Bucks radio broadcaster Ted Davis

Bill Michaels
Tuesday, March 13th
Bill Michaels Show: Milwaukee Bucks radio play-by-play broadcaster Ted Davis joined Bill on a Milwaukee Bucks Tuesday.

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He is now joining us on the Schneider awards spotlight while we chatted. Other portion of the Milwaukee Bucks Ted Davis Theo how you immigrant. Hi good afternoon bill we're in Florida where if it's kind of chilly down here in Florida that's not fair what we come down here and it. Entity low forties when I wake up. Is that right now today I hear it's gonna be 86. In Arizona so. I've got to be on that wanted to protect good about that as a matter. A lot Allen who. Yeah we got better to get them such kind of thought about it it's it's going to be about sixty to paper I put the I would like you are hoping for eighty. Yeah Ted Davis in the thermal Speedo today they have. Eight said this team is been and I've said all season long. It the inability to consistently handles success is mine is in mind boggling. Against teams with records of 500 better. They have struggled obviously the team they should be they've been beating so give me your assessment after coming out of that stretch it was just not good they were just just missing something. And now you get back at it keeps you should be beating Brady Jennings comes on. He he's just shot a triple double gives amid a little liver shot an arm. What does this team need to be more consistent. Well just be more consistent coming net that found you know kind of like an oxymoron but it's not an and we think that what this day and I think I think the game it really kind of with a microcosm of the boxing's it was that game against the said the sixers. Where they were battered and and they were really really good it. And they were bad again and and they were really really good again and came back to win that game effect came back from 28 out of the first happened nineteen down. In the second half to win the game that really is what this team has been make it be hot they can be old. They can do it within the same game. They can do it within the same quarter. The good candidate they've shown that when they're locked in. And everybody is focused on defense than they're passing the ball they're remembering the truck that your your teammate to get the ball back to use. They can be as good as anybody they can be Toronto they can beat Cleveland they can be boss they done it this year. But that they going to those moments where the defense is blocked in where they forget the past in the play a little bit of one on one basketball which doctors during. And we have seen the result they're not very good when they do that so you know here they are with the that the and I'd I still think the of course speed is not out of the question. Europe two and a half games out of the foresee right now the cavaliers despite betray you can't seem to get their act together they ball on the border. In Indiana has got the third if it sport is not reasonable then that certainly he has which would get you out of that. 78 matchup which would get to Boston or Toronto in the first round. Brandon Jennings it's sign and he comes on like a ball of fire what kind of an energy peace is this because it seems like gay at least from what I've heard some of the interviews he's conducted. There's a little bit more about humble listed him right now. Where he looks at this is not necessarily as he's command and he was the guy that dropped fifty this is the guys just try to kind of make your name from self ball over in the league. And try to help out a team he was once way. I think it's really got a deal for both parties right now for the bucks because. They absolutely needed what he gave them last night with the entry to Brockton. In would be entry to Delhi they've been going with pretty much one point guard for a long time you know Jason Terry playing the point you've had middle complying. You've already got it handling the ball there but you can't go. A long stretch with only one true point guard a guy who can really face the great guy on the defense that he may. And that's exactly what Jennings rock last night yeah I think it's good for getting because you're right he doesn't have to be the man he's not the pit pick in the draft. When he came in the first time and in 2010 in the appear to be here year. These 28 year old veteran now. We've had a serious injury the Achilles tendon injury set him back. I think he's over it now but he's not 35 years old he's he's 28 so he's got some good mileage ahead of it. And he doesn't have to be the man on this thing and not a that the man Middleton is is right this year. Jabari is going to be a guy who's bending and he can just fit in and do what he did last night which is to come into the game and change the pay. You could tell that the game picked up immediately. When he came in last night and thought it was a remarkable performance by Brandon to helicopter in. Probably geely to have one practice with the NBA team. And go out and almost get a triple double in his first game of the season that that was remarkable. Ted couple weeks ago I had Malcolm brought in on our Milwaukee basketball our show and one of the things that he said I said look give yourself because you're not you're not playing right now so what do you see. And he said you know what like I'd try to figure out who they are with different rotations and sister Rory came back and and he said you know at times we play a little selfish. And I've got that strong coming from a guy who just last year's rookie year. Of but he said it will work itself which went up or not play together basketball when you get everybody involved on the offensive end that translate to the defense went which was surprising to me. But my question to you is do you see the same thing do you CAA level of selfishness at times with this team. I wouldn't call it selfishness necessarily. When I play one on one play. I think it's more a case. One guy deciding. Okay I've got to make something happen whether she got to where Middleton were blessed though. And they don't want outlawed while everybody else stands around this kind of like the Carmelo Anthony theory when he was with the knicks where he plays the ought side or the other guy at all the other. If that's not the about history. I don't wanna call it selfishness that I can't get inside that head of players. But I do know that sometimes they forget the past and look it's much easier to get good shots when you're moving the defense side. If they can just block Ian. And in particular now when they're packing the paint on the audit and almost daring him to come in their. It if they can just sit there and not have to move. Then your shot selection is not going to be as good that it people strong side to weak side you do that a couple of times reports that ought. You get the defense moving you'll get better shots whether be an outside shot or because they're moving. Now yacht it has more freedom to go to the line and do what he does best which is. Be one of the best finishers in the NBA around the real. We know the Yaris is a superstar we retirement this the other day you pat players have been superstar caliber players. But you can't consider to be that ultimate superstar and teach started winning in the post season. Is that the only thing right now the honesty in his resonate or is their mores and an outside shot his development of that portion of his game. To becoming bigger and better stroke quote superstar. Why do you think you need the outside shot and and getting better if it's not you know here here's the thing that tells me you're shot is getting better. His net does look better. And that may seem like a weird thing today but you know a couple of years ago when he was shooting outside having these things were Shanker they were dealing. Now his his outside shot look better and he's starting that hit more of them now he doesn't do it. Game to game to game to game and that that the infant part of the game but he doesn't need that job she got to at least. Poll the defense belt on him a little bit and that he can use that extraordinary athletic ability and the big strides that he take. To get by anybody in get down a plane but but you're right you'll ultimately be judged on whether or not your team win. And let's face it this team is gonna have to win a playoff series. It take the next step which they haven't done that 2001. Get a good this year it depends on the matchup if bit. Boston or Toronto probably not but if it's any other match up right now I'm I didn't that thing Cleveland I'm not sure Cleveland. Has the most go to do what they've done for the last couple of years but you're right I got to the got to have to have seen that. For him to rise to that next level which would be one of the top. You know in the peer with a guy like to ramp for curry or hard or some of those. While we've talked about Cleveland they got that big game coming up after the thing for the Orlando and Atlanta than you've got that nationally televised game audience BN. Where you're gonna take on the Cleveland Cavaliers and not that I think that it is it's a detailed break double what the hell's happened to Cleveland oh my god it just looked terrible the last strategist gave up Ted. Yeah out they they were doing that before the trade deadline to. And then I made the trades and they'd fit the guys out and brought organized it and they really shook up the roster. And they had a little expense for awhile. But now the bad habits that they were showing before that traitor back they're not playing very good defense. I think LeBron is frustrated I do think. All of this talk about where he's going to be next year have to be a distraction to everybody. On that team you know we will these same plea literally be a Laker Willie you're 76ers. That the drama that is gonna play out of that team but the rest of the season that they've had a good run this year but every now and then even with a superstar Iran has over. And right now it looks like it might be over in Cleveland now LeBron James is that kind of transformational. Talent where you can kind of throw the switch at playoff time so I'm not counting them out completely but right now they don't look like it seemed they can go very deep play. Ted great stub is always stay warm. Odd couple are thought that if we've got to say that it's they wore jealousy get the rallies that are real soon tech all right thank you bought.