Brewers Top the Cardinals in Walk-Off Fashion

Brewers Coverage
Saturday, June 23rd
6-23-2018: Brewers 2 Cardinals 1. The Blain's Farm and Fleet Post Game Show

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Brewers fans you've made the switch after the last pitch to this show for twelve seasons welcome. The blaze harmlessly baseball post game show presented by the Milwaukee admirals who we are. Hash tag male hockey now. Live from the international Hyundai Greenfield and Hyundai west Alice studios' gears the franchise Tim Allen and bill baby town Schmidt. Can't save final from Miller Park in the results are good how about that one folks. Aid to don't want to walk off victory for the crew and welcome everybody. It is the blades farm and fleet post game show presented by the Milwaukee admirals we are hash tag mill hockey Tim Allen baby taos bills med. Ryan horrified to go to one they walked get off this. Was a ball game. How would you not love this team how do you not love this team wow Zeus did this is she'd just. A one man reckon crew tonight. As I Hazen zag Allard. A couple of solo shots in this one won the big bomb to walk it off in the bottom half of the ninth inning. And things got a little testy in the eighth inning there the good old fashioned cardinals brewers game it was just so darn well back to a litter Russo Moline. What it was so garden without major Morgan didn't in the middle there are few weeks get the feed him there was that Munoz and so guard Dolan added a little bit at phase of the best part is Eric so urged not backing down that was Jules into the face seeds are coming up. Britain where did Brett how war. New rules. There today that's got to be demeaning when the dirty is guy on the field goes Evans is right Nazis you get shown in a game in which you could count at the you know as long as the cardinals were staying low on the it at the pay window just a one run they're given out by junior guerra. And you've just felt that if you stayed right there that they could they could get this thing naked steal this thing. And they certainly did that that you got to get to appear tip your hat it's a fly party over there on the other side. Six and a third no hit innings for the St. Louis Cardinals but yet still one step you're thrown a no hitter. That one zip. That looms large because it's certainly true tonight of its four zip maybe it's a little different story. And you're able to keep minimal the game longer to chase. Wanna get your reaction on this one as the brewers go to 45 and thirty. If you scoreboard Watson like we are. In the midst of a serious pennant race. More than just this broadcasters said that. At the cubs did lose today to the Cincinnati Reds it's a good thing. 4147991250. Talking about the a ball game your reaction 36000. Plus. At Miller Park treated to a good one. Fifteen strikeouts however for the brewers offense. That's fifteen strikeouts through. The 25 outs recorded by the cardinals. He yeah I at this point who cares 7991250. As they get the walk off victory. Zeus does it all any debt that by virtue of the home run ball a couple of solo shots so we are did have a base hit in this game. The brewers offense comes up with three hits. But nonetheless at that pay window institute a one brewers' victory over the cardinals they take game two of this four game sat. And evershed shot at this thing and win one of the next two and you to take three of four at home against the Saint Louis cardinal in the chase Seles last week and are and there are two weeks ago we went on we had a home runs. And they definitely did see that's the other basis and I bottom of the seventh inning that was the first of the two home runs by the big first baseman. Oh no he'll do it again Brian Anderson on fox sports Wisconsin just sit tight. In the eighth kidding you you got to be extremely proud of Craig Counsell tonight. Not just for the for the blunder attempt in the eighth inning so guard leads off 11 ballgame so guard leads off with a base hit. It goes ahead and calls for the Bonn right there why are right there I mean just that blood that process for a little bit and though we didn't believe in bunting. In a playoff type game like this guys you play a little bit different don't you. You make a few decisions based on your gut you make a few decisions looking up at that scoreboard you make a few different decisions than when years when your limited doubts year you won a shot at this thing you view really want. A legit shot just a base hit to win the ballgame things got a little Dicey out and aired on terror as blunt. For the second. This was a long. Sure be nice. Best of what you do for dinner them. Did he knew Martinez was worried about sales harvester sorry. See you later this. Around together. Bullets over exposed to people. It's a situation like that believe that. You know really makes this victory a little bit more sweet doesn't it for sure just yet and I think guys think I'm both sides what did you do today well. Usually they always say you were either gonna win the game organ when the fight. Did both I don't want gulf yet you did because. You know the blunt I'd now I applaud the one attempt right there for sure the brewers came up empty in that eighth inning. And Corey can naval a a lock down ninth inning it's set the table. For the big bomb it was Zeus once again he did it in the seventh inning he does it in the ninth to walk off for the current. And there's your finalized yet another legendary Brian Anderson voice crack it's we did get a voice cracked tonight. As severity is on fox sports Wisconsin. As the a brewers get the victory now not only you give well I do at least I don't know what you guys are get your reaction here in just a second. I give vied counsell credit for the bunt attempt in the bottom of the eighth inning. I also give him credit in that sixth inning or junior guerra in all sorts of trouble lousy. Base hit Milwaukee and to lie and nobody out. What does he do right there he's got a right handed hitter coming up he's got Barnes in the in the bullpen along with Josh hater. After the right handers a lefthander so what do you do you wanna go to Barnes for one hitter and then bring in Josh. Let's go to the lefty let's go to Josh hater and what is Josh do. Couple of strikeouts just blocks down just dominating Josh later yeah and then. At say it Barnes does his job Jeremy Jeffers did his job Corey can naval did his job. You gotta love the I'd never say die attitude in this one best. Was a great ball game. It really was as I said the only blemish all that mountain. Full of strikeouts for the esteem. Drive me crazy sooner or later that's not change a while and and that may be big the way of baseball these days but. This was a a great baseball game really was and of for a two to one game one sip game potential no hitter game. I was into it. You'll on the other hand. Will get too because that might be are you kidding me moment of the game is being Jew. So stick around for that. Those that want some audience raw evil all you might be in trouble tonight or somebody I know what I'm I'm dealing I'm dealing with here. As it does it is more evidence the side I am sure obviously preside 4147991250. Let's lead off with Matt Matt your first up on the fan your reaction here brewers walk off 221 win. And the sort of nature take Michael organize. That was ought them do you know two home runs. Problem. It I mean it will take away and anyway we get him fifteen strikeout whatever Tucker few. Larry though but hey guys I got a song I want her court. And even. Upload that's all I need credit dirty. That is all journey by the dirty heads Josh haters favor a ban. Yes the late in the Miller Park last Saturday order. Concert at the rays. He had just later at a little private meet and greet with with the dirty ads. Great and I. On Sunday in Indianapolis Schenectady and see it I mean prop up and they killed it at all. Yeah I thought. Her as a guy that's all it takes or that's all I need. That's all I need the first bird. It got a little language it. Oh boy there are vehemently denied that the review how we don't want that weren't enough trouble all the time anyway. But America. I looked him in power worry about Reagan. Lol are we call it the biggest vodcast. All that would ought grown that's all yeah. All right Kate stay in touch man thanks thanks for listening hazing the sag Gil are. At I was armed with bill Michael's earlier today Billie amid the comment that. Can we all agree now that he's your first baseman just didn't know they're working airy claims in here. And dare I say yet there's no working Ryan drawn into this mix here at first under stock and at first base an essay in in the lineup. It's hey Zeus right now is that now let. Let the dude goal let the dude just play a season at first base sixteen home run since April 19 that's not a two month run he's got about feel what is it fifty RBIs 49 RBIs down. I'll give you an absolute we eat domination you got a regular on the first baseman. You get regular first baseman let him go he's also one of the biggest reasons why Domingo Santana is getting squeezed out of this thing same deal. Same deal for one horse 49 knocked him 1649. And 305 Afghanistan a 300 plus batting average. Just leave and be off waivers last year at the end of spring training its drone. For the families are there but what I get your reaction as you guys come out of Miller Park how was it inside and outside you know went whenever the benches empty. Specially when it's a young brewers cardinals when it's a brewers cubs. Things do as Bob view crew would say give little testy out there. As you guys come on out wanna get your reaction. Tim in taos Ryan Moore bot a brewers to one walk off victory off the bat of Hayes who Sagal are. Homer in the seventh to tie a homer in the ninth the wind will be back in the fan. When you're hot you're hot player Laats. They're not so when it comes to the crew who's hot and who's not. Brought you by steel horse realtor accompany your road home begins a steel horse Fibers get a huge victory over the cardinals in game two of this four game sat a walk off win for Asus tag Gil are and the crew we it was a one man Iraq and crew in this one. Who's hot who's not with steel horse realtor. I think you gotta go Hayes who Sagal are in the hot category. Easy way to started off yes those of you coming out of Miller Park or get your reaction what did you. For me this game. Was indicative of first of all with the brewers are good pitching timely hitting and with a home run ball in the last. But it it also had that feel throughout this game I did not think the brewers were out of it despite getting no hit. Into the seventh inning and did not believe the brewers rod this I actually thought they're gonna win this game somehow someway as a feel I had. That had to be a felt that the whole game and electric feeling. When seuss hit that ball on the night that had to be outstanding. In in in Miller Park tonight. So who's not how about the fifteen strikeouts for the brewers let's go back to the hot category you realize. In this ball game in the bullpen those of you think it well the bullpen sprung a little bit of a leak. Ot no. Not in this one. Hater Barnes. Jeff Frist can naval. Twelve up and twelve dead at our own. How about that yet they are locked down they were absolutely lock down what are we talk about what Barnes. Don't rule that guy out for BN dominating. Yet this year and I mean dominating he's got stuff that he is still trying to. They'll relay a little bit those four guys that they sent out their hater with a 113. Barnes with a 184 Jefferson a point 74 can naval ballooning all the way up to a 37 it while. So you have Craig Counsell call 34 on the back Dan Craig Counsell hot weather is choices tonight. He is 33 of them if you go with a bunt attempt in the eight law that it didn't work out and actually created a benches clearing situation. While. You. Irene. While you you have I was excited given go and it it Josh hater. In that. In that sixth inning in game that they were losing that they were down and that's the thing that's a third while they were losing he goes to the sky. And that's a little different than what we've been seeing guys I think he felt the same thing that we did as brewers fans there are not out of this ball game certainly you're not out at one step I didn't think that we are gonna see that until at least August or September. Hammering him in in a situation where they were losing managing just a little bit different in this one and I loved it. 7991250. Go to our buddy Vincent is celebrating in Anaheim California Vincent this had to be fun for you. Yet they're plug it wasn't like it out I category like that I didn't really all of the game it's not got that that no hitter alert. But then when we went back up there alert and do it oh run out like yet. The other propagated that the brewers where. Let you sit out the well Nanjing to gain different back up in. You come back when you'll lose the I didn't hear duty in the game and you can't you know it's. And then then we get that it was a brewers are real like I've been better believe they've won every play. Like you know our county people brewer to come back they can be good team at bat in what ought to pick I'd have to say. The brewers got to keep that in a way and so when I can't argue that their problem we pay so. We don't you worry about medium or not because so many expect that we that first lip locked up. Army employee pension yourself ma'am because this this is so much fun right here as Ezekiel great man keep quite and away on the schedule here. Yeah right now back at duke it out eight. And the great thing I want to live a very we do. A lot of wire and the rocket alert. Or run right now let it go see a lot of line up of that edit. I'll root root root out the blue suit he got level we cannot let go. And apple are part of a lot of catered album ratepayers if that that would gain at the brewers needed only and they Q and the impact. And the face of adversity and not. Allied here's what you gotta save Benson to end your report to Ares field reporting for the fancy got to say this is Vincent. Reporting live from Anaheim on the fan. Remove their beer reportedly lied. At a time that big day on the bay 10 but boy that. It's. Better and help our staff that was agreement to update and they'll take it easy side business this next the young man is always a challenge for me. If he's the war and it's Jim being drafted and you're better than that Jim. They damn. Thing yet now I got not renounce. Grab at you about tonight. At the top minds you know all is well mine little I got one little thing that's okay. Oh. I'm not promised but a lot down there at the studio. You dead. Any end in still the X the olive branches still extended out their four. And I'm gonna have somebody from the stage and called me and all I've got. From the age and it's cricket. You're better than that. A any out. Real nice win tonight my only a little concerned knew that after it developer. I think I think. I think we've got some bad blood there. Yeah I did feel it early on disperse one Cain got hit in in this one I thought. You know I'm feeling just a little some than Eric cook in this might get a little as as you know you Kerr says dicier testy. But this this could this could bubble up to some a little bit bigger tomorrow. Well a name alienate Florida during the opera suits. Let beanie was in the dugout. There in that sound a little while no. I didn't realize that okay. All right he it if you love unlike in net. I'm just opened deuce suddenly get on a viral because this seat like out. Oh yeah final month Jim thanks for. Are we worried for the cardinal player or pursues. Because. Good luck to whoever decides he's gonna throw a fastball in the middle of pages regulars. Yet you might want to take on the freight train coming at you amend or better that you gotta be hitting Neely VR. If that if he thinks I I'll stick my alarms with it yell lynch. Trevor shot a big boy but I brother one came and it before I'm giving it to the free chew it and mean yeah this this is exciting stuff and and Mancini. Shut your mouth hey this might be a derivative we're gonna do our best to hear from might. Metheny to now is like get in the game why existing hear from those other guys went. This this might be a situation where. The St. Louis Cardinals. Are at a tipping point in their season and I'm not saying and that Morgan and decide anything here in mid to late jewel of the even struggling based on. They have been. And there are you walk it just went on to the DL there their fight and some demons themselves out their defense is so unlike Saint Louis cardinal defense it's. Pretty insisting the watchman. This may be a tipping point portion of the season for the St. Louis Cardinals and maybe that's why Mike Metheny didn't and the rest of these guys tensions are run a little high. Us not our last twelve the out that's that's a rough go man I don't feel that form now often heartily and it. Always a sweet thing 4147991250. As CO brewers get a walk off victory Hayes Zeus Aggie OR. Nobody's gonna disagree right he's your first baseman yes every day right every day. Is it every day Craig Counsell as much as Sparky has been waiting for me to say it ever since last year at spring training things. Huge thing in love affair it's it's a it's it's you are right now for Cheryl let's go to Appleton was sale of Adam. Atom here on the fan. They guide. Still the great win by the bird is. I just wanted to do I'd chime in my iPod. On the I ally your maps of crops do Barber's GM David Stern's. Picking up a liar and a waiver claim after he got cut loose by the Indians and just knowing that you they have big power bat and knowing that that can that translate to that are currently Miller Park. And if you I get really good consistent at bats which he had been getting and I hope that he TI continues to could be. Sure deserve like you guys are talking. About oh you add to game madam. No I'm actually I actually watched it from home. Oca I don't wanna get the reactions someone in that stadium at that. At that pivotal moment there in that ninth inning where you just you know it's off the bat in you're always just you wait just a beat just what 11000 many. It's. I had definitely. I had no pilot and at the game but I just watching it from on besides the united TV via roar of the crowd is definitely abating and the celebration after and I had to loan as do I give massive props to David Stern. And although that is do they you are and Angola's. Is obviously. You playing they. But much of it contractors started you know big money goes that really good to get that production out of. Our guy absolutely is there's a surprise they're says there are surprised Adam thanks for the comment thanks for the cup he's yeah he's making. Pennies. Can this guy repeat and this guy repeat. Well when you get a down Domingo Santana you can't tell me it's not leveled off imbalance now by an uptick on somebody. Someone's gonna have a better year than they had last year. And that's hate zoos. And he has he has outstanding right now you just plug and play and that's a thing so famous. Brawn. Domingo you gonna have to share some time in the outfield. That's. We're not at the development. Level anymore. For this baseball team and in. Where their ad here this year 4147991250. If you're coming out of Miller Park wanna get that feeling where. At first of all it A Ed described via benches emptying. And that always pisses you off as a brewer fan does it not like us or might just does things as a fan period you know wind when your teams involved in a benches clearing issue. You're always liked oh screw those guys or whatever whatever you can fill in the follow language. Thank you that trichet announced saying and I'm there then to come back. And actually win it then describe that feeling when it actually went out or you were when you knew it was cone out 414. 7991250. A big win for the crew to to one walk off fashion Zeus. A home run to tie it in the seventh inning that busted up the no hitter by flared eight. And then they walk off solo shot in that ninety and. Was it a moon shot or a big line drives let's get today's driver. It gave driven by Acura Brookfield check out the all new redesigned RDX models in Brookfield at a 191 in blue mount. Craig Counsell manages his best game of the year in my opinion in this one. That is high rates that is high praise. This is it. Indicative of where Craig Counsell thinks the brewers are cashier. Also in his development move along not that I'm the end all be all judgment. I'm on managers in the way they handle game skid given in my opinion. I think he's still developing. But man he managed a brilliant game today and number two maybe more importantly. It's showed that he wanted this freaking game. He was not going to be nine out of this one he can chill out and we're gonna hear from him and his post game comments really my guess you today if you thought this could be in knock out punch for the for the cardinals now Craig was coach in like it was. He was I agree it will not the bud. EU is yet. This one I hill chill out more hear his comments and he'll lay back and just kind of gather himself a little bit. But inside and inside he wanted this game there's no question that was absolutely blatant. An apparent to me that he wanted this game solemn fears he has gone to other pitchers. Down in the game was this the first time he's gone to hader down in the game and I remember it in my view that I don't recall. I've 4147991250. Drive of the game well this no brainer ninth inning. That's tied ball game and the ball is hit a ton by zoos. Drive of the game whether Acura of Brookfield is the brewers get a walk off victory two to one. Those of you that are coming out of Miller Park part of 36000. Plus. Wanna get that reaction a moment if you can describe it when. She'd just won this game so I was right there with council. He just wanted this game sucked all the bad. Com there are no longer the longer it went on. The more you do it the more you knew that it was right there for the taking you kind of felt it coming on you just it is one of those games for me I just that despite all the strikeouts steal this one just take it in your right there and they did at 7991250. As they get near that high watermark again now they're racked up to fifteen the high water mark sixteen over 500 this year I think it's fifteen I don't know if they've been the sixth rule yeah I think they're all 14. In fifteen over games. So the following game I don't think they've hit the sixteen mark quite yet. It's going and and get that one. Tomorrow are you kidding me moment of the game is going to be with the baby to house. My get gross and you might be nice guy well yes yes he has an attic or bots the united gonna. I join in on this west does happen you soon after the break. Also among those of you goes a view that are still we still have song suggestions for the 28 team championship seasons Emerson coming around. I just had some recall one he said the last time the police said last Amber's were in the post season the TV stations were playing Billy jolt pressure. And he says it's gotta beige I thought I is under I don't think that's same song is at ten dollars you all now. Threaten our pressure pressure is a different one from the village oh. I don't look at lord I can I don't ever heard it all the dirty heads we have a suggestion tonight we also had a suggestion for hair band. Called the Warren to. That it has this. Because we're. Yeah I was I got to I don't understand anything he was saying and now all of the description that our friend at all KS put him on Twitter when he says it is. Zeus and the brewers have the power play it Billy or I will haunt you forever that if a updates so we got that done you guys and holds a right there this a quick break will be back in the span. Eighty yourself. Are you kidding me guest today is are you kidding moment of the game. Rusty by Jeanne Wagner plumbing company you can trust Jim Wagner plumbing dot com. This is the blames farm in league baseball post game show presented by Milwaukee admirals hockey we are pass tag mill huh. Hockey is indeed a brewers two to one victory Timmons house and those are you coming out of Miller Park we have plenty of time to get your reaction. Are you kidding me moment of the game was during the game was during a lot of the game. Was set in just indulge me here guys just for a little bit we always says slide the curtain back in and give you a sneak peek 100% true confession. You know that's at least. Billy you and I now for sure made that promise ins outs in the morning Brian horrified that she noticed throughout a one to nothing game. And ultimately a 11 game you and then ultimately a walk off home run. Throughout all of this process. At excessive volumes. This feud over here is working on some personal stuff that. I know right Phillies big time. Why are well. Mark yeah so that's what you call less things in him sell art on the morning show he's listening to the draft show from last night. He's listening to him on the morning they'll he's not just the post game post anymore and he's like chuck Freeman where he's a draft year LT guys do you hear any of my plate flag America saw her Weaver and and yeah I'll walk off homer and a one game here and listen in to this guy called flag football game back from the seven period. Owens rips away for a twenty yard OK I got some Whipple Bolter Erdman sound if you wanna hear any of that too. And the brewers offense so with the runners in scoring position hitting to 32 who cares when you hit and walk off home runs nobody needs to beyond. In a tie ball game Zeus. The are you kidding me moment of the game one a and one is Billy and his. Attention to detail and the brewers ball game tonight so. And you get some good. Audio there all lined up I think we're gonna get Soledad. I Michaela if you are next on the fan. What's happening. What's going gala. And sorry for ill when she got. O'Leary understand the merit than a young club and and they are out and eat it. I care about a man and they got a warning and went and they act it out no. There you go sorry you gotta follow the rules in this country. For the most part. There. You lied. To and connect. Yet they were active young cub fans and cub fans at a cardinal brewer game. Variances things out the enemy so so what what was it like Wenzhou said that ball. Pretty gray I don't know why he outplayed in every day. Well I think he is now that's for sure you'd have a play every day Wednesday. And we all are wondering who aren't quite a bit and why. Good question who will put more about on the gas you know I think Michaela it was Tom Rose yet. Over the journal sentinel sura called him a bag you Lar. For a long time can we finally get the Zeus chance at Miller Park folks week. Q we finally get around here do. Q we do that. Can you dishonor one simple thing that I ask you to do all wind is simple thing but it's thirteen years no one's follow this know. Am just I might do if I thought my main guys coming up there most last night Arnold it's slow if you so much slid the balance it was. And I gave us girlfriend Kelly and I will say that that bullpen and give away yeah last Sunday. That. I left on the counter when I got it I got a from Dave in Cali last night. And I I said it on the count or we got home played it was on 1 in the morning or whatever. And I just left it on the counter. I got up that you know before 6 this morning and the girlfriend is like that is the most adorable giveaway they have at upper add. Actually. Actually I do love that giveaway that is occur if you if you don't have to exert. In yours yes unlike McCain's while it wasn't missing attire on. We have to go to him and Irsay and we have to. He said he would cover my oh loss to my bookie my hundred dollar bet that a loss tonight if we put him on next so well hold on there's other folks there don't. So how much was your gambling laws. Just a hundred bucks a week to hold off on ten I can cover that. OK good because there's this couple guys been on hold here for awhile let's go to opal. The life of its uncertain outlook that was our guests at a Mike. Vary. And caddie gave her Burton I've been on all troops here. All while your veterinary all of Europe now sorry. Well you get as serious chance and you. I. Percent I'll do my boys I don't hurt and I always smaller than not. Did it wasn't you guys every night and it did it says Iran and number one caller you guys should premiere in turn away. And we got him on this said that we got John right away might. Yeah aid did an electoral called the play (%expletive) here. They I got a couple off and don't bomb near guys. I got a couple songs request here and I know this won't be abound so don't don't bombing near double break in my hurt very our own turning. Because she's not she notes. Now wait that Obama okay. Now I don't like the song out there aren't right you're on them now. And silky White Sox that's White Sox now. It. Was that White Sox back in 2006. Or no you know what it was it was the giants. Big toddler yeah during the Iraq journeys from the bear right then there are hurt or no. Well known that now no normal Bert and John in key key. So we could just because. Stadium you've played out. Probably back in the day. All right I spun that a lot yeah yeah I am armies and it'd. Dedication you know oh won't canyon. And thought though you know her little longer. You know you know Rogers dedication. You're likely to case. Yeah its leaders in Nightline Elton. Where you got to know you weren't at the game here you are all current aren't open big win 45 and thirty. They've but it got out that it has sought out video of mercker daughter third third or not. A very accurate this thing tomorrow Purdue Reno and I know I guess earlier but and yet tonight. But there irony air tribute hurt the freedom aren't out yet this memorial for intended to. You're all the guy and he is so early early. I'm like thanks a lot we'll talk again Burt and me baby there we go. Really thought. Morris this. If you ask him. While still in new land on there. In new window yeah when I say innuendo is she did it. Two to one brewers get the Al victory and we're gonna go to a kind of walk I know that. Isaiah is next on itself by sometimes there. I go there. Okay all right you're on body. I. Really got you got. You. If you're bad. But I'd I want all of them and I'll. If comedy in it yeah. When they hit a home run out and all of a good one short very quick in the elevator. They had this you elevator here the cardinal fan sitting there. It like on. It looked like. While quite gates and shook it. At. That's the way I did done it today and as seed now that was fair. I think that was fair while quite the gamer what do game or game and that's that's a fair as ever does have better than me walking out of Lambeau Field and patent viking fan I'm on the my eye and part in San okay. My games and anybody I would emptied your balance. Yup that would have been you would have caught some wealthy if you notice that my dads it all. You know well. Just in your next on the fan what's happened. Tees are it's what I don't lay yo is several and one delayed. Our Barbara Starr. Know you're good you're the only one that you're the only gets passed. Got what he'd done lies they know it kind of makes it. And a little bit and it's good that they're our home got a lead news crisis and I. My ears we'll blow off of real business saw have to be true love and its crew there's our crew would have target here. Love in the true. Love and a crude oil spill crew love Brian. So that the although about two players and quality validity being broken bat as a political out here you go so. I denied that he gave that things some things going in the right policy you could call the way home with a loose shot yeah. And it almost went like that that adult Bible right now the output of all get out a year went way. He why they compare to what you got out of Anderson quite right Betty. But the boost that are on par I think it did he lie. All but then if you've got now also I don't know who the hell is it baseball. There's got to be at all stock basic fuel of the yard got the paper ranking. And they shouldn't care. What I'd pay at state. Doing what jarred the the team leads the league and quality starts in and they get another one. Well that close to another when I guess five plus year. But the guy I opposing him and I was history you know a no hitter for six in a car or whatever what and he's still on the order to keep that game called. So I don't think you'd be in before the night would be who. I think we don't want that gave it to aircraft Tibet and India excel. For whatever my consent role would be. Where it's for care but Mack got about that load the lead get it by yeah. Accrue whatever it we're they because I travel plans you know added it up a little bit. Well. That here we go just an instant request again help us. Dell you're. Let them get married again in my feeds to the Milwaukee Brewers. Can you marry a baseball team. Well I may. A licensed. Minister site I could do the ceremony. Just finding it difficult if we can get it out Aaron if we can get it pat. Find that very difficult I'll. If anyone would find a way I think you might be you know. Do we wanna do you want a breaker you wanna go to well well well. And seven and. Hey don't vote on. You know I'll bet uncle and. Hello mom Manuel. Czar today. But the nationality and I issue the new baby in the and don't colonel pop up at. I'm jogger beaten our in that (%expletive) that the mine what we yanked back. Loved got a series in. Drug and time and era when you know I've looked at we don't have plugin. That Albert straight at worry about that and given it up and just not. What do you and endorsement. We're eliminate you know still outside a town. I know Eddie yeah it will not agree there are definite period at. I'm not too far from my house. Yeah Alec. It definitely got it will barrage around the corner and in Europe but I'm an awkward spot of tea. Hey the garage area has great burgers man you oughta check that plays out. Yeah I went outside and not people. Think that little understood and hospitals. Icon in remote and a little want to and sports and and a a lot of. Will stay in such men good luck to the to the little one RIX congrats man. Did not yeah. Yeah it's not that dark. You got it yeah that in knowing living emotional kid while high is the calls from the Southern Hemisphere last year that's right. 4147991250. Brewers get the 221 victory walk off fashion. Zeus is see the all star. If there is a representative. Representative. Hater. Zeus. Our anyone else tough to overlook Kane and yell at sprint and Jennifer is too would be the other woman gets brought up that's tough to even consider. I don't know folate all star push. He's gonna get I'd container yell it's up there that they trail quite a bit of brewers fans have been resilient over the years. In what makes him on the last vote Corey Hart got in on that Horrow here on May be jail and so wanna say. I just remember the Corey Hart won because that was the year that they've decided to make the stupid I heart. Heart New York's teachers because the all star game was a Yankee Stadium that your Johnson. Yeah been one of the but the dumber one. It at 4147991250. Burress get a victory. And a big one it is game two of a four game set against the St. Louis Cardinals. Some offensive but issues asked you know I don't know if there are huge issues but at 45 and thirty. Go over a couple of bomb all wanna get your reaction on the game and he's whose tag you are. Doing a one man reckon crude dropped a job tonight busts up the no hitter busts up the shot out in the seventh when's the ball game in the ninth will be back in the fan. Now here's the behind the scenes post game update as we take you would inside the clubhouse brought to buy Adam's deputy dot com ready to get inside a new. House. Deputy dot com. Get deals done that others cats. Won't. Trying to get through atomic calls here tonight after a brewers two to one victory and a before we go and hear from Hayes who sag you are we're also gonna hear from. Eric cell guard as well pretty candid on that trash talking and Eric Snow ads is clearing situation as you wait to get down there tomorrow and give him some some grief given some props. Stepping up and it'll be a fist bump and policy dude. Were you don't punch as yet an unfair advantage in the fight because he wears glasses on the field and you can't hitting got a glasses are now made me. I Wear glasses sometimes you definitely get it and we might pop you you just might as you like your faces more punch of violence of its. I think Europe and America think do logical face or I were talking about yesterday announced Q club. One of the questions in the ask the big show that him and Rami did it was who as the more punishable face round here. Or Barton is both agreed that it was just me there was you yet and you weren't even in there let's squeeze in. Let's go to Chad and punch me in the face and I think if I send it. Chad you're on the fan what's avenue and. August during the bursting out that. There are oh yeah watch all that construction. Urged her I was in and out of the air and all I only got. I'm partial and saying get up here and out up to inject like oh well they must. Although I'm not bitter is not at all. Got pretty straight strikeouts and everything just Orrin bet all of the thought it would hurt or. And that's why Craig Counsell and in my estimation managed to best game of the year that was tonight. You're you're doing but not all jobs this year you are not met here. I I I keep seeing a lot more all my and edit it. Championship series that Tori yeah it I opens. Like every year or you know our. I can't help but. I can't help it. Tropical do an amazing job the all amazing. But it smarter thing starting pitcher would be great but I'm just. I'm mark about it too much fun. Absolutely it it is at thanks for the call Chad be careful again there's construction everywhere man just so be careful. But it is one hell overrides the so far is it not. But they could be. What five games worse and it's still be one hell override so far wouldn't MB yeah. It it's just been incredible. The EU started out the first weekend of the year you win the opener like you did out in San Diego. You take the other one Ryan brought its game what are we durable sitting in your living room crazy. Crazy and Orlando Garcia had the walk off against the cardinals boycott the cardinals. Shot got whacks and a couple walk off blocked out and walked off on the cubs a couple of times still absolutely. All right let's but let me just run through these numbers here would was squeeze in a call before we hear from my. Asus and Eric's old guard. Offensive numbers. When the Burris scores exactly three runs or five and three this year. When they score four runs their foreign theory. Thirty and two when scoring five or more runs. He get to the nickel man and you've got one hell of a shop that might be with a lot of teams Billy. So maybe the numbers are a little skewed in that room regard might be relative to baseball but nonetheless that sets a decent number for sure. So in total when they score three runs or more they are 39 and eight. When they score three runs or more. Let's see them and it better testament to the pitching staff has had not I was gonna say and everyone still wants the clamor for starting pitching. It's amazing how great conversation in my Clemens and hear about starting pitching before he laughed yeah we did and and we're gonna get to that over the weekend for sure as he has he has hell bent on this team needing. Aid front line starter period we also need to get him on the cement out in the morning podcasts get to know Mike clemency. There is some some situations coming up with the Timmons house in the morning podcast that. I think you guys Ian wanna tune in for I'm excited this week you have get to know our boss Tom Parker. I thought that was in choosing very insisting but were also would got a few things that I'm quite nervous about an and I mean. That it's going to be I get to know Tim Allen was someone that you know will I don't know. How I'll be you know it's Alan I'll be on the firing line I just know that you wanna get the inside scoop do gonna wanna tune in that don't know exactly when that as. Runners in scoring position for the offense. They're hitting 232. Right yeah that's that's not good that's 24 in baseball. In have to step up their second base position ranks seventeenth in baseball and OP house. The brewers catcher position fourteenth in the majors. In OP house at 676. And that's that's Holden their own really bright at an on base percentage plus slugging percentage in neo PS that that's that's not horrible. At shortstop however a 516. OPS is dead last in the big leagues that should be slugging percentage Jalal. If I had no doubt. There is squeeze in Jerry Jerry your next on the fan. The girl with sun and don't corporate in my car. Nice. Picked him a pumpkin that one visit. Who care. Who who bring. I'd reached again. It's hard act sorry why revision one vision buy into it mean is it queen one vision I think that's what he was saying. You know the queen catalogs are out tonight that when I don't now. I do like this song at that wasn't a big hit by queen. To tune called dragon attack it's an instrumental in you give us a little queen maybe at some killer queen needs saying answer not now known. Our homes. But you weren't here a cool salvation. Or let's share your Allen well is that they are all right Stanley would dragon attack. You didn't tried tried out on a night I'm not I wanna try this I wanna try this one vision. Why don't tell us your literacy lie set us up because you know who knows what that did Tim in listening to him be able. All of flatter than ride those saying and then the basis hey you are so overwhelmed. Not as anybody better baseball which is very. Until world. Anybody. Is anybody better know so well and RBIs probably do. Guys just go right. We were not good take it anymore. That'll be my songs so. We're not gonna take we're I'm good Twisted Sister. Is set Twisted Sister. Right. You drunk no. Q sounds like you. There's these guys Diallo publisher didn't think about all the time I just played like number wrong. Really because I might as well because it go to bank of golf so why not play as I went up there in the bar. So they are ready you're right so under out. Of the type. Since assisted Nancy's or you'd never drawn. Or not then I don't have a problem James DeVon it is an insane volleys I'm I'm in control at all yeah. You know I'm in I'm not so. Galvanic. Are doing stupid crap. Right now Dario a more fun job on labor. Guys they just realized this is what I Selma likely come home on Saturday night I'm talking to amend and might not then I'm nudged on me Billy yeah and how we got some lingers. I can still probably I'm. Now the question and no. Our. Opinions and and acknowledge that as they go hey get his body air okay. If he had the power to do that we wouldn't be there now we wouldn't send them there we would also be making a lot more money we zoo to see Scott's decision talks shortly after his walk off bomb the second of his two home runs and won a ball game for the brewers over the cardinals Syria was on fox sports Wisconsin. Angry and think it's credit CN Gatorade ice salaries for your pain there. At night for you. It's fun. Loses back now. When they go yeah yeah we've talked about your six cents with two strikes will relook insular and that last at bat against but north. Well there's gonna save data defense doesn't score I'm. Let's listen. Ma'am hooked on kind of hovering Bob. You've got to believe. Well not only that but you broke up but no hitter in the seventh inning how tough was to have clarity tonight. I did did a very young son. Combos look you can VW's golf it's. An opinion on. We just bottle down with a win tonight. How much confidence you have not just sit yourself right now the played Casey is that in this team that you guys to come back. And produce these lock up wins like you guys have all season. We got enough to bottling twenty something thousand and loudly team even without rich guys out. We gonna wanna believe the things I'm doing good downgraded us. RA and it's great neighbor is this thing you iron what is this amazing game. Wow. I'm impressed soul that soup person really really old guys those who viewed just cats in the fever man. Cats and some brewers fever as this thing takes another bite out of the calendar. And Asus. Cuddle little promo for brewer fans there are no doubt. You guys were awesome at Miller Park in that that Cisco intensify we've been talking about the ability of intensification. Is this season moves along. Let's hear from Erik so guard here as well as yes that's some comments but a benches clearing incident. Right directly in front of backside had to slide and I don't know here is expecting contact and I'm. I think I did is the most second became as safe as possible for both the lesson. First words that came out of my mouth or are you all right and he kind of I don't know we understand. When I was saying by any got little Landon. I guess we've all got to. All fired up to access these offenses and skating and when you guys are. Fannie and expect that I had turnaround and they are out there and click. Just kind of the heat of the moment thing thank. I'm just glad I didn't escalate in the newsroom. Guys. Yeah it does end. Has on mixtures are I asked that I and trying to. Didn't go and get the answer us open source. That is what it is and at bat and now I'm Lou we'll hound you soon to be far way in the game and another amazing at bats for the south of the law countries who is doing awesome. With two strikes. I ask you how to. Tell us how many he's. Suing his social or when he wants it to be. He's so strong so he does not trying to be too much you can just know from the moron like you did tonight in. Its way down so panel on the. Yes so he should have popped them he had just just jacked him one quick one Eddie was being nice he was asking and you get in my facing you're gonna get her right leg. I'm sorry if if I was being nice. I'll I'll be nice for the first encounter in which he was are they okay then Munoz then your mood yes he comes back cuts mean and it was espouse mean. Age. I'm just checking Kanye yeah. Came in hot. Now you're coming in hot to me and now we're gonna have a problem so it appear he's gonna say some of somebody else's mom on and it appeared the ball so commend the slot I'd I mean it was so throw that certainly in the so we. This mixed it up the line yeah I don't I don't know boards first and I eat literally under Cottam shows you the cardinals man and he a little testy right now man they really are Kuerten yeah losers in nine at twelve here out there I mean he's in second guess down their for the first time a long time could only happen to 01 other better team and that's succumbed so. Maybe the cubs can get on a little bit of a down slide as well which they have lost two straight to the Cincinnati Reds. That's a good thing but who's counting yes seven and I now have 1250 let's go to Greg in Nashville Greg here on the fan. Boy you know me I'm Clinton never pitched into the game long got the code in the red on the pit question vote. Couple things I wonder who mention. Aggie 02 count and and it just won't stand in great point about how great ideas on. Two strike count I looked up Aggie I'm 02 counts. Said point or bat he couldn't reach 75. Oh it I know we had an eleven pitch. To strike 02 it started out 02 and then end up with a eleven pitch homer earlier in the year that was a war costs. Screamed the OPP oh is 346. Slugging at six point five on 02 count. Just amazing. You know we thought we had musical chairs with though the four pack of players with. In on the floor above mentioned a lot and brawn James mango and and Hayes who spent now. Has been pared down to just three and with mango do what he's do what I say is down to two really given. The fact that bronze a little bit healthier you find that out. A tomorrow Billy when you and I get in never sounded to really with names and brawn to Zeus is a plug imply. And then another idea that just popped in my head maybe it's not a song of the year they'd get the ball into the night. And likeness song has come pity I won't talk back down force so be it. Not a bad June. I Greg thanks for the call I know your big big hard core brewers fan and and hang on every branch of we are to end. Most nights both of us hang on every patch of oil bill that he Mel walker and Loftus. Billy was a little distracted tonight love themselves some time that he'll get back to this guy is just a. Did you could probably played Tom Petty fur and just hours. So July. Which is coming up guys that we have extended the deadline to choose the 2018 championships on Tuesday fourth of July. As you have a suggestion. Would love to hear it. Either through Twitter or any email or into the south on FaceBook. 4147991250. Brewers get a victory they walk off against the St. Louis Cardinals. Resumes. When the brewers were getting no hit in the seventh inning tie isn't there one. And walks in off in the ninth. The. The little forward thinking here. As it gets a little deeper into the season here or forward thinking with four financial partners so moving forward together. At FF PW I dot com. Little forward thinking on offense. And pitching. At some point general manager David Sterns is going to have to make a choice to improve his team. And that's what he's gonna have to to choose from. I don't I won't say that it's one or the other could be both. But the first one of the first one to fall in. That's what you got to think about moving forward what's the first one. We were talking at dinner tonight Billy bean and this can rent a ruffle some feathers a little. It is. You and I both agree that we would trade. Just throw in the south there we would trade Orlando Garcia Domingo Santana. And Corbin burns for a rental. You're better. That's a lot I would say they would say that. Now the Randall. But it put a name on. Well we did you know all week that would be a shorts out and shot. That's a lot a lot to give up at a loss is a lot of team control your top pitching prospect in what the last. 510 years would you agree with that I would say when he burns you out one he's down highway one of the most highly rated guys and come up in that system that's a lot to give up Mingo and Garcia. Four guys that have at least four years or control her renal. And do the hit thirty homers last year now this is given what we know now at 45 and thirty. Look at the National League. Brewers fans. This. Team has a shot. When you look at the landscape of the National League. Don't tell me that they camped at Dodgers in a series. For the cubs in a series for the nationals and a series or the Rockies for the Diamondbacks for the cardinals. They can based on what we know now through 75 games no longer a point in the season where we say it's early. Clearly were past the early stage right. Yes by far now so as a calendar goes by a man that's that that's the one biggest thing I'm celebrating. Outside of the wins. Outside of the wins is the fact that you do when it. As you just continually. Pound that schedule. And it's going too quick for her to my liking I gotta say I'm enjoying the ride that's for sure let's go to Jeremy Jeremy your next on the fan. You more important you are. I'm OK I'm network. You work. I. Also sergeant come up illegal and he'd respect pretty big optically. But maybe all of Procter. Level longhorns. First I thought oh well wait on the song here just the second gap the home run derby I'd I think there's some candidates. Things would be I think he'd be tailor made for the homer under. Don't you think gaffe for sure if you would have a shot to win the damn thing. Zeus. I would encourage the home run derby and it looks like a diet entering the royal rumble yes yes and I think nationally he'd he'd get some followers rusher who come out like a cut off tank top of the teachers suicide be a little torn down. I would say from from. Standpoint of screwing up your swing I'd say no don't do it from a standpoint of him getting himself on the map yeah I would fully understand him wanting to do it. But outside of those two guys in the united don't see any other candidates Steele. A really does want to baby anybody available. But they will have every team gets a representative at the all star game and they definitely will ever be represented with more than one I will say that. Sold out well maybe I had. Little bit older but unbelievable. Doubts I'd love that soon. There is a video my son has meant IEM apps EM out yes yes you'll recognize song bomb. But if your club guy that they've played us they still do. There is getting so I'm afraid of the song and I'll tell you why if my son catches wind that were entertaining the idea of this song there's a video. He Sarah viciously took of me. Standing in that wealth. Dancing in the kitchen to the no way yes he did all my goodness that's. If it does Jeremy thank you appreciate businesses this is now going to be arts movies. House says that there. Couldn't go. Friday night yeah. Let's see ya eight ball. One problem. The ninetieth bulls this is like there's things on. Unbelievable. Like this but it's like it's like recycling don't stop believing from the fourteen teams that eat them for the World Series. You know that the White Sox is that what they did yeah that's that I they'd still actually used that today. From 2005. Yeah ultimately winning game. No like ages that's that's what they hang their hats. I was so that we all agree the cubs are good baseball team right now I'm honored okay. They just lost to erode the Cincinnati Reds missed and a cable so we're capable of losing to history when you go back and you look at their series at the brewers lost to the Chicago White Sox. That's baseball. And that's why I I remember doing this show. Following north throughout that White Sox series Billy in the recent past chill man that's some still a baseball team the major leaguers on the other side. I. Quite a White Sox a 162 games see what happens right in a three game set. You got to enjoy. Arrived at some point of this was leading candidate. No one point this is tune called enjoy the ride. Fans time to go inside the box score brought to my Dave and buster's wallets those are eight drink it play. And watch sports. That welcome back Burris get a walk off victory game two of a four game sad it was all Zeus. Or was it. Pitching staff did their job to junior care a five plus. Allowing the one run what was interesting about the one run that he gave up Billy united. Again this was at the point where you were paying attention to the game and it's so. Fatal listed I believe it was Vader. On a sacrifice. In the third inning. On a ground ball. I don't know I don't know I think it was a 10 was yeah was about it was a bond. But again now in the third inning you're gonna credit that dude with a sacrifice. The I mean I didn't get that out and came in for the dejected Tommy Sam earlier on in the game now shut my mouth is I'm questioning at. With two outs Ozuna knocks him him. And it's like him how this Metheny know this week you know and an in an all stood up it will ever what weren't resumes. It would've stood up. So zoos goes on to. Breaks the well no hitter op and again the ad that app curse. Every time you get it. No no watched you guys with the at bat out know what I'm talking about. I get it to and it's there was flared a six no no watch six six full of no heads it's shortly thereafter that'd that it gets busted up and Zeus does that. In the seventh inning ties the ball game up. And than wins in the ninth inning but. Not just junior Garrett was Josh hater with three up three down Barnes same thing Geoffrey same thing Cory to enable same thing. And a big time brewers' victory target suit. More of your calls here and just the second lets go outside the box and Dave and buster's. Eat drink play and watch sports yeah. My the box or today they only had three net cement that much offensively funded rattle off so let's go a little bit negative since you're mr. sunshine and rainbows. Eric famous shoe strikeouts pair strikeouts for Christian yellowish Lorenzo Cain Kate twice Trevor shot three strikeouts. The only boorda stark and not record a strikeout was the man and it too long balls. Asus egg alarm. Oh for three from Jonathan VR with a one K we had three strike outs remaining eighteen yeah we had a strike out from Orlando RCA out. And one K in one appearance from junior Garrett Eric so guard also had a base and a pension. It appears she read through pitching lines twelve up twelve down for the bull foul after Garrett came out two runs on three it's one air for the crew one run on three hits. No errors for the red birds fifteen games over 500. Back to the high watermark. Fifteen over 36000. Plus at Miller Park to enjoy this one and an absolute sweet sound. Of the brewers fan base at Miller Park during a live interview on the field between fox sports Wisconsin Sophia manner. And Hayes who say ideologues that was pretty impressive guys really wasn't it was and not exhaustive. Not necessarily. Goose bump moment but lean and hard that way it really was she has the greats I will say though Brian Anderson voice cracked. Brings goosebumps every time that's a voice to voice cracked it there aren't many album but wanted to when it does happen it's a big shot and it was for the brewers is that you OJ knows that he's doing that. No I I don't think so at all we get past him. The that is like if he gets feel that it's the big enough moment all right I'll cracked the voice that's why I doubt it I think it just happened. With a him all right let's get back to you guys get your reaction here let's go to Cragg. Europe next here on the fans. All I do enjoy great win great I do have a question there Serb going on the pitching chart. Now we're talking Mo bearing which bill under lights are. What I do they came on the in the catching position there's only one player out there that I want them to go for a continue to look at it. Rea mutes O'Donnell Miami. Yeah you've got to Arian. If you put their parentage. Onion. Are prepared be the I think gold often more than torture him early and because you ought to wait for the fact very ridiculous. With you know with our coaching except for the very mean words you know we shall see what conviction out and where is. You attempted to permeate what do you think that they're going more often than he's earned. On the air like countrywide. Would you think you'd think crypto because it or not. Yeah I it's I think it's probably our thanks for the call I think it's going to be at won't be a big splash. On the pitching side of things I think a potentially could be a much bigger splash on the offense. And I also thing on the pitching side it's not. Out of the question that it's a reliever. I won't rule it out but man this this that relief court tonight. Showed you that. That's how you win a playoff game 21 game like this that's how you win it right there hold before Craig Counsell he's pull the strings tonight. What would Josh cater game on the line you just kind of felt that man I said bring the hammer and and he did at that time. Was like man you have your choice between Barnes Barnes face and righty and lefty is on Dak and then maybe. At that I thought he would consider going to Barnes for one batter. And then bring an end hater and I'm going maybe you know an inning and two thirds with hater and then fill it up would Jefferson can enable. They set up two on nobody out I'm wanna stay in this thing they were down one zip. An outstanding game managed by EO Craig counsel for sure seven nine boy right away date did you wanna mess around with that at all. Give me an opportunity. It's a one run game. We've seen him in one run games go with the other guys go with a Dave Jennings scope with a a Taylor Williams even found himself in a one or two run game in a deficit though. Let's go to O'Brien leaving Miller Park Brian you're on the fan. Lou great win tonight and I've been. The original game who are at Marmara order but can they when tomorrow or leave it there it is a good I would want to make it was searching wins tomorrow. Well set up chase is due for a and I sounding Nasser series has some bumps in the road here is last couple of performances. But he's he's due for one or at. And it's it's it's really about the offense. Thus far. And we read some numbers studio Honda Accord had that in the journal sentinel. Some of the numbers when you when you get to three or more runs. That's that's what 32 and eaters some like them. And they need to put runs on the board and their pitching staff has hole in the fourth that's for sure despite some bumps in the road that Davies on the DL. Chasing Anderson not anywhere near what he was last year he's given up the home run home run ball. And little Clinton that he's not he's not a happy when you missed six or seven weeks of Corey can able. Now he's back that. And we've talked about Brian thanks for the call we've talked about that Billy that. How important is of African able to get back on track like big time big time what he does at the back end of that bullpen. Just like how to net tally Felice was supposed to last year yeah went enables stepped in and then took hold of the job. Is it slides everybody yells back. Sure does lead tunnel today Joe's and so like Adam and for the inside the clubhouse and and he said. In a weird way it almost wasn't. A calling card for our team because everybody out there in the pen add new that they had to step up once Corey goes now. But I wonder if now again they played slide a little bit on what quarries role would be our returning him. Didn't put a label line right away we all knew didn't thrust him into the role right away but yet we knew. We knew where they wanted him. And where he's slotted in to make everybody else better. And you saw tonight and frankly I don't know why you Jim but I think he deserves that chance for Sherri did what he did last year wet Cold War and you've given him the opportunity come back. Often injury no less with knotted up given Jonathan VR the same opportunity after. Crap tested 4017. As a little bit of a bounce back on him now let's go to Doug Adam Adam your next on the Faneuil itself out of. Both gentlemen are either way and I know it's more important ally but it's going to argue. If you think you're right after an emotional and. Yeah I wouldn't gonna say I've that went into target your briefly you talk about out of playoff atmosphere tonight. You know at exactly the type group. Experience of these guys will be at boxes call back on you know hopefully come and a October this year and it was a tremendous gain to be yet to watch. Just the back from four even poker pot all they are at second base there was an expectancy that emotion and that. It'll be tooting don't like each other that well documented failures and other fan bases don't care for each other all that much. And then this is the you know solar and effort into that you know just learned of the board a you know sometimes it takes something like that in that could be. In the middle of it even though wins on the understanding. And that's about it and don't appear. Did heal lewd again this big Greg but did he allude to. There was maybe a language barrier misunderstanding. Is that what he meant by that. Yeah I think Brady's said he wasn't sure when your understood what it was shot perhaps in the do okay. Yeah I'd say do what is your take on this is I value your opinion dude. This to me. Is how you're gonna have to win some playoff games it it really yes because it's now I get I was a little surprised that Josh catered and go more than just the one. When nonetheless as we've been discussing on this show that Jacob Barnes role. Is simply it's imperative that he gets on track here. To make up bullpen and even batter and in a deficit game you're down one zip and then go to Barnes Jeff Chris and can enable us twelve up twelve down. Yeah I mean. Counsel I've altered both available ANC. You rolled up there inappropriate. Usage pattern. It's something gets trek up when he struck out. And that's especially low just period to be able to get interpret culminating in the first inning or the ninth inning or fifth inning that he anywhere between. That the guy is the insurgency even keel double figure out wherever they are right in the popular with a phone. And they just coincidence and so the other Bardem and can you talk of upon laughter always you know. He's got to be a part of that fact that they can index last year especially in covered a lot of eight minutes. The style is just the other stuff is just too good and you weep we we've heard it's that term stuff a lot. Jacob aren't stuff the actual the stuff he's got. I think is is really underrated in the animated maybe he's just one of those guys that is still. It's just just trying to hone it in here a little bet he said some big time success for long stretches of time and that's what gives you hope for him. Absolutely I mean this so you better get political with regular. Earlier she'd ask culpable for the game. About Barnes specifically and you you talk about being more aggressive and attacking hitters count so quick to remind everybody that. You know vote would not exactly struggling when he got to about it without their roster. You know this situation on the roster and necessities. That called upon to beat the order read option downloading and it also an option down the time he was pitching just aren't. You know and they did a lot of nutrients that do work on the precipice and he. I've come back and and done very well put your right and usually original point. This is gonna have a lot of play out you put that. And it's much of the team is able to score runs. You know. Right in the right now it's the consistency sometimes it blacking out a game overlooked nobody took like 32 and three or shall go to school more prevalent so. And then they put everything I've been so it over how. Half their games they're clips in the private market. But it's not and it's just not unlike other baseball teams and Ryan brought that out the other day horror Bob brought that up that. There's other teams going through this now are they getting shut out ten times the threw 75 games now that's 13 of the brewers losses it would shut out in. But that's standard now it's it's almost feast or famine in baseball. My day Arab not argue about Obama what I'm saying is that the explosiveness of this team to put up. Big run totals and always there's no yeah but you're absolutely right the playoffs especially. The dedicated to a 221 game and you're gonna need. It's a lockdown bullpen and its. You know not surprisingly effective with this you know that dislocation. Didn't care I mean he couldn't speak highly enough that the country because that appear after the game seeing that he absolutely did its job. He got that to what they're able to take you overture in the open and just kind of who knows if the ball one after the other and but he says quote quote on hold a two strikeouts. And obviously. So in groups there's no look proper response. You mark this one down big rig will see a Miller Park tomorrow I'd. Org or you gotta sit com. Add the U re my marked this one down as kind of one of those. Good ones you don't mean grows benchmarks yeah outlook and back so we'll see this in the retrospective oh we definitely will. Ruled spend little time on this in the season and you get a little taster this on Africa and big time. Paul you're on the fan before we had a break in here from Greg council. A gentleman I look at the game tonight. And to a good team that I did two of the three teams they dislike the most of the Yankees in the cardinals and I wouldn't want you know placed here to be at Yankee Stadium. When McGwire hit a Grand Slam the BP Yankee. And I believe there was a multi homer on game also and he did the same thing against the cardinals tonight and I have been upset that the cardinals since 1982. For obvious reasons assault. I hope but I mean you should make the all thirteen I hope they go away from the home run derby you know because. As I think you. Said that there have been tied to blunt and the second half slump that's been at home run derby but the guy is you should be in the line up every day he's really on the watch. Yeah I think we all agree on that Paul good call. One call that's Paul. With and I and I'm okay now. Not I. I know the one guy that could be held now by the a home run derby would be generic names I doubt you'll get would get the invites you know. Who knows. I am trying to find the situation that Paul's referring to of this do you remember that game out of New York. And since Jimmy Nelson rain game right. Where they where they rained out or they had multiple rain delays delays rests yes that was also that the night where. Our buddy Scott for well you hear around right after us rice. Was once saying that the opposing pitchers should open. Leave the building and never come back yes. Even host on polite of terms it's amazing now a zigzag you are as well as he's he's been roll in here. He's he's one of those. Story line it's a special story of what makes a season like access you'll get these. You'll get the story lines of Josh hater just be in lights out of a Jeremy Jeffrey is miniscule ERA this all would have won a special season is made out of these special. Kind of story lines he's so. I don't know if you if you wanna I don't know if you could rank them in in an order. Flying under the radar rotation that just does not I still don't believe they get the respect they're due. I still don't believe that around nationally Iran MLB network. Whoever you wanna listen to they still don't respect the brewers starting rotation. Bullpen gets their due. The offense and take him relieve on this says don't put an office just like a lot of other teams in in their minds. A man it's a big win for the crew game two of before game Celtic break come back here from Craig Counsell knocks on the fence. There. So what's the skipper got to say about this game. Let's get the scoop from the skipper. Brought you by Brian Stratton college athletics offering athletic scholarships and nine junior college sports learn more at BSE bobcats dot com. This is the only station brewers fans need to before and after the game. 1057 FM the fan. And it's live from the international autos Honda Greenfield on it was Ellis studios bill Schmidt may be challenged Jim Allen a franchise as well. And Craig Counsell after the game. But 21 brewers walk off win. On noah's son. Vernon just as outstanding a mere two sliders first ones guys it's an actually game it's you know it's a ball on the zone resist currents. Strength. And I and I hadn't been a good baseball swing gets out of there and and then the last one was some. You know just there was thousands. Norris got a very good slider. Look it was a little up I think but still is Thursday to get it up all of two strikes were absolutely amazing song. Yeah you and put a son is back tonight and then carried us. But I guy who's been able it was too you know Colin Powell oh to again that's just what you come to expect from them. Right face. Yeah nominates it's again it's it's put together about it so. You know Smart at bats knowing what's going on and he's really improved on out and released you know he's accusing good. Marino's he's looking for and it just does what is setting unknown groups able to use a good swing and strengthen and did really dangerous player. I think the approach I guess the first hurriedly put off fell. Powered string that he had lived so you know. Yeah I mean I think that's that's what the first Sean was abouts. You know anytime you see the good of a ball hit for a home run it's it's hit by a stronger and you know it's it's. And that's what that's what Aggie did there that's you know one other guy made the pitch that he wanted to make up and down. You know my view is just good enough to strong enough so that putting this going on in and around my gonna park. Let me trillions most of the attention for foreign when no matter what. Junior high and passion and tradition excellent usually husky most. So yeah I mean. If their guy was outstanding Nevis are very nice game. There isn't as impressive from. You know I thought thug juniors struggle a little command wise today. Lumps especially early early in the game was fastball. But he needs you know he be made enough touches and and made some big pitches when he had to calm and got a gone. It was just it was known as first inning their ability and there's Craig Counsell. As a first inning. Runner on third. Nobody out junior Gary got out of that and proved to be super super bag art almost all that the turning point of the game brought by first Centennial mortgage. Absolutely. I think we should perhaps there well the turning point how about Zeus again well yeah I was trying to do something different for our mortgage pro. Peter read Jeff average over at CM dot com but you know either way it turned it into it victories it was with the big blast in the ninth inning tomorrow that go after their third straight in this series after the last bits make the switch me to write your talk about. The brewers hopefully beat the cardinals and again thanks to our crew at Miller Park for Ryan or vodka. Maybe tauzin bill Schmidt my name is Tim Allen have a great night Milwaukee and smiled world will smile back. If you or someone you know was addicted to drugs or alcohol please call this number right now 805077599. That's 805077599. By calling the true sobriety hotline you're taking the first steps to your recovery advisors are ready to match you with a proven treatment center that could help you and your drug or alcohol addiction once and for all don't waste anymore time we drugs or alcohol let the true sobriety hot line help you break your addiction to drugs and alcohol before it's too late 805077599. That's 80507.