Bucks top Memphis at home 110-103

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Monday, November 13th
11/13/17: Milwaukee Bucks Pick 'N Save Post Game Show with Joe Zenzola after the Bucks knock off the Memphis Grizzlies at the BMO Harris Bradley Center 110-103.

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Plus he is so. Here for the players is obviously where I want it to be to build upon. Already done last season they hate cold do we want the most talented trade can Russert she can. Eagles fan. This is the Milwaukee Bucks pick it saved post game show me. Now hold pierce he's Smart he's flavor on 1057. Ask them. The fan. What was it was godsend just keeps on win meanwhile demand Bucs fans balks when their third straight tonight. This time against the Memphis Grizzlies. Another Western Conference opponent 110103. While demand radio Jose and Zoellick in for Steve Sparky fight for tonight could be back on the bulls game show. This year when the opportunities come up. And ball boy oh boy choking up over my words what a performance tonight. From this Milwaukee Bucks team and really the back and forth that we soft from all of these squads we knew. Going in that there were some guys on this grizzlies team to pay attention. Pay attention to offensively obviously. Mike Conley you know you're gonna get from him you know what Marcus all brings in the interior and of course the sixth man right now Tyreke Evans who was really. Frustrating a lot of people there in the fourth quarter box. Feeling to play any defense on him and he's allowed to getaway driving to the rack hit three and the outside. Next thing you know the grizzlies are up five. And started think the Bucs lightning here in the Bucs have done a pretty good job tropical. Dropping entire course of this game battling back. And sold the offense Barack starts with numerous different highlights from the sparks team. Yeah honest of course common 30 with a couple of big plays. Human hands in finding what. I guess looked to be an Ollie you'll mean Henson won't look all Leon a school's office fingertips and in the little ball take bad. Where's Tony Snow tying it up with a three Bledsoe flying into the rack with five minutes to go to give a little bit of a cushion. And then you get this monster block from John Henson which. I thought to me it was private play of the game. And that would set up Middleton on the other end with a three point shot and that really bad debt and Bucs played some better defense they're to close things out. It's just an overall good performance for the sparks team considering. Playing three games in the span of four nights gotta keep this in mind guys. You know we always talk about the Milwaukee Bucks going out. What energy into a game and then going into the next night whether it's a back to back they played two nights from now they don't bring that same energy. And I always said if this bucks team wants to take their game to the next level this season. Got to see more energy. You've got to see more consistently. Because this is the only way that they're gonna be able to win especially that with the scheme that the put an altered offensively which requires a lot of energy. And at times in this game. Defense looked okay. Other times this game nothing at all from the defense and the grizzlies were able to walk all over the box. So she's a big thing and to see the blocks really herded up. Lleyton this fourth quarter and run away with a 110103. Victory tonight is really impressive and now they've won three straight games are over the 500 mark. And while while while we have a rematch with. That it would be Cleveland's division it's not to trade his own ignorant on the transplant some really good basketball it seems like they've got some good things in place and again. Goran in the game on Wednesday night you are at home but you're gonna have to find a way to stop quite a few guys on that team including Andre Drummond who is a beast. Now John Henson. We're going to be talking a lot about tonight. And we're gonna be talking a lot about this offense I don't expect John Henson to go out tonight go eight of ten from the force seventeen points. It debt that's just not John hence it's not an end to see all the buckets inside to see the baby hawk. You don't Ed that's great and I love it but I just I don't expect John Henson put up seventeen points a night that's is not gonna happen effect I think that's a rarity. You know the best thing you're hoping out of Henson is to continue to bring that high energy I think. It Lisa this stretch of games are guys it at least a stretch of thirteen games. Wouldn't you agree that John Henson is playing better defense not saying it's great defense. Because what John Henson and his build he's never really put muscle. On him. To really be effective against some of the best browsers and mostly he's he's never Ben outweigh Sperry. The reason why having a hard time seeing John Henson in the starting lineup but. With the energy he's brought in you know these first six or seven games and then moving him into the starting lineup over the which I think has been a good decision by Jason Kidd. He's been all right he's OK at times and yet a couple blocks do tonight to reassess. I like that little assist that little dish that he had to Eric Bledsoe on the corner early on in the game that wide or open three but. You know Jonathan coming up tonight continues to bring the energy that the the big question when John Hansen is because. Again we we see it in small sample sizes and then after that it's like John Henson's loss there's no energy it's gone it doesn't exist. Wanna see this kind of consistency from him because until the box. Try to make another trade for signer who is gonna be able to rebound the ball in May be -- the shot clock. The guy holding hands and does that consistent consistently yet. But if they're able to find that now saying you got that plus Tencent and thought and that's OK and I feel much better I know a lot of you feel the same. What I want to know 109 goal for new box ends. In this offense put they put up 410 points and we knew this when the bucks made that trade for error blood cell. A plot so by the way. Had a couple good moments tonight was on the bestseller performances I would say in 27 minutes he puts puts a fifteen but he was a six of eight from the line. What we knew one Bledsoe came in at that. The emphasis of this team is gonna be off its that it they're gonna win basketball games they were probably going to out shoe teens. And what we've seen in this game for example is just that. An inconsistent defense. At times. There's no energy at all with their defense the scheme. But on the flip side of things they're able to bring it offensively and Brock and gives sedated half tennis Sophia manner. Isn't in my outlook. We shall we just. We we had all movement we liked it energy source in the second quarter skirt fall part of the second court the first quarter remember what what thirteen of twenty. Six of six from three point land militants got three threes are ready to start and then all of sudden they they completely lose it because they lose that energy. And that it translates back in the third quarter was solid third quarter for the box for you outscored Memphis 24 to twelve. And then you come back in the final five minutes a game and bring it I wanna know from you Bucs fans. What are the additional Bledsoe now and now you've seen him a little bit with this offense. Hit the sports team. Can they be more than a top ten offense in the sleek. To the box. If they are gonna be able to get. To this let's say fifty win threshold that I've heard some bucks fans say. The box themselves up come out and have put these lofty goals on them say in Eastern Conference finals and top five defense and fifty wins. We haven't noticed that a top five off it's such what I know from you tonight 4147991250. Do you think this bucks team is capable of getting to be a top five office cannot tell you right now I don't think this defense. Can even cracked top fifteen I'm not convinced by it. We saw all these last two games I mean they were shoulder put on fox for its Scots was put up numbers are before the game tonight about the defense of that efficiency and you know not allowed a ton of points and they were the best in the league over two games that's great I'm just not convinced that this. This defense can hold up dry entire season because you have to put so much energy to it. But I think what's more realistic is. You've got Bledsoe you got yacht S Middleton headed at a good night tonight. And then down the Roger Bart Parker is gonna come back and I think she'll be one of the keys to see how much this offense flourishes. But I think for what it's worth right now you're definitely putting up the points utter contempt points. It's pretty darn good. So I just know from you 4147991250. Can't this bucks team achieve top five offense is that possible is that asking too much. What would be the ceiling and a do you have any old that this defense can improve. Bucks what a night 110103. Love a lot to get to our tonight show maybe Tauscher is producing the show tonight sunshine. Our former intern. It's just been hired as a producer and I'm sure you'll hear from him. Down the road here on the Fannie strains and I would be to test of their hanging out there taking your calls. And I wanna hear from you do you think this Bucs offense is capable. Updating a top 54147991254147991250. He can also hit a sup on social media. Or Twitter page at 1057 FM the fan or you can follow me on Twitter at radio Jill sports in for Steve Sparky fight for two nights. As the bucks get the win and just looking through this box score. You know yeah oddest. It. I don't love tonight felt like. Felt like. A quiet 273 goddess because believe you got his game and it made some big plays especially down the stretch and there were a couple of times rice saw. In the first step yeah does have the ball. And no one was moving off the ball. And got us was put in some topped situations where you got a defender on around. He can't do anything no one's moment a hell no one's trying to cause any disruptions to try to move. And and dip Deb ball out of Janice's hands someone else that bothered me a little bit but again. In a better job in the second half moving the best ball a bit more get guys open it wasn't just yeah honestly showed a night and I'd like to see. Because again John this kid not just be the man every single night there's going to be nights where this Bucs offense is gonna have to rely on other guys. Like an error would sell which isn't a bad second option. Chris Middleton is not a bad second option middle tonight tonight six of thirteen. Four of five from three point land had seventeen points while four boards and a couple of dimes. And Milton do he got hot first quarter. You didn't see much of him in the second quarter and they came back hit a couple big shots including that Big Three off of John Henson but you've got guys in this lineup. That are capable of score. And they are capable of putting up 1520. Point plus points tonight and when you're getting other contributions. From Malcolm broadbent who tonight had ten points and got in a foul trouble and that hurts. But Malcolm broadened so Favre threw the first three games his blood cells comment has been pretty okay off the banks. And I was a little worried about putting Brad did in that position. I mean I hate to say the sixth man with Malcolm bribed him but. I did for me I just was it was Sparky. I just wanted to see Malcolm Braga and stay with the line updating is then have Bledsoe come off the bench have Bledsoe create a little bit more to set some of these bench players up. For more opportunities to spread this offense out across the board in giving the best opportunity for putting up the most points but doesn't seem blood Sonia honest. They've worked well together we saw ten nights. From an offensive standpoint Rodkin info on maker. Work and while together. The thought of a file tonight. No he did. Bob maker. Let's make this clear bottle maker. Played well on both ends of the floor. And did not have a file tonight I'm pretty sure that is the first time this season found maker has not had a foul totals the thought. Lot of bucks fans criticized on maker lot of people already assume what on maker already is I don't think that's fair. Lawmaker a good performance tonight and he works really well Malcolm Robin and dog that a good job at times cleanup when Malcolm Braga was able to drive. In he had what was that that he would like that beautiful spinning layup hit it it was spectacular he didn't finish it. And Don comes back. Trials the file an easy and they're able to go from there I just. It was C thought and Malcolm brought to work together because we've seen in the past Malcolm and Greg Monroe working together. Maybe he may be there's something that maybe there's something that. Mike in Greenville your first up on the Milwaukee Bucks they can say post game shows Bucs when and at 110103. What's up. Elements like what the Bucs defense a little bit I know all you don't think they can be cup even ask is that right yeah. But I don't think they need to be at every game since Bledsoe got there. They have had like a five to seven minutes stretch with the district wiped out he sent. And it's certain that an offense I think they can just do bet every game. For that short period of time he wants the person was the second haven't all they really need. Would be what the waiting list on the offensive. Yeah I mean it is based on the way the scheme is worth you have to put soul much energy into weigh in your. Constantly. Moving all over the floor. I mean the way I see it it's these guys they're all follow the ball is going and what happens is the are all bunching up into the lane. And now ever won as wide open on the perimeter and if you're able to allow some good ball movement the next thing you know you've got a wide open three it just. And you're right and and thanks for the call Mike you're you're right there are times like we saw on this game tonight where the defense is really good and Memphis got into a scoring drought. In the third quarter where they were like three of fifteen and nothing was following an Indian tiger defense I thought I'm picked up a little bit from the box. You're just you're I have to find a way. To rule. Force whatever turner and turn overs you can. What. By doing that in transition you're gonna have to be able to take advantage and score off the bulls turnovers. There's gonna have to. Otherwise what's gonna happen as. It's going to be up to you to play your strengths which means he hit shots. Dry mean. Doing everything else offensively because again this bucks team with what they have on the roster right now. And really granted pretty much everyone is healthy except for a letter that she's gonna be primus a few games and we haven't heard anything more about that. But but at this point. This offense is deathly capable put up 400 a night it's just give me a question off like Mike said. You know is is spurts of this defense good moments of this defense is that good enough to just get them that way. Or 147991250. Again Bucs when and at 110103. Asking you top five. Defense are not tough I'd even stop by offense from the sparks team again it of 110 tonight on the grizzlies battled back late in the fourth quarter. Do you think this is K that they are capable of doing this especially. When Jabari Parker comes back probably in February as are trained to. A look at right now I'm radio shows on Zoellick interest he Sparky vital to barber calls and get to some of your hits and social media next year and sports reel one off by seven FM the fan. Are. You. This is the Milwaukee Bucks they can save post game show let's get tonight's Dave and buster's and shot of the and buster's wallets Sosa the only place to eat drink played analog sports this is the only station. Some. Welcome back. North of its figgins a post game show bucks when a 9110103. It's their third straight win and now. You beat the spurs. You beat the lakers and I beat the grizzlies and next up for the box. We'll take on the Detroit Pistons at the B more Harris Bradley Center Wednesday night. It should be a good one in the rematch it would be nice to see the box it bright day can beat the pistons because this is a team. We're talking about. Arafat wanna talk about it. You know Cleveland's gonna get higher right. And just let their division. It is wide open right now and I don't mean let's be honest we really think in Detroit they're off to a good start do we really think true it's gonna win that division. Bottom line is this your face and divisional opponent. You got to beat Detroit it be nice to get a bounce back when against them would be much deserve in 110103 tonight the bucks knock off the Memphis Grizzlies who. We're just coming in the end of their road trip they were too into heading into this game. And Don Mathis of course is puts a pretty good basketball up to this point. Beaten some good teams including Golden State so for the bucks and nights in this game went back and forth. Deceived them rally in the fourth quarter when it seemed like Tyreke Evans was taken over the game. Very very impressed supposed skits were shot of the game and there were some good ones to choose from I'm actually gonna go back. Late and I mean late. At the end of the first quarter Malcolm Brock then head this hole up three. Outside a wide it was a beauty. And I like courtesy of fox sports Wisconsin Jim pesky Marcus Johnson on the call asking you box stands tonight. So honored ten points tonight we've seen a lot of points so far this season so she now with the addition of Eric Bledsoe on what that's going to brain. Do you think that this boxing is capable of gaining two top five. In the NBA not just in the Eastern Conference sometime rock top five in the league when it comes of their offense because I think. What does boxing's gonna need if they wanna be able to get the fifty wins or at least a 45. I have him at 47 wins. What's gonna get them there is gonna be this offense. And again they still only to go ought to make another trade they're gonna need to get. Another big man they're gonna need someone that's gonna be able to help rebound the ball be able to get a couple buckets from time to time and be able to have the ability to block shots. Angela Jolie Okafor is the name I keep hearing. And be perfectly fine with Okafor he gonna have to teach him a little bit out of black shots but he can deathly bring in some rebound ability but this offense I believe. With what you have right now your top three guys in yacht S Middleton and of course Eric Bledsoe and then you mixture Barry Parker into it. It's gonna get insurance. It really is because now you've got so many different options from scoring stamp. 4147991254147991250. Jolie in the Bradley Center next up on the fan looks up. They would so the thing that struck me today left in the game is they've played really well and Memphis and the good team. But it's not like they've played. You know that great like they've played well the box but. Their ceiling to me now is so I would Bledsoe got valet guy it was legit scorer. It bribed him he's not based what you're that someone that I think other teams worry about. Armed Delhi obviously nobody worried about so now you have widgets or amber art bit urged the decorum Bledsoe data of course and that middle that. I don't think they're top five yet but I think they're not far away what Parker come back. And hopefully give you ready for the play out these so elect you what last year I wrote that they can make some noise that I wanna be maybe. It is them trading. Parker. In I don't even know what you trade him or what I just don't wanna take chance that a guy. That is seemed relates. United communities. In your yacht it sort you don't need to take a sure thing but what Parker. While he's shown promise. The knee injuries make me feel like you direct its I would trade advocates of that or premise. Well and and that's just the thing Joseph thanks for the call because I'm right with you with you on us and I know many Bucs fans feel the same way are not young mr. Bari Parker. I know a lot of box stands to the same way about Jabari Parker. Coming off of the second knee surgery. Yeah your everything your hearing out of box practice throughout the offseason. In shooter rounds everything that's been going on. The all the reports that come out say that Jabari Parker. He's doing great he looks great looks like he's ready to what he looks explosive it looks like Jabari it nothing's changed and and I know that sounds great. But it's just so hard for me to trusted and again I think the books for Smart. Not trained to page bird Parker any kind of money going into restricted free agency because again. If you're not impressed with what Jabari Parker does in the span of a couple of months. They may not be willing to match any offer sheet that another team throws a Parker. And really I don't know hole how much money other teams have won a Droid Jabbar Parker because they know the same person the boxing if you can't. And as of this point you can't trade Jabari Parker I don't think there are any teams out there. That are willing to trade for guided Ted two surgeries on his ACL. Now the thing as any other debate about this is what Parker when Parker comes back. Do you put Parker in the lineup with the three guys that you have already with yeah honest Middleton and Bledsoe. Or do you try to started out again and try to take either Parker start him off the bench or take Middleton are Bledsoe and start off the bench. At the debate might be more so now Middleton were Parker. It's hard for me to put all for those guys in line up I know that sounds great. And all that on paper that would saw some I know that looks like that looks like four guys second go up against the cavs and challenger for the Eastern Conference finals. But again I think from a spacing standpoint from scoring standpoint and traded to divvy up the shots. I'd rather have one of those twenty point plus scores come off the bench sutures do it again. That's put an unaffected there's just no issues there's no setbacks which are Barry and he's able to go up there be the same guy that we saw last year. That that that's just the thing that's just the issue that I have. 4147991250. Do you guys think that this Bucs offense can get to be top five just in North Carolina you're next up on the analysts up. So I don't write don't present men don't. Man I'd get a little bit upset when he it was not account you own. FaceBook Twitter and auto keyboard cases like Billy Mike called them axis ridiculous. The you know whatever. I am and I am in everyone's got their haters just got to deal with that's part of the territory. Side you're good do millimeter round of golf but. The North Carolina. Oh. For sure. So what I thought at night good ball movement Assad could be as an alternate go to top spot absolutely. Figure out gonna happen. The Bard not start. He's coming up a bit we don't have a sat straighter off the bench anymore Brockton but not shot creator. Bartlett he. He's only had expected to act and demand a legitimate double. So I think to put the bar database but it is late under an event like. I've played basketball still a mystery played it in great it doesn't matter worries start the game between the get. And I think Ibarguen beyond that forces against those guys like brought it is that time it's time. All of the other thing man is so we gave up a lot of points today. It don't got shot lights out in the second quarter they're didn't hurt that person I've thought is 60% the first half. Lou. And I thought we did a good job circumvent and everything coming back to books passed on. It is great I would not want out of like Sparky I wasn't or the blood goes right. I am. Bobby it's a seizure of the opera like what so is Edgar. Healthy yeah and it lasts Lisa W at this animal if you don't and they got a cast of thousands on the line. Guess 2000 yes. I keep trying to call into the senate to mandate to ebitda downside about it on the quality that's not accurate about. That other bomb all the talk about that tomorrow. You'll only. Bought genocide it Laker game right now. Munro is not even on the big I know he's hurt but not even on the thick. So there's still a chance to call by Al being I know he looks to me I'd really love this system I know. So I'd like to let that situation even more. Think and it's and it was on the bottom out. And we can use some of that area very minimal. Cap excluded that we have to bring it got that. I don't know mantis. And the. About there ever tell you know labor. Caught up Obama's so tomorrow we raise hell about that other guys. Okay did that sounds good to me just sent off album I look forward that tomorrow things have called brother IE you know wide. Look by all indications. I'd like to think. That the suns are gonna move Greg Monroe I I don't think Phoenix is his final destination for the season I think there is another move in place. On I think they want a move that money. Could they buy him out that is a possibility as well they're not able to get any suitors. On the bottom line is it's an expiring contract it would be. On in shrieking for any team to take on at this point of course Greg Monroe still not 100% healthy. So we lock would it be kind of cool if Greg Monroe was on this team with templates are not general what the Bucs could have given up. Instead of Monroe mean again you would have to put together some money in order to make that happen I just don't know Phoenix would want Dell to Dover in the trade or if they wanted. To let image back on their team I. I I just don't see any of that bought. It would be cool to hang out of shooter off the bench what are delicious but this and a perspective. It would be cool they have Jabari back. Plan and a high level he comes off the bench and then on top of that Monroe comes back as wall Monroe's coming off the bench and now you got nice got a big who can rebound. Play a little defense in addition to that shooter young to her for world sure that would be cool. Do I think Greg minerals come back in a Bucs uniform Bucs take them back on some you know minimum thing. You don't go through some of those some exemptions I don't I don't thanks. I think I think world's history Eminem believe me I'm a big Greg Monroe fan and I miss most early deal. 4147991250. Asking you guys tonight. Do you think this Bucs offense Camby top fives they win beating the Memphis Grizzlies 110103. They are back over the 500 mark. At seven and six let's go to Jeff Kent walker shot (%expletive) connects on offense up. Al Gore tonight. Greatly by the bucks definitely think they can be outside of awesome he got twenty points and you know waiting to our. So that just makes me. It's transparent about what all is people on a tray Parker. Yet succumbed and become adopt a second entry you just traded. Four point guard was Freeney surgeries and more thrilled to doubt what that. So why why are down around. A guarantee 170. But a guy that quit on the scene and seen X. After it's bringing surgeries her career were all were wiped out I don't get it. So you're not you're not a fan of blood so. I'm a fan of it been playing great but I don't understand why we're down on safari with too many surgeries where so I am like so. Next is pretty simple and my world. We for sure in order to yes of course Jeff and thanks for the call the the problem is. With Bledsoe and the and this is why I'd when they traded for blood cell. It wasn't like I was jumping on my C going all my god look withered to 0:1 Eastern Conference finals you're dot. Nin and and like the deal. But that was the red flags all long was the issues with his meniscus he's got he's got what like no meniscus in one mean he's got a partial meniscus and another. Not. And that's going to be arrest another reason why you went wanna tree Jabari Parker at all because. If Bledsoe goes down god forbid this season at any point. Yeah you're definitely don't want to Barry Parker back and now you have to go all in on it is now are you really have to gamble that Jabari Parker is able to make up. For what Eric Bledsoe left off. You can be in a situation where. You you don't want to lose Eric Bledsoe but that's gonna be the risk and all those guys it is going to be the risk that they need problems of blood so the history Eddie's dad. That is a red flag it is. And for what for everything on CN right now with Eric Bledsoe he looks explosive. It's F lettuce is on that we haven't seen at the point guard position in a while. He is he is a dynamic player he is different. Then what the box already have between dole but dole but in what they have with Malcolm broad and he is clearly the most athletic point guard. They have on their team right now. 4147991250. Janine Greenfield you're next up on the fan what's up. That Mark Kirk or not say. Are actually liked him why he's playing as much on Al. The guy is not mean he's the go to guy but. Quote would operate any Chinese made so many mean it. Quickly other. Are you on the use that in. The guy another might seem it's you know a couple of easy ten. He blamed. Playing pretty good man and let. It now this organic it. What what they want and gain thanks for the call what they wants. Out of Tony snell is to be able to play defense. Any hit an occasional three. And I'll go against Danny and say. When it comes to hitting three point shots. Don't you trust Tony snell. If you don't watch in this team so far to the first thirteen games one thing is for sure. We sell when he sold when he's got a good luck he hits it did it again next meets to perform from three point went three for six from the field I'm points. Take it out of Tony Snow and I actually been seeing a couple times in my Twitter account and pretty Agile sports bet. Suppressor situations where when the offense is struggling when they're down why aren't they trying to drop more for Tony snell. And what I mean by that is eight to resell we've seen a couple of times is able to get to the basket but that's not his game he is expected to hit their perimeter shot. And that's why would good ball moment and allowed itself to get open. Why not drop more plays to get Tony Snow on Paul to have a net because really is trustworthy with a three point shot he has. We filed with the minutes he played innately 31 minute I'm fine with that. And his defense is good to its solid. You again you look at his contract the money that he made that he's getting paid now from the country that he signed this past off season. You know it's it's part of these TV deals as part of the salary caps exploding. So what Tony cells making you look at out of service and say he should be making him but. On the same level and on the same par is a lot of players like camp I agree with that no but that's just what it is that's what the nature it's. Once and won all three bucks win tonight we'll get an update from baby taos coming up here and we'll hear more from you top five offense do you believe it's. We'll find out I'm ready Joseph in perceive Sparky fight for more than Milwaukee Bucks bulls game show come up next here in the fans. Defensive plays stood out here's the labor's local 113 defensive play of the game. The labor's local 113 Milwaukee feel the power bat held high UN 8113. Dodd or. This is the Milwaukee Bucks big can save post game show. Another one fear Milwaukee Bucks 110103. The final tonight I'm radio jewels and Zoellick in perceive Sparky fight for you can follow. Mia on Twitter at radio chill sports channels follows at 1057 at them fan. Bill David does Schmidt is on the other side of the glass tonight with sunshine and we wanna hear from you would you think this Bucs offense can get top five. In the NBA considering what they're able to put up now and what they could be put enough when Jabari Parker comes back assuming. That we see the old Jabari Parker from what we saw last year how explosive he wants the jump shooter that he was the slash that it was everything about them. B and that natural born scorer. That he was coming out of duke. Do we think that this Bucs offense can achieve top five status. Or 147991254147991215. Appear to be moyers Bradley Center tonight at the game it was good crowd tonight. Let's just let's put out and cover it. Off for the station but then not Sparky was out six had to step then is were eighteen here at the fan. On so it and chance here to tip over the showed tonight sudden it was a decent crowd on but yet you were there tonight led to hear from you love to hear from them. Fan base of the energy was like epic game as well. Odd defensive play of the game and this is really the biggest play of the game to say at least John Henson who just had a big night tonight. I'm whit this crucial. Crucial block and then Chris Middleton on the other hand paints the three point. Yes sir I like courtesy of fox sports Wisconsin's impaired ski America's Johnson. On the call and John Henson tonight what a performance. Say at least 185 minutes eight of ten from the field seventeen points nine boards and four offensive rebounds and their three assists couple of blocks. Offer and sent it it is meat or is John Henson have like an extra. Layer of nasty to one. He show. On the court but then he's got more of an attitude like give her a file called it doesn't go his way. Johnny he works. Greg Monroe left some good attitude behind him Milwaukee or something and hands and just as an adopted at. I don't know but it just seems amino Joseph doesn't know John Henson he's. A lot of times it looks like he smiled when he just at pets is that is faced many always looks like he's at ease and a good mood but. I don't know every time ahead Singh gets a filed goggles against them he's been work. Just an observation that saw 41479912. That you'll talk more about answer coming up in his defense. Sith lord was salas the looking forward to this you're next up on the fan that's upset. What looks cold like I would sit up or thereabouts union. They're they're the screen that yet date was really awesome because you. Basically ineptitude of anything you don't know what the upper back or buying them. Yet he doubles expert so protected you know. It's not that big deal but that not one thing that I can't that I that I Q we see. Special. Game against San Antonio when that went Wetzel was pushed. Each. Jonas was trailing him. It's like Howard and the that now once or Parker comes back at you guys and in an epic art. Yeah and you know the thing is set. I've just been so so impressed by the way Bledsoe has just settled then I mean this is his third game. And the chemistry that he already has a pianist is just it's it's rock solid man. All mandate that so I mean and you know what. Let's so it's obviously the most at what point guard they've cut her. Because it works like Europe or Europe they add a Little League we export but but but let's. Overlook brought back that you are general what looks like Malcolm walked in. And how Allen's. I detected in the second or an unbelievable how good and that's up or. Yup I completely agree one more thinks of before I let you go in and support is always good follow on Twitter as well what what what's this what's your Twitter handle. I or are yet he does a bunch of just great videos of great buck steak I said like follow suit into the same thing but I just try to avoid profanity is that. But anyway. Matt looked do you think what Parker coming back with what you have what you just said between Bledsoe and yeah on us. In Middleton do you think this Bucs offense to stop by B do you buy that. I I think I think it will be capped by what he went to back. Full stride I don't it'll be. Back which double. And another and like we could talk about like the start out by. And so are these the old players playing well let me due to talk about. How ought to now this in the right. But that's exactly what you. And in the right they just he is the core. Yup absolutely set I was appreciative madman out to Ortiz and you're in aid to there is a Florida west Alice. Yeah always good file once where he's got quite a phone in this wells could it could chat with them 41479912. That is the Bucs when and at 110. 103 and an and that's the thing. We're in a word. I just you know over the weekend I'm certain there. I'm watching that spurs game were Bledsoe and watch and that box game against lakers. Where it's that just that fast paced up tempo game the entire time because you is that that's the way the lakers play. And just to see that chemistry between you on a semblance Laurie. Who gains in. To see some of these passes around the back the bounce passes through traffic T honest. Just finding on so many different ways goddess of course does his job. With all these different cuts that he's able to allow it just the chemistry. Between those two guys through. Now we're talking three games. That's good that's really good and yeah joked he is charged year. Senate before say it again I I really felt. That led so to start things off should come off the bench and to be able to get his feet wet and be able to create. In distribute facilitate. Says some of these other guys on the bench because again you have to rely on your bench to be able to help produce. The offense that you you have to think now is gonna be their biggest strength at all it's you just have to thank. And and again the majority of Bucs fans say all bets stupid Joseph why would you do why would you even think that. This trial data from the same point out sprint now. Spread out. Try to make this offense as it as fluid and for full as we can't because he had I don't trust the Steve I just don't. And this the other thing or former interns Tyler Peters is like all over me and on Twitter and FaceBook. He tweets. Tie writer 0097. Tweets that radio Joe's sports mortified summing up on the and you calling the defense out for giving up 38 points in the second half. Is like calling up pitcher terrible because he threw a complete one hitter. It's good analogy and he's correct if you look at the second half. We gave up 38 points but Memphis went into a huge scoring drought there what. Like three of fifteen or something from the field that was good defense you are wasn't the shots that weren't falling was the exact opposite. A what you saw in the first half where the Bucs gave up 65. Points. 64 I leave. Yes you can you can save thirty boyz the second half that that's a big turn around ladies and gentlemen it is. But in the first step to give up 65 points. Can't say that's good. Thank thank god and give up another 65. And really. The weight this the way I read the scheme may need as is. The way I just read this scheme is. It's all about scraps. It's all about double teams it's always trying to find the best way to force deter overbought. What you're going to give Bob is a wide open guy in the perimeter. And this is the way to is that all five defenders are more concerned with following the ball then they are following the guy that they're supposed to defend. And if you failed with your trap and they're able to get that ball off make him move around they can find the best shot possible and they can drain a three. And we did see that again. In the first half especially. Does not convinced. That this defense. Like some of the buck said it began a year would be top five in the league I just don't buy it not what this kind of scheme that Sweeney puts together I just I don't. Buying into that at all. Could they be middle of the pack adds a little bit more. A little bit more relevant I think that's I think that's a little bit more legitimate. What the link that you have that's great but as we saw tonight Memphis was attacking the paint when you have all that length you would think. We the scheme is set up where these guys are all boxed then. You would like to think you could defend a little bit of that and yet all these guys were running all over UN sat off all the war. And I say this here is another blessing tonight Mike Allen who of twelve from the field. At go to a twelfth. The Bucs got a little break there is currently what seven point saying Yates. 27 off the bench for 771. Heck of a year is a six Manny can be sixth man of the year and ease. Evans is he's a hard time trying to find his roles of player throughout his career this might be his role be in the sixth man. Another legend Santo west side you're next up on the fan also. They didn't answer published it and that became super horse or horse. That's OK a couple a couple things first of all. Number one in the community you know this is what those third game. And you can or is he tonight when he came out of the game how it changes. The dynamic of the team like I don't know it plus more important paper must have been huge. And when he comes out. We were up by eight in Kentucky and were down my sides and committed patent holding. Consult at all. Look at led souls plus minus my prediction there was plus nineteen. Yes that's just that's an opportunity ridiculous skull and then ended did that the fighting the tennis period in time. Because I don't know like I don't do the wrong one game before you got your put weird and I love blogging but it's very obvious that is. His lateral quickness and depth and deposition that he gets taken advantage of and you could see what the real point guard defensively we can do. I'm items for the guy who lucked out because I only did dad but some of that than our defense still. And so I didn't do differently to certain parameters huge as far as being a cup final authentic he ignored in the top ten. Independent Parker comes back if he's really on fire that may be. But I I think that this team this defensively I think and I know that can support our own three point honest and I got a pretty good team. But I think defensively when they have to lock down that did. And an absolutely impossible absolute and what he's brought so far and I agree with that brought into the big. Another guy who can use different stations and rebounds but. You don't have to play pretty well ultimately could Pastrana that you can do about that he's a Smart guy you know he's playing got a position just. You know the pulse Ford played center until but the overall brilliant possibly today with the potential crowd for Monday. That's exciting he's so good luck. That answer could go bucks is right Santa thanks for the cause always end and I'll give an honorable mention again. As I said earlier in the showed an icon maker to I thought played well I really did any danger off file. Yeah that's been one of bonds' biggest problems so far this season guys. He draws way too many fouls he makes way too many mistakes is way too much contact and I know he's put in the effort he hits. And he's young he's really on some do you think he's 28 years old. Yeah you know I didn't and the acrid debate bashing and brought it up of the but the bottom line is that's. Dot maker tonight I thought played really well and he had some really good moments. You know we get a situation more bad baseline trap. Were who was the Tyree Tyreke Evans I think Tyreke Evans is trying to get away baseline and and in fine puts his body right in front Immelman is able to push amount that that was that was a good boy this really gives a really good read from five. So for got to come out tonight. I played pretty well defensively he would make any stupid mistakes than drawing fouls. And it's the chemistry of Malcolm brought into offensively was able to cleans itself up from Malcolm when he wasn't able to finish with his lamps. 1479912. Bit you'll take mortar calls also. One goal like inside the Bucs locker room we'll hear from head coach Jason Kidd. To Lou the box score as while Gary wolf coming up a little bit later in the show a lot to get to tonight 110103. Bucks went one more right after this. She. There's always something unexpected big changes the TV but here's tonight's expect your of the gay human. Brought you by Brian Stratton college athletics offering athletic scholarships and six junior college sports. More at BC has bobcats dot com. Welcome back bucks 11110103. Radio jewels runs all the way if you follow me on Twitter at radio Jill sports to follow us at 105 summit FM the fan. It also is up on FaceBook FaceBook dot com slash 157 FM the fan feel free to like us. Get in our topic question in the night do you think this Bucs offense can be top five in the league 41479912. Fitted to Margaret calls. Coming up heroes get to the box score in just the moment X-Factor. I learned never quite a few X factors. To see the bucks get hot in the final five minutes they game when it looked like Tyreke Evans is gonna do is one away with things. Be down five to rally back like that was pretty impressive and I think if we're looking at player wise. Hint hint this will might be for your indeed be coming up later. John Henson was clearly you're X-Factor tonight seventeen points eight of ten from the field up big block late in the game to set up a Chris Middleton three. It. I'm not I am hoping. Even if the bucks don't make a trade for another big man if they just roll with Henson and thought and then this. Ball boy kid. On that they brought up from the edge she league. I just hope everything continues bring this kind energy all season long because he's been so inconsistent as a bloc. And he's what I think you like the longest tenured but now I'm I am ironic that. John Henson has been here belongs ball doesn't look now on the roster here John Hansen I'm pretty sure is like the longest tenured buck. Now let's look at I I had a non. I had a roster. What you'll one of those team roster pictures you know. And and how I I I dug it up the other day and it was like from like 2012. Or something where he had done. Meet you had course with a similar crazy guys like that that was season ish Smith was on the airing JJ Redick was on there. And if it was just it was it was such a bad team. Wasn't good. And Jim Boylan was the head coach and hence this thread there. And really of all the guys sit on a team roster even all that though the front office guys the coaches. Not a bomber here anymore and it's just giants and Syrians he's still slow at the Stanford is. How are at tonight's game at a let's go inside the box score and brought you by ABC audio video home entertainment. Commercial audio video simply done right in the ABC audio video dot com and this is the Milwaukee Bucks pick it saved post game show. I don't go inside the box as I mentioned John Hanson tonight 25 minutes seventeen points eight of ten from the field nine rebounds three assists. Two blocks. To get in some foul trouble but overall very good game for John Henson and yeah that's the Greek free played 44 minutes and I while ten of 22 from the field 01 from three point land seven of nine. From the free throw line also had nine boards seven assists couple steals couple blocks. Grief for doing his job 27 points Chris Middleton 38 minutes tonight six of thirteen from the field got off to a really hot start it up for a five from three point land. One for one from the line four rebounds two assists and seventeen points for Chris Middleton Eric Bledsoe 27 minutes tonight. For a ten from the field one of three from 33 point land six of eight from the free throw line seven rebounds four times fifteen points. For Erik Wetzel Tony snell again get the start 31 minutes three at six from the field to. Of four from the perimeter one of two from the line. Four assists one steal nine points for snell now we go to the bench chasing kids and ankle with a nine man rotation. Bond maker 23 minutes two of three from the field two of four from the free throw line six rebounds one block. No fouls that some plus six points for by Malcolm bribed and another decent night tonight he got into some foul trouble early. On the bank came back in play while the second half nineteen minutes four of eleven from. From the field to a four from three point territory one rebound one assist ten points. For broad then tell the doled out. One of three from the field and twelve minutes one of two from three point land two assists and just three points Ford deli and then the guy that. I inning even mentioned in and the showed a ninety Andrei Liggins. What she is delighted dirty work for his team doesn't meet. It's a free good defense. You know as long as I'm Jason Kidd got her aliens he gets the minutes overshot bar. He does and on top of that it's some threes. Two for four from the field tonight. Three of the shots he took which reporters he would to a bomb. Had three steals. Along with six points out clearly against. And almost were you look good. I think for the most part. And is able to hit a three pointer. Or be able to take a shot to get jumper whenever when he's needed so. Can we very are for shot Von see the floor and just don't see how it's I don't see out gospel really don't I just start the bucks forty. Of 82 from the field tonight 48%. Compared to. Really almost identical to the grizzlies bucks took six more shots than grizzlies they were 37 of 76 for 48%. Bucs were 54% from three point link compared to 42%. For the grizzlies. Better numbers at the line though for the grizzlies eighteen of 22 record eighteen of 25 to Milwaukee Bucks. Grizzlies did out rebound bucks 3736. Assists went to the bucks 2321. And really turnover wise you only had nine turnovers in the game for the bucks tonight that is a pop positive you have to be very happy with that. Against the Bucs win tonight 1102103. Knock it off the Memphis Grizzlies three NL. After heaven at four game losing streak you trade for Eric Bledsoe. Bucs are three in all with what's on the team except for the bucks Wednesday night they have the Detroit Pistons at the B mourners Bradley Center pistons just Roland. On and just have been one heck of a year. On that played in nine I don't think they played tonight I think there were off nine and is looking at the scores around the league. Yeah I don't think they played tonight that they're coming in attendance three which is she is really really good start. For that squad and hope for the Bucs will make a response after losing to them in Detroit last and that they played Tony north side you're next up on the fence up. Or. They knew that my hotel that the Internet. And out pretty quote Leo of course lucky you know. You can hear the players talking licensee terrible lack of talking. Buck or two on in the first sat out the bit clear difference it would work with comic. Game one reason why if you talk lashing. Showing. What you vault full dropped him that he was recover. Okay it would you can hear him actually taught it was so teammates. As far as what to do that because of your second unit as we need to purge. There in the fourth quarter Uga has had its BTK. Okay here on communicate I think the biggest problem last week with the book they're east and you can't stop accord three. What you have to talk and not a whole lot. They'll talk lawless. Who do you hear the communication going off what they're more before. And when he came without your offer. Bledsoe came in the fourth quarter yes you saw a pretty. A priest are offered it was a large airplane tickets start coming doll. Is it any Alter US saw hasn't cut for the middle Yana cut backdoor. Which is what you saw and sought to cut him a creek creek they open. Players. Two he noble or three hits came in any arcane baseline he keep it'll work it was bill ball for the court reporter in the quarter. Your problem is they do a lot of the debt and that they don't hold it needed more more offers going that a law or players play. Because you can get guys who doesn't work especially financially. At all the world all on it a little rest because he can be played 44 minutes and I. The ball more victories more because a lot a lot better off with our who's wanting out of probably out today. It that he got will be what do what I heartwarming that. He can't he can't have a night where heartland. In all of gold at all. Is likely a lot easier chats where it was score at all well Middleton. Gets away like common yourself. He can't take for ever to make it will either get to pay up on unify attack. Also doll that their vote will look will look credible and put it up he takes long. Long we take. To take advantage of the city's event which. Is below that at bat. The ball become the hypocrite vote and the polls in it to stop. Gotta get that being. You know it makes a legitimate it's news that would make sure. Well I delegate that shadow. Yeah and I I don't know all in the thing is Tony Ali be here for just dissect it that's I think so far with Middleton. Is okay you you hit yet at 43 point nine Charlotte and then beyond that. Yeah I just watching Chris and I just feel like he's foreseeing. I just don't know if Middleton. Feels confident enough with tee shot. Whether it's any type a jump shot is. As we see when he gets on he gets on where he's hitting jumpers all over the place whether it's beta ways works poll ops. Or he's able to just you'll spot up of the three. I just feel right now he's says I don't think he's fully competent and a jumper and sometimes I do feel like he's fortunate. Wiping out people want you to do but it's what happened noted in the ticket garlic does look as this sure is or knows she she better step step that you shot. You know you have so little is catching the ball in the pocket but that's all. Ball will be gives the ball will be school you didn't we go remote like he or quarter. It swung over to you know he didn't get into. Why. The problem is it's so what's catching. Being deal. What would with with Chris right now we will watch now and that sort of Madonna right there aren't exactly what you like somebody cut. All he does this. Cookbook and not a one on one play is not a great now article where. It was due to that awful Corey Perry and all ball screen. On the block. Get them awful stories get a ball well be that our global. It won't admit it rains it'll give Obama could when he catches. What he's definitely the shot is Liza pool didn't jumpsuit read. But it wouldn't I don't judge he's catching it stepped into the depth all the bluster all and so it your all with the ski. No Bledsoe. You felt like our inquiry takes the movement. On which are all. Outward it was a blissful trade black is he where. It was needed because. That. Wrote in an awful but he can't be at you the on those polls that uncle and three got. A crap what we're crossing the bolster. Yup I mean Tony I completely agree with you and thanks for the call and that's going to be the biggest thing with Bledsoe now in the next. We've seen we've got a little bit of a taste of what Eric Bledsoe brings to the softens what it brings of the starting five. He is so athletic and he does to a really good job of pushing the ball. Now king you get on the same page fully not just what got us. But also Chris Middleton has walked. Like to think it's gonna make Chris Middleton a little bit better and that he can find his confidence the Bucs when and I won and won all three will continue wind baby cautious and up they were also here. From our fan insider Gary Walpole hear from Jason Kidd go outside black or more next you're a fan. This is the Milwaukee Bucks they could save post game show let's hear from them. Bucs head coach. He's cornered sponsored by Schneider for over eighty years they've been offering great careers with a great benefits and more home time. Visit Schneider job. So dot com or call 144. Pride this is the only station Bucs fans and eat one slice seven as. Welcome back fox when 110103. Over the Memphis Grizzlies I'm radio shows and Zola in for Steve Sparky fight per hopefully he will be back. Coming up on Wednesday. But stick on the disk Detroit Pistons. You know I mentioned at the start of the show. Case you're just joining us how much all these Wisconsin team's been winning I mean think about it. The Packers won. The Bucs have been winning. Wisconsin football Scots and basketball they've been winning market's been winning the admirals have been winning may Ken's at one. Scott's soccer they won. Congratulations. To the UW and Panthers tonight they defeated Iowa State 7456. Whole bald facts for pep bald congrats. And from UW mammals and out there that is really cool that's. That's a statement win right there will put that ball and keep it up for you WM. Arm because obviously first year. Mean a lot of challenges we your first year coach taken out an entire. An entirely new basketball program that is really cool 7456. The final. A UWM knocking off Ohio or Iowa State tonight that's a really cool stories of the winning just keeps happening Wisconsin this is where we don't see it that's. Usually never. Nonetheless thriller really cool Jason Kidd the Bucs are coated chance duck after the games when he had to save. In the first half of this shoot around. Like this morning we're we're just going to emotions and both teams were just gonna go out and could play ball and score hum when you give up 65 points and that half. You know we the last two games we've you know hung our hat on defense have been and I thought in the second half. We focused on the defense of a lot of good things happen. Obviously you just talk about the defense. With the necessity some points for might come home to especially score like and what can you save just about that efforts. Point guards. Yes and it was are you guys have their turn you know we just hardware and down. He's a very top that point guard endlessly. He stretches make threes he puts a lot of pressure and pick and roll. And with Leon's I think they're great job and I thought Bledsoe again he that are related job on the pick and roll in and on the defense of and then on opposite and I thought he was great to. So often we end up talking about John Henson defensively but tonight he is just kind of and a pinch post area seem to make the right decision every time wasn't paying for you guys yet another guy that you weren't maybe necessarily expect it clinic by Europe. I thought the guys that are great job it carry over from shootaround this morning on all precedent. If I understand what we thought it was going to be available. And John was a big part of that you know will soon go high low or take this album of prisoners so when it was a great quarterback. And that were he thought he was opening on the shop and then also line making plays parties in the past that they do a great job tonight and then. I thought he was great defensively. In the pick and roll and then also rebound trying to make it tough on Sony's. One of us senators in this league and John that are related problem. This a couple of weeks. The father yet he might roll offs. A lot of growing up some this while I do constantly changes these planes. One news that's. It's. Yes I think you know our growth story down and Texas. You know once we let's so. Guys start to focus a little bit more on the defensive end and that's you know kind of our MO but I think the big thing is a dishonest and we were down I think five or seven points there with seven minutes left. And only a game gets away from us and tonight the guys that we when we came back with the starters. We want on Iran but it started on the defense of men and again. Now as we can count him and look and watch us but we need everybody participate on office of I did a great job of finding guys. He has been starters for five so it tonight that. Into production stars. That doesn't mean it appears to vote. Yeah I think again our bench has been great you know before this game and a seminal moment think out of foul trouble so it kind of took a little steam out of yourself. But I thought again the starters. Did a great job and understand where it time score and what they had to do now is to get stops when it came in the fourth quarter so. Share the ball again let's so. Those are called timeout at one point but he's a little quicker than I anticipated that he ended up getting a lay up but it you know I think. We can use his speed. In on senator Bayh thinks we're gonna play two hours every possession. I think you start to understand how to use on us and and honest first we got stops and then. Also we you know we've made some stats that we needed to and understand you know everybody wants the ball down and down the stretch there not that they trusted less sort of make a play. You know we've talked with chemistry of the news starting unit hold on just that for them to comment. With a deficit with seven and half minutes ago and have just collectively know exactly what they need to do it what goes into building that over less than a week. Trust. Communication and participation. But the guys in I think understand we're blessed so priceless temple was on the defensive end. It's something that we haven't had and so or it's nice to see. And then on offices and just being an over share the ball and trust that someone's gonna make the right plane you can see that. There's a flurry there late season I think it was tied at 96 and working away backs knowing it's a three 96. And then kind of an L usually invite honest that run apocalypse so. In that kind of cemented the win dot net to sales but that was for assignment that the appears that they thought they were troubling way capitals were right there. Yeah I think again it was a heck of a passing honesty into the hardest part mass from the economic and catch a Clinton event. And then we talked about bless those BP you know we get to the basket you know again. The guys that are great job don't understand time score being able to share the ball. And B that we execute and on both ends offensively and defensively. Which is a good job there in a second. You you talk about your honest touching that one he some scores. A million to quit tonight. What does it mean fort York started showing that trust that he can playoff ball. You know I think he's gonna get a lot of attention he's gonna always see two to three bodies and you know I think he's on his patient has maturity. To be at the course sometimes and being able to learn his teammates score. It'll just rate the game a lot easier for himself but for everyone and he's gonna score the ball he's gonna taxable but I think also. What's under there hasn't been talked about his play making being over the finding open guys. Ties though to and he finds teller for a victory in hoping you know to be unselfish and trust. And when he can do that as if you know make it a lot easier for him for his teammates. No one talks it's. Insider Jim we. Michael Long faces a tough. This is the Milwaukee Bucks and can save post game show. Once when 1100103. And we'll get to some of the comments from inside the Bucs locker coming up for joining us now on the agreement West Bank hot line he is our fan insider Gary wolf all. Haven't talked to this man while hi Gary nor. Or I'm good the bucks went three straits against another Western Conference fall which is really cool and Eric Bledsoe. Three in all of course since being traded over. I do wanna start though would John Henson Gary because Henson. Had another just tremendous game tonight I mean just all around he just played really really solid and I think. So far the first thirteen games. John and send this is prior the best John Henson I've seen maybe ever on the only issue I have is can John had to keep this up all season long. Let playing that you brought up and maybe so. Thinking about him as sell them. Just until it was easier than ever gain during the course of the corner he's a monster. But you never edit team. Like today where such a force down the stretch on me you will see huge. I'd between Balkan war and in outlook yet yeah platelet later get those. With Foreman Fyodorov what do you that big blocks. You'd like that get go. The neophyte would approach that yet another drive in Russia after that. Any yet rebounds in another round and it burglary and commend them up anyway. The donkey well well well look the only one. Month. I would RW SSP basketball insider Gary wolf all I think. And I've been asked in this here to Bucs fans in Nigeria about the offense itself because I I think with blood so common and it's really added another element I think I think you know that the strength of this team is going to be either shooting. With blood cell and we've seen Bledsoe already fit in well. I had a caller Dodd you know just call in about communication. And it's something that they've been doing more of defensively offensively. On an Eric Bledsoe has been able to provide more energy to be pushing the ball to some of these guys. I just I think for the most part three game saying Geary I've employed pretty please of what Eric Bledsoe has been able to bring the table and it's helped this offense. Others no doubt I mean it's no secret in employer. Or an all star player. Leo. Long conversation with them for the game and the after the game and it's all these city wants you at all. I guess it also you know what are you bring to the table or you plug in the first lease that was part. In Wednesday view you'd normally don't think of these six foot one. Goddard. Toughness to it in what he does I mean I don't think yet what seven rebounds. Yeah yeah eighties there'll still Golan in put a big oil itself. You know optimism that is Melvin you know books of the lacking that. Some skill level we told them that got their pretty soft. You know outside of a couple of guys that you have to battle to wage grabs now becomes what. Border root reason there's a lot of people out there that think you know the box on the trust. Eric Bledsoe. That we got saw. Do you think that this Bucs offense can be top five in the league. Outside yet south side. When war comes back no questions hate him. You've got a pretty big time score obviously orbit scores. But you put all the starting lineup. You take iron off the bench and naval officer six. Well I created my world and what's off the bench I don't like yeah he's going to be willing to accept that role. But I think you just the humble we switched. Number allotments and what it took 32 man night. And that second group in Tokyo the green light lunch property wants you out. But. My goodness community and it tore them back kill me which of course expect. You pair him with young and you -- Middleton looks. You are talking low one you have more potent offensive awake so it should be a lot on out old. Day and just last thing for you Gary the defense itself and we see. In the first said the Bucs give up 65 points to Memphis and the senate have did they give up 38. And wryly this kind of just personifies what this defense is there's going to be nights where it's gonna go look god. Ever once following the energy is there they're communicating and then there's going to be other nights where. They're going to be leading so many shooters wide open it's to be three after three after three and you're done it's over. It can this defense be at least top fifteen. Yeah and they clearly can't be especially that John Henson plays like you it's night in socially. Eric Bledsoe play like he did tonight you know as our new low let's go after the game. Well matched up into my cut yet most of Europe and queen's yeah each other know where several years in the Western Conference. In and I'll tell you what you mean quite knows Michael come strep. Asserted to a twelve from the field tonight. Yeah exactly so I mean of Eric Bledsoe played excellent defense which you also skip Walcott. John Hampton. You know he's academics like this every night of course but it won't ball close to. That this could be really dangerous thing. It's going to be interest in the C Bucs go back get a against the tread on Wednesday night dairy thank you so much and old tire tool when she morning show DeMarre. I am Brit growing Aaron. What what what time again don't know we don't I think yeah. What else or recruit Japanese snake you know that don't require so holy crap what we're out of post it right up. He had an intricate and make me. Well everyone's purposes are no matter what so they're deadline was the sort of. Cool Kirk. All that's pretty that's pretty cool law I'll leave it to a Gary thank you so much. Yet yet there is Gary will Petraeus on the great mid West Bank outline agreement West Bank has been committed to personalize common sense lending. Since 1935 when you're in the market to buy build a renovate or refinance his agreement was bank tack on discovered the benefits of simply. Local banking will wrap things up coming up next. Bucs fans let's get tonight's Chile's MVP. Be the first to notice standout player tomorrow morning at 835 during the show a good point guard to win free food from chili's yeah. Chile's famous for birders ribs fajitas and Margarito us. Give it up to John Mancini is your Chile's then be be be sure to tell shock and wing clear tomorrow morning and that's. And you get recruit from Chile is which is a pretty good deal we're out of time that is it's. My thanks amidst out of the game lawyers Bradley said there. Maybe Tauscher on the side as well as sunshine training surely hear from hearing from him coming up on the fan at some point down the road. Sparky will be back Wednesday on the Milwaukee Bucks pick and say post game show on the Bucs take on the Detroit Pistons a big game will save the bucks to make imports or straights. Can't talk its wait time for bad embryo gels and saw thanks for joining me tonight again bucks when once had won all three. He picked dawn we'll see what happens haven't been I'm going to.