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Cutting Edge Outdoors
Saturday, July 21st
Cutting Edge Outdoors: Tom and Bushy take you on a wild ride through Wisconsin's great outdoors!

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True Lake Michigan to the Mississippi. And every rivers lay and fielded the let's talk everything out doors in the head out it's time to hop on the crazy train. Western shooters like cutting edge outdoors presented Mike Coleman insect repellent fasten your seatbelts broke why. Drive through Wisconsin's outdoors. Only on sports Radio One 057 have. Mom. Great news. Shooter surprise me. Doors. As Michaels would say how no way he looked in Milwaukee are Wisconsin. Actually. Actually show here is aired all throw open world on the low world wide web bills probably the only person at the station up at this hour on a Saturday he's the hardest working guy no I think this is when he gets out he rises by global but he says licences yelled out yet like you know yeah I else I said the bill tees up a number of years ago he's in the best fishing right at least. When he had time to do some vans driving and I said you know bill whenever you wanted to or just immune bugs have you he's got the boat I don't anymore only brings the boat you've. During the I'll be done he's. Since that experience and knowledge and taken directly anyway folks who are listening. To the mid western sugar supplies cutting adulterers where you come where we come to you every Saturday morning. From a six to 8 AM with Danny bush and myself timing is true Neubauer and Brian hard but as our producer. And speaking of midwest and sugar supplies just wanna let everybody know their remind you every week. That midwestern sugar supplies tenth annual fall fest will. Need. August 17 and eighteenth ADM to midnight those two days all kinds of stuff going on there you know raffles. Gas prices of the year at their shop and of course. The you can buy buy guns and on raffles at they have the they got like a rummage sale going on they got lots of food to go live bands that got. Thousands of people out there it's a lot of fun it's her like one of those it's larger than normal church bazaar. It title in larger then the world church was tired you did it you gotta go Danny the church festivals when local church. Our how close. I didn't do it this year I swing by on capitol to saint Dominic invite yes. Ten bucks by cut trying to look current when a mustang into here and I it I wanted to got dings they don't get that currently there are out there and thinking boy we're dying. Like to win that car in the hall here I didn't get their divide the tickets in time. You know what I saw. Men in front of my neighbor's house this past. A couple days ago most a guy pulled up somebody that knew. My neighbor okay pulls up with a Excalibur. And the Fella has tool. In X caliber caliber it's a vehicle. Is that like a foreign vehicle yet it's a very very sale ideal wax named after no it's it's caller makes valor act it is however it looks and mean it looks like an old rolled stir ball longer and it's got electric sixteen. Cylinder engine or twelve cylinder engine and old anti India gather old but they still make a mighty I will make I think they still make Excalibur is acting so but there. When you see it and then of course it's a convertible going to be at the top down and it's just you you would if you saw it on the road Google wow what is that you know they're they're they're not cheap either the Morton Anderson. If I can of vehicles you know. It's really true that old guys like to buy corvettes. You know the old ask guys like to get the corvettes I drive or ride my bike up by the golf course up their neck a Wiki golf yeah arsenals look in the parking lot there's no. You know these old guys golfing you know I guess when your. Old and rich and successful retired UU by the Corvette. I'm the guy hot rod got no use for gonna buy corvettes in no way all now gotten used to look good requirement unknown night. Could I couldn't get in and out of the campaign you know to loader to grapple if he's got a role in triple. You want me to do some after seven. I always listening. Ryan can you. They YX files during the X-Files where he goes to food to do. I did at filed does that beautifully denied used you know what I mean nick went a little longer actually did know until you do that little yeah. But I have good credit jog your memory there it's Ryan and malt Mulder and. Molder and skull goalie Kelly. That Mulder and Scully Mulder and Scalia which one was Mulder and Rick Scott golly now they're older guy. The company and Scully Gillian Anderson you know I am yup that's right all in Scully to companies. A weird dude like him. And that. These are married to Nicole Lee that's you know it's an actor right yeah you weird duties assigned colleges like Cruz in the Dolly's enjoying also uttered dudes. He's one of those guys he's really into women and silly claims it's an addiction Qaeda. Yeah its so weird it's not enough that I don't feel that way be weird I think world let us. I think are weird every every. You know guidance we don't know what to go to rehab for a vote he would tell woman rehab -- it has something like that so obvious natural rehab yeah guys that do that right you know the ones who get in trouble for stuff -- -- and go out oh geez I got I got in the dictionary I don't go to Iran now and I got a problem if if he'd never cutter trouble would be continuing and no problem right it's like a pro athlete gets god doing something and it's like okay we do we know you immunity don't you know and we are losing her sorority and leaves the door I'm more worried that they got clocked exactly why they feel sorry we got clocked on the my mother actually so okay I'm definitely excited for this story because you can't let those on the judge that's like joke joke can't include sleep. All week I wrote these or go through here re going here's our big power I'm gonna makes it Orioles suite from the fishing crypt. Now there were true stories I'll make them both short and scale of one. From the fishing ya take one among. Late below with a friend of mine overnight fishing rod at night. And we're in this page and somebody's got to yard light on okay. Now when I was growing up I used to light. The old horror movies and one in my favor once scary ones when I was a kid was creature from the black who don't remember that one. Creature from the black whenever side the about it. Theory one anyway. So it goes up man finished type creature whatever lawyer and I think guys. So anyway we're in this day and this one house behind us had some type of floodlight yard light on. So it cast a shadow unbeknownst to me I'm not even thinking about and I'm fission and I happened to looked up towards the shore which is a little ways away. And I saw saw this person. Waist deep in the water. Big person. Bigger than normal like this is not normal person to say no human being you know bigger than normal waist deep in the water. And I went old mine and I said to my buddy rice and me he isn't over here is that what is it. And he said to me leave to you usually bet. The lady idiot to put my hand in Italy that it was my channel. I. Over there. It was it was like really weird effort I was. I was excited when I had a real life experience like two months ago. Now you got its start till L I wanted to tell it in so I was supposed to go ala the morning guys in the Hillary and get it. All right and I'm start after we got kinda scary stories. All right so this one's really weird so I cut cable. To save myself some money and I got the it's called hot apple TV. So I watch my TV after a TV browser rather than pay pro sports packages like 140 bucks a month. I just paid ten dollars okay so tonight shrewd. So I like to sleep with the TV on I have a four year old son and in my life unfortunately author of a sleep and are bad so much for world sleeps right in the middle OT that's a lot of fun gonna go or walls but so were brother sister coming down by one night. Texas got. Hon I Allergan radio says the one night I let the TV on we all fall asleep and I wake up in doubt we'll we'll with the likes Steinfeld outer suburbs falsely to the office you know. Indict Al wake up and there's like a church sock on and I sort of got that this is that your story in my life even about this she's away however Colin. And it's like sleep p.s believe in like these weird lyrics and I'm like come into a little bit you know and I'm like is this injury mean you know and I'm looking around that I miss not a dream on pension myself literally. So look over my wife do you like what the hell is going on you know and she is. Sing in the words of the stock are well this mulling it she's involving the words out to the sun like rest peacefully blah blah blah. Some like OK maybe like this is a song that are apple music or something and she put that helped falls asleep and so Laker up. She's not like fully awake so much Amanda Amanda and I start alert you that jumps like fifty teen years woody what are you doing you know. And I said did you'd turn this on what is this son. If she goes no I've never heard the song in my life. So like what is this is in the lyrics really kinda creepy is Dolly could set resting peacefully. So you'd. To get rid of so like it's coming over the ITV is there anything on the screen though maybe a blank screen. So I'm trying to lose he's they're spying on your you've been in fact I'm trying to turn it off you know on the off button. It's not going up and that I hit the button I close all of my apps right could close anything that's not so there is a couple things that were opened up my kid was plain out and whatnot. Everything is closed out in the music is still going and Mike getting louder and louder. So we both freaked out we end up on plugging the hole television. And finally it shuts off. And jobs for like three straight weeks when when one of us and wake up to go to the bathroom. We you do like you come with me even mean man and I love horror movies I don't believe in any of that stuff I'm always like junk I don't believe in you there is something was singing. Have you looked up that song to see if you could find it anywhere we are trying to like remember the exact words. And now we comment. And so that what's even crazier is so that I'm really freaking out in only am scared. I've told everybody the radio stations I am any be it let anybody Leo yeah so what's that weird stuff go and ordered polar ice with MTV TV exactly that's when I kept thinking and all like to think about making that movie is able sleep clown under the bad deal. Her eyes so I called. I called the DirecTV and AT&T in the like we've never heard of that ever. The like you know maybe somebody in your building Zelman an apartment you'd rather wide fires on that. No because we had a lot to like protected so that can't happen at pay extra so I really have no idea what happened there but. Yes hello and good luck pipeline along if you lived in this house. For a couple months. Did you check the history did anybody die I Giles checked history exodus might be my wife let me take this ball this might be all right if they got a we got a call on the hotline which is. Rear. If so many and you can't when we get a call the hotline that's it's either the president or poltergeist. Or. Yeah if at the well you know it's kind of screamed out with that story right there I I've got a true one where I I was motivated by my grandmother I'll tell it after the break open I won I mean without a doubt Joseph tell me I want you to squeeze his head in their loved tight body this one. Is is totally real totally weird I mean and it really happen my wife can back up on this. Yeah this was close range one but will have to wait till after the break and we're gonna see is that is that your wife Colin now. The bill Michael's. No unfortunately it's some technical guys for the for the next show they're going to be honor a no solid American but thought it might be her BS I don't I don't know what the heck happened there but that is there an end in what are the lyrics of that again it is like rest peacefully in it was a woman singing like in the most peaceful it was it was like church she's she's absolutely have you ever heard the sun like the Eagles wings. As undermining is at least you can't I had 71250. If anybody knows what song that may never gonna let nobody know what a similar story hello that little aren't listening to us right now when we saw the know this song. When we come back from this break I'm gonna tell you something that really really really threw it will raise they hear on your arm at Pollard is gonna tell. So a few fishing weird stories but this one is a real low around him whenever tangent talking to him tell you in when we think that we'll stay tuned for more with Danny bush meets on. And here. Gathered. You're reading your business their name. Yeah we've not yet but go back to the mid western shooters supplied cutting edge outdoors. 7991250. Is the number. And as usual all the midwestern shooter supply cutting edge outdoors are hunting office and all scary ghost stories with all the time you know Tom that you don't what. What other show would they rather be listening to in the sense that they want to hear someone talk about their for a one can be half half well I think this is really wise investment right now I had been airing Saturday morning radio. But not us not it's not you woke up this guy will take this phone call first Democrat Dennis up north yeah. Various price our polar Johnny you ordinarily emission. And you're would guarding guys aria good good I'm Dennis haven't talked in a while. I know what I ill the only girl like winners that is quite an adequate time in this last week and then. And he's a Uga on radio show they are what you call him. Yeah does not yet he called us this morning got a five colleagues said he got a twenty units five pound smalley says it's pretty good. And edit his wife got his wife did yeah. Did you say I doubt it yeah his wife did so what's it like up there and when I cross country up norte report. The up our reporters and as the spirit she has been very. Well I actually been excellent and much action I know are getting a lot of bearish right now. And they're enjoying good must be action that back we were kept fishing for awhile wisely could go on. And I told Pete to guide the ball in the niceties were in the Internet for this alright initially you see what's behind it. And we brought district up alongside the bullet. And it was a big bust governors say at least 45 inches but I insides aren't that belt a water but our real bad fish. And I period the law I have it seems like. Well it's not at all. And on court followed it but there is nursery questionable or off setting up watch in this. And I think wishful decision that took off but the wife probably it was and it was not get Al why do you expect. While. All water temperature 77. Degrees last week and that's cool down a little bit. But. Bad actions and excellent small large I'll ask. And while I and why couldn't put it and we're still getting always been. 78 of twelve beetle waters just off the weed beds are we. So I'll and a wallet actually been pretty good but you guys cooperation we're gonna make a happier. Think price and quality airline policy it appears calls all. Good idea. Utter and rightly finally got some rain yesterday about it ensuring those that would smoker and hand all to clear up now on. We'll have another nice recovery appears ultimately wants to come out fishing are like trail are ride bike riding or whatever there's lots to do appear. Minority is I was already dead as we're talking and show last week about fishing at night. For awhile lies and stuff. They they do all that is what they still. It would re. Lowers. Are off the rock bars at night just problem easy or our role troll like in. And the fish oil and Iraq fires that you eat of course and of course he'll get these surface means. We just do you assess. Lighted fibers I forget which equality but. It's robot or whether their child we're. Red yellow or something and let them form around. And that was well he's pretty good action but at night. People mosquitoes are out and it is and endure more things active out but all you have to worry about some of the. Yeah but you can get some during the day right. Out now or. It's a young man's thing to go out there yeah ha ha ha ha. And I it is at that late at night I vehemently that they need something it's it's a long day but. When you're younger I guess she law might fish and when you're currently stationed here up repression that's what you wanted to let you. That's. All right and it's all thanks thanks for calling us through the court body. OK to be Dennis they've announced. All right I got this story for you came here we go you to on the music. The X file you still got Dick's files. Oddities eighth and got everything it you know. He's over. So government tell illnesses. We're singing here and and his comic. Some weird woman singing of as TV became watch horror movies anymore it's my favorite genre like that one came out and really good one in the theater but it looks pretty intense. Cannot see it now turns it around just a little bit. Wait Tom speaking of suddenness release kooky did you see the movie it's like Steven Spielberg yeah. Well all pay the of the best part of the whole movie mysterious parties in the beginning when that clown what's that penny wise thing in the sewer. That's the weirdest part of that old movie that'll first part of the mode here right well anyone. Yeah that's the new 1 yeah I am talking about that that was like and she's idol watcher anymore. But the rest of the movie was like down hills from net delegate counter deals it is kind of a coming of age tablet that column penny wise in the sewer at the beginning and movie. That'll I you know around ten fingers OK here Rico. Oh how is newly married couple years. My wife and I are sleeping in bed. To bathroom was just outside the bedroom door. And in the middle of the night I wake up hearing teach teach teach. And wake up and say to my wife and wake her up ice did you hear that. She says no go to sleep dreaming. A little while later here much much much and lake road that did you hear that. But old put bothering me you know he's Lansing on it bothering me. Just a couple minutes later. And I should do it yes I heard that she said. She says it must be from outside and pencils from our bowl cleaner but their eyes open listening for and we hear yen each. Just like Shimon going she know it sounds like. And this is really where it is one of the things I remember from my grandmother she Woodward the slippers and when she'd walk she slide her feet which. Which you know who have really slide and I remember that about my grandma so. So I said well it sounds like it's coming from the kitchen. You know and we hear it again should should should. And I. C'mon let's look. So the bathroom like I said is right bench and gores just outside the bedroom door so I put my what it in front of me actually pulled turn on the bathroom light. Oh yeah probably go to jeez don't you go turn on normal you go Hugo Hugo. It's Edward gut than me and Lucy turns on the bathroom light. Right yeah and we're looking around and we don't hear anything now we're looking around and just a funny though in the kitchen return on the kitchen light. In there on the floor and my wife is the most ridiculous housekeeper. OK she's still list. There's hand. While there's stand on the kitchen floor. And just what you would hurt here if somebody were his slippers sliding their feet. Over the sand here. And went in and I said did you put that there and she's no you must have done that when you're pumping water as a compliment and it on your boot yet and I said no I. And people who think the day it's during the week in orbit. She swept the indoors not been on the floor when we went to bed and there was an actual dealer blatantly tackle that's what's on mind yet not so much it was like a scene and dirt mixed slate you know. Satellite that you would find an entry here. And then. On 10 in the morning and go and work our deputies are serious insult more. I'm going down Appleton avenue. Just Panthers a cemetery there that he got a tried by. Now I've driven by it is cemetery. For years right. And there's a couple of gates are but you're never opened the old has gates open on the tide of Appleton avenue one cemetery now. There and like brawl over with weeds in that. As I'm going by. It is open. Its were migrant was buried. In this cemetery in the gates wide open. That was weird and and I had a common like freely I didn't call I call her when I got to work. Who's been in a soulful and I got to work senator smoke signal if it was it was very eerie and and weird thing is. And talk and my mom tell her bonnet. Like the next day. This is your brother leery. Was got home from a night out or whatever. And shooting and yet he woke up in sitting on the edge of his bedroom was or grandma. From my dad's side of him. She's sitting on the end of his bed wearing a black outfit with a black veil. And he thought well I'm still drunk. I think by bill. One of the good feeling about drinking when weird stuff like that happens you know again I get out rationalize it away we're not scared because you know I don't know that the so he. Says. And still practicing really sticks out his hand the cloture on the shoulder. Wound in his hand like. Goes into the shoulder late but there's got them there. So he'd be panel it closes his eyes shakes his head. Turns away gets up goes or bathroom put water on his face whatever prospectors not than there. But his hand he's left handed stuck out and put her shoulder is a school. He goes in my mom the next data color this happened at the same night it was weird question it was yet must've been must've been the same night. And because it was the next day I talked my mom and he had seen her earlier than when I came over here. And sure and she said he came more recent mom and my two hands. And the one hand it was really cold she says well why isn't Hansel poll. In any colder story and it stayed like that for the rest of the day and then eventually went away. I don't know he I don't know it's like grandma with grandma was limo with all the in visitors. Yeah a tool around Europe when solemn but anyway only noncombat Danny we gotta get back to fishing I wanna talk about bugs Bates I got a tip. I gotta tell like ghost story astonishing. I got a tip. Debt will guarantee you more fish on buzz bait. Guarantee and buzz rates are good to use at times you know you know I don't know what lures viewers when and where and whatever but. There's a tip on how you pitch more efficient Busby said actually two tips on October toll audience about that we depend I got to Seattle story Noah again and now he's got to Shell's deer hunting now okay there ago. We'll be right back with our folks on the mid western shooters price cutting edge outdoors 7992 all it is the phone number will be right back with more. Yeah you gotta turn on your might. Your your might be in yes that is now what is. It was I don't know lotion and what I don't turn Mike Dunn Ryan does that I turn my Micah and I turned them. Candidates I've read that means it's time when it's on yelled at zero control when he's off I just let Ryan run everything that formula right Brian Wright he usually turns and on right away when the music Ericsson. I lets you know like say Mike yeah might I might sound in and if you see little revitalized economy got is that that this might Donna Smith always. Anything stupid one time I get in trouble Ford's seven years later the effect that if I told bill Michael's mics on one time with my Mike down I was like Mike's on a one over rare and. We just stared at each other and laughed. Well anyway you wanna catch or fix fish with buzz bait this is easy. Number one infusing the standard Busby that's got to skirt put a trailer hooked on it. The trailer look what does that as just another Hulk was a larger I. Debt it's over the main hope of the buzz bait and then he got to put a little stopper on their sword doesn't fall off little piece of rubber bands. But putting a trailer look on a buzz bait will ensure that you'll catch more fish bazooka to number those fish just on that trailer okay. So look like little shrink wrap type of thing little black stuff yes we can put you don't want usenet known you don't you don't want the trailer home spot in one position because it could be off to the side. You want a free flowing trailer. Free flowing. Saw it always be behind debate then instead of often months or years in a rubber being Anderson or you could just cut a little piece awful but thick rubber band and just accelerated out there and it's put on me I used to do that for suckers right yes so that the main route that you LO peace around or don't say trailer with both well right of the soccer that push that through that we keep it from coming back and out. Exactly that's I got to do. And then the other thing is taking off debts skirt. OK to go Busby as to what some type skirt. And putting on one of those you've seen on their plastic frogs. Lead late imitate frogs but there's hooks and Emery who took the bait. Plastic fraught with and that Hale's got like you'll like a panel tale. That's on some of the swim baits unity at that penalty on the back. Well the two lakes come out to like a panel tale. So it's looks it's a fraud a plastic fraud with two panel feel legs and that. Puts up by you know looks different in the locker looks out on the back of your Busby yeah instead of the skirt to take the squared off with frog on. But the main thing no matter what bugs me you're using whether it's got a frog on the back of panel fell on the back or skirt on the back you got to put a trailer outgun them back. God I had a trailer just like what's batteries that I had to treat. And one of the top tips that you gave. As far as fishing with frog frogs is bend hooks out. A little bit just a little bit because you still want it to be we'd laugh through the books are turned upward anyway that's pretty much over the top of the weeds jet yes Wazir valley grass. Yeah NN and outright and most most anglers will tell you when they're using fraud. They they catch may be one or two out of every ten hits you know. Because one of the biggest mistakes people make when their fish in the slop and especially using top water being like a frog Yugoslav. As soon as that fish it's a set Mohawk yeah. You don't set the hook until the line tightness in it is sometimes it takes two seconds you know I mean you've got a steal the fish first. Because a lot of times they bust on their fraud and emissions. But Billy eventually grab it you know or or they grab it they got to buy delay you know they need another prompt us. Gated in a mile I have heard that went up there's it's. Abate. Lower or little animal crater on top of the water. That would be due to the positioning of eyes on either side of the fish's head. That when they open their mouth to come on up and grab it there is a blind spot especially through the speed and imply that they and they tend they saw. So they got to make sure they got really good lock you up because if not they miss it. Yup and that's why muskies there's so many dates sometimes you know the bill pop on our plate too but especially must he's like a top water Boehner some you know. And there's a big and you don't debate goes flying. You know big miss that it is like parted and there's the brunt optimistic. They can miss it really isn't. Kinda like backed in my drinking days when I pick up the Chinese food to go and I'd have the little plastic fork Fuller writes in when I go to open my mother. All of a sudden I miss that and it's on your shirt. In the chest hairs and I can't check in between Clinton but I'd eventually down and out about a year earlier. But fish canned ms. Bates yeah without without even though they're very fast and very quick can you can't out real fish you know. You can't real salt facet they can get it but oh another tip of the buzz Bates is. You don't have the you know that the term buzz bait implies that you're really positive and fast no no no no no no. You really fast enough so it stays on top of the water making that buzzing action you know what the blade. Just fastened a sort staying on top you diffuse you don't wanna go. Real fast we're just passed the most was staying on top edge that you basically just making it easier for the fish to grab a Anna and by using the buzz bait. Yeah you're gonna get special that but I hit them must he's hit them if a and I'm sure fall I was given a chance to wouldn't want to. Move moving down inland fishing salmon or ram is going on right now I believe it believe it rap is up tomorrow like it and now now yeah. And if my Internet we're working they normally have a ongoing online you can look at the leaderboard yeah he what's going on but my Internet hasn't been working but I'm just curious to see what size. They normally get some big guy. Big trial a huge trial yet and this year I am and they got different divisions they used to give a truck away but now they don't do that any no I think. And this year we're talking a bond and lot of guys are talking about fictional some really big king salmon and yet they're getting thirty pounders again he had out and they're running and the big pond. And we talked to captain Jason real food stations we talked to Sean Gillis the efficient engines and yes. A lot of good good fish and gone on. Reports from up norte. The east side of Green Bay. While I fisherman going out from. Phishing us while McColl and the Bay Area. Most the reports that I read how per that he and our website is Pulitzer reporting catch and maybe 23 watt you know somewhat like doesn't sound real great. Doing better up the west or excuse me that was the way shark. Doing better up the sturgeon Sturgeon Bay. By the Korea believe there is still some decent Molly's Meehan caught. And you know as photos and talk and I was over a smoke is most DB into apple shop on beautiful while particularly. And there was a guy Colin. Mark and mark sneaky and mean about he was fishing on dot west side off I forget. Awful what launcher you anyway any shoes panic he caught a 48 inch muskie and I saw an excellent record darn nice fish. He said well up there and a bit of Green Bay is like. It's okay if you're directing those fifty twos and fifty cars you know. So he says yet down here 48 insurers a darn nice finish but on the bay answered the good want to tolerate. Not like he wasn't a big deal Colombian a lot of big fish in fact only. Think it was mark that I was talking to when you spent a couple days up there my daddy dishing it SE a one follow. Now I get up down left at halftime I mean it's a lot of big fish servitude again right plays it right timing you gotta be. You live up there and you're like those guides and they're that they're out there every day put the time and yet I figure in two years that's my planting and they had to the beer Green Bay into you know be retired in glove there and hit a darn well that is big body of water so it takes a little time in your troll and just read about had it broke down volume is good advice years and choices don't get intimidated break it down just like you would a smaller late coming up with spots do you think. Might be good. Yeah he was excellent out there yeah no there's still people would love the Hiram. To learn it better but Dennis doesn't do that anymore so M radio kimono retirement he talked about fishing with you know there's some and so maybe someday relaxed they. Make that happened. Couple things going on here as well. If you go to the DNR website in go to. Go go to. Google Video on our website and search in tight and get out doors. There's a lot of family friendly activities that they have going on all over the place for example I believe but today devils lake. They got some danced to the big band going on. They've got Shakespeare in the park. That's going on in me that's the lake in Gaza Sunday they got some kind of thought there's all kinds of activities had in our local law. Parks and so forth or state park. Great activities going on itself played a family it be no problem finding something to do other than just hunting and fishing Darren. Go watch it a little bit of that should the spear. Shakespeare atmosphere there art anybody check up a maybe we can get a part netcom. I'll be like. And you can be a fairy. A lot less than Shakespeare begun fairies. Knew well a lot of people died in his place lot of people died there is people drop off every second might favor one was. All again and remain minimalist. It was where that term a pound of flesh came into play. Merchant of Venice. You want to remember midsummer night's. Dream dream yeah well in the merchant of Venice this guy he made a one man went to go see you made a bet with another guy and he said and if you don't. You know this doesn't work you only a pound a year flesh and the guy when he outright whatever okay fine mate who spent well when it came time to pay up. The guy who said OK I want it while what a pound of your flesh here's a knife cuts them off Oman upon her what a this shows free Gary. Charlotte time I got to go to break let's look I got to shadows creepy story when we come back okay and and will you be a pound of flesh. Will be. Welcome back. Welcome back to the mid western shooters like cutting a jolt horrors. But he got Tom O Leo one last email before I shut it down at her business from run our advertising manager he says hi guys. Heading home from lake of the woods Saturday morning musky fishing was decent partner and I have thirteen must he's up to 51 inches most were the mid forties. The hiker crazy we probably cut thirty pike mostly thirty to forty inches. Talk later so I'll give us a full report when he gets back in the council. In doing good you're nod to any of that you can story. Yeah talking years talking about are you silent shadow. In the lake a donation goals okay. Years ago I went up deer hunting with a guy who. He used to drink a lot. We too much in fact. Anyway we're up in his place up north there and he went up. Into the garage. Noon it was like a home but it was in the country in prime dear country in the in the he's in the garage and yelled. There and haven't gone out. Now a run on out at any staring out the back garage window. And the lights on in the garage. Eagles. There's a dear outside. He said there's to a home now. Some staring and staring and staring. And then I think what in the world he talked about so I move my head Phil left a little bit. And I said did one just move. He goes yeah. This has passed. You are looking at shadows and I are planets. A they need to sit he just turned and looked at me goes. All just have another beer buddy in a lot back in the Hollis who channels can fool yourself even look at that this shadow of his head. AC you know I'll put my fingers up behind my head always and or should look into Bok. I think a I couldn't got on the gravel rightfully probably would have sent around right Intel is now a a. We had a call earlier Ryan said the guy couldn't stand the line because he had given new work but. He wanted to know the difference between best frogs and Waller rods. There is not bass runs a potential allies Waller rods a pitch bash they just come in different actions for what you're throwing a lot at the line you're using. You know I think for sheer. Fishing rods will catch fish now he's a genius is a that's why he's got to show all right now I'm not here here's the thing. Nowadays a lot rods have in its PS a good question. Rods have. Gotten a lot more or. Sophisticated sophisticated that's good work Tom thanks. They've got fast action they've got extra pastors. That that vendors medium heavy all are ranked. If you go online. Fenwick I like to go to their website they've got. The series of rods listed by species. And the only one it looks like Fenwick and Rick's getting out of now with the muskie rods they let him as under website and maybe they're getting maybe there's not the money in the big heavy rods are. But Tom yet now I can expect to use a true peace while I rod for small Marc Fisher. It's not. Quite this fast action is I've bass. Action I got a bass specific more authentic ride which are uses a jerk bait rotten. But it's still works it's yeah it's it's still works pretty gut. What might mice so called while I ride I use for like Kelly worms. And though worm okay how great is that I 'cause I used like eight contests on and I wanna casts a little further. You know so I mean but and it's a faster action tipped in a little bit more aware of it's it a little further. But really. You know if you get let's say a medium light best rod can be used for wall like fishing you know I mean it it doesn't really matter I like these little bit heavier arrive in bass fishing though. I guess I would. Would you recommend may be an especially like you want to sensitivity some graphite you got a lot better feeling in which the parade now you got a lot better deal. Then the old fiberglass Enron or ever again. But I'm I'm thinking probably something. Medium. If you got like a medium action rod. Fast action rod mean maybe that means that tipped the two yeah yeah action graphite rod about seven foot long know where you could work for both paths and the end while lies you probably have some all you need. Yeah you get a mall as a matter of fact even medium light actions. That take up to let's say ten or twelve pollen test policy of the ten accuse effervescent wallet that the medium actions usually can use a little bit heavier line you know. And and which IE all use a little bit heavier line like that right and I heavier as stiffer ride if I'm thrown Spinner baits was made some. Jagan of logic in pigs are Iraq. Plastic worms are reasonable behavior from the. The trend in all rods I guess maybe you'd agree Tom has been to go towards longer rods. Lot of resources that yeah started with the musky world let me catch people going with tiger Sharon. Routes well we've always used. Because. Like you know six and a half foot seven foot rods for battles above and for a while life. The resolve always been around I've even heard like if your fishing on a real clear like the B of Green Bay in your throwing grubs are true users stuff for bass small markup they're neck crystal Clearwater. That you wanna launch long cast staff and outspoken why even longer seven and a half foot rods I think recommended cell. Even longer and longer rods have funerals seem to be kind of in style yeah. But it doesn't mean you can't catch fish on a shorter and I mean I remember years ago. The pistol grip handles you don't see many Eagles Eagles were on except for what's low low push button rods and reels in a push buttons and cast. Reels pistol grip handles years ago were a big thing a five and a half foot robot with a pistol grip handle. Those things were they were hard to use. This could mean that the thing underneath. Yeah heavily dated only had a little for beta testers yet and only had a small handle. That you can't adjust that around I mean the longer to hand it handle street handles those are much easier to use. All I see what you're saying it only had a hand all I remember you raises my dad had won a little bit you know metal rod it was like an old media and Iraq while I have some say crises that had the little pistol group had to build that was only like panels only four do you remember they all old rods that some of the would come apart right at that yeah at the grip the out. Well the sports I told that got that's part soccer. Duties higher this weekend that shreds into real cool big black heavy duty in god I I went out and chuck some pounder bulldogs with that looks good. And it breaks down it's a two piece but it breaks down by the handle right now yet doesn't break down in the middle and most of two piece rods breakdown in the middle this parts conquer. Breaks down to handle. I'd recommend that rod you can go to their website if you're looking for big heavy duty rod and a reasonable price. You know I I was told I I still have this old must be run at home you can do you gotta give us some signs is I don't have a clock yet. One alt opt out means one minute a lot a trailer a Terry about it next week a gas from the get old muskie ran well. Next week we will continue with our. Goals are the only goal start please and all I've got another goes dark I've got to go start out well I'll tell you next break into that. Salt and app on your this is when your bootstraps by your chin straps soldiers this isn't just the bid was to choose by spending a jumper this is west of the U ready to be a sit here and east of the Mississippi there there this year. So I got. Tell our listeners thanks for listening and god bless and stay free everyone. We don't. You've been listening to the mid western citizens like cutting edge up dollars. Talk to you all next week my friends.