Brewers/Cubs Rivalry: T&T -vs- Parkins

Tim Allen
Friday, August 10th
Danny Parkins from our sister station 670 The Score in Chicago joins Tim Allen and Bill Schmid for a dive inside the Brewers-Cubs rivalry.

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And then I'm. Not much we don't spend a lot of time on the show talking about the brewers or how their wives do and how the rotation Stewart hub for threatening analyzing the brewers like we analyze. That really became funded bag clown who's on the station and don't want patient column McCloud has got. I think plottage name and I can't even remember it bar and yet partly. Oh all knowledge is our starter. Went right I'd like to cut his. You like your conversation with a barb and clerk I'm down four due to a Hilliard out coordinated weekly just because the bar way cooler. That's. Exert from McNeil and park ends on the score in Chicago welcome back his seventh house in the morning here on the fan. And that that is insisting where we love our big wing Coleman here we are we really want caller yeah. It's on no doubt. Tim Allen best selling game show host name bill Schmidt it's it sure does let's have that great midwest make outline and while command. Our guest from 67 to the score in Chicago Danny park as Danny thanks for the time dude. Yeah I got bankrupt me out. All right so we do sort of know each other mutually through a guy you worked with in Kansas City. Josh burn here. A broker warmer yet we hang out with the Vern every spring out in Arizona so while we understand the type of brotherhood that. You and I and and Johnson Billy here have so there's sort of a kinship in in Brooklyn and broadcasting. And does so you come. Well referenced. Oh good well I everything you hear most of it looked at all. Right at you ask for is larger hit like that. 85% of the tiger I'll get yet no doubt all right well we appreciate you have an on base winkle men once in awhile down there in Chicago air jet our little buddy our body Joes and salon there. A little brother also. Doubt doubt they don't like to throw jabs Danny. But we feel like this comes rural rivalry has got a little bit too nice. Between the fans so if I were a little bit harsher we apologize we come off too strong and mean. Well I mean if you apologize on the product. Off the are you a but don't worry I'm 168. Pounds all that skin so like I seriously doubt your court I'm. By the cubs that team in itself it's gonna cost me years of my life than that and I've said it before just there's just something about it. My hatred for that baseball team goes well beyond just the baseball game. It is it is going to the point where. The brewers game would be done in the cubs will be out west I'm hanging on every pitch hoping that that team loses I'm wishing the worst for that team. But I also understand that they're good and is this a little bit different this year from your perspective banning that you know cubs have something. Really crone of their tail here. Well I mean I don't know how different it is that exist but different team you know it for years and years the cardinals were. A class division and cubs cardinals lose the traditional rivalry. In the division and you're Arctic all of us who are rare or else let teams got a little gel and angry bitter. At the cardinals and now that the talk to mean you'd have to go that far back what he his team the cubs won. 97 games and were the road team in the one game wild card to the pirates won by eight in the cardinals want a doctorate so. And the cubs are not not used to competition in the division it's just they're not usually use the top of the division from where workers. And what is the what is the feeling down their army take. Talked food so cub fans all the time on the flagship down there what is the sense of of an actual. Race for this NL central or is it feel like it's pretty locked up on the air. I think pick the cubs fans. You heard rumors as some sort of what have Ian audience but not any like sort of real threat even though cognitively we know bit. They're two games back at the standings and were sitting around on September 11 the over the day isn't you know obviously the brewers have exceeded expectations. The opinion but the focus no of the organization on down that is they played to their potential. No one else in the division is even close to that in terms of talent and mask back I mean. Anthony Rizzo has underperformed Chris Bryant has practically number or it got up but well. Dark as a 126 million dollars are. Rated morrow is not DL sort. There or where BP they're cluttered point six million dollar pitcher and their free agent clothes or. All of a given that weight less than expected this year and they're still on pace for 94 wins and gives them the pitcher so that there's just a you there's a quiet competence the columns where. Old World Series of three straight at all yet. You can repeat all that you yours is repeat all that that's music to my ears that all that all that negative stuff she Digisette. About the team but you followed up with that there's still facing the 94 brewers pacing right around the same mark a couple of game. Difference here but at what point Danny than would that concern get to cub fans if you can speak on behalf of them. At what point would it be concerning and what twenty games laughed and it's still tight races it down to the final week kid does it come down to a couple of head to head series. I mean I don't. I don't like to speak on behalf of all substance I don't that I talked Albert L or every show ahead. He says that they don't look at the standings and back or out the first but I don't back or outdoor CM LB network are some parts sort it there and I. Ignorant to it and clearly the brewers are right or during the could disrupt the cult your quick it was injuries. And they've had injuries. So it's absolutely possible. That the brewers could achieve this year and cobalt and steel division I don't think that's what happened the cubs on very well I've had. Against the brewers whenever the cubs play at Miller Park home game of the deplorable comes in they're the brewers spent the cut drive up there are so. It's just discuss broad behave at. What a talent that. Our church or you can hit it I definitely do it I don't know what it little Robert Dick Roberts like Big Brother. You know but adopted its GAAP net. All. What you should go to. I think it's horrible it's horrible the quarters or go home files fan got Miller Park it was. It was just so you know the great to execute out are always telling if the people Wisconsin driver or what is. Oracle. But I think on. Its. Same like you that much I like I would want to plug your. Well our team. Thank you again thankfully I'm sitting here or Chicago your herbal what ought to Paducah or or you don't it is like it's. You've got to admit right at the jabs. Are are calming one way right brewers Twitter account tries stuck on the outs literate now. The brewers organization tries to keep outs and Alex Parker cut organization is concerned reverse our hands over taking quick weeks you'll put you guys would admit right. You guys are Pepsi in the equation and the Cutler Coca-Cola or may as well RC cola. Cola. Whatever you like Rick that that's hard to what is in terms of the two organizations. And are well aware but luckily you know I covered stopped it in the city are there which could recover or cocaine. I've known quite helpful 1996. What are you really do like ball to him and it's just you know. Oh what while are not bad. A wild card game not a bad result for the season for the. It's just adorable is that just an adorable I'm happy to play baseball as they did how many air and if they come dressed they did it all. Owned costumes to attempt to get their own costumes with their name on its yup they get to go to Fantasy Island and and become a baseball team once in awhile. I go to Oprah gave up modem may speak of costumes what page yet are you all would cut off that you I thought it. Yeah brewer at a court order well did you land the ball well perhaps got Broderick are. Wait until they stuff above hooker Hadden and he's walking around Joseph yeah and nobody that big. The good thing about Miller Park is it's it's well. It's will maintain its clean and doesn't smell like they I don't know. I love Clark Miller mark Miller Park don't plug straight. Iran's great great great stadium plenty of room for cuts back. Died I don't wanna go. I don't wanna go as far as doing this small C. Stupid radio old bats. Between now and radio shows because that that's been overdone and that that is sort of so you wanna challenge and a steel cage match I do I wanna challenge him to human McNeil although McNeil the that that that guy. I don't know if he'll maintain that we could go into the ring together. With. I have no I have no interest to the the physical altercation with a. Okay how about this why don't we get a McNeal and Tim Allen. Chain smoking Marlboro lights competition together I think that would be a good one the people wanna see entries I'd love that. Sure IB equity. The man command chart in trying to quit for awhile but I used ordered students that you preserve but. Again like you know the debate but they'll settle it on the people there and I'm sure. It will be a great story for the brewers to win 92 games and postal wild card I I'd. Positive that is going to be looked at it as a couple these in Milwaukee go to. Are wrong. Well there are no no no I honestly this sounds really gonna come once in October. Become fans come up for it. National League divisional series it played two games at Miller Park they spend all the money that they can and then they cry and maybe get picked up on the way down highway. It's one you were seen on their way back cry in their tears as they've been knocked out of the playoffs and pay a speeding ticket yeah. Department audit figures could hear editor or don't don't we've worked. That. I didn't do it yeah. Radical group but. I. Hope we're okay what are the people what would it what would. And I have to happen then for the brewers to overtake the cubs is it just from the columns respective so. In other words the brewers can't win it it's only the cubs can lose it. Well they're a baseball but anything can happen short the first to know if you know what team and don't want Iran are not. I've heard it but it hasn't won sixteen gutless. This isn't some sort of overpowering. Younger optics and not eat. Yes of course talk about the from the cops respect our home coats in Chicago. Two of those which are the audience you know so of course we're not spending a lot of time. Forcing the brewers box scores yeah yeah. But not let up so you need to do when the cops are leading the division of the cultural war games back in the division. It would be something that would be border necessary right. In the team that is fine humans and it could of had to stand but it ought to cut the division. It doesn't matter all that much what the brewers are believed in their style that's just a practical. Right but the longer we can't win. They control their path to winning the division so what needs to happen yet to repeat outplayed the cubs by what. Two re games over the rest of course he's and I think they played three more games still in the standings to reward and whatever it is evident but so course. At the samples slash links. The variant increases nine YE a team that wins 85 games early in the regular Hillary. He gave a little more articles there at all soldiers go to can win a World Series at a hundred example and there were down about seven about five read about the war in wild cards were as we go further to the user and the group were still close. For sure the brewers and win but I think readable although not very likely that they will cut shot but it not very likely that there. Well based on the sample size this year though I mean you spelled it out Danny that that there's been some underachieving in Chicago as well. And so yes I think they have just as good a chance based on the sample size of a hundred. Almost won eight games here that this is a dog fight. Mean again okay. That's adorable. I just as good of what you. It's in what you what you think it's 640. Okay. You're you're you're telling me by a 100000 dollar on the table about it all we picked it up pick the division winner correctly you would put her up its shot at. While our talk and oh yeah and value now change in the did hear yeah that there isn't money on it that you just microphone and his famous student loan debt Syria and our really having a conversation. I. Could hear it talked about the plot we know who you think has the pattern or shot to win the debate should go. Think it's good order so I would bet. It's okay. And a in the second week of August and the rumors have. 35%. Shot to win the division went or the year it was probably a 10% shot what a successful season and brutally. Whatever it is such. That's OK okay you know northwestern basketball league yet public Turk the first. Year ever last year and they're have a banner in their stadium commemorating. He'll play all week things better when they written national championship. Care Google always been battered woman make par four it's okay for different organizations different fan base is a different definitions of success. Making the playoffs and keeping it close a couple of brewer and bulls a pattern that winning a World Series is successful season workouts. And where we can hang that banner proudly and are adopted stepson apartment yelled perfectly up above the garage dad were were trying to change the landscape that at least on the air on the post game show that. You know it it is about a World Series title and it's not about making a wild card that's not about having. L you'd Danny were talk in nine years ago this this community celebrated. I'm not losing season when they got when they ended up that 81 and 81 so the bars change a little bit. Billy and I were in not Arizona we took a drive up the Vegas sweep mean laid down some scratch on not on the brewers to. Win the N now. Well now speaking of money I've flank my back. Hey bill you wanna give the news yet Danny well as we talk about you know trash talking in the leaving your team's gonna be able to get themselves in the World Series and have a legitimate chance to dethrone the cubs this man and then goes in places a wager about two weeks ago for the cubs who appear in the World Series. Of course he gate. Of course. Yeah the more talented bigger stronger pick robbers we'll look at our. And we don't have slingshot about the way that Iraq played a sentence and he should I have to tell us were doing debate when Coleman show this morning man. That's permanent. Boy oh boy want to learn is fantastic broadcaster. Aired it's to Eric error you are on the great. And you can check out the rest of his work on how the Game Show Network coming up here 10:30 AM well Danny we ought to do. By the way looked at differently. Genuine affection for the bad and don't disrespect backcourt play would we had to get our joked about it made about how. You know what you got so I mean you. That would be bought or edit each Sunday are cooler it's fairly remarkable but he became anything other than a game show host. I said at the same in on the joke were brought not no no no I thought the same thing when I met him the first time they boss walked in said. It really is are there are new guy Bart like myself who. Yeah is that his real name is that a radio name. Right exactly you think it is seen mornings do. Quit if that's right art wink to the fact it's what it sounds like. No but I I've really I haven't heard anything outside of just the the come brewer. How little bit of the rivalry that that is irked me a little bit you guys number impersonal of about anything up here it's it's been about the sports no question about that. Our old Milwaukee. Or sound great here are people your term. Are offered ample blood apparently Milwaukee that it's. Yeah hi yeah I'm not a big fan of Chicago but I wish I wish I could return that those settlement but. And I grew up in Kenosha so that's that's got in the armed at a Chicago basic idea yeah he's the knows her death Anderson. There's nothing not to like about Chicago without side. You have your right to. Ninth I sitting pretty sunny and 75 for a mixed drink is the one thing that I know life. Whip welts fit yeah speak in a way it's we had a couple Beers couple mixed drinks out last night and we're in preparation for of this show this morning we appreciated did any of if the brewers do happen to surpass the cubs and and then been home it's big enough for you. I think this is a matter of time that this goes back and forth. We be happy to join you guys throw some game and go from there. Yeah I mean I'm happy to come back on whenever and when the brewers past they're happy to return to show your when he thirty. Danny bargain sakes at the time has been fun. And I vision areas on the great mid West Bank hotline is sorry your renovation journey with a sibling convenient pre approval process from great midwest bank dedicated to providing. Personally perfect home loans to those right here in our community since 1935. See how they see how they are. Zynga right the whole carrier than thou brewers knocked that team down knocked that team down a tag please. For the love of god knocked that team down.