Bruce Arena: We are dissappointed to miss the World Cup

Chuck & Winkler
Monday, June 18th
Former U.S. Men's National team soccer coach Bruce Arena joined Bart to discuss the World Cup and the future of American soccer.

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WorldCom. But halfway over halfway through the first round. Mexico with a big win. Brazil with a tie. No United States in the world cannot be tried Bruce Serena came in very arrogant Klinsmann try to get him back to the World Cup. They were unable to get there the new book what's wrong with us a coach's blunt take on the state of American soccer. After a lifetime on the touch line is out. Coach thanks for a couple of minutes per Serena joins us on the agreement West Bank hotline I don't know where you're at at this point as far as watching these games. I watch these games. And every time there's a moment of Mike Wallace is a great match oh my goodness and although three goals cause a great. As soon as I get happy coach I get mad like serious that the United States is not in this thing. Where UN having coached at side with the time that's passed where you have when you watch the World Cup. Well I am clearly have my regrets. Mark my plans are to be in this World Cup coaching in the US Siemens. World disappointed. I kids that have anger but I clearly have disappointment not be in there. Sometimes when we hear like interviews that you do when we hear that you don't have anger that like people get mad about that. Do you feel like you're being judged too harshly when your reactions are being. Are being scrutinized like that. Well since. I don't believe there's a whole lot like to be angry about. There's a lot of stuff going on this world a bit due beware expressing anger. Over that the athletic competition but certainly we're all disappointed not being in Russia. We wanted to in Russia because the World Cup as it remains the greatest sporting event that there isn't you see. Some of these countries the way they're reacting to goals I was mentioning the year glee kids in that. The video on them in the classroom insist. It's just a fun thing so we wanna give back there obviously it's coming back and Tony Tony 60 we wanna make sure we get back then Tony Tony to. And then we wanna give it one step further and start to get farther than we've ever been before. Now you have been very successful on the MLS that the five titles there. I'm starting to feel like the MLS is almost working against. US soccer it's it's helping strengthen the other countries and our region. But I feel like it's almost working against US soccer. Is the MLS currently set up coached to do the best for US soccer that it was supposed to be intended to do Tony years ago. Or forty years ago I think it was intended to to grow the sport United States and grow the domestic players today it's been very much and an international player leave. And that is somewhere. And that they have been work that would US soccer Major League soccer match so obviously what I talk about. At the end of the book who we need. Better coordination by these two entities that help grow. Not only the league. In the sport the United States but also develop our players as well. 'cause there's a lot in the book again it's called what's wrong with the US or what's wrong with us. The plan words that I did agree with I agree with a lot of the points ahead. A Boller to the future of soccer and how we need to get there and one of the things that you're talking about was. The guys may be in charge of soccer like a Don Garber with the MLS or some of these guys in these higher positions with the United States sacker. Maybe don't have that that technical background. I wanted to see like a Kyle Martino are Eric well annulled. Take over the presidency but I feel like it's. More of the same is kind of a status quo did they get it right with the US soccer president that was named or should they have gone down a different road. Well to be elected president US soccer's very political and the newcomers not going to be able step and get collected it's a very very. Political organization and no offense by any the former players but if you look at the end. The people what the who could best experience on the technical side. One know where an election again. And two people that were there at the end where there for political reasons and supported. You know Major League soccer and others so it is it's really difficult at that it had been said that. The leaders in both of those organizations. Can help grow the game by higher and more people would have experience and technical side. I feel like with the US soccer the way that its position the bottom line is too. Make as much money as possible which I mean you know capitalism that's a good thing but I feel like that far always trying to actually. Better the growth of the game in America. Did the game to kids who can't afford it. Circumvent pay for play. And really grow the game on a grassroots scale I feel it's more financially aimed. Then the game aim the goal is to make the World Cup coach I want to see the gold to be a win the World Cup and I don't think we're on that point. Well a lot of countries in the world wanna win the world. Understand that this step in the content countries that are competing when the World Cup. There before it's four years there and qualification process so. First told that's ninety seats the place the pace of play thing is that it is very confusing to people. Every sport in the countries that support. For the most part and if you thought US soccer capades everybody United States has millions of kids point that's. Not possible on paper plate just happens to be how or sports work in this country at every level. They're young kids play and to play in hockey and football and baseball etc. so I can't knock you talk about that US soccer actually identify as the best young players. In the country and they're part of the academy programs as well which is about a hundred teams so. A hundred clubs such as say it doesn't. Take care of every kid but it takes security of the players and the other part right I would say in all fairness. Any any young player with. It's exceptional skill. And identified. They don't monitor that there's a way to. Tapes of those players so in all fairness I'd like to correct that part of it. Is US soccer's very commercial what they do yell out a little bit but they are nonprofit organization. And they need to spend the money they have run right now they got a big bank account so they can. Allocate on the little bit better that that they helped the sport and then and they hit and then visit the regular as the governing bodies soccer United States. They have to do a better job and put demands on Major League soccer. And getting domestic players on the field every leak in the world takes care of their own. They put in our own rules and regulations. To allow the domestic players to play. In an arcade we need to do that but we also need to get our young players on the field that's very talented players and we have to have some rules in place. To get them on the field will bring in 1 place and Central America. South American young players they pay a lot of money form they get them on the field the American players might get on the field. Coach Bruce Arena the book is what's wrong with. Odds would you like to see. You very helpful in the book that they we can win a World Cup in our lifetimes. Would you like to see Major League soccer this promotion relegation go toward that step or is that not Sunday that the US can pull off. Well I think many good years down the road they can do that right now you see this expansion where new ownership comes and they they pay it. Franchise see the bill stating that Beltran and facilities there and a better accessibility and I'll start and cut the Palestinians in one year you could possibly go down the second. Division. Is not feasible. I think they what they can do in the second third divisions start utilizing promotion relegation. And now it's stated that the team to finish on top in the second division don't move up to. Major League soccer but the team to finish in the bottom of the second vision on the third the team to finish in the top a third go out the second. Thought experiment and that was our country and then say perhaps and the fifteen years down the road. We wanna start implementing this format the first division as well. Coach uneasy about Landon Donovan during for Mexico. I'll be honest with you. It is it and it doesn't bother me a whole lot you know we're gonna. Hopefully support our teams that are competence in the World Cup. You know we've we compete real hard against Mexico. During the World Cup what went on in the World Cup. I don't mind that. Now I I think some of the discussion is. Do you support them in commercial. Activities steps and that's another question but malts or Mexico. Panama Costa Rica doing well on this World Cup. Coach appreciates and time again the book is called what's wrong with us coach Bruce Arena. We appreciate it hopes talk again soon. Thank you I appreciate you having me on.