Bucks Tuesday: Jon Horst - Prunty, Parker, Bucks

Chuck & Winkler
Tuesday, February 13th
Bucks GM Jon Horst stopped by to discuss the future of Joe Prunty, where they are at with Jabari Parker, and how the team is performing.

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It's bucks Tuesday on chuck good way to learn. I'll be all access bugs conversation. On 1057. Fox Tuesday continues the Bucs have the hawks and home tonight couple home games. And in the all star break box Tuesday brought Dubai. Frontier motor cards you are new car alternatives so Tony seventh street get your car get your credit and a warranty to frontier motor cars. Dot net secondly there on the fan that's check Freeman I'm borrowing blurred joining us on the great midwest bank hotline. B general manager for your Milwaukee Bucks John Norris joins the show. John appreciate a couple of minutes how are you this fine bucks Tuesday by John. They got a great are you. It's great to have you aboard Geithner trading deadline that the team has been active for you know you were there. Bomb in another role when the team OC Mike trading deadline David always you know pull off fought a move or to which you decided to stay hat. What did you see with this team that she thought that may be other additions. We're not gonna be beneficial to these guys. Well I think I think you're right it is in the fact that we. We did pass on the it's sad that you actually look at it was part in the week down quite a bit so. You know we added Eric Bledsoe early. Which would miss the transaction. We got to art Parker back which is the transaction obsolete the current size. And we may trade the pilot dollar and also in the middle Atlantic coast itself. As we've done quite a bit are we got the team to the point where we were really really happy that we added we trust in this group. And what the actual trade deadline day give me around. We felt really confident that the group that we at that point for this is that in. Eat and perhaps the Eastern Conference simple McKnight well. When you see a team like the cavs do it they did on trade deadline day and not that you guys haven't been active throughout the season as you mentioned when you see a team like the cavs do you say. And I'm jealous they were able to make so many moves are do you kind of smirk a little bit saying boy must have been amassed over there. Yeah I mean listen I think. Again we we sent out if they're out in May 86 laps on the day of the trade deadline. But I think you know you'd let the comets of their commander Colby Altman. In order and that things that talked about they were in it felt like they they needed to make some changes it to get to where they wanna get I think that the comment they used as they were trying to prevent kind of a slow march to das. And you know that's. By no means where we are right now in in India which are franchise and our team so we're again we're really happy for him at. Kind of going to we we we made full power which include the costs are outplayed help us not only got stretches you're going forward and now. You know Cleveland there what they did but. I think we're we're happy Laura says. ABC mood change in this team I'm not. Not necessarily core plan a court courses very 200 promptly but I mean Emmitt. You may be a little different. Look to this team that locker room. Yep. You know until Joseph is our head coach so he's one of the leaders of the franchise and and because of that you've got to have an impact on on the energy on the on the environment on the culture and and we we have seen a change in others enterprise. I think are responding well it is jealous apps you know and I'll. You know planes planes the type about all the we hope they can play and we hope to continue do that conference as a basis. I'm sure. John Horace Bucs GM joining us checked and went clear on the fan. I sewed Joseph proud the have easily is off to a pretty good start I think of active coaches he's in the best start outside of a Steve Kerr. And there's been a lot of discussion as you guys move towards this new arena a ball what the team's gonna look like. With this new era of bucks basketball citing the assumption is. To going to a new arena you wanna you wanna big name but I have to imagine there's been some conversations about. Joseph so far in the job that he's doing what is future might look like with and so I'm picturing John that in your office you've got. Or maybe it's in your head. But you've got a checklist of well Jonas is the playoffs knowing her view it be Regis second round. Interview if he wins finals he's the coach look kind of conversations have you had a about the job Joseph printing needs to do to stay the head coach of this team. So I don't think that the checklist is that is that concrete as it puts you let you know I think also you know the idea on in the big name is is not the case what. What were hunting for this franchise is that people on the partners that say. The organization the culture the character that we want. And I'll put it to the point that we wanna get and Ed just like we said we started passage or the opportunity. We said that he admits that at every opportunity. To be part of all of our process the this summer in which we're gonna find the long term. Cook the franchise and end. Winning is a big part of that just accepting want John has except what the staff the that's because overall law at. And they're doing the best that they can do. And they'll continue to be considered in evaluating just like everything else so we view as equally oxy. Chris Middleton seems like he's really played well on the last month what do you what do you see in his game that he's kind of take it to the next level I mean mid range you know you like this three point should reveal about a bunny mid range is. Still those turnarounds and he's been a big part of their when he's on the floor their success as a way. Yet Chris Chris the Plano are extremely high level he's you know go to our force all the stress the gains he's I think he's. Starting should the ball more consistently when he's open looking at throughout his career. In his overall I think Chris mentally and physically feels. Seals are really good right now is that playing at a high level for Austin and it's nice to have. To have options and guys go down the stretch that you know when they have the ball but they're gonna make it great is whether it shot themselves deferred teammate that they can trust some of the baucus is almost got me. He helped. I met with on this on the last week. But general manager John horse joining us on a box Tuesday. Thrill when we've heard from you. John you've talked about how you're always continually trying to improve the team and and that's that's got that's. What I would assume is the role of a general manager where you guys looking at right now and other trade deadline came and went. His bio process is acting very fluid in name goes very fast. I guess. What happens a lot only talk to people John is that. We'll talk to somebody and then like two hours later. There's like news from the team so if you have any news you wanna talents he could do that now may be or where you guys sort of that would the bio kind of stuff. Yes no no news I guess. Fluidity of the business to a two hours. I promised at the moment that that would add nothing. Kind of in the ranks by. The buyout the buyout market to market in and that is the data looks at what we're in this season right now and in pike outlook. Based on pre teen acquire markets and interest in one or seen but I think I could decide if player and that that will be able to because we've got a good team we've got some great talent. In a position on the culprits right now while. So terrible that interest. If there's something that it's. In something that's really special considered. If there's just something Iraq make moves to make moves so we're gonna evaluate try to make the right goals and some of those are available are you know I started combat troops. I don't some Europeans created start to pop other options. And that will look at. But you know again that's not a word you just do what do it and the truth so you like to make a big difference for us. I saw report one of the Burke the general manager Sean Marks that you really want it Tyler Zeller EU we didn't it was a relevant switcheroo give up from a that you really want him. Is it surely in him what what intrigues you so much was Zeller. It got what what irrelevant we gave up form but while we. We. It identify Tyler there's a group of guys similar Pollard talent in contract status that we've got a five. That we thought could help us so that they specifically with Tyler is. He's not a not short term peace so you got a contract this year and next here without if we so choose. It's just physically not something that we saw like we needed today it has to get a classic matchup against some of the teams have figured out started but more physical starting spot. How it is a different look. I'm Donna planned extremely high level but Tyler in Marshall was on the depends on what his role be at the playoffs are those guys it's it was a different looked physically different than John and aren't. On the ball you know power had a belly destruction Horry shot preacher recently. So for us it was accommodation of player per cent and contract. That we targeted Armenians in pursued him and were lucky to get it. Bucs GM John Horst joining us checked and went clear here on the fan. Others also been some we're looking at case obviously we look ahead a lot of next season. There's not a lot of teams with cap space teams are fighting that luxury tax. How do you as a general manager chided. Did the best team now but then also kind of look forward because there's one guy that's very. Obviously a lot of bucks fans they wanna see here for awhile and are very interested in the negotiations on their contract with. Jabari Parker how is that coming along and wins the plants. Locked him up there if that is the plan. And then how do you fight to cap for next year with. Because there may have led the market just not may not be as big as it would be in a normal year for a guy even as talented as Jabbar. It's it's a great point Barton and trusts. Obviously we study honestly started he. He's that we think they'll have all the interest our needs that our relatives our roster. Out by the other things but ultimately it will. We we know you guys as we. These you know extended Yana. Eight current. And back at liquor blood cell phone now that you are coming in and the players going forward we know the the adult position now this core group that weren't accurate position has cast itself for us flexibility comes in in the mode. You know draft. Drafting well and having contracts that are tradable. I concepts that tradable. And discreet and flexibility in those places to be a to be transactional do you think she's achieved but also. The region that you get locked into routine that you believe and we believe it is currently in the court this group. It deport a big part part of that so we had really productive and positive conversations with the artist representation. Rocket. But it appeared we weren't able add on extension but that's a look at that happens a lot there's there's very often I don't get X. We still have to bar district right in that created it and we have great relations with and the great wish the agents will continue to have those conversations when it's appropriate. And try to get to an agreement to Jabar part of this. Do you have like is there cut off for him do you plan to match any thing or where you guys with Jabari in that sense. Yeah I'm not gonna comment on that right now its offer to Jabar organization but what I would tell you again is that we do we do you have that greatly shipments in. And I'll. The dynamic the departed his agent we live through extension processor or positive lately they're really good about our Tea Party organizations. You see as -- getting better but are increasing as the weeks go on here and really play in the back to back the other night time in Orlando but you see. Slowly those numbers going up. That's a good question for for sure I think that he. It though in the one minute right now I think you'll you'll see it go to 25 those are hard limit cook's notes at a few minutes on either side of that. That he can beat you kind of work with the Jabbar will give him an all star break in and also Rick -- ill relative to act back in many restrictions that. Everything that really positive silence of our Jabari. Whitley played at least I'll it and I think we'll just hope we looked yet continued increases in Iraq. Do you have an update on mir's how he's doing and what that situation is right now. So near one. And it all happened with putter release you know there's kind of a three month period from your where we do a lot of evaluating and testing. Consulting with doctors it's a serious issue. Obviously you know and so we're in the process of that right now you know the doctors in your results are considering how. I'll Wear things that before we. I don't make any comment or statement on board that bad bad thing is not a quick turnaround that that's a really serious issue and and we want it continued support here that has amity does resistant and make sure that whatever we find out whatever. Solution and in direction we picket the right one and an organization. This is your last chance Bucs GM John horse of there is any news you wanna get off your chest. If there is there. If you are certainly bringing their old Brandon Jennings vowed to Jersey to the area this week are or anything like that any news job news. There is no Fox News I have to update yet. Can also well they're gonna signs of a Zune is arguably he got was definitely given a William finally Magic Johnson in Los Angeles he contaminant free agency has now what do you think it Kevin Durant 90 my now I Leonard I have. But they begin in about Sierra com if you Aaron. Jack appreciate your time good time DA and we'll check in down their own. It.