Bucks get in the win column, 116-92

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Saturday, April 21st
04/20/18: BOS 92, MIL 116 - The Milwaukee Bucks Pick 'n Save Post Game Show presented by Palermo's King Cheese frozen pizza. Sparky celebrates a the Bucks' first (and hopefully not last) playoff win of the season. Hear from WSSP insider Gery Woelfel, Coach Prunty, Giannis, Middleton, Thon...and Aaron Rodgers.

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Steve is so. Here for the players yeah. Coach 48 minutes you. You've got to be ready to play whenever your number's called. This is the Milwaukee Bucks big kick save post game you know presented by the lawyer most king sees frozen pizza no tears you Sparky flavor on 1057. FA a month. The fan. Firefox fans. Not. Enough real and should not aware of the play celebration leaving a big bats. That's going to have to happen tonight and I don't see any way how we get away. For blindness on that we've fly after bugs victories big bucks victory real light every game we play. After games which in all our big wins and tonight classifies as guides him a pretty firm. Wheelchair. Sixty. Milwaukee's. And felt. Possibly the series now. Word about the rest of the NBA the wizards get there from against Toronto tonight that there's now two. Doing seventeen point. Lately. India now. Idiotic it was back in beads LeBron James that series is now 21 Indiana. So the Eastern Conference playoffs. Each other esteemed for sure. Law after a heavy night of basketball here on a Friday night. I don't even know where to start is Bucs game I am. Aussies stunned. Necessarily give I've said that I thought they were they're gonna win. The game. This we can it was gonna have to be tonight. And ensue and out. Sunday night looking UN Sunday. This is a series and go back to Boston with three to go to best of three at that point to a loss of one of walking and see what happens so the next biggest game ever is Sunday. Against the Celtics. The thing is tonight then make you all and like. Jabar Parker out and play much at all this entire series. Plays thirty minutes tonight after coming out in the media. I am saying all being up front you have Indiana's good side he goes seven at 1217 points five boards double assists a block our steel and two blocks. Bledsoe running is mild about rosier. He comes back ever having being heavily criticized in the national media goes eight of thirteen. Seventeen points four boards for assess. Now again. If ordered to hold you both those things could happen at the beginning of this series you said. Sure I believe that Jabbar eagle 175 game. I absolutely believe Bledsoe can go 174 or form a game ball issue and I am buying into that Sparky. Middleton 23 points eight boards seven assists tennis seventeen shooting 36 from three and buy into that right. Yeah Imus got in foul trouble late in the fourth but nineteen point six assists five boards who steals two blocks. Some Niger organized a boil one night good night for your honest there really was he actually had help bulls leading up to be taking a hundred chat. It. So odd maker. GA out here with not make you got to be Q. And he knew he would bomb maker. On who were in the war world has this been all season what her. I think the Jewish thought in my. The guy everybody was expecting to see during the in the regular season that so we thought we're see that. You're employed all of the indices and heat watching Zeller and symbol. Flying at all. So hectic air flight tonight so. I swear to god I was at home Don Baker came into get a device that old Noelle. That is a lot eyes set outlook while I is that all know all these boys of Boston are big they could eat him up. They didn't even try I know like I. That was. Coaching blunder I like I don't. For the life of me I don't understand what they're doing Malvern Brad Stevens a world he's screwed I I think Burris now again I about a coach. Never laid out Brad Stevens that. When that game and I thought noble a year ago mrs. B three quick files on bomb makers they just drop the ball on opposing him in a foul trouble on a ghost. They didn't do that they want to stay active and he had one heck of a game. We don't do Chile's MB beating negative no show tomorrow morning for Judd uncle but he's in my chilis and they beat tonight and what beat. Thought the maker would be your Chile's MBB we have Jacqueline Goler showed ma fourteen points five boards. I thought he had six blocks lesbian bars courses by Abbas swore he adds I know we have five at the half if fire and how I'm pretty sure he wants and have to he must I've gotten credit for but. That was an unbelievable game three of four from 357. Maligned. Just. To me. That was amazing. 57%. From the field even that meet that's on fire frank and be 1857%. But remember they shot 59% of game want and still got walloped. The Boston on the other hand they were a disaster tonight. Sixteen turnovers they couldn't shoot their way on anything to save their life they'll rebound in the box by eat but didn't shoot the ball well at all. For 40%. And they were eight they they had you're going to get the 40% they were what two of nineteen in the first quarter Celtics were just awful tonight. But I think part of that is due to your Milwaukee Bucks. Jason Terry said Thursday night last night would bill Michaels and Siebel by terminology about possible hour. Did they had to make sure Boston knew they were playing examine this series and they're writing more physical they had a make sure that they knew. Then that they were and let a dog fight essentially. Parents say number I myself. Okay yeah that's how good the can you actually. Make this happen for four quarters can you actually follow through. How what Jason Terry sank. They did. Did it work as physical as I've seen them all yearlong. And the difference between this game ending gave a widget blood Toronto last year. With anywhere implanted helter skelter stupid defense. So from that aspect of energy aspect I don't worry about it draining him for two or three games like they did last in the play. And that dominant performance or did against Iran. So don't worry about that. Can you be this physical. Every game. The rest of the series. That really to me is going to be the key. If you are this physical the rest of the series. You'll have a chance to maybe win this series what can you play at that level for four quarters gaining game Al. For the rest of the series. And the Mandela and I were talking. Before game time I I told and that hasn't it I'm bigger blaze like this every game going full. They can get tough team to beat. If you get games like this from the resident on and you play physical now again it's one game. We saw them kill Toronto blaster in the playoffs and then they weren't the same after that the very yet. So I don't wanna get overly worked up. But this T career is not routinely Solder in the year that alma physical team all year czar hasn't done this all year. There's just a lot of pride of first. In this game as a box energy sought a night the relevancy. So eight it's hard by AM. But hey. What does a win got to be happy with a win 11692. Boxed over the Boston Celtics 41479912. Fit between to sell 157 FM. And I know there are a lot of people and only in the Bryce and let's get to. Well I just wanna point out well. I just wanna point out this dude called with more than six minutes left in the game big mark ready to go yet it's big mark on those are really good guest big Marco you're around fans. What are. The law little. Bite we YE. Turkey for women were underperforming. Could've never done about. That. Little right now we need to start thinking about. Stopping lighting up albeit playoff appearance of how you guys hoping one dark. You can we become a graduate in the dark blue route one personally believe in old clout. Are we gonna believe it added that the leader. How we get a winning culture to manufacture. The winning culture you're in Milwaukee and in the Grand Prix hoping. It's dark by not telling your way up that notebook or what you wanted to homered to go to law we meet at met. No need to manufacture. Our play our outlook about embedded value to. So basically. You know. Championship run up in the dark game like that we're don't think it would ever happen there would ever agree that we could dumb that you wanted to whoop him. Felt. Sentinel that an alcoholic couldn't out of it WW liquid. That all of these players out I don't maybe big Al. Rattled at all what you. Don't it won't be heard about it. And got up and did all. Of you and all of that. We are confident now while we are confident we can put and Milwaukee. I'd like Milwaukee you'd Travelle Wharton bought all meet you wouldn't hurt America could be able able. I wish I don't want to be sitting at park where. Yeah that would be. Remarkably I don't tell him what are adults and I don't look at some of it I think that tomorrow where a lot of that they can do that it's going to compete. In the NBA. Dot com and hit. And you know let it hold out and I didn't. Go to that limit what about it. All right sounds good thanks are called it Marco. Keep. OK what do I start OK first off thank you for being Bosnia Sunday Margo I do appreciate it called from Nashville Tennessee. Look I am not. McNamee negative guy the negative Nancy or nothing like that in years should be proud your bucks team in nine convey today. Played as well as are gonna probably polite edited there was. A very very impressive fourth quarter performance not three quarter performance not a two quarter performance. They've played well for virtually all four quarters. And that has been a knock on this team pretty much all year long. They play hard for two quarters and then they disappear for two before they play hard for three units one quarter they don't play art is a reason why they lose a basketball game. That's kind of how it's been all season for this team really the last couple of seasons for this team. Tonight they put together for four quarters the challenge now is can they do began. Challenges for those of you gotta tickets for Sunday can you matched the greatness. That was that crowd tonight to browse sent. Kids Sunday's crowd matching the energy and the intensity. From the crowd that was their tonight at the Bradley Center. Eight plus. For me for the crowd tonight the Verizon that was really impressed by Anthony Mandela worked him. Well. How about we swing over to oh creaking check in with Chris Chris unlucky but didn't say post game show. We're etc. I don't. And I don't yeah how can how can also endorse soul good to quote terrible and make. The box look we're terrible I don't know were amazing. Well I mean you shot the ball well but you shot the ball well in the first game I really think part of what happened wise. The physical malady of the game I think stunned Boston a little bit and they couldn't figure out how to overcome that. Plus the crowd got into a plus they weren't hitting their shots it really threw them for a loop now I'm Sunday they'll be expecting it a little bit more and we'll see how they react. I hysteria but I just I still like I am so confused because like will we weren't quite. Often welcomed me in our leader and thoughtful just. Same thing that happened against rafter last year the Bucs had one great game and then they went back to being the box after that. I'm just saying look it's the playoffs you're gonna have these Sadler games. They should've won game one dress that bought should've won game one reason why do okay are they should be up to one right now and that is obviously is in the case you're instead. Down 21 and George colleges to say it's not a serious to somebody wins on the road. I sell right now and always one on the road yet so we'll see what happens on Sunday thanks a lot for the call protect. Since that is part of what happened here. The crowd you guys were huge part of the physical reality that the balks played with the intensity they played way. But I do and now I let us out boss has a sustained the first five to seven minutes of the score if they do that they're still in it. This is going to be a game. And there or at. Ten Paul points down whenever it was with a box never let a Mac unit they never got off their throat and that's something for his Bucs teams this year have done. Clinton tonight of seventy squandered it wants it to the pacers it happens in the NBA and that was. Super impressive for me by the book they never let him off they just kept pounding on all night long. Yet. And the bugs play with a global forensic quality again on Sunday ninety neighboring and again on Tuesday many gain in game six and again in game seven. If it goes that long. And you play like this the rest of the series meant if you win this series you play like that then next series because. Physical. You did the media and yourself as much as you lay out a beating on somebody else he you're also gonna feel tomorrow would when they wake up the ball slick up the feeling just like Boston. Al they get some boss and I held the boss and was ready for the level does accounting that walks came out with tonight because they haven't noticed the very physical basketball team they really haven't. End date took it upon themselves you have tried to credit do you give. The leaders on his basketball team credit I don't know. But I do know it was very impressed what I saw tonight are mr. Mandela were two head over to wallet toes and check in with them mommy what's up demonic. Now we're prelate was. Sparky got it right. You have to be optimistic. Got to put it. You gap wedge bar. You have that outburst when it. You're the only one to say to play time so yeah arguing that. He's he's he's he's very athletic. A deep as aides sharply amid the money inner. Now are less so I did see Beckham. But this year from Jabar soul. I can relate to Sunday's start for bear bite off. While many they get back into two boy it's gonna be a lot of positive energy in this city going into that game on Tuesday going back to Boston for sure thanks a lot for the called the money good job. Make enough and that one that prediction right again about Don maker won 1692. Bucks over the Celtics let's go inside. The box store. How are at tonight's game at a let's go inside the box score and brought to you by ABC audio video all entertainment. Commercial audio video simply done right in the ABC audio video dot com and this is the Milwaukee Bucks pick it saved post game show. I forgot that the fire story got us tonight 27 minutes eight of thirteen from the floor three or four from three. Nineteen point six says five boards two steals two blocks and two turnovers. Chris Middleton 33 minutes at a seventeen from the floor three of six from three point range 014 malign. 23 points eight boards seven assists a steal a blocked an eight turn over. Eric Bledsoe 27 minutes eight of thirteen from the floor 03 from 31 on one from the line seventeen points four boards four assists a block. And they turn over Tyler Zeller nineteen minutes he went one on one from the field to boards and assists a steal block. And two points for him. Malcolm Rogers got the start employs a Tony snell 29 minutes to abate from the floor wanna four from three point range five points three boards three assists. In two turnovers. Off the bench in this really is the story of the night Jabari barker and John maker. And it even dollar adult book in spurts really help this basketball team Parker thirty minutes seven of twelve from the floor one of four from three to a four from the line. Seventeen points five boards two assists a steal two blocks and eternal over. Don maker 24 minutes three a five month or three or four from 35 a seven from the line. Fourteen points five boards a steal and five blocked shots. Fourth on maker sixty minutes for delta adult let tootsie from the floor one on one from three point range of five points four assists board. Andy turn over. Point two minutes for Tony snell to a three from the floor two of three from three point range six points three boards assists and steal and one blocked shot. Garbage time at the end of the game Shabazz mom of four minutes 121 on one from three. Good for three point sterling brown four minute see it his only three point shot her he took. He had three points a board and a steal Brandon Jennings was 02 from downtown. It ball that his free throws he had two points and one turn over. Bucs win once sixteen in 92 they shoot 57% from the field a Celtics shoot 40%. 1633. For the bucks from three. Any and have many better gains and now from three point land this year other than tonight 824. For boss and free throw line ten or fifteen for Milwaukee twenty of 28 for boss and boss on rebounds the bucks 45 to 37. Turnovers the box with nine only. Best turnover game by far for the box worst turnover game for Boston they had sixteen again once 1692. Next game Sunday at noon. At the B Moyer is Bradley Center other news of the day Aron Rodgers. I'm becoming minority owner of the Milwaukee Bucks today don't know how much of a stake he has in the team. How much money put in it or whatever else they have like a hundred minority owners so I mean it's solid Packers where everybody can on the box. But you still have to have some type of money in order to get in on this but I don't think there really turning people away at this point self congratulations Aaron Rodgers first NFL player. First I think professional sports flare outside the NBA. In general. Misses an active player right to own a share I'm in NBA team as Aaron Rodgers cell. That's nice bright sky and I boxed version they're Roger's not twelve number on it. I think Jabar is gone a resume yeah right that's what's gonna happen. Those men to bars there are not Cubans want where Aaron Rodgers anything else and need gains. Danica Patrick was at the game today in Moscow have crashed and burned but they didn't. So her as she hit her head huts that we'll take another call hold. Michael on the north side you're not very optimistic are you. Probably Oreo mart or I don't my sudden or set on your mind that our pilots on. A blood are going to be great you know fourteen but don't you wavering. Effort. For little piece. No you're sticking your round and you know we won this game I'm going that Sunday's game and I look at is that the last game that probably harder. I loved the book up to all who want to you do spartans put. You know we've seen if you click and I'm not a microphone. The fall aside though. Good game you played today would you still have to joy and it may they wait well you know I enjoyed it I didn't do it. Why can't enjoy a game. I enjoy it fears. You know I want to sing. But I mean our local or apparent. That there are playing good or. Did you Bart train yeah your bar is gone. Yeah I'm Mauer got to wait and see what happens there it'll depend I think. Parlay on the offered parlay whether or not they can find a sign and trade of the money is too much. Yeah aren't they obviously it's awkward goes I'll be this is all speculation. I know guys mark Mark Sanford. Go to the same barber shop is a lot of thought into part says he wants to stay. What he feels like. The ball someone's mistake. There is issues for sure they're tired I don't disagree with you on issues I said before and I'll say it again I think. They have to go lauded hires somebody to run basketball operations against the final say whose name is not John horse. And it has to be a basketball coach or near a Jabbar Parker's dotted with. And trust is gonna make you the best player he can be I think give those things happen I think Jabbar will be fun. Before you let me go record here and it's one thing we need a Coke and noble bucks for it than anybody. I know. Separately mark on what we buy you are collectible but it could put at all. We need to put it fundamental basketball. We played for the little basketball. Won't beat a pretty good I. On a decade they've played basketball the way they played tonight David B a top two seed top three seed in the east you're a year if they play like artists or art. Right on not yet now they got to do more than once I mean that that's that's or talk about face for the cartel to rob and I appreciate the compliments but. Yeah I don't know why draws closer or I mean I can't say no because we haven't seen this all year. It's not like we've seen them play this physical for a stretch in a month. We haven't seen played this physical for. Period it just we haven't see it so for me eat yeah it's a tough sell. I achieved I make a play like this a majority of the year. I'd never seen Don maker play like this last year in Toronto he played well in a playoff series and beginning the like this. Where he I would never he might have been. The difference in this game you know differ you know I'm Barbara earlier I got anything from the ways and I and north. Blank you listen to the backed body aren't other batch so pro yet. Parker blank he came up a front he had thought about playing key came up big in Hillary's he got to play it was this Hanssen was are up. Sell this port and all of this holing all there I promise you. Jo Bryan. And his press coverage is going on right now and it's such a few tells anybody at that press covers on you're fouls gonna do that somebody ought to stand up the gulf that you ought to be fired for either played in the first two games. If you thought I was gonna do that. And why it's the other the first two games. The answer has to be from drug TVs out about Bob meg blown away. That's the best game I've seen employ the blocking book or what the best games I've seen them play as Milwaukee by the ball body. Other than the Miami who want them to play on maker. It got Billy said when he came in our right here's your X-Factor let's do that you are while we're here then instead does what it is right. There's always something unexpected big changes that gave you but here's tonight's expect your of the day you might. Brought you might Brian Stratton college athletics. Offering athletic scholarships and six junior college sports. More at BCS bobcats dot com. X-Factor of a game like we are just talk about clearly. Is gone maker. Just an amazing performance by Tom maker tonight from indicted nobody expected to do what he did. This is what the box expected when a trap them this is kind of where they thought he would eventually be. Just amazing. If he plays the next game. And of Boston doesn't attack him. Would Bain and Horford. And make him defend the post and doesn't work trying to in the foul trouble I will be blown way. Absolutely shocked if they don't do it again because they don't do it again he's not he may do to get dual. He very well might and blocking everybody Jalen brown whoever you are comedy unless watch as comedian and I'll take another call where we go on. Head over to Germantown Joey. It is certainly. I wanted to make direct correlation with the right exceptional Lynn. Are regulated since John and then it's buried in Singapore all that would be. A great starting point for next game what we do that. Ally ivy offensive to employees don't like an easy go right back in the starting lineup and I understand her by asking all fired up about. Are it's a name play and they won but honestly. Did you I say things on maker was gonna do this because a majority of people they want on maker ever played and I've. Right I would say it that think that odd maker even in the next it would would duplicate that would be which are foolish but. I kind of like them on the other defense of that that but he. Yet. Double the effort that and we get out there on a nightly basis. And that's the thing thanks for the call that's the thing is. What would you talk about fine. You didn't see this all year. You do. The box you didn't see this all year I either of what they provided as a team. And that's why earlier is like well how could the Boston looks so bad in the box looks so good. Because the bullet provided something a Boston the Boston never saw coming the provided shot maker who look like Superman out there on the defensive side of the floor. And it provided a physical nature it's for four quarters against his Boston Celtics team who didn't see that one coming. It did. Just I guarantee you Boston as the locker room right now on the on bubble this. Word out to Figueroa were under in his next game. 'cause we got to be ready for this on Sunday we weren't ready tonight we got handed to us this was our fault will be ready on Sunday. And then probably has a combat world what's he gonna do different. What's going to be your adjustment did you go at the wire now that they may not expect his or Ramirez three on Sunday. If they all lob Boston on Sunday like they did tonight. Boston's in a lot of trouble all night to Boston. I'll say that right now if they play would this same kind of visit reality intensity. And they play this hard again for four quarters. It's shoulder they can do it back to back games also may be in some problems than they may have some problems but a boss goes back and beats the bucks. That it could be over tease him. Depending on how close it is on Sunday how much they take away as far as confidence goes the bush feeling good right now. Now it's up to Boston this topic to ended on Tuesday but if they can't stop and the Bucs roll on on Sunday. Can be one held a series and one held a series going four are where to next mr. Mandela Brett in Bayside Geronimo lucky but Pickens a post game show what's up Brett. It doesn't get that game reminded me thank you Mandy for the Phoenix Suns were the ones against the lakers of the gates seasonal lakers went undefeated won the first two games. Paul Westphal after game two sat down and said. We're fine we're going in the LA we're gonna win game three we're gonna win game four or Quebec or one in game five. And they did it that's what's happening here this Boston team currently Irving Gordon Hayward Marcus mark they've got forty million dollars worth of players sitting on the sidelines. Bret Stephens might be the best coach in the NBA but he can't reach into that black had a magic can put out seven times the series is over the course of the one game one they shot 60% gain until they showed on your 60% tonight. Offensively they've been fine from the beginning. And I are able to talk about maker make it was fantastic don't know what was the key he came in the blood sort of a two fouls and he showed Terry Revere you're just a gut. Terri was here is just a guy look beyond the in this entire roster for the possibly different is just a part of guys. It's gonna hit him in the end Boston's six special episode. And we'll see you call back on Sunday and face for the call I appreciate it. Let's that I I I'm all ball game all excited about this win in on him all crazy. There's all those box and six talk I engineered after last couple of days on the three shows that I was listening to on the fan. John do Wrangler bill Michael's big show deal arguable call on the open wheel get a word out to award winning six does it matter. And now not to once towering get on our high horse against a bucket back in bucks and six. Listen if they went six dude who that would be awesome. Gary Emmys they win four straight in the series. If they went four straight in this series then. Philadelphia who are going to get Max is not a one deal of this team because. If they play this physical. In the next series if it's Philly they're gonna get toll problems because Ilyasova don't wanna be bullied around pushed around. Belinelli don't wanna be pushed around I highly dub and Simmons wants to be be having guys being physical him to. Philly does not wanna do when what you saw tonight from the there's no nobody does because they can it's. Gore. And they're going to be physical and have a shot blocker on the other silence lawmaker. Yeah and everything changes if they play like this the rest of the plants they can make a deeper on the rest of the playoffs. If they play like this consistently the question though is. Will weigh in can. And now I don't know I've no idea are adequate time I'll come back. More of your calls and tell me about the atmosphere at the arena as it was I plus challenges now on for the fans go in the game on site Tom match that intensity tough match that energy did you guys brought tonight to browse and are 414. 7991254147991250. Tweet just qualify seven FM the fan box when 116 in 92. Hey guys this yens a local woman Milwaukee Bucks. Annually this into the Milwaukee Bucks a close game shows children. Or. To. This is the Milwaukee Bucks they can save post game show let's get tonight's Dave and buster's and shot of the and buster's wallets Sosa the only place to eat drink and play and watch sports this is the only station. So. What sixteen ID to New York Milwaukee Bucks over the Boston Celtics see Sparky Pfeiffer Anthony Mandela with you ride or metal hanging out after the outpost in shall for the birds help in the south. As well jewels and Zola. And down at the rallies cerner dissent is back Joseph fronting. And also Brad Stevens accountable good Steve and we'll definitely to a front to come back here. And a little bit shot of the game courtesy of fox sports Wisconsin my thanks in Milwaukee Bucks I know has nothing to do in me but. Felt good siege impasse in a play by play call tonight but all due respect that's who should be do in the play by play in the playoffs for this team. Let's hear how passed in markets Johnson's. Morn I have ago. It was the first points of the game they really never looked that now they really don't know and that that was. Some that they had to do early in the game that was. Sat. In energy level that building. And hold it the worst thing that you wanted to have happen was you start off over four over five from the field boss and it's their first four or five shots. And all the sudden you're at your first time out Don twelve to. That would have been the worst thing you don't want the organ out of the building make sure you keep that crowd in an end. They cap did and it and the players were keeping a man of bomb maker in a crowd going when he was in the game bullets have been a problem when he was in the game. Everybody was on the same page nine and was fun to watch 11692. Bucks over the Celtics. Active faults or go 4147991250. Where we are. Met in a senior at the game tonight. But it sure was yeah. Although not certain sparkle and popping up all one Mikhail the crazy ER. And we need to editor. And you are all the dark economic outlook or what they'll all vote. They also organized which would you and I really hope that it is about. And obviously not part of the park and are all really just a quake on record. I think we have one about full court is no armed always with that part of. It sounded. Integrate home court when it's the playoffs that tiger thanks local media. When as the black outs or give me one of the better home courts in the NBA for shorten Miller Park in me one of the better fields to play out. One it's the playoffs for sure new brigade that same intensity. On the same energy in the regular season now but alas it seems they'll both state and does it or glory and they they get that same type of energy most nights. Not today give an even their energy level goes obviously upped the playoff split. Yeah when you have would you have tonight I agree that this this damage is unmatched when it comes to playoff intensity and and keeping it up for four cores a great job. I had to you'll Samsung. I can tell you what Alice saying how loud during this game. Wash their game crowd's going crazy or shall one wide shots of the arena right sold out crowd Hubert Mona. And I said and I can't wait for the new arena I can now wait for the new arena. And that's all I keep thinking I. I'm telling you of all leans out washes yeah I betcha I thought at least once in every single came my watch on TV this year I cannot wait for the new arena. He's adjusting. Maybe I'll be wrong about this will find out we gain new arena but. I just think it's going to be so much or one older in the new arena. Because of how all the seats are put together. Everything has been put into place for sound as far as how everything's going to sound this councilman to better. On two things in the wilder the way it's gonna be all set up more and you'll be closer to date the action means stuck up in the nose bleeds sees who is of the won't be as many seats in the upper deck. It's a scandal while I I can't cannot wait for the new arena OK we're to Leo on the northwest side you're on offense that jobless. Yeah I don't know. Okay whom. Our that would give the bush properly Afro beat it you know book report leaked would you. Barring critic at the I watched every play at the trial he could not. It's. You go to Google give him credit for all try really hard I'll sort it all the world by Garnett. Whole lot old model modeled on the back did you have to point out that in NBA player tried. Every play sets I don't know a lot out everything that is wrong with the NBA but you are correct I notice is say that yes he played art. The army but still we may go right now so I'm just Arby's now that. Agree Bob there appreciated right now he had to dribble the ball from the key. India doubled to go to the rail may admit has started appreciated pregnant and it won't pay any doubt I'll be in that the American better fit for his gang. Note saying open threes they appreciate that. The olds yeah nightmares. He had to have a good game after was an online he needed a good game had to doors doors and there was some pressure on him of okay. Yeah you wanna call me out in the media being prime date everything Els you better put up or shut up if you're all out there again and he did he put up or shut up you play and he played well that. Right here which don't know what are we appreciate it in the Baghdad. You know people are unemployed are doing just appreciate the effort you know there are appreciate. I'm with the boat there with if I totally with you thanks for the call I get it down he gets ripped a lot. For not playing hard. A lot PC on social media I hear on the talk shows a lot and you go back in look earlier in the series heated run back in transition. There were times where he just wasn't. Wasn't. All. And that very well could be part of the reason why they were met Adam why he wasn't blank. But other respect it's the same about Eric blood solid games. Mean tonight there was a blight what sort of the baseline everybody is run on the other end of the floor blood so one run art. He got now that's half court eventually but he couldn't spring and now they're trying to get back so like I said before it's an NBA thing. And he draws me bonkers. No question. But for Jabbar who's now under the microscope. I mean now. Everybody is watching you dude he feels he called you a lot about your defense and everything else and everybody else on the team not just champ. And eat yeah he's double play and aren't they all got to play hard they're gonna win the series. They just do well and I think. A lot of people and probably Jabari Parker included thought Jabari Parker was kind of going to be checked out. The rest of the series I think Jabari Parker specially thought it didn't really matter Chris Hughes gonna go get his somewhere else and he was gonna get his chance to be Jabari. Until this afternoon when their national reporter thought they were talking Jabari Parker who is currently there are talking to Chris Middleton and he realized. And nobody knows who we is. I don't I don't know that necessarily. Itself would Jabari or not but. It meant to mark has him in the playoffs spurs two years lasting years because he's been hurt so this is finally his chance of being in the playoffs. He gets the national spotlight he wants part of the action he wants to be on it. Sold that several part of it gala party could be too wolf looked at Eshleman do summit in the playoffs while I get paid this offseason I think that's probably part of it. But as well I think is more or less it's the playoffs. I need to be out there being a part of this on the national stage and he wasn't and he was frustrated are where two just staying in California. You're not going to be a wet blank commissar you. No. It is and yet but again so market ward came on they didn't expect them but its on screen. Which is something happened Colin forest and you know. Then big kid like. Sporadic deep inside working yeah. I was like yeah yeah I keep saying that and like you take game one the bucks but should get to work right now you know. Like the boy could he. Art with the that the mortality he like. And he took I was in I don't regret that yet but it's something I expect like I bet the book to be in the situation. On the continent. But didn't that about a lot on a double what was. He's. Always been good and that the public eye on the big problem in fighting him back guys on the board. You've been a good percent of the eyes aren't you are in actual mitnick when he played and why did it like going up about all of them under the senate. But this like. They didn't technical and a select the Bucs have been held back by terrible coaching it and I think I'm edible and don't actually in the back. It's like ice and went on here and that is at the arc. What you don't have a single court action. The law. And what is as bad as people and no dropped it hurt that everything has that they can. I happen on what you've got there. Yet. What would appreciate and I realized everybody and India. And the thing is next at bat and now I'd I'd like them work and her. The African energy level killed this team. That's what's killed this team for the last three years they don't play hard consistently for four quarters. They don't play hard consistently for a stretch of time. During the regular season we saw this in Toronto last year they had the Dominique gave an and they disappeared after that so not you see it's inviting you go okay. Are we gonna have the same issue happened I don't think we're going to because as you pointed out is not here on fire defense anymore but this was about the visit Allah be of the game thanks for the call. And his point about our maker. Scott Grassley of CBS 58 Jalen brown of the Boston Celtics after the game quote file maker completely changed the game. And quote Jalen brown tells is there's no way they could have been right for that after what they've seen from Thon on tape over the past few months. Mean heated right I'm nobody else there's no way. There's new old way. Anybody saw him playing at that level. Are you really holds. The keys to success for this bucks team kind of go on board if he implied that level. How big thing is what happens and if he played on Sunday coming mess on our debt. Do real well that much and he plays again. Are they know what you do what they did tonight or are they gonna attack him on the defense aside the floor and did a game of foul trouble like so many teams have done against him in the past what. Confidence I think has been a huge thing for bomb maker there are so great why he just looks lost he doesn't play any doesn't know what's going on so even if he doesn't get the same minutes. He now has I think I think he proved to himself and maybe the coaching staff. That if Henson's dog and had Zeller is dogging it that they don't need to throw Donna sit center so they Udonis can get looked up and on the court. Yeah bond could be ready to go we will find out because we'll see what this coaching is that does. A for the next game that. Iger Jim Brown there's no way anybody saw that continent not chance. Our blood defensive all play of the game tonight courtesy of fox sports has announced. Defensive plays stood out here's the labor's local 113 defensive play of the game. The labor's local 113 Milwaukee feel the power bat held high UN 8113. Dot org. This is the Milwaukee Bucks big can save post game show. Yeah. Just saw on Twitter. And then Gulliver. Yeah then dollar from outside. Apparently Milton ask that due to call them to bar earlier today even as it were you the guy who called B Jabari earlier today yacht is played did he's the guy. It with the barely was a Celtics yeah Celtics reporter that's not OK. Defense to play the game courtesy of fox sports has got to hash key markets jobs. Given a second and. Leads that. You know you got to remember. Again passed him markets Johnson diamond Jabbar and on neck. Armed. I think people forget this do you as well. These guys have robberies were always literally back to playing in the Summers EU basketball against each other. EL in you go back to late seventies and eighties or whatever you're talking about robberies are on back to college is replaying for years right. Now the guys with the one and done is the rivalries really develop over the course of time in younger ages developing through high school. Nearly one year of it may be if you face the same team. That your rivals on college for a year before you finally to meet up of those guys again. In the NBA sell out as great to hear bargain Johnson pointed out and I was too boring Parker told him to travel with you want me. To dry out like confidence. From last practice of defensive play of the game there play scan a play zone and we had two plays and one highlight for defensive play of the game. And then Elise this season. It's yen maybe not and two blocks on one shot clock. Yeah well done mister maker and his trio. Here. Is this. Supposedly it's that I'm here so what is today it is it's one yup gonna OK yes. Okay as tweet got his prediction at 730 for the seat. After the game that's start. He predicted that dunks jas dunks ordinary Danes that he forces and add another eating his first name and that haven't. Middleton 31 points nine assists and not happened when he played. Jabari seventeen and six. Positive prediction he knew she'll visible. All lot of points and ten men's. Now again this is farm when he put ice on. Saves this season. When put next comic. And then deli make sure there's never another set of Morse winds. Hash tag you're in the year good okay as earlier he actually really did tweet that out. As pretty impressive. If you a list are right now seasonally as a business and right now he needs to message me on Twitter and he has to pick up my lottery numbers that's really good on saves as he knew you were right about that he played out of it is mind. 4147991254147991250. Where to next mr. Mandela met. That in slayer you're on the marquee bucks they can say post game show. Yeah I think the technical Sergio. Yeah about the game tonight. Advocate in this season comedian and the energy tonight what a what a difference between regular season. Does yeah often game. Lot of excitement it was a block parties and I all the possible. My only my only critique I got a little bit worried in the first half because Jabari was taken a couple of tough shots and it is I thought. Only and glory point for Jabari right now. But he he turnaround had a great game. To what he went great team and. Yeah was and it was a great effort by the fans too and everybody that was there deserves all of pat yourself on the back a little bit. You so many times you little playoff game and the crowd's into it for the first ten minutes of the game and and they Yunel goal weigh in. So they're faced with food and drink and and you hear him the last five minutes of the game again but. Apparatus and it was rocket for the entire game. No question thanks for the call I. And and that. Gimmick. Sometimes you know these old don't don't don't love on the fans and sold watching Agilent they'd have a big influence that they. You do have a big influence. You do you have to believe they chewed through. I just don't Fed's huge. That's the packer fans. That stadium in Green Bay should be sold much hotter than it is on a regular basis it should should be and it's not in its disappointing from time to time. It can't be what it's not. That that's why I just had to not understand at all. It's crazy to be expected to be louder. But it's definitely louder probably than at least half of the stadiums in the NFL on a regular basis right and they take over. On the road no question. As they do like none other candidate take over on the cubs fans while that's the comparison but I meant a franchise it's actually won more than once in the past hundred years. He shipment of and that Ryan's over their shaken as enemy you know that's their opener last he's listening to an army. OK were TX Monta and Chicago you're a man what's up mine. We'll go on a whole world are here and let's Owens missed it on Michael welcome to the playoffs. That is. This is what I've been quite fort Stockton to bar and you know a lot of people been saying are what you deserve mormons or are you playing like you've walked one minute like you got to have more. The first to bank on me a solid. I couldn't get you know warm and isn't that what you can planned lackadaisical but okay got some effect. Like you sit. I thought we got to have this guy is intense defense just like I've never seen the actual white sport. Okay well assault. Focused when when the ball and make it look ultimately have a lot of man. Never let you have a lot of app and that didn't quite like this depth. You can work unless it was one of the apostles they got they got even it got to play. Like this exit for what society and the and busts. And and look up. Tunisian won't won't wait because wolf I don't wanna own problem and just about. Eighty schools. We don't need to do what Cuomo at the end it Balkans in the besieged I've noticed is definitely isn't it. We don't you saw more indeed these are we don't we're gonna need well shall. Don't question. And that's a big mean this guy hasn't played. Most of the second half of the season and went dancing comes back power matters miss gimme divvied up in this thing between him Zeller and maker. Why did an Applebee's business there's no way of award parties students planned. Know that. Without incident and the final thirty minutes it is reflected but it include a place Sunday. There's no way you played him a hole but believe me you didn't give up its window. So that last immigration and he played like 3637. Minutes last game. Accurate on Harrison name and I get bush Zell and I get more than nine minutes or whatever the heck it was now united seize on maker getting all these minutes in getting this much Iran. But that was because of the hence an injury. But man oh man Iger and I think maker is going to be the difference no question and like you said playing with this visit cal be in this energy for four quarters each game thanks for the call money enjoy. No win now in Chicago cardinals bulls fans who watch playoffs on TV. I was a quick time out will come back we'll hear from Bucs head coach Joseph prodigal gonna sports flashed. But Anthony Mandela box get the win tonight series now 21 Boston next up Sunday. Tip and you for that one when Beckham there remarked you Bucs examples gave Joseph presented to bipolar alls can frozen cheese pizza Anthony Mandela. But on that cheese pizza. Half a pound cheese trachsel. Back evidence. This is the Milwaukee Bucks they could save post game show let's hear from the Bucs head coach. He's cornered sponsored by Schneider for over eighty years they've been offering great careers with a great benefits and more home time. Visit Schneider jobs dot com. Or call 1844. Per. And this is the only station Bucs fans need. 1057. As a. 11692. Bucks over the Boston Celtics tonight. Two won the series now for Boston at noon tip off. Coming up I'm Sunday is the next time you'll see these two teams square off at the beam all Harris Bradley senator. An Al game five will be in Boston on Tuesday night's. Joseph pride they talked after the day hours Simmons a pretty happy Joseph project considering how wells team play tonight let's hear what he had said. Good win. Lot of positives tonight. And you know quick turnarounds and have to be ready to do it again on Sunday. The path they talk about premium at that he played together. Just in light of all that. How would you assess your defense nightly news guys. It went that I thought her defense was really good and you know goes without saying you know you can look at a lot of things here statistically. Forced eighteen turnovers you know which is dressed you know five the last games and do that that's more. Typical of what we do. You know hold them to 40%. You know so that's obviously. You know lot of positives in that regard you know but the activities you know so take stat sheet out of the activity. The energy that we brought. Lot of guys contributing doing the right things getting to the right spots on the floor. You know so that's as you go through the game in each game you you know and that's what you need is that energy first. Knowing your assignments. And then being able to like. In an environment like this communicate exactly what needs to be done your teammates and that we did a nice job with a lot of ghosts. Air Naimi as in Milwaukee. Strategist called on Delhi's energy contagious would you think of their performance management yeah I would agree and that's it again that's you know I think a lot of guys brought energy. But they definitely. Brought when they entered into the game they continue to. You know make an impact on the game across the board obviously gone with a lot of blocks Delhi. With his intensity on the ball again you know talk about the things that guys do communication getting to the right spots on the floor. I would agree they both played very very well. Can expand on now what I was able to enormously. Can expand on what I was able to give you this past policies. That this list got in spurts this year but to do in this in the spot. Yes and that's you know. With him tonight specifically. He not only get you know the blocks the energy I hit some big shots at Big Three from the right wing. I believe it was around fourteen at that time. You know made a lot of place. On both sides of the ball that are critical in terms of just winning the game in terms hustle plays. You know as again he mentioned the blocks with those are. Place where he's running from behind sometimes he wasn't always there meeting somebody who's just continuing to stay in the play. And so that energy that activity. All the things that he brought on both sides are important we're gonna need for him to do it again. Coach Smart to because Celtics dot com you talked about energy needs of your first three answers. How much of that energy came from the environment that your players played for the first time during the series and being home in front of your own fans culture. But I think the one to eight at no question I mean our fans were great. They always have been we're gonna need him again in game four. And will you know we know that they will be. But it this time you should always there's a level of excitement any time you step into a playoff game regardless of where it is there's always going to be energy. In intensity and focus you know based on the fact that it is a playoff game so tonight. The crowd was great I think you know sure you could say that it helped but I think it you know he also opt to look at our guys and they don't within. And brought that is well liked the passion enthusiasm excitement to each guy brought to the game. Charles Gardner with Boston Globe. Jabari one or more minutes he got more minutes played much better. He had the energy is stuff you were talking about yesterday at practice. Well what did he do and how important is it to you to just have that on the continued base. I played very well and like you said he you know we've talked that's. We talked about initially I brought it up obviously as a group thing. You talk about on in Delhi is well being guys that impacted the game Jabbar did the same thing in regards to came in. Didn't try to force anything. Allowed the game to come to him. There was a rhythm to the we had a good rhythm to the game and everybody that stepped on the floor just continued that in so for Jabari that's those are the things that we've talked about those of the things that we need. You know will need the effort energy hustle plays. Good decisions in the place that he can make on the floor. He's not just got a house to score force he can make a lot of play he can pass it we need everybody to rebound the ball so. He played very well. Andrew Wagner state journal. Rose here's been kind of headache through these first two games but tonight you guys are able to keep contained. Was there a change in the last year change of approach are just things were going your way tonight. You know I like like we said earlier you know just the ability to pick up you know pressure him. You know their whole team not just him but just trying to make them work. I think more than anything else like we've talked about a lot here just the effort and energy that we put into it and the ability to get the stops and is was a big part. You know look there it is buck said coach Joseph primary talking after the box get the win tonight 116. 1092. Blocks over the Boston Celtics. You're listening to the Milwaukee Bucks ticket sales post game show now it's time to pick the ruler of look back door. Brought you bipolar most think she's frozen pizza bloated with a half pound of Wisconsin she is it truly is. The ruler of pizza. I want sixty guided to victory for the box over the Celtics ruler of the back boards tonight. Is. Chris Middleton with eight rebounds to go along with 43 points seven assists on ten of seventeen shooting 36 from three point range. 001 from the free throw line he is your ruler of the backboard tonight. State get out rebounded by Boston however. 45 to 37 speaking of Chris Middleton hit and yeah honest Baltic purporting to govern talked to the assembled media. Jewel they had a set. This as the Milwaukee Bucks Pickens say post game show. Presented by Blair must change she's frozen. Taste. We're heading into the books locker room here with the players saw on the courts exists and is the only station Bucs fans need a 1057 F. The fans. All right guys interest melted at the podium. Let's hear what happened after the game tonight after they get the win just refresh your memory and I told to a Middleton had yon has had nineteen points six assists five Boortz couple steals couple blocks. It three or four from three and eve of thirteen from the field. Digg and foul trouble there in the fourth and ended up while we playing 27 minutes tonight they do need in the fourth down to the policy what they listen. Receive yes Chris coach always talks about everyone everyone being prepared. How big were the contributions today from Thon in them. Those who would be it's this of the festival fun and Billy I think the book game mom the red clay. Taken the hits of the game. This so for the team. And integrated those folks so. Don't really good fruit in the. Thank each and from Jacob Taiwan. Ramirez threw up. Telling me you know he's been in these positions fortitude he knows would say it's. Came in just residence home from playing Carson too personal. He knows how to speed the most tournament office will be tough against him institution and knocked down big assessment credits for Grasso. Harrison has been as consistent foreign knows what it takes so we'll let. I be changing come talent for either ill this being the second consecutive fear being that play out how much does the experience from last year help. I think you see some leads the series he scriptures something different zones of different things thrown at super. In the position for you know. These games are different type of game yet ready yet been able to access the game plan and game and foreigners are. Tonight was scrutinized where is where you know we. We relies less you know you more when Toronto lost one is still a serious problem. Gave my games on policy and so can do can kick it to our ambassador to. Because Martha because of its dot com confronted when he was just in here he almost every single answer that he gave it was. Energy energy energy talking about we got across the table tonight where today energy conference. We've really realize how how much for this game was. Home and that they did an about rather played they came in this division go the presidency. The game to. Mean do good job you know refundable ticket available. They review the page. But does that just. In the rebuts it by picks effort to refundable so much they give it broke they have court. Hopefully we can cut it onto can't put so. Her name is Tim Lockheed Jonas no one has done more supportive of song and everything he's been doing and everything that he's capable of than you. What did it mean for you to get to see on how this contribution. Measles. Problem is that a mother brother. The conversation that there Lilly. Rose two weeks ago until that you get a Greek debt to the Mattel today. Know that he he he was hungry the it does the validity of what. Tonight he showed that's how much you want once it the did you just come in the give and everybody energy. Blocked shot making shots running hitting guys so Scott probably hopefully can now credit I don't in this game for. Look you don't need these cut notices be is put us and he's just keep getting better. All right does speaking outside maker he also Lott talked after the game tonight and this is what thought and a say it again. And if we actually Sammy B nine EB Chile's MDB he was the X-Factor fourteen points five boards five blocked shots three of five from the floor three or four from three point range five to seven from the free throw line. And that doesn't include all the time T disrupt the guys at the ram that can end up in block shots lens is what fox has. And have always had that he. You get motivated from the crowd but the moment. Play offense yourself. He has been motivated. We got that first block. Yeah you know again the crowd got going so hard on us. Or is it. He's just that it did so excited to make it gets into it wasn't it. It. And we just you know sorrow but the accident and no offense the ball pretty well. And this past opens to integrate and guys tonight. So all that. The defense theories as they read some here. Wednesday. Come. And he would advise us on his team's. Part. It we will budget please note. You know when it's game isn't so this place so. In place. As good to see him go. You know missing things. It. That. In. Theory. Before each game. The passing. Game it's. It's. You know you do anything it's and and I think it's. It. Which is do we supposed to go to care. And so it's back on the defense and Steve radio precedent that those guys over an hour ago this was supposed. We do supposed. Support. You know. You know those discomfort reason and it's the ratings knowing that even the Sacco. Five and so. As they help so I got and it's not bad now what made the right to the block. Comparable to. I'm a minute and by the crowd into it. And that no help design and get on a transition as well so that's the thing that's part. To block through what he did you have that independent us. He just unfortunate it. Stance on the defensive end months of open. Shooters it was your tree and it's. We can get to spend you know. It slowed down just got to find. What let these people until it's over Sprint's. Take care of the ball and offers what most important reviews its farm of one. There is boxed set aside maker with a huge night tonight for this bucks team. Thousand U and. Feel frustrated when I hear this time the stuff well. Yeah I have I've had this that you are now tall enough now now it's how I I really got to bring in now. Listen. You are great analogy. If you do this value up later in the year. Not just in the playoffs when you finally get a chance in game three with thirteen on 20. You weren't great like Jarvis. You play like this old duck time. Not just in the play offs. We've got mega bus his ball. He wants to be great he says he wants to be great. What's all these calories into his body eats eats eats eats lifts weights workshop multiple times a day does everything. As attached to your bonuses yet. Now you got to learn out learn how to play at that high intensity. Regardless. Whether it's the regular season all the play out. You're never going to be your B gained on the floor. Mean having on the floor consistently all year. And I'll before you got to play like yes or gutless if there's a sold out crowd or others 6000 people in the arena. You've got to play at that energy level if you wanna be very must be a guide them do Richard who. Want to great. Dump that exists. Consistently. Going for more often. Not just gained three player. We'll see how he responds to game four on Sunday and noon. If given another opportunity to any merit to what he did tonight on a lot to NC a different Gary wolf Florida VS has been basketball insider come and a next. No one talks yeah. Insider get a read. Michael Long pieces of this is the Milwaukee Bucks a ticket sales post game show. I must go mob on the losing end tonight to the Boston Celtics won sixty. Aimed to what 92. Joining us now the aforementioned. Gary wolf boy is that the game with the fan Gary your thoughts on what you saw tonight. Well the what's played by a fire there that all round game of the season and that. You've now gotten to a Jamie Dimon one of the books majority ownership of the chain. The he totally agreed he thought the cooker belt step for you. You know they were spurred on by Tuesday that it crowd. For the game that it felt like the odd maker. And it goes remember keep Korea last year against pompano house where it's so absolutely Walker's he'll play opening that waited night and yeah once it was a great crowd. Yeah what happened in game three gets trial last year. You tell me they boom out. One have an answer that. Matt I am right and see that's that's that's the thing though and I think the differences is that their pledge that helter skelter hair on fire defense. And there was no away from an energy standpoint they could sustain that amount play that crappy defense nearly as much now here in the playoffs. And the reason I think they wanted night obviously was top maker was a huge part of it. But the physics Khaled either knock him in the mouth musicality that they brought for four quarters. They stepped up their throat they would wanna get a ball off the map all four quarters. That was something Boston did is becoming the blocks have a bit ms. physical all year. No I I totally agree calculated. A who's really really. Flying under the radar of cart record written into this game is local blocked. And we look at stats yet been doing at five point two slump like that they didn't should ball real well what. He did an incredible good job on Jalen brow. In debt Joe Brown only get two points in the first quarter at one books jumped on it and I don't know what round ended up with what. Is was there anything course to we played Corky and every. Now crowd tonight ended up with a eleven on eleven points for nine shooting. But it rounded. Jelly brought us rice that Galen Ronald eleven points four boards and one assess. And he entered the game averaging 25 or write so I mean Brockton ma. It is job. Now if you got to shut Dow's markets more us who have slowly kill them in the series that first two games Ronald he had seven points five boards had four turnovers to eight. From the floor for Marcus Morris that was also. A big factor tonight to our right so going forward Sunday at noon what what do you think is that is the biggest key for this bucks team to win Sunday. Well I think everybody else do played a role what they did tonight I mean that was maybe one of the few times along longtime work. Everybody was on the same page I mean they were plane as a unit of C. And there was a lot of cohesiveness. In you know they give them I think there's going to be fine. What about sign maker yeah thank you do that. Not. A with the eat good I mean you know never Kobe can't go. Up but I give you know it's on a credit because. He has not been quite a lot you know but in the last two creep for weeks now in their schools but are there a most important game. Indicative what Jim Walton bill played big. Yes he did Garrett thanks so much for coming on man I appreciate it. There is Gary wolf all on the Redmond was back Alan if you're looking for a simple and convenient pre approval process for your new home construction or renovation loan call grade mid West Bank committed to providing uniquely tailored common sense mortgage product. Since 1935. And the other thing. And as watching a replay this game in the first quarter of the replaying it already. Both those games. Being played on the respective channels per in the box brewers also law won with ease today against the Marlins. It'll be addresses how the refs called this next game two they let. The Bausch and really get away with a lot of physical play. In this game and will see how they call in the next game. On Sunday afternoon all right if dish Damir Aaron Rodgers that you minority owner. Of the Milwaukee Bucks that was announced earlier tonight as he was out of the game when Danica Patrick his girlfriend. Sitting next to Wesley unions courtside. At the box game he talked on fox sports Wisconsin earlier tonight lets you audience. All right I'm with the one and only Aaron Rodgers he's not here just as they Bucs fan but a special announcement air Rogers has joined. They'll books ownership group as a minority owner and air and how did this all come about and how was it such a good fit for you to join the books organization. It's been at a word sexy for years. Thankfully. Less tonight this kind of talked about it. At some point and get on my humongous sports fan as Chris CNB daily basketball's my first love actually before the ball. It's an opportunity. To join the ownership group here. In this state that I love a region and I'm entrenched in and have been for a number of years the team that I've followed in suit for work. And that's inning gave set for a long time. We'll be a minority owner now as for his. As well and when you look at this organization what excites you most certainly new arena exciting seeing the team in the playoffs in consecutive years. With all these things really attractive. Going into the situation. Look the most attractive thing to me was the opportunity to join. Very prestigious ownership group one as soon. To have a side to the region and I've I've played I've lived here for thirteen years. On this day and I love the reason I love to finish my career here. And then also have this opportunity it is to have a connection that brings me back not just I received my time we're Green Bay. But this show my love and support for the rest of the region. And our team in Milwaukee is pretty. It was an opportunity I couldn't pass up. So I'm gonna ask you on behalf of most clubs fans who will be sale a lot of number twelve down here at the new arena next season. That's that's exciting Florida's. Is there arena's gonna be open we have. An absolute superstar. In the mountains harmonies at a time every player in the league in my opinion. Chris is really incredible these playoffs we have the reigning rookie of the year. I think things are different Laguna and Milwaukee basketball and you know western market been great to get to know when user groups and a great job of they're kind of put the pieces in place and we're excited about the future noon it's not about the arena there rivers. There you go tell uses Aaron Rodgers earlier tonight on fox sports has got sleep in new minority owner. Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers bucks giveaway at 116 ID to my thanks to Anthony Mandela's. Produced the show Ryan corvettes stick around and puts next Tom and help the south street calls and so forth. Gilles and Zola help and out as well down at the arena thanks to him for participating down at the Bradley Center. And Kobe Bryant. Also helping Jill out down at the rally sent her to a graduation the bar where cooler. It was caught kissing a girl on the Jumbotron at the president tonight putting his wife's gonna say I'm hoping Alice's life. I've never matter he Clancy's house one but I never mattered to help the noses like. What sixteen ID two bucks over the Celtics enjoy the rest of your morning visited 12:30 AM after all. Talked gee I'm Sunday afternoon after buck's Celtics game for. Us.