that's been making waves as part of that forty man roster and part of the 25 man roster is Josh hater. And I completely understand we're Craig Counsell had is that. In terms of how he wants to use just hater but given how valuable he's been to you and how great he looked in his first ever save last night. You have to think that the case against throwing hitter in the in the closers role is getting a little tougher now. And now I don't think so I think I think you're predicting you know restrict the case. What Craig Counsell and and his dad had decided to do with Josh if they wanna pick. Which which part of the lineup he's going to face and in what situations he's going to basement got straighter in the picture. You have coming out that all that I don't disagree with that people that as the arc. To make him the closer I bet and the argument you use him in exactly the role that Craig Counsell is choosing to use them right now last I'd just so happened. They're in the eighth and the ninth innings. You're gonna have to go to the heart of what is a very profitable New York Mets slot so was the perfect spot for such haters well yet. Should that situation have risen in the seventh and eighth innings I would say that the last time he used Josh hater. Because that the top as part of that mets' lineup that could after it. In the situation we're in to shut him down or in the game that exact trash picker bit. Just have become in the eighth and ninth innings. And in the same situation great you got this tape but should he should they run into that situation and it differ Portland game. I think that the right situation perpetrator. Seats in. Idea I think catbird seat is is a good term here. Offered David servants and I cracked console with regards spectator. The versatility. That he is god right now for the organization has right now with him is is just so open and it didn't. That's never a bad thing up at some point you're gonna have to pin him down. To roll over whether that's an Andrew Miller role. Whether that's a starting rotations you know two or three year old Warren and some people say that he has the he has the you know the ace for the future a calm and nor whether it's a close there I mean that it got. All are myriad of opportunities here for him. We were talking last night on the on the post game show. But in large part about chasing Anderson and then most World Series teams. We can all agree on in terms of the rotation have that 12 punch up top. Is Jason Anderson now 12 punch in one of our wanna work listeners called in instead. They've already gotten. One of the 12 punches and just disregard chasing her for say they already have in the jobs later in the in this particular fan that said that. You know just hader is one of the 12 punch Weathers the war in order to. Don't get to the playoffs and World Series and really doesn't matter you gotta have you got to have the 12 punch is he that guy I think you know internally. Honestly guys I don't know I really don't know their plans for the future I know short term. We can kind of see what they're gonna do the job skater and that is. He's he's gonna pitch multiple innings at times who's gonna come and is in the situation although it's in the sixth and seventh seventh and 88 and nine until it's in the ninth only in the seventh. Indeed he you don't know whole arm for the future which are known now and they're just gonna use them in the versatility role. Yeah absolutely and especially in the landscape of today's game. As you mention that Andrew Miller type role someone they can give you a couple of innings out of the pen on any given night. Certainly has some value and it was a a good segue that you have been in my next question for both of you here or not I'll throw this wonder Rummy to start things off. I chase Anderson has a couple of times the C a bit season given you about as much as you could hope for. In the start and then you've got a guy and a leash just seemed who has not been well. Starting things off on the mound today it could be Josh hater though as you've mentioned he'd probably gonna stick with his role in the bullpen. Who needs to be the next guy that steps up in the spurs rotation that they can really string together some performances here well. That David was god they're counting on going into the sea and eat. It on and of the rotation dialogue with chase Anderson that's that's why they didn't go out and so on somebody and yet since a Jimmy Nelson because they thought they add those those guys at the top. Who were your classic as it does to us that one. Orange but you guys who last year look like. Front end of the rotation type of pictures. And that gave me so ardent in in the majority of his time out of about Adam looked like that but I don't know how surprised restraint Gordon threw themselves. Should be glad that he is he's got not to some slow starts. The last few seasons so that was sort of the gamble that you were taking that would be able to. To withstand the loss of Jameer Nelson bird the first half that see because at those two guys. But for that plan to work out. That it was gonna have to figure out his early struggles so far that hasn't worked out outside of Jake Anderson there's nobody else. In that rotation that you could put two and city yet we don't work like at a certain level of performance. Out of him that would be gamble that the loudest are coming into this season and so far they can have a winning record but. In a lot of ways that despite their starting pitcher I would say that that apple hasn't necessarily. Paid off it looked okay in the win loss column but. It's part of the production that you got under starting rotation that it will has not paid off with voters so far. 012. 675. BR racist restarts setback Davies shot scene that's well documented that. And I he's stumbling out of the chute here's a guy that's thirteen intent last year or so for a 389 ERA. Obviously he's got us up well and you know I think it is the biggest junior aero unfortunately however. He's got that tag on him he's got the option on him. And it's seems to me in the starting rotation the Loran. The Brandon Wood drugs in the front suitors in the junior Garros and who the hell else knows is going to be down. Seems to me it's a little bit on the mass seaside in one regard on the other side it looks as if they're trying to find that guy that steps up and don't count as always said that Yeltsin the players are gonna make those decisions by their performances on the field. But I'd say it's junior guerra and he pitched well in his first time and instead of just saying well we have flexibility of because of options because of you know injuries and delegates and rosters and all this it's just so convoluted guys. Give that guy the ball five every five days give the guy the ball much like you do and have Jonathan BR. You see our is getting off to a decent start here what's what's about just under 300 here. Why wouldn't you provide that opportunity for junior guerra and and stop the messy mess down there and that's for five hole. It. Entity of the great question. Because and I don't really know the exact answer but somebody else to step up. If this team is gonna hang in there and wait for Jimmy Nelson or wait for a trade. In July 1 of those sky high it needs to step up and stop this stuff before and two thirds and turn things over to a bullpen that. Sooner or later regardless of strength in numbers can come back to bite Jin Joo. So someone's got to step up and I think junior guerra is do you answer that question. And listened to him when we were hurt sorry of people here in spring training we are talking about out this rotation. We're going to shape up and that a toddler but he was talking about frank Welker so options because. We have learned yet that somehow someway junior guerra got this actor option you're in Germany Italy and everything else that went out. Now playing at the target rate at what wrote. In one of your best five starting pitchers don't care what options in what he has to be in your starting rotation because when he went out got kicked the alleged. You would not set were trying to win baseball games right now as a matter fact that the outback event. Market and now he has what they've made those loans they decided winning 2018. Was that important as winning 20/20 it's not about the future anymore. And that the case to try to win baseball games you can't worry. About options and contractual situation got a bout. You can put out there every bit they have to give you the best chance to Wear it. And abide by making roster moves and deciding if a pitcher that given day. Based on options. You're giving me the you're giving it messages they're trying to win now very worried about. The future and and who you're gonna have a contractual control. Were for certain amount of time I don't it. I'm I'm getting mixed messages as to what exactly were still. Your uttered it's just weird weather what it branded Woodruff to army it was a great performances to start his last start but. We gave up two runs to give up twelve runs he gave up two runs and ran a pitch count through the ceiling. You know in 96 pitches I believe that was what. Admitted that guy's got the talent then maybe that's the lightning in a bottle that steps up again that to come full circle Anthony's question. Maybe it has branded what are friends sooner you know one thing when run suitor goes out there culture in donate. It'll be quick however long he goes it'll be the Korean two thirds are. Or two thirds of five and a third it's going to be quick but that third time through the order if you know that. With Brent suitor going into that ball game. And you know that at least once every five games you're gonna have to lean on the bullpen to pitch more innings in that game and the starter in brands suitor. The maybe you're not make in the proper decision. To me starting pitchers should have the goal. Of going at least seven innings every single time they talk some baseball. Or at least get into the seventh like last night and how would a left Jason Merritt finished that that seventh inning six in the third. They gives up two hits and a run. And they have a quick hook on him at 84 pitches on the campuses. If this this is other managers philosophies. I think he's in there to throw a 10709. Pitches get through the seventh of may be in the out into the eighty's so. There's the moving parts here and and again bottom line it seems a little Massey at the form five holes this rotation. Yen and pitchers we've seen throughout as long as their pitchers pitchers have been creatures of habit and certainly that. That turmoil be going up and down new guys taking on new roles every other game. Cannot do well for most if not all of the guys that are part of that pitching staff right. Now that's true and a lot of these players wanted to know their roles and and if if you sit a player down specifically say all right here's your role. That we're not gonna lean on you for seven we we need five body okay five at least you're describing that and and they know what to do showing up at the ballpark. Think there's some uncertainty a lot of times and in all of pro sports ones. When these players don't exactly know what's expected of them. And I think the communications fairly decent with the brewers I would say. All told. But it is sometimes you know the expectations need to be. Set forth. By the manager in the and he's starting pitches and then no knock and Derrick Johnson and he's doing what he can do. The pitching coach for the group that. You know instead of avenue. Quick hook and I. I mean their goal go get this is it odd that tiger men have been winning mentality now wanna be an all star I want to. Plead this game I wanna go deep. Specs that are that are the you know I'm I'm not sure the mentality part of things I know what's that get connected team. But the just the driving force that that camera opponents. Is within this team we're gonna figure that out this year for sure. There you have it and Tim. Thanks for your time and dodge sniper stands will find some it some way shape or form they can find some baseball post game coverage. On FaceBook live after the last pitch tonight is that correct are sharpening up my walking talking right in some ways some way shape performers fans you'll get your fix after the last pitch tonight. Tim Bieber. Tim thanks again. Take it easy and out running back up one final question I actually have for you open squeeze in here. On because I know Tim's philosophy on this I've heard it time and time again working with him for the past 23 seasons. All ten of the brewers runs in this series so far I've come via the long ball they've struck out a 135 times in 583 plate appearances as a team. Which means they're not even putting the ball in play roughly one of every four times up you gotta love the power but. That's not exactly a consistent method of winning baseball games down the stretch but he can't manufacture runs and any other way right. It's not and this is really becoming. Major League Baseball to a large degree at that it is you need to know Walker's. The idea. I love all the experiences that are fitted baseball the last few workers term without government that means. A ball that is either out of the park the walking. Or strike out that that's more than half. A Major League Baseball right now lot of people think that's what's behind the drop in Major League Baseball ratings because not only is it already slow moving game. But up but not all are we ever put into play here not PP birds you'll. The baseball as much as he used to see it is just the way that the game is going right now exit velocity of launch angle are the other. Things that that hitters like to talk about in today's game. It's it's. It's concerning if you're the brewers because part of the reason that we're not rate the moves that made this your getting intelligence came it would be charged. You wanted more got where it here comes another baseball experience back to all the ability you're gonna put the ball player and it wasn't a strikeout walk. Our whole blood every time that they were not there. But at the same time you can say that we haven't necessarily seen. If we're slide up the way at least replied at the same vision played together on a consistent basis day in and day out because of injury eligible at saint. And now bonds so let's see those guys. Have that ability to put the ball on plane because our base percentage guys all got to. The ball out all our guys can keep a lot of Reading. Let's see when they get that in the lineup on a consistent basis I day in day out basis if they ever get healthy and at that ever happened. And that lets see if we can say this is the same voters opera. I think it's too early to say that in the scene and in general and especially to really wouldn't look at injuries that they kept those guys they're looking they're looking for to change the complexion of the Salina. Absolutely and it's never too early to. Go to fan on demand or tune in weekdays two to six and listen to UN a fine cast of characters on the Wendy's big shows now right. Yes and and we are speaking naked. Meet throughout to make out took the dog out in the backyard business. I'm not so well that Kraft and Mandela an update on the opening of my call I'm having more copy and I'm not shoveling snow just not happen. Fair enough I can get behind that Rami thanks for your time. Our man about it. There is Rami Mac hockey you can find him on Twitter at Romney is tweeting he and Tim Allen join us today. On the great midwest bank hotline if you're looking for a simply convenient pre approval process for your new home construction or renovation loan. Oh great midwest bank. Committed to providing uniquely tailored common sense mortgage products since 1935. When a quick break here when we come back we'll go inside the club house did to the fielding game conditions and little bit of who's hot who's not as well I'm Anthony Mandela you're listening to the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show built bio Zynga. Together building better. Now here's the behind the scenes info as we take you inside the clubhouse. Brought you might coaches probably grill myself thirteenth street. Good food and good drinks. Great find that this is the Pella windows and doors on deck show billed by dosing gotten on 1057 FM. Just under a half hour away from first pitch at Citi Field. I am Anthony Mandela and this is the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show built bio Zynga together building better. He has heard on the other side the break Tim Allen joined us on the roundtable Friday afternoon he'll join. Bill Michaels on the bill Michael showed bill Michael sports talk network to preview this series. And you might not be surprised because we do call on the franchise here but Tim with some wise words to say some of which. Have actually come to fruition over the course of this series here's what he had to say. Tim Allen hosted baseball post game show on 1057 FM the fan now joining us in the chatter or child line. Intimidated our governor bill. Well why were word I don't know what to make this team after the first city you know 10 games against the central Lynn against good teams and I'm watching you Chicago yesterday get their brains beat in and now I I I just I don't know what to make and his team but I know that the starting pitching his little bit build a better as of late and now he's got to wait and see when you get healthy get everybody back in the offense starts flowing again. Yeah yeah I would agree with with so a lot of that. This this series here this is insisting series you talk about pitching there there's this is all on their starters in this series. Matt's our team that in and look at at their situation thus far. They can come back to they have six come from behind victories from the brewers obviously we know that they. Push the pedal offensively a little bit late. This year so that's going to be good match up both have decent ball sounds good match up then you look at the Mets starters you know those those five. Those are top everyone talks about the columns you know five deep let's take a close look at they finally got those five young arms together. In the arts in the garden Harvey to gram what we learn match you I mean those guys talk. So it's going to be about the brewers starters can they hold it mid game. And allowable days off since I could see a big chess chess match over the weekend a lot of open moves late and a strategy. These the use of the bullpen I mean everybody gets criticized for that Craig Counsell been criticized for that use watch Twitter blow up on almost a nightly basis in some way shape or form some other manager out they're sitting there with a beer in their hand. Has an argument give me your thoughts about how you think. Craig Counsell has done so far this season. That's the one thing Owen and you talked about it too wouldn't we all know that that's probably the one part of the game that managers get scrutinized the most for. Are open moves and we can argue that it's a great move over to admiral organ and hide sites when he tornadoes let's base it on but he's got to make these calls. On a nightly basis and they're not all going to be right. I mean does know that don't and that's you know maybe if he had to do it again maybe would have stopped it out with guerra for another couple of bouts are stuck it out what. You know Josh hater or another be one more frame or something like that. I think he's done a decent job I think he's trying to win every game now second to come back to haunt them later on this season. That remains to be seen but this dude is trying to win today's ballgame and you have to appreciate that. The the offense a little bit stymied on and off without yell at channel lineup in meaning you talk about the ability to put the ball in play consistently. In. They'd they'd struggled to tell you know I would what's so amazing Tim is are averaging little over there one point 3.3 runs per game and they've got three shout outs to their name already. But yet if they go to the say for four and a half runs per game with a four point three is the magic number this team seemingly to win a lot of games as you know eat. I'm still baffled at times how this team doesn't do the fundamental things to play to be able to score a few more runs. We'll go there going to. I mean they are just offensive and an average three a little over three runs a game for law. Is that that's is not gonna happen they're gonna maybe they'll warmup as a as the weather warms up. I mean this is too much information to go on that that's says that this team will will be. You know lower surge in in baseball offensively I I just don't see that happening and and yet despite that. There are still kick and scratch and for weapons. What do you think right now of because Ryan brawn has been you know called to duty because obviously Alex has gone down what do you think of the start to his season. Talk on any but you have to give them more than you know what we've seen so far means he can we see the tail end of they'll bronze high level production may be the that still means. Steady as a productive player and and they will be at he's just got to keep. Keep running them out there I'm in that he's sick he's hit into a couple of hard outs. So I'll give them that a little bit that would improve those numbers a touch but. You gotta stay with him and and that the magic mark would be a couple months I would say before you can even start thinking about taking him out of that match. To the other side of the coin things has been again and April guy I mean he credits to 63 in such. But on the opposite side of their of the spectrum need the power is there and what he's putting up in the month of April last year to this year. Has been phenomenal I saw I mean I ride ride that horse ride a horse anymore. You're right aren't you got to ride I mean that's that that's trying to win that is all game you don't not hot hand now. How quickly. You know and so god as a brief afford day and then immediately these these into the starting lineup leading off I mean maybe that's a little bit. You know to be here on invitation list or whichever way you want to look at it. Get them right in the habit sayings. You are right that guy right now he sees game changer and anyone swing of the bat meant and here's what's missing. I mean. You don't get some runners aboard for these guys it's just get on base c'mon guys get on base because they're getting homers all solo shots so well. Well he is Roger in the ball well I mean that's the big thing because really we know where things ago called I'd rather him just you know hit a solo shots in on it at all. That's that's true that's been taken as we. Want every damn I don't like council said that last year the year before that. What do you are you getting it on me for us at homers I mean you have to. That's a tough way to look at that but. Those big innings citizen what he referred to just few days ago on civil the other three and four run innings of mentioning and the it was a common there are. So calm when you look at the catching situation ping he's been good band he's been good. I we always talk about that battery they're very quiet don't tend to talk about catching is when they stink. But what do you been impressed with because really those of the captain that started up the middle we all know what the medals were your most vital pieces are when it comes to Major League Baseball. It's positioning Manny Kenya was in younger is an app I mean it's they can think about that his style his style as like. And I'm not saying he's as good as these guys but contreras and and Molina I mean he's got that kind of swagger to them behind the plate he really does defensively. As well as with the bat it's just too bad he wasn't 26 years old resolved right. They'd they'd be in great shape there but that's the position of concern. Big picture The Who wears the catcher going to be an. 23 years so they have to remedy that at some point but steal votes going to be activated when he's available there and he will be in there over vanity. How concerned are you about her and on Perot as the offensive output Ryan brawn Orlando or CEO peen you know these guys were all above 250 to sixty to run around to seven the last year. It's not happening right now granted it's a small sample size but they're off to a very slow starts. They are and and that's why they're 76. And they they base it become rather shoot a hot offensively in San Diego and see what happens. They were like a freight train out there at the top of the order. And then so they're gonna have to get it together then they will Evian averages ten to. Would be just that an average so here if your score low runs now you'll make it off with it was a big barrage and I. I don't know what I can say that that's gonna happen this weekend. Because of what we discussed with the rotations for the maps but. It's come and hit it well that that is what I'm patient with a little bit more than anything on this team is is that often. Will today's weather affect the game. Let's get today's feeling game conditions this is the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show build bio Zynga. On 1057. First it's twenty minutes away at Citi Field in Queens and if you looked out the window today you know it's not baseball weather here and unfortunately it's not a whole lot better. Over in New York cloudy skies the chance of rain in the forecast but barring extra innings hopefully should be of no concern up to these two teams a must that front rules and early. And 32 degrees on the nose when considering win. Coming up first pitch up in a few minutes here at 1210. From no sender guard will take a quick break. On the other side go inside the injury report tell you who's hot who's not I'm Anthony Mandela and you're listening to the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show built by Jose got. Together building better. Baseball it's 90% mental. And the other half is physical. So who's injured on the crew appears today's injury reports on the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show bill by Jose got. On 1057 FM. It is the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show built by dosing get together building better minutes away. From first pitch at Citi Field game three the rubber match. Between the brewers and Mets Anthony Mandela here closing things out with few today. A look at the injury report right now Ryan brought out of today's lineup with a back tightness that led to an early exit. In yesterday's contest for him also with some updates Boone Logan he's been on the DL all month but is scheduled to throw a bullpen session today I hang in early may return. Christian yell at backswing and that he took seventy swings in the batting cage yesterday. Stephen Vogt and Jimmy Nelson. Both throwing again as part of their shoulder rehab but no updates on the return for them and many Kenya's still day today. With when he he did run the bases yesterday as he tries to work out the calf tightness and has had him watching from the dugout. Since April. Tent. If you're hurt it's hard to be hot but it's also hard not to be let's take a look at who's hot who's not. Some of the brewers are hot while some are not. This is who's hot who's not on the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show. Build bio Zynga. One guy who is definitely hot right now. Jonathan VR. Five hits in his last sixteen at bats that includes his first home run of the campaign last night. In his last seven he's driven in four that's tied for the team lead during that span also hot in some limited plate appearances. Jet Danny his old PS of one point 021. Is tops among position players on the team. Over the last seven games and two of his three hits in that span and gone for extra bases including his first home run of the season yesterday as well. Also Jacob Barnes has not allowed Iran earned or otherwise. In his last three times out of the pen he's given up just one hit in two walks compared to five punch outs. Is deeper or reliever. Not hot Ryan brawn he's still hitting well below. The Mendoza line. 184 on the season with thirteen strikeouts in that tells just part of his tail. Eight to 26 on base percentage is dead last on the team among guys with at least thirty at bats. Just to wrap things up here will give you another review of the starting lineups in today's game for the Mets. It's Nemo can Ford assessment this Frazier Flores was Ariel re as needle and the pitcher similar guard and for your Milwaukee Brewers. The Arthur Ames Cain. Sean Santana Perez Garcia candy and ulee's chassis and getting things going on the mouth. I'm Anthony Mandela you've been listening to the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck shell built by dosing get together building better. Enjoy the game Lockheed take it easy.