Bucks win after firing Jason Kidd

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Monday, January 22nd
Milwaukee Bucks Pick 'N Save Post Game Show - Steve "Sparky" Fifer takes your reaction after the bucks fire Jason Kidd just hours before a home game against the Phoenix Suns.  Bucks win 109-105 with a career-high 32 from Malcolm Brogdon.

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Plus he is so. Here for the players. Coach again his speed you can teach speed you know he knows how to use it handles well. This is the Milwaukee Bucks pick it saved post game show presented by the lawyer most things she has frozen pizza no tears Sparky flavor 11057. NFL. The fan. Firefox tip a win tonight. 109105. If you think it'll play greeting growing U. Are crazy. It's not gonna happen what about celebration. Now. I complained it you he had team that's twelve games under 500 that we we will play music. Admission play music and beat a team in Milwaukee a slogans under 500 this again you should win without the honest with or without last. Nine others. Probably not anybody that's really. I am I know there's nominee you'll probably outside of the rallies and yet I was at the game. And I may have missed that are on the broadcast itself but I would like to know if John asks was I think game tonight or not. What was John us on the bench that's what I wanna. Some between me earlier it's a yeah Imus wasn't. I want to Dole's. If you were at the game was down as their attacks it doesn't know who's got the game but in net Bradley said our cellphones are worthless. Most of the time as perception goes to die Christ so he very well may not got my text replied my taxed but I know he is down. A one note just that the secondly. The game itself 35 points for Chris Melton rocket's first thirty point game 32 points for him. Those guys collectively. She's 24 for 33 from the field. They shot. 37 free. Bribing a seven and eight from the line Middleton a seven and eight. Bledsoe was seven of eleven. I'm Reggie did look long and hard the last time those three players and damning free throws and came when you on us was on the floor. Mike. Now Middleton. You knew you figured was gonna have himself a big game he did last game to trouble double. This is his chance to meet a guy without Yasser out there. Kind of like when Iran is always forgot to be the guy in the spotlight so he's gonna take advantage of that and all out. So you figure that was coming. Rogge didn't. That's surprising when you knew you had he had it in them but obviously. Really played well tonight and deserves all the car in the world and has played fairly well. For good part of deceased so happy for broadening it is 32. Greg Monroe. Memory and played for the books. Trade him for Eric Bledsoe. He had nineteen points seven boards forces two steals five eternal worse for the evening and 9/11 shooting. Now they were blast the Bucs were by a horrible shooting by Devin Booker. I'm not gonna give credit to the Bucs defense for having him having a horrible shooting night. But he did have a horrible shooting back to fourteen. A dig at the line nine times in all my shots. So the Bucs get a big win Milton hit some big shots down the stretch I'm happy form. Your bench. Even with Jason dean out as coach got nine points and. Three from maker for from glumly and you from sale element although. So you've flirted be Bora sat. By Jason Terry was playing. Point eight minutes the first half thirteen over. You're mad about Dover del what he was out there in crunch time yeah I get a lot basketball game right now we have without their attention. It was unlike Lou who is adjusted in North Carolina. Earlier today. During the press conference. Jim yeah I'm worst. He said. That. Front table coached nine children to lie like. And may we'll have more of a plan in place by Friday that's. Then tonight happen. And the game happen. And during the game. General manager John horse or Milwaukee Bucks had a chance to talk to tell Hughes a fox sports has got to not your living. The bucks game you haven't heard this yet if you listen to the game on the radio you. And I heard this yet either but maybe Josh white probably play John Porsche this is Tim Intel used during and our member. Two hours earlier about. Two to three hours earlier a 530 Corey six John Moore said that. They had a plan in place by Friday as far as what was gonna happen in my prime he would be the coach for tonight at all that was in place at that point. Meet. The immediate. Thought that probably meant. That they had somebody that they wanted to go talk to before making a decision on Friday. Whoever that may be some early they would have a guy in place is dale and going to be. There's guys out there Rick's casino now it's. So whoever may be. That's what about my thought was okay so maybe they are gonna bring in the coach going four to coach these guys up the second half of the hearing did Pitt get out. Idea of who they are before the trade I'd like. The next couple of weeks and that way they can have a saying at who's going to be on this team for the rest of this year maybe next year. Okay you're gonna stick with Kitsap more than likely but okay five I argue Richard doing. Again now fast forward two or three hours and here's John horse until he has to be joined by. Of course the big news today a very difficult day. Facing him relieve those are coaching. I think a lot of this. Tell everybody knows thank Jason for everything is done for the franchise. Why now I get a day we believe this team has great promise and great future and yeah I've been busy. So Bernie will be there and boom cohort tonight is there any news moving forward. It's a joke you know we fully trusting. That decision Jenna based on just to get things together for the rest of the way and then like he's sick going into the summer may be re evaluating things that's part of it is not continuity continuity sake we believe in Joseph doesn't. Professional Joe's got a ton. Experience in this league with the without winning championships so. Cold hearted to. It has helped Hitler wanna get the ship so we appreciate your time unknown a very difficult very of course thank you John thank you. As you know I'm trying my hardest. Call. So now we see if I get history. Two to three hours earlier you say is general manager of the box that you'll have a can't plan in place by Friday. That all Conte was assured over was tonight that was it. Now two to three hours later US general managers say. All we have all the confidence. Old Angel Bronte is happily our coach for next year are for the rest of this year can't vessel put him in the hopper to possibly get the job next season. But we have all the faith in the world. All due respect if you all the faith in the world why wasn't this and then at the press coverage earlier before you said well we have to get a plan in place. And nobody told you yet at that point deprived you continue to coach for the rest city you're in you don't know is that what happened. Iran may get a little pale. I have. In doing this for awhile. Been very critical. General managers I've been very critical of coaches and managers and so forth. As far as John horse race right now would mean even put him at the bottom. And we'll see if he works his way back up. Because over the last week of stuff that he is sad and then gone back and then set and then change his mind. Almost wishy washy stuff. I'm is bulls to believe that that's the leader of our team. That's the leader who's gonna make decisions arbitrary deadline and that's the god let's get our the next coach and I'm supposed to be excited about this. Now man no not excited at all now you're convinced that it was John worst call know enough. Not at all. As mad Alaska's of JS online tweeted out a little bit of a conversation that he had with west seeds tonight from injury that juicy dark side. He goes quote we have a great relationship with the pianist John its called me this afternoon this I want CS is Wes evens. To Matt Alaska's JS online. Called me this afternoon I have a good relationship with him he's obviously ended. In addition to being an incredibly talented basketball player is a very fine young man he feels a lot of loyalty to coach kid and that's a wonderful trait. That's a great emotion for him to have but yeah honest wants to win as badly as anybody including me and I want to win pretty badly. Okay. Movement that's builders sparks right there now look I'm I'm glad you wanna win mysteries and I'm me and so July. So old to. Clarify some refer those of you. That listeners post game show. In the army seized 35 for talking initial. Those of you they hear me on the Wendy's big shall we GAAP range from Judy six sub. I understand. Fully. The Jason Kidd. May not have been great in game coach. That Jason Kidd at his flaws. I can't. But I also want it solid the old guy now. And I wanna tell you something. I'm 41 years old. I love this team my whole life. I've had one season. One that I remember. Where they were worth. Really anything. Yeah are you talking about the eighties and I remember that Ozzie and kid but. And wasn't the same passion as a fan when you're young kid that's how it is when you get older and understand the ways of world. And one season that's it the Big Three at all had. Never. That we had a superstar on this team. In any point since the Welsh and. Never had a player that might be conversation were best player in the NBA a couple of years and never had that type. Talent certain Packers head of but I'm not. My fear. No reason why I do not ask for gazing you'd be fired in all of us. Was around that individual. There is a lot at stake here as far as I'm concerned about the future of this franchise. Now what you can tell me well he gets it. While there are quotes from ESPN. Jason Kidd. They mignon is called in fifteen minutes before Jason Kidd was notified that he was gonna get fired. Now does that mean he saw bulldozed week that they were firing Jason getting called kid. Which by the way way to go toe in boulder before you told your head coach that's brilliant. But anyhow. So you decide. That your superstar. Is fine you be all right loyalties are great trait. Ibero. And that loyalty is and stronger than would you think it is and he doesn't bring this up on his way out the door later. Can then you're gonna look like a soccer at the end. All I'm concerned about now is who the next coach is the and I don't care who hires him. I don't care if John horse tires on. I don't care if you hires them last three Cheney dine in the janitor at the Bradley Center I don't care who hires an ex head coach. You better not screw this up and caught assistants. That's it I thought got to say. Hash tag Feyerick Kate people all you guys you're all on my list to everyone via. Everyone leave your little fire kid icons on your Twitter accounts yet Leino who you are in fiscal rock don't take and I'll leave them up there for about three years. So that would I can remember who everyone you are. Again I I don't I don't disagree. About why you wanted him fired. I get it I understand all the arguments. But my deal is ya it's plain and simple. I don't really care what anybody else on the roster the only one I care about is him and keeping him as long as humanly possible. You tell me to settle down don't worry about it okay. And it's what I'm worried about Al Gore to bother gonna go hire Jeff Van Gundy. He say why why would they do that. Because this organization is littered with the Madison Square Garden people. People from New York. Littered with them all over they're all over the organization. Jeff Van Gundy was the head coach of the New York Knicks just under any hassles ties in very well may know some of these people in this organization already have that bond and relationship. Here's my fear by Jeff Van Gundy. Yells a lot. As I can play with you on us and ask Arab in the right way. Thing I was gonna buy any Jeff Van Gundy. What do you think other players in the league we'll tell them tell him about Jeff Van Gundy thing really positive. Probably not. He's going to get all star game as John us. Tisdale has been. Be a hot topic I'm sure from guys like LeBron. We're going to be selling on a site getting his ownership dire fears they'll be their head coach. And hopefully if that is the case and that does happen that that relationship is solid misty plays well and went. Because now as an ownership group. An organization you pushed all your chips in and said yeah artists we know more than you we know about the new. And will prove ourselves TO now you have to be right and if you or not right. I hope you're right. He's got a drafted arm is gone. Kid who developed them far more than anybody else has in his career he's now gone. When you hi Aaron led coach I would imagine Sweeney has gone. His other right. That's a lot of change a couple of years time for young guy like jobs a lot of change. You better be right. Almost. 109105. Bucks over the suns I'm done in my little monologue we'll take your calls after this 4147991250. 4147991250. Tweet SL 1057 FM the fact. Yeah. Out of tonight's game at a let's go inside the box score and brought to you by ABC audio video home entertainment. Commercial audio video simply done right in the ABC audio video dot com. This is the Milwaukee Bucks pick it saved post game show. What a drag 105 bucks get that way and over the Phoenix Suns does go outside the box John Hanson thirty minutes for nine from the floor to have two from the free throw line. Ten point six boards one assists three steals one block into your turn overs Chris Middleton 39 minutes. Thirteen of nineteen from the floor to a four from three point range seven of eight from the free throw line. 35 points for Middleton getting to be the start tonight without you on us in the game six boards three assists two steals. And two turnovers Eric Bledsoe 33 minutes six of thirteen from the 402. From three point range. Seven of eleven from the free throw line nineteen point seven assists three boards four steals. A block in four turnovers Malcolm Roger and 35 minutes eleven of fourteen from the field three of four from three point range seven of eight from the free throw line. 32 points or Boortz two assists three steals a block in five turnovers. Sterling brown. News team shot 47 minutes to a five from the floor 03 from three point range four point four boards one assist one steal. And one turnover off the bench tonight pretty much nothing. Adult adult and 25 minutes including a. Playing in getting in getting a plane crunched under 90 of three from the floor 103 for eyes year old what I should say from three point range zero point six assists three boards. And one turn over 21 minutes for Tony's now one of three from the field zero of two from three point range he had one steal and to. Points. From I'm Jason Terry thirteen minutes 02 from the field 01 from three point range he had three rebounds one turnover and zero. Points. Plot why Marshall glumly eight minutes 00 from the floor for six from the line four points to boards and one blocked. I'm maker ten minutes one of three from the floor of one of two from the free throw line three points one board one block and one turn over 53 and a half percent. Four in the Milwaukee Bucks from the field 49 point 4% for the pathetic suns from the field for them. I have a seventeen from three point range for the bucks 926. For Phoenix. Free throw line 28 of 37. For the bucks tonight only eight while Kelly excellent point tens of Phoenix eighteen it's one that's were. You won this basketball game rebounds got aboard that Phoenix 34 to 32 assists you only had twenty assists tonight 31. Four the Phoenix Suns tonight they were moving the basketball. Turnovers seventeen by the bucks that's not good 21 by Phoenix and that's primaries so that. A 109105. Bucks over the suns bucks now two games over 524 and 2215 and nine at home. The positive news about all this firing Jason Kidd stuff is at least brought to get the easy part of the schedule now leading up to the also a break. So hopefully they can gulp I asked two people. Now read the bucks game tonight both people told me day in CI a sent. So do that was you guys get jobs over the price and a lot. The Estonian. They said that in Seattle treatment how many I had no idea where he was there why wasn't there I don't often you'll ask it Jason Kidd were young slows Jason Kidd sorry Joseph plenty that's gonna take me awhile -- have a yeah yeah. Astle fronting her got to slow tonight why he wasn't there. Mean he is all about winning all so wouldn't you want to be there supporter Melissa Aurora is winning is the rumor that they fired him at a dinner I saw. If they. Because they son John force and Peter Fagan walking out in white fish pay the other both on the on the phone not right after broke not after dinner it was at this afternoon right 230 quarter three knows how to save us any Friday or its food with the youngest now is generous. Spoil after that conversation now I have now. That's or attempt at humor that Tim graduate you harbor I guess you're just trying to yielded meat from now now now get under your skin because I know how fired up he's huge now Joseph relaxed right now. No I'm not gonna lose my cool. Our goal and we're going next Johnson North Carolina yep startup shows always puts up just a. Would've fired up every 1007 the on again tonight. Graphical protect your first minute and actually had coats. Brought to you played well you know he played well as well although triggered a call and abet a complete call and after the outlook here. Bookmarking your modeled yours yours yours you're doing is drop. We could partly you don't gotta paper cut electrical for different things off the whole. Well pot like have a thing or whatever but one thing that we hear them bonded I grew up I've heard about what where Obama like the market got. And I grew up. Rupert appeared tactic. It will go on to leave it very hot day Eric Murdock you know guys right that's how bad it was as a kid growing up. So in the read more on this in the episcopal but when I go back and forth with something you'd. God there are a lot younger than us on Twitter that don't get how bad it is for the bucks to Lou the one great year we had always want. That it back next here we even put up with a one also operate it did not make the play. But now we passport we'll darker. I'm dumping you might not we have got to ethical people been. Are believed would be the best player in the box before it he could get a rate because nobody be better. And be as good without under preventable. And then we have Landry Ian over here and ownership group right. I would never questioner decision as part of it. Could've billionaire I'm. They clearly are Smart that. But there's one thing that I you know. This city I grew up in the city's outlook the team not what we do exactly players like these at a plea to. So I thought a lot of single line of art don't player but he Iowa while block law can't let it. No we know it got like this simple once in a generational cap. If you wanna know how about it I have a desperate the best man at my wedding he from Cleveland Ohio. I harkat. Rama that. We won a goat that in Milwaukee. And I don't think you out of the type of god it's gonna try to pull its way routers like that but the fact that. Well he he asked he had before they fired Katie wanted. Says have Yana is trying to save his job for he gave kids the opportunity obviously to add muscle said no don't do. What's even more. Speaking now how professional guy wouldn't it and as book fair. What about you wouldn't RT don't you sit still respect with the got it. What do thirteen fifteen years win. The year before he got. Ample play golf but apart Vick got that Larry Drew couldn't even get thirty who. Party would laugh at me as a court to head back to back playoff. Oh it's been awhile probably an eight again. This Donna is over decades tonight abroad can but do remember none of this matters Johnson and that's what everybody asks remember that's gonna defend Jason Kidd none of this matters. Tell other people because we have a superstar now we should mean instant success there should not be any. And it that was struggles going forward you have a superstar win now and if you don't one in golf than your god and again. It's hard to argue against in game strategy and so forth can he won very quiet I'm not gonna say he was 'cause he wasn't. But do we make it out like this team is awful they're not awful they're. There are a basketball team that's five water going up and not just like he sat in the last press conference went to here went to there. As I said they're got an easy stretch coming up here with fronting me so hopefully they capitalize on it going into the all star break. I mean I love that part of let's go to a couple of loud I'm Artie so. A medical athlete in it anymore came on after me talk about the county. Opposite aren't a lot lot of video could not watch the game or in because there have been a lot of much to do is snowstorm. And you do it right so we have middle and we have got it and we have let. After that and and brought in front of recount. Well you look at pound for pound. It kind of makes up that tablet if you look at that their. It is pretty anemic right now don't. Can't have done a great job and think about moving Kelly back having an opportunity Coles would cope with got it. Parker in Middleton together now blood cell. And now what he's not a good job. But what people fired hit Arnold partly we're all on fire kitty big city sixty in happening but took all the talk and somebody got. It's the younger guys are there is talk you understand with the not like. I'm not not not not not not not dog that I I don't wanna be dead guy no no no he's not going to be like a sixty year old actor know and they know I'm not near your seventies and eighties backer John I don't know thanks the company opt out about it yet that's finding out about doesn't like Ottawa. I'm just telling you why. Why I am more on that. That's all. Now again there are those of you now believe it doesn't matter. The get a new coach. If they win yes a lot from what they've been a plaster for years. You better hold they don't get new coach and angle backcourt next year. With better talent because you would assume that Al will be pretty good going into new arena next year that they will do whatever it takes to put it Iran struggle for an and they better be. They better be better than they are now. Going into next year I will be shocked to the benches as bad as it is now next year. I'm vapor talents there's just no way to do need a bat. If they keep Jabbar Parker emulated and blood so any honest. And they're all healthy at the start of the season that's more than Jason Kidd is ever had in his coaching career so used to being a better position. At that formats employed alone. If you're able to get a signer of that some type of physical specimen. As president but it has has some. Some girth duel has some size to American rebound and bang inside palate you had a Greg Monroe thank you grit your rebounds got to help out underneath. That also what help. Where the new head coach is gonna be next year's gonna have a more talented roster more than likely to what they have right now that's mind yes. And of course expectations should be did they do better with a more talented roster which has had this year. We'll see 19105. Bucks over the suns take quick time I get to sports slash I know we haven't taken all the just in that we'll get to you if you're Arnold coming up next. 4147991250. Tweet us a one off by seven FM the fan. Yeah. This is the Milwaukee Bucks big save post game show let's get tonight's Dave and buster's and shot of the and buster's wallet Sosa the only place to eat drink played analog sports and this is the only station. You know it's nice. It's nice having kids. Because you and your race and go home when the kids in and I'm just forget about her right. When you are back in the studio. And immediately get put back them. What he's you'd you know that ask my kid I told ray player who was in here before produce your house a week we shouldn't Josh your house later. It was on the golf course he was a little bit space. You sure that's the reason and US so I'm admirals Centre ice is after that and Blair was. Pretty reasonable bushels is in licensing on the bed just. This morning now as I say something dumb. That's currently. So should get. Bucs won and I. Need shot of the game here courtesy of fox sports has got 219105. Bucks over the suns. Maybe towel she picks the pilot for shot of the game go ahead and it was it was out the first of two Chris Middleton fade aways to put it on ice. I'm pretty sure your phones are in line rather. Eating here or should that hold violently. Wears on an alarm that a phone caller alarm no ZoneAlarm ZoneAlarm and it tell you wouldn't boastful and you know it was an alarm to say put in the podcast after the show. Credit. That's an yeah it has settled artists from my body shop that has not because it's a learned certainly learned Sparky. Is OK that's good though it wanted to write and I can criticize. One on nine auto five bucks over the suns tonight 35 points for Chris Melton 32 from Malcolm broad and both with huge nights and tonight nineteen for Eric Bledsoe as well seven assists and four steals that ball to go 4147991232. To televise seven FM and Marie and actually Josh we're gonna go up to Nashville sale go to guy these young sound all while Marco. There rebel group spoke to happen. A different cultures we should be involved and she got salty about not being the GM. No because always loudly that you were given to so apparently pretty much lost the team. Little pretty much excommunicated himself with Parker. But no I don't just basically calling my toes are still feel that this organization has been talk that I mean yeah some depth about. We'll be very clear when it but it. You know coaching somebody's coach giving up draft picks you know what were triggered meeting beginning talent. You know our ownership no can't even keep their stories straight you know they're always. No leaking company or doing something scandalous wouldn't have been accused of being slum lord. No one of them is still in that wind is being scandal. Rick you re not small. I mean it really is huge always bigger here in Milwaukee. You know if we win. And will come I don't understand an obvious smaller rebounding outward in Milwaukee you know three weeks to go over it. Did you see the arena what smaller. And really strike. Well and actually tailor. It looks big on the outside because get close are there any doubt you have. What owners of Milwaukee Bucks are doing the same in the Green Bay Packers are doing that land grab the gonna make blogs and on and grabbed I don't count well at all if you're a basketball we shouldn't count up your power due out the trade deadline. Don't tell anybody did OK they locked I got. I gotta go call it economic I don't I don't I don't. Know. Play Friday and next. Yeah back to back out to the phones now. And they time Brian Anderson but I played our birds as TNT work while Brian Anderson just. Really solid good. Tweets out coaching decisions not like this but. Joseph proxy at the box is the capital letters a real period deal period. Notre since our days with Asperger's was always amazed by the full breath of his NBA brain. Another from the pop tree could be a great want it given authentic chance. To build a nest and Lee. The last line is the key line. Could be a great one if given an authentic chance. To build a nest annaly. I don't believe this is an authentic chance at all I don't know what you all thing but I I'll I'll buy into it like Joseph prep. I'd be financial front USA knew let coach go board after this I'd have zero problems with it. None. And he's a Smart dude I think gives Dallas and I think he relate to players. I like fronting a lot I'd be fired up front is good coach told if I wanted to change defense. But I'd be cognizant of that coach on down Brian Anderson the publishing had no idea I'd Ivan bottom line is only known since his time in Milwaukee here but. If he says he's got to go about our ability journal prompt. Let's see. Willie. Or at Canada box. Says 'cause I did somebody ask him about Vaughn Nagin playing timers or had no idea. What Von Zahn tonight you're playing time and he responded back Willie did the idea what vaught has done to get playing time he's not good glad to Bucs are moving out. I could be wrong about this love. I think they're gonna look back at daylight do what happened why wasn't he playing more when he was here and make its humble when he gets chance somewhere else maybe I'm wrong. Maybe he's got practice bat that practice habits maybe he's got a bad attitude maybe he's got stuff going on that I don't know about. But that kid is really really talented and I just don't I just don't see how in your early twenties. You just throw it away though he ought to tally seat in order of the we're gonna move on. There's I don't. We'll sing. Thought let's say we will see. How this plays out over shot on another basketball team going forward maybe doesn't get a team maybe ends up in the the Gatorade lead me next year Nestle work his way back in. I'd as they had some border another. Yeah I mean he's in pretty good at providing he's got to work ethic and the right attitude and that. As a big F Brett and now I don't know you very well made nine you may think very highly himself doesn't BS practice all that are doesn't get to put in the work. And their for the coaching staff just kind of tunes amount inputs into the side and Norris fact that he's there maybe that's what's gonna answer. We're too nice fairy dust just in California was up just a. Say. We we are right at our you know Q Bartlett tonight I don't care and you call me. I I have. On the net and I didn't listen just sit I'm not immigrant mood so you double whatever you want talk about a concern in the box is don't go off on the brewers are the Packers are some. Okay terror group and turn that advocate our mark or I I hear loudly you're you know the I don't they ultimately yes that's a peep. People who like you know like oh yeah and an order like we've been through our mean if you guys actually and that if you go on except. Click mediocrity that's going use you like him or crop that aren't you. And people acting don't want cause if they did think it was you know he did a good job. OK everyone who watched the public goes basic it was terrible terrible exit though you know gave coach you lose. Terribly game he looked asleep on the games. What they're calling plays argued could compete with terrible art art rarely saw it yes and like our rotations were awful. Like you would say they aerial shark after directional what happens and I. Well what would you haven't Ellen we want to Jason Terry played. Yeah well I'll play that seem minute scrutiny. I think what we did OK but still it is that you were badly no wait days. Steep angle on the act out like that terrible that's terrible terrible coach. Oh. But and that I thought Moore played I didn't feel like I told. Are eventually we did OK. You know and I think I think gore or will be OK like in waiting is. Like I think this move that meant it would correct yacht and need to get on board this is winning is important it's he's said. Then he should be fine with moving from. All that patents it all depends. We the next head coaches. And biggest now remember this is the same guy at it and number Jason Kidd was. Guard yelled at by Jason Kay an incident with a hell is this Google him saws credentials as a holy crap I Burleson. So if you thing that he got as isn't go to going doing research and talking to people but whoever they hired next your crazy. And if it's a guy like Jeff Van Gundy who doesn't have a great track record players in this league and that's who they bring in next. And I just to me I. That would be horrible absolutely horrible. Horrible. He would go completely against what that kids well ST well maybe maybe you toughen up goddess in and if he needs and and changes spear him soulful. They play how a lot better defense than an amber is sure that. That that I'm pretty sure. But again like I said be emotional. I'll continue to say yes I understand how bad he was in game collegiate. Again. That's not my issue my issue is. That's it that's all I care about a committee Malia. Don't want -- out a year in two or three years when his deal is up. Because hammonds gone kids gone Cellini is going to be gone unless they hire some in a coaching staff as the next head coach. He's going to be gone that's his other guy and now he's up by himself. Looking around on I don't know anybody. That's what concerns and that's what our board. Maybe it's all for not. You on the jas there than I do apparently while saying oh he'll be fine OK. I don't know Yaris. Mike you Alter in Ileana Solis militia cell. I'll take your word that he'll be fine. Hope you're right. Is we do know he's very very loyal. As does what he and he said he's very very lonely appreciates that trait we better hope he's got to loyalty is leased to oil he's Intel you to take a finally ball short pier and will play for another team. Now we can talk about loyalty. Same for for your sake you better hope he's not too loyal. Because it's gonna toll backfire fitness. I'd take an article where we go on next. Brady in Germantown I feel sorry for bush fans live and name is Susan to have people's games so I apologize. Check back Friday night lets up journalists on our. 008. Included. Do out there that we got rid of them without our help he language yacht it aired it. You enjoy listening yourself on the radio or units in the review laws. A couple of data as your fault yup but that's okay collide fish now. So. I'd go Eric Bledsoe. And got hurt a combined point without bars. Eric Bledsoe the showman he. He's not a glory he's as children and that's why it him into bargaining combined with Ricky Ott. So a Jabari comes back to go with blood cell metal sitting on Osama batters ST. So. Better. Look at the fourth seeded in these. Dark warrior and are well like people out there that we got rid of Jason K without that life. Agree thanks for the how does agree the aborted magic on how could you brief 52 it's not who bobbled it. And I tell you what I said no continue to what I set went and made the prediction goal back if our podcasts are still on a website illicit. I said they would be seven games over about seven games over when Jabari came back from his entry not buddy come back in January middle the end of January. Which is on what happened but that's my father gonna do. And that at that boy they got a big run and that's how they would get on the run a 5052 points that's what I thought was going to happen. And if they do what they're supposed to between all the all star break they should be seven games over at the all star break. Right rather talk Jabari comes back. To get out of rut now they're gonna have to wind's up it's stupid between out of like 29 games or something crazy like that. May to teach you won't happen but. They're still at a position to have hope court of the first round with or without Jersey kid as head coach what's your part Parker comes back. Will have to wait and see I what is your project does with with the deep assisting with sweetie how what does he what he does not we are as a result we have Jay did up. You have to divert velocity had defense. And a and do something different. We do that when you run offensive sets for more offense and says they read before. And there's a lot of stuff he's got to have the opportunity you do don't like kids aren't coming back for the rest of the year. Eddie did get to go to a playoff hopes he's a playoff experience do at this she wears a round of the playoffs. You don't don't brought to you about our guy. He Wednesday did you gain teenager to say that he's not our guy wound out yeah I mean he goes on that run if they win a playoff series how do you look at Joseph projects or you're not our. Yes it allows all yachts will throw a front. How the hell are you ever gonna judge a coach again if it's. And it's always going to be well they don't waited sought yachts is all fired a coach if they'd do way it was probably the coaches gate because that's what you get we tell these people. But don't like kit while you're the playoffs hassle want anybody could coach that team to play house so they refused to give credit for that. So novel the other white what are the playoffs are you to give credit to the guy that gets of their the rest of this year or you just got. Yelled back edits at all I want a different guy Greg is somebody also that idol. Like guess what awaits Bucs got laboratories like what do died 105 or the Phoenix Suns let's get the our defense of play advocate. Defensive plays stood out here's the labor's local 113 defensive play of the game. The labor's local 113 Milwaukee feel the power bat held high UN 8113. Dot org. This is the Milwaukee Bucks big can save post game show. Went on 9105. Bucks over the Phoenix sides. Let's see what pilot data Taj picked out for the defense and play the game courtesy of fox sports the stats. It was the tapper. 105100. Frog in the Middleton. Survivor nature on all the sons I coach and I student got no chance I have no chance when that team rests here. They do gig of union at one on I want a five bucks over the sides take a quick timeout. Will come back take more of your calls and earlier odd old I see delegates I make it's and in your tweets to twitters as told them fire blowing up. Over this Jason Kidd firing Joseph pride tee interim coach for the rest of the season and he missed out by sports Wisconsin the press conference earlier today plot their record is six. Your general manager John horse said well a coach and I will have a plan in place by Friday weren't you going forward. Fast for two to three hours and the plan is in place he's the interim coach for the rest of the year. Back after the something. Hey guys this yens a local woman Milwaukee Bucks. And you'll listen into the Milwaukee Bucks bulls game show human. You. There's always something unexpected big changes that gave you my peers tonight's extract your of the day you might. Brought you my bride to Stratton college athletics offering athletic scholarships and six junior college sports. Mora BC has bobcats dot com. Thirty she employs about abroad did tonight what a 9105 victories are X-Factor of the game on the way sub Rogge and scored 32 night built in and have 35. To go out with six boards three assists couples the of the double turn overs with 32 from rod and eleven of 143 or four from three point range seven of eight for maligned for more two assists three steals and blocking did have five turnovers but. That was clearly your X-Factor certain London thanks to combined for nine points could you talk about a spark to a guy that now knows that he can be a leader on the team right rog and he should go back to the bench. In favor of who throw around a guy like that one as long as he's in the Mormon that's when this is back it to be honest Middleton Hanson. Blood cell and brown and Brock and should be the dolphins and comes off the bench at this point. His as you can see. They have nothing on the bench. Maker pummeling Delgado looked stealth. Has shown he can meeting guy concerning games but don't took three shots tonight that tends to happen he seems scared shoots the AJ sectarian DJ wells and shot on Sean Kilpatrick the badgers still king and off the bench Norton on either Wilson doesn't deserve to be up bench. So. Again. They need to Barnhart bag our care which Elsa and the other thing about this whole thing as the reports out this afternoon did you barring keyword on good terms. Right. That's eight. This is where I have issue. So you got an army of people trying to run this organization. You've got the owners you've got horse you've got fading you've got kid everybody apparently has their hands in the pot trying to figure this thing up. So lost all peoples brains did you have all pretty Smart ones you couldn't figure out how to mesh. Maybe Josh can answer that how likely dumb idea yes yes absolutely. Which we know that you couldn't figure out. How to make that relationship work. You you could figured out dollars for your hands up veneer walked away it's well. Yes is not gonna work we yellow. Come on man I and is I have a hard time buying that nobody could've sat down those two and figured out their differences and got a back on the same page again. And it also makes you wonder about all the Jabari Parker rumors over the course of the last some personal body being involved in trade rumors. Was that Jason Kidd lead in a bad light and for that one isn't that how that ended up happening. All the people above days and get well who really knows whose budget is injured but. Was that other people in the organization. Also not drive Parker bandwagon besides Jason Kidd. And mr. Hyde Parker know who really is on his side and had organization if anybody. And they know. Israeli again today the only one that really has to be on his side is he in meetings is on his side of our parkers say if you get paid a ton of money and he'll be a lot Cuba. If not then he's probably gonna get a nice offer somewhere else he plays on the second Japanese going to be gone. And a Milton whatsoever unrestricted free agent after next year and they're probably both going to be gone and there's got us all by himself. With whoever it is news splashy name head coaches going into his second year. When gas was 42 years left on his deal after that at that point. One on 9105 bucks over the Phoenix Suns where to next maybe Josh your son's trial it's a true. Or low or. No men. A 1000%. Reduction could say it better I'll. That's when Marcus serve all the time and all these people. Only fired gave people these people. Are there so great and Latin cultures in there and frankly. These gush Biggio. Book that Somalia. By Aaron 141. We don't know now is Kosher they hired going to be able. To win with this game and we don't know for sure job or going to be able to assimilate. All of he's going to leave. But it seemed to win and I look I think UT I think. Error quarter numbers are involved. All of movement in that they've got to win be all of it part to sit around play I think there's got to be a perennial contender in east the next. So three year period the culture there that doesn't happen. If they're still in it pat first round involved from the circle route I think Nadal are really do and every part of what motive he. They've gotten wrapped them well and got development. And his right hand is Sweeney and he's gonna be gonna begin a new head coach. I didn't hit agriculture and the guy who would him every day as we call for a book. Go to work and think what are you gonna because our. Avenue you can input on the coaching. So. I think or in now. And it organization it out at all on our course. On their bills to be able to deliver hope that they'll be able to and I can be huge market because I've started to lead our regional parties reports. And like we were there when you know national meet up thought well maybe job horse. Figured it Q what has gotten is that okay well I'm gonna fire him now because. It's our people morning and it came around to happen when a person last series. How much agreeing to give up or you know fire but they'll pay and better at. What the import got to come to a port crack wouldn't say. All we're gonna make these decisions come apart when have a point. And get cup while later it gained you're saying. All choked up while you're going to be corporate raiders even liked what happens our food that you're hear is that. We're keeper parking for the remainder of season yet what are absolutely. I don't know. That is why rice said the union just. He and between the interview last week what happened today how he handled both situations. I. It's not as bottom rung he's using it for me I don't I don't. I really and I'm very very concerned about where this organization is going let's hope we don't turning into the next that's that's rumble to let's hole that's. That's not what happens they had Carmelo Anthony all that time. And the bumbling owner couldn't figure it out and kept screwing it up time after time after time let's hole that we don't end up like in New York next that's all arms and thanks for the culturally and here. Got to gig it's a sports Russia's sake Lamar. Fill in cedar burger next what's up felt. Are you a peculiar little bombed output. I gotta say I really don't know if he visited coaching really watchable actor in years now it's. I feel like I have no idea paranoid if he's if coach. He's not he's not a very good in game coach outs and I'm Tina. But then what it can go to it is a bit in game coach what does she what if you could. He's good at it providing experiences for players off the floor bringing in Garnett bringing in Stockton have an ad and saying I'm I'm meeting with Kobe with yarn it all the start a relationship. All of those relationships are huge and letting honestly. Learn how to play point guard in helping them develop as far as bringing the ball obnoxious that you metaphor position. And letting them there to die and the heat he Middleton look at Middleton Summers those of also developed a from the thirty year since he's done Milwaukee Bucks to that also has happened so. Again elect I'm not saying that these are a great coach or anything of the sort I'm just saying. My fear and all of this is what happens next who's the next tiger in the next hire is prime Deke. I'm fine with let's roll Joseph prime DNC one hatteras. But if the next head coach and somebody outside the organization you get ready Sweeney who again I can't stand guys defense haven't for three years so that's soccer my feelings. But he is just is right hand guy so if you think British Sweeney yeah that's a lot by himself with a whole new coaches every dog no have to adjust to. And then. Got a doesn't know anything else but to write and he writes. He doesn't know anything else you might lob and next coach he might feel like you know so you know it's it's it's just the unknown news scare. But the other correct I hate the unknown and the other factor that worries me is going into this all star game. You're gonna have all these guys in his ear tightwad who heat they shouldn't hire who they should hire you don't wanna play for this guy you wanna play for that guy if they do you like this screw that you should leave when it's your tie and they're all going to be in his year. Yeah it could force attorneys that he got through the years but. He gets well I don't entirely what I. He won't yet I don't thanks for the call are are wrong I don't think he'll he'll play his contract out one way or the other no matter what happens he's he's not and he's not that's an idea but. And now its output up or shut up bucks I mean now that's that's what it is now I'm young it's okay. That's cool GM's gone head coach is gone your prime and get rid in my writing I am not immediate since output overshot a time now you all are on the clock now you have to show me. What it's all about. We'll see they can Miller. Or before we get to a a sports flash let's do ruler of the backboard see unlike you must figure samples kinship. You're listening to the Milwaukee Bucks ticket sales post game show now it's time to pick the ruler of the backboard. Brought you bipolar most Gingrich is frozen pizza bloated with a half pound of Wisconsin she is it truly is. The ruler of pizza. All right ruler on the back board tonight normally every night is is our guy got us. With no yeah on us tonight. Ruler of the back or leading the way rebound wise we have a tie again six boards for John Hanson six boards. For Chris Milton ball mills rulers of the backboard. They get half frozen king cheese pizza with pull animals half upon it seized if you love JD yoga does veto a veneer pool that's your that's your things since the year absolutely your fault. It is layer double to with hot pepper flakes right every bullet right out of her hot oven like getting all over it. Yeah that thing is money I I told me that he Mandela multiple times and I'm in your doing Asia. The that's my first stop when pentagon leaders when I leave this place right I go straight or are the things they've grabbed one leaf and Belinda. Here's single guy Syrian a lot of frozen pizza. Sometimes yeah yeah muscle large I'm not a single pebble we'd a ton of frozen pizza. 19105. Bucks over the suns on offer sports slash a baby team. This is the Milwaukee Bucks they could save post game show let's hear from the Bucs head coach. Hutus corners sponsored by Schneider for over eighty years they've been offering great careers with a great benefits and more home time. Visit Schneider jobs dot com. Or call 1844. Pride this is the only station in bucks fans need 1017. SA. I busted a Wayne tonight. One on 9105 over the Phoenix Suns are 242215. And nine and all 35. Six fours Chris Melton Wright and his first thirty point game 32 points four boards to assists three steals. Five turnovers. Four Malcolm Rogge in wash when one and I wanna five. In term head coach Joseph protein announced for the rest of the season adoring. The broadcast. By John horse bucks general manager here's what Joseph Frontieres afterwards. Good win tonight obviously. We're all proud of the way we battled tonight. Lot of very good efforts. Some that it doesn't show up statistically it could win I should be proud of that one. It. It's it's a tough day I mean all the things that we talked about before hand but it the end of the day our job is to go out perform. We wanna get the win every night we step on the floor we that's that's the goal and it's. Said it's it's not a trick. There's certain things that we need to do. So like I said not all of it showed up in the stat sheets the one of the things tonight. Eighteen turnovers and that makes it difficult. We forced one too so that helps but. You know at the end of the day our job is to go out and get a win and that's who we did tonight. The suns start the game and attend to Ron is there any concern in that moment that maybe guys aren't gonna get up for this month. In coaching there's concerns all the time yet so. Tended to the one thing it's on your side you got to bow. Like remember when the time they visit the nine may be little under nine. So at that stage of the game and human that correct we got about 44 minutes right so you got time to recover. Wasn't the start we wanted. We know that there's a lot of things that are placed the rest of the way so we made. But he regrouped and it was very good first quarter. Force. Malcolm career high 32 points that you see him being more aggressive. Offensively. Well I thought he did a real nice job taken shots that were presented to him that he made some nice drive some very tough and very good finishes. Obviously. He and Chris shot the ball extremely well. But. You know one of the things that happens in the gains. Each night it's. Somebody can get go tonight Malcolm and crested. I thought some of the shots that we got for other guys were still quality shots. You know some of the threes that I can think of mine you know Tony had a left wing three it was a good shot sterling left corner we could show up on the list. But you know we want our guys to play together we want to share the ball we'd like Morse this if we were just looking at statistics. When we were at our best ball did move or we found a matchup and we were able to exploit that. Coach who really looked like it here. Really looked like the guys having fun on the search. How do you just maintain that healthy team chemistry after such son coaching change. Our guys work. And date you know there in their into each other in terms of they've worked together so I can stop my. Sentence but they work together they worked very hard they pull for each other they stand up and cheer for one another. And that's across the board. You can even looked at somebody like Marshall plan misses of things it doesn't show up and stat sheet. There is an assist on pass to another guy he's not involved in the play in use screening great pass great past. And he just joined the team. So that's something that that that in stark today that's been going on you know for the season were and his group will pull for each other. That's what we need to do that's what we have to do every day is pole for each other and that's how you get wins in this. Our ordinary Joseph fronts 109105. Bucks over the suns let's get to backs more phone calls here were re go next they're just. Let's drug to Charles on the north side once or Charles. They immediately quirky in. Yeah it didn't they gave it is being fired. A couple of press conferences ago what they do it that are well pregame. We negated you know when to lose to. I think everyone who's been watching it and it looked at him for the last three years. That thought out proposal were howling I think it was a little more indicative. And being on the hot seat and that scene. And we don't know the inner workings of power struggle. Hi Brad. You know me evident. But beyond any candidate yeah. It could then. We all kind of as soon gave credit to their control and be without it idol they're handling it booted. You know been okayed it and then he would take the reign of the orders and many are it doesn't do much when it. You know that's the way I look at it I don't I don't know that we don't know that in mind seeing. You know in in but I think. We know that avenue as John has called Jason get an offer to try to save his job fifty minutes before they told cared because guys knew they were gonna firearm which means there was a team meeting or something of the sort let me tell you tweet by -- and old from earlier tonight. Very strange exchange between Eric Bledsoe and Gary wolf plummeted firing. Bledsoe I didn't even tell Gary willful until Latin blood silently just told me he's a you did know all. They Null or what goes you Gil did it. Wolf why but they had a team meeting Bledsoe I didn't know nothing a ball that I missed it I think. We yeah but Heyman there's organizations. They're doing right all right but that's based political c'mon man it's got to. I really felt when you came in denied the yergin swear on the air. I mean I know your account consummate professional at you'll fired up when he walked in here I thought the iPhone you're new rant and rave and help. Oh well. Well because again there's what's it like I thought Kidd did everything raining that's group has now what I think happened I don't I never said that is what happened. Third what yachts that's all my concern is that's my only concern concerning his Bucs basketball team going forward. I am concerned about the leadership of his basketball organization what the heck they are thinking in doing currently would've been digging into them from the beginning bore all the way back. To the Jason Kidd fiasco. When Larry Drew had stabbed in the back court ball all the way back to that when this all started. That's what the first red flag came up on do they really know what they're doing or are we learning on the fly. Now they apologize for that afternoon and they screwed up yep which is Scott are part. I'm I'm. It's ruthless business brings but it's business for I does the next hire is maybe the biggest higher since they got Wilson and it. Might be the biggest decision this organizations had since they got las. To say it might be. They want more call an ambulance blocker recap our downtown what's up are your next on the fab. Important. On you just you really just said it and what leaves a bad taste in the mouth of any you know I think it would anyone is. The fact that your artists is calling Jason Kidd and there's reports he's been fired before he knows that he's been fired. That I just can't happen I mean there. I'm the players about their professional right. But your organization has got. Responsibility be professionals well and you know we all of that between Beck the organization but when. Just wouldn't stop like that make it real difficult. Only heard our thanks for the cup. And I and I think I was a coach. Very high level. No results policy you know obviously as as everybody else maybe a question for you guys are discussing the big show tomorrow is that like the all those. Opinions about it do you trust. This ownership group right now from what you seen on them. More or less than Herb Kohl as what you described to me earlier that if they really likes somebody they're gonna keep on them. That's Ersan Ilyasova written all over. Yeah I IA. IA there's more similarities seemingly coming up then not. Yeah our own the. And I think Herb Kohl ten and a higher guys then had live a more traction with a more proven track record date it was John horse. Fared better Oliver blogger or dating his organization the twenty plus years like Larry Harris Ernie Gruntal was approved in general manager in the league and they when he got earning run felt. And they had the star studded hired George Carlin and made him. Well I stay coach and sports or whatever was at that point in my share of the basketball team and everything else. You know Ausmus and bad hires glumly to but. I happen. They they they both feels eerily similar I guess to a certain degree the differences is that this regime had John Hammond he'll hold morality on us and now they got to make sure not to screw real. I really is the only responsibility just don't screw it up you were given a superstar don't screwed up. Because there's no guarantee you'll ever get another when all you on this team going forward. 19105 bucks or decides we'll come back. Well inside the Bucs locker room here on the fact. This is the Milwaukee Bucks pick can say post game show. Presented by Blair must change she's frozen. We're heading into the post locker room here with the players saw on the court exists is the only station Bucs fans need. 1057 F. Our bucks where it went on I wanna file for the Phoenix Suns I Gary woeful standing by before we get him let's hear from Malcolm Rogge and after his first thirty point game of his NBA career 32 points night for broadened in the land. My house for trying to get perceived absolutely. We usually anybody removed image. It was Guerrero doesn't floors. We you do great player eligible options. We think through and get back in the locker room and the spill over time. How are you my team it's always. Celebrate do our pressure our government triple double this year and I markers are. Are you notice it was there great great atmosphere. Bushels of these kids and when he in the area. Hi it's Larry yell Malcolm brought again after one on 9105 victory let's check in with Gary willful. No it's. Insider get a read. Michael Long faces a tough. This is the Milwaukee Bucks a ticket sales post game show. By joining us out of Redmond was vague outline he is Gary wolf full after a buck's victory tonight Gary thoughts what you saw tonight for the bucks. And Mitt overwhelming. They played. Swear words too. They have. Oh on. A bank box brown. Jason Kidd. Where was John as. Part where was he honest. It up. In that don't sordid anybody else that I tax and that was at the game tonight. Maybe he was in a private suite watching from above verse is being with his teammates. That better not have been the case is that that's not exact amount can be very happy he is and everybody says he wasn't on the bench and he was there which is chose not to come out. Matt. I'm not a big fan that decision. That and so let there are certain now we have that is. Now. But he was nowhere. But his teammates weren't aware web or wait hold on hold god. Is it worth the one that fired Jason Kidd well unless he takes his teammates were responsible for getting Jason Kidd fired and that's totally different. Mean the owners were the ones that fired the general manager those guys Iran had bench they the ones that fired it. Well at the same bit out. Well okay doing their. He should've been on the back shots less. Than not yes. Yes you election and yes I mean. My my point is that you know edit produce animal it. Net of black shirt which are. How is taxing people at the game try to find out if he was on the bench or not and everybody attacks and said they NC himself. If he was on the bench people that were there covering the game for the media from a media standpoint obviously didn't inside no idea. Well it was learned. You know or quit as a response or screw it up everybody wondered are suitable or go to. No word I want to America or file you know. As like my you know eat so workers have supported. Maturity and that he didn't want to go. And Eric Bledsoe didn't know he acted got fired you told. You wouldn't that you've got to. Know. Where you are outlawed. There. Yeah who well. Everybody. Or wait for. So you know Alec or what. It. Let's put them you know wasn't for. Now surged. I find let let's let's assume that he knew then so yacht that's according her boards calls you and offers to save his job kid obviously mustn't say no at that point. And just pretty much says they're gonna firemen they're gonna fire militias move all of that. I say to the next higher. I'm bugs me is probably the biggest decision this organization has had to make since Lou I'll center. And who else sender was drafted. I'll pick you out broadly. Unbearable and they hire wrong he's probably leaves. Yeah I mean you know on how well all of that went to new arena next year. And it got to write that we have renewed retread. Yeah brilliant anybody else. And they got a brilliant and so we're fresh somebody that people lights. On it at successful. Summing up players to relate to the saints. Well. I don't care about canceling I really don't care is a what if they. Go colts. Actually go nobody knew airs bolster laws before he took over the heat. But it sure I'm just saying there are exceptions to every rule I just rating got its nest now Jeff Van Gundy that's only person really well against at this point you know. I would say it very well and yet and colder air but it doesn't want control. Was shocked and it wouldn't want total control with John Morse is general manager because nobody try some. IT IG or. Third or white picket and her she doesn't give up his GM duties you've got to give up this final set. That's all. This hawks this is top of the National Football League. You can give Jeff thank god he told the draw league is still be general manager by title. And do the best outing and all that other stop the bank gonna get sick yet today either why. I'm allowed Jeff bank on it I gotta go Gary have a good night Bubba are a hundred areas due again wolf one Greg midwest Banco. Bucs fans let's get tonight's Chile's MVP. Be the first to notice standout player tomorrow morning at 835 during juggling blurred to win free food from chili's yeah. Chile's famous for burgers ribs fajitas and margaritas. I wanna I wanna Firefox get to win your Chile's MVP of the game. We'll do Chris Melton 35 point 643 assist double big shots of the Antilles and he'd be all right before we wrap it probably got in touch Jared Dudley out was treated at. Asking his thoughts on Jake it can but the franchise in the right direction no player or coach wanted to come to do Milwaukee before him. He held a youngest star he left it better than when then when he got the job different personnel you're not you're only as good as your talent and the adjustments you make. But the Bucs are good but not delete they needed Jabbar. I agree that by saying all your life. I have a good night everybody Bucs get the win we'll talk to tomorrow Blackstock all they want Charlotte chuck in regular tomorrow morning at 6 AM to buck season.