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Cutting Edge Outdoors
Saturday, April 21st
Cutting Edge Outdoors: Tom and Bushy take you on a wild ride through Wisconsin's great outdoors!

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For a Lake Michigan to the Mississippi. And every river Blake and field that we. Let's talk everything outdoors you head out it's time to hop on the crazy train. And western shooters like cutting edge outdoors presented by Goldman insect repellent fasten your seatbelts broke why. Drive through Wisconsin's outdoors. Only on sports Radio One 057 have. Did you. Went from many western shooters and why he's our hands outdoors. We welcome you to this morning's segment. Of the show we appreciate you joining us this morning. You can get us on both Paul 50 AM more moral fight seven FM the fan either one is good. AM more FM you can also contact us during the show at 4147991250. He's Danny bush I'm coming to true Neubauer and he's first in jazz pulse beat on the board. Yes listen thanks for listening welcome to our morning segment which is our only thank. Our mortgage says it wrongly fired and is there it's evening segment I've been missing. Maybe Gagarin final budget cuts that bush but to cut budget cut and Janzen looking goodies up the crowd crutches now now. And on butter yeah and I got the breeze on you know well I got to the I got to just give a special shout out here to the the Greek athletes from Green Bay probable that I grew up with you know we never got hurt jazz not above where ever and Bo Rogers in fact they got a text from a friend of mine Jeff rent Meester my graduated with than they had a get together at the Mac and on Green Bay which is my dad and mom's favorite place the gulf they get all these good. Mounted here in gear and stuff there now but the the old track teen guys are gonna get together for a little. Dinner and a few Beers these last night so shout out to those guys they couldn't make it because I've. Gotta be here for this. We may know very area this major segment here fear that big operation but yes there are those wears number FF that's unbelievable athletes I remember one time when I got my driver's license that almost got the some of those athletes killed because the first day act. And might Plymouth valiant driving that drive and a school I have like six guys pack in the this little tired we get hit by a buff. So wow we survived the Boston today and then went on to fame and fortune but. Yeah but you're right the greatest athlete of course death was of course of about Bob of them no matter of religious and antley and every concert mean they approval. You know a few days ago I had to tell my wife yesterday actually yeah I was wrong. No I picked up picked her up from work if your gal is wrong and you know you were wrong for one to you if you don't using. And nicely gags is nice and all that snow would be gone. Far from walk you know what we've got 33 tiered front period with three different steps you would work compliance through six that's where anyway. And I threw gal that might lead until the snow exit. Grew would let let let mother nature take care of that of oil and IE I told her I don't know enthusiast I told writes it's all gonna be gone by Sunday while it was wrong it was gone yesterday. Technical Volvo on logon. They ask goodness boy what a weird weather week where a couple of snowstorms and then I was just. Terrible. Well you strain yesterday. I. Made a momentous decision. They took does scraper out of my truck. Yeah poll. For good Cortes is different seasons there right now I'm not gonna need a scraper window not getting up the brushing snow off. It's done on you know this is April what ever forgot say. When he first the O Tony first his should be all gone now let's Hope Solo Expos three nice weather. You know today tomorrow and then the rest of the week we got a warming trend coming up which is good. We should have see a lot of anglers get him out maybe next week in and don't forget makes three Saturday. Is the mistake on the lake the opening of smoke he's most key bait and tackle shop for the season. A lot of people be out there are selling stuff buying stuff you know it's like a big rummage sale would ever. And now they'll be out hot dogs and brought Ian Cook. And maybe even some baked beans is well besides through. They the muskies ink has canceled their hand this. Terminate yeah however they still have their deal gone on from three to six they've got meet raffles and guide raffles at the waterfront. We had to be going on nowadays they all next week the same day out through that same day in. Conjunction. With the mistake on the lake room. Big active all the I don't know a lot and only on merry I won't be there and you wanna know why. The under heavy underdog any I think right after this show I'm going right out to smoke he's mistake I generally why can't you. Blown up the Green Bay I got to move up a piano a lot of the hall something Green Bay. I own though. That's about you have I don't know who my nephew in Minneapolis. He wants the piano in all of mama put in the will you not dead yet but in there that we get a clean house. And he gets the piano he gets the piano and it kind of opening day. And I don't need to you know but he wanted piano and then at first he was gonna get like movers these and other people that move yeah meant for him a piano. Many found out that it would. Cost too much but a hot hot hot he's got a lot of money to. So he's gonna drive down your gonna of organized truckers what are you are gonna drive down and management. Randy is. And then it be me and my brother Tim for the four of us have to get it on to the U haul mean. Without. But building any Saddam well no out of the out of Seattle two or dancing you know worried about about that and enough that I am at a piano but apparently piano's have handled and defied him literally had to Mona I guess evidently they do. Well you know about that one does and I sure hope that that through that door where he should be able take off the lakes. Yeah it paid off the league's will be a lot easier to manage thought. And then. Physical well he played the piano and that there's a whole houseful. Of stuff. That we got to get rid of and I started doing it that I was getting zero help from anybody that this me my Ivan you know 120 miles up that pickup truck load of stuff finally have figured screw it. Now my brother's name let's get a dumpster and destroy everything in a dumpster but it might called the purple heart because evidently the purple heart. Picks things up so. Let's jazz you know you're young guy you're kinda like getting established in life you need any end tables are Lance. I got a beautiful I can table at the nice table for guys say I'm actually gas I don't wanna throw the stuff. Argent and I had actually been able. Nobody ever arranged at either. She's my brother is gonna talk to them it is known that does it but are you doing it I don't follow up. And stuff in the only goes put an ad in the paper as they have a special spot. You know in Green Bay paper for a state sales people just come into the health and walk around you they put prices on stuff you put prices on stuff you know and people come in and no. Bill leaders say okay are gonna make you an offer you take their money they take the item that the constraints yes they'd be yeah. The states there. No tuxedo in all the way down here and I know deal if I'll just be glad when the whole foods sold them. And the rest of the money can go to the nursing home and it'll be that. Well Danny has got this is something I wanna ask that callers through okay. And well. This this is a weird one and I got to ask. The callers if they would have a different headline maybe you were Danny would have a different headline for this. But you ever hear of island Royale. It's an island in Lake Superior. And they have been over a blunder and population of moves. And they want to manage the moos not this is. National Forest Park you know part of the national gallery I all right I'll royal island -- me I had a balance of moose and wolves for many years though it now the wolves and fortunately they're gone. Well because of inbreeding him being is global warming in the lack well ice where other wolves can get in there Intermedia. They've intermediate too much they're good but they're talking about moving from back. Right well this is the problem. The problem is. Our federal government is planning on spending. Two million dollars to bring wolves back. To. Island Royale. Now and what they call it I'll ruin our isle royal family story not island. I'll run off now wouldn't it be more apropos to have a headline that says. Moose hunting and now open. I'm Ohio rail I mean not only do you save the two million dollars of transporting wolves isle Royale. But you can make money by selling mousse cakes because I'm sure there's guys showed pace several hundred dollars or more. To go there and shoot a moose right now wouldn't that be more expedient. Too I mean I it's got to take the wolves a wild to eat enough moose to bring the population moves down. I mean Wilson only novel and I get they got to get busy make it a little wolves you know they build the bulls back up and then they can get to their Wolfe calling well I mean we're yelling operating well the idea that the national forest wants to do is or whatever the government the government wants to do is. He creased the population a moose too many darn loose up there. Well she does have a special hunting season so a bunch a lot how many wanna get rid of fifty moos okay so fifty tags. They'll come in there on a special week or weekend or whatever it is fifty moos will be gone in a heartbeat if there there problem solved. Save two million dollars and make money on the side. Well what is the problem with that lightweight event now jazzy got a caller on the line and you're not gone all you do not leaders feel. No that's it OK so I got a B and C maybe you'd see here it's. Hey I think that's a brilliant idea Tom to have a hunt though there. But that would be the state of Michigan that handles well Royale. And the men and the it went and it's not a better medical part of it and let the feds are involved yes yes. So. So yeah the I think the most hunt is a brilliant idea he. I also think. It's a good idea to get some wolves back there. But seeing spending two million dollars buddy up to spend two million million dollars that. Trap a few wolves get a few more of them in there and you know kinda get the gene will go and in in re established I don't think it cost. Two million dollars. And here's the other drawback though is that okay let's say. You bring wolves actually it's an island and they do have ice that comes out to the end but not enough wolves come out there and like you said he got a list in reading in their. They don't survivor or get diseases OK that will do okay fine well. Here's the thing you bring a bunch of wolves and who's to say that's not gonna happen all over again. They're a bunch of inbreeding and dying off about that it's. Well this is gone on for. At hundreds of years though they've had a natural occurring pop yes in any goals is the mobile thin moves. That's gone on for years so well I don't think I million never met a wolf you liked but I don't think it's. It may not happen for another couple hundred years well both see about that we'll see you order collars have to say well we go to or break 7991250. Stay on hold we'll get your calls right after this short break on 1057. FM the fan. Welcome back to the mid western shooters supply cutting edge out dollars and Danny bush single wealthy straight land notre from Douglas County along with early that you knew Bob our thanks for listening. 7991250. A few heavy fishing report. Or comments on I know to a mammal Florida a comment son moose wolves. Who phones big floods to put god bodies that were to recovery I don't know. Two were to become a great cadre who were five times fast food and again the F a chided. All right we got a caller we got a friend of the show on the line though would we have. We got a mosquito. We got Kevin and in the scheme go to Kevin how are you today. On my loans from may or may portal reporters that. If John Ramsey. And the that's right so yeah going from maple ridge and had a question for us today cam. Both everything's going good that the aid. Passes bay is going on us a poll by all the ice is gone so hopefully after this hey let's see if I've learned from Tom. Over the last ten years asses they is and big mosquito yes it is and it's like the big hole there that has like deep water like when he put beat the up. Little over point and there's quite. Math. Lou yields crop beans heels any even a couple long life and her running under it yet a and now I don't think there's Iran I think he's pulling your leg at a what a sorry a Elena learns why go Kevin a poet if it. That's right mr. Douglas I got a tractor Visalia it. Giving you listen whose show a lot right yeah. Okay. You know Danny mentioned Iran as you know look at you what the name of the fishes that looks like the Paronto looks just like a Iran but it goes in late. Eat meat. That doesn't have the teeth like a Paronto. I've heard of it to Kevin McKee all right well it's a pet coup PAC you. And who would impact who. And it looks just like a pariah not pleasant day out of Ireland they got punched. A who but. Come yeah sure. Good though. Again good out of oak your your friend knows this. They'll let the does he do commercials for WBZ was. I do not think so. Don't think. Oh. I I was hooked me one afternoon. And I heard it. Do a commercial one of the VC. And I don't know I don't because sounded like his voice yet. Well I'm certain John. John would be a great guide a higher for commercials because he he has agreed voicing you know a great job with his show and promotional product but fired went. BC went into the papers and write up and. Listen during the week. OK listen during the week and you'll be noted. That that would leave one. And if you you know. I'm pretty sure thing I know it is way because they'll say. All of this is. In 1930. Tune. A fault if you suited to do the food here is here's how you know for sure Kevin if he sent. Look at while I followed up. Peak peak peak or if he calls the item that he's advertising. Anything with the name and then a source after it. Yeah write a book the story is you know TV is Sorenson or anything with the wonder if you ever calls as well be my thesaurus that left her. Number it globally would be. It though. Yeah I'm there Flintstones they think Wilma was kinda hot actually yeah. It's. OK Kevin. We're really are we're really didn't know what they're like Leo lives Freddy yeah got a gut on victories each regime. Did not the real we're gonna have to. And have a good car figure by and talk to you later all right yeah thanks Kevin K okay here write the letter. Holland by now. Yeah although gold shows put it right this was wondering if we get any callers you know above the moose in the wolves on isle Royale and I guess nobody wants to not provide a thing it's a good idea that I have a hunting season rather than. Spend two million dollars and bring in now there. Here's my idea time you don't need to spend two million. You could get a bunch of the side busters from northern Wisconsin area. There will be out way right then they'll trampled Von Trapp a few wolf. I'm sure one of them has a big truck up they'll put him in cages. I'm sure one of we'll have the big bullet up the drive them up. Bell. Put him in the boat the motor cross let him go on an island and I'll bet they can get it done for a lot less than two million dollars up all night a whole lot left. Yeah lull of two million what they're doing is this. There they're pretty. Orange collars around their wolves around their necks that are the size of life preservers right. Could see them both joked with god being independent thinker up ten feet in the air the laughter they draft come. They're human sperm counts on them their due and all kinds that death then they're gonna send them out there and track them in they're gonna pay some graduate student. Virtually nothing to be out there with his little tracker tracking them while they get the big money money you know government correct yup. Gather gonna spend that money up that. Also what ever out there was no follow all the money Daniels while you and you'll always find a few flaws. Could find a good cause then you can get it. I don't money thrown at it and we should we should come up with some good calls and get a government grants. It's called the no we know what I'm trying to help a well these dingle hey wait landowner for about a little donate cause article fun week. Yeah we should few with the governor what we can do in the that the government give us some money you know what they can spend it and everything I do they spending on how you found here in the green fielder could ever afford based I think I heard there is like a 100000 or something that's been done on they were studying the urban coyotes and yeah well let's start our research study and I made maybe jazz go answer that phone when he got to you know what I would like yeah. Waco hopeful that there are a lot of I'd like this a study done. I would ask you study. Monarch butterflies. In the monitor in the Canon killer in the mill we. Plant because you realize you probably do tolerated this and you don't get many more. Yeah it's it there's been a loss of habitat of the mark yeah I noisy I guess the milk we pond. I as a kid I used to love go onto the railroad tracks and looking for the milk weed. And it's and then you'd. If I'd find caterpillar. And I put it ended may Sanjaya some believes. And then the middle of winter a monarch would hatch out of my live it out of the basement after I'd forgotten about it when I'm a mother resound screaming by the wash machine. She freaked out this big beautiful monarch butterfly with all the fun. Flying around in her face real. Yeah yeah but the monarch butterflies. It did on its found out. Dunhill OK but that the popular do you know that there is a mimic it to the monarch butterfly. There is called the Victor Roy DI CE ROY it looked identical. Of the monarch but it's a nature's mimic because monarchs are poisonous bird will not eat the monarch oh really but then they'll mimic is not poisonous but being is that looks like a monarch they birds don't bother colonial it. I I didn't know they were. Your poison is the birds and yes yeah brewing. Until now back they should've had a horns waddle and stuff today yeah go lots of knowledge here three good at big brain and bushy. And rectal or Hartford oh hey Rick good morning glad your on the show this morning partner and I said we're glad you called us this morning without. Well I just gonna say. I support your idea or not I'm hunt but it's going to be tough because. The Mort don't like people mole bought anything the more likely they'll be in charge of that. I talking about our government red look at it if you know that's the fifth unless I like I like that that's good. So let's like with bill. So what they know about it the more likely they'll be entirely a minute yeah locate you see it all over the place that the but you do better to go I mean I think I should write that down yeah it's kinda like this show. Well what you're right here. No it's like this so the less we know about stuff the more work hard do stuff up cook I'm definitely probably a but you just pretend we're experts here alone goodness me that's ago it was dead rhetoric. That was dead guy appear things crossed my mind but. Your daughter is whose second go by and and you move Ryan and that's all our youth but are you are you a hunter. Yeah. I got a late start I started well I think when I was 35. Well 1055. Now when did you have some buddies from workers somebody gets you into it oh my brother and he'd be. I pounded the every year I'll always got to go we go hard and you guys on. I finally I I always thought I was stupidity in all right that at the back in my mind. It's kind of cool and no one here called we have the right time and go. Troy. If things ready and we start. It's a we attitude regarding rights and I think that was pretty good even knows that that's not so little been yet and that I could go through things. Up to this blog at hey every blind squirrel finds a note once all I know. Do you still hunt them that it did you yeah. Yeah. I mowed down a lot it is done. My my job is pretty physical in my bodies take in the whole night. I can still pull my ball back. That's good that there are here right it's terrible on it was even Federer in the government but I loved it even though I think that went about eight years get it here and there. Hoopla about it for me to join the club up up up up. Join the club. As we got to go to a break thanks for calling Rick you know right there listening you brighten up our morning that there rebuild Kate thinks. They we got to go to break right now folks coming up next is the gut report and don't forget after the 645 break we have the large waddle. And that's brought you by a her les waterfront Paul bond he walked he lake. What she's gonna take tell you all about that when we come separate so stay tuned to the mid western shooter supplies cutting edge outdoors. Oh man I'm gone it. Congress than you I'm on enough food chain. Yeah and locked out. Where. To get reported right Dubai dispel liquor. All right you know every year Danny they have the briefest. You know over there at state fair park and real one of the things that people love is all I. That's right all but. Year old well the Euro and reject him closer to the Greek. Chickened out and all held that that'll never had Greek chicken it's awesome it's wonderful but you roles that your taste like chicken. Well if he sleeps just like chicken it tastes like Greek chicken. But anyway you can make that you're shelf at home it's very easy to may after the breach at the no you don't have to be green you just have to have a couple of ingredients. You take oil like vegetable oil doesn't have to be expensive olive oil just vegetable oil. And then you put in it oregano. Garlic powder and lemon juice a little salt and pepper from. Third all up and then you. Put it on the grill or in the oven where reared gonna make it. And you base that check in with this kind of you know you put it on before you start cooking and you put it on during your cooking it you know 23 times you've he rushed and it. And it will be just like degree checked in that you get that treatment yup and we know there's a lot of stuff coming up this summer you know but you can have that he liked. Now if you don't have to wait. We got report was brought to you by you and I don't liquor. Where you'll find the best price selection and service at 51 and Oklahoma in Milwaukee and main street in Barcelona Waukesha. For weekly specials go through discount liquor ink dot com. Oh man I'm gone eight. Congress than you I'm aren't enough food chain here and locked down land. They are using the sound judges do that got report music wants. Under my beautiful tree voice. Me and beyond hey did. Attack. It's not yeah that's about it yeah yeah I don't know good shape get gas in my back saying. Not bad not bad we could do that it was Sunnis and do those wasn't one last thing be perfect if you can maybe spend about five years smoking in getting. Oh yeah and I. Butler. Time hokey but then he rolls and Jean yeah yeah I don't tolerate no way to go to buy a pack of smokes for the guy in the lack what is it about when you go to a quick and convenient star. That is soon as you see a guy by a pack of smokes. Or girl you know they're gonna buy lottery tickets still are enormous harbor resentment that my identity and I am. Up by the one without the other so as soon as and it's always when you're in a rush right out ready go to work you're on every couple copy all of sudden the guy gets right and funny. And then all right away eagle that I get mean god and the girls reach an up these not note took a left over there. By the time the fight to get the right pack a camel lights are what are they held again out. Then it's like OK get me a couple of these out. And these NN that a lot of Micah Hyde formula that my dad does that only time real impact smokes in the noting a lot of tiny bit of Idaho's Larry kinda not just one sometimes it's like in any of those yeah I haven't done that. That's not just buying the tickets they'll come in with flight why any law that's tickets really got a well. Gentlemen how are happy to see if he's worked yeah did I would anybody in that girl mercy begotten two counters that clearly got on the line I had I exe for over a walked shaath a good morning Keith thank you for calling this morning Gloria. Morning guys value and now it's on your mind thinks and that's the thing that I agree with any about the world's abraxis you feel anything appears spurred the money goes. You know all the challenges and caller in all the stuff that they got to do and and yet. Somebody to monitor it and it's just so hopeless situation no matter what they think that the in our trade doer. And and it would probably cost more than two million dollars right. Oh yeah they're. And the other thing Heller attract this kind of data to Jerry's lawyer. I thought story last week about these guys fissionable Karl. One out and it only quit net Irish what was so yeah oh yeah I don't even a guy I just can't stand on this these epic that you know. We've got a place not that far from there but I just finished a pretty often the past five or six years and people got to know you don't mess with at least in this situation like this in early spring you know. And this weekend going to be from what I can see and issue reports and that. Just a little concerned about guys going up there would have denied most normally in the you know how it is up there you know how Connolly I'll actually go in there and it's not so bad if it's a little bigger area. Well even not even up by Sturgeon Bay keep years ago. Steve Mel yet who has admitted he's he's retired from fishing now moved up the Kansas City, Missouri and started started down there but he you used to be a Joseph Booker gave him the nickname ball buster stepped up and because Steve was a through ball bus he would go out in some. I'm believe I mean he'd be beta not December fishing all by himself. About one time he was out fishing York's coney and middle of the night to win a morning whatever he's motoring back in and out of the corner of his eye he body saw something so we just. It's slowed down to a stop. Any he'd he'd motor full speed into a field. Of icebergs whom a floating ice flows that where the size of Volkswagen's. And he just did just in many had to carefully just. They invade his way through because although they'd all blown up in I didn't realize they'd blown it and moved from all middle of the base somewhere. Saw it scared the hell out of them because if he'd hit one of those either been killed there are. Yeah you know it's. And they find them slowly it just. It I thought some of those books that I saw on that those Manny either 5060000 dollar rig that no else squash yet like it doesn't exist you know. It's it's kind of scary and I I know I was Lester up here I was up here last year and efficient was decent on Monday and Tuesday in and the wind shifted in there was. Because I don't know maybe. 300 bolt out of O'Connell bad days and nobody would get nothing and it was a lot warmer if you get that bunch of guys that are now would that solve wouldn't come in and pushing all that I expect an alert sure. You can have a problem in. A yak you're you've got you've got to watch it who fishermen. Sometimes I think. You know I've done some kind of dumb things in the past myself when I was you know sold die hard to get out there and do it there's been situations where I was motoring back in. Think in boy I can't wait till my feet hit dry ground here might end so yeah I guess. If you know all of mother nature of things can go tragically wrong really quick really no way. In and that's why you gotta you gotta be cognizant of that. You know I told Tom that story when I was younger mr. Bettman has sixty days to finish by Aretha quite a bit and one time I go authors spend a night you know that Coleman leopard enough to decide weird is coming out and some guys are not like a fifteen foot sixteen foot cramp. And a guy trying to get their anchor up and I explore ran over led both. But a freight train that got caught on the open went right over the front of their boat that was scared the heck out of me. For the guys in the water tackle boxes and everything is pulled downstream and yet the problem out you know it happened so fast yeah yeah it was amazing just. I just hope that you your head up like. All right well thanks for the call key through about half a mile into their teeth Dave by now. And we got to go to a quick break but coming up next is the horn squabble and I have to correct myself it is brought you Biden they made. Fish attracted twelve minutes but we thought it may efficient tread. 7991250. You can win is her love Louisiana really nice try expected you know you gotta do Danny's gonna you'd be three statements you're gonna say if it's all orange model which is BS board and all are drawn which means you tell you the truth. And with Danny you just never know what's gonna come up. So call us now at 7991250. B a contestant will be right back with more folks. Op. Welcome back. The western shooters supply. Cutting edge outdoors. And this at this time we have our world famous much of an anticipated weekly horns while move contest. And do we have been lucky core contestant well hopefully we ourselves a lucky. Meaner you detonate on over from auction off our affiliate nick aren't made thanks for listening Nate. So and yeah I hear your argument Turkey tomorrow and I detonate. Aren't you record your emirates now I I started last year and I could shot a couple Jake say I did here. Then at that with the rough opening weekend last weekend at the DNR website said. Those hunters who we're excited to drive early season day we're so excited anymore and it went bankrupt last weekend felt. OK so here we go I think subject for today is the big cats. AK gay. Man oh man eating size cats at every golf. The great. The great white hunter Jim chapstick. Killed many of the man eating lions in I mean tigers in India in wrote about it in his books Jim chapstick. Sorry guys they are oratorical hard slog Egyptian court. Very good day. And make it killed out of people there okay. The top man eating lions of shovel which they made the movie the goals in the darkness win Val Kilmer built lions are on display in Chicago with the museum the man eating lions. Who error where I got. That's an all I'm not wrong voting line and they they may actually. They killed so many people that the natives in May eluded hunters for so long the natives actually thought that they were like. Like which doctors in the in the form of lies and then it is like a curse kind of a thing yeah it's infrequently now. Yeah it's OK here we know heart one more are. And so they don't truth. Snake joke too with what they nickname of the most feared man eating leopard of Mongolia. Nagle to. And I ignored Mario it's. You know I'm very big on. I'll. Dog gone it on the married actor I get from it. And if it is fairly as they did get a call next week in in units out if your try again. Target gaga didn't have a good weekend. Yeah no matter. The struggle was brought you by eight feet made fish attracted through Coleman insect repellent you can find out more of bottom just go to babe make dot com I have indeed gone in they've got a hole. But it's. Of of products they're now Tom mom they've they've got the Coleman insect repellents. But then they've also got the gear and clothing type repellent that this stuff that you can put on me. Here you don't put it on your skin yeah yeah Dixon stuff away and then they've they've got some deepest free stuff. They've got one that's basically. If that's what it's like natural plants type things. In it'll last up to six hours they got another one. Eight hours but I think that does have some chemical so they do have. It and so I've got I'm getting Abbott got away from the deep that heavy deep stuff on that that's that we could chemical. I think getting aggravates my asthma to be honest with you. But they've got some great different type. Flavors they've got for the job they made the death camp this game fish while life salt water. Bath crappy and pan fish and they got the garlic which you like. And they've got the new ultralight south faith we are talking about him though all I did not in this you can go your retailer and pick some of those things up. Hopefully we get a lucky Wiener next week to win some of that stuff yeah hopefully she moves. I thought that last when I was a good one of content motorcycle 20 yeah yeah yeah living cartoon character. If you are above Huckleberry Hound them remember him under the another one called Phil Coke bottle and I think he was huckleberry homes cousin here. The violence he was a violent home dog who hit others over the head with AR. But get Tyrone you're and they called an Alka bond both alone maybe that was Huckleberry Hound evil. Other ultra personality. A felon back in the days of violent cartoons and they thought that was gonna meth every area. Hey speaking of violent standing with that you know. People go mountain kayaks you know be like a nice relaxing. Handle you know my. Nice and relaxing close to the water you don't have a lot of you know big boat motor trailer today. Greg around you know you just paddling along. But you know sometimes things can go awry and even in you know in the outer doors like you were saying before things can go bad really quick. Kind of case in point down in Florida Florida Kyle Acker is recovering from being a cat. By an aggressive otter. This lady was kayaking or your husband you know they're going down in. Next thing you know his daughter was kinda ups that was there and and in you know that and now there's this this lady was 77 years old the kind the hotter jumps in the boat entered her. Otter was upset sold. Particularly well you think you have been this nice quiet. Composed panel. Until you're up against a place the I. Are paid honey. Look good dog pretty little louder aren't there American thing you know. They yeah they can. The hotter finishing getting upset I had a bunch of them chattering at me on the chip while fluids years ago back in a bay. There is a momma with their young ones to my guess is that it was a mama honor move was none too happy. With the by actors going down now and you know they can get quite large you know they're they're just not these little diesel played their they get pretty much more on this story is that. Here a year beat me bear spray and yeah. How I. It may doesn't make orders for a handgun. If the boom. Whoa I have some roundup hey speaking of that. Phil Schumacher. Is a famed alas in. Bear guys. I believe is a former Vietnam War vet he runs grizzlies millions of Alaska. Go to their website and look at the size of the bear in in this guy's late in his family their legendary up therefore. Brown bear hunting fell. When I retire and a couple of years my bucket trip is the gulf. Bear hunting up there with Phil Schumacher so when you ever listeners if somebody wants to go up there they want it also spent 30000 dollars negotiated there. Come along with. Anyway I heard a story he was next the guiding somebody I think it was for salmon fishing up there and they get charged by a grizzly bear. And he put it down with a nine millimeter pistol while. Nerds this deal why I think he emptied it and the thing drop virtually at their feet from what I recall the story. Yeah and he just. The thing. He came adamant point blank range he bang bang bang emptied the clip on it. Animated him just in the right spot while the guy and the guy you know he's he's been up that long time. And one of those oh when will mountain men. But he was using a nine millimeter there's certain types to loads to Tom. You're not using your basic 11585. Whatever they're green people stop right extra hands and then hit the wallet doesn't go through and killed a neighbor in the next apartment. They got the buffalo board makes ammunition it's called the plus he gamble which is only. Which is jacked up high velocity specs and typically don't make it enough. Real heavy hard. And not expanding tight deep deep penetrating owners yeah he had some heavy loads. And you can't just like my nine millimeter I would wanna shoot those low because it would. Wrecked my hand moon if you got a heavy enough nine millimeter thought it does show that. You know that night nine millimeters not a toy right hand in the hands of the skilled marksman now I'm surprised he wasn't packed in a 44 made with them at that time or a lot of those Alaskan guides. The preferred. In even I think for the last in fish and game department the preferred protection firearm is slightly pump action short barreled shotgun. That's the preferred really yeah we've just thought Eagles slug in waiting voted with slugs in fact sometimes I think they alternate slog buckshot flood buckshot. Really and they think dramatic close range would be pretty devastating on the and a bear. But yeah that's what I'd like to do with golf there and try and do a with for some time. I wouldn't I don't I you know it would that just did a heck idea if your vision on some stream and all of a sudden here comes some Albert doesn't like you would Mets by the Beagle grizzly. I mean it's like. Oh my goodness we're pretty open you should. The bear spray that bears great stuff again that is very of the it probably would work but she's I would just did a heck caddie and I mean. Those are both move well that's something. Lot of guys run into trouble when their hunting in areas where there's Cruz police and let the shooting like black tailed deer. Or health returning. And then all of a sudden you know there. Cleaning the thing out so you got your shoulders up to your shoulders and blood as you Ben Dover Downs though the carcass. And that air smells here's the shot nice clothes they smell the blood may know it's dinnertime and that's why you gotta have you know your buddy standing sentinel. Watching. The whole time. Oh wow that's. A guy that. This is scary situation well you know what it can be dangerous play and even in Wisconsin it can be. To a point because we have so many beer in Wisconsin so many black here in Wisconsin. It may affect the they're putting out. Record number of a bitter cakes this year. You know for people the hump there because there are so darn many of them. Yeah I don't really worry about black bears so much saw every well mowing and Oregon he meant did. Rolled back black sphere that that's pretty rare you just don't get between the mama and her cubs at all. Yeah and make noise could go bill reflector runway from your. I think would freeze for you make noises flicks coming your dinner bill that well if I have thought about when I go up to be wealthiest state in Douglas colony. I do have a 44 Magnum which I could strap on but. I do have a little nine millimeter that I I think I'll just throw it in a pocket in the pistol they ended in on coat pocket or something and in small enough insurance not us. First you know I would fire a shot before it even made the charge you know what I mean yeah it took me out if Gregg to turn around after that yeah I. Well listen folks it's now time. For our regular sports update. We have Christian jazz coast fees will be right back with more.