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Faith in the Zone
Sunday, December 10th
12/10/17: Faith in the Zone with Mike McGivern and Pastor Ken Keltner - Brian Hommel, Arizona Diamondbacks Team Chaplin and former professional baseball player

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Welcome defeat in the zone show about sports and faith and how that to come together in my speech. Right now discover help people in sports walking face the host Mike media Verne and pastor can kill her. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Unnamed. Welcome defeats in the zone on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. I might get hurt alongside pastor Karen Keller. From Brooke's side Baptist Church pastor we haven't done it a show by for a couple weeks instigated this idiot students back in the C. As you lookup to really get they had sent out there and doesn't conflict yet I am flying you are shown off for the future we've gotten studio and that's that's what you're doing couldn't normally your. Fill them out. Hey how was how was your son's wedding and everything that could occur that. That was key Seattle as deep as alright guys that's lawyers who I saw the picture on FaceBook you curtain Kia no oil well and Secret Service could go find those you know it's yeah cook and you know after we had to coach about non. You know his son Terry has so Keyes had lunch or breakfast with Darian. Well that's good and so he cemeteries looking forward come on the program today facility will give. So anyway to answer questions don't go well to both good and I'm glad we're out we're back to it shows live now. And guided through this today show is is really going to be fun for me anytime we talked to guy is a former walk you for draft pick. I love that but when you do a little research on Brian Howell he's. He is he's done a lot of stuff is part of the UP I staff now with Tom Malloy wouldn't yup he is the team chaplain for the Arizona Diamondbacks. And he's an author. So we got home on how to talk about with this young man bright thinks for a few minutes your time how're you today. Although good there certainly are. And the last one in your life your busy guy. There are are into the bill now. Sure GQ via let's talk will be much Akron where you grow up and then you you played college while local. Were words you grow up. No I'm my parent my dad worked for. ARA restaurant association company or whatever and so he would fix. Problem. Would Carleton hospital food services group out so we moved. Thirteen content first with the king years and we lived everywhere from New Orleans to Chicago in between. Talk about throughout hardly cornered and and Rick audio. And bear in from there it moved to Indianapolis. In the net so well what are colder than. Or baseball bat mobile and now. The current my other child murdered and all over the place. Hey Brian those those those high school the coaches. When you win new kid comes in they have to feel pretty good when you showed up on the field. You know assigning. My first six strictly baseball in Indiana. We were there. At least in guys in the game pitchers had gone and then I came in the solar and then. That didn't like Obama does chilly front and it's kind of fun being on Peter and an unknown and and gonna pick on to become known but. So little effort to become from Texas what football news I took the ball well. No longer an stardom on the yet again not the ball but it will call it arc. Did you play out quarterback in football. You know I want calendar year and that he couldn't tackle it well all that was kind of the backup quarterback let. It I look at them first and then I apparently but other quarterback we have that it reminded here of the job. O'Brien among high school basketball coach just wants it this is going to be like 35 year. Just wants. Like someone in it and I had the counselors movement and plastics. And you don't ever happens week you know efforts to practice some kids his age is moved in the area. I wanna play. I just one time one that out yeah. Yeah yeah yeah I can't probably Rubens found. I had tester kids kids movement and an ant price tag the story when Aaron or what for even. If they would have first met them they say look we're gonna move by a mile from school were not going to. We're going to your school. That's. Are you too late to eureka at the kits that act as you can she wobbled and he said he can shoot it. And then I met their needs and it's nice to meet you my boys and uncle when your school I think that's out. There and your church. What pride and glory that apple tip for the he. Said boys if you don't play around of them you know you but will tell the boys are going to count that as we gear for your going to Brooke said that this. And other restive cities mr. pride so I wrote I didn't have some good baseball players to move into an air euro's co option. But not a rumor six today one that sixty cubic Jones GM I'd just out. I haven't found him. He Brian did you used to playing baseball at a pretty young age that. Yeah I stared as you know at five and they're really sucked kitchen and so. Relate to more stress in your school. And then my junior year our school I was an outfielder had the exact number that they didn't input in the rotation. And then. And that and that didn't do it and go and article one wrote that that she's been. All connect check it out pretty quickly. It definitely you've figured he gave up one run he's he's lucky I was not there. That few that I could. O'Brien I'm just I'm just talking smack them only kid. You ever get to Milwaukee you meet meals their laps and then made that comment. He would how young were you when you had to make that decision whether you want to be a baseball higher football guy you know nowadays it's as a high school coach. Lot of kids are specialized. So they'd there you can play baseball they think the envy of baseball player so they stopped play and other sports. On the kind of coach who wants kids competed in in a lot of different things. And I'm wondered in in Europe read that you played football through high school. I dared. That was more of a passion in the baseball. And not understand what it didn't experience different. The types of programs in different sport because they bring desperately is able. I loved so much important football really I might have made it. Into brick my own border war game and. I would gonna play baseball and football. You are Indianapolis is good division Tshisekedi pocono and avert all. But one that broke mark caller Boehner came back and played the last two games that are now my ear but. A path or not but you know what I did either one triple a baseball work get a good gosh market. First corner some brine year your mommy daddy you're. You know their right there which you what you're going through old plain old sports. Parenting. Dad giving us some advice and. Yeah you know like. He stopped picture he about fourteen. What is. It. Got mad at you telling you about her big day. You are very fortunate. Your dad this and use this Marc guy that's that I've done the same thing stopped sit on that I'm that catch you anymore. We're talking to Brian home he is. Former Bork keeper trapped pick he's current chat with team chaplain for the errors on the Diamondbacks. He's an author we're gonna talk about his book in the next on segment. He's also on staff with UPI. Before you have to get to break Brian let's talk a little bit about a what you do for you PI we've had Tom Roy on the show and he's been just a great friend of the show. And helping their skits and guests. If we talk a little bit about what she do for you PI. Capital fifteen years. The unlimited potential in and I do it probably doesn't need. I. I stay alive on the opposite thing counseling with special baseball players equal short term mission church around the world he beat baseball should eat the. And they all beat our in couple birdies and then daddy dot near Phoenix there'd been trading. I Graffanino and dumped up with a well. Evil. A war at three different locations and what I'm about. 200 on aggregate on a particular player that will each week to go steady decrease during training but the really Kuwait forgot to gather. There are but to me well. And you know on top of that stuff for the got back Saturday so it. The international technical urgent. So your full time now with UPI Seri. Aka the kind of sidelight brought you still throwing you still throw the ball. No I throw. I haven't found only on baseball light years they not much all the. Your review was drafted with Coopers. And our. And how I'll file for did you deal with them. I made double A and the me. I tore my labor my rotator cup. And my shoulder and that was at a moderate Arab unity EO our victory heel surgery when he attacked states so. I'm just kind of a lot. What did the first book. Nine. Year. Old are your girls. I am a girl there well art in aid is in itself. Oh yeah do you view. Plays softball at the. Track and I mean my youngest playing this year and they all actually did really well it. I am doing cart will it change. Well yeah solo and my oldest is going to want players what Apple's. Your line yet there yeah. I coats curls bath while opportunity here is that the school were my son went to was a small. Christian school in reread it came. This is a big game in the conference and there's about four minutes ago of the game to tie the game was tied there's a loose ball or in front of me and stylized. And one of their girls went to get them we've Bergeron who loser girl from our church and she went to go Kennedy knows that she stopped each of the three she was she's really sweaty. And I thought man how he got laughed at that. If I score would get the blood she said it she's just release when he coached. That's it's great coaching girls is a whole different animal for me I I have to be honest with yet. I can we do you envy you'd though you know markets here are. Are grown up that free grant since Lou across the street but their 64 and two suited to starting out. But I know that pastor Ken and and and I really miss Watson our kids play sports. Area to get his life as it goes by really fascinating to me give you a couple of ways. If you want today. Is bright UT's speak if there's there's a couple of ways to get in contact with him. Or tip to follow him on Twitter at at home they'll HOM. VI LLG. And I'll just read what it says. Love Jesus my wife and three girls encourage professional baseball callers. To follow Jesus he's a big fan of this Boris colts. And it universal rule though and acts for thirteen uses. Is is is his first oh when they saw the courage of Peter and John realized they were on school ordinary man. They were astonished and they took to note that these men I had been with Jesus so if you wanna follow prize it's it's at home fell HOM. VI LLV. Or you can contact him at the Brian hold. I am UPI dot. Or were gonna talk will be about some of the troops and he's taken with UPI we just wanted to talk about a report that he's written drop in the fig leaves. And dole will find out more about that it's quite that in a trusting title I'll tell you that dropping the fig leaves. And we'll talk to Brian about that on the other side of the break this is faith in the zone. I'd sports Radio One 057 at them. The fans. More now of faith in the zone discovering people of sports in their walking me. Faith in the zone. Is brought to you buying brook side Baptist Church that the host Mike and give Vernon and pastor Ken Kellner. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Okay. Welcome back to faith in his own. I'd sports Radio One 057 F in the sand. I'm Mike you were alongside pastor can tell there. From brook side a Baptist Church our special guest today former more people were trapped picked 1995. He's currently the team chaplain for the Arizona Diamondbacks. He works full time for UPI. And he's also an author and move won't get to that I hear this segment about pastor and Bryan won big. Segment of faith in the zone are important feature is we like to talk to each guest on how they came to Christ how they. Another lord personally and it's always exciting to us because everyone has the story of how god worked to. To bring somebody or bring the message of salvation to and so if you don't mind we'd love free to share how you came Christ. Yup we know I didn't grow going to church and well we didn't live in church one. In that doesn't various conversion two out so that was kind of closer. Yeah. But they actually. You went out and achieve read to a one Barbara. Now I don't know if not enabling it O'Neal. And in Latin school invited me to church. The go there for a week within about Eric but the united an architecture that day. I don't pay into what was going on their put up their boat that they ought to eat it. And there are broker with. An exit port from RT is that only. And captured that would mean our trade with and and went home and I had that children spot awkward. And I read that every night for Tibetan leader Dalai. Apparent go to restaurants with the intent to do and so. I'm working in a restaurant from Taiwan and then until thirteen. When eloquent sport could be washed dishes and so I did had a well I can't really sidetracked. Early on in my journey. In their. And hotel room with a. Great woman at thirteen you quake three and had a couple kids she worked from my parents and and at that moment the number appeared about him. And I might ultimately the court term that. Opposite ball and I knew at that moment. In the war between me and Edgar Allen our relations with that because. But what I'd done. Into like Jerry debt burdened with me. For a long time and we moved. In the apple product that the U. And then added that making mom he would need. What became my out want to build in football baseball on. With all state Indiana and the eight ball. My senior year. And and they got Garcia. Four hour course led display market mobile or go down there. And and actually heal up after really get that look at a picture. After a really good person he pitched. Well and Conan O Eaton of the trainer. Term look at global Clinton racquetball again went with Churchill out all the vote. Opposite of that with the club and her night Seattle. And then grow. Did you broke up with neither admitted that the girl at a bar in long story short. Should I may have gotten pregnant Arctic bear there. Are over the I'm in real trouble. Mean she but neither had my court that it needs the terms either from what I appreciate the bombing of neat is that a lot. But normally does and a it's like this this is an April 9 street circuit in my apartment room like that started crying out and collecting. He told me out between the good that it didn't get that lets you hand them. And then. Output this year is part of what does money because it really cool thing what you did your boat. And it won't connect girl that I thought I had a target Negroponte Bible or later it is typical evangelist. Cool you don't. Northern. Yeah we will talk about that at. This year what would that article. In the eight. And a chip will choose from English sushi boat it was a couple of months later from England and shoot well he is now this. And the. Was cool out Jeter and that are typically that the situation in Turkey first quarter are known as. And so that that has it lying around the story. Well Brian. Thankful for nearly young man a ticket camp you know or yeah you heard the first story. The first time you heard about Christ and then. And that and that's the beauty of it Lou the lord never leaves us on mean he does spank its. You know his his children and I contestant. Being spank but or but he never gives up on this and and that's the beauty and so your sister you're sister gave you some. Some great. Biblical strong words of an admonition and and encouragement to to come to the lord and I'm certainly glad and I how's your sister to Demi she's done well today and. So and then I guess you your wife to wish she believer when you met her or she can crisis after you met her. Yes it was a believe only their what I got them play Houston. Given that you let them partner big church it is I'll school you in term after and I. And I'm looking to singles group at age cheese. An editor at church and out and then we were able. And married a year later. You know I I tell my boys left for Roy is a sick guys. You wanna do it you know dessert there in Pennsylvania Ohio and so forth now I says you want it. Ye get involved in ministry. And you just served and then all of a sudden sometimes you just look over there and there's a young lady around right with him she serving and and Arabs that you know I said double B you don't have Gil looked in the wrong places got a brain. You know a young lady you know right there or where your serve a little Ortiz so what a great what a what a great testimony there to Brian. You know for for for me to listen to that end and not kidded you puts tears in my in my eyes frank users. And I've said the slide and the show their guys we've had on the show that the worst thing they've ever done is steal candy for. And then we've had guys like me and you. A hundred show that if if the boards willing to accept us as his children guys who have done things that that. You know I'm ashamed of and certainly when you were talking I know that either sedated that you were shamed as soon as things that you did. And I'd start to I thought I was stunned I didn't think he he attitude toward except me with all this stuff that. That I was doing back then. And it's it's amaze team that eat notes you fought your knees in an and you ask him. He's there. He's willing to accept guys like you and I and it's funny bribe because. When you go out and speed are you teach a class like you talked about you come from hold different place than some of the people your your talking to. And if for me away when I go on give give five give talks that opened up about that part of my life. It's eight in the or somebody in the crowd that's going through some of the stuff that I was going through. And so we do we I think we've reached people. A little bit differently with some of the journey that that Ted that that we had. You know we've we had Darryl Strawberry at pastor Darrell stronger. And yet you know if if if he's out there. Quote scripture and save and it's you know saving people from drug addiction and he's doing it through the Bible. You know people were just I'm still I still get this is a year ago we had a month and I still get people coming up to me sand. Did I hear that right its pastor Daryl strawberry and I go yeah. And it would what a nice way to be able to talk to people about where they're at because nobody would with think that it guy where he was would be able to February's now. So well you know and the apostle Paul says he was the worst of all sinners. You know in in the new testament and Krejci tan while he. He actually dropped him on the road to Damascus and had that confrontation. And and pulled out right in the so what what what do you mean do. So Brian I sent you first would you consider yourself first generation Christian. Yeah and I was asleep and as you were sharing your assessment then reason you a little bit of what you have. On year on your site about a year year low for Jesus and your wife and your girls and all. And I might correct me if I'm wrong but I believe most of the people we've had on this program have been first generation Christians that are they are rule he willing to do it up on the mountaintop. And speak it now. What it started with when we talk to markets handle the bullpen catcher for the purse and where he was in studio with his pride and he says bullet. Once I found out. Once once I became a lever I was mad that that that that I was a first generation Christian right. I wanted people before me to be able to teach me this and and now that then I know about it. I'm getting up by the moment happened screaming makers don't want people who know things that I I wish I knew you know fifteen years ago. Yeah I just at day camp our ups us you know teen camp or you know for a whole week. And I asked the question hey any any first generation Christians here coming zero. Zero so it lets me know Christians that are second third fourth fifth sixth generation. And we are talking anybody else I was lucky a lot of times it's the folks like Q Brian that are first generation Christians that are saying hey. Let me tell you how much fellow Jesus and you and you have you have those that have grown up insurers are like you talk about them. Look. That's that's awesome. Hey I we're talking to Brian homely Ken Brian is a former Milwaukee brewer traffic cues. Big lefthanded pitcher meant. He's currently the team chaplain for the errors on the Diamondbacks. And he's on staff with UPI. He's also an author and I pros will get sick to his book in the third segment. It Brian when when you're talking to guys. The baseball guys outside of the locker room. And if they ask you for your testimony you bring up you know your your history how was that received from those guys. Well you know when you when you open up the clock is there and countless people and to of those dark corner that the dirt allow people would pretty access to your heart. Anger you don't really know pertinent we know that and and so I'm I'm freak out because she is awarded the open is not haven't changed over the past. So I'm pretty sure that the that a lot people let that she acted years you know market. So. I'll try to be open and our people to look at note that meant it's okay and that Jeter. It hasn't had a great love for all of us and we just need to understand it. Look at gotten up to I think that god only knows me I do good an idea that he anchors. Well that's how I operate. And we have to look at from a page so when I try to share my story. I try to be imported cheeses and what it doesn't. To encourage them there and they keep that you could have the have this great relations with them so typically receive you know really well sometimes. It's got now we're ready to be open. Then I kind of a little bit. But those that are that are and his daughter should out of the ground they were in a shared. Yeah ending and the beauty of it is is Jesus died for sinners and oral senators you know no matter what what degree we are we're we're all sinners we're not gonna reached out because of percent. But I think to Brian just listen to you and your transparency. Then when you open your heart like debt to someone. And and that I mean that there's a stanza to your real they CNN and use it. You obviously have a message that they wanna hear. There's not a transformation in my life I'm not the same person I was that you know it's Jesus he's changed me here. As powerful I appreciate you sharing hundreds colorful. Big guys we have to get to break other side of the break. Just to give you. A little preview. Dropping the fig leaves is a book that that Brian wrote and it's about living without our corners. It's about living in the way the word intense us. Us to live naked and unashamed exposures powerful and necessary when living. In the presence of the creator but too often. We think hiding behind fig leaves homemaker relies more efficient and less stressful we're gonna talk to Brian about that book. And as we talk about it on the other side of the break you can go to Smash were stacked town there's a number of ways to find the book if you go to Brian humble at UPI dot org can also get information on it. This is faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Welcome back to faith in the zone in inside look at people in sports and Milwaukee famous face in. Is brought to mind accurate basement repair. Here's host Mike we get burned and pastor can Kellner. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Okay. Yeah. Welcome back to things don't love Sports Radio on 057 and the my my your remarks that pastor Karen Keller for brook side Baptist Church our special guest ready he's done. Brian humble. He's a former walk you through a draft pick. He's on the staff with UPI and in our friends set time Roy in the all the people you PI also is currently team chaplain. Pretty Arizona Diamondbacks. And he's an author NM interest is to find out where this. Where this idea to check to write this book the name of the book he's dropping in the fig leaves. And doubt try to hunt how wanna go to Drake that put. And questioned. They have roses are in years ago. It took me like two days to write it I was locked in. But and then it took about three years and it. I. It's like my English papers a and one. Matt Chandler Lee pastor of the village church says this bridal knows what he's talking about in this book. Not only has the experience that the pain and operatic life and then set free into the Libyan but he Heatley walks and encourages men to do the same. So it is dropping the fig leafs did give us a reader's digest of what the book is about. Well it kind of it's partly like Germany but it so just understanding how genes tended to live with him. You look at it as one cheat sheet of freedom any. And walking with and engaging with him on a daily basis than that. Obviously we're machine and then hit the the world it is great iron into the coveted ultimately lead then. And it's only in your relation to achieve the spirit that you're able only dropped in an accident I don't even though I live in a world that act. That's all I install relations with god as being a curtain of the garden being with our. And that walk which you were there and you know I love that that they are. And so that there's the book the kind of opened utter. To break free from the then seeing. In that much energy and helps you learn a lot it's very. You know. Love you Ito you bring in folks in their attention back there engine necessary when you because you're absolutely right it was. It was you know running creation today isn't how again nine. Created it I mean since history tells us because of that of send the curse and curse on the ground and so forth. And Brian one thing I I know you do a lot was men and as I do a lot of loyal citizen and I love to ask him that question. So where was Adam when he was being tempted by the serpent. And I'd. I have more guys. Tell me well man he was he's the government he's done his job is organized civil when you lead number six. The woman sheet he takes a tree takes them by against her husband the viruses what's her. Now so it looks like he was standing right there with their in their as the film went in the Larry cram that wrote the book the silence of Adam any track any Trace that when men were silent when mentioned spoken out. And I agree I mean their arteries as well talk about well alt. Where we shouldn't should know better but I look at from the standpoint were out of looked at it means. They're both in dire with that the control which is meant. It would be control and. They look at got back into a better job of workmanship that you. Put out you were. My apartment should step ordeal with. Eight years. Especially in international circles aren't that. I simply asked the question if you forgot how would you put on the world. What would you do. And it the reality is that that. The only way to the world could run operate in an area that was hit it it got to Kuwait is 88 years. Yeah robots yes you know sort of Bosnia. That's a great point we're talkative prime home weekend he is he wrote a book while back and I find it really trust him. I do research for the show some of the things that people wrote. A body drop in the fig leaves I you can go to Smash were stacked comets and replaces. Or if you have you have interest in reaching out to Bryant Brian hobble its HO and then EL at UPI. Dot org. He Bryant wanted to talk this is our last segment talk a little bit about on what you do with the Arizona Diamondbacks and and I I opted asked the question. Two guys at work are professional athletes. Was it easier for you to walk worthy. Inside the locker room when you were playing mightily baseball for the perverse. Or was it easier for you to walk were the outside the locker room. Well. They're good at that content on the part but for me personally leading a year trophy and I'd because. I was talking with 24 Geithner didn't want you to send I would there. An act of their only real do you look and on a daily bases like to get either got hold me accountable. You represent and be an app appreciate it. But it gets McCain with the struggles because I wanna wait Ellis single. And there are a lot and he didn't a lot of bad situation but does. Bit by our kind of that detailed look at old boy there but I looked at more. Than it should be. Are incurred there and then and I'm all excited and because at some point they're gonna come their real rate of baseball record that's other people on. No change in women or whatever it is typical after. Pathology. You don't Brian Mike and I've talked before I can emerge. Who who was was talking to us and I had to be one of the chaplains because he said you know. You you're you're talking to guys who. You know lays there of their life what he says the license in their girlfriends ten they go to the ATM machine and it hit so many zeros after that first number out on their balance you know. And it is like. You know they they think hey you have nothing to offer me man I got it all but you're right Brian it will show what it will come up and we'll take. You know we had an end speakers Darryl Strawberry again but he said look. I got to a point that I thought that I had every single thing that I try to buzz chop. I was a big time baseball player and all the money I needed I had curls I had cars I've properties. And I couldn't figure out why I was so upset and saddled time. He ordered yet attendance this one he's the culprit but only if you just know aren't going to a we don't know it could actually got in there now are. Gain power financially all women eat you literally saturated. The world from everything that it had created you to assert that by you belong. And it was only at the end of the concrete yet he is a real they are out there lack with a joke. Yeah near Nancy gets so. Our action you know and that's the thing that let alone ministry that you are out. Orbit into the rich and saying. That the heat that the little typical people the reached because of that very thing that happened. But come to realize. Literate marchers fired because that there's a brilliant brilliant live in that movie with Al Abrams. And then he made. Not that you dealt with the B what do you freight companies that are afraid of Winnie. Because in about two hours acting second that you get ready room hundred meter the gold medal if that happened. About two are back in second and moved by that incident I win what it will become. It's like I win that gold medal and the rate at all my injury approaching it at that at that other people along the bowl it's Tuesday. Now is that your sit me sit in sports today having. None no sooner they want when the World Series or the civil or whether I mean now we're talking about next year. You know I mean. And you'll hear guys as one take time to reflect on the podium but that next year you know and time tie answers on the wanting granny says that was powerful man I loved it. That you you love the end on a team they're with 24 guys didn't know lord and use war ruling. The bridge that god put there for them to come to know Christ. And not say what if I've had folks look at Maine say you know man I wish I could be administering their own Christian people at time and I civil what he did not tell Maine on the business lesson plans say people you work with our with a a man I'd trade with your right now. I mean to deal with a bunch of unsafe people. And the thing about is my son's eyes in the military one of my sons is in the altering illnesses stand. We give meant sinners acting like senators. Here's are sinners from the baby Jesus then and we get we wanna get ripped off Adam and get ticked you know because they're sinners whether senators that need to find Jesus. Hey I I think to be were Brian was in that lock crew I think that would be a tremendous amount of pressure. Because when he said look I was the ambassador. And you're out on the road. And you know what you what you have a bad outing you throw your club in these guys are looking that you different. The but. Well it in this important. I want bill would seem. What is unique people they debate to Wear pink and gold rock me I would typically the first Brittany would do that. Now and and that kind of encouraged me. What is that it needed to. They sure Islam enemies he has some opportunities to disciple guys Bible studies. One of our favorite stories is AJ Ellis telling about the Bible study with slowed their playing the giants and I guess those teams come in for the Bible study and he said Buster Posey was did not to face Clayton and an agent has had no comment saying hey what you think about this study rooms six and poster because as grating as well on the hallway. He's industrial instead of the how to butterfly go. AJ I needed outside Romans six old and to focus on clay right now so cool and I know you have those opportunities but both teams come and believe. By the way that's Christians talking smack rate there up a deficit that has. You paid you you get a lot of bug guys from from from bowl teams decade that comment. A move when you're doing chapel with with the Diamondbacks. Yet so we'll do chapel aisle is what the home team the facts are a little cooler it is the big east while acquired. So. Yeah we don't typically mixed in together. This because the track because at some of that stuff a lot of that is articles. Locals that are. Gluten out of that and he anomaly I think in the globe and yet they're vocal leader Kurt guys. He's really grown in the state it it it actually had to litigate the giant didn't I am not sure what. What is chapel you get the electorate but it was just pocketing online about it well the job he. And and we only have a couple of minutes pride of your work with UP ITT you just quickly give us you want her to visit the troops that you've been on the open pretty meaningful for you. Not go to Philippines quite a bit. It could get the property because the big war against her book accusers either we get an exit thirty to forty years as Butler America. And you know that the average age about forty to 48 or die and there's this small the pollution at the poverty. When you. Going over there. I want to take. Actually and it shouldn't with the brewers now and that's why and that it would if you get our. We go over there are doing eating that would love cute search you look at it but when you go on top of oh well which is the fifty foot high traction that people on the that even smoke at all but. Radiation or whatever was inside there. And you in it people. It just drew situations. That the reality is that I may not be important. Give me help them out I mean for a little period what you've been which he would return to. And no. And talking and try to gear art I'd go there ought to go to Mexico or be your go to Italy which. Can't go wrong go to Italy with a deep and so there's books and they. Ask you how well. But though the opening at the plate that your gears need to. And go to that went back on it there. Well the missionary family there are what it would mean. I I gotta tell you Brian when when that when I reached out Tom Roy and he passed a one year your name and phone numbers did you elect this guy. And you know what he's right I I take you so much for your time couple ways to two to follow prior get a hold of pride. It Twitter is is at ten home bill HOO am fi guy Al Al. And and and curls he Kirch professional baseball players to follow. Jesus it's I started looking at at some his tweets and dreary encouraging in and he puts us some great stuff. The other way to get a hold of Friday's addicts it's Brian hall at UPI dot org. If you get a chance to your interest to. In the book that we talked about dropping the fig leaves go to And pick it up Brian really appreciate your time today keep up the good work. You bet against the run all. Let's get to break other says the prequel a rapid this is faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Back to faith in the zone and churning on how people in sports who walking pace. Faith in the zone is brought to my home windows and doors it was constant. Here's host might mean giver and pastor can kill her. Fox sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Mean. And welcome back to save his own sport you know myself that Clinton might be your remarks that pastor and tell their. Boy Brian was good. Was testimony in his will on the list. Just laid out there and I mean really search tell us a thought in disguise first generation Christian. Passionate for the wars he wants people to know that you know they can live with one day. I mean wow that was he was great. Eight Hedo I think would be taken turns at two at brook side Baptist. You know we we we rated. Greenfield Martin Luther got experience from it looks like Trevor shoes since you do with this in turn. Didn't know him you know I coaching cream dove Martin Luther just your tune out but it's people I know you played football and Martin Luther does that hurt your name enough. They slept for culminated in an how's it going so far it's an intern at Brooks at Baptist it's going grand I love it and is great move them pastor Ken came to me and offered it to me. And then doing at the summer and it's a blast went a lot did is nearly picturesque code. This is I think he's you guys are like if if this is TV you know I'd get a laugh is huge guy that gets saved it seems sure you guys look at this they wanna be like neighborhood is to show what is hey you know he played yeah he's playing football Marron at the this year he was a Wisconsin Lutheran these transfered over to merit at this they can be the outside linebacker that's great my son went to my son and daughter both went the so. Man my son played basketball there and my son Omar played a little football. Way back way back two days he would say of its. Good for you that's it that's awesome tell us your your as an intern at Brooks said what kind of things that they have you do. I'm I'm more the the tasks guy get told what to do and how do that all the other guys can have their own divisions and nine I get to gavel and all that that's awesome. Actually you know you get ticket to see all of that movement I. I effort not to do really good things about she done that we've I've I've seen in church should know that that was due until pastor brought chin today. NA and I can tell you from. And through four years ago asserting hearing good things about chip. And what it good athletes who are and and some of those kids that I coached his last surely to Kotelly in those guys are over Martin Luther and hairy I Henrik Jensen you know some really cute guys. And they said good things about you and and I'm sure that that you'll do good job bad at brook side. What what is your cold if you're looking to the future what what's your thought that what you wanna do with her life. Well I have studied both missions and business I'm not quite sure what god has some plans from event to skim the door open and seamer goes from there that that's a good mix. Yes right that's a good mix pestered union. And in fact some missionaries that go and close countries they have to raise. You know 5000000. Dollars to be able to go in they actually set up a business in that country. And so there businessman and also. An ambassador as Brian was told us that Jesus Christ. That's just more. Trevor take you for coming in today. Good luck with with the intern ship certainly good lucky you get on campus. Here in a few weeks that merit NASA. And does it. Football starts add you know you're you're one of you struck Christian but don't you know go hit some people right and then how amok and say hey you know what that's all part of the game. It's nice to meet you keep up the good work well thank you very much you bet pastor skewed to see you get Mike appreciate all you do then with faith in the zone and it was a very bullets in the day. Beautiful thanks for listening guys who says faith in the zone. I'm sports Radio One 057 at them. The fans. You've been listening defeat in the zone with host Mike and give Verne and pastor can help now. You can hear feet in the zone every Sunday at ADM. To find patch shows exclusive podcast sporting contribute with an inside tip for guest simply go defeat in the zone dot com. Faith in the zone is an inside look at people's sports and their walk in faith. Join us again next Sunday for faith in the zone right here on sports Radio One 057 FM so fans. Well yeah. The games. Our service. Noted.