Bucks Tuesday: Steve Novak "This is the way the Bucks are going to play"

Chuck & Winkler
Tuesday, November 14th
Steve Novak joined Chuck and Bart to discuss the addition of Eric Bledsoe and the direction of Bucks basketball.

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It's bucks Tuesday on chuck good way cooler and now the all access bugs conversation. 1057 and. A mountain broaden Milwaukee's best Bucs coverage here on the fence. It's a box Tuesday don't forget 1235 and I gave it 35 more highlights the Milwaukee Bucks we take. Behind the scenes look at what's going out with this team chuck what's going out with this team. Is that they're winning games. Eric Bledsoe has sort of changed the culture in chuck went through here on the fan gonna talk about that and more with former Marquette star now does. Coverage for fox sports Wisconsin for the marquee box Steve Novak joins the program welcome back Steve hi event I don't I Steve. I guess how long ago while there which is let's see. No impact has been. Pretty instant does that pretty America you know he got here I think there would vote and turning had quite a few weeks there was going to be an entire print practiced. But here we aren't played three games for the bucks and three at all. What some. Restored the practice at all. A little slow to quote the famous how diverse and I don't most folks practiced yet important or something this police whose brought quick to spark. Well I mean. What does that like when you come to a new team and when you score with city. And you mean maybe don't know anything about it. What does that all like kept getting acclimated getting used to your team all that amaze us the stuff the jumped into I would think. Yeah there really isn't going to get traded its fusion like hey you got traded the jet will be here at 7:30 tomorrow morning so acts or. The next five months and off you go so I mean the transitions open. I think tough what are they to see how he's gonna come to the boxes that kind of seamless is struggling. Great to see because you worry I think when a guy when any guy comes that's gonna hold them affect other guys obviously at that point guard spot. The books are good they have to build a dole won bargain and so and company and you're like what does that gonna look like there's. Not it's gonna have a the ball that had as much a really. On the first two games you tell what sold kind of transitioning back it'll open and deli and brought a double play great obviously come. These so Bledsoe route to Davos even more involvement could touch is coming in transition portion. Let's just give him some use your touches goes after Russell does as much when he's able to go run and someone else has the ball on their hands. Steve Novak joining us now with fox sports Wisconsin here on a box Tuesday I'm chuck and went clerk. You know when you go to a new team it might take awhile to get acclimated to the city year lie if these guys are teammates. I've just been so impressed with how it seems like. Bledsoe and the honest particularly. These two seem like they've been playing for a long time together much more than in just three games. Did have you seen. A sort of pairing like that words come together so quickly and how where is it for that to happen. You have naw I do think it's unique I think. Because the blocks are are playing like really unselfish basketball they have the guys who were talking about. It they're all guards right I don't gonna let you look pardon power forward these obviously simple but he's in the point cart. And blood so the point guard and go in broad and I think that the huge credit Jason did because he's a guy that. He said look I'll play quite a simple guy airport and I'll play a position of basketball so. I think a lot of that has to do with. They'll put the guys out there that are playing all the other and are all the plus minuses are go to their that are effective together some code would look at him go. The crazy you have 34 point her result there in orbit Jason and they have this new group that's playing well together on an illegal and I think because they're. A group of unselfish guys that are they're raising their immense level that. And it's looking like it's you borrow it it's kind of unique there's so many guards. While their one time. John Henson a plea 26 minutes last night and human thought have been sucked a couple of minutes at the center spot but do they need another body America. Eventually to take some people's minutes away. You know I tend to wanna say yes you put. All of a helpful thing that. That the way the books and applying in the way that the basketball is trending. Is just it's a waste from big guys I mean Gregg and rolled so great player for somebody who played really well with a greater pure passer. All but I think. We saw that the priority being put on spewed. Around on our solutions and and guard play and that that kind of let my order one of the biggest star in the league market salt content and like you said John has in the Tom just a great job with them and there's just so much more guard what are. Top forgo art right are averaging collectively over. Eighty points a game the Celtics and raptors talked for our top two teams in the east are doing. Just what it was 55 point and so I think the box right now are regard to worst beat you that's I think how we are going to be you. I'm just wondering if our center is gonna come on here with Kevin Love did last week and just eat it's just take care of the paint. You have no I do I do think you know that if if a big guy comes along and that to try to make a wrestling match with what he says farmer John. This comes down I think from the box as morbid defensive scheme to take that away and double team. And make him kick it to someone else and then have rotations out of it is what the books are doing right now vs it being. Do we have a single guy that can stop like a dominant. Big guy. And if if that means no get a double and and rotate in and finally just got so ethnic we've shown that. We're got the box our guards that are long have liked in strong mean Don Imus and Bledsoe and his guys are no they can guard format as it sounds crazy but. So there there strong couple good guys offer now they're doing a good job. I know with Steve Novak here on a box Tuesday. Steve I was with the box recently now with five sports Wisconsin. How different is it from your vantage point now being able to see. What Jason kids trying to do with this team offensively defensively. How different is it from your eyes now from when you were within the team and and being a part of those plays are you. Seeing anything that you did in both or if that makes sense. Yeah I know are I think that this team is or seeing now with the Bledsoe trade is that like that evolution. Of you know what Jason has and it had and the profit as their minds and you know I think that trade signifies very much of that is at all like I said Greg Monroe is a very good big man. In this league. Always make the boldly go get a very good art. Even though we have some very good guards but. I think that you just currency revolving out of the box we are playing small ball we are playing faster we're getting out of trying to get in honor you'll look back in transition where. You know when your yacht has come about from a quarter to a great defense is concerned they put two guys know about their load up and try to stop of but now what's it what's so wrong on one side and got a strong on the other I think we're just starting the spreads from the defense then and I think that's why. He secured it a big role wouldn't San Antonio with one style. And then come home in the lakers 10 really pushed a pleasant pace of play another way we beat down the last and again Memphis is one of the companies are personally. And in the first quarter we were shooting 65%. Total them up and down game but I think we're showing that we if we do we do really well. And it's going to be tough to be discovered no matter. Or efficient. When this this is seen as coverage from night with Drummond. And they're off to a really good start at ten a three were you know much small demo with what's been workable gas. Outside this day and then Gundy is just so grumpy I feel like if just they his is upbeat persona are remote there really are. I've played for his brother and I think that's that's also not a belt schools are. What. No they are there there are bigger and and it's a real slow flow. Over the last of the last night and they're playing great it's going to be another. Perfect test other one would insist artistry are now. Common and they put play defense without. Scorers although very similar team and out there they're the long athletic guys that try to make it difficult for. For all the internal like the books are so I think it'll be it'll be a great test. Steve Howe for you as the transition to the TV world Ben because you know it's not too far removed from when you're on the court in. It can be tough when people. Are done and then they go on the TV in there around the sport constantly and we see in the pregame and everybody's coming up in a lay up line in. Hugging you reflect interior Osgood on the transition been for you and what are you learning what are you enjoying. Ahmad food around just learning so much right now what he stood at. That's the stuff but you can't expect that the puppet the lower back trap but I do all my stuff for pregame write about my thoughts together than a Michael regal. And then I got the break a budget that governor pick in my ear piece of massive might pair up well like I kept our group whether they're all admire your element. Welcome to New York Cameron's three seconds the so it's been a cool learning experience with the bureau of it and still on bill talk about it does them. Has been route on. Did you think you are given the TV or in the has brought just don't. You know. As a present to growing up my dream was to play basketball and obviously like even though they have is beating Victoria you're gonna. You know you're gonna do something else longer than you're gonna play even if you have a look trio playing prologue are. I'm not sure how that never saw Jim yeah but I figured I would outplay and so I was seven being bought can't hit it there agree go to put. For sure I think there was never question that I would always bureau on an industry groups are bigger Marleau so are the thank former Booker is something of the American speckled throughout. What if they threw Jersey gets you and so we need you tonight. Are you did you completely Donner would you. That. All mayor would the would the minimum sellers were there or not I would have a choice if you. That's an elliptical Peter earlier than the word about our outlook and and then negotiate the moderate. I bet I've basically that's the of Steve do you like money do you welcome more moderate heat do you just to play at all late armies use that even ship. I do I do what it immediately became very strange to me work it out because. Once I realized I was not a team was not working out for like the performance of playing well on the game. I lost so much motivation all the suburbs like running her lip springer or whatever. Thanks in what what am I doing right now we're bored out of the play well in the game tomorrow but sort. I just sit just one I don't wanna get fat unless they allotted dollar motivation. Yup this sewage saying here and I greet you working on Sox verdict on Darryl doesn't seem like worst or your life. We'll start our your cover how are. Like forty minutes on the truck and only a list little good for you let's sorts though it's like you don't give people what you'd done your good but I mean she's all day it's like gotta go work out that I call. We work our. Do you have a vote so with me now Indian into EV DO aspirations to get to a certain point or is it. Whatever comes at you logo from there. You know honestly right now. I have renewed I have the thought occurred but I've literally have been trying to figure out how to finish my thought went on him and pick in my ear consult so. All armed and I haven't really given it as much a lot of so what next well I think. I just rude and have a good time epic because the books team is it really is an exciting time it's that there's so much to talk about that. It has been out of you because there's always the other guy does to invest or the blood sort trade that insult. What you're becoming an excitement or on the pima feel like the whole community it's kind of or haven't followed that there's so much to look forward to. It's pretty awesome and we will watch the team grow and we'll watch. You deal with John Henson in these guys and treated. As well Steve appreciate some time keep of the go to work we'll talk soon. While her partner.