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Wednesday, December 6th
12/06/17: DET 100, MIL 104 - The Milwaukee Bucks Pick 'n Save Post Game Show presented by Palermo's King Cheese frozen pizza. Sparky recaps the action and hears from Jason Terry and Gery Woelfel.

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Here for the players. Coach again his speed he can teach speed you know he knows how to use it handles well. This is the Milwaukee Bucks could conceive post game show presented by the lawyer most things is frozen. Please no tears sparking flavor 11057. FM. The fan. That is a much needed win by the Milwaukee Bucks tonight against the Detroit this ends I always value. When you're playing a team in your division I especially value when you're chasing a team leader division existing gonna win the division absolutely not bought. Can this team at least finish second in the division yeah. And and I think that's an attainable goal this has got to lots are the coming back on earth a little bit not here in the last week or so. I'm the Bucs take advantage even though things are little bit shaky there. In the third and early fourth quarter they're able to hold on give the victory tonight won all four. 2100. Bucks had a sizzling offense going there in the first ask 130 the first thirty in the second or shoot the ball well. Everybody was getting involved they're passing the basketball well things cooled off got staying a little bit. Panetta is a little bit of a struggle. But again today all that matters is that they got the wind down as tonight. 25 points nine boards four assists two steals. And two blocked shots to go along with a five turnovers on eight of sixteen shooting eight of twelve from the line. Three dot point two points for Eric Bledsoe on nine of 21 shooting. Two of six from three point range hit point two points four boards three assists a steal block into turnovers 21 for Middleton only took ten shots tonight. He seven only to a four threes file file of the line including big free throws on the search for this bucks team 21 points six assists. Four rebounds for camp bench played a night. Now. They admit it did they played Rashad haunt. Me now. I couldn't. It was funny in pregame tonight. Jason Kidd was talking mud out you know be injured Jason Terry for a couple weeks here is gonna be able to get. Sterling brown or several pick and the judge Vaughn more minutes and I reach we did know that little video that the bucks Riyadh selling miss him do you think they're gonna get between the two of and some people say twenty minutes that they got seventeen for a shot on mr. LeBron didn't get in the game but were shot on did. And play I thought fairly well and. Eleven points off the bench for game 36 from 4324. From three point range three or four from the line five boards two assists a steal and a block. For a shot on a plus minus category I think is worthless and most nights but plus eighteen. But your shot Vaughn on the floor in seventeen minutes. Not to share. Malcolm bridled at ten points off the bench. As well this team shoots 49 and a half percent. Did Milwaukee Bucks 41 point 9%. For the Detroit Pistons and they overcame 27 points twenty rebounds and six assists from Andre Drummond. I'm two over fifteen she overcame that instill. One the basketball game tonight odd. Jonas is birth. 23. Anthony elderly. 124. What did you do your birthday last year. Moment or their last 224 when I turned 23 entered point three return 23. When's your birthday is march oh mark mark now. 238. Don't remember. Only remember which you know and when their birth. I couldn't I always hear Clinton Wayman my Debra and Alice Gemma toys for bird. This year. Our lives and have a better way to celebrate them more credit and no and it every Tampa Bucs win all we work yeah. How can I did get on the bus for your birthday your work again if they want to check the arms Muster up bucks out twelve actually should be thirteen into and I believe. Just refresh measurement thirteen anti now about seven and four at home the pistons all the fourteen inch and six and eight on the road. He announced you're the boxer have gained on the Detroit Pistons to climb up to them and pass them and the standings and that is why this was such a big game. Tonight for the boxing and he responded. If erecting games tonight. Or you watch this game and listen to on the radio. What are your thoughts on this bucks basketball team how they perform tonight vs. How to reform in their last game against the Boston Celtics and differences that you noticed between this bucks team tonight and that Bucs team. Against the Boston Celtics 414799125414. 79 natural fit just get a call in quick here Oreo first just in North Carolina Ghana fan dude what's up Justin. I was an apartment I would say my bad news about global leader among them right bill if why I'm back why I'm like you had balance at balance. It's terrible. We're not that that's been an ad that's been an argument for years but I and I'm telling you that about a team is not as talented as badger teams of the past. The attitude same thing Riyadh many got to give have all agreed now done or been murdered by these guys. You got 6002. Half you got 42 for example. Apple. Emma look about a book art. So what I thought it. I saw while we don't include Middleton or bracket and trait for a country. Like we realize we don't when it came out you know. Can we just stop for a second Chris Melton stuff just just listen to me if I'm I'm seeing people tweet out three games and what he's done three games. Remember what we're talking about we're talking about Chris Melton. Who is a streaky basketball player. He'll be as cold as ice for a couple weeks and then he'll get hot or your think he's a future all star for three of for two or three weeks to he's in that hot streak right now and when he's playing this way yeah he's a huge difference maker for this team. But you still don't try to are either second option right now. And we don't trade him for riddled them that's gonna be here and we don't know you can. Now none and I don't I don't think they make that deal Jeff Schwartz is his agent now I. I don't think they make ideal for DeAndre Jordan unless they know they got a long term extension of some sort. There's no way any schedule otherwise and and maxed I tried by the said the day. I'm not make an ideal either mainly because of Jabar Parker any I don't know how he's gonna play coming back. Indeed there's no guarantee you'll is pat he's here pass this summer so they are in a situation where. If Bledsoe bodies after next year you're stuck with the Andre Jordan. And yeah honest John and Jordan like thirty million or whatever it is nonessential wanna in you only out one score bad being honest you have nobody else. Unless the odd maker you know turns into a complete stop the next two years. Well we got a long way to go for that but yeah I like the way to plot movement unlike a way to go to a back seat. A party did its job with that went on without a likely yacht came back and like this for the good basketball they beat Roddick at that spot in the night. And we kind of stay patient and I don't think we sit. I think we give up a lot less. Lord knows this question mark you know about that parties I don't want that local Purdue coming enough they'll get back to Egypt should ink but. I think that's a much better. War what the cost they have everything else like that but I don't know I. You're local force seems Jewish ershad volleys your Frazier has been a this year is an intake doubles option in Philly I don't know what you're waiting and Rick are Arabic game well or shots into the employing more than just tonight. Oh my good Brooklyn date there. Like a lot of god MBA and older to me in NPA. Yet Jason Terry serves a purpose it's not necessarily score the basket but just a base for the call is an essay to score the basketball is an extension the coaching staff on the on the floor he's out there. He brings some energy to the floor B hits an occasional three great. Why is there. Kyle likens an assistant coach complain later coach player almost. Good chemistry guy for the locker for these young guys show how to play how shall want a practice shot onto all that stuff and be like another coach I. That's his role. The problem in. I'll continue to say this forever. I really think there's one thing not to Yahoo!'s option that this could you might them at some point in the future we'll see how old are wrong. And it it could be practicing can be whatever the issue is why they never play that dude there's obviously something. Soviet that you can score the basket. He just can't has since talent now I grant you his outside shot has been the best that. Burrowing animal walking at all he would do almost frantic threes long you know the rim won't drive our health and he can get to the rim he hit free throws he get out in raw and he hit the three. I hope. They can didn't give him 1520 minutes to see what happens. Just do what happens. Because he can provide offense off the bench for you and then sings forever he's the most talented player you have on that bench right now. As far as scoring the basketball. Him abroad and I guess I guess those are the two at this point. I can score the basketball I think we have some recalling enough from the B mourners broke center here momentarily Anthony Atlanta that box. I get the win tonight. Over the Detroit Pistons won all four to 100 bucks now thirteen 107 and four. I had to be moyers Bradley's 125 points nine boards for assist couples fiscal blocks. Enough for ya honest tonight 21 point six assists for boards for Chris Melton. Eric Bledsoe 22. Points to go along with four rebounds. And three assists and I believe we have a guest from being owners browse and who has an aunt and the jet Jason Terry I'm beautiful or just talk about Jason Terry. Jason joins us now on the great midwest bank hotline. I don't map. I'm doing good so important there there are a war yet you look good you seem to send over there on the sidelines and take. Question for you and I am assuming you'll have some type of an answer. You overshot on man I mean I the fan base got to turn on him over a year ago and I'm in kind of an awful blew by myself conscientious kid on. I I think he's super tauzin be a really good basketball player but he just can't get any wrong. With this team and when he finally did get some runs and I play well. With a orders thing to do as a young player in this league is pretty consistent. And now once you find that consistency and find out more as a player. You know in your time will come. He you know he's been doing an excellent excellent job. Stand ready. Expand into and working hard. And we don't opportunity makeup when it comes to where or when a great. Tonight you answer to call. And had a big performance off the bench which you know we've sorely needed all of our bench. You know it's an eight and Harris whether to bring up their talking about on the fox sports Wisconsin broadcast tonight Marcus Johnson Jim asking about. DJ Wilson and how he's been kind of relying on Donna some fond economy helped him. As far as what he's supposed to be doing considering he's not getting any run either as far as keeping himself ready to play when asked out of the deal is that when. It in bulk of their cases Wilson and long when your first round draft pick and in not giving a lot of playing time your watching other kids in your class. You know get a lot of running get a lot of notoriety. Will do it. Being addicted to a little different bond he's more out on the worst last year force I didn't play much early on EE pick things up. You know a little quicker and we battle against the run a little later than on oil started sooner so. Same thing would be dead in pot case. You know be patient widgets term but continue to work and prepare as if you're going to play every game and you'll be ready when your opportunity presents. Tarred with the jet Jason Terry here as a bus when waddle for 2100 obviously it's early in the season probably not really ought to concern about standings or otherwise but I thought tonight was a pretty big game because this is our front of you in the division I and you got trying to act these guys off while one team at a time climbing up. Towards atop the division how does this team approach division games. Well it is very important can't force might occur split on the street series on now we are up to want a team that. Obviously is in front of us but featured in Cleveland now ordered he's fired for that you know that division title. I think is very important. Or play opposition. Also when we talk about it coming down between one or two changeup tiebreaker implications. Are all that is later down the line. But if you take care that is now. That will take care of itself later. He is the jet Jason Terry joining us here on what you are speaking to a post game show I met thanks slot for coming on. How how are you doing as far as recovery analyzing his contact. On doing great this year two weeks I sit for days. Obviously I know mark potter and the body a little better or an artist ellenberger ire it. I love to go get a Mac thanks for coming on appreciate it. You betcha there is Jason Terry. The bucks get the win 1042100. Now thirteen and 107 and four at home he joined us on the great mid West Bank Hala great midwest bank has been committed the personalized common sense lending since 1935. You're in the market to buy build or renovate or refinanced is a great mid West Bank dot com to discover the benefits of simply. Local bank. That I hear there and he said they said two weeks I said forty's. That's what he says. That is what he says Sandra to mean shall. And Noble's bottom of the days they're honoring Jason Terry about how long it ten feet he thinks of takes comeback but remember this is pretty much the same engine that Greg Monroe had. I'm at the beginning of the season and he was out for quite a while trying to come back from the us to sell ten networks that are it's an hour and it's a sports flash. I relate this like that shelf. Our job to get to sports question how would Anthony Randolph buster doing 104100 you're leaving them being Myers brush senate. I wanna hear from you if you watched her the game on the radio I want to tell me the difference if you saw tonight vs a Celtics game 4147991250. 41479. Natural fifty and then coming up a little bit we're in some pretty cool for jas is Bertha stay tuned for that. Out at tonight's game at a let's go inside the box score and brought to you by ABC audio video home entertainment. Commercial audio video simply done right and ABC audio video dot com. This is the Milwaukee Bucks pick it saved post game show. Our iboxx debt deal when that tonight over the Detroit there's an. Cut in the first segment of the show let's go inside the box a world for 100 win for the bucks. And starting out when John Henson 24 minutes five of eight from the floor ten point six boards. To block shots and one turnover you got us tonight 38 minutes eight of sixteen from the floor one of three from three point range eight at twelve from the free throw line. 25 points nine boards four assists two steals two blocks and five turnovers. I went up but he was eight of sixteen from the floor and I felt like he had an off night you know basketball and our. Middleton 37 minutes seven of ten from the floor to a four from three point range final file from the line 21 minutes four boards six assists one turnover. Eric Bledsoe 31 minutes nine at 21 from the four to six from three point range to a five from the line 22 points four boards three assists one steal one block. Two internal storage now twenty minutes one of three from the floor one of three from three point range one assessed. Three points. I'm lip service to. They need to give him more shots and he's gone from outside. Just in general because it there when he came off the bench and he started attacking the rim plus take an outside shot. If you can do that. Were received but Jabbar comes back I think sells gold to bet in a snow is going to the bench. Then that is the smell you need to be super aggressive on the opposite side of four when he comes off the bench and then we'll see. However shot on seventeen minutes 36 from the floor to a four from three point range three or four from the free throw line. Eleven point five Boortz two assists a steal and a blocked shot Malcolm Rogge in 26 minutes five attempt from the floor ten points five boards four assists one steal. For him. Andre latest warning for men it's one of three from the field 02 from three point range two points four boards one assists two steals. One blocked shot. Thought Nader 43 minutes zero Q from the field one board one assist and two turnovers 49 and a half percent. For the box tonight 41 point 9% for the Detroit Pistons. Eight of twenty from three point range for the Bucs head of thirty for the pistons aged 47 from the line for Detroit the bucks eighteen of 26. Rebounding while you can while gas that the Bucs lost that but not as bad as you are following dramatic when he rebound tonight. 43 to 38 only a five rebound different way better. The national lacking they got against the Celtics assists tonight twenty to assist the twenty assists for the Detroit Pistons. And again I turn overs. Eleven for both teams would total 4100. The box over the Detroit Pistons they are now thirteen and 1074. Add whole. Early in the season here in the month of December you look around to the rest Eastern Conference Cleveland beat Sacramento 1195. Boston beats the maverick she's next up for the bucks 97. On to ninety payback time you would think considering a belly Dallas beat the bucks the last Sunday some in Dallas the box will be looking for payback. Coming up and their next game so we'll see about one plays out all right. So what was the difference. As far as you can see from the Celtics game. Through this game obviously in order to come on it's your right to see both games. 414799125414. 79 I drove it between his televise seven FM the fan and team Mandela where tube and to Brookfield check in with Tony Tony you're on the fan. You know Irish are gone you know contributor like but on the go on your point red city county ballot to bar I kind of agreed that. But I'll look at how we get you don't when he gets back in all. Well I it's David to its first off. According to Gary will derive partner doesn't wanna come back and play ten or twelve minutes he's back in NC was a comeback in play full minutes right off the bat now. Whether or not that happens or not as able have to wait and see but. Jabar Parker is playing for contract this summer I cannot imagine Devard Parker is going to be fine coming off the bench. So if Milton goes back to essentially the two and Jabari goes back to being. A Ford which got us and then the Hanson and senator. That don't sell last go to the bench in an adventure becomes Braga and all of a dull though. Tony snell. While Mears that's a lot of bitch and sign maker that then becomes your bench and then you see what happens after that plus your guy drilling in on the bench and. That the that the very strong that the air on bent but I didn't know Joseph Barton come back and what he wanted when he got people are Geithner. Well. A lot out other say yes we had odd Eric Bledsoe on the big show on a box Tuesday and if you missing go to qualify set it up on the fan that travels into and out and on demand brought to buy doubles big Gypsy. And Eric Bledsoe. When NASA budget by Parker said he's scary right now how good he looks so. When you start hearing of that that's been around only for a while Bledsoe referred to another player on your team who's going back Alvin drew is looking scary good. Watch out that that is a good sign and the little video that you see under Barroso he stroke and had three pretty good too against small sample size of video. I'm a lot to wait and see thanks for the caller that's really something that is going to be a huge benefit for this team if he can hit that outside shot consistently. And still be a bully ball Jabari to a certain point to. Ease scored one in ninety easy. Easy easy and it's one Nina. And you already see blood is looking into two when he and you can see Middleton can get to two wanting Milton when he's on and then yes obviously right around thirty. They're gonna have a whole lot of offense that one employer and Jabari Parker that one player is gonna make a huge difference on the offensive side of the flow. Now the key that is going to be ball swings and I getting into much isolation becoming the thunder. Dubai partners unselfish player and I'm sure you know that that NASA will be an issue for him all the time but the same time you wanna be too unselfish. Like he was early on in his career Milwaukee and not attack. On and get his office because he is. I think a pretty good offensive player and can score bunches and can really help the scene and can help you take Gaddis is minutes and take them down maybe if you know three to five plus minutes a game which. Again maybe not sol like a lot to you listening but. Tune NBA player that's a ton more rest but they would have had and it will pay off a when he guns in the post season. Or you could do it. So these are teams waged a Plame and a bunch against. Russ and now I don't believe Jason Kidd is going to do that any time since. Where to axed and canteen and you ran up to Germantown and check in with James James you're on the box pick their post game show subjects. So beyond our that we aren't related. It is present great but it is you know develop an offensive games. That's been that's been a knock on hands and he's been in the league and time and time again I've heard NBA people say if he ever develops a three point shot. Excusing and get paid big money if you can be a. Yeah but like I like it frustrates me that get playing time. Over or shot oh lord from another why do you think that is. I think they're great don't get your yeah that's the only reason offensive. Authentic. Yeah I I hear ya I don't hear you but you're struggling defense to that also has been an issue with as much basketball team too thanks for the call I look I did it. As a result Bob played more minutes to outbid their for a while again along and I told them boot Obama self but. He gave 1520 minutes a night look at the box score tonight for instance we just want over the box oh look at the box score tonight. And the under aliens that I play 24 minutes and boss who got seventy. Now Gator and I Jason Terry but Jason Terry was inactive for bunch of games in active but didn't play for bunch of games this year Santa bench and watched. When Jason Terry does come back if bond is playing well I've been Turkey it's against ministry job be as much. Our let's go to. Can we do shot of the game and retire Marchand Bob Estes. This is the Milwaukee Bucks big save post game show let's get tonight's Dave and busters shot of the busters wallets Sosa the only place to eat drink played analog storks and this is the only station. So. I. Shot of the game I came in. Drove him. Walked into anti Mandela was shot I wanted. And this is I I think the shot of the game actually don't mind was the turning point again right yeah so this is the shot Eunice is from anti Mandela he made. The decision on what we do for shot of the game courtesy of fox sports Wisconsin. Eight seconds remaining in the first. I really thought Donna is gonna be gonna hit forty. 45 points on the way he came out he's given a free throw line he was aggressive. Thirteen points in the first tournament he's got a shot at forty and then he cool lost some. But who cares point third birthday the Bucs get a win that's all the matters at the end of the day. 1042100. Take quick timeout and get to another sports flash with Anthony Mandela will come back I'll give you a defensive play of the game. And also the chili's and he'd be a million to know for chalk and we look tomorrow and if you are fed up goddess. And today's his birthday. You are gonna have a chance and we're gonna record here in the next half hour cell. Rent take this. William JB MP3 insight into the Bustamante burn as CD Marines of the bus whatever will figure out how to do it. You are not gonna give an opportunity to wish I was happy birthday and say whatever is that you wanna say right now I'm in his post game show for the next half hour. 414799125414. 7991250. We'll make sure yon is gets this that's coming up next here I'm fat. Defensive plays stood out here's the labor's local 113 defensive play of the game. The labor's local 113 in Milwaukee and feel the power that LIQ and 8113. Dot org. This is the Milwaukee Bucks big sale post game show. All right so the buck stick a win tonight. Yes they certainly did. And it win over the Detroit Pistons 104100 defensive play of the game. Our producer co host I guess I'll call Anthony Mandela what chance. The Andrei Liggins. Year ago. And their careers are Marcus Johnson impasse guiana called even to play the game got ray Liggins it is modular spigots April's game showbiz adage about polite most she's frozen pizza. Loaded what I have to opt out of Wisconsin cheese Powell. It truly is a little ruler all of pizza RIs before the break. It's got to get the sort of the Boston two Yana CA do you give him birthday wishes or whatever that you love Tom and his 43 birthday today. Kudos to the box on a he saw the video they tweeted output. They send. Crew over to Greece or they hired a crew over increased. I'm they had a bunch of the national players wish him happy birthday they went to a school. And had their wish amount happy birthday as well over increase it was very well done I think he did like two or three videos today. Off for jas is berth they sell nicely done by the Milwaukee Bucks all right your chance to wish I was happy birthday or whatever is would you like Italian artists now where we go first. JP in Germantown your up. Subject it. AS one election actually at secret state secret pat spoke player better man I was out there being humble. The great thing about these guys integration. All right man thanks for the cup is just that easy you know webinar responded like that he's not listening to what he'll he'll listen to it eventually. But is it now listening to it right right now so your chance you have. Yeah as a birthday wish or whatever 414799125414. 7991253. To sell 1057 FM the fan guest suites not gonna work you need to call are worried onto next. John and we're senior up with a job. Page power until listed 2017. It. And BA MB yeah its. Happy 23 birthday keep the dollar I wanna say you are here sporting a bird it's plane in Milwaukee well. I love it thanks for the comment and I appreciate it forty. You all along Todd at seventeen years from now. You'll. I'm of this jas slightly 42 I'd like to see him play Milwaukee his entire career obviously. I just wondered NBA players who play as long. Because of the Wear and tear on their body in because of how many minutes these guys are all logging. From time to time going forward that yeah now its entire career Milwaukee that'd be great police say please please stay in the entire city wants you to stay. I'm OK where tuner from birthday wishes for Udonis at the waseige check in with CJ. TJ you're telling me. It a little box renting a house on chip. Let my dad and your daughters abolished its plan on the up or create traveling team and at the tournament the beacon and Nina. Yacht that's it's her paper player. He does everything right he hustles he. Worked hard and does the dirty work. He's come a long long way end she is his biggest. Band you want to send Hatteberg it which is unfortunately she's in bad because there are responsible parent shouldn't. Get her to bed before 10 o'clock here but and you got it. Get your question. As a parent and I'm in the situation to. It is harder and harder. That to find those athletes that you feel comfortable win with or anybody Emmys obviously your parents are here the role model first and foremost before an athlete is I get that. But so many times you know you you figure you're buying into something that's right they knew finally it may be a wasn't and would yeah oddest. JJ watt I mean that there are there are some out there that you just know the debt and it's OK gonna buy that Jersey for your daughter whatever the case may be. Absolutely I mean girl growing up and you know very humble and end. Typical situation Q Communist country aunt and have a my Allen's state that you worked so hard and continue to do so to become a path to this crap and repression. Or for me at the father there's no better person to find cheaper for my you know young daughter here than a few of the WNBA players say. If you wanna if you wanna play this is seriously your passion. Do like yachts. Why and that's exactly yet and the work ethic is unmatched so and so forth thanks for the call and that's the one thing. A buyout yeah honest kind of feels weird talking about young's final is can you listen to this but. That the one thing about it for me is like you can genuinely see. On his face when you know he's is blown away by something that that deal and Boston. Where he comes walking out. And there are all those Alison Boston or was it where he came walking out there were all those fans I was at Philly. On and he's like oh my gosh these are all from me. There are sections of people all sign up there and and that in Boston they had. The National Anthem the girls in the National Anthem and all those other fans from Greece. You can just tell the appreciation and a law of that that he has. Room for those people and everybody else comes along with that and he's humble duty I've yet to come across anybody. And god knows everybody wants talked to me about its negative. They come out of the woodwork to email me or DM me whatever is summons all around professional athlete in this town and I'm Tonya or another I've never received one negative thing ever. Not on gas and I just speaks volumes for juice at it speaks volumes and we're talking about its joint third birthday today here's your chance to wish him. Happy birthday for 14799125414. 7992 off him like I said we'll get this over to him. So he listened to it whenever he'd like these plane rides along I'm sure he'll find some time to listen to it where to next Anthony head over to the east side Eran. What's up there. They've got to dismiss you at Bieber status saying no one like Q in your point you but I assure you that this entire city of view and we can't wait you can bring a championship here nice swing and enjoyed man. Oh. Do you mean no one likes you when you're 23 what are you talking about. The Blake wanted to actually sought. I'll all wrong. I'd very Aaron I'm now I understand thanks for the call I was totally confuse what is this then you you you know that song. I don't know of the sign had thought is maybe send some like the terrible twos and I don't know. I can't tell us and saying yeah I am not my sons about 32 in February and he's already had terrible too easy and into yet we're already there yeah he's already able troublemaker. He knows to like you look at you and eleven and do it again like Michael Lewis and he just he's learned right now you get away with stuff because he's cute. No he's not getting worse and not get away with stuff no this is labs. He starts messing around. And his mile mile do you want your daddy get up. No and I have a right back by asthma and now those candidates or will we got that goal right now so that that's at least good. And guys I'm Cheryl have kids coming in his future as well and who gets. Understand all the as a right now focus obviously is on the basketball the NBA. Where team next to wish Yasser heavy earth and I'll marking Glendale has birthday wishes and a question for what's up market. You spark you know argument for an. Get people to pick twenty Turkey announced our home I kind of looking yeah. Sixty birds like kind of look at him them not only working where there is how many people professional athletes. They like it here or Rogers park and then. You know to be here a small market you know practical or of a larger LA itself out you play for the cubs or the badgers. No will he be content to steel group mile beat Murray strongest guy I mean you would on a total personally. I'm hoping that my case. I'll because it's super person that we pair in the long term. You know I hope they're outside your teachers that we get them either build allowed my experience you know it's ran out. You know what Ternium is that those terrible over the years with the exception of maybe. Brought you know welcome partners fund but outside there Russia upon who beat you well with the injury still but I hope. It we can do something relevant which came here there weren't ready and is. Really yeah out with him on the source strong play has not won a championship Madeleine away. We can't seem so I was sub benchmark for that is a hell I don't wait you're here depreciated. Because he should be for this year I've reached 43 what he's done a remarkable now aren't we all of those released products and recite it to American news consumers. A budding superstar. Eric prince's you know you're all creatures great and Ankara dictator Koppel. Is not superstars altar to get a group play us in advance and I hope we find another one here. Here you know to actually be ramble on to a police still here yeah because it'll. Absolutely thanks for the call I think it Saddam. And you guys may disagree with menace and a clincher but I I've I think it's different. Today and it it was in the past I don't think necessarily. You have to be in New York you have to be in LA are you have to be in Chicago. In order to make a lot of money in endorsements I think give. If you are superstar player the endorsement money will column. The browns in Cleveland. Seriously. He he made all the money he could possibly want to make and obviously Miami made money too but. Getting your great the endorsement money will be there for you you you don't have to play a large market to get endorsement money you can get that. In Milwaukee now you wanna be in movies and all this other stuff. Okay fine and then to probably LA's your dealer what ever the case may be if you if you want to expand out beyond. But again. And the other thing that goes along with the says. Is like what. Does he want again today I mean he said he wants when championship. He wants his Jersey hung up in the banners at at the new Bucs are. Up and raptors and new bucks 30. OK perfect. But as that caller pointed out you know he's got a needle Tamil Dubai himself. And how this all shapes are going Ford and how does Bucs front office surrounds him what talent going forward and put him in the best position to win. That's what it's all gonna come down to at the end of the day. As you can ask LeBron James it's a very difficult deal to try to do it by yourself and you don't have health. And people want admiral Brian Jenkins he teamed up with two other guys but now that's the way of the NBA. Soak in the box get you know the stars or draft stars or whatever the case may be develop them through the draft to pull away the honest. To win at NBA championship. Is that I. I'm not quite sure anybody can win an NBA championship. Without other star players Iraq and other some really really talented players around and and good role players that it takes eighteen. And it takes. For the most part I would say a really good head coach trying to this whole thing done all right. Now let's now go to all ruler of the book backboard. You're listening to the Milwaukee Bucks could save post game show now it's time to pick the ruler of the backboard it. Brought to bipolar most think she's frozen pizza bloated with half pound of Wisconsin she is it truly is. The ruler of pizza. Are highly had dinner and I. Wanna. Because I had a crazy household at home tonight while the bucks game was going on out trying to washed out and we got to halftime and went downstairs and clean abdication everything else for the third quarter started. I never got to eat pretty much that what happened. And so what I'm thing in this form asking cheese pizza sitting at home in my freezer is going to be at eight tonight and I get home. A formal dinner. The ruler. Of pizza polygamous. Ruler of the backboard tonight is if for matched you on as nine rebounds and he pretty much leads him in rebounding every single in just is what it is now. Eagle and underage order some like that that may change but right now he's leading in every night in rebounds tonight with nine rebounds while. Andre Drummond and it up with twenty. It really matter because it wasn't a nominee who would German with twenty rebounds they bought still only got a rebound by 543. 38 bucks would want a Ford 113. And ten now the box seven and four at home let's do that chilies and DB. Bucs fans let's get tonight's Chile's MVP. Be the first to notice standout player tomorrow morning at 835 during juggling clerk to win free food from Chile's. Chile's famous for burgers ribs but he does and more. Margarito us. Anti Asian chicken process. I'm there warrant from our occasion ticket costs and I laughed him on the case and chicken pasta. Matthew deficit into. And I won all four of 100 bucks over the Detroit Pistons and I always say this don't take offense this young has that I game mute the chili's and DB every single day of the week easily it. And I'm not going to tonight I'm your birthday does that mean that night and it's my birthday. I think he's got a couple million dollars that may be bright new day a little more than that yeah I mean I know you're 23 happy birthday go I'll be safe habits and but for me shop on. Lot of points five boards two assists a steal a block. I think he was a nice addition off the bench night which I hope this coaching staff continues few minutes to hear. Going for a casino for score the basketball they let them as she gets a moron. Consistently in games Woolsey Al Michaels going foursome were shot Vaughn. Your chilies and then DB. Of the game and he knows that don't listen bulls enjoyed trying get this in the morning there screwed. There's good news they're gonna guess yeah honest they're gonna guess Middleton are gonna guess Bledsoe. I'm Jose awhile you'll guest shot on. Most of us in which case will be the first call and chuck went for tomorrow morning and ask you for the Chile's in the Big Easy were shut bond and you are good to go. Coming up next Bucs head coach Jason care don't trying tracked down Gary wolf let's all go outside the box locker room. But who had won all four to 100. Hey guys is the end of the school the Milwaukee Bucks and and you'll listen into the Milwaukee Bucks bulls game shows children. This is the Milwaukee Bucks they could save post game show let's hear from the Bucs head coach. Whose corners sponsored by Schneider for over eighty years statement offering great careers with a great benefits and more home time. Visit Schneider job's done. Or call 1844. Brian Sears is the only station bloodstains and each one point seven. Box come up 40 win tonight 1042113. And time now seven and four at all let's hear from Bucs head coach Jason Kidd after this one. Yeah it's a team game itself. In north our bench that are really good job of responding. This evening you know with all the injuries that we have a you know on. To prevent issues group you know ready as we talked before the game because of them Peru good job of Charleston shape playing against one another. And we return our names called and they respond in a positive way. Almost great tonight. Down the stretch and I you guys go to about what so doubts at all hoping is that these guys and me in these last couple weeks since you are it's been very it's you know. The comfort level that those who have a short amount of time. Understand. In the fourth quarter. You know it's between those two. Just being able to read the play and again led makes some big plays down the stretch I was effective offensive rebound. When he drove the ball. To do that but just. You know the confidence that those who have no one another in the team. The ones and I can't Wear trying to execute the play offensively but I thought our defense again it was it was good. You think badly found Reggie Jackson with with the philosophy behind taking that that point. Well they're they're trying to play the game of quick too so has to say that timeout so. As for the fruit for the game with them and I believe that my parents who make two free throws. And they miss one then in notes that it works so it's a free throw and no matter what but we want to send them to the line and worked out. Obviously we've been talking about those three guys Chris and Quinones Chris kind of steps up in the third quarter loan volume Imus is struggling a bit. Was it mean to have such a stunning influencing correct. Yeah I mean this is this is always been the last three years is Jesus security like these the guys that we can lean on defensively or offensively. You know sometimes small sometimes it doesn't he can't tell. You know how the game is going by his expressions but I think you know he just is a true pro and the guys can all trust them. Would you treat those on the late those are important for those who steps up in knots and down. And then again defensively he's on his voice he started have a voice on both ends of that that helps and that becomes a leader and you can see him grown into that role. Bombed and he scored tonight but you really lean on him in the second half will be seen from the night that Acadia Cha yeah I think he did he got back to you who he was last year. You know we've never showed office of clips of him last year. That was all defense of our mind that stuff and I thought again that that second group took on the defense loosened on. Their energy was being an authority to divert problem for defensively. Again we're not judging him on offense that's that's you know if you makes for great for the few thousand. She's being judged on the defense of this one of his better games. Obviously we don't talk about the three point defense what you think of too. For the set thirty or right and the main tenant thing. Again it's there is in this league there's a lot of threes being taken and we wish we can cover mall. You know but I thought the guys that are really good job of defending the three in the rebound the ball in something that has hurt us in the past. Our partisan season has given up second doctors thought that the guys who are related to rebound the ball. There is JC kid Bucs head coach doc and after this one I buck's victory over the Detroit Pistons won all four. 2100. Our thanks to Bart we go down there covering the game out Joe's in Zola was down there as well time now to go inside the locker room. This is the Milwaukee Bucks Pickens say post game show. Presented by Blair must change she's Rosen. We're heading into the books locker room here with the players saw on the course this is the only station Bucs fans need. 057 F. 1041 otter box you get the victory time now to go inside. The locker room and we're here from who Eric Bledsoe. Yet Eric Bledsoe from fox sports Wisconsin are the suitor bustle had to say after this one. Well yeah and whatnot galway here in this game it take to get those final minutes later and I didn't even. And also some timely buckets and your car. It was great TV has been. Second unit said it's. Look beyond your mouth and gone and they came into them. Loses no clothes okay. What is the pistons units. That third quarter comeback in anti gay not hiding into the fourth quarter and I needed to adjust. That's good hey man you can never relax on the and relax they came back made it tough on us you know get a bird's my decision to do not propose an offense against drunk. With Jason Terry going down how much things you need that spark from the second unit here and. I'll be like us their size there will be scores played big minutes and you know we. No took care it is now. Merry go Eric Bledsoe balloting care business and nomads exactly. What they did lots of tonight nine of 21 from the floor to a six from three point range to a five from the free throw line 22 points four rebounds three assists. One steal and one block shots. For. Eric Bledsoe tonight. Anthony Mandela him. I want you didn't answer me this question. What do you think is the identity of this walkie bucks basketball team right now. Do they have an identity in Norma. It's an easy question. Because for a long is that this team hasn't had that identity and I still think they're struggling to find. That identity meaning if I say Milwaukee Bucks basketball. Risen so yes OK once we get past the word yet on us. That why. You know if you say. Palm branch stay I do you say to Boston Celtics. Grady Smart team plays basketball right. That's the grass right and once you get past the star names as far as style of play. That's a Dorgan describe them and are asserting guys Juno are gonna get certain things. For the longest time Rick Carlisle on the issue players you knew that you're gonna get. Why Don they're gonna have pretty good defense most nights because that's what he did defense Detroit Pistons that's what he was. So from that perspective. I'm still waiting to see what this is going to be. What the identity and his team is gonna turn out to be here going forward throughout the season we look at our schedule home against the mavericks on Friday night. Are at 7 o'clock and then Saturday and back to back home against Utah Jazz. A way to Utah Jazz. Played pretty good basketball. They're playing pretty good basketball so that's not going to be an easy game either. So back to back home and home. Bubble skins are home means Dallas and Utah you'd like seeing people post games may be at high expectations by alexion beat Dallas and beat Utah. Let's check in now with Gary wolf. Oh yeah. Insider get a read. Michael law offices of the top. This is the Milwaukee Bucks they can save post game show. They're local joins us not device get a win while four to 100 by just as Anthony Mandela and I'm gonna ask you what would you say is the identity of this basketball team if you think they have one. And they are trying to you know sit beat up people it. Now that that. I go to W mixed result and that's been turtle what about on the offensive side of the floor you think they have an identity there. Now I really don't. All you open him you know one last couple weeks you talk to you. Several you know go to book bought them. You know all of whom. One minute it's one of the most simplistic offense. You. Run very few cents. That is not at all. What is he trying to create a wrong shot. Well I think whatever works I guess not at this point and we'll see how that works going down the stretch obviously Eric Bledsoe. And Middleton jas all Guinea over twenty points and I bots. Rashad Vaughn finally got some run tonight and produced. Yet that's right we shot on I senate. That's right my guy you know. You know what you know what to me that you just it is cockroach welcome. He did not play the last few games in the Q and what any doubt wondered. Is contract wasn't expanded. Guys in that situation. Not going to all they don't futures even. You know so what can got crucible. Of that was shot in the act of in fact he's going to have to correct and so you know you got to commend them. There's is no different than Jabbar Parker they're both playing for contracts. And Rashad ball when he gets rock house approved the Russell Lee Bailey he's worth the contract. Calmness summertime and if he has any chance that's what has happened weren't really needs to happen is. Letting him become that six man on this team or seven man who wants him brought its six man. And letting go on an average you know twelve to thirteen points a night every night off the bench for this team that'll get unpaid this summer. Well I mean and tonight do you expect are sure it is going to be a bunch you know. And stolen that's my next segment is X-Factor. Felony. You're killing me. A report we get an idea what it might or. I am DB I already did it. Who was shot bought. And that it was John systems. You know I thought our. Our audacity I thought oracle or what I really thought that he was he better than he turn out to be union yeah I really did not vote using new employer. I clicked and I missed and did not that the request for example you wonder what would be a competent now what it. And are adamant about him require. A fact of the matter is not a player and so on. Yeah he should be better than he has. OK Gary thank you so much for coming on gases on 23 birthday he went for the bucks. And now again at home against Dallas and Utah Utah is playing pretty good right now. Those two gays still bolster be winnable games for this bucks team we'll see what happens is and after that Wednesday. I I fear Wednesday I'm not looking forward to Wednesday and all DeMarcus Cousins and Anthony in his eyes. My god and Anthony Davis continues to get hurt so who knows Julien actually play by. That could be one unbelievable matchup Yana named him yeah and in regards to importantly game. Minutes Rondo and holiday at the guards are. At that that pelican seem a setup to be pretty good if they can figure out how to do the whole thing and if Alvin Gentry coached as well want to Intel that plays out get a base so much. There is Garrett Wolfe on a great midwest bank Colin gray mid West Bank has been committed to personalize common sense landing since 1935 when you're in the market to buy build or renovate or refinanced is a great midwest bank dot com to discover the benefits of simply. Local banking. Time now for the X-Factor of the game and Gary RD round it's older video. There's always something unexpected big changes the game. Here's tonight's extra bureau of the day human. Brought you by Brian Stratton college athletics offering athletic scholarships and six junior college sports. More at BCS bobcats dot com. Parts of the box get the win X-Factor again it's a shot long I just again. I'm fine being all by myself Gary will make it funny your guy that's spot in my god there's other people on social media that are also saying he's the that their fans in two I just. Want him to get Ron consistently. Out oldest she's been his entire career Milwaukee why he can't get wrought on open attitude around ovitz. Practice habits I don't know it's not known defense whatever the case may be. But there's absolutely no reason right now and I said this like three weeks ago. There's no reason why he should in beginning consistent run every night he fuzz of his ability to score the basketball. Defensively what ever but his ability to score the basketball one needs to be on that floor to cast to be at this point. And then who knows this way if you don't want the kid which. Obviously you've decided not to pick up as options or you don't. If he plays well between now on the dead. And you can tritium at the bad lie and get something for you. Put him in a deal if. You don't want him. As it may turn out to be I do want him I still think it's they're gonna rue the day. Balanced and go look want to wait and see how this whole thing plays out so user X-Factor of the game all right that'll do it. The Milwaukee Bucks Pickens say post game show tonight presented to you wrap well what most think she's frozen pizza it's common name for dinner. What would I have found it was got a cheese it truly is. The ruler all of pizza. After the Mondello always a pleasure. Thank you. Always a pleasure when he is produced Michelle. Thank you so much for listening those few that did the one segment it would got his wish him happy birthday we will get that over to the box enough to make sure he has a chance to loosen your birthday wishes for your honest. From early tournament thanks Jason Terry joining us earlier in the show as well calling and after this one from the viewers browse and he said. As of about how healthy is he said they said two weeks I don't my body I'll be back in four days. That's what he said you listen to on the podcast later wants Anthony gets enough stress and I bosh went 104100 next up is a marital talked to tomorrow to. On the one he's nation.