Celebrity Big Brother Preview

Bart Winkler
Tuesday, February 6th
NSFW: Bart Winkler and Jeff Orloski preview Celebrity Big Brother, the first time that the celebrity format edition will be broadcast in the United States. Who you got - Mark McGrath or Metta World Peace?

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Jeff I ask you with me borrowing cooler when sings podcast celebrity Big Brother now this was announced. Right when. The finale was yes last summer and with I don't mind. God finally. They're gonna do it because they do this overseas noted and finally do it in the United States. And it makes sense because they're going to aired during the Winter Olympics. Tons of people watch NBC for that usually the other networks is on there. Their prime time schedule didn't but CBS says it we've got a little idea what is this a ten person cast. Eleven eleven so I believe they moved in the weekend. Like that whining ninth I think they moved in. And then we're gonna get the premiere. On Wednesday whatever today is or never of the senators and every listening to Wednesday the seventh. Com. Has B three nights in a role. To start a love but we're done by like the Tony for this thing is in a common goal quickly. Sort of with the Olympics. The cast is interesting. In terms of its like Celebrity Apprentice retreads. And it's not that exciting. Now they've got a few. A few people on there that you concede. You know cause and stem to stern ended up you know what I mean. They could stirred up and and make it an interest in season. There's a couple of people I have no idea of that LER all right let's stratosphere and the thought these people are. Well Mark McGrath is a big one. He was the lead singer Sugar Ray you know that I've heard from the I'm actually had him on my old show and found a lack. Not a particular set compile on the mornings of Bard's well that's how you know is Arkansas Leonard at pat pat pat. You know I had a body is ready. He is good I know and he went on a cruise that a bunch of other ninety's bands but this guy's been on like. I think he should be interest thing and I would put him as one of my favorites to be honest spoken to win this thing. Rob Morrow says try the biggest name mean I just because how fresh she is in the headlines. Being a part of the trump administration. You've got to think these celebrities are gonna grill the (%expletive) out of her. I'll ball like she did with their child White House hopefully some of that stuff makes the air. Yeah you would think I don't know how much you know CBS is gonna. Air that stuff for if you know I'm sure Amoroso. You know is probably get a whole lot of that Beck for a book deal gas because she seems like a money Grover. True but did hit a solo. You know I wouldn't I don't think she put that out there on free TV when she could save it and try to pocket the change yourself. But they definitely capitalize on the Donald Trump thing because there was rumors scare which you could have been one of the candidates do. But they're gonna go and Amoroso which. I think he's going to draw some eyeballs Shannon Elizabeth. You know her. Yes please OK so how many ties did you destroy it with the Shannon Elizabeth death that Mexico. No comments the OK I kitchen will never be the same path I. I don't know what she's gonna be like outside of movies that I that and I don't know what kind of person she's like who cares as long as she Sunday than in a backyard in a bikini I'm good. Prior test AKA meta world peace. So could be introducing right I think he's calmed down quite a bit since the jump in the stands the fight people. Some ten years ago yet but when your sit in our house locked in a house surrounded by eight what ten other idiots. You know I wouldn't be surprised if good old men of peace turns into metal world war three you know Jan half. We'll see we'll see. The coach can only. Another one that I think could sit there and and lose his brain a little bit in there and maybe starts and stuff mixed martial arts guy that is a big packer fan and actually. Was in the movie the sixty yard line that Gary Larson president I saw that moving OK then we (%expletive) bad. It wasn't that good that chick the chicken that she was Q why did she overdo the accent I have no idea and how can she never DARPA shooting in naked. Now what at least made an another given how would give it another star she would get naked. Net debt debt debt and a now but that movie was bad it was and did that I know those guys are here and at least got a part in Edmonton. Emery was bad it was shot on like an iPhone man. Well yeah you know we it was funny because I saw it it was probably out for maybe a decade when I went and sought you study at theater Alina. I am Bono I rented it on demand or I did it and in the end is that sequencing in the mold these. Yes it was me and about three other people in the theater. Which I don't mind because you know that where just anywhere packer jerseys to the banquet. She got out of course and I believe and I believe that roster Matthews I am not a fan of this guy. He's been out like fashion police and stuff the reason I don't like him is because of Jay Leno. Jay Leno. Retired Conan to the job than Jay Leno I'd like a prime time show and he pretty much phone to gain and gave. Thirty minutes to ross' Matthews bigger Billy Wagner and the Billy on the streets than he does. Ross would try to do that just terrifically worse. I'm not a ross' man these guys. You know I I've I think he's funny I've probably seen maybe ten minutes of his steps in my life. So that ten minutes has been entertaining whether I'm wanna sit through him through a month of him in the Big Brother house Woolsey. But you know at least as of now I haven't been that exposed so he doesn't annoy me that. Username. Our. Xia diary nine Gutierrez. Looks since she's the one that Steve Harvey screwed up the miss universe thing. Yes so that's pretty much I need to get on the show I don't know anything about her that she's out and so who cares either some chick Marisa. That was on the same season of Dancing With The Stars as Shannon Elizabeth. She's from hairspray and Broadway I don't know who she is I'm no ideas you know she key show polian is that ice they'd choose pretty taxable. She was also on Celebrity Apprentice. I don't know much about her James may as well. I don't know what the fought big time rush is. I have no idea and he was on Dancing With The Stars. They just get all these (%expletive) in Dancing With The Stars rejects. Brandi Glanville. I know where my wife Watson watches all they ship that real house lives in here and there and everywhere garbage. Where this shakes out and she's a total pot stir. So that's like that that be like them PBS kids' versions particularly up outside here there everywhere and there are places now your things in shapes she watches every one of a man. So do you watch a little bit of him up now she watches is up in a bedroom on downstairs watching sports pack because I can tackle a Jersey with the and I can talk a little New York where there. You know I I don't know which is which the one with Lisa Vander pomp and think that them New York. Are counting. Yeah I think it's Georgetown Guyana. Because no one that dead Brunette chick title that's on there and honor she smoke in the line almost as Jersey mocha via those chicks grow with Terry's and media who can't figure out how to pronounce her own god DM Lance name on June guys and you DJ I am now. Great area break. Sawyer yeah a lot of these people have been out what swap bird. Big Brother are not Big Brother answers ours Celebrity Apprentice. I am pretty jacked current Dalai is gonna be different there's some people complaining. The the stars aren't big enough but every year there's eighteen people we don't know who the hell they are exactly and we fall enamored with them in very interest in them. Its charter it's three weeks so that will keep our interest. I think and and I'm excited for and I'm excited to see how celebrities play. This game when they don't. A lot of times the people not in the Hollis will try to Carolina in the fame wrecked these people army have reached. The highest level of fame they'll reach so be interesting to see how they play the game. Yeah I agree with you I think it's a nice three week vacation helps us forget about the Arctic temperatures outside you know just a little. Little three week band aid to help get us through the winner and then you know we'll have a full season of of regular nobody's again but. You know. For me as far as favorites I think that Ross Matthew supposedly he was a super fan and did interviews with guys they get evicted after season one. So I think he's gonna be a favorite as he knows how the game is played. Whether or not he could turn his I've obnoxious. Personality. You know into giving you know social game is a different story. I think it's going to be decides them you know I think it's going to be a chick who's gonna win it. I wanted to see one higher level of celebrity ego. Tom Hanks well Al I mean Kobe Bryant has said he wants to do it. I'm going to hand has said he wants to do it from S and now Kobe said he wanted to do it and they get meta world freaking piece right. A Kobe is said he would love to play well whether they reached out to mine on now well and also you know. I don't know is some incidence and Kobe's past prevents him from play. Do you see some of these other people in this game he had I haven't looked at their rap sheet yet I would like to see Julie Chen play. That would be it Shubert there's no way to house she gets so much freaked and money man CA get ago we've got to think she's acing the play L vet. I don't think Julie Chen wants the world to see her without make up. It fit that. It and I see did I think he did an episode of the talk alliance are they Al Gore make up three days and well that's unsuccessfully. I think we should do another time I think it is unfair that. Women have to Wear makeup and as down on TV they'll Wear make. I or make up on TV. I am I not a lot that I decided one coding and then I handed. I had him I had the special stuff right to cake under my eyes Oca has naturally as huge bags names bandied around over a sort of well yeah I mean when you have a drinking problem. I mean when it's heredity the familiar faces. The so this good thing would be unique and nobody wants my ugly as on TV so I never have to worry about doll line up by about karma can last a Big Brother. We'll check in now on this couple times throughout the duration had a but it will be that long doing things podcast that I am Jeff Orlovsky.