Bucks Beat Grizzlies in Jennings First Game Back

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Monday, March 12th
03/12/18: MIL 121, MEM 103 - The Milwaukee Bucks Pick 'n Save Post Game Show presented by Palermo's King Cheese frozen pizza. Sparky and Mitch recaps the Bucks 2nd consecutive win, talks to Brandon Jennings calls in and takes your phone calls.

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This is the Milwaukee Bucks pick it saved post game show presented by the lawyer most thing she's frozen pizza now appears each Sparky flavor 11057. SA a month. The fan. I'm upset. I think it's a just now and I can think of it Roger Wagner dodging. I do yes. So please love me that he Twitter out of picture. And he put it says remember one brand getting signed with a start under armor that is still have a pair under armour set mean oppressed it backed away somewhere Matt Wear mine. All the time I swear under armour prettier and now I needed at the height is not as told all right yellow yes it's yeah. But I got the pair shoes there's not a farmer she's a between you know they were in those a degree in red ones with a wider whatever else. Should of won and most think a while. I did tonight hey you want it breaded judge or the G league you've got up once when he won won all three bucks over the grizzlies. Already tonight I got. Affront to monetize it means and what he dribble until the summer of LeBron can start in the Jennings beat back a point guard off the bank to Watsco. All right second winner is on fire all I know Brandon Jennings as well now let me first explain something to everybody. This is not Brandon Jennings had nineteen coming out of high school is not the same person it's just not. He's went through the ups and downs of being an NBA vet he's been out of the league playing in China. And now he is back. He has to 48. But he probably had a veteran leadership of like a 3435. Year old in this league for everything he's been. Brandon Jennings tonight came off the bench for two when he Foreman. 59 from the floor three of six from three point range three of three from the line sixteen points twelve assists eight rebounds. And just to eternal. For Brandon Jennings and when he Foreman. Andre is right now. Eight. Is not gonna get near triple doubles every select settled on on. Beat. And the Dell Lenovo Alice don't want you awhile ago but now I'm really not interested in seeing him play the rest the year I'm really not I do not. Have any interest in novatel I don't care what they gotta do to figure out a roster spot for Jennings. You could see in sterling brown eyes did you see dirt or rubble gonna have time. They interview storm rumble and how tough our sport Wisconsin and his eyes like the size of golf balls and hasn't budged energies like. And man he said he was gonna bring energy woody got out there and we wet he came in the game and we wind doesn't mean to Bahrain. Hammond let's go that's how we want plan the second unit he has he did everything. That is what they need. This is it is we all told Jennings right there's nights he's shot can be awful. He'd be like over one for nine or something. It's op. And then there's going to be nights like tonight work he's going to be I'm Cheryl and he's gonna make everything look pretty. We don't we can do what he did I'm sorry argue adult and all that forty point game play out whatever. That dude is not his dude this dude makes more sense right now for this team the rest of the year now when you do the summer. Figured out what am I saying go forward. I like how he fits in these guys you could she's go all these guys are laugh and have a fondness solid now winning helps but still. Doesn't like to lenders chemistry issue raining like that. So for me at least right now these two tango. You're talking about broad dinner round playoff time. Are coming back possibly. And then deal goal from their fine. Donate contract whatever I. Figured out get this done and make sure he's here the rest the that's classic but I'm also Brent any spam as I spend the first time. I was ready for him to leave the first time in a trade wasn't like Dallas pro keep in Brent Jennings because you could clearly see he was looking for bigger better things. Which was fine. Houses prerogative I didn't like ignored and many other people but we I get a so we went out follow on bigger better things what of the case was didn't work out maybe the way and he hoped and now he's back in keyboard jacked up. Were Albany get Brandon Jennings on a show laughter there after the game tonight shall see we get out of this got us one go to most of the night. Bledsoe he went all negative or he also a foul trouble. I and he set out about why Janet got to play they started to amity got a black you had six. People. Six people in double figures for the bucks tonight and Jennings let that that second that second unit with sixteen points from our only had six. You see that Jeffords. And player at faked. Again this is the garbage she may play so. I understand that too they realize how bad man this was audited AR. I I knew they were having a bad year but I realized they had lost seventeen in a row and the worst team in the league until like the other night I told OK as a nation when my. Twelve or fourteen point magenta as a twelve or fourteen point he's. Then that one miner and think and I'll man says I'm running missiles take forty shots in the tank. So why I'm up there at the end. What happens consoles flown out silent ball lottery nails I'm like thrown out you know sky I'm slightly guys but again at whatever I don't think. Box when that's on matters Brandon Jennings is topic did you or your thoughts I'm Brad and Jennings then. Hating Jetta does it look bored I guessed it org site that I resided. We came back did I was miles time on. Let's see because your New Year's play well that would decent and Donald ball well but here's why he's in the dearly again that's again really will do respect so let's CLU's and in the fall. You know our time this to our fear. When you would your the first time he had to do everything he did he wasn't ready for everything he thought he was. But he wasn't ready to carried offensive load. If I go you all the way back as McDonald's all American named Greg Monroe was a nagging and he was a highly touted prospect in a game whatever else. We read again Mike maxim myself because threshold nearly a year it was at the Bradley Center console we are all there. We when he comes others can play Erica. And very early you realized heating care about shooting he won the assist record net all he cared about he's making highlight has ever highlight past. And that he was trying to get ISIS' record that's what he was tried he didn't care about scored. So now he comes in the why he never thought okay. Yeah when he that would mean you got to score two we'll then those of 55 not you know we thinks he can do so now here we go. Ed tricky filed with the double edged sword Maine that it was because everybody bush tomorrow I've reasonable more than anybody. And then you couldn't live up to that idea all the way up and there was only one waigel and he came crashing back down to earth after that one but he is capable of getting hot. In getting you going on a second unit with all the respect to the rest of these guys there isn't anybody else on here that can do that to bar I can if every top as a menace limit. Certainly browns never allowed to play long enough to do it. So I'm proud to be starting at 56 and actually. Again OK I'm so excited let's just do this for a 147991254147991250. Or two for. It's got to the Siegel talked Anthony Anthony Europe first on the Milwaukee Bucks they can say post game show it's a man. They're now a lot of on our viewers you're just. I mean. I think he's very he's a great fit right now uttered here backup point guard and you know in our senate so agreed youngster went down as well as far as I'm concerned. Ellie Tony Snow spoke a minute they get slash. Jennings instill in Europe and take those minutes and that it it's usually much better afford but it. It is this year at certain guys and they can chart when the problem in our. I think he seems to EM and it's a one game samples at and it gets you know maybe the worst in the league so you don't. You know correct too much from it but. So that helped a lot of fun to watch and you know I just. I think it's insecure and that he's gonna get signed for the rest of the season idol or that. If you keep flats out of for the rest of the if you continue. To play well obviously the united soccer games quite like this but if you can contribute up eventually distribute that certain units bring that energy. Outside of their next year to figure out you know every I think he can be a piece up bench I really do you does seem like he's humble. And you know like that it is different queried not taken it needs to demand he doesn't have to put a point or two game and I'll pick you expect that. Well he's capable. He's capable of but didn't cut. It's a couple threes and can draw on army and and he's proven he is good passer when he wants he's got great corporate and he makes a flag passes it is far Hitler. Breaks down the defense he could drive. I mean is a great comeback performance or does that help a lot of on the watch this good is bigger factor a lot of foreign. Looking forward I'm happy got a lot of run in the duke. Looking forward to. After the Bradley Center next week and welcome back got back. Peres and it's ninety's night coming up on Saturday night against the hawks a final clocks are thanks for the call. I'm in the new Reynolds or purple and green jerseys preacher Jenks request that you want where at some point. When he came back we had on addiction I'm pretty sure he said he wanted to Wear the purple. There weren't the ones they wore and when he thirteenth. There. And also on the Ray Allen Glenn Robinson months on the absence. Mean you have to me today that manufactures them around as they go I'll I don't know I'm a Superman are they got a global up that are you saying no. I'd I don't know what the fighters as I saw right negating any talent they're hiring managers I don't think had they might have logos everywhere and catcher. If they actually will Wear the jerseys at this point. I think your Canadian children there and I want to god there it is is that is that the first and they had ninety's and the earlier about the logos and all digital divide about ways that performance and they go to that. I may make. So and so does Orlando. Again Brandon Jennings you begin there then home against Atlanta Saturday played for a little bit yeah. And in every former Butler for land up on a matter Atlanta Saturday and home and then showtime. Showtime on national TV actually that's where I wanna see what happens in how what is 'cause already. It's. It's huge. It to popcorn here regale he's got trying to highlight wheeled passes either try to do everything. I wanna see lab and a Cleveland and Orlando and Atlanta. That's nice nobody really cares about those games he is back on the national stage that's what I wanna see happen and outlets throughout the priority in Jennings is now playing what's on a given night and what twenty does again and again. That's the other guy usually your rat I you know higher that are better or let's is gonna react. Because this is the real well. Because you have no truth to it's not your true to. RD anniversary of Arnold so what he played Jennings and Bledsoe went Jennings Randolph for the blood to come off the ball possibly. I don't think any outcry partly delegates that really actively probably will be the west now while world to be small. The interests and our right to 4147991252. Disqualify some and FM the fan. Box at the wind and I want 11103. Jennings two rebounds shy of a triple double tonight back after this much about principles into Firefox and the wind and I want to wanna I wanna I wanna hold three over the Memphis Grizzlies so let's go inside the box and Arnold would get you 4147991250. Heavily that's Brandon Jennings on the hotline or at least that's so my hope is gone Holland right now once Marty answers it. And we'll find out let's see here yeah honest tonight twenty points six boards five our four assists one block six turnovers in seven of fourteen shooting. Middleton not a fourteen to a three from 324 point six boards for says in a steel. John Henson are eleven points seven boards analysis to block shots. Eric Bledsoe 24 minutes six of thirteen from the floor fourteen points five assists six boards two steals and three turnovers Tony snell. For seven from the 447 for 46 from three point range at twelve points forces and couples seals off the bench. Brandon Jennings the story of the night to board China triple double sixteen points. Twelve assists eight rebounds for him in 24 minutes sterling brown 56 from the floor twenty minutes he had ten points. 33 from the floor for Tyler Zeller eight points and six boards Jabari Parker 21 minutes six points and three boards box win once when he won. To won all three speaking up Brandon Jennings let's go inside the locker room now. And hear from Brandon Jennings. This is the Milwaukee Bucks Pickens say post game show. Presented by Blair must change she's frozen. Taste. We're heading into the books locker room here with the players saw on the courts exist is the only station Bucs fans need. 1057 F. I joining us now on the red midwest bank can't live he is Brandon Jennings the star of the nine of course why wouldn't need B this is what Brandon Jennings doesn't big games and I'd have to feel like. You probably felt like it was kind of a big game for Brennan comment in your first game on this ten day contract. If men feel like my rookie year again. You know scout so you know start it at great intersection so. A lot of nerves. But you know I was I was more excited in of the political and grateful. I've already looked ahead on the schedule I don't really care about the next two games if you I'm looking for showtime against the cavs on national TV that's an imam Marty got circled for you. But sixteen points twelve assists eight rebounds. A tell a little bit about how this grading Jennings was different than the Brandon Jennings the last time he was in Milwaukee as far as. Talent surrounding you on this team and you. You know the ability to play within this offense. Yeah and I mean you know what kind of armor. You know compound back healthy from our Achilles injury. And you know I'm just here to help the team the second unit. And you know the public much as possible so you know no ego is no. You know book on another day just for an inning. You know I'm just here just just hope detain. That now hold lasting. Observers while you're always Youngblood Camelot. So you know you aren't gonna said that beg you don't look like you're 55 or something where you could shape the young buck load that act out so forget about Al idea it's a mall. The last time you were here mad at you don't you ask got to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders you're kind of looked at as the savior. All of this team they had to be quite honest and I'm not banging on your former team has put even have probably nearly as much talent around you as you do this time around to where. You can kind of let the offense can't get the assists and let the offense kind of flow a little bit more to yet. It was McNally don't play with Oskar. Even. You know let's so let's so we have good notes and so we have guys has been around for Pettitte. No guarantees in VP caliber arms so now my job is to come off the bench out the second unit pushed the pace. And could have put a lot of pressure on the second unit. How do you see it in to look this locker room in the loses you're the guys. You know I'm really seniors and so you know kind of like a bet so. You know now just north is caught ailment that was caught my interest and try and so whatever I've just. Cook it to my daughter play harder than it. If you play five minutes in the game I'm would be protesters. Hard conditional on say that right now people already talking about getting you signed for the rest of the year man hey so glad to have you back look forward to watching the rest of the way. A basket to win once when he won 103 he had this young buck Brandon Jennings amen thanks for coming up. A regret it take care there is Brandon Jennings I'm great mid West Bank town line. You're looking for a simple and convenient pre approval process for your new home construction or renovation loan called great midwest bank. Today committed to providing uniquely tailored common sense mortgage products since 1935. All right want to order 1103 bucks over the grizzlies tonight to Brandon Jennings bear. You there you call you talk about that guy we just talked to Brandon Jennings on the Auerbach is like 7991250. And you are the young buck may guess luck. We are now again be on the demanding UN SA news I'm excited it's a deal. Robin yeah out was always the key to this day. When Maynard is rubbing out the kid running right at ease and grown ass man that kid robbing out right. Species sees more than grown so he's he's getting pretty old so he's young but yet he skipped a player cut which I better see again. And he's box and six which have got a life of its all that I never thought would last pass that series when he said that. It's it is data still hash tag box and six that's just a thing you just kind of what that. That all right back now to our policymakers and it was box and six everybody's saying the same thing. So all of that sole what do you in my they don't like him he's that we made a mark on this franchise in a short time that he was here and now he gets a comeback. And kind of have an on court in a little bit different role and help this team did a better seed in the playoffs really helped propel this team going forward and like he said. He's got an all star not only on his gal blood so he's got Middleton he's got Jabari install and run off the bench a whole lot of talent to play with now and has sent other teams said he had him. He's just just one likeness everything was on him now he gets to be that other guy he gets to be the guy that. Is the vet all again and sets up for everybody else and events eventual is probably his best fit if you'll. Well I don't. Well I'll. I don't know I'm gonna wait and hold my judgment. I'm this I'm telling you right Bonnie what's gonna happen and and we don't know what's up at Delhi we don't I don't care he's not I'm not playing Delhi I don't care if he's healthy or not you watch. I I for me right now if you watched him tonight Brandon Jennings run the office and Hugh Grant pretty darn good so far is getting mill lane finding open guys. Megan right passes he had one really don't pass and now the other and he slammed the ball lucky he's mad and suffered making a stupid past. Well for the most part. He played pretty Smart basketball. And was fining guys in rhythm when he was supposed to let's and that's what he does right but he just these guys to rally in a practicing for three months and he's figuring him out. He's he's got plenty of natural talent there's a question about they'll question you mentioned penetration and all that that's something that daily struggles with. And I mean he didn't get it but he struggles to finish and make your decision out of that where I think Brandon Jennings excels. I'm tell you right now you've been using your need you've I think he's a better passer than their bullets. Here I would say yes I don't I just think he and I think he's better run in the softened some blood Solis now might be a little more careful with all's well. For sure yeah. Once he drives me crazy sometimes with his turnovers but I I just I think that's part of itself. We'll see how this whole thing plays out right where it's in Russia messing Johnson in North Carolina gets here let's head up the homey just in North Carolina your next let's amend. You know without guys that inspired the record about those sneakers so I would argue it out so we got back out in Cary, North Carolina. They had been dark suit filed balancing all ought to everybody got into a hypocrite is that your man. They yet play off color and everything but I'm excited. Got to listen to radio head back that day it was young money young buck angle from the effort by. And we have it back to talk about what Kenny brings right didn't. Court is in is. Only you know be passer like human look at McDonald all target the fact that you are looking guy in a magnet and rocket come. Rocket won't have political running one he could beat it who want a second team. And god forbid if we get into game where got a that it is struggling and you have some doubt that picnic content. At all. If you let this problem so much about in part. He makes other guys aren't too bad I don't want to gain and against the that this group we put some you gotta get a play the that would again. Because you know if we lost that game we've been kind of our Milwaukee. He made and sent back his camp that this was the recorder packed and it's recorder court packed. And support stop you isn't it don't you could get more confidence in the cook got even better and better to be president when you can't. Chris little been set up. In the corner the whole package for the quarter wraparound pass that. The only a couple of guys aren't seen in the NBA in economics from the pack that bright and it could be wonderful with our previous coach they want it in the other two are all right. So. Where do we go from here. I don't know all but I'll take this much. If he doesn't play twenty minutes a night going forward I've something's wrong I'm gonna be map hello Tanya right now. I'm not going to be a happy camper on the show if he's playing lessons one minutes tonight for anybody. And keep in mind spark I think what he's going to do he's going to put let go quite that good blood but not. But no adult and brought it. Gelding is good and what he does he know that that stuff and brought it in the a great back at it could. Basketball player but it up but they don't put like. But Brendan got the brain that can steal it that. And that's what we need we need at competitive atmosphere that would hit with pop we need competitive atmosphere got the topic. So I think we have something here. I you know an attempt crazy my arm didn't get. Into the birds are they could get I would look at. Bomb maker hasn't played in three games. He got any garbage time. All the things a little weird night and I hopefully with this Sparky and and also go Portland travelers who want to beat technique I believe you would get smacked. I. We're gaining kind of played a little bit log out I would selflessly whole and that's about it. I summoned when Johnson was a game and an Aggie and I got in my car here. They came in any immediately delete got hot out in my card on OK I've seen enough let's go back to what was working must play a hot and the rest of the way out. Any guarantee you left him in there but that's that's OK am I I get front is DO he's starting to put the starter back to news that foul trouble all night I get a but yeah I'm with you but best. Because I'm sensitive to see brown I wanted to sudden bout can't act as one inspector but what great date view. Keep playing well and it could figure into acting like it's satellite parking meter take you to that he wouldn't want getting competent you get to Cleveland and ready to Paula. Until some space for on the system. Do you what else is going to be a big difference there. You. You listening right now you're going to be a big difference in Renton insist. And the tell you why you're a big difference in brain Jennings coming up next the box get the win over the Memphis Grizzlies we had some news now forever who who is on hold forever. We got Jules seltzer penalties and jolt now. Jaws outside his hold on we'll get you coming up next I apologize I know. Meaning anchor a jacked up that ball gets you got an obnoxious you wobble board feel free 414. 7991250. Brandon Jennings talked to what he did tonight and how you wanna see him he's going forward this bucks team. I'm kind of extent once when he won one of three box. Apple as well as just read alum frank Danks was speaking with the media post game Eric Bledsoe interjected you could get the last two rebounds smiles and chuckles. All around. Bucks the grizzlies tonight 11121. All three. Leading the way Chris Middleton with 24 point six boards four assists nine a fourteen shooting to a three from three. For four from the line story of the night to branding Jennings who joined us earlier in the post game show sixteen points twelve assists eight boards just to turn overs. I'm 59 shooting three of six from 333 from the line. In 24 minutes magnet. All of that in 24 minutes. Let's see what shot of the game is tonight I believe it is Brandon Jennings person. Full screen Brandon Jennings just keeps coming because there's no defenders deaf enough to stop the penetration. To the NBA. The second. I'm prism I think Pascual jacked up to to have him back I know I you could hear intend davis' voice and he was excited after he was hitting shot after shot he unit three's I mean you do is new. That everybody was ill jacked up that watching that action I I caught the radio broadcasts a little bit when when Jennings checked in and think the whistle before. Ted thought it was it was actually Jabari but he thought it was Brandon Jennings because of the the number and obstructed view that he's Marlins are denying get up and up so happy like you could tell he was a little you know dreaded Al little jumpy there yeah. Sell just wish I could have been at home. Dollar if you would have this performances first game back and pat Geary in that game tonight would have been in Milwaukee yet would have married trial would have been knots. So just hopefully he puts on a nice shell on Saturday against Atlanta amount at 5 o'clock start ninety's night before that he had Orlando. I'm in Orlando on Wednesday John hammonds team. In Orlando Magic. OK Salinger shot of the game or two phones or go 4147991232. To sell qualify seven FM the fan where to match. Go to the south side and check it would jolt julliard next on the Milwaukee Bucks. We can say post game show thanks Roy man what's up. It is yet that laws you. I think the ducks are lucky. That he is. It's when you don't say who was the best players years ago. He was that doesn't get enough that you. MBA you'll see guys who are the best player this changed by it. That get him out so you give up to you should be either very badly. I mean you're doubt now political orders contributors you know Kevin I'm going to guys who were the best player of the action news. Other contributors so it is seen. I agree that he knew that they don't mean this is working daily really offers news. Being. Kicked after an against slate. I mean to me you know he's obviously his favorite wherever you buy. He doesn't need we played can you go forward until we built KE. Something that you get such and what are the sirens. Referenced the brewers I think more can keep looks a lot. You to listen to market cents in the last few key injuries and no it is. You imperialists secretly. Well we get that one actually cute people and so it is more Iraqis translate. I think rich and his partner and hearing these guys they're really they're really get Mediterranean. Is somewhat Spartan you're outward into them the posted. Very sheriff thanks slides for the call. He. He's today and they about it now mold obviously but growing up Kevin McLaughlin and passed key. That was awesome. Having you very huge for a long time and and all the different radio as a rotating around with you Kirk. That it was an awesome ride at two. Going all the back to the Packers. Back in the day before Laramie. To have Max McGee I'm back in Indiana called Jim or when those guys are true homers like asking McLaughlin even more homers the past McLaughlin worked. I'm back on the radio is just really are blast and you just hope that. I'm Hussein has from my my standpoint as a fan I know some fans prefer this way I don't. I just hope that adverse telecast it doesn't end up being cookie cutter play by play guys next to each other talking to each other for fault. I hope they figure out a way to get a personality in there. A former player that has some type a personality. I can entertain with stories and so forth throughout the game. That is not dole put me to sleep radio. If baseball really uses radio type deal born and it is TV I think we look back at history and it. Radio box are covered for as long as Ted Davis wants to do so I'll worry about that I'm where he has amongst the best on. On football sizable and site that matter. And now on TV side yourself for the verse for as long as Ryan Anderson wants to be here are spoiled the most part playing a player wise. And analysts lies in the state Wisconsin and it is a great point our where to next match. Let's head out to Phoenix and talked to just sign up here and actually Milwaukee Bucks pick it's a post game show it's up man. Or if I don't I'm gonna. You'd like deleted the witness and what just happened. And I can't believe it penetrate because Greg Jennings obviously you don't. Open for me I'm really excited that it and they contract but it'll be able to give us obviously he has now. He get the spark that welcome Barack and we mr. Brockman gone now obviously we haven't had that are about the bands they'll be giving it to us. We tried in the gate interrogated but. Is there a manipulative personal. Obviously in a big belly I mean it out and they don't know obviously gonna happen and I'm very home. Mean what a great night and go about bought with that young buck Pacman. Hear that your baby but still. Thanks for at all. A Mormon issue east. And a fun and appreciate their claws. Warned proprietary she's too passionate warm night and still mad about that if your way to win tweeting that utterly initial and rewarding and I thought about it. Actually tweeted out I'm like ten. I tackles this is crazy like everyone so happy office. Remember everyone's been so depressed I mean about a man who played very well I guess it would see this is why I. I'm the big shell was getting frustrated with this whole thing. Because you walked Belinelli. All thanks ershad who apparently still live here. They have sees it and go up go to Philly to life and that want player out break your heart to write what city you're getting better. The Bucs are doing so one player after another are all going to different places right guys again picked up off a buyout. Meanwhile Bogut stills and their bodily and nobody think about it he still there still need a bigger bite watching out. Ballot that adult. Jennings on the other hand you pick up deported you. How long we want this play out because of some salesman to sign him if let's just say it. He got picked up by Philly well on a ten day when dad got the first when our guys out of Los my mind. Would have lost my mind so thankfully he's here again we're Iranian perspective it's one game a cycle craze that mood in the to depart fort night. I kind of heals like that by the middle of that we were everybody's just super jacked ball they just saw. And you're right. Been whilst I've smiled on the book yeah I mean it's it's been a rough couple weeks here it has been an and we said. Part of the last game on a stretcher you should win these next games up into the cabs and so do which are supposed to do. And then you get the cavs and and see what happens on next money. Yeah ma'am. Them. Greening grown he had played that's not back in the day. So like here and that aren't will get to us smarter call everybody else shall hear from Joseph prior to a secondary woeful bucks over the grizzlies once 111 altered before we do that. Let's go check out the chili's and BB of the game I know you're stumped us stumped you don't know who is gonna be it's tough call tonight. Let's hear the joys and the ideas. Eight bucks fans let's get tonight's Chile's MVP. Be the first to notice standout player tomorrow morning at 835 during juggling clerk to win free food for Chile's. Chile's famous for burgers ribs fajitas and more. Margarito us. Judge got me beat up the game. Jason Terry eight minutes in the half chalk it. A ver headed your headaches 24 minutes five of nine from the floor three of six from three point range through three from the line sixteen points twelve assists eight boards. And two turnovers Brandon Jennings or chili's and DB from that perspective. There's more pressure on Jason Terry anymore because what's the hottest couple weeks he had to be the they outside Jabari. You got out to be the guy coming up in big threes adding energy off the bench should be and I got right moving the ball yeah that's that's that's what he's done. Now you Roger things you'll clicking continue to do that again. Jenny is not have to score to be have a huge impact on this game he just doesn't you provide other things. And that's what Jack like about Daryn that's when he is scoring unique huge boost this basketball team. Once 1112 all three market busting examples in shall presented to you Bob Cole Hamels kid crawled and Jay's picks up I solitude. A I. Folks I packed up and charities. This is truly the 01057. FM am no fan. Tight so the box. Grizzlies bucks get the win 121 to 103 this is cool. Defense they'll play of the game here it came late in this line. John Henson provides island on fox sports Wisconsin. He can you really funny at times is marked as Johnson Jim passed yet to call their. Fox sports was gods are defensive play of the game are I don't. I'm dreading has the lets you have a big Marco Nash bail us he was a big Marco. Look what's bragged gotten back. Through our new red river we've only a matter of time. Mean of course Porsche you're desperate battle I'm telling you what you can't argue well he played. Among them best team would imploding and all I could think of why we're listening to salute my heard Brandon Zemin come off the bench. Nor is it might have been written in your car crash injured on the way to get an element outlook. I would. All up by about troop what do you everything get the first thought I was staring at my lip and I'm going at bat let's don't we don't let's tell you about a. Now duke and yeah how we allow party guy how are tied Greg bark. I'm not done and we know what Jennings who student about properly respond to your older. Our guys point two yards more mature wood identical teams. I'm musically. I mean different weapons are actually doing in 2001. Women went by Anthony Goldwire. I don't go buy stock. If you need a quick turn I thought we were you know we're gonna. Layers sparkles are to be positive do you big bark he builds you up in the Tokyo may outright trying to push your world was I ask you got your thought it was fun it was college of that mark I got a problem with a bit some Dicey drive you crazy united that would be done. Tonight he was trying to be funny in. Yeah I cannot wait to hear chuck Freeman tomorrow morning. I'm really can't. I don't know bar's gonna say about I'd chuck is what I really want to hear. Jihad is really. The law and I want to hear dialogue graduates that I'd they chuck Kabila Fred I did Chaka doing big market. I think chuck is just gonna pull and a everybody down that's what I think is gonna happen action hero and tomorrow on the big show. I don't know what's gonna happen every time I get excited cement a big show about something happening Rami it's tends to just. Punch me all the ball five times to make sure I hate the world but for a leave so I'm really not allowed to be all that happy on that show. So what will see if anybody allows me to have fun in my on the big show our ports are nicer. Let's go to the south side tech in the Jacob your next let's amend. They would sub guys Sparky. I'd like lose my mind here like I'm did I go to a time machine has. I don't know if you remember back in the eighth vote lake I used to be a Mets squad 61 Bogut added yeah and I have you with big Marcos what happened. All pirate. Deletes I remember you guys act would call a boat you still something idiotic like a really. Knew that yup and it I would call in and call them out for being an idiot right is fast and at. Privacy in the big Marco right part of the of the. And I'm like man in my job formulating what Alan Cohen. Yup Brandon Jennings is back you're back followed big Markel everything's right of the world again. I'd like he's dated date bark in six that's all I gotta say to start. Secondly. Watching Jenny I mean it. Granted I had a really good feeling about it. And I heard that the books are bringing him back and you it was a different if you leak they do eventually is gonna be with the squad given their injury at point guard. But I had a feeling that you know going to China. Listening to the way he talks in the way that he talks a wanted to settle into a role as a veteran mentor. Mike you don't want maybe he's finally settled into the fuel and which is just got back point guard. Stretch the floor comment to make plays which the book's neat right now. And sure enough for. For a glimpse that we have a meeting with amazing that I now granite mapping and the guy's gonna go out with a triple double every night but. I mean I'm a box let me be to try to not only guarantee him rather see them but. Maybe try to get them on the cheap for next year. Watching Bledsoe played and it's something nice suspected from the moment we treated or is yet the guys that talented player. But I don't think he's a great fit for the core. He loved shooting the ball a lot and if there's one thing that currently not a basketball fan it's watching somebody who thinks there sugar when they're not actually shooter. And that's what's so to see. The the ball movement which is so much better with a guy like Janine and tonight. And Bledsoe is a point guard to need really in name only meaning as much of a point guard and Monta Ellis point guard. I'm I'm ready to move on from Bledsoe in the off season made weakened. They I don't care but. I'd be more than happy going to the next year we it. Brockton and Janine that I get stale because we're stuck with him at a point guard moved import export. Thanks for the call on. Yak luckily it's. Let's get a farm ourselves here and get too far out of fraud as far as bulletin goes well. I don't think Bledsoe as part of a championship victory either I said that from the beginning and I change my opinion on that he's now. Can he be a fourth guy yeah he's emea fourth for sure you know three big guys and then he's cabinet that other player. I can I can see that I can get down that home. Trading was so this offseason could happen yeah I think it's possible trading Middleton has offseason I think that's possible. I think all that it is possible because melting and opt out after next year Bledsoe is a free agent after next year and so if you wanna get. Something for him you can drink blood on Anna and expiring deal. They are reaching another look and get and expiring contract from the economic and almost promise you that and then. On top of that he's decent player you know the rest will team a little bit too if you have a younger point Carter ordered the case may be. I'm sock I had did you look up all year did you not get chancellor I lawyer. I saw Eric Bledsoe on December 22 at Texas that's that it was a winning its. And before an adult and all that night he had nine I was in January and Dallas is a result. We have won a legal one that we know what a double digit assists lets us got a bunch of 89 since then but. Go to insult and nobody had one double digit assist total afforded for the entire campaign. And black and black. Jennings had twelve and twenty format. Off the bench and whatnot. He was on foul trouble like let's. On. A USS numbers for Brandon Jennings back when he was playing a lot. So if you go back to when his playing thirty minutes with the pistons in 2013 of the last time the average over thirty minutes and 34 minutes. He averaged seven and a half assists a game. The next year he had 28 and a half minutes he averaged six and a half assists a game. Back in his box time in 2012 as last year 36 minutes average six and a half assists per game. If three years there Rios average about six and a half to seven half assists per game now and after that. I don't want dot hill Achilles injury and he was kind of number disciplinarian he says he's finally healthy again. A fanatic Chile's entry souls who happens he definitely has ability and we talked about earlier he's definitely a better pure passer I think ought minera let's. Delhi had ten on New Year's Day the lost. Art. That would be your last one we have to double digit gains of four. Since. The season to now Jennings a theory amiga bragging here in right. From my perspective gives you an idea of where to go here going for I did wonders for the rest we just signers of the year contract cannot move. Thought I doubt it will happen because a grant their roster spot they do that so I'm interested cellist plays out where to next match. Let's go to Newberry and talk to will earlier next on the Milwaukee Bucks think it's a post game show it's a man. They got an equal amount excellently. OK very good win or those are both happy with the will they be addition Brandon Jennings that definitely. Other than what they have on on the bench and that's important I think he will be a key contributor but. What does that mean that we got to remember we clicked and I'm not trying to be a Debbie downer. I've been. Either of them at night I pattern here earlier I does. I have been slow down on the label books have been played on the front nobody in my toward deputy. Friday when Nick Saban nick and and it didn't disappoint how do they won their game was to be an HE at this point he's not that point the appointment with that I don't wanna. On the grateful that I'm now and again Brandon Jennings the IRQ you mentioned it that would it out where. If you. Or that I the parking social are. That's doubly impressive and again I think he will be a key contributor and what what does excite both I will say there's one Broderick back. But it will be working somewhat about now while sparking a huge kick on to. You'd think pro PD should maybe. Balanced lineup a little bit different than what I mean by that is. I'm not vote might talk a problem with the gamble to bring up but what about bringing opt regional cannot oblige because you look at the books that might say that because I would like these Jabari Parker. Obviously. You know the charter ultimately awarded to double greens Mittal not mentioning. Contrast the bench and again I understand that might. That may or may not crop from the chemistry issues. Only look at the box I do feel that their bench I'm pushing prior to that the signing journey is is there in the weeks full. Do you think movies maybe that'll let you get from pop off the benefit them a couple of playoffs. I'll say this is that this is surviving thanks for the call on. I and so as varsity and I only to Barney has played very well together. And that is an issue. I think it's going to be an issue going forward. Whatever the reason I just won their own accord together I just don't think the offense works very well most of the time. And I don't. I really thought it was Jabbar Middleton and yanish was the issue and always seem to Bargnani is on the forty gather without Middleton and it's still to me just. Dot doesn't work as well. And maybe I'm reading it wrong and maybe Marcus Johnson or Steve Novak and want to rest well our. And there's and I'll tell me I'm crazy it just doesn't seem to war. So. Jabari being on a separate unit from the honest. And Jabari being with sterling brown Brandon Jennings and whoever else may be out there while gas is resting. I'm Fila our revenue issue with that as long as Jabari doesn't have been a huge issue winning trade problems I'm file that go on forward mouth. He's not gonna come off the bench rest of his career he's in a starter in this league as is Chris Melton either one of those guys who you've antlers soul. And you're had to put up or shut up money wisely Jabbar Parker again in the year. If you wanna keep Jabbar and if you don't he walks on it is what it is in your graft and locked his dad dude can flat out score. Without question in clouds or perish when I in his career as long as he says healthy that's who he has in if your convoy watching him walk away did you think you can do better. And then let's see you go to better than I we're tuna. Go to the north side check military beyond trading on you're up next on the Milwaukee Bucks pick and say post game show it's up. Yeah it was a nice. I am not much I would like to game today wanna open or they collect new technology that any Ginny good majority out there saying. Talking about. Like it as being in the like how much comedy it will portable launch we actually look a lot competent today and that competent that I know I'm glad that the whatever I'm not just one hop on the energy and lagging yet just like well you know we should book you know. Sometimes they beat duke they do that the quantity that Martin strategies. Have a common that some on electricity. And once they start to speak at the and he knows that that that's as well and he's been consistent and hop on an addiction to anything like are you ready duties because I think eight kinda brings like a competition between Eric Bledsoe and branding Cheney. Maybe it may. Have aired like to build a better at a point guard you know kind of which it'll put some pressure on the they are pushed. Our days off for the culture of god and the competition aspect of this is giving a full board this is only competition if blood to lose its time and and again forget that it's a competition. But if no matter what happens earlier in the game and what happen is happening as the game comes to the end like tonight for instance which it clearly was the better player. And he still got pulled him first intending count rectal yet it. What abide in the air he's proud display hot hand. That it's a definite competition normalcy lap what's it doesn't look at a got attending concerts competitions are. He's trying to can be for the bottom of the roster right now he's not competing for blood shall start and please evolves or buts about Tyler yet have Alaska's earlier tweeted Brandon Jennings and get expected to played nearly 24 minutes he did tonight quote out of real tired I. Tell blood don't file stop following how tired. As a Brandon Jennings. As valid credit Jennings tired I'd get noisy Brandon Jennings fresh and I'm very anxious. He never did like what 37. Minutes a day you were shall be stupid like that learn. Absence. Event and tired I almost seemed fresh as he looked fresh to me when he was out there. I'll cheer from Bucs head coach to open. This is the Milwaukee Bucks they can save post game show let's hear from the Bucs head. Who choose cornered sponsored by Schneider for over eighty years they've been offering great careers with a great benefits and more home time. Visit Schneider jobs dot com. Or call 1844. For. This is the only station Bucs fans and each 1057 as someone else. I'm scared but tech coach Joseph Friday after the game on fox sports with Scott. Get him and Brandon you think committee before the trip with the united we want and more. It now that I refuse to die he was very good tonight obviously. You know to twelve assists for great we have 33 is a team. Like the ball movement like the way that as a group. We shared it push the ball but overall really positive night for him a lot of things were really good. Instantly hugely comfortable they are you know how half hearted person they just coming back into the NBA for the first time since native. Well again that gets back to the value of did you see it you know you come back there's there's a feel for the game in terms of its not like he hasn't been playing obviously he's been playing this year but. You come back to get a feeling get a feel for the system. And that's the value you know again Jordan Brady's done a nice job of bringing in men and implementing what I heard. The team is you know we do similar things so it helps him in that regard but he's also an extremely talented player and had a nice day of practice yesterday and so if it paid off tonight. Those with the ms. Brennan was able to give you guys they're allowing yeah honest and I play as many minutes has been a long time answers he's only played 27. How good is there to be able to have a got a can command and still keep things going when youngest is not in the game. The big part is that. He and Blair both had foul trouble so both men up with three then eventually four at pebble and ultimately five but the point is. During the meeting the game they both have three Brennan's able to go out there and continue to run the team as you know defensively B solid. Offensively run the team is again we talked about the twelve assists. But then that is need to be in the fourth and third and fourth quarters you did a real nice job was to keep just kept a stable. Executing offense. So with those guys in foul trouble he became even more important. Now by Chris was very efficient throughout the game is stable and did you guys I'm. Playing as consistent as asthma tonight. Chris was really good you know in the first quarter pattern pattern really got hit it in a couple of stretches had it gone really well. That's how we did a nice job of playing tomb you know bled and Brandon really run in the plays tank get him shots. You guys doing a nice job finding him. You know you asked earlier about the different players the one thing that I would say is there were several contributions huckster you know so Chris obviously played very well shot the ball well thought sterling had another very good night he's continued to play well. John Henson had a huge block with a bow. 4154. In little over four minutes ago gets the bloc leads to a break that's a big play for self. Again we can you know Tyler thought did a nice job this hole is a handful down there and I really felt like there were a lot of people that contributed and again defensively and offensively. Are there he is Joseph prime G on fox sports Wisconsin after the game got mega your X-Factor rabbit up Bucs get away and ten night Brad and Jennings just two rebounds shy of the troubled. There's always something unexpected big changes that gave you but here's tonight's expect bureau of the gay human. Brought you might try to Stratton college athletics offering athletic scholarships and six junior college sports. More at BC has bobcats dot com. What sort of 1103 bucks over the grizzlies tonight axe back after the game we've been dog a bottom Brandon Jennings. Sixteen points twelve assists eight boards in his returning just 24 minutes he missed that interview. It'll be up at fan and a man brought to a doubles do GMC. In Greenfield checking out 1057 FM the fan and dot com and document there plays. Tomorrow morning as well that'll do it to them lucky most examples to show earlier I said. How you. We'll be deciding factor in this duo of Brandon Jennings. Do realize that there was the way the water in the first time there was the weight of the world I'm in Detroit when he went very had a Achilles injury. There's been no expectations on him since. You provide a lot to Brad and Jennings that you have to say Jason Terry since he's been here. That energy that confidence really build a person can really get that swagger going again for young buck as we like to call mine Jennings. You play a big role on this one as you're out there the Verizon and cheering on Milwaukee Bucks provides an energy for that second unit you provide energy. He can help provide the show Jabari Parker and stone brown. Plus win once 111 Alter my thanks to Marty to mayor Mitch enjoy the rest of the and I'll talk to him Allah too and what he's big shell. And we're gonna talk about the NBA two K Lee can gaming. In Milwaukee Bucks at 535 tomorrow. On the itself journals.