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Saturday, February 17th
Cutting Edge Outdoors-Tom and Bushy take you on a wild ride through Wisconsin's great outdoors.

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Yeah for a Lake Michigan to the Mississippi. And every rivers lakes and field in the let's talk everything out doors and you head out it's time to hop on the crazy train. Western shooters like cutting edge outdoors presented Mike Coleman is set to tell fasten your seatbelts broke why. I do Wisconsin's outdoors. Only on sports Radio One 057. Both good morning everybody. It is a beautiful morning here insult these two Wisconsin. You are listed until the mid western shooters supplies cutting edge outdoors. With your hosts Danny bush should mean come in through Neubauer and of course on the boards back from is lying there. Yeah. Though wildly crazy jazz jazz Coles is bad for. Settled on this tour earlier in the morning ask you do that in a sorry that's just it's got your back a list it was weird waking up at 6 o'clock in the steamy 5 o'clock in the morning you can imagine and not being in the studio I was I was kind of lost and I can imagine but. Right well we're here every Saturday morning for you folks from sixth to 8 AM we are live we are on rehearsed. And you can always didn't touch a dose at 4147991215. At 7991250. With your questions or comments. We'll open up the phone lines for you folks and let you call in with whatever you want yeah. This is an interactive show and you keep pitchers signed to stations. That's 1250 on the AM dial or 1057. FM on the FM dial yes and they can all still all the opening up the Twitter page so if they wanna get us get us on Twitter Malia just get an awesome 157 opens and Jared whereas this Twitter thing we're gonna open up ominous start you like into Internet than there you go you you tweet away here over it you never know we got to do we gotta attract the younger EA Nstar you know there's people there's people all their fish and hunt and whatever they wanna give a twit. Quick we clicked a twit a quick a quick a quick yet quickness quickly. As. Bugs Bunny know who's the guy who went after Elmer fought up Elmer fun at all he would say all. It's C a a today namely that it might now wanna talk on the phone but they can almost always give a quick we is that now tweeting ended today typed that out not you can do from the formally do just don't want them. Yeah Darlington. But I mean do you speak into energy type it night type of thing is that it's an attack today and post like a FaceBook but it's Twitter OK okay. Are there are gonna bring to Arian injuries Dan Dan that this heart he's been sitting here for like five minutes Niemi and acknowledge them yeah I did you opt. And I I said his name and right now I said our names. Did you forget. Already. An alien movement on all on. Yeah. You drive in here. And it you know you drink your copy and then you get about half way year in year like. Role. That both soon as income in the car. You hardly say hi dear friends that's why I get here early in the net. At that I can have a smoker to not get ready for the show that you guys got a news flash for that is serious news for the greater Milwaukee metropolitan area listening audience. There's some type of a police standoff going on and highway 100 highway yeah I hit just north of Cleveland. They've got the northbound lane Boleyn shot off. Man. And you can even. And it it's by international auto in the right in my life there's a big go at trust semi truck and UPS that might truck pulled over in and the police are. An off vehicles all around so I don't know if there's a standoff going on my guess here's my gas guys. Perhaps that the stolen truck mom. In or some kind of a stand up for the bad guy I don't know it did look like some dude without there. Taken pictures or had cameras I don't know but it didn't look like a news crew. The but the same thing happened when I was leaving from few lucky to go to work about a week and a half ago. I highway sixteen. They had a leaner to a shut off rightward branches off from 94 west in branch is the sixteenth they had. Leaner show to shut op bunch of police vehicles in a semi pulled over in later I heard on the news that there had been stolen. Some are thought it looks like the latest thing is not only do we have. People in the inner city. Smashing a window is grabbing stuff stealing two tires now looks like they're stealing trucks from. Next thing you know they're gonna steal a plane now it's crazy down yet let people know that's not the north palm lane on how we are a hundred and it's just. Norwich. Of who national nationally in just north of that yet it's buy in and it's right in front of international auto. Now you came down a highway a hundred today. Yeah that is I IE normally take 45 all the way to 43 south but. Of freeway was closed off. As their work and yeah at dot so I had all of a sudden I'm going westbound on ninety Ford to Madison. But he got off on how we a hundred just looked at all the way down yet and I drove right by that too and I was wondering what. Rather than going rather hear arranged so the trio incidents you guys usually guys like stealing a truck you got an eight. You got to know how to drive a truck now I can drive it. You were up at four speed try I've Dermot. And aren't those things like multi geared to not you know a lot of a lot of them have automatics on them really now they're easier to drive well not the semis but Laker UPS truck got a problem we have them on is almost the semis sized UPS maybe now play it was a big truck. I didn't you know what I didn't even take notice that aside look like brown on a side UPS I could be wrong on that and those. Just driving by and I'm not trying to be big walker and slowdown in the northbound. Thought it only even though I was the only vehicle for five miles and yet but semis yet you better know how to shift those things because they got a zillion years in on that you're gonna go through college I don't let anybody at the UN audited if somebody. A Howard Schneider truck was just stolen. Out of me at this whatever. But truck stop its heading northbound you know but mile markers such and such it's not gonna take too long for a vehicle. A police vehicle that gets him in and it's true that's true. Kids these days. You know it's well. That's why let's direct believer in my eight Kyrie conceal. Them don't let anybody steal your truck. Yeah he's an all time for me you invest in the concealment. Feel a little Dallas couple experts here we could take yelled to the arranged WC TC out there by. Watch each and fact I was thinking I got a 22 Ruger automatic pistol I was thinking about downsizing in selling bunch of my stuff. But and I thought you know if anybody wants to learn how to shooting in gun at you a deal handgun to teach them how they are whittled it. That's right yeah how they that's a whatever you see somebody holding a semi automatic it's at that's what they're using in the movies and you see him hold limits sideways like that. They gonna hit anything in the there are some competition shooters however that you can't it's just a little bit. Now I saw part of the Olympics with those guys who were skiing in and shooting. And you know the buy out yeah and some of those guys are really good shooting but. Some of whom are not very good. Theo but it was cool to see them I've thought. If there were an Olympic sport that I could do that maybe that would be yet okay you know because I can shoot. I didn't know Arnott beat you has got her ski and I'll eat. I can learn how does he can pick up I can put a dollar was on the way home today pick up some skis manner you go up by -- lucky they take a few laps around the lake and above those. Are you now you know because in this he had money that plague here maybe I can carry the flag who. Am I definitely think you could pull away when you get to when you get to the part of the shooting I think people are gonna catch up tee off the ski event that's going to be your. You bred daughter she's. Now and as the great athlete and they don't original Olympic ready and a lot of a lot of Arab light. Muscle and his fiber. Man huddle and using the arid dashed after that it was all over once yelled their season started to that slowed rapidly after sixty. Did you real way and a parachute on my. Did you see that for a guy on those downhill a lot of snow boards of broke his neck. They were Ali do is go straight downhill and yet these hills right enemy come flying over the hills. Then they go around me image just facets looking get that a bottom with Cora up and down over these hills and these guys are flying in the air quite aways or this guy loses a lands can awkwardly embraced his knack for no country was from but that was that was not a pretty sight. There's some Czechoslovak. Different year borrowed female skier viral if he's there this in command and borrowed some of skis in compete in any event she does it normally do in she won the gold medal no kidding Lindsey Vonn took sixth. Yeah you know she didn't qualify yeah I just heard about that yet. While. But you pay a lot of attention to all look I don't generally are not Watson and an off I would be into it big time when I was a kid it's now it's it's it's it's all over you know effect of the big show with talking about. Why a some of these other countries Netherlands. Sweden some of those normally know well in the Olympic. In the Winter Olympics and one thing they brought up a number of good port 11 being climate half of our country really in a climate most the time. Another brought up mountainous. Regions name. And and the right Butler felt that there were enough. African Americans involved in the hunt for a few and a number of reasons but then I thought about it you know. To be an Olympian you almost have to be a member of the lucky sperm club. In other words you gotta have a mommy and daddy and a lot of money. Where spend and lots of money. Sending muted gymnastics camp every day in a year or what ever this specialty. It mean in ought to mean it got yanked. You can just pick up and do that stuff than most in most cases you gotta have. You know. A family you know it's in French behind you ring to it would Danica Patrick of ever better racer for parents weren't. You know and or are often go cart races that he might in Austin normal. In almost have to have the rich mom and dad pain you know Phil is it nature or nurture I think in some cases there's but there's a lot of great race car drivers out there that. That never did race become race car drivers they just didn't have the nurture. You know it's it's the same thing in incorrectly that it's the same thing in fishing. There's a lot of guys I know who are excellent anglers. But they don't have the money. To go down south and compete you gotta have money to compete or somebody back you a lot of the guys. That that you know that I knew from years ago they had wives who had really good jobs. So that allowed them to go out and compete nowadays of course get sponsors that. Do you lot of money to promote their products but you you've got to have time and money for. Lot of guys don't have the time but they got but they got the money but a lot of guys you know don't have the money but they got the time. Yeah both. I would say pretty much most of them come from generalized thing but I'm think and these the guides I knew. Fulltime guides they did have a wife at home. With the full time job in the insurance rate while while daddy could go off and pursue his fund fishing dream mean and you don't just instantly stamp guide on your chest. In in in your making 50000 dollars a year you know be booked up you start out with. Booking here in the air and then you gotta work on word of mouth not a lot easier now because guys will get on an L. Self promote which I was never good at I don't like doing it. But they'll get unlike lake Lincoln some of those things you know I know pulls the picture of every. Tom Dick and blue gill that they cats and you know become a leak link hero and next thing you know they'll get a following and a. You have bill will vote will companies give room. The the cash you know. Right now you are UK. I mean I went through this whole thing. Years ago are my goals and concerts well yeah and I in my head quite a few an M and fishing was Howard made my living whether it was fueled the end it was everything in in entailed in in fishing it was you know. Does determines the guiding the writing the seminars it was everything you know right. And in order to do a full time you almost got to do everything you know you gotta do it all of you out in order to make a living at it right and there are companies out there either I don't Libya had an a T shirt vale gonna help me in on. Or will give you some lures or some tackle well I don't need that I need cash to keep doing it yet. So let me ask you this time in all honesty. These companies pay big bucks to sponsor. Sir bans certain people yes and you can even apply this to NASCAR I've never understood. I guess it's for exposure and you say I'll be fishing miss many tournaments and so I'll have this visibility in LB he appeared there this inept. I've never felt compelled to buy anything because they spot on the side of a god Ding race car. Or a fishing. That's true. So hot but here they is it. The subconscious. Subliminal type thing that they're trying to. Even though people may not consciously go out by at that they're just trying to get that visual in everybody's head to get their brand out there I went to Iowa to. Let's talk about that wasting their money at. Let's talk about that after this right all right. Yet how we'll do that after this record you're listening to the mineralized structures by spreading it jumpers got any questions or comments. 7991250. Is a phone number we'll be right back. Welcome back. Could be mid western shooter supply. Cutting edge outdoors we got a whole Lotta show going on for you today yeah. Then we were we're talking about you these pros and fishing and any minute and hunting you know a lot you know with a hunting TV shows and all that. But one thing you know of there's our young men that I know who was to make a living in fishing. And I said well you know the thing is is that not only do you have to be a decent angler but you have to be good communicators. You gotta be a good businessman. To be able to present. You know to a prospective sponsor. Why they should be giving you money to do this you know and means. You've got to tell them how many ads and direct advertising impressions in direct advertising impressions like you said before where you're gonna go what you gonna do for them you know. To increase their sales. But Leahy said before just because their name is on something doesn't mean you're gonna buy it. You know I mean what and I feel the same way but. What it is is you keep Powell it's it's like with radio ads or TV yet he keep you keep seeing the same man same ads they met so when you finally do need something. They have big money yeah yeah yards. It's like okay I'm gonna I remember that name amen and I'd better armored go there I'm gonna call that company but his same thing goes with late in the fishing world. You know this guy's telling you that this is the greatest cranked beater whatever he's one minutes and he's one that you constantly hear constantly if you're constantly see it. And you figured well maybe do some to a maybe they should just get one or two you know. In India at a million people by and want to. Cuba and it. It's all it's all advertising. Dollar advertising they'll think they're spending too much money go over and yeah I know I don't need any other just advertise with us and mean you'll just say hey it's really good gap. Well I know for myself and I'm sure we're due to a you wouldn't tell somebody to use something if you didn't believe in it using yourself right. I mean you wouldn't say it just as somebody has continued to say Jimmy tell. Units are. I did learn something from one in my wiley a friend Steve Miller yet and if you're in a fishing tournament and you come backed the peer or even not a fishing tournament. Which are catching a bunch of fish and people know you're getting a bunch of its. Before you go to the pier you changed debates on your ride all the time. It give them a little bit of miss information. Is matter of fact and went to tell you a quick start only a story usually cook good. I like a story in 1980 make me some Democrats that just doesn't store and you can be a funny story no no I don't wanna make realistic or any religion no hot chocolates like in this and did not know or in the US and Timmy gets no you don't want any third music. Knows is awhile back but. 1986. It was a very prestigious bass tournament called the ball some lake probe that's invitational. Very I mean you you coming in the top ten there was light winning tournaments on here just they're just they're prestigious you can go either way okay yeah. There. Anyway so house fishing it was a team tournament and I didn't I had stopped fishing tournaments for several years you know and I don't wanna go but it's buddy of mine. He was fission at and his his body which was a friend of mine to he he bailed out he couldn't go solely SE please you gotta go with me you know. I sorry sorry we go out there and make a long story short we wanted to what are we went and done we were used and not all there is a big tornado that night okay. Cues tornados they got to sell auto motel rooms at like 4 in the morning not determine the full start at six. They got us at 3:4 in the morning we ought to go and as some basement of some church or something you know these tornadoes going through. So when we did get out for the turn to minutes like holy crap what happened here there's trees in the water there's peers flipped out there's bolts on shore. And I. That's what we thought. Perhaps the time. So now my friend he says to me and by the way at this turner and if every tournament that I ever fished out there. And a balsam lake is whip the northwestern Wisconsin yup every tournament I've ever finished now is cash to check okay. You cast the white cashed a check tested shall I go out chat. Step OK and like yeah I know I was cashed a check he's using to check yeah so anyway. So my buddy says all big tornado overnight big pressure drought blah blah blah big win we got to polish as we got to finish deep water we got a fish is lol did you meet in the middle of the weeds downloaded Jagan Domtar dot org with Craig page down deep you know. Our church and said and I said. No freaking way this way those bats are going to be in the same spot they were yesterday they're going to be under these docs I'm gonna catch him with Kelly worms and by 10 in the morning we had a limit. With the January with the Kelly worms under the dock. But what did you do when you went to the what was your misinformation this has been this whole object they noted that the bloat ware took like not like I went through it and yeah so we caught them off on that Kelly worms under way not this. And we've Blentwell lucky enough you know we came in and we had enough weight that we want right. OK we won some others are television there's a television camera crew there. And they get the camera on us and the guy with the microphone says would you guys get your fish on. My buddy Dave says our analysts. He says we can't remind Craig speaks on deep we'll pick and jig in big in the weeds. And I looked at them like say I was never one to beat LA Howard Al is tell people other turn. It it's over yes and you hear from now yeah yeah I'm not on the same lake nah not worked exactly 10 definitely yeah week. Yeah well it's I look and loop it ten. Kind of funny and he goes out so then. He writes a story for midwest midwest outdoors he writes this or editors a picture of us Holden are beautiful silver trophy you live all that bickering is all I did the whole thing about that's the sad that you can't believe even. And I'd like you said I was one who. You know I would just tell guys where they called you truthful. I wouldn't I didn't care he that you allege he said tournaments over who you know it's over. I mean and sold but yet it was just one of those things they've. He muttered of one of the most brilliant ways to get information. This happened incidentally but yours ago Steve million. At his garage broken into twice. Where they stole but you know stole the motor off the back is kicker homeowner and and he was working in his basement he'd be up painting 'til 4 in the morning he he'd be like. Forty yards away when it happened while. Because is Roger was right there mind I said why don't chew. What did you get a baby monitor and put it in their garage in you'll hear any noise and calls. That's a really good idea so he took it a step further he was up there yet. He didn't want people messing with his foot down by the pierce knew he left the baby monitor in his boat and vermilion. And he's actually up in his cabin any use these guys come in talking on the pier. And they are talking about how they're get in the bunch of big muskies on black and silver buck tales yeah. But that's a Tampa. And Steve had been supplement for a couple of days mode because he heard the baby monitor in Gary's Dahlia FBI bugged. He went out and started hammering he got pulled out every one of its fact he had when it. He had won about Eric under bill than the original G train blackened silver giant G train buck tales many starting get monster muskies on that mean Jason it then yeah salt. The baby monitor. Then I would be a good idea you know the one thing I I I never cared about what guys are using. My one question that I had if I could get this information out of my didn't hear what they were used and I just wanna know how deep they were finishing. That's what I wanna know how deep they were fishing as once you knew the depth. Not an O'Reilly dom Neubauer will be in I'll need a new ending key in on them if I knew the depth. But to tell you the truth. I really didn't care what the other guys were doing I was gonna do what I was gonna do because I was gonna find fish and I was gonna catch a period. I was very confident that's good you gotta have that come out Carla I'm confident so I didn't care what is a quick but you know what. I would love to lower those guys are gets in those big small he's in those tournaments in May. Where they come in with. Thirty pounds of six you know averaging five imam Ali. On pure luck diablo the old SO II. Not that guy told me that he was Apple's condos in about fifteen feet a lot I heard a couple of stories and in our car it's always there to me that those were some all the polls are all big and our guys going out the same guys throughout get in gargantuan ones when I'm working it's more keys they can be actually a picture of another six under. I'm thinking time that may be if I start spending some time. Doing some deep water fishing may be dropped shot a man work in some deep water plastics. And take a break from the muskies in just a lot of my days off to try if you know while allies last. Small mountain I could probably stumbled my way I'm sure bigger while higher smalley on shirt puncher recruit question from the producer when you see deep water what does that classified ads. Anything and the outside edge of the deep weed line and we'd lines are usually in Q are you about twelve feet OK so alien deep water fish don't know lake let's say well a thirty feet crack if only there because yeah that when he said that water I think you'd deep sea fishing and onus and the NATO and made an IQ now wait though that. People water years. Eddie it's all relative anything above the thermal Klein although doctor Axel elected to go to wading pool deep waters four feet because it's a wading pool yeah. Yes in relative. Well let's go to a quick break now. And will be back with the got report and then after those 645 break we got fell hard and Schwab rose or Douglas brought to you by buck he's fine meats and sausages and we're gonna go will be right back with morsels state owned. Oh man I'm gone it. Congress than you I'm I'm enough food chain. Yeah and locked down land. To me that your report is brought to buy be marred cheesy pro loose and discount liquor. Well this recipe comes from mad dog and Merrill are friends that we see at the sports show every year of course and her on TV. But this is a sweet and sour sauce that Merrill says is are some on the Turkey and chicken breast he said it's fantastic. One small can Mandarin oranges one quarter cup of brown sugar two tablespoons mustard and to use tablespoons of funny. Mix at all league editor give her the and in the last fifteen to twenty minutes of grilling or bacon in your oven. Start. In those put this on start you know board pay basting. The chicken or Turkey breast with that. They said it's fantastic and I promise you I will go home and try it next time more hip and checked and so bad is we got report for this week. We got report was brought you by beamer cheesy programs when quality counts you can count on beamer cheesy program since is on the best. You can visit amid beam RTZ dot com and buy discount liquor where you'll find the best price selection and service at 51 and Oklahoma in Milwaukee. And 919 north parcel that's mean streak and parcel in Waukesha. For weekly specials go to discount liquor ink dot com. Oh man I'm gonna hate you. I don't know that you aren't high enough food chain. Yeah and locked down land. What were we talking about before. You remember and I have no idea Tom oh come on you've got to remember some good and Boehlert can you guys aren't that old it was something good that we're old guys in the world you know we can forget. You know like like all of a sudden an old guys talking about the film than many stops and they couldn't even though. What the hell they're talking. And I think that's. To do that pretty good. How about I don't know that's terrible. We're just talking about if you are listening to us talking about on a fan. Give us a call for our side and a nice wolf Hillary and let us give out these two guys I served in this little talk about. Gonna introduce the subject here that okay yes we have and introduce the subject yeah. And we finally have a subject here so anyway. I you know I've got an old if you augur do you have any old if he -- Tom not anymore not but you used to write yup. How big was yours with like either insert I used the two horse. Was it a victory. Whose loose governor that he was an eight and looking like 80s90s. What year on from the ninety's. Okay from the ninety's okay from the nineties a case that because. Speaking of advertising right nothing runs like a jiffy rate the number that so I got a Christmas present back in about 94. On after I die you know wrecked three rotator cuffs even though I only have two missile ban erect three of them. I from use in north hand bloggers they bought me a ten inch jiffy. Three horse tiger he now probably about 9495. Can't remember exact. So I handed out. Over the years I've only change plugs probably twice. Mom that thing. All I've ever done is changed I got some at sharpened blazer now I get those chipper blades. And the thing just Ron's mom I never even bothered new gas sold gas whenever. We'll start really kind of bogged down on me last week so I called dale who you don't yeah. Failed to my cameo the mechanic he's fishing in fact we got to try given McCall because when I called him he was on Lake Erie. A large and long life and I asked him if we could get a report inning got back to many said probably. Which means during break I'll try calling a mini won't answer as to be sleeping and we won't get the report. But that's beside the point so he said just order a new carburetor he thought you know what you said just order a new carburetor and be done and it. But then I did some research online. To find out to order carburetor. You've got to know which one order a valuable part down right yes I go to Gypsies website think it may have bubbles parts well. I'm so old they don't and I don't have those any listed. So then I did a little bitter recent and a lot of research I was on line and thank god for the Internet Megan how would you find this stuff out. Yes all. I went out and looked at does and I had to find out what kind of engine wealth that comes the rain engine. It's 8520. You know I felt like an idiot I spent twenty minutes looking for the numbers in their right on the sides say it's 85 when he got the number all but other numbers. Finally found Arkansas lawn mower distributes her to. That and they had carburetor now although I did find on eBay I was amazed there are some on eBay but you gotta have that PayPal thing as right as Canada and I needed to do it. But anyway ordered it. But in the research. I read some posts by guys who had the old bloggers said they all's were angry but there's something where they get them running even better now. Apparently too clumsy. Changed their recommendations used to be two cycle oil 24 to one mix. Since that time too clumsy themselves with the new synthetic blend oil from. Recommends a synthetic bland at 421. There and with that new synthetic blend instead of the champion spark plug which was the GR whatever seventeen whenever. Spark plug. You go with Otto like 255. It's hotter burning in it doesn't have. I guess. The champion have like maybe you know about this resisters something that. Prevented from interfering with electronics. And nothing most you don't know anything about that and apparently some Smart plugs. Have some type of resist there which I guess. I don't know what electronic equipment that they would mess with but apparently. The auto late 255 does not have that their fourth gonna be faster burning and saw I thought well Dwight go with that and or do I just go with what if he recommended when I bought the -- 'cause it ran pretty good. Well I figured you know what under the gulf. Go out. In C because I heard jiffy in themselves are making a special to recycle oil Moyer went out to the fleet farm up in West Bend and they've actually got Heath called the jiffy tune up yet where they've got in its market ended under jiffy synthetic two cycle oil. With a with some kind of additive I don't know what to call a few cleaner whatever. And a spark plug right one of those spark plugs and eye cocked about right in the package well it's designed specifically. Thought I got back last night. Drained the old gas out movement the new forty to one mixing and put that new spark plug in and I didn't fired up yet because they got to call from hope. I'll put it away and I kind of cried my fingers but yet if you got the old to come Z motors. It jiffy actually has a specific oil in your supposed to change plugs now the I don't like and 55 I believe you can go online and we'll. And I guess it really get some running good film of the. Yeah out when I had my jiffy I I he's matter if not met I keep it there. I had a city at the time in mid ninety's and but I traded a jiffy augur when I had my store I traded it for really nice hollow body guitar. I knew a guy you have a music shop that's the only did a trade you need to not your I news new guitars so we did a trade. You still have the guitar Alia who got them one at a billion is that oh yeah did I kept the auger and well I had I had an auditor at the time to get jiffy is selling that oil. It's 3.2 ounces and is designed to mix so it's at the forty due to one mixtures designed to mix with one gallon again Leo and actually they had the kit now I've paid probably ten bucks for more for the spark plug in when I needed to them like 1299 for the Kiet and they sell that oil alone for 299. Which is pretty did you feel oil. And then I know a spark plug you could probably buy for a couple of bucks but I don't mind it together and some a special special spark plugs might cost more you know so I hope it. You know maybe I don't need did I in you know what I don't need that new carburetor that I. Or now maybe not an and that's good information because I know a lot of guys out there are a lot of men and women you know have older jiffy auditors. Does he do last long time. And if you have that too clumsy. I was I would have called it too comes about I guess is that comes he becomes owner I got the three orders. And if you go online and do the information that tells you and you get you get the information but. I was a little hesitant to go away from what. My original mountain jiffy you know it's a 24 to Warren to cycle blood in this championed plug but then you go out and in theirs that. I was thinking of going to buy the plug in an auto part out there and I have inherit all while every girl was in the package in light. It's his defeat to an up. Kip fuel stabilizer what thoughts to synthetic land to recycle oil with the fuel stabilizer. And it says jiffy tune up quit get effort to come Z engines. And you know over the years girls come on all the while acknowledging Newark like learning new things is an add on than at any that didn't. That they did manufacture of the engine actually. Change their recommendation. For their engineer. Well it must run better they're gonna make those recommendations have. Months we'll play OK folks it is now time for the heart and shrug called B a contestant and when. A ten dollar gift certificate to but he's fine meats and sausages and wanna go. You all you gotta do is call 4147991254147991250. Bush he's gonna make three statements. You gotta guess whether or not he's telling you all orange wobble which is be yes or no horn Schwab which means Sony unit truth. Paul right now and BO winner of this wonderful user to begin the bushy opponents find the wonderful. What are what are floral. On 1057 FM the fan that. Yours. They show. Is there. Just live to. Slip up. My god you could not get to sit. I don't know for society regret not going to see their concert when he came in Iraqi eyes back Mahan and admin and run and acted and and western shooters and I try to get outdoor. Athletic big news lucky corn destined for the weren't struggles that meant their did yes we've got time he's over out in Caledonia time. What is gonna love this show. I top case you know how this works of from pulling your leg it's a horn Schwab goal if it's not it's no orange while ago. So here are Wiig no. Roll pick her role which I guess there are few pick role in southern Wisconsin according to my. Fishing historian over sitting to my right here. Grill are easily mistaken for small thinking northern pike corn Schwab oh lord no launch while ago. Drago and as we were talking honors a little bit ago when you're talking specifically. The world's greatest loggers jiffy ice Saunders and believe it or not. Jiffy pop Goran. Once food jiffy auditors because of use of the name their Ford jiffy change the spelling from one to Epps to one weren't Schwab goal or no orange waddle. Hair is not a lot of well. A yeah I did believe and. On the believed that there aren't a bad or good blocker he got this new thing. That's yeah got a good dads might popular. All right you can still in town didn't hear me go back until tiger's not the two thinking cap on carefully here. Back to the jiffy other thing if you weren't China using did you feel hotter the blame would spin backwards dude in the Earth's rotation. We're in Chicago or no horns boggle. Eyed glance up. We'll drain back Garrard we do that Earth's rotation so. Well done we'll get your information he's got hurt. Thompson also you were on top of it it's Austin in my back from vacation my sons are now counter to get the buck yeah I'll mail that on on Monday town all right it quite an IRA had problems that exonerates our struggle was. Brought to you buys about buck he's fine meats and sausages and my iguana and all they got everything meats and seafood in Rhode Zemin says Madden sees Friday Al cut. And was really nice is they get the free samples that are so you can try to stuff before union I don't know the saloon. There's is a lot of good stuff on her let me show you shots news. Food tray and they're really easy to find their right off 43 and 8343. South and highway 83. You just get off to the right there and you make a left at the first stoplight I devastation at that I that creditors are some exit lower matured some like gradually coalesce shell. There's little shop no senator right there and you can't glare that. And Miss America has Sinclair stations with the dinosaur or a million of the big dinosaurs and there's still a big dinosaur in Green Bay is Ernie yeah close with hate him. You know what I thought I here's here's a question for today okay. Milwaukee's. Museum. It's been there forever you've been through a museum like probably when your kid to school went down on all Europe and Green Bay. We went to the broke and I went to the Chicago museum with a YMCA bus trip as a kid okay well at the Milwaukee museum they have. Lol largest watt in the world. At the Milwaukee museum the largest one. Yes. The largest dinosaur skeleton. Your right. You're pretty hard question Tom that is correct why do you keep the sizzle while it went in and out. Hello I don't know it and I needed a benefit. The largest that a lot digital body and they know about him I don't know who did what would they have that the law urge is. I did it way too easy well talent. The reason I don't some tough questions his way the end laden soft balls. Of the new guys for the brewers that the brewers just got I forget which one it was it was one of the outfielders that the guy what's his name now monitor what's his face and they were asking him questions about to see if he knew anything about Milwaukee. Is he's from California statue of the funds and Noah and may he didn't though that one but this is the question and he should've known. Which that you didn't know Miller beer no he's being asked them. What. Lay. Is Mel Watt he next to what lake. No I think event he said what great lake is Milwaukee next to Andy said he says. Is you're you're greatly. Here's the thing valued him college kids I would I would bet you that you could ask. 90%. Of high school students today if you ask them the name the five Great Lakes could not do it. Yeah yeah I I I believe that Ahmed and I only high school and I would be willing to bet that I could ask those students I believe at all kinds other. World stuff. But they know nothing about kids don't know they don't know that are state animals the badger they don't know geography there it is not my area any surgery was the best to go fire. The Robin thank yet. We aren't questionnaire body no more Lowell off ball I thought here's a not. Here's an idea they'd ever it'll get ahead of ourselves here while we do the next hour of the show or reduce the NFL picks. Introduced a trivia. Trivia segment review segment asks for questions brief four we're remember we did for pixie or questions. One music but one movies one sports okay and one US district so I'll tell you what you find a sponsor for that. And we'll do that don't think that this visit I you'll find Bible find sponsors for that I don't know a better idea that they get a better idea with years ago on about him I think he's the deflated by our game where we'd sit sit at the Byron have soda pops. And one guy I would say a line from a movie only adding the other guy I would have to say the movie I think we got to have a segment titled what's my line. And you are what's my movie. Well that's why can't we column what's my line they'd be what's my movie or whatever and and people would love it because yup we Stegall for. Hours with after the guy would save a line may be like all all ignored them until that yeah. Classic lines five Great Lakes by the Lake Erie. Superior yeah Michigan. Oh you look at Maryland and Ontario that it on not to be a huge part glass. I didn't look at it no no no I'm not going and knowledge on not and again air. They're okay Obama did and I can see your computer for your. Four of the five. The science here if I teary although that's that's that's tough that's. Okay Ontario would be the only way to pick a second that but in any other right we asked to carry your Michigan already come your mind organize right away and Iran Ontario. Yeah yeah yeah I. I would bet. That most high school kids today couldn't get three out of the five. I would. I did and that which you can enter I believe that yet because like you say kids don't think her kids nowadays they don't know geography they don't know history. You know they don't. There's a lot of things that they need they don't even teach curse of writing that's like kids nowadays don't have a signature. They print their last name. Like if they're Dugard doing us sign it can't print no we get kids who print thrill because they don't know I cursed at bad why are. All of us are led to do it made a lawsuit. That's they don't know what they don't because it's not taught anymore I mean it's like are you kidding me but anyway. Right and we have to do this it is now jazz jazz calls speak with your sports. Eight regularly jazz.