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Saturday, February 17th
Cutting Edge Outdoors-Tom and Bushy take you on a wild ride through Wisconsin's great outdoors.

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True Lake Michigan to the Mississippi. Ended every rivers lakes and fielded it. Let's talk and everything outdoors you head out it's time to hop on the crazy train. Western shooters like cutting edge outdoors presented by Goldman insect repellent fasten your seatbelts pearl why. Drive through Wisconsin's outdoors. Only on sports Radio One 057 have. Yeah I know I. When the men were turned shooter supply. Well welcome folks are the second hour of power of the mid western shorter supplies cutting heads outdoors with your hosts. Danny bush in me coming to true Neubauer. We come to you every Saturday morning from six to 8 AM we're onto the stations 12:50 AM and 1057 have found. So tell your friends I'll wake them up early call about let me get up heard on the radio okay speaking out now all in 7991250. Is the phone number you wanna make comment or question 7991250. Okay. I gotta say hello to my buddy Bob Hayes in Madison because. He might be listening today. He sent me. A voicemail haven't heard from him in month but he sent me a voicemail Sunday he actually listen to Marshal for the first time but he didn't wake up and listen to it. But he podcast did the podcast yeah OK yeah. They like to show a lot OK we party got a little board was when you're talking with Al about wetland thing you said that went a little. He said that went a little long yen fell off them a little bit here a lot but he said he he like he he otherwise he liked so yeah Bob yeah pay about. Oh and about. No yet reject Keselowski and now we get people call in and out of comments questions the telephone was going under and break if ever called off. The station and it's not answering it's because work. Somebody big jazz is busy doing some debt and copy your haven't smoked in jazz is to any update yeah right right exactly three of us there's only three don't work out like those I don't let me go Hokies in here to handle all have Diana's yet I have they don't give like I'm a big show went on morning Joseph. They got big of people filled up annals back rooms you know answering phones do in this agreement they let the line ring for forty minutes like you know I I wanna talk to is bad enough they'll just stay on hold. I got a little upset I I called. Shot him now when commercial. Yeah. In the morning you know yesterday here to do before I called them we have Colin well. I'm not gonna get too specific but. They knew they were confused on something and all I wanted to do was to let them straight to tellem what it was sorry just and and I don't wanna go on the year but capable wanna beef that's right I know I don't know I was just because they weren't sure knowledge give him he would go to. The correct answer our way anyway. So I called up and I said that a producer whoever was answering that day. Or the intern or whoever nice city ice and I don't wanna go on here are just one or toll guys. Did I wanna give you some information tell the guys. And a guy said in the producer says I'm sorry I get other people align wanna get on a year any hung up on me. And I thought you know I took my time. To call. To help them. And it's producer did need you know wouldn't give me the kind of day so a screw you tell me what I. If I could tell on yeah I can't all when he hangs up on Tom will allow hideaway. By the way folks when you hear the ad for rob. River's edge big supply in big band. Owned by Nicky and Armando. It's on the corner of edgewood and 164. That edge or to not injured ten it's on an. Either. And you. I have to make that clarification has jazz and they're gonna cut a new entity such a tough one and I tell you about not sharing what we do. Why a year and a who cares not who plan. Number matter where you all were always worked in here during his show after the show. And you're do you remember Solano cares. You remember John years ago some Hulk. Week in week in we went for like a whole couples shows. We're all we ever say is so what who cares little amount we would call land in the aides say their day we go so well I don't care if half how. Might it be a high school basketball game and a bug in the starting lineups and someone comes on new Arab. Mean I love that on the and a slow unmoved there's I could be your motto in god put. They can teachers if those though was moved there. Now we just and a team we should do it won't be a great teacher jazz I can go by people protesting all over the US. Over whatever issue there is an all locked by with my teacher. So yeah but who cares a great. At least I get a teacher and we should oh but who cares the picture of a monkey on. When we were first doing this show what kind of monkey do we what I would call this I would answer the phones recess days. The phone mostly straight and Jeremy and I'd answer the phone. And there were a couple times guys would complain about what we were talking about or whatever what we didn't talk about a remember and then I would tell a guy. But they don't like listeners stations alternate ending up. And John we get mad if something so unhappy at all and that's not pass not that I accidental great address last. We've only if you don't like it don't listen to that shirt and a Saturday morning you confined in based. Decorating show that'll tell you what kind of drapes the by. You don't want to lift and not a us. Our financial show yeah finance and bought your floor low blood came and find investment. Unto you annually. But yeah if so. So does let you folks know out there if you don't like to listening to it. Oh come on tell us so we're always you know somewhere else so under grumpy old man in you. Yes you I was bit oh yeah the billion dollars is enough with the best honesty is definitely not honestly. Well see why is no matter what keep relationships together now I now known now so I Hughes says they never lie. Never had kids. Because when your kids are little little five year old Susie ceasing in at the school being in she's really terrible. And of course what you guys actually. What do you tell a lot but what of up overt blatant lies. Santa Claus yet has truly lied about Santa Claus the Easter Bunny. With another one from. The thumping header race up in Turkey's Null and funny. I did the other when there's another one. But there's no Easter bunnies and grandma says the fat guy and a red suit in there is. He Tooth Fairy Ali attitudes traders took that lead into the Tooth Fairy here's Mike. We get enough. And yeah. That's right we have heard it get up until the topic and I know I thought I did tell us we're number one. Eight he's not a matter saying Mike and he's got a great so also we're in the business of Billy clubs and yes he's great so Mike is going to be over at what ordinary home improvement shall raise the for a part today that's where he's delusional from. Yeah thank you might have heard it. They can't bag he's an elderly who are you guys silliness we are number words all we're just in the presence of greatness again like we can have him Mikey ends time giver might keep this place together is hard work he's your all time. And those are mainly and basketball coach do yes we got we got Mike over in less than Michael to climb and you're on the shelf the morning might. Morning guys up top pay well. Where Roy decision the first time. For the he's just. Yeah. Because I had a heart surgery last October and beat it. Wolf and delays please call into things and I'll just for your doctor if you're ever in trouble gold there on us in trouble. Just what had assured doctor he says his opinion or your right shoulder that you are using different shouldn't my ball he's enough. That's open access so they did and I always. Trainer doctors are the best I can read our of that yeah. Anyways. A lot of guys are gonna go through this Wisconsin conservation meetings this year due to that crossbow question now. What I learned the other night. Because I was got calls from more. It and then I went online and checked is that the locations. Of the meetings have changed in several colonies. Okay. And the word hasn't been out upmarket delegates were getting on the air and put those spots aren't. But around here a lot of guys like these think they're gonna go to the fair grounds a Washington colony. And it's going to be at the arboretum room that you models where at University of Wisconsin in Washington extension. Really yeah I thought you know I went online races by god directly change these locations. Now the giving side given shot out you can get a wc she Qaeda. Actually you know get on the air and occasional. It's not a bad idea well we have our friend Al shook who is a delegate for them yeah Russian officer coming I'm sure he can give us the rundown and I gives the Pentagon what data the hearings. I believe ended you don't know Canada's I think it's April 9 so we got time to get yeah well yeah I'll Mike ball. Don't you brought up on me. Like I got a question for you and Erick Erickson the question on cross blows mount. Tell us what it is right now. Well OK now I'm not gonna take give your opinion one way or the other way. You can I think there's room for everybody. I wish to enter you know I wish I issued a traditional bowl I don't care what do I issue. I've got all what's the question they wanna have a separate season for cross post. Here's the question and it was done by Chaz from balk rob archery. Who I give a lot of credit to looses he could make money on crushed goals but you laid it out there is an MRB member. And it basically comes down to this. Do you want to be you know because of the recent uptick in them Mona you're being killed. Compound vs vertical bowl. PU. Why aren't the crossbow. They have their role season in other words big shorten up the season within the archery season. Pretty simple course. What's happened over the years and no disrespect and oil's a great guy which you are a lot of these WGC guys. I'm 68 but. They're gold medal of old ideas I mean they eat good guy he's more for something. And they still don't push it to rule. Soul I guess the point was its biggest the other piece is I'm gonna put a question out there. And it's going to be a simple question is are gonna be a two part question. Last year they got a two part question. Other WGC put out. And it was 11. Canceled all the other. In other words it was a little it was a little confusing. It would dump out all it's this law does it forward so if you do not want across all season shortened. I think basically what it is it is a you don't get a lot of Iran that's basically what you come down to. Sorry. If they wanna. They use that you'll want to bull. Are you saying they're pretty much trying to eliminate guys using the crossbow during the rough time with. Yeah I mean let's be honest people barter crossbow for one reason they're gonna hunt brought the medal swimmer rifle under for wanted to do that no. I don't either you mean that's just common sense these deals are put a three year study in this. Are you did not increasing hunter participation. He did overall a lot of people to get into the sport that couldn't pull pull back. Or don't have that tie in stuff like that. So all you know it's it's a personal decision I don't think anybody's rights or anybody's wrong it's public words. He would speak to me in my opinion should come down to what's good for the hurt deer management. What's good for my secret somber anybody else what's good for the bird. It right after this break. Mike we got to go through a break in Matt Danny and I are gonna give our opinion yeah and then we'll talk more goods are of space for Collin Mike appreciate it. Okay thanks let's go. Well we're gonna go to a break right now he's I had he'll give our opinion on that friendly comeback here on the midwestern shooters vice cutting edge outdoors on moral by seven FM the fan. It is now time to. To recap to crown. Winner of this year's NFL fought football picking contest brought a new way for early bush will be his lovely wife. Rondo really brought you by curly he's waterfront club on. All right so go ahead tell us who won. Far. I it's all on an exciting I wish it was your last week to announce this month when an exciting. Suitable deem that was regardless of the folks in one anyway scares the heck I. Our rights all. It was between the caller and the producers. And it was a way and it was a game. It was decided by one game the caller was ahead. 41 or excuse me 42 and 34. Correction in the prisoner had forty tube and 34 and callers with 41. And 35 where we've been doing mr. oh we wanna find and we wanna find out where water nobody cares gap just tell us test our winner. Was the producers are right at 842. Current CF 44 to dissect and 35. Diaz this'll only with your per couple that's why he's not a producer. Is with a meth. There aren't they still care yeah a lot of calls solid and think that's what I'm trying to say I'm an email Greg and let him know multiple boy just fly zones and a chocolate ran it. Congratulations to the producers for winning the other early otter is front easily bunny rabbit. A ball picking contest at all age I had thought why not yeah luckily I already now all right. I had that align our zones and a nonsense I got Lynn. She's call over from Waukesha she is they hunt the Ericsson is safety hunter hunting safety and started the morning Glenn. They know what's your thoughts on next. I I don't feel it it would be fair. Cute crossbow hunters to shorten their season means we have a little enough time meant that it can go up in time. And I I pray to the console because I weigh a hundred pounds and there's no way I dropped back a ball with enough. I don't pressure. To actually Caroline there okay. And I I I feel that why should I be sure analyze a season you. Because I'm I'm unable to shoot a regular ball. Well Lynn tell me if you agree or disagree I agree that man yeah I've been telling you agree with Tom. Tell me if you disagree or agree with me on this point of view. I feel like the reason we have a deer hunting season is to kill a deer. We get we can kill one baht may be a door to were whatever it is but art that's that's our reason is the hardest year. So doesn't really matter what we harvested deer with weather. You get a license up to shoot a deer so who cares what you sure whiff. A UC IBC wood and sand. I agree I think and guys are not part of the conservation work pigs slightly higher than numbers. Exactly and let's face it not everybody's gonna get a deer whether it be across Bork or compound Bora shotgun or rifle not everybody's gonna get one. You also. But you don't give people a chance to use what they're comfortable using and let's face across across bulls are off some. Well here's the deal ever be accurate I have both now. In this year I hunted with both and I didn't shoot anything with either one but it was nice having both stand. Lynn's right you only you think you've got three months the hunt in the it boils down to a couple of weekends and then if you get two truck worked on one weekender weather's bad the other all of a sudden. Time can run shark. And I think having I in all. I think having the option of using either in a perfect world I wanted to issue one early you know shoot to go with my bowl and trying get a big buck with a crossbow I didn't do either I didn't get but with a rifle this year. But I think you have any option to do both is fine in if it ain't broke don't fix that and I think bow hunters over the years. Initially. Have always been a little bit on the selfish side where they don't want anything infringing on the air rot time in other words they certainly don't want the gun season. To open early any earlier than it does cause they want their ride time from health and don't want crossbow hunters they have their. Yet rot time as well I think it seems a little bit snobbish yeah I didn't. It's a little louder and I think about it if they were limited to one box. But to get back this year I got nothing. I hear the golf I dig it I got a buck. And I did get it with my current. I didn't get any any guarantees him. Right well I I I don't. You know what I am what I wouldn't be adverse to that. But nowadays people aren't happy if they don't get a buck with their rifle they don't get a buck with their bowl they don't get a buck with a muzzle loader if they didn't it was a bad season. Yeah a little spoiled in this state. Well Lynn thanks for listening to the show and thanks for your comments. Well we appreciate RAI no end our caller Mike mentioned cast in all. Does has a great shot by a rub and they do have kraus both their treasure may help me set up. Mike cross ball and I shouted at the range that the range sent fantastic place and and I'm sure he does. Make money on and in fact they will match any price on any cross over more I mean nick thought. But I I think he's pretty much a purist bowl punter. In him in a lot of the guys initially there. But I think if people roll with the times I think the kraus will become more and more accepted sure. And as Maria awe and by the way in my son mixer that was good information to a that you gave them one week is he he's been a crossbow this summer it's already purchased from but he doesn't need it in Arizona right now you'll get it went on moves back here. But anyway Andy said that how you said that there will be. I'll package undetected for the broad heads for cross it'll take 40 yeah it'll say that meets low that's good info is now in those with a look for what is he gonna -- when he gets here this has already dirty paid his brother in law for he took care of that business you know but he said don't send it down the measles and then use it down here right now so. When he was Beck appeared this summer he'll. Now in on the house I'm really good time to get a good deal on a cross bowler bull puppet. Mid western shooters supplies they normally sure big rack out there with and really nice tiny and both in Klaus Mose than they normally. Haven't been there in a while but they normally have some pretty good deals yeah. I would probably now's the time probably to get one and get ready get ready rather than waiting till fall yeah how we get a better price now. Well so many people wait till that last week before opening a bowl season you know. And it's like no they better start in July or something you'll get really get ready with a practicing and all that stuff you write all the equipment ready. Yeah I you know start early you're also you're not scrambling at the same thing with fishing too. Start early to get all your stuff ready don't wait until the last minute you know all right if you need new line. Go get it now put it Don get it ready you know do with marchers or whatever you know but. Just do it ahead of time not that your scrambling you know if you don't want a scramble my now's a good time also check your rods with a Q tip. You know the robbed guides. Taking Q tip and run it around all the inside of the guides. Is if you get any clue mic on area it's gonna do is to appear line terribly you know so. You know what I hate but he eight beanie you in a hit especially now that rods are. Eight feet long. Why do I always do this I always hit the ceiling with my rod too hot hot hot hot. I had this is me off well I don't well all right I got this nice 300 dollar I'd be real carefully aren't. Next thing you know walking from one room to the other morning I being an end to the law gives a telescopic tip. The only time about it tipoff with I had this brand new rod real and I was following my dad goal and up north. Two I guess we are in a musky hunt but it was spinning around real anyway and you know what I was doing muskie efficient. But bear ran across the road as driving myself basic strains AM greatest current world and has gone about seventy miles an hour and on the roads being and the bear ran across rule and I hit the brakes hard. And unbeknownst to me this long rod that had and it's laying across the back of my car. That tips lit outside my window because I had the driver's side window down gas so. When I went to what the window back up but the power window hi Curtis an app I slept the tipoff on my brand new rom. In and then just another one of those hazards and find my dad lefty that is funny when I got to her that I snapped what happened to her and her brother laughed at me through. And a select a friend laughing and in at your other bodies misery. Although funniest story and talk about misery. Mark Horton he might be listening in Ron Johnson be meat fish attractive yet on Johnson. Who's going to be coming up. Visiting against the red a couple of months as talking to last week in fact he's probably going to be. Actually he's fishing with mark and today they're going for big bath these are there on how this is where is Thomas who. Public to make out in the in the big blue gill haven't started yet so go well he's not going to be coming down yet but you can watch TV on Gillespie's so you'll see Iran. Yeah let's go get the best balance out their start in the come on beds. There's Arnie didn't really respond yeah and so anyway it was nine. Teen nine be no may be 2000. And I and my dad and Ron Johnson and mark Horton went up to not get through lake. And they were digging law lies around one side of the island we were geoghan while eyes and the other. In all of a sudden it was real quiet they'd you know how sound carries over water also and I heard a bloop. In the next herded GD swearing going on. In what happened with Orton had his brand new thing cry much. While I run the very when he was breaking about you know he was my special deluxe while I ride Kraft fight this and had. He put it in one of those you know those crappy rod holders those little metal rod a little look a little history by not yet you know I guess tightly al-Qaeda all gaggle continually have found out he had one. What he lost the whole rod holder in his state right rough at all and though I already feel it. Moon. I you know I Carlos couldn't help but. Our law after rod beating not exactly like that but I always efficient best term who's on the wall forever. And I miss the really nice fish. Both side little. And like an idiot that sometimes you do things that you don't mean to do but it just happens I took that rough. Admit when I look as far as they couldn't that are river. And after he did it and I don't have cracked. Spoke at the dumbest thing. Vote Obama I taught myself dominated and. And the. It was just dumb I know I just was so upset and losing that nice fish or golf club I know and I just. Out. For that. Well let us stupid hey you know at least it wasn't one of those real expensive rod and reels like they have nowadays you know I mean it wasn't decent run finals by others have go 33 that's right again I'll get and others have echo what it was midwestern shortest price cutting heads outdoors give us a buzz if you'd like 7991250. We'll be right back with more. Okay. It's about time. And to continue listening to the midwestern shoes place cutting edge outdoors. You know sometimes jazz and where bird an eagle on you probably ventured off on he's out there walking around a lot of the one or are now is not a hundred. No word yet. I don't so what stairs so what their. Well you know sometimes people load you know they and he did they don't like my comments elective said before but at least and Orrin coming from like I said before with a deer hunting. It it it's kind of like with like rabbit pundit. Doesn't really matter if you should the red with a 22 a shotgun a ball and Errol I mean it doesn't really matter of you get so many a day if you want to if you're lucky enough Walter look any guilt in me dotted pro shotguns are going to be your best that know unless you try to get a head shot but let you can always pick the pallets I'll read all have you ever bitten into. Lead pellet if you read like a pheasant or Revver thank god I haven't I have been a few over the years. Generally look for me you can find him and get a monitor bug me anyway. Boy I'll tell you what when we had that warm up there. Lot of that snow melted and made those ice that made the lakes of pretty slippery like Leo west right because there was so much water out in own. Point out today I don't know we we only got you know when it comes ice fisherman begat this is the middle of February I would say it probably a week I would see him about three weeks Yemen and well maybe maybe four. Well they close off the game fish season early you know is usually around march 5 roughly. Is that is like after the first week. Yeah the year well. They they close in early were likely to Cheney's got to be off the late and then enemy close certain games finish bidders are closed but you can still pan fish but. You know that laid eyes who ought to be careful you know you get and he is easily careful whenever you're on all because I listened fell. And Boston nine young guys are really he summing Kenton I did yes never yeah when you were at a torn meniscus well you did. When common along those this is Friday now is in Nashville. You tore your ministers senior walk around via like no no problem no that's solid ball. I mean we're all around now I've got it priest I'm fine and it's an I nine you can do a few years ago I tore mine and at first couple days I couldn't walk and matter of fact it took me about a week before a good. The fact there was one of the two days. Then I missed the show here out in in almost ten years I've only missed two Saturdays. It was it was day two days three. Was was the worst I was dancing. My my ways through Nashville. Iran and China a busted too much of a move then slipped and yeah custom mean in the Boston Dini and none I came back from home. And got out of the airport and as a marking. To remain its carton a slip and on and that's what it is and that's what can you that's what made him worse. When you know when I tore my meniscus I wasn't I wasn't even do anything it street Louis I was just walking. Elvis and see just ripped into but I had been feeling. Pain is had been getting worse and worse you know you know and then it ripped but I'll tell you what the doctor went through he was so cool. Docked. Doctor bong whose name doctor bong bong. So is it sounds like he does I'm not a me keep my mouth yeah dot actually he's a relative he's a relative of general bong that they name. They named dubbed bong recreation center after a great time for bush you'll want to lower tunnel. Most famous ball on the ball and the ball on. So anyway. What happened was when I went to see him and he you know he's feel around for many took some X rays and all lists and I said rather get operate document. He said no he says who are your meniscus. In eyes and so what's gonna be done and he says as your age middle yourself or about it. When he admitted that actual father operating there and we'll yeah and all yeah. Well I. He said well you're Asian artists I usually end there are yeah he should've looked out of studies. Rampant here anyway in the junkyard yeah there are going to be dead dumb of the dogs and a sudden it looked adamant since soleil. Who cares. Nadia he said yeah if you were a teenager we go under sewed up or fewer on young athlete you know. So what else but he's good here page heal itself and you know what it did. It did and tell myself I would be thinking and I think I've just been insulted it's not really where the young athletes out really well. I've not young and I'm not an athlete so enjoy fishing all hunting we yell out we have an email here Danny. This is from Tony the bottom feeder. And Tony says this is about your defeat I saw a year augur yeah yarder he said. Just make sure you use good gas LO well. Lou who and who isn't that oh well just make sure easy do recommend jiffy does recommend. Is little ethanol as possible yes this all lights but I did not. Bother getting it and take a ride out there to where you gotta go against that. You go up sixteen. How. What does the Bronx street what does that Ole. Well key piece I think you that's that's who you are out to Nissan north. Yeah go right by Dan's place yeah you go right by his Dan Johnson's textured studio you gold north. And you get in the town. Visit and shipped and I think. And you'll see a gas station on the west side of the road and it says good old gas tax work and G Ole L upon us here's an old gas here's the thing. I have been using just regular gas that I buy and then auger all the easier and any out has yet at all. Haven't really had any problems you know felt. I I did just stop with the gas station and I took dead jiffy synthetic with the fuel stabilizer it mixes with one gallon and I got a gallon liquidity in the auger. I guess in the future going forward. Yeah Al fight if I can get bad gas. But at the moment you know in you don't even want to buy the gas and keep it for a year to the gas right yeah not both Havel's death that they're not even in death. Illinois period of time knowing if it's it's too long it'll separate on you and you don't want it's added to mix it up. It is it yet you got to sustain it in an op yeah yeah Atlanta mile path and better shake shake it out otherwise does super idea to encourage you to Orlando would be okay. Yet he encourage you not to worry about it is cars always move and it's always mixing you know. So unless it was sitting a long time so you know the worry about that. Yeah we are talking a little bit about you know I said those jazz while you were out I said. You know like when I said before about my comment about the year who cares what you should do was get a license to go kill an animal who cares which killer with. It's just like when your rabbit hunting who cares if he should with a Tony to a shocked honorable Merrill who cares it's every want to sugar mill. Truth be told. If we're gonna get. Posse well then let's just go back to re Kurds in the north sites and let you do instinctive shooting and let's really make it a talent that's when I start and let me get an edit it shall and they cared no elevated trees they'll yeah. Well like you're so when I first started Doug deer hunting with balls. That's the way it was it was re curves and it was you couldn't open a tree while you could go up and you can sit on a limb. But you couldn't have any kind of of affixed mom like we have now days you don't you do. I mean so most of it was just dug you don't ground blinds are standing by in a tree you know. The one. Deer hunter that at the all all around hunter that I respect the most with Fred bear down and neck I was incredible man nowadays you got these. Archery experts dear experts that you see going speaking and all the white tail shows you got the husband wife teams all these. Experts and get off. I think yours go to white tail hunter is the private land that you own medium to shoot those giant white tells you what impressed me. Get a bunch of hunters together do it like a musky tournament where they'd let loose on a lake and say OK you guys are the hot shots let's go. Why do you think a lot of the musky pros don't do it tournaments. Because they're expected to be you know all their key right expected to do well you take it let's take a twenty square mileage climb again Flores. Give them all re occurs tell in the hunt down the ground and you'll find out how greeted deer hunters they really aren't out a long way after that one near your left doctor. And out a lot like I said that's it another go on there it. Which prominent edit them and their allotted Europe that are may affect a lot of coming Randal. Now they are going back. Like on my wealthiest state and Douglas Kona deer coming back but there. Yet others wrote William a lot of out of the DNR Frieden the wolves with all's well that to put up there there's a cougar joke you know they're cool that was on camera up there is above five miles remind. From my landing there right on me and I'm sure that cougar could become and and should that one too when you see it may be out. Officer shoot that well no you don't I can get could I could get the biggest. Female halls can't confined in heat staggered to a tree yeah. I thought I could elders. I want to big cat guys say they're cougars right the way up in Washington County now it's a male cougar. The new genre female looking for love in all the wrong places. Yet and you don't have to worry about it could have Colorado and relate to those mailed cougars Tom. They're relaying data UN and female minister in the wrong though it's all right so you're only females know what they call load what are they called the when you're you're raged in and they're delete women are you an older Saber tooth Saber truths yes. I get hurt ideas Saber tooth hit non me a couple of weeks ago. Yeah I sat down nine in in the deed to clear view of the game was lake and the bar stool right next door. Saul. She invited me over there and I thought it was just so I'd have to cleared you into the game but then. The conversation begin term. Oh I don't you monitor Vonage I didn't finish the game like tonight I loved by god and and he wanted to hear by the good jazz is back jams limp and as he tore his meniscus is that what you guys are talking about it's harness a do do their own doing play football anymore I dual testing. Slipping an idling in Nashville when you're dance yeah. That all that static mail were vulnerable worked most applauded dance in Baghdad today we'll talk more off him break a wait till the slightest little marine and the girl in addition the Columbus Circle take us through the end of the night. Tell you about Holland and remind them I've seen new life in Nashville take his two biggest breakdown and we're listening to their mid western shooter supply will be back. Welcome back to mid western shooters supply cutting edge outdoors and in bush along with Tom knew Broward jazz is Els. I Munich and culminate at the button again I'm hitting buttons did not dale how are you. I'm hidden buttons hi Gayle hey dale I talked to dale last Sunday. End he was. Without any isolate Geary gets in a while lies. Limits I hear or can you give us a little bit of a report on how you did side is such tactics anything. While I can tell you know that that are spraying the big the big female burning yet okay we did your card warned that 125 and mail. That was the ball five and a half com. That was a good one hop but most of all we are where sixteen recording your true. Looking every day you get you know water true that were bigger than that though. But what it lets hope what is the limit they're now for for per per person out. Their current year record and six at their primary here there are per person yet I heard it then it goes up to eight later on got and there are no protection under. Really yeah you can keep your limit every day. In. So you guys pretty much limit on every day then. Character not okay now let me ask Jeff. Where you go one on his view a port Clinton area where exactly everybody on form. While we were outer band are you by what we gated 34 mile below the lakers took a little plane out of port Horton bay. Really why we went we dirty or I'll vote for we reduce caught in Ireland and then you took took took a plane. Yeah a little tricks your playing up what I eat their candidate like. The thought there's a guy there that's actually renting the fly people allow it. Derek boarded our report that's a deal may have cooled a bit you know and so you can't get slain. And then you stay in it like a log your motel then I'm. Peter Pereira got lucky I got a body that I rented a house they're the double while like fishing season. Well that's Smart. Now we're ends in lied bait or artificial bill. Library the less paperwork the other Olympic glow Swedish couple. Yeah I mean I'm caught I caught my brother not fair. Like like it chicken wrap it up like that may catch a mind that Cuba they're Swedish tripled this in Butte state. Mean really the old Swedish pimple that's been around forever Tom F Sherrod has been my day had a month had a bunch old ones in his tackle box years ago. But that you set a goal lol there's a glow one. Yeah they're great it's got a little white Vick articulate or baker might might want partied at has been living there or not. Period sticker get cut for many here's the kicker regarding you was still camera without the. In matter. Now are they are there different size Swedish pimples you guys. Yeah he I I could only by by around here and it was funny because you look on the Internet you can't find the seven my buddies are used in the south. And by Iowa and you care or I couldn't even find in my line nobody has filmed by the body triple little gas station on the island has. Or bored what really sold on small little overlooked place is the place that has them at the big major places are sold out. They aren't very clear right arm and now is the seven the bigger one now got. Okay how about where you're cute in the fired workers a bar I would create. Our heir parent and shorter like bear that in what do you do you just lower those to the bottom and just jig a man. Yeah you put a metal on there and I mean. If you're at all Melbourne cup to get out there to we have the yet yet applied to men because normally each state traction. Early in the season before I come during. And nailed that number this year the middle and come here. Normally you have free middle that'll take the picture everybody has the buy out. How about girls are they flying those into the country. The but that's. Gets a little low Leo Baier. That's. How Longoria out there for dale are a week a whole week now. While you must have brought back a lot of wallet Phillies. Well we've brought very. Two coolers full laws now are you guys using electronics to two or definitely you and that the party think user's current under the I so you put your backs are about their near my buddy were fishermen are actually got her three old expert in the middle. Couple morning director outlined down there might look what you could do you like the way opposite side migrant load up the screen. Really while there and then like by noon it straight up in now. Really alert yeah a couple times to go out there and turn it back up the beltway area here who are now on the all the opposite direction. I use them like a flasher vexed fired head thing the spot the schools. Yeah you did go out there altered to create. And that's a hard thing you got our track and it's not like little chicken move your risk for me and you get two or three port yank their pulpit. Really cute you know miners. It's just our real well and I can't tell you how many of those basic car by ten feet below I. Wow you just are real up able probably helped that and also in the poll done. How how deep water where you fish and 32 feet 32 feet. Went out sounds like a great time dale. With or lose it before I'll let anybody Jagan task masters forum. You know the spoons. Yeah very. Are pictured from wrong. OK but it sounds like death Swedish pinball was a route to go and you mentioned you might go back as big females gonna become an in later. Yup there's more to be. I didn't hear in their whether the little warmer here so and that's why. If if he thought domain landed a little more get here and you can't goal nearly as much or aspire because when you're on Iowa and and that I kinda locked in their little bit so and declare itself where we're and it doesn't take off by your right away. Okay because they know the wallets for tomorrow guys too few lucky game their shoot for the first week of march now. We are don't know are going to be very that's yeah. RA dale bullet to get good good talk inning good good luck enough I'll swing by it for the impact of lay's. I really appreciated buddy. Okay are they can't bail out there. I had a great time today Danny we covered a lot of topics and I'm sure work will cover more next week yeah well that's all I got that's all I got. To all listeners thanks for listening and god bless and stay free every month. You've been listening to the mid western shooters supply don't cut me off Wallace for tomorrow today you lucky waterfront. Either aloha.