Celebrity Big Brother - The Wrong Person Won

Bart Winkler
Monday, February 26th
Bart Winkler and Jeff Orloski recap the inaugural season of Celebrity Big Brother which they both feel crowned the wrong champion. The guys break down all the important questions coming out of the finale, including speculation on when James and Brandi are going to hook up! #ButFirst... guess which one of these guys hates Metallica!

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Wasting spot gas diamond I guess I'm wake some borrowing prevents the pipe bomb Jeff or Lonsky. Two really bad pieces of news. Over the last couple days one. The better player to now win Big Brother. To Metallica's coming to town I don't know how that could be considered dead. At all like who cares which they shut master man who cares that you think it Napster was stealing Lars is a total jerk and I hate them. What your daughter percent rightly Nance here the other thing we don't have any control on either but it was another scenario just like you side in the summer edition. He sought in the celebrity edition. Which inning we agreed it was a good addition Hingis who it came and went so fast. Now that the Olympics are over some good counter programming for CBS but Marissa. Wins the first celebrity Big Brother over Ross. Russia to line Ross played the best game but just like what happened in summer the person who played the better game. Gets beat. Because the people they got evicted. So blocker. They got evicted ya. Your 100% right. You know Josh the meatball did not deserve to win last year it should have been Paul Ryan however with Paul being a returning that he had that don't against amendment. The fact that he was the puppet master the entire show he had that against him as well. Ross controlled the show now. You know he's claimed he said that you know Shannon was a best Big Brother player in his hour imaginable scenario what a load of crap you know are now fourth on the celebrity edition. Yeah she got voted out of anyone of the people that voluntarily went home and how. I know she was good she played too hard. You know it's funny when EC and we set it on the couple previous episodes of the this fantastic program. That when you have these super fans they may same stupid mistakes that the regular players do. What I loved about last night is when Julie Chen said this is the finale. Of the inaugural. Season not that. Of celebrity Big Brother so it's common back man I wonder how they'll do that. Again if it is in the winter again. Because it happen again the whole reason this came owl was you do see in other countries so it was only a matter of time before the US dated. But also during the Olympics. Nobody schedules anything. ABC have like the winter games bachelorette. Which some more people watch and they would reruns of the metal and CVS had this which more people watch and they would. Reruns of name your seal team six drama right now that there are so. They did for a reason there was success to it I would like to see Deanna I don't know when it's gonna come back again maybe December or January sort of thing. I need it was a successful. Addition of the shell buy it again the wrong person wind now. OK you can say well if you're gonna win Big Brother you've got you've got to know all the you've got to know. How to get to the final two but you also know how to how to win in the final two in jury management has become very important. And if you're. If you're cutthroat enough to get there you're going to be doing for second place forever I think because. Nobody's recognizing the game they recognize the person that was most genuine but if you the most genuine you're not gonna win the game. Had to do humorous today it is his last as someone anything's gonna go to the final and then beat them in the finals. She did have a good strategy latching on a Ross. Bouncing in and out of the girls alliance whenever she saw fit. Am so she did have a semi decent strategy she didn't win Jack until last HOH. Where she eliminated as a launching its cash she won when she needed to so congratulations to Marisa you know fantastic. The the funny thing was is that you know all these seasons and the seasons even you know with the normal people. You'll watch a couple episodes and below are insurance for this guy and and that can that guy this girl and you know whoever. And it's funny how is the show goes on you completely flip it and you know I think that goes on with basically everybody that watches the show with the exception like with Jessica and Cody you know everybody just hated them because they sucked. So. I was rooting so hard from grosso to win. I really want her to win my. Sure she came in back against wall she had the biggest target on anybody for her just coming in reputation even if you you know everybody knows Amoroso right. And your first impression cover is she's a villain. But she was she was good she played the game besides that hole. You know as the thing now you know so I was really hoping that she would win out Ross definitely deserved it but. You know besides the effected to the people voluntarily. Walked off the show met in key ship. It was a good season it does a good season I just wish they would ahead more boos and there. Because brandy could has started so much more ship. I'd like here I didn't know much about Iraq I think we would get along Branyan. Either oh yeah well she's hammered all the taxis like your twin. I'm at during an Orlando lasts couldn't hypocrite at the you know it gosh two bottles are we here senate ferry to handles a week she knows she's. She's interest thing. You know she's kind of a courteous Sheehan where I don't think she's really famous for anything now they say she was a model really with their face. You know so I I don't know dress she wore. Well you know when she kept popping out all the time you know playing peek a boo. But. You know is she is a cook a she's a posture and that's all she is I thought the the stuff between her and James was fantastic. You know as one of them as they're in love yes I do I think they're I think within a month. If if you had like a camera on the outside there houses they're they're going to be looked like they got an elegant one time all the other remaining at least for this one yeah and get out there system. Oh yeah. You know and so. I I like yeah I think you could have been you know it could have been better they would capture and loaded because she was started so much stuff. To guard James and one of the things that aide talked to you about the first time we did this for. Celebrity Big Brother is that a lot of these people don't need any more fame but there were some things that are he was saying. Throughout towards the end that. This I think sorry but you barely knew who she was you knew about the thing in late I mean she'll have a career boost from this. James I don't think a lot of people knew now he's had happened he won I'd. But I think he'll have more exposure from this so. There are people I mean I don't know what Marissa has done since 2003. I don't know what she's. I don't want to you know who are hell she was on the lawn no me neither I mean recognize her face I didn't even I recognize their fates have in our. I think. People knew Mark McGrath but I think he came off very united. In the show aside hearing. Goody came out as is usually is thin is a piece of paper there's nothing to pick out. I uses very friendly very polite guy he's a nice guy would account origin as hell I think he'll get some more. I think you'll see these people more yeah. Yet dangerous and I mean are you could figure out something to do it RE. Did you tutored say Tito twelve times in her oh I love every tech. I got to win to be tell. How auto and as we tell our I might be gone out of house. I got to win the Vito. I. Your actions where's the owners hello I'm also. If Ross one to finally generates. You think he takes Marisa you have to Omar Little League not any day Smart I think he takes mark too so vendors to Gerri give it to mark no. Now the jury would've given its crossover Marx everybody knew mark didn't. You know I think she had a big pardon and and you know you heard Julie element Amoroso three different times during the finale to stop trying to influence the jurors I think she was pulling hard for. Firm Melissa's lull Marisa Melissa. Yeah there was a full day ago care to think that at the borders are disappointing it was chock of I think I did he doesn't really and a personality even finale made. Darryl cameras. Income do something I know you would think that you know the guy I was the face of the USC for what three years four years. You would think that he would at least have. A semblance of a personality be able to make complete sentences and not look like to complete dumb ass he wasn't able to do any. No I mean he's a nice guy great you know but it's is it doesn't seem he seems like a freak and dummy so you voted for Ross I mean pressure on Wetzel. Ross deserved it. Yeah I agree. Do you like what Matta did. Where he just picked to key out of the bank. I don't see here's what I'm thinking and I thought about this very long and hard OK it is minor thing. If I was mad. If I if I was in the jury and I depict a winner. I'd kind of like saying. Guises is a game of chance there's twists and turns all the times pick the unit's extra that is so I'm just going to take the key no one expected this. I say I think it should be Ross. But this is Big Brother so whoever the key tricks that's who voted because the Big Brother. You've got to play against the unknown you've got to play instant did did the main Tristan. With a bad as it was eliminate her early 'cause she got her annoying. But there's always stings like that that pop up and I guess think the season's boring then they twisting in plant animal come to place so. I'd kind of like Dennis I think you guys ever in the jury I might do debt. You know I see your point it's a very valid point I didn't think of it like there because your a lot smarter than I am. I accept your whole Metallica take a thick but. You know yes. Whatever you know that guy and I like mad I guess I don't know you know he does he came off like an idiot to. Well he didn't on how to play you know is gone. Yeah I think we are you find out your on the show. I don't think maybe day and you do some (%expletive) homework on a LA found out he's on a zone the second week of the show but when they started showing premier night for us on TV it was like days seven or eight those guys in the house plus that we get a sequester. So if you are. A NBA champion. And used to you know film study in you know practice and go and all this road trips hello this guy never taken a road trip before why energy Sydney aired pullen one of the 800 quote unquote super fans as they head in there and say. Teach me this (%expletive) game man. It does it doesn't make any says he came off looking like an idiot I would like to see you next summer. Big Brother like to see some of these house can earn these celebrities. Coming from item veto ceremony. He's the prospect in the house. Betsy Ross play with normal people ahead. I think that he deserved to win. I just think that when it comes to round two of celebrity Big Brother. I would not be surprised if we don't see it for two more years when he goes head to head with the Olympics yet again. Because. You know yes they had great ratings but. I don't think it's CBS I don't think that the ratings and the amounted days that it takes up in primetime on a normal wintertime which is when TV show our. Our most watched. I don't know if they're gonna wanna pull that off figgins I wouldn't be surprised if we have to wait till summer games and well see if they do in the summer you RD gotta normal season so. You're not gonna do a rush celebrity in the normal one. In the summer dead trinity to I would think a lot of these these networks arrest their shows in December. In January. So there's a Summer Olympics I don't know I have no idea Tokyo. Is a Tokyo thanks so. Carter is their. No I did our winter their summer. It it's in our summer. RP solution where can share this summer or in the same hemisphere and a okay. Yen on on out there yes. The summer games they're gonna be in our summer okay. Now that it did think that the borders smarts and they got for radio soul I do think it will be. May be December because December they usually rush shows anyway or can be very very clear I mean. Last figures on five nights now which is awesome knows it. I mean my wife and I our home Friday so we got on Saturday about six. And that was that was our dinner and a movie night was Big Brother now and you may think that claim that. That's right up my alien and Erica mark designing calendars ladies and gentlemen nine months from today air from that day. When there's a little wink there running around you'll know celebrity Big Brother said it out the name's gonna be Ross Mathews going caller. Ross pipe down and rod type on our Los key link color my name I kid our last he went cooler they should name a Metallica. Dude they I don't like them. Okay. They they've sucked ever since and justice brawl was less good album and I came out what nine the three. So they're like rocks equivalent of YouTube. Or no UT sucked since its creation. So not dated usually jet late eighties early ninety's. A Mac and I'm not a hippie bark I don't liked it ship. Give me some you know lotteries or NC some metal man. I'm going to I think I'm gonna go to Bolton the show in Madison which is awesome to Mattel is opening up to hold two were in Madison. And then about a month hurt our month and a half later than they come through Milwaukee set to negotiate both. Yeah the newer than Nouri is what drew Metallica here they're also playing at the Kohl Center so that's not true. Whatever the new arena is gonna ring it's fantastic it's already paying dividends. You have bands for you legged she urine and and and hopefully New Kids On The Block comes four yeah. And then you get you know arm bands for me you know with Metallica and hopefully you know. It slayer every bit does and last the last to work after this one will play there you know. Am more fu fighters and I am Maroon 5. While I OK I don't know what those are. I saw the Foo Fighters laws because my wife dragged into it wasn't a bad show would it was enough and I would seek out but you know there are okay. Group file with the helmet. That Alex Swine Flu. I got the maroon trying to turn ask I turner who's. So I think that's I guess that's that's why he's been python.