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Sunday, April 15th
04/15/18: MIL 107, BOS 113 F/OT - The Milwaukee Bucks Pick 'n Save Post Game Show presented by Palermo's King Cheese frozen pizza. Sparky recaps the high-wire act the Bucks displayed in the game's final seconds, takes your calls and hears from Coach Prunty and insider Gery Woelfel.

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It's deep nasal. Here for the players now. Coach 48 minutes you've got to be ready to play whenever your number's called. This is the Milwaukee Bucks pick it saved post game you know presented by the lawyer most things she has frozen the please no tears Sparky flavor 11057. NFL. The fan. I will command Bucs lose game one of their first round match up here in the Eastern Conference playoffs 113 2107. To the Boston Celtics and there were plenty of dramatics. On in this one plenty of dramatics in this one I guess we'll do something different today Anthony will sort awful shot of the game my dog are the largest let me explain what happened here. So at the end of regulation. Rosie hearing it's a huge shot. Pretty much. Blood sound a lot blood to a -- bloods are completely got faked out then when he realized yet fake doctor stood there and watch rosier take a three in his face while wasn't in his Stacy is like ten feet away didn't bother calls modern do not often. Just watch him take the shot. And plus our horrible game to be inlet. So we hit the shot with point five remain. Okay fine. Now the Bucs have to inbound yeah honest inside out in bounding needing a three to tie. And this is how would sounded on fox sports discussed. The water. Good overtime with a got to review this to get a review this first but I didn't look like he got a little bit now. I realize is once again that I going to be in beyond I didn't think Gus Johnson voice. Could be that high so there you go a shot of the game 113 17 Celtics up over the box. For an outline an opt out of their. At that point going to overtime I still wasn't convinced necessarily. That there were gonna figure out a way to win this game. They have momentum they had guys in foul trouble and really it'd be an eight. Three man showed to a degree between yacht is Middleton. And Malcolm Brock didn't in this game has kind of what it was. At that point. Yeah honest continues to have big games against Boston 35 points thirteen boards seven assists three steals no blocks four turnovers and eleven of 21 shooting. Thirteen of sixteen from the line freon as Milton has a huge game 31 points eight boards six assists two steals a block. I'm twelve of twenty shooting five of seven from 32 of two from the line sixteen points for Brock didn't. In 32 minutes. If you don't before the game bride it was he'll play 32 minutes second game on the injury or whatever it was second or third game of an injury. Artisan there's no way there a little played out much knew they sure did. Six of thirteen two with six from three to two from the line sixteen points four boards three assists a steal. And two turnovers while everybody made their predictions prior to this series about what they thought was gonna happen between. The box and the Celtics and now you have a one game. To analyze and look at and make your assessment of what this series could look like going forward. Before the game on TNT Charles Barkley Kenny Smith both called it a huge upset. If Boston were to win the series is huge upset if they were to win this series against the. Shook my head and thought to myself they haven't watched much bucks basketball this year clear. Which is thought. And they were all using the same logic that I've used all year well Laguna for gosh can score over twenty points or more night. That's going to be more than enough firepower Boston doesn't have as much firepower. And that's gonna be the difference. Boston shot the ball not wilt. 41%. AG the ball well. A wall boards are accorded it to a field goals it was only a couple minutes ago in the second quarter and the Bucs were only yup what five or seven at that point. At that point I knew there were in trouble. They needed to overtime until what was a three point game or whatever was. Mon. Oh. Who are five point game idealist. Yes. Not three point. 47 to a 44. So a three point game after his that is they played in the second quarter Boston jar the ball horribly. I bought them as of this is not good the odds of them being that cold the rest of the game probably a slant. And they really didn't shoot the ball well at all and eight Jason take a eight of eighteen rosier seven of eighteen brow on nine of nineteen Moore is eager to Lonnie. Nobody released this shot the ball well for them outside now offering us final date. Dot the return of fourteen from the line 24 points and twelve rebounds he loved up the Celtics scoring only eight shots but. He didn't shoot the ball well. He really didn't. They weren't shooting a three well either that picked up in the second half it became a detriment to the Milwaukee Bucks at at the end of the day. Out rebounding. They are re run the bucks by three what do you do not that's not thing. Turnovers were a big issue for most of this game and that's how Boston was able to say unit in held believe the turnover differential in the coming down a five but. Points off turnovers and second chance points that's kind of where this whole game the kind of decided not at the end of the day. 4147991250. Tweet us at 1057 FM the fan our work to first Anthony Michael in Canada to lead things off force here on offense it's a Michael. What and we got the merits of water. I think I think we played a pretty good game for the first thing we could've played better. It was an exciting game of their game. Kurt Warner a lot worse. I think the political pick it up reported more consistent. Community. And a bit and milk and also has to keep playing how he thought I played in the first and put. I'm my. Wearing on the side that hopefully we can pose. Off anything surprise you about who played in who didn't play in this game. Our our. We sort of query. I don't know I don't know about Lisa Nazi that's I'm not Lisa Nazis being weird or whatever and nothing else got it all right. Thanks for the call it's a wonder Sony set out to me. I just I'm wondering if saving set out to anybody else as far as you know the rotations and who played minutes in game play as many minutes is normal and so forth. Wanted to check in NC where everybody was an honest we'll see everybody comes up with with what stood out but to me. I'd Maurice suite at the fan wanna play Mohammed over snell who's been trash all season sparking. Our spots his defense I'm assuming is snell is the better defender and that's why they're playing snell over. Shabazz Mohammed that's my new bridle the defense Byron about how that. As well. Tony tweets at the fan tried to isn't any snows have been locked on the bench can't believe he played on all of those minutes ya and snell. Played eight Todd and remember he heard is actor is tale ball. What point earlier in a game and so came back. It's now ended up playing 33 minutes in this game. As did Eric Bledsoe the backcourt in the 32 minutes of for Malcolm brought in those three guys a played a ton of minutes 9113 1% of lost. For the box to the Boston Celtics game two coming up on Tuesday night 7 o'clock tip and we will have. Market looks like it's a post game show presented to bipolar most king frozen cheese pizza with a half a pound of cheese. Following that one all right Anthony were to trail on northside got to watch you bucks figgins at post game show. Bet on it all. You cannot do our play our basketball and weight like that. You don't hear party talking about yeah we've. The market where pretty good guy that is the game well forceful ultimately it would appear here are looking won't work you see. In the act to. They've got all our calls in as Doctor Who but they're supper. And partly it. Are there will be working or at all. Some of the queen is picking up without them like I don't care I'll have to bark park the plane. You cannot. Keep hidden spark or page you act like it. That the Arctic record in on a couple of beat me. Take over an edge network as well I want to chart I don't know if that was better than. And he adult court and not it is shot so. They're they're not stupid or are passionate woman now about the book and I'll you what can it. But I don't think the important you know or in me eat it we got recovered or are you. He acted soldiers are Williams when there is an amino waiter brought people playing him don't know what you can become one truck it built jitters are. So wouldn't report that I don't have bought and taken got a outlook immediately. There are no back exactly well and it is it you are going portable didn't warn you got a can be read. Especially when the book or at that moment to generate capital and right here and we got to play better and so that he won't mean an act took the momentum back. So. Didn't get covered by their of the women's game is republic color terrible and are different is not going to be in the rotation at all I don't know are. Go play but it can't use it at all in a pool reporter outlook and reported fifteen. They've gotten so with the team and they're out here in the dirt because. Decade today their people when their game you can not play well and like it appeared like. Yeah. Thanks for the cultural. I got set I I don't know how well Boston's been issued the rest of the series maybe they will issue 41% the rest of the series without carrier ring. Maybe they won't shoot the ball well the whole series. And how the betting man I'd guess they're gonna she Barron 41% rest listeners that's my. US team sharp ball pretty good 48%. Offensively. You score the basketball. 107 point 0400 in thirteen. To the Boston Celtics shot 41%. You were lost rebound battle but three. And you hit a miraculous shot at the end of the game. In order to get it to overtime to begin. I'd better group throughout that was a game today that you were supposed to win. Based on how bad they were in the second quarter. Based on how they were shooting the ball overall that was a game you should help line and you fumbled little. 4147991253. To sell 1057 FM the fan Anthony were to. Troy Green Bay Europe man with a after a. Roads up Sparky you were so without clothes or not. Eight. And I totally. Agree there Ter row for the most part except Jabari elude he'd do it there. Skier sigh out there so I have a probably didn't have many minutes as you normally would just as you look so bad eye opener. But no Delhi was a definite positive for sure. So I was happy to see that they would roll charity minutes during to have. That he has not firm. But you know but the thing about it is it's funny how people watched a book off season. In an expected that all the playoffs this year we're gonna do some different. It's still the bucks. There's still then out to open arteries to get to have particulate turnovers they still can't run of three aren't too fast break and get a layup. You know they're still gonna they did it they're gonna do books being American a black cow knocked an apostle all the time are gonna hustle all the time they're not gonna grabbed tools ball with two and like other people do. They're always gonna fumbled loose rebound out of bounds and he hit from behind and in fumbled it out of buyout they are they're gonna do books being. So you can't market team policies and 82 game. And and and thinking oh will have to play out organized under the best it blocks they go to Google books being date frustrate you made to match. They're gonna lose game like this that they lost all dormant right receive a they're just the box and until something changes in weather. They're gonna keep breaking here are just accepted it I have lol you know became my peers in the in the past I will be at lake earlier relieve mad and upset. But I ma'am add on form I've just been worn down by you in the same stuff over and over. Now with you thanks for the call worn down that pretty good way to do it doesn't eat you you don't also get back on defense. That happened multiple times from different players on the floor. You don't even attempt to go for certain rebounding you're just standing there watching everybody around you moving goal for the ball. Careless turnovers. Is they did during the season this team really internal over the ball that marked it worked pretty go turnovers right around fourteen turnovers a game I wasn't a big issue with this team. The bells or playing the number one rated defense. In the NBA the Boston Celtics every game. And they weren't in the playoffs. Eight changes when you get in a playoff coaching adjustments intensity picks up and you gotta be able to match in key bubble to the entire time. He can't turn over the ball just can't do. Braly to adapt offensively things you can point your finger at shouldn't never ended up in overtime bad play from a few players. Lack of board sloppy turnovers like stepping out of bounds Milton was a clear hot hand. Should read more opportunity for shots. And a fourth quarter. And overtime that is from Brantley tweeting out 1057 FM. The fan. Banned birds tweet that the Fed can't be any worse or we saw from snell frankly for much of his tenure hash tag enough. Low retreated at Kenyatta and Chris obviously played well but the fact of blood on Parker played so badly scares me go on for at least one. Need to step up in order to contend. In this series to Mark Parker played fifty minutes that is all he played. I said previously this series previous the playoffs started their any Jabbar Parker to have a big series. But it Jabbar pars and play fifteen minutes a game two by Barger is not gonna have a big series. And maybe they took him out because he did also ought to play defensively which he didn't. And has got burned in my the other in transition to bar was muscling maybe that's why pull them out to teach molest them. And that's the case albeit I would that teach a lesson. What were in the playoffs to let's also not forget where we are so worth comeback in game two. You meet everybody on this team to score. Bledsoe continues to have bad games you're going to be in trouble if he can't score the basketball and continues to get a foul trouble. To barge got slim 115 minute all all of that comes down to the same thing. They're not good to shoot the ball this bad the whole series guys. I just don't think that's gonna happen if they do you're doubly should win the series he should've won it right. All right so let's go inside the box. How are at tonight's game at a let's go inside the box score and brought you by ABC audio video home entertainment. Commercial audio video simply done right in the ABC audio video dot com and this is the Milwaukee Bucks pick it saved post game show. 45 minutes for your honest tonight 1121 from the floor 01 from 313 of sixteen from the line 35 points thirteen boards seven assists three steals. And four turnovers Chris Milton 47 minutes twelve outs when he from the floor five a seven from three point range to two from the line. 31 points eight boards six assists two steals a block. And three turnovers John Hanson 37 minutes 36 from the floor one and two from the free throw line seven points six boards one assist six blocked shots. And three turnovers Eric Bledsoe 33 minutes for twelve from the 402 from three point range one or two from the line. Nine points four boards four assists five turnovers. Tony snell 33 minutes one of four from the field 03 from three point range two points. Three boards one block in one turnover off the bench 32 minutes for Brock in six of thirteen from the floor. 26 from three point range to a two from the line sixteen points four boards three assists a steal and two turnovers. Eighteen minutes for Jason Terry one of one from the field one of one from three point range he had three points and one steal and one turnover. To Mark Parker fifteen minutes won a five from the floors are all one from three point range for boards. One assists one turnover two points for Jabari Parker four minutes for Tyler Zeller one of one shooting from the field and one steal. And two points for him. 48 point 2% shooting for the Milwaukee Bucks 41 and a half percent shooting from Boston eight it's 4138%. From three point range for Milwaukee. Boston eleven a 26 differ 42 point 3% they really got going in the second half they're from three point land. Nineteen and 24 at the line from Milwaukee 2427. For Boston. The bus get out rebounded 45 to 42 turnovers when he for Milwaukee. Fifteen for the Celtics won thirteen won all seven for the Boston Celtics they take a 10 advantage. Ms. best of seven series next game comes up on Tuesday night in Boston you went back on the year followed that we'll take a quick timeout come back to more calls tweets. FaceBook posts all that fun stuff here and Milwaukee Bucks pick is a post game show presented to buy the labels king frozen cheese pizza with a half a pound of cheese. Hey guys this doesn't look cool the Milwaukee Bucks. You'll lose into the Milwaukee Bucks bulls game shows children. What defensive plays stood out here's the labor's local 113 defensive play of the game. The labor's local 113 Milwaukee and feel the power bat held high UN 8113. Dot org. This is the Milwaukee Bucks they can save post game show. All right so much gum bubble losers tonight 113. 2107. To the Boston Celtics. An ugly ugly game. Let's check out the defensive play began. Hi hits it. Good job to Parker all right 13 tee 107 and I like courtesy of fox sports Wisconsin. 414799. Tool that between is a 1057 FM the fan where to. Charles on the north side you're a man without Charles. Well look what sparked. It'll or double. Soak up who'd favorite quote go. A bookstore in addition to coaching there are asleep or what. About what you saw. Well. There partner that it. I think Portland center there by the pool. What and who are a couple of spot go into ball well caught. This is how they've played all year long. Well that's about as much deserve a hostile as you're gonna get out of a Bucs teams what you got today I don't think they're gonna play much harder than they played that. I don't think so mean there. That's what Calder wanna talk a couple weeks of the lots. And Google and a fox did. But it did put a call at a group of missiles went on the group would mean. And then when listeners against. Alston and organ. A purpose all in the Baltic news entertainment and got it yet there what. Street bought. You know it all but took it up. You get the ball striker got a cult militant who did equivalent of let sort of drivel that a little. You know. And really are clear there can't until they. It opened in Nevada. Watched all three point. Well I I thought oh. God until they get oh culture and a good system. Important. Although our top are not even at the beginning when it you took them out but it's the end. And Lynn Forester and but yeah. Well that's why I said earlier this season when I was set I was pretty much done watching this team and wanted to get to galaxies and see who they wanted to hire and Matsui to seamlessly next year because this is this a tireless self that you see. Again like I said they shot the ball pretty well tonight 48% or they rebounded well they were within three rebounds were sloppy turning over. But other so that this is the balked which use all night and this lawsuit also deemed I didn't shoot the ball well. Like I Telemar problem which are. So one of the these would be cool it is it is about not great news and what you don't like it got out what. Embark on what or importance as an up and I'm and that's what else is welcome to have a with is there all Mark Jackson is now a spokesman couldn't believe you know if it would go like. You know if that's all I don't know we don't know if it's the roster make up does the make above the players we don't know that until we get another coach now you've got another coaching here and you get the same results next year. Then you're good notes the roster and then you got to do something. And real quick sparked you know are looking at it like yes. I think it more. The culture I don't know. What a club players. And so tension or. Well of course include players in the floor. They'll be out on top part of the ponies now. Arum had our audience. What are. So what a lot of people aren't saying voters today got right up more calls eyes for the golf course a lot of people are the anti Tony still battling just this type smelling the Twitter and you'll see LB for Tony Snow at this point that. Be pretty easy for you to find 113 107 Boston may 10 advantage over the box next up Tuesday night. We senate collectively back on the air following Mallon when this post game show Anthony Mandela were to just an in North Carolina a year on the fan but it's not just. And I look got to monitor. I'm not a means. Yeah I don't know telephone matter real quick part for the government point man just. I mean calling a lost her clothes for him doubted by drug drivers who ends up some stayed constant pleas. Exciting news. Right fork over layer of detonated ourselves like that is something that completely preventable but on our notebook market that a lot of negative game. One of pokes on the positive result I think they'll open again because quote I'm probably play good defense against. Tatum and ground they've struggled somewhat offensively is that how would. Stated our defense played as good as we're gonna play like. I thought a couple of lucky breaks from just you know god or excellent ball loose ball shatter. But no I think we got a concern when this series me also can't wait is static here. Middleton played Panetta today if we if we got up and get a little bit better from Bledsoe. It could be series went in our favor all drop in what may be coming back off and very Yoko. I you know personnel I don't know what's about our offered each. He doesn't last all Austin's. And that's the problem that we can't let a guy like Arnold Brown rotate and get going because it would you we don't stand a chance but. I didn't really hole. And in can continue his. You can go right protecting. And I hope they were parking and earn money or not at all. Belt will be your action but it is going to be here in game plan I'll ask it. Because there's been upping their small might indeed feel the need to be adjusted at will make a difference in winning series. Are. Font find out just eventual amount appreciated. Like if the decision is like you got to play defense or not don't play if that's commuted decision. Then you put a lot of pressure on Yasser Milton both the all thirty plus a night. Passenger don't. Because you're taking our. Jabari was what your better scores not a great defender agree I can say he has arm done hustle all the time not gonna defend that either because he doesn't. Buddy is a store Mohammed is a score not a great defender buddies with a basketball. So you're gonna decide to do that. Okay fine. But in yazoo Milton really have to play the super high level and he can't afford have off nineties are tonight they're the only two guys are really got Gordon outside abroad. A lot of pressure fumble those cats Golan forty in this series are where to next Anthony. Let's head out to tell us a time here on the fence. Yeah the truth probably include in you're probably not include are you confused thank. The last Parker plays. Its monopoly in our favor one other team trying to get on them know that somewhere. I can record they're all sold well there. It get through that some parts of their error yeah I don't. I don't think it matters what really have the plows at this time devised and have a suitors he's gonna have one or the other the what are you are gonna do if you don't play images cannot. To burn that bridge if it's not burned already years in a burn that bridge all the more between yourself and Jabari Parker feet don't play in the playoffs that's all. I have a feeling it's really hurt him if she doesn't have a script played out student Jordan an artist. It won't I I. It's just it's a let's say okay let's say you're right let's say it does hurt the stock right so let's say he doesn't get the money that he wants and yes take a lust or offer from another team. It's still locked in a matter at that point because he's probably still not gonna wanna be here if he's playing fifteen tonight a post season game or you're rotten. Right and then you have to figure out what you wanted to adapt like that battle things as a complete mess it takes for the comma and I appreciate it let's sneak one more in here where we go into next my consent France's Europe was unlike. Bardem who brought a different that it has ties in with Parker was too little called again at the end of the bench to put this thing. An estimated get a clean slate and that's what I want Philly Belinelli dealers over what I heard we agree and I'm. You know it's always doing. Past he says Ilyasova still lives in Milwaukee and he stilled in Puerto. We don't make a run at those kind of guys. And I would never lotteries are run billboards seventeen afraid to call out the other he's played report they know. Part I hate to say I like to Bart but I think you try to packets in the Bledsoe try to get you know it would you can get through to draft pick. That's a lot on package him in because. Dragon realty trade him until he signs off yet complete so you're they're gonna be stuck there handing out bomber much somebody is gonna signing teaming up to convince that seem to take Jumbo lots of contract. As well noggin is an expiring deal also some T may be willing to do that they have a lot of cap room to start to bargain in expiring contracts and backed the boxed. A longer term idea that they don't want. Yeah I guess that's possible that maybe you do it it's just so hard you aside trillion restricted free agency grey area it. I just think. They're pretty evident that management it's bribed in Middleton and got a sort of victory and I you know I really like to barge but just for the in the fit anymore. All right man thanks for the call I appreciate it and demeanor ascendancy. What happens 113 107 Celtics over the bucks X-Factor of the yen should. There's always something unexpected big changes the brought you my bride to Stratton college athletics offering athletic scholarships and six junior college sports. More at BC has bobcats dot com. I want thirteen 107 Boston over the box tonight. X-Factor the game second chance points. Turnovers. Those are your X factors of the game in a 113 107 lustig quicktime how come back. We are from buck said coach Joseph Brodsky that's next on offense. This is the Milwaukee Bucks they can save post game show let's hear. Coach's corner and sponsored by Schneider for over eighty years they've been offering great careers with a great benefits and more home time. Visit Schneider jobs dot. Or call 1844. Bra. This is the only station Bucs fans need. 1057 as. Plus 113 bucks 107. Bucks Dauman now one game to zero in the first round Eastern Conference playoffs game two comes up. Tuesday night in Boston some o'clock tip that home back on the air following that one. C Sparky Pfeiffer Anthony Mandela with few amid sky box head coach Gil proxy address the media. Just a short time ago. One drivel Paula that's a good look but again it's more the aggressiveness to get in the paint. And make plays not only from south of Brothers as well wanna see that defensively. You know he's kind of had arsenic in terms of the pressure that he can put on opponents so we're going to see some of that too. Joseph Merkel and Associated Press team who have just a lot of momentum swings and runs especially your picks second quarter put. Even took a fight at the end of the day with her zero Middleton swapping trees so just talk about the ups and downs that came. Right well it's you know obviously. We talk about this a lot 48 minute game. You know in tonight's case 53. But both teams are gonna keep fighting both teams are gonna scrap I thought there was a lot of loose balls or 5050s or reflections that they might have come up with that you know we get may be two different possession. You know there was one Chris had a great deflection but couldn't we couldn't pick up where the ball had gone. Didn't secure that one you know and in a couple instances like they end up shooting. You know eleven for 26 from three some of those or like fruit Jere hit a couple of big threes obviously as you mentioned you know and some of them are awful place right if we could secure the ball. Then it's a different story. Donate rideau is in what was your view on that six fell they called on the on this. My views he blew his whistle and called the six felony on us and it's six how's your out of the game. That he found them and that was a sixth round. Jack Ken Pittman to control. Offensive rate thousands live and survive. On the not. Nice they committed the flick since I was coming up with some was balls that the actual those those great dance they sing to get some big runs in the full tonight's safety put that down to. As you said the collective down sort. It's positioning their. It's a little bit of both in certain cases but at the end of the day you know those are also 5050s in certain ways in terms of being able to hit guys and go chase him down you have to get the dirty rebounds. You know one in particular that stood out that we didn't get. Who they're you know there were a couple of guys battling in the paint a couple of guys on the perimeter and you know they just hustle for but. We had hustle plays too don't we I don't wanna take any of that out of context we played well and we played hard. And the you know that's what the series is going to be both teams fighting and each little play will matter so the offensive read as she's being the offensive rebounds. That there are getting you know we've got to try and limit those deflection when we get them got to try and pick up those 5050 balls and then. Conversely taking care of the ball you know the first quarter eight turnovers is too many. But for the rest of the game for the most part we we did a better job taking care. Joseph the shunned having with the sporting news boot shop that Chris Middleton hit descended into overtime. How many progression said young has gone through before he threw the pass them and and how much of that is something that you've worked on it just you know kind of lean at that point. In no we do is. There was eight. So we've worked on plays at the end of the game obviously throughout the season but in particular year because of things that Boston will do defensively. He actually gone through. Two I would say in terms of the progression so what he looked at. But if the end of the day you know we had a couple of things in mind that we needed to take a look at. Because of what their defense is our you know we went with what we thought was the best. Chris ended up popping to an area that you know we get ended up getting a wide open look but. You know great shot by him good poise by Jonas be able to inbound the ball. In some ways fortunate but you know at the end of the day we were able to get a look with a very short amount of time on the clock. Or. Coach Steve both at Boston Herald. You're talking about loose balls 5050 plays one was 14 quarter where Horford misses an outside shot tracks on the offensive rebound just. At him in general seem to Yeltsin knew you. A bit more assertive today with the ball kind of difficulties does that did that present for you guys. Just Alan general idea. Am analysis that Al Horford is a very good player and I think one of the things about him through the years that you talked about just consistency. He he does what he does each night. But that having been said you know I think. Matchup wise you honest battled them really hard at times channel one battled them very hard you know meat may have to work I think both teams ended up having to work. You know give their guys' credit like we mentioned earlier you know rosier hit some tough shots. But Al made some big plays for them you know ends up with a double double but. He's on the perimeter handling the ball some he's in the polls and he he's of personal piece for them. And we had different matchups on him as well throughout the night and you know give him credit for the plays that he made it again I think a lot of our guys made some plays humbled them. Tarrant area is still brunch he won thirteen 107 Los Celtics at the box the brewers give all they walk off homer with two outs Matt Albers to florist. And the brewers lose in the bottom of the ninth to the mats and a tie game itself. Not a good day for a marquee sports fans are right so let's go to Tim NBA view you're next on the fan what's up. Well I guess regarding Parker. He said something the other being and they came interviewed I was carrying trusting that. Other players who don't need to know where you want cheap shot and it seemed like a lot of selfishness to me in the pollen and that's why it was on the bench and by the way if you are in Boston today. He would have been in the same place. Yeah I mean I. I have no idea all all I know whereas Boston as the number one defense in grade team any NBA Leno okay you know one have a conversation news why does Mike dropping your guard get out on. Know that one rated defense MT. Their coach demands one thing and if you don't play that way when you're not gonna play out and watch what could Baines Davis who. Horrible the first half of that game concede much veins in the second half of that game now within that that was. A matchup probably one blame also Archie came that was ended it. I may be pricey pulled the same new Jabbar. This is the issue though if there's going to be an issue. Where was this the whole year. Where was this the whole year when guys weren't playing defense well and sitting woman cutting government where was this before. So now you pick the playoff game to make a statement where was it before. Because if you think this is the first time to buy part or as a player that while the defense hasn't played all that long spurts are kidding yourself he has. Sure you could argue given bench Pryor had been no. Have other players and veteran play defense because there's plenty of Obama's team that she's not too Middleton chose not to play defense for parts of this year. Bledsoe shown to what I cannot play defense or parts of this year. I'm saying I. What ever got there was god do as long as you're communicating in you tell these guys before we did it look this deal. I notice any hero when he does get away with crap we weren't doing any thing. But I'm gab all out effort to reenter a play all out and we're not gonna get maximum effort you're gonna sit next to me if that was set prior to game one the Jabari knew what was coming. No argument. But if he flipped the script mentality buddy you are made him that I did you buy Playboy didn't. All I'm saying is. Just make sure you're communicating. What the rules are before you institute it'd annual punishment or one way or the other that's. 113 107 Celtics over the bus a city chilies and BB of the game. Bucs fans let's get tonight's Chile's MVP. I mean the first to notice standout player tomorrow morning at 835 during chugging away blurred to win free food from Chile's. Chile's famous for birders ribs but he does and margaritas. Jerry's MVP of the gang goddess 35 points thirteen boards seven assists three steals four turnovers. Thirteen to sixteen at the line element 21 overall 45 minutes in the box lost 113 to 107. Comeback. Ruler of the back portal talked to Gary woeful straight ahead. You're listening to the Milwaukee Bucks ticket sales post game show now it's time to pick the ruler of the backboard. Brought you bipolar most think she's frozen pizza bloated with a half pound of Wisconsin she is it truly is. The ruler of pizza. 113 107 Celtics over the bucks game one police recovered playoffs game two coming up on Tuesday night back in Boston 7 o'clock to would be back on the air fallen now 135 points. Thirteen rebounds yeah Imus your ruler of the backboard. Now it's yeah. Insider get a read. You like the little pieces of Thomas knew. This is the Milwaukee Bucks and can save post game show. All right so the box come up on the losing end tonight 113 a 107 to the Boston Celtics now let's see what are WS as the basketball that are Gary woeful things as he joins as an agreement West Bank hotline. Gary's thoughts on the game. That's truly incredible. Maybe one of the year bowl not the most captivating. Playoff game and what history. I outgoing call we Elias Sports Bureau. Yeah after the game and ask him if there's ever been around eight playoff games. What are teams sit back to back three point shot with a cap of Clinton left on the clock I can never ever remember that. Yeah I was pretty while the way that regulation. You know winded down there at the end with a Milton in that child I have second lap but. They lose in overtime man and I really believe this was a game. That was kind of there for the day in May the Boston Celtics and not shoot the ball well they were awful in the second quarter shooting the basketball you got turning it over. And a lot of them to stay in the basketball game nation less than 42% from the field you shoot the ball pretty well 48%. And you still lost again. Against the Bucs wanted the country well. They'll I totally agree. They. Squandered a golden opportunity. When game one. Game two eventually imperative obviously it was a bad game there for all intent and purpose from global. To bury your heart combat Ortiz stepped to play out so. The media putting him to watch. What hasn't change in game two again. Jabari Parker played the game play well when he was in their but he only did play fifteen minutes. I mean visitor what they'll play 33. And how to equal off. Exactly. Exactly I don't know him and now played 33. And how would he play also. I don't know what's going on there. One of the game of the regular season Jabari Parker nineteen points in banging. On. In the battle my goodness he's old now. While you know he doctors in game one. In one against the playoffs. I I I don't know I. I think if you're the blocking bucks right now you have to figure out a way. On to make sure war on yet you can get more guys involved then Johnson Chris Middleton in this next game because if you're gonna say. That we're gonna you rely on those two guys to be the main scores you're being you're going to be in trouble blood shall pass the plate battered and Jabari passive play better and score the basketball get more minutes if there are gonna have a chance. Yeah record recruited more important way to remember when. Want to shut on with a seventy. Yes. You know it was picked rate problem. And right in front of Jalen brown. He now Jill brown announced after the yeah I was asked who was. Terry road grader there. Who believe that. You can imagine how that went chain and sure what they're. Yes it's interesting that that that would arrows you're there at the Adam on Eric Bledsoe Alice CNET. Well naturally. I mean there and a spirited what Natalie it's great to get open each one of current coach. The other thing about this game too wise. You lose the game yes but you're a lot of rebound battle by three I mean you're. That was the one area where I think there was a lot of concern for Bucs fans was all please don't get killed on the boards you'll never win. And you only Lhasa by three with twelve boards for more for tampered date on seven for more risk and you're still able to overcome that keep a close. Are exactly the other they've played they've settled I mean yeah. You know they would get not such rotten start terminal where I mean like it and let me you know. I'm plagued by turnovers should early in the game what. Now it went dark look video. I guess articles on mattered yeah I disagree with you on that there were. They're fast guys weren't getting back in transition there were times guys leaving jumping for rebounds to stand there watching guys around and jump for rebounds. I don't that's gonna happen I mean if you look at the Celtics are moments like that true you know I mean. But. Yeah you know but weeks in the book too little you're right. Around nine accept an earlier in the N earlier in the shelter some recalled about four and I said this is our long got a whole year it's not just gonna are automatically changed by bucks standards they played about as hard as they're gonna play any game. So this is going to have to be good enough with the effort to sought a night. Yeah yeah this afternoon. I mean I talked a couple and the people the last couple days in the you know there could be one could have been neutral part in the match right. There was a point guard Eric Bledsoe gets through sheer. Terry wrote here who bought and sold. Or the point Kirk yup. You know people there everybody you don't want to be twenty brought out. And they were you know big dimensional kind reader big enough you know you don't which is understandable right. But markets Smart and so what do you know. A market Smart they're saying may be back before the end of the series. Yeah brilliant marketer and so are there aren't into this thing goes seven they say he could be back for game seven but we'll have to wait and seeing. Rated adequate but everybody told the upper yeah accord are ill for trail if the bucks they'll win game two this could be a quick series. I agree like five days going like beating Milwaukee it's one and in Milwaukee and then it it might be all right coming back to boss himself and it's a big big game coming up. I'm Susan I thank you so much Derek. Some group like it. You have to various Gary waffle on the great midwest Bangkok if you're looking for a simple and convenient pre approval process for your new home construction or renovation loan call great midwest bank committed to providing uniquely tailored common sense mortgage products since 1935. How do you feel about this team only got like a minute left but how you are to muscle some how do you feel about this team right now. I don't feel like today most teams you think could bring a second gear. For their first post season game especially the first time and they're altogether for and it seemed like they came out just like this was any other game. Yeah I don't know why I think this is not as hard as they complain I I don't know if they can play much harder then what they look like two day. I don't think maybe I'm wrong maybe they'll show as you put it another gear another level. I mean this is this guy what is right now for this box team and you blew a golden opportunity would that Boston teams shoot horrible today. And you let slip through your fingers and you lost this was a game you have to win because I'm guessing or shoot the ball battering nova games this series and you're really gonna have your hands full he gave up. 113 points to eighteen nationalist and 42%. From the field. Thing about that. Buses the Boston Celtics game one game two coming up on Tuesday night don't forget chuck your record tomorrow morning 6:8 am they'll talk. Fox basket Bible though Michaels of the statewide network from Tenet's new and and Ronnie LeRoy Gary myself. We will talk about this game as well tomorrow afternoon from two to six enjoy the rest of your life. And we'll talk to later. Or else.