Brewers top Twins 5-4

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Saturday, May 19th
5/19/18: MIL 5, MIN 4 - The Blain's Farm & Fleet Baseball Post Game Show presented by Milwaukee Admirals Hockey...we are #MILHockey. Tim Allen and Bill Schmid break down the Brewers' win as they continue their impressive road trip. Also, hear from Christian Yelich, Jesus Aguilar and Manager Craig Counsell!

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Brewers fans you've made the switch after the last pitch to this show for twelve seasons welcome to. Blaine as far as league baseball post game show praise about. The Milwaukee admirals we are. Hash tag male hockey now. Live from the international Hyundai Greenfield and Hyundai west Alice studios' gears the franchise Tim Allen and bill baby town Schmidt that. Kid is safe final and that was in tense welcome everybody it is the blades farm and fleet post game show presented by the Milwaukee admirals we are has sag mill hockey. 54. Brewers over the twins they were in the game in the Ceres tonight. Tim Allen baby taos bills Matt Ryan or bot Dino got the aid team in on a Saturday night. And you can't get much more intense than that in a yet tie ball game late then Christian yell it's on ties it and then you turn things over. To a lockdown bullpen all the time can can we just. Take a second MMI right here that's seven wins on the road trip. That is seven wins on the road trip and an opportunity to make it eight tomorrow an opportunity to go eight into the victory tomorrow. Another ten games over 528. Named team okay just check yeah. I did this was. You know I I don't Josh later and we all think he's untouchable. But this is boxed in June the walked to open up the ninth inning. The first thing I thought of was mailed one swing I mean that they are walk off mode they were they are ready for. And this but then you think about OK it's haters start working on this thing and squeezed just to tick. Not much but just a tick. But toward the latter stages and ever jump levering to make note of it three times on the broadcasts in that ninth inning I didn't severe that he was very happy about the strike zone get a little tighter as the game went on but. Borrowers with say an intense victory. And really. You know you census early on although they took the lead early you census early on that it was a battle back game and it is always going to be a dog fight the twins are gonna lay down like like what it all went down last night now absolutely absolutely and but she just knew you felt that this one was a yard kick and scratch and claw and keep fight and keep lighten. They picked up Freddie paroled. Where he needed some taken up. Yeah I weeks he need a little pick me up. Need a little taste or some goodness well he might get picked up right off the tarmac in Colorado Springs later on tonight he might. He might in as he grabs his luggage habeas sign there that says overall tone. You know by his driver I know they are giving him a limo. Well Lisa driver I mean you got to identify something that's once again what do gets your reactions I was stick this time slightly. And then it on an intense victory tonight. To get to ten games over 500 needless to say I don't think I need to tell our listeners our audience and brewers fans that this is the high watermark of the season. In fact. This is just. Amazing that they're doing and on the road the Macon hang on the road like this. Colorado might have been the best thing that happened in this baseball team because a better than a Denver slump buster Jimmy Hester Earl and and it may seem that. You know wow a I won't say of really tough Rockies team but I tougher Rockies team. I think it's more the venue because the brewers' offense was scuffling at that time. And I think I mentioned deal and man if you're slump and I think I mentioned on the air to. They're slow up but may be no better place to be than Coors Field. And I think that did kick start this thing. And they got it they got a kick started tonight. When this thing got underway at 610 now I wanna get into our Craig Counsell. The brewers are ten games over 500 Craig Counsell is eleven games under 500. As a manager and I thought tonight. He managed a brilliant baseball game. That it's not just the guys in this case. You can you can say it's a lockdown bullpen it's not just those guys that are getting it done Greg council that's Poland the pull the trigger. I'd get these guys in there and when they get in there the Dan Jennings and Jeremy Jeffrey as Josh hater and even these guys fresh is is is a task in itself. Freddie brawl that doesn't get to his seventh magic's seventeen dollar range. So he's got to kind of piecemeal and any needs multiple innings by one pitcher when this occurs. Almost every night. He needs the multiple innings or raise your hand if you thought it was Corey can able in the ninth armories in Miami. I thought it was set up. Jennings. Jeff Frist Josh. And then Corey. And it didn't happen he just it's a slight. Josh hater by doing that you is to his credit and and counts in that dugout was feeling it a little bit. That hater might have had slogan after bucks and was on first base is to start out the inning he did get pouring loosening Indiana back a planning Casey needed to go to he did. And the brewers by the way are sixteen and ul. In games in which Josh hater page isn't you sure you'd rather see him as a starter. None. And then. I don't know. Give me some time on that as is let things play out all over the world because its work in other use and right now it's sure is a brewers now eleven and five. In one run games sixteen and Noelle. When Josh hater pitches in a baseball game and who was at that said there were gonna see Josh rader in the all star game. It was a Maine I I didn't make a proclamation. And might have been Bob nightingale of USA today it was some national guy. That said they're gonna see Josh hater and that all start well we played Bob nightingale sang yesterday about how he believes this team can win the pennant. There's going to be a lot more national media guys jumping on board the scene of that this keeps going on and if you believe Josh hater should be in the all star game what about chairman Jeff for us. I had a conversation last night with a win a friend of mine a long time friend and she's just a huge brewer fan huge baseball fan. And the first question she asked me as Billy King Jerry Jeffers and Josh made me feel so RT. It's argue that they both don't deserve it. And most times the relievers are the closers with the big number and neither of them are prototypical clothes they're not but maybe that new landscape in terms of bowl panning this year may allow. Some playing like that to occur 7991250. Wanna get your reaction here another brewers' victory they are ten games over 500. At 248 and eighteen and we are loved and it. And we'd love this team as much as anybody. He's a teen and finally for Miller Park. As much as I love the brewers I love seeing I'm Miller Park state that Callaway. Says. It's no doubt. And and some would sink the twins aren't of well I think we can all say the twins are not a bad team during playoffs last year for a reason they're not a they're not a horrible team now they're a weird team nobody is expecting anything from home last year. And they make their run because here we are born there are good enough for me to jump bottom in Vegas right and initiate the expectations are a little bit higher and that he's got off to a terrible start develop playing better baseball this they have been a 103 losses in 2016. For the twins who they come back to make the playoffs last year and now this year still trying to find themselves a little bit they've done now bitten by the injury bug as well. And they get a guy suspended maybe two they also got bit by the free agent pitcher bottoming out land slam. He has not served his purpose just yet here no but the brewers did tonight five for the final the brewers get on the board in the first inning Cain a leadoff walk moves over a couple of bases on a wild pitch in an air. And zero splits the brewers on the board the first drive. London's seventy wanna be in center field back on it is okay. They need to score Lorenzo Cain of the brewer's passion. They take game one nothing lead in the first. And the bottom half of that first inning Friday for Alter it in all sorts of problems two on nobody out he gets out of it dull. One zip to the second inning okay. The nerves going on your second second outing. Yeah I think your we both felt that I'll settle in a little bit. Brawl then and as some trouble in the bottom of the second once again as a result score in the top half. Any ends up giving up a two run double outs in the second two to one into the third it's Minnesota on top neither team scores in the third inning. To the fourth it stays that way and top of the fourth. Well Zeus it was in the first with a sac fly this time it goes a little bit further. Thank you are tied. Right center field maybe the Masood says I feel. Win. Eighth floor. Passed 22 tie right there but unfortunately. A couple of runs in the bottom of that fourth. As that Freddie brawl that really scuffle and at this point is is nights and just hang in. In the balance there afford to twins into the fifth inning. And the brewers tied it in the fifth inning. VR with a base dead and then it was Manny pinata knocking in Iran and Eric knows. You're right seven. Way back wall. Dixon huge bounce and now BR why they get up on his way to the plate and he will score. It's an RB I doubles court Manny being. It will take that at 43 in the top of the fifth inning years when I was saying and the brewers has kicked in and fight and scratch and claw on their way back. And they tie the ball game up the easy way. And then again it's fine. Wildest of wild pitches. He asked for four to the bottom of the fifth and how Long Will Freddie brawl the last. Well as day is done after he walks a leadoff batter in the bottom of the fifth inning and again. This is Craig Counsell Poland strange year. As she ends up going four plus three hits four earned runs six walks. Yikes and five strikeouts six walks and four Ernie if you fastball command from from Freddie was just all leads wild all day long was in there and Craig Counsell had to they'll start early on that bullpen in the bottom of the fifth inning. He gives way to Dan Jennings who gets out of that fifth inning tied into the sixth inning. And the brewers nothing in that inning Jennings says a couple of outs in the bottom half. And that is Jeremy Jeff received finishes up that sixth inning weather out. And aired there we go again discredit council making these decisions. Brewers were melting in the seventh and a tie ball game Jeffrey assigned to pitch the bottom half and JJ gets a couple of strikeouts. You'd think he'd leave men just finished up seven to clean it up and get somebody in their fresh for the eighth button it up in their Kregg council says now. Known in my lefty. That's Josh hader Andy. Gets out of that seventh inning. And Christian you Alice how about one of the better players know when of them I should preface this. One of the better all around baseball players in the league is that safe to say. Yes. Is that Ryan you you look around the league a lot. He's a fire now he's had it's a hit in sixteen of his last eighteen games and declare talked about that a couple weeks go on and got banged up a little bit early in the season but we're like. Not a complaint is does baseball that's a scary now and and you you. Really measured age of him. The money's Macon and that the production you get the all purpose. Full skill set that you have yeah. And I I tell you what the brewers David Stern's may have found an absolute jam here as 44 game into the eighth inning but Christian changes that. It. That's big time 54 brewers take the lead and in the bottom half Josh haters strikes out the side into the ninth inning. But the one run lean again did you think it was gonna be Corey can naval right there iconic dead I really did but no. Josh hater is going to strike out. His fair share of batters it's blatantly. Obvious he walks the first batter and there was a little bit of a cat and mouse game between boxed in that first sets the tying run there are a couple of times about hater is gonna send that think six Roseanne and that is still call it over to G man showing up. The Jolie. Keep that thing in front of him just hader is not hold back parts of I 95 mile an hour coming over their first I'm surprised. Paul Mahler didn't didn't bunt in that sequence down there. We know Craig Counsell one ball then again. You log on to the players say amen. CC that guy over there the wild do with a long hair he's. While I throw in the limbs around and firing fastballs that ship. Both face up and just try to get one of those bonds tell your dad and your face in front of that marriage that they did for out of it and did he lacks is saying down for brewers 54 victory 28 and eighteen here as they take the series with this win denied. And I'll go after an eight and 210 game three city road trip if they can get a victory tomorrow if not seven in three. Not so bad when you consider Colorado Arizona. And Minnesota Craig Counsell Wu loud conversation about him throughout the evening but wanna get your reaction on this. As of members of the 54 win Todd he got to bring it tonight there's some intensity going on. All we're gonna bring it but he. I leave about eight weeks ago we police Miami that L treat exceptionally. Positive. Secondly. The code I think aren't absolutely in the rear view here after that series. Thirdly. Boy did it was playoff caliber team and I think a cultural. Would really. See it you'll be god I don't eat at a OPEC report that a Marxist stands apart. When you bring these pictures and an episode one run. I think it's absolutely earlier. Still this this was a little different Denny has been doing Todd I and I like I agree with you all the way around this is a little different billing Brian then then it has been. Because it was a tied game when he went with the with Josh hater in is that because this was. The game that is dictated that or is that because we're gonna see a little different philosophy with Corey can naval out there. I think a lot of it also had to do with the fact that counts knew he had the top line of coming up and banking on your boys got to score a run right. We've seen him goal. In a tie ball game with a Taylor Williams yep or an Albers yeah. God forbid a Boone Logan we haven't seen a tie ball game with some outs to play went for his offense. We haven't seen him go to his guns Jeremy Jefferson Josh cater too much. And and and I was screaming about a back down. Go after guys trust your offense is gonna get upper Ronnie he's just it I think at that time he was afraid who's gonna waste the outings out of JJ and Josh hater. And his offense wasn't gonna come through but at the more time you give them they're gonna come through. It appears. Because the offenses start to get on track to. That's a good time for 7991250. We'll go to a white fish bay and we'll say hello to Bob Bob what's avenue near on the fan. I'm just diminished. It was just amazing debt. Owed a little pick played second base but that was kind of a that could probably cause a little world. With a single morning and more alien gnashing of teeth. And your counterparts in the Twin Cities right now. You know we. The fact Dino came up put this during the game this what we do during the game. We're just curious about the all time leader for a pitcher in pick offs. Although it be fascinating. And I was shot attempt or not were you shocked Billy went she'd shot raised that number goes straight talk raised on a pitch for 44 years in the major let these he did Steve Carlton. And you look at that cy young's yulia every accolade eighty. Pitcher can get you can have a 144. Pick offs. Well. That's amazing. That's what Derrek and we games is that. Well gosh. I and we did examine you and assume a lot they get saved to say a lot. Hater I just say wanna say two more hater just like your area and intense. But he's also kind of cool about it like here it is. She didn't concede that he's in it. I don't think they Sewell a lot of his chances the only thing we can think of we're talking about it during his performance last flailing around can't help the emotion in the wickedness that he comes with come into play. Bear interest. This very cool to see and know that there are actually serious. This is tendencies and the continuation of last season don't just say I mean. Ten picked and operate. You know through a continuation thing. I think in a way of we know you a couple of its new faces you do the chemistry wise is lawyers Bob. All that and you know you can a lot of the same variation. Chemistry important result. Haven't Serb I think it's been deployed. To beat goes there. Our boy. Oh boy all right all right thank you are out already things. Since we don't have a song quite yet. At this point where broaching now the early issue as I am worried I'd I do believe we played this. Before that dreaded four days. On the north side and I don't know if we wanna go with that again did we play that. The navy for the day before the fourth and that's sixteen and nine. Who you were feeling all high and mighty heading industry ourselves going into that series. Before you do that don't don't press have been hit parent before you guessed it bud always something else here you let's yes let's let's dispense take a break let's think about our specialists that takes a moment of pride selling. Thorough and then yeah. Quit it. In the unity of the Milwaukee brewer. Is Tito can you check herald podcast is just to make sure we didn't play that. As the day before we put it this ago we did and temperature abilities right and that Arab members specifically. Okay we're not playing about as are I didn't sleep well the next night the first time an instant request didn't get made we should rightists on. Trademarked it the rest of the season. We could all the wheels are turned and in the franchise how we now you are. Bite 7991250. With the brewers ten games over 500 after the 54 win I wanna get your reaction about this game tonight. I thought Craig Counsell managed an outstanding game tonight. That being said how much of this is Craig Counsell. Lets you know in Kregg councils managerial career. If he's indeed over 500 or below 500 I was curious about this myself. We'll have that and more for his 7991250. Reagan hit us up on FaceBook and Twitter and the if you wanna go email he can do that too alive at 1057 FM the fan dot com as the brewers. Get a 54 win. Let's add this one a brewers fans time to go inside the box score brought to you by Dave and buster's quote Sosa eight drink it play. And watch sports. I. 54 final brewers win. Again and 2818. After the victory tonight over the twins a take that series that took all three Ceres. Colorado Arizona and now Minnesota. On this ten game like he Acela tweeted out a nice stat about it that they've now art they're out twelve irked into. In their last twelve road games. It's their fourth consecutive series went half including the sweep. Against Cincinnati in the previous road trip is stunned to stack up Ceres victories and and just victories as a whole against that dreaded. Good team quote numbered they've they couldn't beat good teams. And go Cleveland Pittsburgh Colorado Arizona and Minnesota and you come out. Ten games over at 288 team before we get does some of the numbers here. Let's. Let's get William and from elm grow. What's happening William. Didn't settlement. And funnel it you know you're thinking about it and I'm really glad you don't play the beat goes on anymore but he might wanna think about eight feet the feet under struck. Because William I have I have a driver ruling was that song I only do it when there's thirty rack right next. Well and out but like this say that I've always been part of a gun club because in the past called Bud Selig didn't. Or all the money and he never paid money players this year. We're squad and yet. Lorenzo came back again Christian the election they get a young. Lendale who's all of blood analytic and says give me some pictures that game before five inning. And then all of the bullpen do press I think he's fantastic. It's a completely new culture for the brewers. And I had really good defense budget double plays that could play at second base. And apparently you know it at the whole new I'm I'm no longer part of dumb club because they're actually good. Good for you you cut up your gun club card. Eric Berry a pair of scissors. Yeah that Seattle landscape is a little bit different because David Stern is general manager of the brewers is not only rebuilding but he's competing at the same time he's changing the way a lot of people are are thinking that you can do this baseball thing. I think he's the one. That is the first one to say. Look I'm not I just a drop the look on your. I'm sorry luck affects so I had just drop you have got me to be able to compete how to rebuild at the same time he he knew it would more American and if he knew it and I wondered why it couldn't be done. Houston's June you know of their people looked at the Astros and said boy you you have to do you have to lose for five to seven years. You gotta lose for how many years in Chicago how many years in Kansas it all these examples and I always wondered why. Few years ago why can't she just compete to sell hurry. I'm not saying you don't waste a bunch of money. But compete to some degree while you rebuild and how do you not understand that to an extent all those are homilies. Teams have been losing a hundred games for years. Only a few of us have come back and for five years and a lot of World Series as drastically as those two teams did that's right. That's right knees he's doing it now and again every game every game every game. Is is huge right now and it's just I heard. Think it was Corey can yeah I was Corey can naval on the flag. Made a couple of comments about how. We know more than more than anybody. What the one game means and this could be that game to be born in their sideman because of what that I think that's a motivation to them on a game by game basis I really do we talked about that a lot last year when that season wrapped up. And you know we we wiped the sweat that it was swept underneath our eyes armed. That at some point you need to not turn this into a positive and you have to be able to build on it going into the offseason yet it seems like that that's exactly what Greg. Instill with these guys don't and last year he had just if you're on the way to get better you on hold sit right there we'll get right to you 79912554. Final. Inside the box brought to by Dave and buster's and wallets OCE during play and watch sports and I'll I'll give you this number on Craig Counsell. 248. Victories. And 259. Defeats. Why have a couple of numbers on I'm Josh cater that I wanna read off here on eleven games under 500 as manager and you would think. Go look at the managers or go look at the franchise records. Of those teams that spent five and six years losing. There ain't no way they're anywhere near 500 him like Craig Counsell is while he's rebuilding their still like competing here. John payment has as at some out here about Josh caters numbers is whipped him. Is now point 51. His opponents' batting average is point 08. That's an amazing and he giggle on that and his strikeout to walk ratio is eighteen to nine. OK in those numbers are impressive. Use jacket in there with a Jeremy Jeffrey as Suze ERA is now point three sexism. Mean that's why is that. The bullpen here. At this point gives Craig Counsell little brittle luxury. And I say it's a little bit of a luxury because you used the win with pitching he got to be held in in the ball game here. Gives him the luxury of polling a guy. After not recording an out in the fifth flight tonight Freddie for all the four plus. There wasn't a huge offensive performance for the brewers but it. At Lorenzo Cain lead net off. With one walk he was over Juba did come around and scored a run Christian yellowish with a solo shot in the eighth inning. The of the brewers the lead for good one for four was his only base had ace who say you are one for three. But a couple of RBIs and a big fly Travis Shaw one for three with a walk. Over four from Domingo Santana Gmail and short and other base hit and he almost left the yard I'd Canada's first that bad the letter was a little bit better would have been yard Jonathan VR climbing closer and closer to that 300 batting average at June 96. Was one for three today with a run scored as well including a walkman EP one for four with a RBIs well. Orlando Garcia average dikes at 208 after another over three performance stuff you heard the pitching line for Freddie Kuralt says four innings three hits four earned. Six walks in five k's I'm just 82 pitches 44 of those were strikes from Peralta. Dan Jennings one and two thirds two hits no runs one walk and one strikeout. Jerry Jeffers one inning no hits no runs a couple of strikeouts and Josh rader had six days. And two in a third innings he or court seven outs six of vomit he k.s up and walked one he gets the Wendy's to an Al brewers winner with five runs. On six hits no errors for the twinkies. Four runs on five hits one error 28 and 1818. And nine away from Miller Park. Jim that's that's big time right now let's see if they can cap the series and capped the road trip with a victory tomorrow. Still lot to discuss in the meantime let's go to. Gerri at 7991250. Leaving target field Jerry your on the fans. About the gonna Earl mailman Jerry. Is this is my old mailman zero. Nice. Yeah I would hope welcome back the vehemently etiquette in the upper ball. Not what the company electric and the no part because it was forming an error with her fans we heard it easy sell. It would booming it was really great I'm not once they have I think council of the great job. Because let you know how to win out and play the game you know win on that weapon I wanna ask your. How do you keep our own cases regular out of the lineup when guys come back. I mean the guy that he's going to hit over 300. You know indeed in the brink but he's delivering like you are developing a lot of corporate ballot now. Kind of but up all the great. I'd I don't think so Jerry what's what's his batting errors and no we did a gun reads one 7391. On base is an F 582. Slog gotta go you one batter I think you have to have a conversation about not only not taking him on line up. But not putting brawn back in that spot. Aren't great. I agree on us ended do it Jerry I'm not saying and doing it I'm just saying you'd have to have the conversation regarding. I agree I agree with it and with that thought because you can't ignore how well like you can't while. Now they're bigger body. All right Gerri take it easy yet Jerry knows about all the dirty magazine subscriptions and I got I was gonna say yeah that's a given him really really good tip around christmastime does that do you. Could've really it's found some secrets I Hugh Grant you're on the air is just amazing all of it. And nodded sensing contraband. At all that stuff that would. V in my mailbox arts 7991250. An intense brewers' victory tonight we're gonna go of the sports class. I know or words a quick break and then we have Craig Counsell lined up after the break. Greg council how much of this lands on his shoulders how much credit are you willing to give him because over the past couple years Billy you know this. A lot of people that don't like Craig Counsell. That just simply think it was a local hire there was a hometown hire a favorite in the community. And you know the results are what they are. And in theory with what he's been given. Should the brewers would be this good the last two and a half years. Maybe maybe not let's talk about it after the break here on the fan. So what's the skipper got to say about this game let's get the scoop from the skipper. Brought you by Brian Stratton college athletics offering athletic scholarships and nine junior college sports learn more at BSE bobcats dot com. This is the only station brewers fans need before and after the game. 1057 FM the fan. Five for the final here is the brewers get to victory in game two of the three game set. In Minnesota against the twins Freddie Peralta did not perform that well that a wild six walks three it's four earned runs given up. The offense and the bullpen picked him off and that. In large part to the handling and the bullpen management in them we say that Jeremy Jeffers has it. A Grady RA in a great season going Josh hater with a great season go and elegant Albers of villain and except Eric sediment you know something's got to put them in a position to succeed. And will they come down to earth a little bit we keep sand they probably will. But they have another four game losing streak in them this year I would think they might even have a five game. And the bullpen will give up some runs here and there I mean look at there'll be a day were. Once again last Josh haters gonna give up another run just light. And it won't be the end of the world Jeremy Jeffrey us he might give them a homer on I think he's given up a run this year. And now that's top staggering rough season. As pretty tough it brought people with pitchforks and oranges for their news last year. How much of this. Do we keep bond Craig Counsell and and I'm I'm. You know debating. Internally with this myself because. People say that a manager and I asked Ned Yost. Many years ago how many wins does good managing. Equate to a season. And he'd told me quote not that much one or two. And call now that's a case. In our managers getting overpaid. If that makes sense I disagree with that I totally disagree with that and I'll bet you Ryan I I agree I bet you. That he would change as soon. Now after being a World Series winning manager right. I'm sure he would change his tune now I mean we brunt of the twins last season the brewers. Or predicted what finished dead last in the NL central second to last. So I think managing so she was younger ball clubs were your payroll isn't you know the New York Yankees the Chicago Cubs I think managing is extremely important. Now can I go managed to Chicago Cubs with that lineup possibly nadir like the New York Yankees and you still have to pick and choose your match ups. So I think what he's donors as magnificent to tell the truth I mean aides get a lot of help with temple I don't play that I mean he has. Yeah I don't remember anybody put up these numbers suggest traitor I don't remember anybody being in this dominant out of the bullpen maybe Chatman I mean I'm trying to think of think of a name well let's let's. Do the similarities between Andrew Miller and him Andrew Miller OK let go back in his leg. Real good Ron I don't know two or three years ago yeah I don't know if we get Dino on that to see if it's hard to to pull a window aside like that. I you'd have to take a little time but that that would be apples apples on this but again yes your your right council is getting helped out by that bullpen. However he's got to throw those guys in there he's got to say when enough is enough. He's got to go okay. And I know he's getting help Murphy is Aaron and I'm sure there's some analytic cities looking through prior to games is no question he does his homework. And a Smart guy far smarter than I thought. I'm not knock in the dude but I interviewed him back as a player countless times. He never really came off to me as just. I never walked away saying used on me like I have with some wires right. But I never walked away from cried council saying that I want a brilliant baseball mind did you ever think you'd be a manager like I remember Robin Ventura I never thought that he would be my he was a terrible manager or did it. I didn't honestly I did nad just never crossed my my I only back in the day I don't think spark you know I even discussed. Craig Counsell been a potential manager we doctor Stephen vote down spring training and it was the first thing they came dorm. He and it made sense when they brought it up just to be a manager yes and and we did come away from Stephen vote saying you know. But it might make a good guy and I'm only hire a lot of cancers have been managers also same thing did you ever think Ned Yost would be a manager. Ot know. No not not at all and and a good one superior it's great I gotta admit it good and right of World Series winning manager yup you got cities got. All time winner all time wins leader with the Kansas City Royals I mean SL slouch of an organization that's up Brad Johnson winner Super Bowl. Well Trent Dilfer OK. Today. 7991250. Before we get to. Craig Counsell let's go back up to the Twin Cities and say you loaded Dan Daniel on the fan. It. I call it that I had. Look at that. Matter that. It would put up. Oh. That's right they did put they forgot to build the rough ride. Yeah yeah. I'm. More. While. That that. Let the people. Hot hot. Out there. That are. Actually you know. It out. The. You're Iraq. I'm literally here. Whitman. And it and he. There are. Without it. You're at it that we're at. It a little bit more. Well. It all out but. They air. That. It you're a little doubt. That it. Blocked. Yeah as I. Know that that is pretty cool and and there's still a lot of you know a lot of damage to be done this season his twenty and eight and eighteen not quite to June 1 yet but. Dan and I will tell you that the cubs are. They're trying to find themselves they they got to take care of their own house first yeah they got a clean their own house and in the words of Mike McCarthy they got some things the deal went down there and vigor and out yeah. They're in just about every string UK. They get to a bench is clearer today. Against the Cincinnati brats I mean come on man. For about picking on the little shocking that Carlos Gomez on sorry body as was involved in it and I'm not asking prize. Picture. I'd died and swear on the air I almost just swore on the air that's how much I don't like that guy. Yet that that's an idea. That's a guy that's that guy for you that's him yep there's others were made that's for another night. That should be a part of my favorite in the game show that sweep in the nation. One of these nights that's going to be topic. Who would you most like to punch in the face up. I think we'll do that. I think we will do that. Looking forward to tomorrow. And looking forward to you know our home stand that features the Diamondbacks on the Diamondbacks do get lamb back on Monday I don't know if you heard about that in event. Now that guy can do some heavy lift and hisself four homers against the brewers last year but before we get too far ahead there's a game tomorrow and will lug take a look forward here in just a couple of minutes. As. It's gonna be junior guerra and and and again heading into this. I know we look forward. With Ford financial partners moving forward together FF PW I dot com. We looked at this series moving forward and we saw a brand suitor Freddie for altar and junior guerra. And hey nobody thought that that was gonna be three consecutive starting pitchers for the brewers into warning eighteen I didn't see many people lining up to the ticket windows says it's a go up and make sure that they are placing a bat hard on the brewers every single night on the money licensee in those three coming out not this weekend not this weekend despite being in those Minnesota and end up. Roland well on the road trip. You wanna get decried counselor you'll squeeze injustice is injustice and for Justin. You're on the fanned. Man what a great weather great human. You know brought within. Things didn't vote later went on. I really hit me like that's you know when I called him and that first back lot by piece suit. Who the Ellison ball. Definitely left the art in Miller Park invaded their thinking is double off the ball well yeah I think. So we'll talk about what we gives credits to credits to hit me. And who would get the ball straight I think. Top down the brewers organization we don't comment saying I think if we let. There isn't 12 on. Because we've seen with other teams are variable that can sort pulpit but what you're owners met don't get away. Eclectic you know managers opera article in the upper that a called play. On the court or the field or wherever you make your breaks off and I love I had about you getting up the way I look how he's letting Geithner Eric. I love how counsel making Eagles. It and I love how his hitting coaches. Pitching coach is supporting him because you know got haters great. The Jack Peter would be that pager if it wasn't for got the council giving him competent in having the ability Glock with Tom. Got guys like that that you are who we question. I felt like. Another hit tonight got it why is. You don't cut it out of there today that are seen it I've but then. I sat back and I'll think about will hold out like it they don't that's like great content you pay. In a blackened by Craig Counsell there's. That's why did I know a lot about they also meant it. Off the pulpit so it's been great diet outlook report is scared I hope that way people are here because I think one thing about it ain't. From a leadership status what council met dugout is is that called pulpit you. He give these guys ready to wind we wind down afford to pay any bleaker. They didn't finish flinch once now. Take it easy to take it easy Ari is right. He's right and and really the conversation regarding Craig Counsell. What will continue after we hear his thoughts a year after the a ball game. As he addressed the media but it's an interesting conversation. And and the guy is still getting batter as a manager. He's still learn and he has in of in a weird way man a year you're one of thirty to have that position on the planet. But yet you're still getting better at your craft hole I would love to see people rock and number thirty Craig Counsell jerseys around Miller Park. He's a huge reason why this is happening eight huge reason if not the reason. He he may be. Again he's got to pull that pull the strings here guys. Of course she say players got to play and the players got to play what do I hear that all the time. Two to six weekdays Wendy's in Asia. He's got to put him in a position to succeed and he's got to give that there's just so many factors you guys know that the baseballs are so many factors. I mean given people Ralston's goal with matchups single was split single with your gut gee that's a new one. That's what wild idea managing with your gut feeling I think he still does a let's hear from Greg council after this win. So certainly prerogatives and to get him the proper rest and you know it's been just as worked out we're the last the last two days weeks you know it's got to kind of vaguely remember that we close out the kind of vaguely and so. You know I said Ford is off. You know it's and it's also and then the American way we're not worried about a spot coming up and and a big spots so. You know is it kind of set up for maybe a little we're we're thinking today admitted to set up for something a little longer than two innings. The hawks are so rare perhaps. Yeah well I mean he's you know I was there weren't you know bad messes. They look like you're try to run a play needs she came back and you know in the Ellis thing was a leader a great job hallmarks in the first days and also let you know I thought he did a magnificent job was really the first time he's economy and put in that situation. Maureen had to hold her honor and make too much all the very good runner and make pitches and I was I was really proud of how long the job he did hold on there. Cardiologist and sustained. Look. Three weeks ourselves every night I mean that's where I'm. Yeah I mean that's and then I'm not saying that. After issue you know who watched him play for awhile I think that's that's what you do expect it's just very steady. Consistent so and it's of this would such a nice baseball slang it doesn't doesn't feel like it's. It's a low maintenance. So let's go and he's gonna put his good swings out there very often songs. Now many of the ball really well known that involves well struck there's a couple of balls that we had that didn't go out choice bald and go out there and Nevada acquitted them. We use a variety wondered what you think it is yeah. Yeah I mean you it is you just to keep you just didn't throwing enough strikes today you know he just he got behind in the count. You know just didn't have as good a feel this stuff certainly in his own still played really well. You know he made a couple must have been the balls that were hit were kind of down balls that. We're in is the only guys put good swings on lowering good spas for them. This studio is still and you're so excited about. In the you know swings and misses oh he still getting him when he throws in the right spot is all still getting strikes he's dignity swings and misses in the strike zone. He just he just was behind too much today and in the walks obviously eventually kind of animal. He's he's you know what's next for him you guys yeah everybody concede. Yeah you know into I don't know I don't know is there right now on the wolf you'll regroup and see what's going on as we move forward here but because starters planned out. Throw out here so we'll see what we'll see what happens but he's look he's started two games for us unexpectedly won both games. He they did Freddie brawl toe one good one not so good and that would be a storyline if he gets another one. I I think key will I think. Alison my don't think his straight tables already. I don't into the locked position no I don't think you know he's still reclined a little bit now a clubhouse. The I don't think it's straight tables seat backs up buckle when he has and turned off his electronic devices again ready for take off make sure your bags are on the under has made sure that is fountains on air. Airplane mode I yelled about at. For that member on the on the way to Vegas left my phone on the entire time EMI phone ring. Play the the post game music is this what I heard I'm I'm about two and a half. In Wellington. And I hear this. Sir we're gonna have to ask you to make sure that you. Your electronic devices messes around with the playing in the signal that we yet nobody that's our post game radio theme song. Sorry sir I really don't care you're going to have to turn that off for the safety and wellbeing of all our passengers and I thought I heard it because I got my ear buds in them read the book or something. And hit it I thought iron and I'm like. Who the hell has that. Boy in the striped old song and I'm a dead just leave it just that aren't all my and puts the night here that dude are you serious. Yes Ed you know it could break it I loved that is billing it here I. As you and I. A dad I did. Though I don't is Joe's back to the Phillies are rooted out prove that will be back after a sports blasts on the fan. Was it him. Who shot or a big line drives let's get today's driver. That gave. Driven by Acura Brooks feels Memorial Day sales event. Now through June 4 special lease and finance rates on select models both new and certified pre owned cars stopped in today at Acura Brookfield. A 191 in blue mound. 54 final. Brewers take game two this three game set against the Minnesota Twins say it won a great night for Freddie Peralta but the offense in the bullpen picked him off and the brewers now 28 and eighteen. Here in the 28 team championship season. As so the drive of the game well this is pretty simple president. The other was Jewish thought to this one now eighth inning tie ball game and Christian yell it's. Out of the L Marlins let him get loose. So Derek Jeter. You remember him right old new shortstop numbers there yankees' captain is viewed it was usually refer to via so he decided to become the captain. Of the entire Miami Marlins organization. And then just decided to throw gasoline. And a match and just see what happens is as burn all down. The whole thing down my favorite movies he banned Marlins man from going to the games yes he future. I hate that guy. And Eddie mr. Hitler and I was awesome now Bob but still I mean once you build around that outfield that included yell at shows soon and Stanton yeah one would think they were it was built around probably the best outfield in baseball collectively. The league MVP last year. A guy and Christian Alex who you think could be an MVP in this league I think so I really do I do as as you and move forward. Let's let's find out man this this guy's just yet don't I don't see a flaw you guys see a flawed his game where's the weakness. No and it's tough because. I like to point out. Flaws with people that. One or better looking than me in one and two more athletic than I am there and don't tell me that we get negative and point out flaws you're not really kind of not really aren't so arm. Tricia and I think he's a really good dude he's not a great inner view from our standpoint I think that's only thing I. I guess not against that dudes gave him. Me on the baseball field and give you everything big time. Big time I'd there's your drive of the game in a big one it was in the eighth inning for Christian the islets in the Milwaukee Brewers as they get there. 28 victory against eighteen defeats in the beat. Well. For lack of another chairman does go on by the way we are still looking for a Tony eighteen themes on got some great ideas I mean I I gotta admit. It's it's. Top pick in bud. We you're we you're pretty dead set going into the year. On one song. And that's are really hasn't gotten brought up very much now it's the enjoy the ride will enjoy your ride by animal fiction. I think it matches. But I don't know if fit. If if it says. As rocket as it should be. I mean well let's let's hear just real quick before the break because it's definitely no led zap land her now stole owns snow was your shot that I paying off it now that the I now. I just might sudden picks the two day of all days to I'd be chatty Cathy year. So this is this animal fixes enjoy the raw. You know again red hair might say that's still get credit ethnic. You add the dance dance dance part yep for sure how. If if this is the song we we always do some surgery on it. If we can get rid of that. I think we may have a front runner I'm not saying that that's the song but it it is a front runner we hear one more here coming and going under i.s done on you walking around the house and on our our our. At that you get another that would all of arrows around. It hit off thrill and lyrically it definitely fits and Craig Counsell has said it has set in. In several interviews several occasions that a man this is the ride and just you know sit back and enjoy hadn't. In us I thought it matched in that regard. You have another one village yet we we had this one tweeting in to us and just trying to get get it's you it's it to the right spot this one is. Buy cars. And it's called let the good times roll. Now. It cools off. They face moment the sun. It's cool to. See now this could be. Good being maneuvered and be a good blue. Okay you have been brushed your rock and roll. Maybe. Okay that may or may who sent that man that was sent into us by our buddy David Richard on Twitter. David Richard you you might have some to narrow I don't mind that at all. I will will think about they'll take a break here we're gonna go inside the clubhouse give a couple of comments from. Who are we gonna get a couple of comments from Asus regular. LA it's in the Ellis just just. A blaze. And a lightning rod on the microphone. He's sparks it up pretty sure he does better on TV than he does radio I I have to admit or maybe he wakes up with the camera in his face I mean yeah kid are us Jewish lobs and funny and that's true awesome brand did you talk to these so few Americans are Z your your dealer more happy than talking it's haven't out I think I would jail. We'll be back on the fan. Now here's the behind the scenes post game update as we take you inside the clubhouse brought to buy Adam's deputy dot com. Ready to get inside a new. House. Deputy dot com gets deals done that others can't or won't. 554 the final again I'll tell us Ellen yeah. Josh. Is one of those days with a phone that will not leave you alone. Do you ever have those days. Phone will not just it will not go away everyone seems to wanna talk. You guys have way more important things talked about the idea I had. And the most important thing that I talked to on my iPhone is RA so there's a peaches pizza joint about three and a half blocks. Kind want tacos at about six blocks and she regrets about so that's about the most important thing that it gets rung up on my phone you guys got. You know families kids I know that well you'll see you'll see soon. You watch over valued and tell your folks are you watching 5454. Final I know your mom listens of the show she gave me an idea tonight intense baseball games she's right. Hang in on the edge your seat type of baseball game tonight one of our callers mentioned it was sort of a playoff type feel to it. And I agree. Let's before we get to Christen yell at chin does Zeus here let's squeeze in bill billion next there in Franklin here on the fan. Candidates who agree went tonight. They are what we can have a song what a vote on magic carpet in my pressed up to more. And I and dad is a cool song. But just particular hand this but it feels special describe that since the regardless of harder on them that we have experience. And well and then that's why wrapped in this Craig Counsell conversation because given all the challenges that this team has had thus far. We I don't know who you give credit to more than Craig Counsell. And we are monitored pretty. Yeah that's true crime bill good good idea have you heard that you for that song Ryan is a classic rock all operate in London. Home there wow yeah. That is hit what I radio ladies who is on the net now know obviously he's he's he's done it. An all time. Love the and hello and. Okay little girl well if we want as basic as possible week ago at this on anybody Maine give give yeoman effort there to villain for no I totally agree. Didn't Sparky years ago called the 2010 Packers the magic magic are better idea. I think he dubbed that so. So let's find some different you have a squeeze in more more you are negative must reality is that one more wide finish today and Salem Steve's Steve here on the fan. Undergone it's sounds. Not much and just a little bit miffed why we have not even a shovel on the Dashboard Confessional. And I know that and and he called in a row says because we didn't take the song that are on. You're like garment celebration after. I work in restaurants or workplace sort. Price if you're not on the air behind this Orchard Park you're not pushing me at all. Now go back to that song because I did a little studying on that song what last week and nice. Killed dig that song dude I don't know. Even given the purses about what we are the ones who left the whole slew laughter homes are too young I mean baseball players. Weaver conflict when there I mean they don't go to a lot of milk audits but hold on him in the base scripts from Milwaukee. And. Are that it's are we final turn right yet that's analysts on it yet. And you're also what is so I want to reiterate the fact you are welcome to come play with but and its request. Okay what do you do covers you do covers right. We don't get covered we do we do a couple covers could we lower accompany your. Requested. Sony keep to keep it super super simple you'd play like keep your hands to yourself but Georgia satellites and just let me go crazy. That would be perfect is really we don't know a country that we played with Loko and other brands like that to sports yes there are countries. Yes sister standard ADE and always has gone there. Couple that you come up with this song we will grow huge for an up arms and it. Went on what day are you guys there. It's better than the first there's this for a second there in the past. That's why he should. You can count on a man feel is always on it I desires I get really onstage. I'm Italian I keep you know my phone number to the guy out here in order oh so are. You. And one quick story record yeah it's so. And this is he can come come July effort has put the dated of that see is that after that they before creek also that. Iron at. Or accept the position measure to the first question completely what suspect. Greg you know it's kind of look like I can keep themselves some pretty easily mill around the Mexico going at the remember that days specifically because it was not he was in the Tokyo by himself. He kept looking and as far which is not. Not normal Grammy kept inching back in corporate options here but remember that the next thing except for the positions look I think that he was probably in the it was just one of those moments where I'm like what honest kind of out of the ordinary but I mean. No I'll bet is that there was Steve I've bats and there was some to that because Sherrod they had to take care of their. His predecessor first and and they probably notified him. What did he was heated it was one of those things like that during the normally normally do and you know. You know milling about people it was a different position but once again like I am so lucky go to court that beacons. I'm a former seat you know this guy is gonna be what this once again. Ever if if if if he keeps producing mean she's not going anywhere we're up to where it got im pushing at her job somewhere else or bigger city of what that's. It's a white history. Rubber registry is super car and we are pro life I mean I hold out and here's what what the what David Stern. Armed get lump that our ultimate corporate local pre Wallach a work in restaurants and that there are pretty like it's a wonderful guy but I knew what we're seeing now it's just. Can cook book. I was really is the polling is similar news a new York at a restaurant what kind of food are we serving under his. That's gonna be key for the summer faster. Well I am I look at whatever you want ammo so what it's like two year. Exactly and accused them if you win a tool. Never have another I don't know we had some wings today that were pretty damn good. Well you don't the most important court martial on because it is the perfect on. It's something that no one's ever or they have walked connections in the later that there are forward. So I will. Idiot don't go anywhere solo if I'm given my phone to Dino bridges but we. And put him in my contacts Steve White fish today. I do like a lot better after a listen to it again. More about what do you think. Delicate because its original. You know we can't the magic carpet ride that. Let me give her radio stations are doing that their team not a magical run let's say we did I say we wrote that. I'll be Gabriel's going to. He just has fans like my new college the kind of depressed at least they were back in the day ahead of girlfriend. Well let into. And you should. Failing kind of fan but this this is pretty good Lou we fight our way in the and we find our way out. I. Think there's some. There's some synergy to that with a baseball we fight our way into the playoffs I mean you could make that argument I don't know bought their way out of some tough situations this year that's true. I'd like when we talk ourselves and the things. And we get someone's got to pull the trigger on that decision I will think about it as we hear from Chris Cheney Ellis fox sports Wisconsin after the brewers win. Praising your first hit of the night it was the go ahead home run against Addison create a tough night to hit here tonight below really important that at bat. I studied they're really good stuff mom and there's a lot of news the Mets. You know Sousa knew about and we got to get visited various going on. What do you say about Josh meter comes in straight set aside both and make it. And the and I think now sixteen in all this team when he pitches but how do you how impressed are you with what he continues to go. Bad guys unbelievable man. We're outside and shot abilities of these tracks off the side here again in the mind of the Alamo may never know them and highs in day for us in you know I guess is that feeling in the late innings where. They all got news pushed one across and they're really like our chancellor bullpen and really how all of all of ambition. You on the first two series of the strep already in Colorado and Arizona and I have a chance to sweep this series here tomorrow just how well do you guys and playing. As a team on the strip. That's been neglected team effort innocent like a somebody new every night. No official always. Cried out bats send a message you gotta do you wanna win tough series on the road all three of these teams are. Really good and delving into this. Yes I at racecars every attack at Presidio to the guy had a big time home run in the eighth inning to give the brewers the lead at that time and eventual win that 54. And Zeus big part of this victory as well. Sac fly early home run late here's his comments. Pray he's he's a big story coming into this game was the eight. That's about their loan amount look guys need a little public support here and I see guys get it done. We'll have more so we'll spread the goodness and Justin is on tonight wasn't on my own and I think we're and a boom boom and so we're gonna keep going. Really really good so how would this into missiles around our attitude going. I don't look he's got confidence he gets home run it's the first one giving up by Fernando Ramiro you take us to get back. Let us let the hitters the man it's all of us try to sort of statistical you know hopefully it hit the ball really good. Freddie per also was so impressive in his CBO. Two namely get that a second ago needed a little bit as the Corina is guided die and yeah isn't for you guys to lift him up and come together as a team. To help still clouds the wind. What a smile on their well we'll run the ball on wheels didn't. Do the right way I'm. Who was named. I don't know do tonight what are we got to. And all the new to these days dog on Reggie gone. Here's a seven and two on this road trip what has impressed you the most about what does Steve's done on the road so I was the mom language into the single missile. So it'll do is gonna have never lived. Appreciate your time snaking affluent thank you. Tied to areas Asus bag you are on fox sports Wisconsin brewers get the 54 victory. And up next are you kidding me moments. Of the 98. Knot the game. Of the night we'll explain next on the fan. I. In every game there's a moment when you say to yourself. Are you kidding me today is are you kidding moment of the game. Rusty by Jeanne Wagner plumbing company you can trust jail Wagoner plumbing dot com. This is the blames farm in league baseball post game show presented by Milwaukee admirals hockey we are passed tag mill hockey. 54 final as the brewers take game two of this three game set welcome back blames farm and flee post game show presented by the Milwaukee admirals we are has sag mill hockey. My name is Tim Allen there is baby tells Bill Smith Ryan Moore about dean know. What a Justin. Called Tyler salad Dino Diego's cousin Dino arms 'cause him. DL salad Dino. Are you kidding me moments of the night really we're we're talking about finding just like the beat goes on last year. And trying to find AEI a year theme song for the 2018 championships he's got to have won it just makes every night more fun especially when they're winning in your role and yes and it it catches gets in a good mood I know my nephew had been called me and say I say you've got to play you know song the beat goes on or whatever. We'll repair and things down quite a bit where were coming down to the nitty gritty and making our decision but. We we can't go with like you know. Glory days. From Bruce Springsteen just because or it's. It's been out there has been a baseball saying dad we orb lights. By meat low near. Not as we are Caroline I'm not gonna work I love your mom a lot sharp why do soup business lady I get it. But not boys of summer Tracy and no Bon Jovi living out of four error. We're not live and on a prayer. Now I know we're trying to make this is as realistic as possible people heard the view that this is actually happening and does this one from Joe's and Zola. Put me in coach I'm ready to play. At all we can't go that either. This order in the first birthday boy Bartley color. DJ Khaled all we do is win. There. Know what just came on your blood that are Microsoft certificate and I. So work I'd like let the good times roll too by the cars there was some good suggestion. I have lower one's going to be dead Dashboard Confessional and they give it another listen to it. Given given a few listens to. Like listen to it three straight times is back to back to back. And then you know I've always said you know you can't judge a song unless you've listened to the whole thing three times in the news or zero zeroing in on things. Give a listen Billy seriously I was less than two last week in the site and this could work now or you are you fully against the idea of bringing a Drake songs and this. Nominations. Open minded. Okay now and then you shot me a wink side I don't know exactly I don't know exactly what. Straight cavs some hits on this is that guy's got a few that we views on and I would be familiar with or our audio more importantly our audience would be familiar with. Some of the younger generation audiences but you know who else would be a fan of it Tim. The box new head coach Mike booed holes or he went sub Drake in concert down an eight Seattle. Sounds like league. Okay sounds like a good time this or beer at a Drake concert shirt do it all into countless other influence on it might get I can always just drink. Yeah so there's always that some palm also we're not gonna do off fast car by cherry C Chapman that one's not gonna be nominated as well no that won't go. So the boys of Summers out. I like the attempts but. No who who brought up fast car isn't that song it's pretty sad as the grass and I don't know exactly why Alan would command. Kind of noticing it now. Didn't know us they are for the seventh inning for a Q what can edit it very good the you know you gotta suggested it all mr. baseball guy. Known nothing in common in my mountain OK let's check is there but it excludes it but it on the discounted that. Those dollars Brock it's just been overdone. It in and around sports and sports broadcasting hasn't it big time. And that I love the song it's great sides agree rocker. Hells bells. And again been overdone a little bit. Other stranglehold. That's already got a you know and a brilliant is that a little bit on the station via authority got its use good times by all time low no that's not an outlets are gonna work either. No so it's tough it's a little tougher than than the effect trying to come up with a Patel will give it a few days and I think we'll. Put a June 1 deadline on the saying is that fair. I think that's very very fair through Memorial Day weekend I'd who's hot who's now let's check out some numbers. After the break here just a couple minutes here if you wanna jump in 7991250. Brewers win it again 54. When you're hot you're hot player or not. They're not so when it comes to the crew who's hot and who's not. Brought you by steel horse realtor accompany your road home begins a steel horse Brewers win 54. And you don't squeeze in ram here. For him is that some numbers Ramey on the fan wants avenue. They'll put until today to see. If it's got to give the baby keep teachers. Haven't got to follow sports which yup. Go abroad people's pain felt throughout the who. And I think it didn't because. Like you they always say this happens typically above a very hurt. I mean you always these. So that's what he always give me listen to use. On the road wherever. To win or lose people go to to run away at this you know have buy it. So mean things are happening now. You know we didn't make it depend. You know make it to the World Series you know that still the kind of it. At this point at this point you you have to do shoot for a deep run here. A lot of things that mark put that were here we go about. It was. Graham thanks thanks man. It's my choice. Got that little. Philadelphia's. Old. They're friends. That's for sure I mean you would assume that that would be. Like a baseball song but it. It is how light I do like golden arm in week that we could really do some work with that one and and have nothing Rubin for a while. Deep run ain't no stopping us now. That might fit Billy Ocean when the tough when the going gets tough the tough get going is that is that two that was always recommend is that you boys of summer. She's. Yeah that might be a little too karaoke. The gas. Now they'll be a seventh inning single on one now. What we don't want is king of wishful thinking. Although that is a great zone we don't want now. But let's do a gut check here before we we take off here on some batting averages and Obi p.s that. Are starting to look a little better. We if we had done this a month ago we'd have been irate by the time we got off the air. Well Tyler -- Dino let's let's call a spade a spade it's only twelve at bats but it's a force seventeen batting average and a 417 no BP. G man Choi back up in the big leagues nine at bats three hits but pacers Sagal are climbing closer to that 100 at bat total. 327. Y 91 a 582. For an old key ass of nine at. 73 the only brewer wouldn't OPS in the nine on I don't see how you sit him at all right now. There's no way you really camp now Christian yell much to 9936247. Unique. 33 LP asked Jonathan VR. To 96. To ninety's sic is how about this prince suitor to 73. Little boy baseball can play Lorenzo Cain to 71 aired on Perez why you haven't seen him in a while it's kind of a go at that wrist I wonder if that's fully Jose to 62 to 57 for Domingo Santana Eric fame is gonna come off the DL. Hopefully sooner rather than later 250 to 48. For Travis show ought to twenty. To look for Ryan gone around and Manny Kenya Travis show 11. Nice little run for him and he's still respectability. And Avery gets a gets on a little bit of run maybe this homestand maybe it's ours tomorrow but for sure the homestead ten homers and twelve doubles that's hard to sneeze that you have and he sees doing his job for sure. I'd that's gonna do for us here blaze farm and please post game presented by the Milwaukee admirals we are hash tag mill hockey brewers and twins wrap up the series. And the brewers themselves wrap up these three city ten game road trip. Tomorrow 110 first pitch Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck showed it's ready at noon. And of course will be to right here after the last bits as we. I have some fun. Dissect the baseball team. And maybe come up with a theme song for the 2018 championship season something great ideas. And some not so I'm not it's not so hot. Those of view on social media might wanna tune in ending keep your eyes on the fan FaceBook page tomorrow. It's quite possible there might be some music you know. Brian horrified is gonna bust out some locals potentially. Tomorrow. I can't wait you're gonna bring the guitar and I am. I thought this deal estimated to Leo American ally and I was like well let's say you're hammered. No it. That's what this is. A arrived for. The tomorrow afternoon after our game three. And remember smile Milwaukee the world will smile back. Okay.