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Cutting Edge Outdoors
Saturday, July 21st
Cutting Edge Outdoors: Tom and Bushy take you on a wild ride through Wisconsin's great outdoors!

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The following is paid commercial programming and content and opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect those of WS SP Entercom Milwaukee it staff or sponsors. True Lake Michigan to the Mississippi. And every rib First Lady and fielded it. Let's talk everything out doors it's. Time to hop on the crazy train. Mid western shooters like cutting edge outdoors presented by Coleman is set propelling fasten your seatbelts broke why. Ride through Wisconsin's outdoors. Only on sports Radio One 057 have. Law. I'm. Yeah on the crazy Australians went from many western shooter supply. Good morning everybody and welcome to this week's edition we are sold. Thankful to be here every Saturday morning to be able to talk with you about. Sporting stuff funerals fishing and hunting and other crazy stuff on the crazy train here. And we do enjoy you listening and you know make your comments when you want and you can do that you can call it common answer questions at 4147991250. We come to you every Saturday morning from six to 8 AM we our lives we are on rehearsal you never know what's gonna happen on this show. And when I say we I mean my co hosts are here to my left this any bush and the W true Neubauer as he gives me a look. An update any. You know you're talking about how glad we are we there. I know it's I was tired I yeah me too it was always Ryan hasn't been the bid while. He's been to bed but mostly yeah and that for a good reason you said his wife that we can bump in the middle of the night yeah right here here's a quick story your Oakland got incher on your show we are here. Well life. I did the brewers game last night we had an intern side to kinda help them out things and and go so well that it times and I get to know one of the buster he's generally these young. Helm if so I got home around 1:30 AM. My wife was dead asleep she didn't even wake up when I when I snuck into the bedroom no stranger could acclaimed in the bed with the issue exactly exactly and many would had to steal my pain in the next in what he did pretty well before I thought so I got up to come to work she's still as dead asleep suffer all she knows that and come home last night alone so I was thinking I should just went to the casino. And then came Miller. You gotta make some money but are under you must be a real trustworthy guy and oh yeah absolutely and who showed any. Anything important on your mind that already. Can't find my keys that's why I was almost late I got up early during my copy. Yeah everything nice and organize my place is clean and I couldn't find my keys. Felt I still can't find them. The keys to Iran your keys to my life oh really my truck but it's my place everything. So you must've put him in the spot where you set yourself up put these here is that norm gonna put on I don't know and then you forget where you then I couldn't find my spare key. Which I did find because I obviously cannot yeah I'm here that fast and you really got hero and yeah. It is when you go home or you know really get in when I get home yet again an index gonna crawl up through one of the wind up looks Mike Allen a window. Well and up windows days are OK I got to show you some and I got no idea if this there. There is that it's. I was gonna get old guys like Q looks like something that that nurse hand you Google PN at us you know that's what I thought this hosts and that's because you're an old guy who doesn't spike. That's for damn. That's the baht a bottle that you put on. He retorted yeah for your liquid is says in case the Bard as in yeah kiddies speed records Fredette the that you. Our and you don't get me what it surfers know I was gonna do you want for Christmas you said only that it you sit here it is which he well be for Chris this so help me because I played I'm gonna buy you Chris I did go. And another forty mile. I tried this week and I'll tell you I've should use the bottle here. I got it now I'm gonna take it out of the rapper. Put some ice in there. In when I go on May next buy credit won't feel like I'm gonna have a you know you can die of heat. Heatstroke or something the speaking of on the bike ride I. You still seeing more monarch butterflies I have in the past. And which is a good thing missed the I was reading the DNR report they were talking about seeing a lot of elements some northern area but I visited my. Mother in the nursing home up at evergreen nursing home in not. In Oshkosh in remember we had a caller call and say that there certain flowers that you could plan yeah yeah I plant these got Michael go a little section. And that with all the flowers. And it with some hall supported by the it was some monarch organize a down economy helped. Support them away there aren't that the money whatever implant them in and out there. There was a magical monarch and it's kind of flew along with us for about seventy yards just kept one when I wheeled my mother in the wheelchair and monarch and a and a followed us that a kind of fluttered off in good taste just like when mom dies her souls. What are often be free at that it was symbolic. That's interesting yes speaking of the DN argument should be in there. Yes they did did you see Paul Smith's article let in last Sunday's paper no. Well no they talked about though Wisconsin warden shortage in changes in your responsibilities. And how it's raising huge concerns. Are they making them go do the park style adding a little they took away don't want money they yeah cut these guys those guys can do it and you know Kathy steps started that in a couple of years ago brought it to the governor governor several it would rethink this best your head of the and I won't slide it's not really doing such good job. The the staffing shortage. Shortage excuse me has residents concerned about the slack and enforcement of fishing game lawns. And the reduced. What he thought water safety patrols. It is matter of fact over the memorial weekend. No boat hit the water. No. Officers know park Rangers are we win or at all. With the authority that that that wardens have. The words had to be there. And it don't be remembered you remembered Doug ha Hoskins number don't. He was so warden he's from Spiegel and he's a retired. And he says it's a tragedy what's going on right now it's just the tragedy you know you know personal we don't have enough organs in the state to begin with. You know they were supposed to 128. With the numbers were 26 or 36 new wardens and Alia were eleven some like plumber while. They need a lot more wardens we have the money for a but the I don't know it only hi why so many what I. I've been told. Is that. A lot of the young guys that don't would be wardens. Are going to use multi round municipality. Police departments instead because they pay more yeah. But if you're young guy and you've got the training in the conspired likens that are here into this thing get this second start here and do this and get that. Normally you're gonna take the one for more money unless you really get their passion to be. In the out all right and in. And an idea and I know if you wardens that you know and I can of course say their names just like compulsory it's article there were a number of war organs. Who spoke with and them anonymity yet they wanna be no only where but. They said this is just a big screw up you know by what the DNR is doing right now with the warden situation and the wardens and I've talked and said yeah. You know they're they're running from you know from one place took to a state park that's hours away. And then to cover bad then they got a run back to wherever and they're just and there's just not enough of home. So wouldn't you Electric's. We had any word charges to begin wrath. And now and now we're gonna make that loan number warns there though lesser number that we have do extra stuff yeah I'll take them away take them off the dog got rid of the park officers spread just does the money saving thing on gas and well it's not only exert that authority you know. They have there authority nine there might be some guys walking around there but they have no authority or not here and a gun anymore. Well no it's not like people a lot of these guys that had a buddy of mine applied for one of those jobs is a former and I'm guessing some of those people might former law enforce moon maybe journals of the tired or or maybe not but it's not likely he Eagles guys. A whole lot of money because then a friend turned down one of those jobs because he's they really don't pay that much so. They'd be better off to spending their money like they used to and get the people in the parks and forcing you know watching the arc and and let the warden school out in and force the game and fish regular rage debt but. The part guys that they're there to protect the people in the park in the stop anything bad going on now realize everybody always trying to watch a budget and save money out here and say honey there but I'm sure the DNR. With their vast budget in resources. Could find other areas. And I'm back yeah and if you get any comments folks 7991250. Is a phone number that's 4147991250. If you wanna. Comment on the warden situation. So yeah it it it is a problem in this state and and you know wardens work a lot of overtime so that's where they've you know there base pay. Mate might not be as good but they do get a lot of overtime which dumps it up so. I don't work a lot of over tribunal or especially nowadays you know and they got to do double duty. You know and and can you imagine. Some of these big bodies of water you know where there are a lot of problems were and there's a lot of looks anglers on them. And there's nobody there enforcing the rules and Pete and you know the funny thing is there any people builders. People you don't like people aren't stupid they know. He's gonna be out your chicken meat from I now show. Or not they you have to go and realize it under radioed to the whole world. I'm really helping out down. Well that wasn't my intention argue that there's a guy who would complain when the warden would come pull no old dog like all yeah I know you've got out about it for the all like gets a funny story wardens and the people where the way when they want to get the other guy's got no hair out they elect. Way able to ward doesn't come alive I have. No probably come check me any time you know and if if there are. We got all the safety stuff in the boat and we never have short fish and we never have too many that's for sure the humidity. A but now it's always everything's Osman yup and of course. I did get somebody with a comment that are known unreal and one on all your team's got to wait till the producer I you know the democratic complaint now it. It would probably. And did you want do you guys in on this after the break key he said he had to go into work so he wasn't able to come on the line but he wanted to know he said it. You know the sailboats and people boating is an oath anybody's policing during the weekend. Because he said he's only almost scenic couple acts like he does he did note there is anybody even out there. A lot of ball there's not an important they can't cover every lake and even the big leaks were there is a lot of activity. They can't always get home because we haven't ruled state park. And there was one point 01 thing where a guy and a drive all the way from superior. To a state park down here. And then back up again. It was really editor forwards that were quick break take more phone calls them aligned folks will be right back with a neighbor we can get deputized. There you go annual opportunity. To. All a little campfire with all that you just ticked Diego. Go to department to casino. Security and little credit X. And so I'm. Yeah. Okay. You. It's. Well. To put it western shooters supplies cutting edge out dollars and Tom got a very exciting form. Paul I thought we should've got the guy in the Wear well it's not a lefty Tom didn't wanna come on the here he just wanted to ask Munich. Couple quick questions Tom got all excited jumped out of his chair so fast yeah when he heard. Record bass well it would. And he caught a bass which he says is really really huge first thing I said tomb was there is and how long is it 828 inches. For a large while bass up here that anywhere anywhere in the world that is huge. So Ayatollah gave the number of the Indian are the call you know hopefully to get award over there and not too busy or somebody from the the united usually somebody from it though. Here we are just talking yeah a shortage in the united well yeah there's a large truck and there's a guy in a record truck breaks down the block then and he'll be there are no it usually goes on somebody from amend their. And then he has to get at a weighed on the serve fights they'll know he was gonna release it but I Paloma submit and that if that fish is a state record it can be worth a lot of money you know. So. Anyway we'll see he says he's gonna send. And an email or CEO. CEO guys at With a photo of the gym so I would have told the putted in a colorful lot going he had a diet and water so hopefully score lower non cooler with ice something and then just to get it to a certified scale right to drive over to a yacht. Well actually I've even wade fishing at the groceries there is an answer to solve my sales is it or you could live or he could drive it over to. The post office when it opens. Or federal that's open on Saturday just all laid hold slimy fish under scale they won't allow that yet haven't yet you had a evident that put up classic behavior less than they have a not a yes he could do that you're probably wanna get a couple of nowadays you can do is videotape. Getting weighed and do it on. Now there's way where it way easier ways to provide evidence now video and photographic evidence ground and everybody has their own right but now and then of course you know if you do have to wait someplace or video so you gotta you I think you still have to get the person's name. And phone numbers so that gap the American contact and who did you really win this race it's FB year's third cousin who we know now you know who happened to. That's what that's what they said about some despray records is that the that he took the fish to some. Someplace and there happened to be you know they have guys come overnight if hey are you come over here if you're just sign you see that this kind of Shia religious not a fast yeah they signed it. Now I can't wait man era whether they I don't really scrutinizing the weight of the Fisher and that's and I think so. Thought we might have broke the war though the news. On cutting edge outdoors in Cheever and a few rocky lake. May have caught the new state record large mouth bass not at 28 inches. That would be huge. I've seen 22 answers. What if you look at the in fisherman awards Tom is here they make they have those in fisherman awards and they'd have the caught in catch and release them and they catch and release ones the biggest ones each year. Arts our 28 inches I don't think I've ever seen cats I release toward one for 29 maybe I thought when he nine insert. In typically years in places you know from light in Florida tired where California Jose mother Florida's strain bat. And that's what we're having Californians through you know a lot of them down there but sometimes those fish are long and not hurt he some of martyrs to you know but. For a appear in the northern latitudes yeah that's that's that's pretty huge I in my life I've caught several 24 insurers. One was heavy. One was. I think dying able to each guy is pretty small. But my heaviest whenever that I'd never did yet weighed but it was from pew lucky lake it was a 23 and a half incher that was. It was on the cover of the magazine has may affect me holding up and all that event and I didn't have to hold it out Danny now no idea I was told that with my elbow next to my body like that you know I mean it it was huge yeah its point three net inches and she was round them up for it. They should had to wait I mean I know was over seven pounds how much over I don't know in American exaggerated and. It was to codec cap a couple Tom camps on a couple of years back got a seven and half pounder and monkey. Off the picture that. And in small keys in the old small keys I lost. Several monster bass musky fishing narrow over the years that I thought were small muskies are right up until the end and then you Islam and they were huge assets and then they'd stake now. Annoy you. It's you know the one big one was on big cedar one was on view luck in and one was on pew rock you know of the three pieces yeah I think that the reason you tend to lose those. Big bass musky fishing is with today's tackle now. Yet no stretch line you got bigger heavy hooks in you go to duo muskies type books that in the bath is lip. I think you end up hearing yet probably Jerry Hall William Bennett makes it easier for them to shake their head and back yeah up in. That they get out these your minutes are rising thank and it's surprising how many big bad journalists are like five pounders are hot. By musty anglers throwing muskie dates so they'll those big bats aren't shy of grabbing some larger based you know they're not shy about it that's for sure now. That's why am often Todd White isn't a guy go to a big bass lake here and try to use in the big shiner is like they do down south mean am I not nobody ever does it. Well if you if you went on throughout he probably its most in northern spit ball Clinton yeah. Yeah I've been solid but I mean yeah you might at best but you know yeah I know he Ewing John he's being numbered years ago when I said. If you wanna catch. A number of fish of a certain species you gotta go to a lake that has a lot of those species you know I mean what. I mean it's like as well as it isn't me and John break up laugh oh yeah you guys are always done me you know. But they don't but the thing is his late you know YouTube you if you wanted to catch you know mostly a lot of bass you don't blow to a late that's noted for awhile lice you know. You go totally that's noted for best you know or if you wanna catch while he's literally that's noted for awhile he's you don't totally that's noted for bass and northern you don't mean. So I can see why you laugh things off off off. Thank you but. But you know I mean I noticed one young Fella he he's designed his Yankee pitcher fish I hit and or maybe you're just thrown your big finger on places. Well like who do you use and Busby that I can for a man I hit all the wrong Jason is that your reuse anything else. If they'll. So he got there Ryan. Gotta wait for an Italian yeah home so good for these phone calls they don't got to let it come to you this is Neil he's got a story for you guys say hey good morning mail. Hello. All you get a present different but I don't ago here is there's no ideal. What what what's what's your story. Held up at Boulder Junction as we get. He won the trap and oh yeah colonial I was caught Somali. Yeah well. We brought before it won at the quote. Right senate appointee and fight I don't want to use it and I have fifteen and a thirteen inch. Okay that's cool small balls hard frighten others Cuomo what we're year tactics like debater artificial. Group. To Bates to Bates. Oh that's boobs Hachette fishing rock buyers that are read yeah and that's cool yeah Julia had a good time though right. Are very good time. They Bob denied that the older barracks. And but has said that the very. I was gonna ask to get some good good child places up they're good little restaurants and how do. Are you Dennis speaking out for drink. The cadets Sutherland got the. I want out that they would herb Geller. Now another few nice guy. Yes that's said he got a call later today. Oh you well goodies you was set up north report give us the give report did you fish for anything other than this Molly's. As the analysts that's all. It. Well that's great well thanks for Colin knew we do appreciate it. As far as important did you gaze. The thing about Wharton leading what happened to go to other states. Yes some of the Lucas and other states pay more yeah. Down. There's bet conine. Are they going to Minnesota yet that's one state but there's other states have paid no more money is I can see especially warden sail around the lacrosse area those areas those border areas that if they talked. You know they interact with some of the minister Martin's on. Cases and you're not hate come work for us over here you can make X five grand a month a year mark. Yeah you'd seriously considered a young guy it's all about you know. They you know we all got our passion and love you when you love to do but bottom line is we all want and make money in all its final. Any if you if you were made a big box and you know what why is and if you are making money here fishing and but somebody said hey you can make more money in Minnesota fishing it's still fishing. No I mean it. They got fish we got official lineup over that are just like all the warden and doing some that they love in the outdoor. Still warning is still worsening pulled heartening just over a garden here and go all right then it's male we got a we got a Fisher day here unlike our identity based we have Neil particularly hard the life. All right here we go page uses ago. Jay bird yet yeah neighborhoods up. All four point 17 point. All don't have did what enables the way but got to the shortest inaugural. On all of also. You did did did you send us a photo. All of I think it. Million it I don't that. I'm getting all excited over energy that's it is a problem here is. Was it all's been well. All right I'm I'm I'm gonna open them up parade now in and dollar bail them all Christmas no idea at all. Now I hope I just hope you're in the fall world so we can get an idea of small. Ball is a beautiful little time for Christ's sake utility in itself easily. In the twenties and into Saturday. But then you didn't say his wife of these light sensor Ryan here to gain a week the way I'll on Centre ice it's as our software is out of date we don't have a version of win zip. Or whatever the other ones are on about. Well that cigarettes should be all here's one. I don't. I usually an astronaut Edwin my teases arming. I've always considered as well thought long walks well and then I have a question or I'll also not about. You're yeah it. So you got a picture of it on the ruler because that's what people are gonna wanna yeah. Okay well. If not all Jaber probably I mean Ryan probably has one of those phones you're talking about the mono I got the pictures now. Okay Tom's got them got pictures and I sure would like to see the third picture but this thing won't let. That he'd get the Internet struggle that I came to tell xmas. That's firewire guns some issues. All right well we got the pictures. I'll we're gonna walk all right we're gonna do a little investing in every so what about yeah we're gonna. Well below what do you had a radio on and the duke. Walk forward on your phone a little. First off. Obama or follow a war that will catch it on. Are not. Well well. It was a damn nice fish that are Jaber hey we got to run to a break thanks for Colin. All right well of these two by an out let's go through a break real quick 4147991250. Is the phone number here in the mid western sugar supplies cutting edge outdoors with any bush. Meet comments from new Neubauer and our producer Ryan harm but we'll. Oh man I'm gone it. And then you I'm on enough food chain. Yeah and locked down land you'll reap. Port is brought to buy discount liquor now if you missed any part of this recipe. You just go 21057. FM the fan dot com. Go look under show radio in all shows click on that scroll down for cutting edge outdoors and you can get the first our second hour in the you can listen to it. It's but this is actually pretty easy to press on papers ready. Now is the time of the year when your zucchini should be popping out of their plants if not they will be any day year week now I mean you got to be. I'm I'm getting zucchini and also I'm sure a lot of you are and one of my favorite things to do as soon as I get you those who TDs zucchini is out of the garden is making. Zucchini. Pancakes. What you say zucchini gates. You take one cup of grated zucchini 181. Cup of flour one quarter cup finely diced onion one quarter cup grated cheese. In mind I like to put one finely diced scallop Pena of course. And then you put enough water in it to make it pancake like consistency. You sported you know with a big spoon split into a into hot oil and fried to golden brown ball strikes. I'm telling you what folks and you add a little butter to you put some maple syrup or the pancake syrup on it. It is really good and I know what make him Ryan hungry over here but. That is really good zucchini. Pancakes easy to make. Excellent to eat. We your report was brought you by discount liquor where you'll find the best price selection and service at 51 and Oklahoma in Milwaukee. And main street in Barcelona walker shot for weekly specials spoke to discount liquor ink dot com. Oh man I'm gonna eat. Congress than you I'm on enough food chain. Yeah and locked down land. And you know them and make next week Danny and got to test it out. Numbing weight. Venison that you can't corned beef hash yeah this is going to be venison had Madison limit tested out which I'm sure it'll be good I'm gonna test about this week. And once you have Diana letter on yeah let's all we got the picture of he's had the picture affairs and three pictures end it. It looks like a nice big big bass and he like he did say it wasn't quite 28 inches but he ended up letting it go. So but no I captured just a regular golfers sir re. There's the weather and a picture next to ruler so it was hard to tell which you could see with the big mass and can gradually asked Jeter got a big Baston and released its own being. It true sports men depth. Once again and he didn't whacked it over the head with a crowbar and strap in to determine how to best hour and a half drive over to the DNR eight days and Danny why I asked me what the biggest best I ever come was on Obama. Gee John what was the biggest bass you're ever cot funny you should ask that Danny. Did his best sabretech. Caught only had one guy on teller walked around the other side and saw the other. Well. Let's get some. I am right. That is another cause us a million dollar isn't John John and I we intelligence JR had his time to reduce it in love his own dog's eye got. Once here since the latest vision welcome badgers Boris boards and I really got some good ones here's one handle. Every stressful situation like a dog if you can't eat it or play whether it just pee on the walk away from here's one for you Ryan. Married man should forget his mistakes. There's no use in two people remembering the same thing I period that left OK. Here's another one marriages really hired. This comes from while line Wally fifty plus years of bachelor recently married for the first time. Nick Cage at cedars is really hard that's his that was that. And it's at all Wally said there has really hard that's when he says he's just it's just married recently. Years. Here's one no man is a good enough memory to be a successful liar. As Abraham Lincoln I guess well which is true. That's true lighters forget there lies. In Indy star Tony different things and you say will be in. With so you tell me some and help us and that's what that meant they didn't get it at first but yeah you're you're right you've got to have a really good memory to be people out there I liars get in trouble that's what cops get these guys yeah. They need their story goes and goes and goes and then it won't putt but didn't you tell me B I were there at all out. Danny it's just like I'm like those judge shows like judge drew the Judy judge Marilyn whatever. They send in these affidavits what's her complaint men they say something totally different cordon and judge says well wait a minute in your complaint if you say that you should this other thing it's a totally different. Well yeah that's why it's best just to tell the truth. Speak in a judge do you hear how judge Geneen got. Shouted down on the five by then I think Whoopi Goldberg god told her nephew nephew a bunch of times in you will beat your older you're an idiot kicked her out of the studio on. It off one on what's it mean. Yes yes she's on Fox News Uma and when letter talking in back stages when she told her when when judge you mean tried to talk civil two or she just there if you at view and get out of here this and that and and if it's kind of thing it's a typical liberal meltdown but they talk about bullying for god say home there Betty ace is she gonna sensitivity training like Josh hater now had. Each leadership yes she should she's. You know but I aren't they supposed to be with the weren't thinking of they're supposed to be more forgiving what's the word. Magnanimous and with come up with Ingrid forgiving. Loving. Caring. Except dame and although loving caring they said it won't isn't don't disagree with number yeah the idea that well yet if you disagree they won't let you talk so. It is our dollar is our honor and yelling and that's typical the world come into you know it's more uncivil in the world. Now than than ever it. And then what's going on in the world with all these that well in the area with all the accidents lately. I'm not driving to work lately but every day I turn on the radio there's a huge accident somewhere oh he's so ice ball well over Matthew hello rear ending each other that's out there semis flip it and start on fighter I can tell you I can tell you what happened last last week when I came to the studio. I went in had to go pick up jolt. So when I write when I rounded. Heading down like coming on 94 in the night head south heading words pails. They hail yeah and then you swing on 89 before or words your port a calmer on the corner now the roads were wet at this point became around the corner. And I'm like what's fed up on the side of the road there's a semi. Laying on the side of the road with its tires like. Facing like it gets on its side on its side like I take in the corner too fat now now you see of something like that there's no other vehicles around. I assumed it. Bad it'd happen overnight right out ages now at the semi out of there now and after I drove by I look back in my rearview mirror in the headlights were still on on the thing. I think it may have just happened so that I'm trying to determine should I turn around and go back. And then I thought couple police cars coming off the other direction with the lights on it when I left yesterday. I didn't drive up there but I I took Lleyton and I glanced up at. Sub until light flashing lights and stuff so I wonder that some like it just you know around and I is. Truck drivers used to have a reputation of being like the best safest yeah I was on you know what yeah. It seems like there's more and more accidents with with truck drivers are are are the truck places so hard. Up to try and get new drivers that are they getting inexperienced driver in order what's going on or a peep is it or is it detects mats in the world is everybody. Texting to the I think. You know people are rear ending each other stuff. Well that's one of the problems is the texting in the top and on the phone and all you know yeah and it's. That's a big problem Woodward with the rear ending plus everybody drives so crazy and aggressive when they get on on the road sweet little lady she thinks she's. And Otto bond you know that's not my area on Qaeda and on the third turn trying to advance and win the Indy yeah it's like everybody have to raise ahead of everybody. They'd dandy when we come back we got the harsh wobble or we do well and somebody's and that sponsor you're right they eat meat fish at trader horns walking and yeah and I don't believe it and Coleman and secretary. Euros or. So you can win a really nice price package and look well kind of prize package how well some date made a contract I may lord's way all of a one well. Oh my ball prize package. Either Trenton has to be the first caller at 7991250. That's 4147991250. Danny's gonna. Made three statements you get two out of three correct by saying Europe or trouble or Melbourne trouble. And you can be wonderful letter a wonderful one so called right now 7991250. Will be right back with more. Welcome back to the mid western shooters like cutting edge out stars 7991250. If you got a call about big bass you've got to. Big must EU got them. Problems need to marital counseling and Tom will help you with that tree in your driveway or Ryan or remove it. And give us a call 7991250. Now we've got our horns while the segment who is our lucky contestant we have Andrew from Milwaukee hello Andrew how you doing morning Andrew. The moral okay see you know how this works the hard slog like gonna make three statements at some pulling your leg you say that so horns Bogle. OK that's in Orange while ago if I'm telling the truth just say Knowles orange wobbles solve every golf. Yes we're talking about giant bass being caught up people's pier on pew wacky make bass. Each frogs but they will not eat frogs in the fall when the frogs are small thing. Norms blog that's a horn trying to the hornets out of the power of okay. Saw that. You got to Marti at okay. Excellent butterfly on the big fan of the martyr martyr for the monarch butterfly. In the monarch butterfly. They're caterpillars feed on the milk we'd planned orange while Google or no warned Schwab. Nor sort of the no hard slog. Lot has anyone thought here you go I got another one here not for Andrew doesn't get a little zinger like rooting yeah you gotta get out of Iran Contra and we'll. I'm hold on your rings he I'm and he earned its okay. Applause there everybody gets a trophy okay. Snapping turtles snapping turtles will lead dad's stuff off the bottom of the lake but they have been known to try to maybe grab a little duck now and then. Or Schwab go or no orange Bogle. Nor Oshawa car swap out. We've got it through this car so regularly heard our friend Keith. Collie in about a week or so go Nevada Agoos that you rescued from that. Jaws of death right from me out but so what we needed to Andrews hold and our good friend Ryan are. Steam producer back there. I got a lot of good things more to say about it but he's gonna go get your the John hold he'll get your information in and we'll get bad that ball right back into got to ask you first of all. What caught what flavor bay made Fisher track and you want what what type a species of fish. About bass would get to some bass and freer Coleman insect repellent you want something deet or deep lists. 4800%. What do you think as far as the all right sounds good Andrea thanks for listening hold tight end will get your info. Index finger regulations. Thank you are ride it right we got a winner. That's good yeah that's right it was that last week early before negates that or Keith yeah I was on the style keys the snapping turtle had a hold of those goose leg. All saw I wanna tell our listeners after the 7 o'clock dollar. This is news to Tom but that he's gonna tell his scary story. About is I am missing thirty yes because jolt was in the studio last week. Really wants to hear the story and he kept calling and texting me this week going once Tom gonna tell its story really when I hear that story I said. We'll have Tom tell the story after the 7 o'clock hour but there were two of them actually good good so Joseph is turning other radio now for a young guy. Who is nineteen years old to get up at. You know 7 in the morning that's pretty tough to do for young guy and hand c.s get a special to hear your stories Tom. You know it's funny Danny when when I was younger I was a night person slept late in the morning stayed up late at night. And now that I'm older I get up early in the morning and go to her bed early and he's got a a well. You wondered why that is Tom OK it's in me or all of us has something do with and salami and throw more for them and generate expected cave man days Alia and talk remotely help on the inland as the Miranda Paul now. Yeah it is when it was just a few neanderthals running around in a few Neanderthal women. There workaholic that there is a real danger that the homo sapiens would not survive right. So all the old the old cro Magnum caveman man had to stay up late at night and run around and trying to impregnate as many. Neanderthal cro Magnum women as he. Good okay in order for the species to propagate right okay when he was young and he had to be up all line up Jason women all over a decade gave him with the the woods. You know tried to drive that was part of what helped we have to survive yeah I right when Nick Cave man got older. Right then he has a propagating her well he'd already propagated Syria to stick around the cave to take care of the young thought he was on home defense. You know duty even know thought he'd get to bed early so we could get up early and beyond that defense duty and protect. I actually all those back and I'll make a bomb on a major that's the name in the even though we've evolved as humans. In we don't you know walk around with clubs and spears we got. Cellphones and telephones and another cellphone as we walk around the world. We're still on the split theme sleep patterns. Ever changed. Suppose. Yeah. You go right what time to get up in the morning. Both 530. Bieber take five minutes every every day yeah without an alarm clock. Every day. Luckily it on the Saturdays and Sundays where I'd I could just sleep later I don't let guys I didn't have a smoke look at the birds have a coffee and I'll I'll FiOS inaudible up. In a smoke. Doctor have its. I content editor until I actually got one under living under our deck I named him Peter. Pretty creative you have and a bit miffed that I theatre and Peter Rabbit. End they'll come right out they said Mike in just an. Yeah if I sit there quiet. You know and and talked of that revenue come within a three and fifteen feet and mean eaten grass and looked at me every now and then. You know if you wanted to smoke especially if I expect expect that at at at. Well it's inextricably. If you wanna bet that at a you know I saw a red it's eating the band line stems. And it it was someplace else or wasn't at our house because I don't have deadlines and make sure they all go away. Anyway and but I saw he had bill bill shoot down that Dan that long dandelion stem and then they stop break before they get to the flowery part you know. The words like its way with that that blows around that whites don't put the seeds in it. But they'll build built tube down their holes they eat their whole thing boom boom boom boom boom growth path these anyways. Only problem with the let's go right at people Brian Billick had already in his pocket and you know I go to like I. Mobile Mariah does that add hello Randy today and you might edit boom boom boom boom boom just like that Allen I don't what the right stuff. Now tell. So. Yeah follow that all Ravitz eight we'd be stocking rabbits in our yards but the problem is they.