Celebrity Big Brother - Two Down, Nine to Go

Bart Winkler
Thursday, February 15th
Bart Winkler and Jeff Orloski recap Celebrity Big Brother after the second eviction. Plus, who would win a Big Brother competition between The FAN staff?

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It's dollars and other ways things I guess that borrowing Gergen do the dose they dole is the pipe bombs FR last he. Maritime Big Brother does seem like the only thing that motivates me and come dual podcasts of any kind is that the Big Brother I mean we do on that colony the Debbie Debbie podcast that's Tony's baby. But I'll not let anyone else have Big Brother except for me. And my pal Jeff formalized the so far got to say the celebrity season it's condensed moon. There's a lot more going on. I almost think that it's bad for Big Brother in the summer because it's been so fun. I loves. What's been happening every Big Brother summer the first episode I think this is going to be great. And in slow and it sucks and it's boring. But the action is so fast pace. And these celebrities. Are. And other not like major celebrities but they become just like regular contestants it's weird to see. Sugar Ray my partner at the fifth as just some dude. In the house it's been fun man. It has been fun though the pace of it is fantastic I love affected there's more than one person evicted every week the actions hot and heavy and you have there you know there are celebrity super fans in that house Ross. I Shannon Elizabeth. So flight debt that these peoples the celebrities are making the same mistakes. That the regular contestants on Big Brother makes. But Shannon Elizabeth perfect example she's playing way too hard way too fast. Flip and alliances they barely lasts three hours in that house it's been great I love. Now do you think that part of what's going and would not there's so many there's so much to talk about. I want to I want Amoroso first. Well sorry about and that's that that that the pot. Did you think she really had an asthma attack. You know I probably. Yes OK do I think she played it up hell yeah. I would too. Do you think that she was really picked at random to be saved the first week. 'cause there's a CVS is getting a lot of attention political journalists are watching the show was and the life feeds. The try to pick up one Amoroso says. I'm Russ is said stuff like. Chances are stench from and it's Orson you think I mean he's really secrets these are things that other people are saying anyways so. If there are secrets about the White House that I'm Ross and knows right she's gonna save them. She's not giving anything away yet but she seems to be making news what does that do they give CBS more eyeballs. When trying to ask you is CBS gonna keep it out Ross as long as possible of course Ericsson rallying big. Has done this big BS yes they hit me you know there's. Reports time and time day and how it Jeff in Europe. Jordan yeah you know there's been tons of his times when the producers in the diary rumor feeding these guys in for manned. So it does happen will it happen with Amoroso of course it will. Is that good for Big Brother of course it is is a good for me yeah I love our gross I think she's great. Odd you know she is a (%expletive) starters and yeah and I love it those are my kind of people. So you know I'm all for it meant is great for the show if Darrell if the house knows full of eleven. Of that Mark McGrath Bowden matchbox twenties guy. A dead guy is so boring Vanilla there's nothing tool he's (%expletive) paper thin. There's not one thing interesting about their dead or looks like a lady need to he's evil he's done he looks sick. You know let there's nothing to him he saw but he's the man. These floating out Pervez. Merry Christmas jitter free can personality guy but if you wanna win that game you gotta flow in the beginning. Yet you can't play that hard is Shannon played so hard shouldn't be outs yet she she should be out and they went to key Shia and said we're gonna. We're gonna save you is she pleaded not to be in there. Because of. Breast milk. Like I don't know what it's like to have milk and baby. If if if if if it's with. But she seemed worried enough to wanna go home. Yeah that's unfortunate because she was should've stayed. Shannon I wanted to see go home I like channel lot but I like big moves now so I wanted to see a big move and I think it would have been Smart. In the long term heard Jane's I adult like James and I it's not like you even love to hate guy. You know Big Brother isn't it like kodi he loved to hate Cody favourite season Bretton James is just he's too much of reduced our he's awful. You can tell he is in a horrible horrible person. What I the bad thing about this season and the pace is great. You know this so called celebrities are great you know whatever the bad thing is like with the winner time. Where are the bikinis where is it. That's what I missed you know that's what on this and that girls smoke. Smoke and I told you last summer me and my wife and some friends in a pool. Of people we took to win we did a draft talk. There's like a lot of convoluted rules but you end up with two people so I have her. But then now say chuck Lindell attempt shock and and he ends of being the first one out. He made a movie trying to use the vague to save as a whole idea but. I'm not gonna if if you don't know outside and Mo Weiss still listening to me that I would think that at this point you know that our title barges far sunnier explain that but check. Mayor game move and then he got voted out because of it and then he said this is my game I wanna be on the Amazing Race. Yeah you know this the men in the house are not. Portraying themselves all that well with the exception of Ross. You know chocolate Dell you know he's he's just a meathead and you know the guy you can tell he's not the smartest guy in the world. Which is not the wrong with that because I'm not either. I met a world peace. You know he doesn't even know how to follow that Intel air you know the only thing that he's how broad is that fight with the two ducks didn't whirlpool. You know it's his. The men and the show aren't aren't the best yeah we talk about Rossum on the last podcast I. Does that not been a Ross guy I I did he started on Jay Jay Leno I was managing Atlanta guy I didn't like that he is getting after the shorter Ross. And it like it. I completely changed my feelings on Ross after watching Big Brother like that dude. I like him too easy easy easy to root for a you can tell he's he's a good person. He's a genuine person I don't know anything about Jay Leno thing I don't want sets stuff. It's not making it may be some worsen it was a you know. Pelé Jay Leno user and does Jay leno's lazy and our sons guys that are getting all this attention has tried Jones. You know it is what it is. IA are rooting for raw tonight the Manitowoc many guys as I it's stupid does airline. But I'm also jealous keep the movement now my data in some like debt who's a thicker Marisa. I don't see way. Yet you blind eye like her she seems like good people. You know but again it's another season where all these guys are and and girls. All (%expletive) trying to deploy. Yeah well I'll eat dog. A law that must meets love that must be tough. All yeah I had to leave my family that called a sock in vacation why don't you do sign up dude I would love to do is I couldn't get him. My I mean you know I wouldn't pass the background. That van yeah ghetto way. With half a fashion I beat any. Yet now it does not I wouldn't get through I couldn't be on it but I love that background check for a fan is are you breathing I think it. You don't have the daughter read an update weed prevent every weekend you are you breathing. You're hired. Last time last I checked I was able to check dev box I wanted to I've always wanted to. But I would I would get I would miss my wife too much I don't mind to say at. My old lady wouldn't let me go man I get three kids and she makes all the money so if I was locked in a Big Brother Tai way to make a 500000 dollars. Yeah homes are led to her producer Dave from the mix wants the duty actually applied Oca. But he looks he looks and I said Dave you are even on the show. Andy is on on Davies looks just like Ian the guys that want Ian Terry I'll go Dave looks just like him. For best guess is that epithet that I'm not an off a golfer that are not bunt. I'm loving the season. As far as somebody that you think. Can win. See a lot of these times these people play so hard in the their Al rate in the middle. And then you have the like the floaters usually rise in the second of the season Eden. I don't think meadow land he's floating too much Mark McGrath could but I don't seem winning a lot of competitions. And he did OK at the bowling on I think that's I think that we did James got off the block week one. I think he's going to be around awhile unless you know some I don't mind either Hamlisch. Boone and. Who do you think can win this. I think Ross I think Marisa. And as a dar course I think Ari. The smoke show I think she's she's gonna talk Shiites and a second term she's gonna float her way into the final three. And then we'll see what happens then all bets are off and if she gets out at the were like you should always but if she gets. Not good in competitions at the right time she can feel like doing a fake Steve are retained crowned the winner of the edit exhibit taken and I went and tell us this is all scam. There is. I would love him who would win who'd win a Big Brother. At the fan. So it let's say sixteen of us dude. You'd it would have to be like a two days saying he couldn't go on for three months we would clearly show built Sparky Rami. Jerry LeRoy you pipe bomb you are type on how bush. One of Miami fourteen Tim Allen and Sam is only ten. I don't know I can't count that I. I think I think you and I think Romney would have a good chance you would just have to stay clear chuck. Op and then I think the big show guys we just implode Gary would miss his dog or he would have to take his dog to the doggie spot. And so he would just walk out. LeRoy you know. He would have to be doing an appearance of Pickens save every day's hustle and so he wouldn't last long I give him up three hours before he realizes how much money he's losing. Does sparking any euros Sparky K Woodson would make him have to be home for dinner so he wouldn't Lance Long. You know so I I think you would come down to probably you and Rami and and maybe baby taos you know but I think people would vote amount once they get. Santa bathrooms smell I think it ruffle too many feathers. Adding bill would try to vote me out right away. Bill Michael's death. You know I I wouldn't put a pass and I. Could JoAnne mill. Mirror to college and that's unacceptable. Is Joseph loyalty you know he could win them but a great season and they're airing at like four nights a week. A lot of element to our love and it is great aunt who going into it I did not know how good it was gonna be that was very skeptical. I said the same thing a lot of people said. When they announce a cast who the hell are these guys they've been wildly entertaining so I like it. That we mentioned everybody's and then we have forget immigrant here we forget to. Throughout the course of this we've mentioned everywhere. I think so and a acting so I wonder Armisen. Only mention to Judy we mentioned. Amoroso. Shannon Elizabeth Marisa Mercer R&R and I think that says well Brandi Glanville and yet I don't underestimate that's not a sock in space is disturbing to look at like happened that is paralyzed. She you know obviously could tell that she like you know loves plastic surgery but she's getting it done wrong. I think interface looks walked up and actor nick did it not doctor Hibbert picked you hear about. Is she needs to find a new doctor. I don't think she's long for the game I think eventually she will get drunk. And say a bunch of ridiculous things and should get voted out fairly soon. As long as Big Brother keeps a bar starts and I hope they do because I watching her implode. Is going to be a beautiful thing make on the pipe bomb for reason who. May or may not really be legally allowed to being here at the appreciated examples accident thanks Bart.