Bukowski: Aaron Rodgers demands a standard of excellence

Bill Michaels
Tuesday, August 14th
Peter Bukowski from SB Nation joins the show to talk Packers training camp. Also what did he think of Aaron Rodgers comments about the rookie receivers last week?

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Joining us on these Schneider aren't hotline from SB nation pro football weekly our friend Pete accounts he Pete. Welcome back to the bill like the show how Arian and I. I'm good I'm I'm actually hungry after that conference. At a ultimately she's date that. I mean if I tell you which aired these these guys they they have they always talk about the food that's brought into the studio. And I'm sitting here hey it is it you know sometimes you go on there and you can sneak in Oreo is every time when bills asking me a question I'd I'd I Kabul cookies or something. I don't have lunch yet that we got we got our local army get under. Pilot starter closer to home. You know the Packers have gone on and you know Aaron Rodgers had his ego blow up with the with the receivers. What was your perspective on that hole playing and it was such as training camp fodder. I'll be perfectly honest that's how I took tonight a ticket as this is that is is it training camp headline when Aaron Rodgers has the sense of urgency and that's all I really read into. You know I don't know how else to read into I don't know what do you opposite Kate is unless you wanna see how some sort of negative agenda that you wanna push writer Aaron Rodgers about you know he's not a good or whatever let's repeat this speaks to. Exactly the opposite and that is his leadership quality. He demands precision he demand in standard of excellence and what I think is really interest. Is what you looked add the comments that Mercedes Lewis made yesterday. About that attitude that he plays with the practice is where and and Mercedes is from. An organization in Jacksonville that has been bat for a long hot. And he comes in he sees the way air Crocker prepare and handles his business and he can excite. I think that tells you everything you need to know about what what kind. Attitude and and high bar for success. Does fourteen now media rookies react to it differently in that spectrum players. But I think we DC a long time veteran guy who came to Green Bay car because she was sick of losing. But to play with Aaron Rodgers. I think about how would you bet that the way he handled a CD rockers was the right you have to set standards early for these guys. And say look it's not acceptable for punitive. To play this way in practice practice is important. And air routers doesn't just talk the talk on the U walks the walk as well keep crack this is the purpose every day and he expects everyone to prepare for mosquitoes. Let me play devil's advocate with you should that have been said more under wraps you know behind closed doors and not through the media. Why can't people. Now I guess I guess I don't understand the problem I'm not eighth and really I'm I'm trying to look at the other side of it as saying that you know some players. Respond better when it's more direct. Yeah I get that I think that what we don't I don't think there's evidence right now to suggest that rockers EP. IC report every day in in practice from. You know to see it that oh he's he took your mom more sided conversation about how he want to route dot com or whatever it. I think if if it seemed like this was all he was doing Gerke without two Sheen guys are cheap shot that guy. That wasn't what he was dealing. And I thought it was interesting when he got asked the question yesterday about it. He felt like he just he he felt like. I'm guy needed to understand that that it was this business saying it's not personal. And at the free he saw he said what I hope we're not stop the not the take those things personal. They received this is this is. An expectation that we have an organization. As the leader of the team I have to say something I think. It if that's you know at that Tom Brady acting. Whatever the Boston version of you during this show right now it's all in all or so locked in a what a great leader radius for setting expectations like that right. Share while they also have a at a station deal with the spoke to say anything nice about him anyway but yes I understand why. Under I understand all of you're retired people or Kathy man SB nation and pro football week marijuana bounce around hit a couple of stories. The first being. This strange quarterback discussion in Philadelphia. And Carson when says there's a shot he can play we wine. The the backed up by the way was the Super Bowl MVP. For those viewed in the living in Iraq. And so if if you told me he's a 100% by week one that it's a debate but appease a 100% by week three. Then I'm not rushing to get him back and let it fool to have his moment. I I don't know I. I see so both sides of this and it's a very weird conundrum and yes it's a great problem to have but what a strange. Yeah I mean I don't know that anyone is it advocating that like there's a quarterback controversy there right I got up the discussion. But I don't know why you would rock course one. And here's the franchise quarterback you the franchise player there's no question about. There's no oh well maybe he's not that you we just trade him and we write nichols' comments saying that and so. If you're accurate taking the law review ducks they just want this to Kabul. So is there any sort of urgency to say well we don't get him back maybe we maybe we ever have the chance to win Kwame can. Packer fan will tell you that it's not as easy as a while we won it this year we can always when it acts here and we'll be in it every year because they got a great quarterback. That's not how this works. But if you expect cut Carson once for the next ten or fifteen years you don't rush him back and risks. Re injuring me the is that he or. Putting him in a position to take another kind of hit because he can't move as a lot move around as well not comparable to rush I used. You you can't take those risks and like you said. The guy that they're they're putting in an error just won the Super Bowl. It's it's OBP's tobacco I don't know I just I thought I was those cars trader at two questions on a topic of my favorite. And that is the the players and the kneeling. The NFL was hugely criticized when they instituted their rule asking players to stay in the locker room and on. Different owners were on the same page and all of that. There are still three weeks from the season. Does the NFL. Or should the NFL or does the NFL take the opportunity to try to tweak that rule. Make it overture to the union so that week one when really all the eyeballs are on this. Eight EE can be minimized to some degree. Well I think the hiring of all of this is in an attempt to downplay. The protests. They inflamed. The players' feelings about the protests toward the end of last season. All of the hotlines were about the positive changes that these players who have been protesting. We're now making. And Malcolm Jenkins in the works. He was doing unity and there'd be NFL don't eat criminal justice reform. What publication was. We weren't even talking about the players that we're dealing on a game to game based. And by changing the rule. The NFL has to rush this back into the spotlight they're already been reports that players who didn't plan to protest now plan to protons. Because they don't like being told what to do. So are. Banner foul you never underestimate their ability to take a PR way and turned it into a PR loss. And that seems like what they've done in this case. I think Erin rockers in a piece. The rigor recently set that you felt like. This decision should have been made with buying from the players. And how it's you have an Angel beat Culkin you and don't beat. Make a rule that that is so. If it isn't it is. About the players victors this is not even about play. Or a penalty or whatever this is literally about your behavior. And you're not even engaging or asking the players what they think about a rule change that's ridiculous and so. They put themselves in this position are I think they're gonna trying to do is say were there is no view. Up policy for now we're gonna put that on hold. And then beat BP. At the end of the year. Trying conduct some sort of understanding but my my expectation has. That the policy will not be enforced. Except liking to key basis that the cowboys at that that there ever order gonna come out whatever they're. That. That you will not see any NFL in foresee any sort of policy we want now be Marquardt. All right I'm up against the clocks I can ask my other one I will make you laugh though and I'll. I'll bring it up later in the show I was gonna say what percentage of the players actually know what they're nearly that that's another discussion. Oh we will we'll talk altogether people cascade thanks so much for doing this we'll talk to you soon. Experiment you got a mandate that people cast key on the Schneider aren't top line. Schneider hiring drivers right now they work hard you work hard they treat you fair for eighty plus years they've been getting it down and call them at 844. Pride. Go to Schneider jobs dot com.