Brewers pitcher Josh Hader joins Hot Stove Weekly

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Monday, January 22nd

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And let's let's talk with the brewers left hander Josh hater as we. In him up on the great midwest bank hotline Josh timid Billy year what's happened and it. Our program. Well we're doing OK were you that right now I'm I'm sure it's warmer than it is and has been around here. Margo of course right now that's what I like to hear that's what I like a year and it's awesome positive. Whip my boy. With your voice. You know not. Other. Those guys are right sounds good arm all right I talked to a David Stern is general manager of your team there. About a week ago and he dropped a little bit of a bombshell on meet Josh I I got to ask you. And we've talked about a before starting and or relieving and he said it's possible that you could do both this year. Is that true. I think that's our. That there are pitcher. You know not really sure. They say well yeah. Multiple innings so like that's so we'll see how that he can go to. Which you I know in talking with you beforehand you you probably wanna start if you had your choice right but it just sewed. Outstanding in the bullpen though with your choice would be starting. Like I said before man I just wanted to stay in the big league in its long dike and at the main focus in whatever way that are generally though not all forward. Good at another now there's got to be some kind of changes and in how your gonna prepare for a season. Knowing that your gonna be going out there you know 33 times are on hopefully six or seven innings where. You could be doing pitching in and you know 75 to eighty games as a reliever. One measures are thrown plan. Actually in the December. So. Done quite a long time now I am everything on good. You know really not too much it's changed around for a lot more so the work out I'd want slows stuff. There really is on our radar. IPad assimilate and come game. Lleyton you know being worn out. Yet you what the numbers look good in and you know the the results were there for you out of the pan and and really. Bullpen in baseball Josh is you know they're becoming. They're becoming big time yet to be a big supersede or have to be a starter anymore to be a superstar out of the pan. What's the next step for you if indeed it is it is out of the bullpen what might be the next step closer role set up guy I know you gonna tell me wanna get outside I I get it but. What's the next step for you internally. Really it's it's more consistency on my the end of pigeon. Down a little oil. Not China. On. You know I would say it. You know I'm going to be bill -- lining short short ending so. Really noted. Been able to go out every day. The consistent ethic and they. Josh won when we look in the spring training here were you guys are going to be report here with within a month. And eat you guys are are going through some stuff in that rotation not knowing exactly when Jimmy's gonna be back. Just how important is it for every single guy it's a no. Later on in the season last year there were there were times when and Kregg. Came out and said Samir bullpen day where we're gonna have to work through and there's going to be Evan B got a lot of guys get now it's forest as bill. A little bit more camaraderie out there in the bullpen where there's a couple of days. Where you know you're looking at all the guys down the line there insane and he might all in this game in this ideal weather we're gonna get away and. Yeah I mean lots of things have out of all went on a long now. You know are all right apart in the game you know. If if needed be you know all the guys in mobile phone and you scrap together and. Last year there were some moments that you had that we're just amazing. There were some learning moments as as you know I mean you know no one expected you to come out and do just throw goose eggs every time out. It's always surprising to us when when someone hits to later off yeah but do you have a highlight from last year Josh that you look back on and say man. This is this is the moment iiroc all the sides being interviewed by Tim and myself give besides. Yeah. Are the people the whole. Well I mean you always. But I. We did you know of fun. Caught up. I'm me and uncles. Lugar. This is that we added he's well on this one game short you know it's not a better. And I accomplished and roll all of. Yeah I ended there where we can't wait for the season Manny take the next step and you don't look back at you know Bryce Harper bad batter did them one against LA year any one stand out for you I know the one in Tampa doesn't that that much I do now. Does that bring that so hard so hard. Good. Until I mean who who both work you know long. As a model on this. In its own notebook that went out was is. The long haul but hopefully. Currency. You know is. And forward. Mostly what we I would. Like oil. All right so last week we talked with well the last two shows last Monday in the Monday before we talked with your roommates. And Morgan of Morgan would play a little piece of what we had asked them we asked them. The room rates that you had Branson Phillips in new man I want to see a baseball as their baseball card future stars out there that has Branson Phillips and you want it because if there is one I want that card. I definitely do that the cards can be worth a lot of cash but we ask them there are removed or if if if if if you go. All right so we asked who is the messy list. Within that apartment in Colorado Springs and Brad Phillips and we'll start with him he had this to say about that roommate situation. We were all pretty clean. We are we respect each other spade that's big. And there's doubt you were all grown men though it did take care are they than respect each other and but it it worked out very. OK so that wasn't too bad he said you read and throw you under the bus Josh. Order. It could well let's see yeah it is I like he does the foreshadowing hit the drive. Now we get to it now we get to Lewis Brentson here and he told us this about the cleanliness of that apartment. I think we're all a little bit equal I think I don't think anybody's legs more messy than the other I think jockey a little bit more. Clean. Then Meehan Brett you know when it comes electric kitchen and stuff like the track meet that now at this moment there. You know but there was a lot of Bob you are there was a lot of video game but those guys they like where you gave but I can't they anybody's room was. You know. More messy than the other I don't wanna I don't wanna hit it to anybody let you know the guy with the weird laugh at a had a weird room. Here. So where those two comments were those accurate. The other corporate law. How should you guys are weighed seat now I I would have been thrown my roommates on the boss. I would have said yeah throw anybody out that bag to connect guise of free can slop that guy doesn't clean out he doesn't rinses dish is. So they have that is worth opera. Good. I guess you know in the mile into Latin kind of little panties they got a clean up after so where you have very. So you have yet to get a sweep in new year contract to your roommate on the road in the bigs. We got mud balls then on he didn't militia are too often. It normally known about himself. And Asia thankfully will be exactly true. Who is. Oh yeah yeah okay that makes sense yeah. Well I mean. Shoot you guys are Booz Allen that somebody just get a hold one I think is the issue. You know animal it and. So what are what are you shoot right now what what all you guys sit non. Hours it it. This thing and look what you said how are OK I was gonna say what it where where you sit over par but I didn't know if you were you were scratch her if you were. Hanging in with the big boys on the golf course I'm of our self. Check myself. Phillips said we're going mount olive garden and Arizona. And I asked for a couple of Beers he said no way he'd do glass of wine he thinks he thinks we're a little bit too wild for him you have Branson said he come in Branson said he come along way. And so that that leaves that the third of the three amigos here are you with us blue. Made on that and big ballot I'm all. That's exactly right at us. Never any possible all right Iraq general. I'd just give. Accurate and get back to your golf game man and we appreciate the time we'll see on Sunday at the on deck event and certainly in Arizona mammal were looking forward to is seeing your progress here is a big league baseball player all right. I am excited for the loop on little you know person out there. London liquidity into extra on. I'd there you don't appreciate it Josh cater joining us on the great midwest bank hotline so he's in buddies and more in for the food that's that that's Hillary's undone. Run a look at. But it's pretty committed to personalize cabins and lending since its peak 35 when you're in the market the by bill. Renovate or refinance discover the benefits of simply local banking is a great mid West Bank dot com.