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Saturday, December 2nd
Cutting Edge Outdoors: Tom and Bushy take you on a wild ride through Wisconsin's great outdoors!

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Following his paid commercial programming the views and opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect those of WS SP intercom Milwaukee its staff for sponsors. True Lake Michigan to the Mississippi. And every rib First Lady and fielded it. Let's talk everything outdoors you head out it's time to hop on the crazy train. Western shooters like cutting edge outdoors presented by Coleman insect repellent fasten your seatbelts broke why. I'd do Wisconsin's outdoors. Only on sports Radio One 057 have. The. My great vigil. What demand western shooter supply. Good morning everybody and welcome to this week's edition. Of the mid western shooters supplies cutting edge out orders we come here every Saturday morning from 68 AM we are live. And as usual. What are you looking for banning host looked. You're a little bit for that end we had Danny bush over my left I'm dominant through Neubauer. And if you wanna give us a call. Got any questions or comments for 147991250. Or you can email us lives at CEO guys at And today at 705. We have a special guest calling us from the ice fishing show. And that's gonna be taking place next week and you know right off the bat Danny. If we have an. Early listener or early listener early listener yeah early let us earlier that everybody ethnic easier shall have to be similarly well. As soon is get dad to write every now and then as a whole world sleep until 11 o'clock I know I don't know right now but people that are listening to the hard working Americans under way to work right. And if and if one of those hard working Americans would like. Tool free tickets so during. To the ice fishing show that's going to be at state fair park next week. All you gotta do be the first caller at 7991250. I'll send you out to free tickets. We're gonna give a few more of these out during two during the show so like so this is further. The early birds the ones that are up right now really in the Christmas spirit have cellular Santa Claus there 799. Hallway this is an eighteen dollar value. Nine dollars yeah nine dollars nine dollars apiece eighteen dollars I mean. That's and we got people by all eighteen girls yeah and so the first caller is gonna get a form lines are lit up the inning that so if we win. People. Are he'd pull up in the morning not drinking their morning coffee. At a a a chilling out we want to thank all of the police officers. Listening to us that help protect as the firefighters at the fire station listening good idea toward the blue and we support that lets players get guys are they blew I think so and at least report them to ethnic or blue and her firefighter tells you where the blood work and hard out there. Definitely a mailman out there who are delivering the mail during this Christmas season one idol loves. That our mailman on knowledgeable I mean I know we've got one good mailman in Oakland and one Goodmail lady a good mailman and we've got this other one. That normally these other true show up let's say between 3 and 4 o'clock. This one gas sorting to keep a clear your wife likes them even when he got up I think well we've always said that our middle son nick yeah like the mailman. But anyway he. Il he always shows up. I don't know. Between 5:30 and 6 o'clock if you know he's always we late. We know the guys probably got out like a big. Area that he has to cover but the other two are always earlier. Now they get the same area but anyway maybe he's got a little in between break maybe maybe you know and I mean yes did we know what you mean. So any you were out hunting. And in how do you do it it back well I called you and let called in last week and I told in my opening day. Was. Some I Sunday because they did the radio shall Saturday so I would drove up there. Leisurely got up there and hunted Sunday morning when a customized stand. And 8 o'clock ice a little a little guy come meandering over the top of the ridge by something told me that I had to. Looked directly a 180 degrees behind me to. You know watch another trail right seen a nice spot coming through with a crossbow. Sure enough I turned around and received a bill going through in Iowa the scope up and then I can see the buck come in behind him to come and get the shot them already have put the put it in across here's. Well 45 yards away probably and there retreats into equity and when I'm put up when I got the scope up all I didn't see its head was downs. I'd seen wracked with duke with the without the scope is no problem seeing a nice weight racked. But the scope up. And I've got the gears body in the scope I can't see its head mega crass here's senator of his body but they're several small yeah he's in the front he in its walking fast saw. I mean looking back on it yet sure I could've fired a shot in probably hit a powerful tree. But down then it. And it swung to the next opening got ready sooner that yet I yelled because a lot of times the stuff now. It didn't stop and it turned dead weight for me and I walked to our now and I checked the trail up the trail runs along a ridge and it does go that direction. So now I got that that cross hairs on the middle of the deer con on its back area in its move in in now. They across here's come on its rear end you know as. Mean I didn't I didn't want to take a shot yeah in long dead yeah now looking back on it at this and that hit bad opening I should have pulled the trigger. It was not that it was come it was being behind that dole knew wasn't gonna stop. You could as players star spangled banner that deer wasn't gonna stop for any and looking back I should a shot. But that's hindsight in its opening day you you want to make a nice careful the year before work perfect box make an upper ridge. And almost shot on the move in the brush but it waited to let you know when opening made a little noise that stop drilled. But a lot of times in deer hunting with with the ripple aura ball you know it's a lot of times it's that split second decision. In a few if you hesitate thinking that you know I think tomb. I momentarily panicked pink and oh no it's not stop and and then I didn't want to take a panic shot right. Like I didn't want to take a panic shot right and all of a sudden make a bad shot right but looking back on it. The cross who's on the duration to take in the panic shot. But they wanna make a bit Tanaka an authentic or not and I spent in a split second a split and handed out and I thought yeah okay. The the week before I think it was the same muck it hit actually. Taken at different it hit on their trail it had veered to the left. In cross the ridge where I could get another crack at it so I swung to the next. Opening. Hoping that it I get another poke at written somewhere down on the lot but it turned me down the ridge behind that. Dole the opposite direction I've made it harder shots years ago up in Douglas Connie item. It had to buck sneak. By me opening day and I swung on it it was it was just a fork bock and I have across serious kind on the middle of it but it was flying through some heavy ever greens. And I didn't want a wounded in I didn't shoot manhole day I was kicking myself for not shooting so the next day of both new rate be for the packer game. I thought our Kate time to crawl out of this stand in a coddled little movement to my left sure enough there is a buckets coming up from the river sneaker along and it's moving fast. And I grabbed a rifle with that up and got it deer in the scope I could just see its its head. Is it was going through an opening and I thought sooner than hits the next opening in I just swung ahead. It's head hit the opening. I pulled the trigger I could even really see the gears body when it hit the opening on these kind of down underneath ray had ranked took a quick poked it took off running took another poke. And I and I actually I thought no way in heck that I get dad tears bought eighty yards away and I thought well at least they pulled the trigger time to go watch packer game in him Bruschi. Now locked down over there just for the heck of it and I looked. Couldn't believe that there was blood in the and I looked up about sixty yards away up underage read last seen its tail bounding away yeah. And I like god that it dearly in there and I had driven the Arizona and out of the tougher shot than an iPad up. But I was in you got to take a quick shot mode does this one with in such thick stuff I knew it was gonna disappear. And I wasn't getting get another crack so did you end up shooting one body in the you know what after I passed up dear. I I I did sit in that stand and I passed up several big Dole's. Even though lap very last. At Saturday after I called view I went bad night. And sat up and at stand in hand some some nice those come by. The net Sunday we made to drive. In I had a big don't jump up ten yards. To my right you know it was gonna let me. Walk right by its amazing how they will late tight we almost got a stamp on them mom and I was walking through and I stood for about five minutes. And that's what made her nervous and she jumped up she was just behind me in ten yards to my right. In she jumped up all the gear a lot of run behind your back the other direction yeah into the wind which makes sense they like to run with the wind and and I thought about it. And I that do I really wanna drained his deer out Sunday mourned Sunday it. All this work in the marsh and that no I never an astute one on a field and make it yeah now I had a week or next week and that's a plant chased a nice dole to. The owner of the property amid another drive chased one right to lump he drilled that he was happy as could be. And then the last drive of the day. My buddy Scott. Both of us had the same attitude. Neither of us wanted to do the drive I was the one who was doing to drive he just had to stay and had to climb this big help make a circle around a ridge across the road. Go through breyer's I mean you got to be a mountain goat climb up there and he just said the leases let's just do this driving get the hell out of here while 1 o'clock Sunday. Pop up on top and jumped the Bok new and I yelled comment about running down the ridge east. To Maria where he could even hear me yell but he sees thing coming down and he shot hit it it turned ran right out in the field in front of any got. He was happy as could be so I chased Muslim on the last drive does a good hunt down was I have to pull the trigger. That's aren't. I mean it is long as you enjoyed it that's the main thing that was great we got on the line Greg. Time we have your good friend Kevin from Greenfield Ali hey Kevin how you doing this morning. Oh very good a was experimenting. My little pony and I get the F out a little bit. But I've recording on the AM. By the way it led him. You credit you sort of the they Nikon whether they called that night called the night crawlers I mean there aren't any date crawlers. Well because they're against because when it rains they come out at night. It's easier to pick a midnight to come out at night I guess maybe that's why you know the Danny. I don't know it's one of those things you know Kevin I often think about where to some of these words come from a thing like this week the word bugger yeah. And out of my knowledge than I you are right I and then I thought. Boulder where did it come up with a name bugger what was hour after we did. Originate from its does that come from the Greek and Latin. What I saw late night crawler it's one of those things Kevin I'd like to know. Yeah well you know what Kevin. Well I will look into that all right yep we'll check on both look at second base Colin Kevin we appreciate. Taiwan. I was reading a book. Hillary argues. And he was catching world. And he caught 62 world. Now which is one less than 63 and one more than 61. And I don't know what. City they live there but. The Geithner was mister grumpy. And so he had a part of and tackle spot. Or whatever. He says. I caught 62 words for you up 620 that's great he said. Oh well that's that's that's that well you know I used the odds are probably that was a good cartoon and I all right thank Izod ace Kevin CF. Yeah we'll look into that men are heaviest of the just c'mon at night. I think you're all wearing my collar I think the word in the word bugger come from I don't know one of those things that makes you say. Well you know what any when I was a kid. Kids use that legitimate each other. There are other things that blood trail how about during his break you get on their computer by Ewing new look up the word blogger going on Wikipedia maybe they can tell you all I got more important things to do I got a lifeline screening sheet in front of me got to talk to you about here all right see whether you're gonna have a core holes for long all right we'll talk to you about that and more. Here on the mid western shooter supplies cutting edge outdoors. You Tim knows or call us at 4147991250. Will be right back with more. You see Tom singer who's next to leave these 200 belonged. Welcome back to mid western shooters a thigh but the the cutting edge all stars. Saw top and made it back safely. From the big hunt. Claimed the month mighty heels they watch the martian. Top notch physical shape didn't even get wind did the only guy in the group was in the shaping up to do that so I went had this like playing screening stuff done. May get this mailer in the mail and that comes every you know couple years off and I cut this year I'm gonna get it done mean is they haven't been to a doctor in five years. So they do all these screenings you might wanna consider Tom thought. And if if if I might wanna consider grabbing your glasses if things I attacked a I solve all the bad paper out and I figured then you need decent. Forgot my a Aaron at a bookcase so I had the screening done. Looking for abnormal heartbeat right. And they give even their normal abnormal or incidental finding. And the good news is there's my heart rhythm is is north there's an all you know irregularity in math heartbeat right. So all that's got the incidental finding was it says at that time of your screening your heart rhythm indicated a heart rate of less than fifty beats per minute. So I looked at the thing it says 41 well ever since I was young I've alls had a both heart rate which they used to tell you that that's good because the stronger your heart gets. The more it beats you know volume per pumping you don't have to go you know like a rabbit CD beats per minute. So they say well that might have Arab view is that normal ranges 6200. He very lower very high heart rate can be an indicator for other health issues so for years I've been told that's good. Now I'm supposed to see a doctor over. We learn new things all the time without a thought it was good to yeah marathon runners have Atlanta at very low artery is there in very good shape and that the heart strong saw I don't know maybe got an enlarged heart or something and then I'm gonna you know like just follow over here off the school some days the guys have to carry me now they're full of they're full of it saw anyway the op other screening that I had was. They took ultrasound images and blood full flow measurements. To check for plaque. On in nick carotene and carotid. Rotted carotid artery to look for carotid artery disease. And there's no plaque build up the blood flows parade so there's no plaque present that's the good news. The other good news was I had the abdominal aortic and near ism. It looked for that nothing there and they do this periphery Euro arterial disease thing did you grow a doctor for the. No they got the screening at take solid twenty minutes and it costs like. A hundred in 46. Box whereas and a well they dated at the hot lady and an eight. But the old country sweeps and carry out their by pew rocky and 164. You have to go into an MRI machine or some knob on the you go from station to station it. It for a 146 box it's cheaper than going your doctor and get this stuff Don. So yeah they'll periodically come and they do these five tests they can send the results to a doctor rice balls if you want a guess at some of the stuff to me. So they sent three so I think it's worth while to get the screening done for another fifty bucks I had that PS AT test the one that for prostate aria yeah iso cost me 200 bucks total. In the good news on that is I tested and there was no. Evidence for the candidate you you pulled on your pants and bent over and I'll knock that one bonehead they take a blood test off that's the digital exam. They do and I are actually a blood test that they've come up with. They came up with this ten years ago where they can it's indicative of possible now they do recommend that you do that digital exam is well but they do have that out. Blood test. I forget what it's a probably get the acronym wrong on it but yet they. Check the blood in if there isn't there's a certain abnormality that they can check. Which is indicative of possible pot prostate cancer and I was fine on that so as glad respect spent the extra fifty bucks but the one test. That I had been I don't think I edit anything to worry about. I thought it's a waste the time testing it for me what was hot for osteoporosis. Now that's bone yeah old ladies get right to fall to an area yet any you get older anybody men women doesn't matter how well I'm thinking OK but. I've exercised my whole life you know you know but you know. Dead lifted close to 500 pounds in the 400 plus on the my dad and all kinds of stuff I've ran into trees I've tackled people in football I've never broken a bone. Never broken a bone ever know they've they've got me my bone density. Was. Lower. And soul. It use both the B. Now I'm mad zero point 768. And you're both to have zero point 844. For bone density. So all they recommend further evaluation. From my position coach them listed as high probability. For problems I guess with osteoporosis. And I'm thinking now how accurate is that. 'cause I've always been I remember back when I was out for wrestling years ago in everybody with you the only way that and. Into what may be your late bold. Because there's such a thing is like old. And then I'd I'd never now I am not worried about the gas you put in I've taken Kelsey right yeah that's another I think that you Jake I'll take calcium supplements work out my bones are just fine. When he tinkering all fishing all hunting all the time and when you think I got. I appreciate being out there yet finished fifth and that's right if Joey yeah actually enjoying your initial sale you can't hunt but you can finish you can just lay in that vote for the other three semesters later in the boat you watch and a barber you know. Have you had that is screens downtown which I am black and stuff like that you know when you're okay to know. No well. You mean to be sitting here by myself someday oh yeah. Well Greg upright dive for you do so now you need attests to. Knives got I'll veto I'll be here with bad broken bones look as I got to ask you prose is common as edit physical. Last year when I got my life insurance. Well they make you do that Goran Suton they've put you through the ringer on them down yet they don't want if you're gonna kick the bucket the next day. Yeah because they've they've marred they've put your rates and for thirty years. And at certain. That's sort of yeah our sorrows and now on our fractured reluctant see when it's up you know because it's a long time that you have. Do they asked if you smoke on that all down all they test you Tuesday take your blood. And if there's nicotine in your blood but you can't say you cannot and I know you yeah I know. Hey you can't lie about that I've found this out is that. They can they wool they will not consider you a non smoker. In til you are three years clean threes three years clean. Smoking. I thought that also if you haven't if you just gave you off eleven Jersey quit. Five months ago say quit three years ago because they won't find it in your system right. But they though they ask you when you quit smoking. And it hasn't been three years you're still considered a smoker. I'm not gonna mention who but of person very close to me. Went through their whole thing for life insurance. And he's I he was a tour of tobacco. And he stopped to win like two months before they came and took the blood and all that didn't show any nicotine in a system. He said Doug do you smoke pieces no you to go back wearing no you know he's just said no no. And they tested his blood there was none and it's so he was cool you know what that you know they record that but the thing as. Is. You're supposed to tellem like if you start doing it useful slower no because if you. Let's say you died five years later. And indeed in the insurance company wants and a blood test and at that shows nicotine in there they might disallow. Yeah you can't you can't and I district some policies other draw out some design as IA asked the will that will it verified guy in my life concerns not go to my wife and she said no. Don't worry you have that has done. It's Martin so do you are you are good Paul noted there could be other policies though that that that don't do that and remember you go through and who insurers you. Yeah maybe some insurance companies are more picky. Well listen we got we have another break coming up we're going to be doing in the got report after this break in and don't forget folks were going to be playing in the horn Schwab goal. After the 645 break and that's brought you by buck he's fine meats and sausages out there and iguana goal. You will win a ten dollar gift certificate are you gotta do is answer two out of three statements correctly or twelve and all well. And that's coming up later said after the 645 brick right now we're gonna go to a quick break and when we come back we will have to get report and I'll come up with some them. Evidently write ups but how come over its Upton doubled read back on 1057 FM the fan. Oh man I'm gone it. Congress than you I'm on enough food chain. Yeah and locked out. The ago report has brought you by via large easy pro Duce and Disco liquor. You know folks. Lot of people you know there we talked about a lot of things to do with Turkey's and that you know while all the different things you can make them. And when it comes select a Turkey carcass or chicken carcasses are mad. You know you Lotta people like Macon Turkey soup chicken soup you know he had all different things to it and that's wonderful but there's one thing. That makes it stand out above the rest you know that is. Dumplings. That's right dumplings you read dumplings code your soups you know like Turkey soup strict in soups whatever. And your that whoever is eating them lol love euphoric what do you make dumplings. PCK. You take a couple of flower. I happen a couple of milk or water and wonay add some salt and pepper. If you wanna add some garlic up potter two that are whatever Herbie like I'm going head. You mix that all up and has had one cup flour half cup milk or water and wonay. You want them edit the consistency you don't want this better to be running your real loose who want a Tenet that. And then you spool the men it while the soups boiling away you spoon the men all over the top and and put the lid on. And it doesn't take too long you'll know when they're done they get firm. And I'll tell realize it's wonderful to have that with your chicken soup Turkey soup or whatever. Dumplings. MM really good. We got report was brought you by beamer cheesy pro who's one quality counts you can count on beamer cheesy programs. Insist on the best you can visit them and beamer cheesy dot com and by discount liquor well you where you'll find the best price selection and service. At 51 and Oklahoma in Milwaukee and main street in Barcelona walker saw for weekly specials go to discount liquor ink dot com. Oh man I'm gone it. Congress than you I'm on enough food chain. Yeah and locked down land. Oh and by the way dumplings and beats do is always good to have got to have dumplings on top. And we have been a dumplings fanned out at least on our house dumplings got to just seem that he's he's just like a big thing that dole right well it is but I would like what you add to it in what you're eating lifted its kinda led liked her I could choke on him all right. No not mine I don't links and I might and you dip them in a preview of the dumplings and soups in him and I've known and and yet you Don lemon gravy like him to be Stewart and listens to okay. Innocent before we get. Well will be doing the heart trouble after the 645 break but Danny. I got to do this I got a boost from our. So right now and the senior Iranian red accurate yet ready great. Further. Third color of that we're gonna change this album a little bit of there exonerate critic yeah you got eggs bacon bases hook or come on on Tom I break and things complicated. Otherwise we make it too easy to third caller like easy. Will tell giveaway. Women true who'll say get clean Gregg a family show I'm getting giveaway to ticket I meant. To the I went in there you shut up please and its credit. Yeah. I'm giving relate to particular scenario because there's an item is viewed as is that really got collar yeah I know we do two tickets to the ice fishing show that's next week. Next weekend ice fishing show is that fair park and given only to free tickets to the third caller great the rest is up to you. Now Danny. Is a deer hunting one. We talked about this two years ago who this guy from Washington and colony. Calvin Steiner. In 25. Teen he went out the South Dakota peasant hunting right and as a walk along the corn field is buck comes run and Adam literally runs right into a runs right into him. And he had a slowing down a shotgun and somehow hold those sling got wrapped in the boxing letters to remember about that. And the deer ran off with his dog. It hanging around his head right. Well yeah I figure they looked around for a that weekend you know didn't find it's really figure out it's on forever. This year. Or was it this year yeah. No yeah this year. He gets a call Asif hunts is same area with the same farmer that let these guys go up there and hunt in the same area yet he gets a call from the guy. He says the tick you found your shotgun. Or somebody found it nine miles away or some I mean it was a ways away right gap and when they get out there this year shirt off. Here's this rusted up. Heat up shotgun with just a piece of a strap. It's his shot under two years later it was found. It didn't didn't lay it out from love field or woods or wherever they found it in lay in there for two years. And the shells still at a there was a shells still in but it was like rusted in the chamber so they had a drill while the or whatever guy it was it was funny. I wish I had my wish my dad were alive they ask him this story have believed that was one of his constant. And I believe it was a true story where he each shot a buck and it went down Mark Anderson many many many many decades ago. And when he went to take a picture. Eve eve with a rifle and it's rack. And the thing got up until cuff that it only just and kind of likes the under some gaffe he may be heated. The base and they antlers on and and knocked it out in Mecca life to its rightful. Yes I wish I had missed Ed reliably because I remember content crazy story like that so. Crazy thing yet two years ago I we I'd mention it on the Jill mention it I meant yet because it was in this paper and I mentioned it you know. But it's funny that two years later they find is gone. It low moral of the story is don't bother with the slaying when your out pheasant hunting on yeah shotgun out you might get run over by adopting the buck might steal your shot down. They what do you think about this Danny. Governor Walker signed than hunting bill allowing would chop to be hunted. One she would chops are also known now while ground hogs actually ground hogs are also known why are you how shocked would chunks or whistle pigs I'd never heard of called whistle pigs. But ground hogs would sharks whatever same thing they're they're gonna have open season on a next year. You know I I don't it doesn't say when it's gonna start. We were drank what chuck. Yeah cause that's what genre apple cider and oh really my body run John and I left here here's L. After he lost the giant musky with me on few lucky back in 1999. We went into the old park avenue pizza picked up a six pack. Wood chunks we've never had been doing but they have like a little cool little wood chuck on now owns Ida. Yeah are they good. They're very good there at Rangers though because no kidding go down we'd like barely there late Abu Jews what's I have like it was during an ample use it and get sick. But we went out we got form Huskies that night nice out there and you know it shocks and that we judging would you be for every it's kind of like well for awhile for me Enron it was a tradition we go fishing with you we gonna pick up which is good at it. Well what alcohol volume is at 55%. Wrong. Which is normal Beers Z zero and give you drink highlights from the three point six from how much would would would talk talk of wood chuck could chuck wood. A lot which it would have jug of woods a good job would joke I did fast. Oh you added something to you know he and how much would should could would chug chug wood chuck could chuck would chuck. There. How much would he had to tell jokes so would not come how much wood chuck could would chug chug it. Okay. June. I think we had a combined that to you guys at the ultimate. Did you ever see that commercial for Schlumberger company where. We barber driving by and there's these there's board chuckling yeah yeah that was hilarious if it. All and I just got shot and I agree customer Belichick and I wish that bridge that went back yeah yeah that anger of those four. Yeah it was super some beer company I think it was a peer company known what was Geico I think. But at any moment and clearly a political ones the and some good ones I was gonna send to a I thought of some other really good ones on the one that sellers are now as bugging him for house card. The watched the book and am casual Fridays and all of campaign yeah I yeah. You know you know those guards. Oh America pistol to stand straight day at about replied yeah and casual Friday got a guys that not all on charity is what is in his eighties JAMA. Seriously about the role while. The teacher needs got his hand on sober that it needs in a lawn chair he's he's he's only going next of these flawlessly if enough cutbacks over the gun. He's Weydedat see that orient. It's the current workers gentler god go I don't. Pay as they come up with some funny when. You know all there was always yeah I forgot this one on the on the CEO guys at Gotta let everybody know come on nobody load up here now through Christmas. As smoke he's muskie bait and tackle shot 15%. Off on. All tackle and clothing. Now the hours are reduced. Weekdays are from eight at 230 weekend's 630 to 230. But. 50% off on. Everything in the store. Now that's a good deal because those like must be smoke spot the must be shops lectures those are really cool. You can get the cutting adult doors hats and 15% off all those most viewers and all the non muscular everything's 15% off at and there's a new. There's a wall where they got everything that's 50% off there's a whole bunch of maps spinners 50% and 90% off on this one wall. They got a little red tape on them all these different lures and dates and that but there's a whole bunch of maps and just put up their last week 50% off. So get some stocking stuff yeah there some good deals the other place I wouldn't I plan on visiting soon as mid west yeah shooters supply. Pledged Brooke and I they got some great stuff there and they got from fishing. Two they had a great deal on Flickr she adds while bank these communities so they might I don't know and and they've got like a nice bin when you go in there. Where they have stuff on sale like in the end in getting their name saying yeah yeah yeah I got a nice Turkey calling on last year and a few few other things Aaliyah. That's worth going up to but I can never get out of there in five minutes to their loved this one down there. I'm Barbara drive either now I would run on the free reverend 41 I would like I would like to talk to grade. I mean now Randi I wish we could talk to him this morning a ball muzzle orders does that seasons come and up. And will talk about muscle owners really on today is it well as start I thought it was starting on the ice have been a it's going on this weekend. Really oh yeah there was weekend I think next weekend's the dole hunt all the analysts doubt and again my life fisons that's why am who got to put all my eggs in one bad to go up and shoot a couple those next week well let's talk a little bit about muzzle orders may be we got our listener who knows a lot of bottom 7991250. Also one thing guys everybody listening to me right now goal. Today. Oh wait till tomorrow to wait till the night. We've got to obese ember tenth to put in for your bare. Permit and spring Turkey. Do it now yeah today before you forget. And I swear to god half the people listening to me December 11 will come in you be like oh crap. I forgot to going into it yet they muzzle loader is. November 27 through December 6 Ali it started lack immediately after regular ongoing very and I was on. Is the seventh through tenth right is this coming Thursday and there's also one. December 24 through January 1 holiday right how is going on a locker shock on here. All right we're gonna take a break and then when we come back we're gonna be playing in the orange wobble brought to you by about these fine meats and sausages and would want Adobe the first caller be adept contestant Yule all and a ten dollar gift certificate to but he's our hopefully you'll win that does give is a call at 7991250. B that contestant and win. A nice prize will be right back with northern and of mid western shooters plays cutting our oil for 79912 of these yes 4147991250. And I'm qualified seven FM the fan too many numbers. Partnership Largo and you can only Bahrain no harm Schwab told here. The midwest to ensure supplies cutting edge outdoors. Every week we bring you go horn Schwab will brought to you by. But he's fine meats and side. Don't get all OK anybody that's the song we're gonna be playing tonight a little after 7 o'clock when the badgers kicked off against you'll. Look guys. And anyway. Ed but these they do more than just fine meats and sausages they get turkeys they got seafood they got sauces they got this they got that they got free samples. They got catering. But he's in my book anyway Danny where you are literally got a contestant. We have Ralph in Milwaukee. RAI Ralph. Our rights you know how this works at some pulling your leg you just say that's the horns while ago. If it's true you just say no porn struggle so here we go. Flying squirrels the flying squirrels the widely flying squirrel in my dad. Have been known to launch from a branch in slide vertically. For up to 100 feet. Or orange where they don't actually I will never leave. Prior to good and there are a lot smaller than regular score than the diminutive yes flying squirrel yet Woodward Tom diminutive. The speed of 822 long rifle. High velocity. Cartridges roughly about the same as high velocity. Shotgun loads. Org that's a no horns Fargo. You're pretty much both throughout thirteen hundred feet in jacket and OK the one out of two here at all. C gotta get this one and you got it eighth 410. Pound. Dressed wait deer was recently harvested. By mister Clarence Rutherford. In Saint Louis county Minnesota. On. Aren't struggled and Rutherford was. As a while he's best friend and Leave It to Beaver a lot. Hey congratulations crowd. Listening and Grady got his information yet grow good all right man are there banks. Our age all this is oh. Who is it this is so hard struggle and all. On a game with some. Looking over their time. I got to regroup and a senior moment analysts there Warren. I'm reading this Al bush while at all. And you should have to. Up other shades for. Yes for our decision to just. All and by the way I got to mention this and I'm gonna mention this in the next hour I have to remember this. If you won a cutting edge Al Gore's blaze orange baseball type hat. But you didn't receive it. From three weeks ago and you didn't get it you've got a call us at 7991250. Member I told you right I. When I got home I only had one slip that's at half. I don't know what happened to the other slip ID add that no clues so if you did not yet at. Call us that was the veterans day. Yeah right yeah yeah. So if you are able to get out I don't mean that well my fault also right now handles gruesome reality that's why I mentioned it last week I mentioned and at this week you know if you did not get that you call us and I will make sure I doubt it's still sitting there at home. And I keep. That was the day I had so many different slips and a monster like pulling out of my pocket or some of one of the slips must've felt somewhere I don't know war. I was gonna happen I don't know what happened but it did happen solid. So now we're gonna talk a little ice fishing at several dive today yeah yeah we got Ryan Colin and from the ice fishing show at 705 we're gonna talk about the sea ice fishing show. It's hard to believe that this show season is coming up and there's going to be a lot of great shows a lot of people once they put the guns away. They don't miles a load hunt they don't late oh crossbow they just call it a rap. So on they're not you can get to some great shows I see got an email that that fish acts expo is going to be February 9 tenth and eleventh. At fair park site conference center in west and for that one's going to be gone on this year again as well. Yeah and it's going to be a good deal as a matter of fact. This year now last year when you bought a ticket for ten dollars a guy UN to the musky show and the fish X show which was. Everything non non must be. Well this year you can get into the fish XX. Ball free. And only ten dollars for the muskie shall. But you can go and just do the fishing and Doug non must you show. For free and that's great yeah and it's something great to. To take your kids too as well yeah they got off as a ghost of tornadoes have pre stuffed giveaways pursuit of the kids are. Or even to people the first so many. As you know people that come through whatever support that. Anyway. So I was gonna say about muzzle orders have you ever try to muzzle order that I don't you have when they did to get rid of that one. Well I have one that I swapped out yeah but did you ever with Al Al shot in and had a nice one and I had it. Then I started thinking about in my really gonna go through. Get all this off to load it in there and use and so no I ended up bailed the bull McCain yeah okay hails a nice guy he wanted to hit it. I swapped it out flopped it out with. Am user should muzzle her nine ever shot a muzzle loader I did a couple of times my one brother in law had one and I'll tell you one thing. Member net movie. Robert Redford played the guy. Jeremiah the Jeremiah Johnson your guy we'd. And Jeremiah. At one point in the moves a liquor Ole at one point the movie he takes this Hopkins fifty caliber right. He in one hand he holds it straight out one hand and shoots yeah try to do that. With the Hawkins fifty caliber mosque are any muzzle loader try to hold it out one hand like this. I guarantee you it's gonna drop down near Arctic Iraq and all that well they're big they're heavy and and that all the way to the front end. There is that had to be a plastic done a lot of oil a lot of stuff whereas movies that I know in these movies there. They're because my when my brother mug got his muzzle order. And after we saw Jeremiah we tried doing that no he can't he had these guys just that shooting. Assault rifles and movies of one hand to TI and try to hold trying to hold an AR. With a with a two to three loads on an and try to hold a met on full auto that in these movies with the what one ramp. Ireland Wales bill for this trip to go to halt the ladies who. Did you have been Robert Redford you're over the last castle. It sounds familiar now. Phenomenal movie and Robert Redford was. General. A high ranking. Military general and he ended up going to. A military prison for some sort of crime what what time period. I mean early war thousands know what all did it was aides say it was set in the early 2000. Oh okay so it was more of its not like World War II I don't know I don't I don't know hurry there don't turn there's a blaze. High ranking war general it's highly respected that ended up sending somebody on a mission worthy. Susan said Indian and go into military prison. And James Gandolfini. Plays though warden okay who wants to assert his power yeah over Robert Redford and there's a coup. In the the president trying to overturn. James Gandolfini and and Robert Redford is the leader of the leader of the Ku. What else filed the last go well guess again I rotate our country does it that take place in note of that allegedly wakes them America in America in America. Amazing really for war crimes are sever prison. And then if you commit. In Senegal in the Fort Leonard Wood and there are no longer or more about it and learned her war crimes there's a separate prison as compared to and a if you committed if you and I committed crimes all the time to check that out the last I like fighter strict. Of I'll find it in my fighters have to give Bob a call and ask them about hairdo to an end and like that letter a in going to tell me so I have how it's gonna show I was just get asked that is he's pro life. As does Tommy wasn't looking I don't know I think they think he endgame fond they're doing a head dance aerobics video part and market together. And and Robert Redford's 81 years old he's not dead. Good. I'll never speak in a dead I was speed reading more about this the CWD we talked about it after the deer season. And they've got at the disk they'll kills me kiosks. Fed up mean people just drop the head off. And they get the test results back. So I I'm kind of wondering how legal kiosk thing went this year now use both get results in. Real couple weeks real quick nine days is what they told me it's and its dealers up and Sparta. I'm curious. What's gonna happen with that 'cause I gotta feeling with extra testing most the state of Wisconsin will turn black. On that map where they have you know if you ever look at Indian arm and a got black common elsewhere at that CW ideas I get a feeling it's going to be everywhere. Just found a CWD a deer in burning comet that was tested. First one and running again. Every Garnett that's why they're now at its C before it was like look no evil see no evil we're not testing act only because we never found it there before or are you gonna find it if you're not testing and it. So now they're encouraging. But. I there was an article in Tom Michigan about this as well and apparently CWD is just not near what it is here it's just starting up there. And in that article they quoted some experts as saying this Tom. It's not a question of if CWD will jump the human barrier from animal to human. But when. And I think we've been down plan that for a long time I think they didn't think the mad cow could jump in a dead. And then they still we heard about this years ago when CWD first came out in Wisconsin. The story about I think it was some northern Wisconsin deer hunters who have been going out west for you from getting too was kind of like the same. Yeah I think it was parkinson's type related death may be the Jacobs whatever disease and another guy had some other type brain disease. The eyes of that really happening. Are like really low and that the time Nathan now. Strong Powell's possibility with those guys some some experts say that it's probably already jumped the species the barrier. It might have. But I I got off when we come back after the update we I think after we talked to Ryan from the ice fishing show a seminal five. I had a few complaints about some of those new rules and regulations and I'll tell you how some people were I speaking advantage. Of some of the rules and regulations for deer hunting this year that Tom knew by our best to deal. No or no god no not at all not at all is just about how some people took advantage of some of these rules and I eloquently about that after later but right now. It is time. For the of sports update your on 1057 FM the fan what's her with family and I'm lips tongue. With Gregg Jarrett a she reflects in.