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Saturday, June 23rd
Cutting Edge Outdoors: Tom and Bushy take you on a wild ride through Wisconsin's great outdoors!

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True Lake Michigan to the Mississippi. And every rivers lakes and field in the let's talk everything outdoors you head out it's time to hop on the crazy train. In western shooters like cutting edge outdoors presented by Goldman insect repellent fasten your seatbelts pearl why. Ride through Wisconsin's outdoors. Only on sports Radio One 057 have. Okay. What the men were. Shooters so. That's right folks it's this. Can our. Of your ride on this crazy train here in Wisconsin we do appreciate you being with a 7991250. Is a phone number he's daddy bush I'm Don and a true Neubauer. And Christian jazz calls is our producer who will be answering your phones. With bush she's question. Of what is so OK I'll read AA yet we got a bunch of callers right now they'll wanna guess. Okay it's chaos sports fish that the American. But it's rarely talked about cocaine. Land is that he sent us now it is saying he's staying because I made a guess. During the break you did and remember when I asked if there was a certain fish and you said nope not that one we go okay we got a bunch following. We got a bunch of callers that they wanna take a guess I'll send a motto if you got a buzz or send a Montana. Have seen it all day camp talk on the same room on dragon is now blown up here on the I'm gonna call that missile. So yes you like. You little buzzer if that's wrong. In Cuba. Rory who if they're right on the media cheers anyway you look like our guys here all that let's get the signal so. Like if they're wrong of me to give the thumbs now got it. If that's correct. Album we don't think again why are you could do is saying it wrong around does say it's right back them up. You do wonderful I'm going too fast or you know Jim you do wonderful instance are beginning get a look at all are clearly don't that a phone calls on it and impatient apnea on the did you lost your fan. You were ignored arc. What's your guy. That's what you said mark. And I guess that's not great but thank you it's right that they strive tanks and raised here Gary Hart went down. And all very new Burl and you are on the fan napalm in the morning aren't Lauren what do you think it is fro. More specific what kind of trial Rick. Now I'll. Well that oh wait a minute there there OK they are entitled to is staying and imprisonment by now. Well 79912. If you're like oh number fall and all those are fish that are. You know good up there and maybe not talked but not the one I'm rethinking about. Not delighted to start guessing don't we do yes do Meehan jazz did I guess I just answer the phone over there there's. No colors are now 7991250. Is the phone number. When that defies pack of many might. Now speaking of lake Trout yeah that. It it was a pretty darn good guest you know they get big lake Trout. Out of the Minnesota side and on the Michigan side on Lake Superior yeah. Gelman I know her Brothers now guiding. Mom there and showed me some dinner pictures of some. Big big lake Trout that they're getting up there in Lake Superior and a lot of Ollie out of the Michigan at night and a lot of lakes in Canada have speak. Lake Trout in for years. My a book of world records remember my world book encyclopedia. When I was a kid in the sixties. It at one time listed the world record lake Trout. Is 63 palms Romo is out of Lake Superior on the check it out well you can check it out now and I think it's seventy pounds out of I don't know god the lakers some lake in non int in Canada but back at that time. 63 pounds was listed as the world record lake Trout. And Mike cousins mom used to go to rummage sales there in the loose. And she actually picked up a head of a fish. With its jaws open and nailed to a board in it looked like the giant muskie was a monster lake Trout. It is inevitable we got another another. Yes and we've got to line up for ale hopefully we got something like we are ready to rumble Mike did mommy falls on sand. With your guests. Oh. Nice Weis is not working extra you can dates are listening in Tryon but they sat OK next. Joseph west Dallas Jones fan. More ago aren't we apart. That's sick people don't ask a what does blowing us up but that's your buzzer thanks for listening they straddled it. The number on your antenna buzzer ready to. Are out there ago. On your Merlin really roll in here and can't. Wait. Now somebody asks them all I really get their mileage out of this question let me tell you. That's our lineup group okay it's 799 volatility we've still got to pass a mini mites and their weight are you. I know and we've had been critical. Up again for. Guess who's. I know what I did. And look enough stuff here in the wrong book called their he's looking at the late don't know records though. And I swear to gosh it's probably not let me and under L record lake Trout now's probably in the seventy poem ranged. Well end up looking under Belfort lake Trout in it I'm a motif for trial there I know that sort of looking toward not nearly. A. I know yeah lining up and Lauren yeah. It's in envoy to get a lot of truck near a year ago. You're right. And the new ball tackle capital link system will mock note never done great bear lake in northern west on every other within minutes and it 72 pounds for me what this is why we need an intern to get up at 5 AM so we can have somebody. It's the calls and put them up on the screen and do it as Nike it's it's talk what a tough job he we didn't have been. That is did you pay box or exactly you get them learn exactly northside young fans. OK Dan what's against. Morning guys come and say. Earl. There. If the drug out of eliminate good yeah yeah yeah let's let you know yeah I'd Trout eight I got. Yeah you know Dan hey there yeah yeah yeah you know I'm I'm looking at at the book rate of of of different Trout. And this is what they got in the world record book there's Apache Trout a roar Trout brook Trout brown Trout bull Trout. Cut mode Trout up throat Trout Bally Barden golden. They're and I laid out and reported word talk and Minnesota all around me I know nobody radio by oh we don't let nobody was gonna guess the way. Nobody even Knowles the Sox OP. Tiger there're so many different drought is unheard of looking at an answer okay I can explain why yeah brook Trout yes OK it. As you can go up the North Shore north of Duluth. In you can get up into the wilderness up their guys in there is. Unbelievable untouched brook Trout fishing up there really reason I'm at all. Is my cousin lived in Duluth he was and to pike and musky fishing he quit bad altogether got it to fly fishing. And he would go up in just spend literally weekends and weeks going way up here in camping and going into these remote. Remote truck spot this one time he was there in X in a couple timberwolves come by am along a Trout stream but he'd get wave back in the beaver ponds. He gets a hundred brook Trout a day around it was unbelievable so he took me one time. In I didn't have a nice stocking foot waiters I just thought well just weighed in my cut off you guys realize wading in those cold streams. Your legs go numb yeah eyeball broken ankle I just went back by the truck by the dirt road and I cut brook Trout Duncan a worm. Just big fat ones we took back to Duluth and fried him up with eggs for Barack he went ahead caught 6070 of them that they but fabulous fishing for brook Trout up so. You're gonna go in so many mites have you ever used them before. Absolutely and speaking of many my token Colin and ask you Tom because I know you mention all the time your favorite color and I always forget I wanted to. It's O cure Traber warmed. It's the orange one it's got the shark truce head but it's the orange body. That's. One a and one B is. Though Y eight with the paint head. So those are my favorite colors but orange is the one that shall see I am I right now here's aren't the five peck I'm gonna send you. What would they include in the five peck is their five top sellers. Okay it's the final rulers are the better their best sellers. So you know period yet there's a blue one in there and I've never used blue. But but it's got to be resolute and tough it's in their top five best seller sold blue communities are one of these days I gonna try blue. Because you know sure truces good purple is good you know they're there's other good colors now. You can compare acorn is last week cannot put on development did pretty well. Yeah who thinks the you know how digit margins on don't. I've got a small motor on my end so I've stayed pretty quote Korea launch okay. Well I'm going there tomorrow. I am venue now Cleveland I know we're going real high right now yeah water supply high considering you must see this is why we're going tomorrow the leak is no way all along and that's why we're Golan because all those crazy people driving around in circles while the other us. It was crazy yeah weaken our ball go on a weekend again our culture boy that's crazy on the weekend on their butt so that's why we're going there tomorrow because no way. I love your own and and we. Now these catch fish. Yeah I did really well caught the biggest blue gill in my life yeah. I had to be eleven inch any of them still are. Caught some nice pass I caught a seventeen into basket like you said earlier with that big when you caught this one had before problems that we only seventeen inches. You know it's amazing every yeah you get some of those are so fat they look like a Florida bass. You know no they're big Elian on Gatti and int and elements got some big fat ones in there. A couple might almost true but they've they were all fifteen interest in her. Oh sure jazzed it's here and yes since the males and we'll have done at tax sent out there SA patriot since they hold on did you at all and then I'll pass along to the longer guys thanks for calling her if it but I don't. Others another satisfied guy with a mini mites. You know I got a bad Joseph didn't win me. Armstrong's from running in and pretending he's listening from. Well you know you know the funny thing I was gonna see about. Oh god was against it just I just went out. Went right out of my you're gonna say we will be right back after the it's a recurring Abreu and bring up pay the bills have been losing their badly RA when he puts on his sunglasses that means he's getting aggravated. Yeah knowledge is means it's really bright and hear her and or your follow her no don't yeah. Is how I got right again I got four blatantly for an hour's sleep and friends that. I'm having a cook go to like a stone or trying to cover up your ray and I think you appreciate that if I have friends I we have France on have a compelling example that statement dyke finally I resent that actually resemble resemble that ballots from over that I had a nod we got to go to break though man all right let's go to break we'll be right back folks stay tuned for more. Hey good morning everybody. Welcome back. As we usually say but why don't we always say welcome back golf course or bad but. We do welcome you to the midwestern sugar supplies cutting edge outdoors. We appreciate you tuning in 7991250. Is the phone number and not lying right now. What. Else can all I was skinny Q1 of these. Home. All you can hear it but a lot of great it's wonderful okay. Criteria I'd aligned with this right now is the fishing legend Paul Molitor you pol they've all the. We ordered our corridor good today serie I hope we can wake you up you probably know you know your problem and away you are launching right now we're interrupting your. But I thought you because we got had a caller was on and relevant because there is no way in it was nice she's getting big blue gills and I thought Paul fish is delving let's give Pollack call yeah. I'm going out there tomorrow Paul. Because it's a no way can I like that late when it's a no wait a. I do do and I've been fishermen know about those same out there are now only I always do you do it's a beautiful back. Yeah I've read on the DNR report Pittman known what beside didn't mention men go to at all but which which lakes are no wait Paul. Well I know I know bundled what these. I'm actually gonna go out and try solution government ordered today. Hope clinic and and that's such a big leg got the way to the way I understand there was an and the weight got a knack yeah it's all. Such a big weight. That that's one place open does she always say it is not on the way. Well you know Paul what I plan on doing tomorrow since we're on the north the launch is on the north and the late and we wanna go to the South Bend. And since it's a no way I think will troll all patrol the weed line all the way down to the south fifth million now. I mean I guess I had you know. That's a good idea yeah a lot of the got a lot of baggage. All cranked it so yeah they're all all the make up some really nice there. Yeah so that's what I know that's what our game plan is tomorrow now heads have you been on an element late recently. I never bet on that and probably in a boat. Probably about eight. Oh you bet longer I'd like yeah it's day three years America. That. No I bet I'd been. You know play into doing the most sweeping early in the morgue and then then. Going relevant question that matters and Janet Patterson couldn't as it has been very good this year. Now what on television. Interview you and I went years ago in targeted pipe gunned relevant have you. Been back there Jason I make are you most. I don't kite did that. Oh probably about two weeks of golf out there and threw it in the you know week. The party can get all these people always think it all you got to push Weekes replaced it on a Blake won dead deeper colder waters so. I use those nor heavier Robert Bates like little jaws are but dues is. States that you concur sort of culled go until that point what. And I were nailed down on reduces years ago Aaron yeah count them without ever ever we are 25 feet of water and that any you any -- I think too much about it in only use how to crank it jerk get working on it and why am they'd come up and smack it is pretty cool off. Have you noticed out there are two Paul where you'll find their crop these on the weed line edge but when you go out of that let's say. Eighteen to twenty feet of water that's sort of the blue gills are. Exactly the logos are more we'd oriented than that late to work you know it and they still are but they may get only worse Jose gets a little doubt whether commonwealth so the crap prison without move. Are all the weeds you know not not all of a bubble ball they're not out with a bulldozer you know people you got a special little deeper for those skills. Yet you definitely do and and you know it's funny I always tell people he'll. You'll find those crop these on the deep weed line edges in the summertime maybe not all the deeply died edges but when you find a Mets further gonna be you know. As a matter fact we got a spot on the lower. Lower. Upper and lower right I know Bob LaMont a thank you I'm Lauren a modern Rihanna spot work copies are always there. You know it's one of those inside turns you know we'd lined insight turn drop off. They're always there maybe not always the biggest side east. But night you know but they're always there. So how have you been doing on the Madison lakes. It's there it's been very good social. And just just Roland. You know our crawler or go because you've got slashed their guy and I can also be shut gonna launch gave them. Off the lead edges and you know we've got a lot of always pitched in yet still. There's gold. Fairly shall we let's oil would then get somebody's wallet is dormant so. Remember one time you and I went we slammed the bunch I think we were going for Gilles and we ended up with a bunch or crap Beason will be sent. Years ago and in June so. In fact you might have heard Paula I was gonna give he'll call. But a month ago. There were guys. On a weekend on. Screwing our guys how might that be like a beach yeah we're boats anchored around there and they were getting. Limits of nice sights trapeze I couldn't believe it. I've never seen that before. Yeah I think I heard they were certainly gets them they scrapped result. I haven't done that but I heard that dual. Yeah I mean have to put data might to do list next year Arnold tried to bug there'll be none. That's what they did pretty good guy I heard that they were doing pretty good discussion to do and I am. They're guys right now Paul that are targeting wall lies in what they're doing is they're trolling the deep we did with rappel was on me. West stand hidden from rocky point to sports back. And I talked to a kid the other day and he's been he's been getting some small wall lies. Keeper here in the air but he's been getting big crop be strolling rappel laws while. They speaker rappel as Paula when was the last time you used like a five inch floating blackened silver rappel. Only if it is. The it's been awhile. Yet you don't need it it's for me to and last week when my son Chris and I were out. IE I just decided to use that we're like him three feet of water that they you know. And and there were weeds below but not on top slight needed some do you stand top and I pulled out the floating wrap a lot. That I have been used and how I don't know how many years Anne Rice met smoke demonic. If you are not great which in mapping out through the top. Some of those states you don't even think about it when you were just talking about. Trolling and getting crappy news about the by actually getting troll beatle spreads and then there was jig with a little sped around the back what's called a spring to lighter yeah you remember those yeah you just go up about oh a chunk of quell Beatles broke our but spend got brighter and we catch all the crap is an aunt and sometimes why alleged or and that that's you know some of those voters. You just don't use in this margin I think the last number I didn't go what is what follows on the dole to have drawn Norm Coleman at a white passed. Yeah four and how many years who is that they don't want to probably. I don't you know that. That big it was in the box with mighty. Yeah blow because that jerk baits you know those of middle imitating jerk baits. As I got the sinking ones and then it erase floating ones you know the flowing rapidly sought as would be perfect drive and use one of these in a zillion years and if it still works so you know I that's why they still make my guess is still work. Ortiz go work. Well all well let's get Cohen thanks for the update desk and I'll be given your calls one of these days I've been busy going up to Green Bay had a clear now my mom's house we got to get it ready for sale but would be nice to get fish and sometime. Well absolutely. Always I always tell people. Family first and then he would take care of fishing and that type of thing. You got a buddy all right all right all all our agent Andrea but I know. Yeah Paul Paul Molly fish and we you know we forgot to get his phone number but if you wanna hi you're Paul. You to take your fish out just go to smoke these must he shot his business card is there where you can call and say he wants Paul Mahal X phone number to you know bother guys. Those are more 140 my god do what we just call the ground out well did we get all the look we don't have the number well. Yeah I. 0054. Tool via call Polly's a multi species angler so if you can get a bunch up blue gills and crop b.'s for the two of eat. Any guide for muskies as well so all whenever I get calls from people who just want to take your kids doing a multi species and all the good guy he always have snacks on the boat to Gloria good leg action normally like good food peaceful ways. Displays or sometimes violent turn in their good to hold true companion ribs. Up all yeah but. Your parents Tom why can't believe that woods is number we are high I don't know how to better than what normally we know that the person what's your number of holds that title and emotions he had nice. And yeah anyway yeah it's an hour and take him from Bubba from nowhere you. The abrupt airing really relevant you know the matter offensive force I I heard heat that. A lot of lakes in the area are slow no way because of all that rain we had the past week you know. There's a lot of lakes are slow no wake that are really high I just wonder if you locked he has I don't know maybe one of the technicians could Collison Telus. If it is yeah handle or we could call it technicians hey what they did. Should we do that after the group of feel good plumbers call a feel good technique as. A that's what I wanted to mention before in all. All art you know and people that they listen to our commercial strayed much from our advertisers. And when man Bushey do a commercial about warmer ever tigers and we tell you that they're friends of us through that we recommend them. We really do we're not just type in a mop we really really do I mean. You know it's funny you know like disclose a guy with exclusive painting who Haider whose whose advertises on our show. Now he does landscaping too but his main job is painting inside outside whatever. I had two people Hamid within the last two weeks one of the more as a listener said or they emailed me. And said hey what's his number I missed that you know I got some landscaping for him to do. All in all three people and then. A friend of mine calls mean and he sends me an email says what what some holes in them or get some landscaping from the duke and now my son from Arizona. His wife's sister who lives in most ego. Heard neighbor some call says what's his number what's your what's that he's number I mean we got landscape. It's like pork Jose is he's in the paving but he does landscaping to end their opponent for landscaping. I guess they're calling for painting a too but I just thought it was kind of funny does at all. Does that I just I just thought it was a little respect for us right of rose's agent here after the other until pilot it was because airliners that one day I'd imagine there that one day I mentioned on this show that it does landscaping right Ryan Allison peoples are calling me about that. You know and it's like home that's where you know well it just goes to show people are listening as Jose versatile her first title. I guess you could city earlier you want to blend however you wanna see it you all you like one blow one week they said the word. Prestigious but I said prestigious prestigious. Now grades prestigious it is an opera stages well now wait a tennis to hold its prestigious but Paul Harvey always said prestigious. So I guess of Paul Harvey if it was good enough for him I thought I'd like that postage and no you know the rest rest of the story. And the residents worry is that. We're going to break. 7991250s. The phone number 12:58 am 1057 FMR the numbers will be right back. And the rest of sugar supply. Cutting edge outdoors. Yeah in Bergen we're gonna try given Jason Holbrook called we'll see how he's doing he's probably on the big pond right now right. He's probably out there. I don't know if we got all alcoholic gave us a better than inland rehab work that and we don't know who. We don't dual you don't have a lot of reports on Lake Michigan you know at least some weird and there and I'm Sandra. And you're out there and give it is and got a buddy of mine wants to go out their cell. They make him finish out this week depending on reports and whether more than anything. I I did here. That there's been some big salmon caught on Lake Michigan not out of Milwaukee port necessarily. But north and here I read a record of 34 pounder caught up I think the romance block area to rivers. From the mother 31 pounders so well yes he would examine out. There will see if Jason Gore's kids signals big ones good morning captain Jason. Mario gentlemen are you ought to be a big pond right now. Our host I knew it does course or you're all their five days a week. Seven days a week. Yeah at the weather was rated out of my nine days that we yeah. Affects us how you been Dolan. It's been pretty fantastic. Here complain. More fears been fairly low and upward call at a decent clip. Right now this morning we have notre record apart. And mr. Koppel. Yeah. And what what's your favorite technique lures supplies would we use and. Why did have been our goal to. Haven't really caught on all that well this here yet they will for sure. But it is an hour and a flash or five bite for the most part. It's how how far out you gotta go. What are we here or about five mile aren't in the water now I had heard reports that. Lot of the coal hole or like to top thirty feet a lot here is that correct there you have pretty accurate. And a bit and is it still that peanut flight type things. Yet still so little or Dodgers with a only one bonus to this wonderful spring that we are there that he'd in the water cold cold and not let. But her up as they'll work while few any ring those mixed in with them up on top. Quite a few quite a few it's been it's been good for whatever it might be caught last month after. If a broker. Okay because I was gonna ask about that there is anybody Jagan form in the gaps are due in the harbor things for the browser what's Iraq. Not that I'm aware of a mean round historically are pretty much done with by eight. First week in May. I don't know they just go nocturnal or what state you. But it just kind of banners and considering. How many we had in the wintertime. And it doesn't make sense. But. There's a banish. So now I doubt I'll like you run a big spread in it and if you're catching the cause it. Are you mix it up we're now you re your running some Bates down deep for the kings or lakers very you do when a mixed type thing. Now we are yet but the first part of the season will just you know the Brad right Ali we got a Mac now we've probably down like 50% felt that the percent for all. Now 50% for either K lake Trout whatever. Whatever fight on our beepers so. Okay and is that. Fairly cold water Temps I guessed is I guess you said how how deep area are you go on with your deepest lines. I don't find it. OK okay. And Oakland has any huge deal it just try and mark and target schools a big fish Syria. How how do you train pattern amount their Jason well. The beauty part is said. We actually have a lot account up. Affinity that's a good sign. That's not a problem. We're talking with Jason moto real sensations. Who kitchen fills out a hand up the other city anytime you have got to grab the net yeah got to go. We're Africa and I got a first I expect 08 analyst. At street but. Is. It's the airlines are making huge rebound and and and I don't know if you guys have heard through the grapevine. I either from you know like comfort and a sport and animals are ample we started our they are now. Kind of you are facing what it is and charter captains and myself that are involved about Whitney's they'd fishy that no more cut and now what it's showing it. It's showing it basement where we were kind of right. And if if there's everywhere have you got any. Monster kings yet to that was telling Tom I read on the DNR reports that there are some thirty plus pounders caught already this season further north. Are to fuel there quite a guy evident that there is marked yet but. It's been over 26 probably have about eight times while I'm all man. There there are big fish any reason ever there's a lot of offer those same. Ramos looked good the rebels are so big they look like brown what you like that really there are growing too fast. Wait why further away and you do when you see that it's it's because they're slot load. So for those. For those kings. If you're you're running in in all right and abate 6070 feet down would you suggest bigs spoon basically for those. The sub seventy down at the lecture slides there all cannot that we actually dismissed. The flasher slide down 73. To orange fly you know looking Y and so the bigger size gather bigger size gap. Just Jason I got a question if there's all this food in the late great Ann in enemies this search how one down on the ill wives and other things maybe. Why do they grab that fly that's behind at dodger. It's a program that good about. Africa and okay I'll I doubt about that well. It's a lot of funny enough it's funny you bring up so if you actually fish in that they appeared fiscal that they. You don't you don't do that well you got I either get outside the red or inside of you know let the debate set up an outer feed and the grappled amazing obviously when you feel that bait fish now think that the place to be. And you can fish in it for five hours like we do look at a couple fish out of it for your your ideology is right. When there's too much aid your fake stuff is they're gonna get them to fight. You know we side for sure earlier in the year the entire market arbor and you guys have seen it Internet. The entire market harper what top to bottom all of thing you could cause Wear and should not harbor. Without allies blowing up your prop wash. It and you couldn't even run a spoon in their because these next 30 what are. And he's the trouble yeah. So the key is to maybe get to the out to work the outside edges hourly. You had to work the outside of evil when we are efficient at arbor. You know you'd get an hour and a half of real good fight in the morning while they were on the feet and once they were all it was carpet out of about. So we got pitching pitching good. I say had flasher and fly to that might be going out Tuesday probably going to be best for the kings. Arm I mean if you targeting recorder pick up our at a time this season you're gonna get called Obama can stop do. OK. So yeah you kind of target either or. And and have some pretty decent success. Okay we've been talking with captain Jason Ward of real sensations like captain Jason what's sure our phone number how Canadian touch review. Op or one or. 3848096. Probably the best way to get Albany because. Embedded index emails from all the water every it's apparent and it. But you can visit our web they're real sensation dot com real. Felt like fishing real. All right all right we'll take today and keep a black and embody are -- thanks for taking a few minutes with us OK by now. All right we got to go to a break that was very interesting stuff on a big pond a bright red outside of our door all those monster fish and good eating fish to anybody to inner hits while we were you uncomfortable awkward opted. All right folks will be right back he's Danny bush had dominant through Neubauer stay tuned for more. Welcome back to the mid western shooters supply cutting edge outdoors. For the 991250. He won a train get on the train. For the last. Segment in the last stop the last about. The crazy trading fishing report question. 7991250. Is the phone number if you wanna you and text of those and the scene now. Well Danny T I'm looking forward to go to delve in late last time we went there my son and I went through last year we always go at least once a year ago and and the last time we were there man we got some bandy crop these dandy purge Indy blue gills were product. Caught a couple of nice pass some northern but the vast weren't of legal size they're going to be eighteen inches on there. And the they looked like they were legal disputes go against that you know I seventeen incher is look like bigger than what the hour. And but anyway but no we we we did very well down there and and you know there's so many places official mentally like among caller was telling us how to use its memory or outside the launch but it weed line you know. I mean there's so many places so many places and so many fish there but it's gonna be nice within a week. It's going to be now has. You ever. Seen a muskie on element I had a follow one time. Because there are some in their relatives there are I think they had didn't they plant the spotted variety years ago I think Indian art was doing some experiments with different strains of muskie. Well I think that I don't know Matt did there there are at the school aside years back when Minnesota start to get novels big muskies on vermilion relax and all those places. That the that the Wisconsin was. Not planting the best strain of muskies that that like debt leech lake type strained would would grow bigger and it seems to me I read something that the DNR had kinda dumb little experimenting planting some of them down here in television and some of the other relates to see if they did batted yeah. Now as far as what I know I think the Wisconsin DNR. Is being a little bit more. Cognizant of different strains of muskie where they're not planting willing Millie they're trying to keep lake in northern Wisconsin. If they're planting muskies are trying to use that same kind of strain from the. Area ranked you know there. But he got a line just as I got Tim over in Germantown he's got a question for both you guys in regards to some fishing in some digging questions paid them the morning. Hey how would you what's opera where Kirkwood fish don't mean. And to get some but I don't there's. Okay it's your fishing in shallow water let's hear fish her own boat docks shallow water weeds and had then just put a float above home. Don't need and first of all tighter line direct no leaders no swivels none of that off. Tighter line direct preferably around for palm tests would be good. Now but I would recommend fishing that deep water as a deep well we'd line though we'd like an age where she start to drop off then you don't use any kind of float. He can sit out along the edge of that we'd line let it sink down in the new. In in real in this slash political down lifted up give a little pop here in there you know just work it kind of slow and likely to repeat the middle would be doing down there. I like her I like using the method that Tom percent using a tiny little barber and you can go with one of those. Smallest of small little round bombers to we don't have slipped float necessarily. And make sure that you when you tie the many might that it's hanging horizontal down in the water yet got to be yours and and trying get bottles tools the punch the paint out of the islet because otherwise his drive yourself nuts trying to get I don't I'm not out here yeah yeah they're called I busters where do you get girls Tom does that onion I about all of. Different stores carry I busters are usually got a smoking laws which yeah we got a misspoke he's you know the only because I need idea there's a similar to our do you take all contrived get the paint out of their drives you know that yeah I get it yourself and I've got two popular pain out. I direct keep it horizontally Bushey said. And for you'll catch and the you know funny thing is as you'll find those properties on the deep weed line hedge. On sometimes you know don't be afraid to go a little deeper Donnelly twenty feet from the blue gills I felt a lot of blue gills in that fifteen to twenty feet of water. And under if there's a little bit of a chop it kind of helps if you got about her because it kinda keeps that little little bait yeah move and well if you're fishing in deeper water you if you're gonna use afloat you'd have to use a slip fault then slip fault for that out for the deeper I want I don't know and I don't think you need in a deep on one thing in shallow water that I have noticed is. If you fire your cast figure where they're biting at. Typically if you're gonna get him it's gonna be within that first ten seconds for our guys and they come Russian on up in the aggressive ones will try and outdo the others. And you'll see they have barber go down pretty quick if you wait a minute in you don't get anything I've found better luck rather than wait and winded in casts that again yeah I tend to be make a lot to cast because they seem to hit soon as it hits the water. Yup they're out as clearly not a big eater so now you are yeah Google. You're going today. Yeah Conan and good good luck trying to get elected in the parking spot enjoyable. But does that are seen Jerry Manuel. Like to Ayatollah and we're going to be seated to the current. You wouldn't tellem. Yeah I would never tell anybody yours yeah I do sit there trying to pump Paul Maholm thought yeah I've how are you going to build an area that they look at did you go to going there with my son. Not only only the Holocaust were you pompano and LA and who are you wanted for Lake Michigan info. Not cut and yeah. Then you. It made it got it yeah parade we don't like jazz I've got I gotta love it speaking embattled review locking I'd been good morning and. Yeah I do they really have the first question I have to. Of freak freak. On for our program that we have a better archery club today. Yeah OK I'll put out fumble away here. Okay well I'm portable chargers. And we're club in New Berlin. And we have up their growth slipped our big general fund raiser where Coke fix things we got herald that. And it is what blocked the plate. There are plenty of food and played real level push you to Dave for all the other archer thought. So open republic you don't have to be archer Kamal el. Starts at 4 o'clock. And when Nabil starts and not shooting going on right now we and shooting around 2 o'clock. Chicago beat everybody by loses again. He's zero for five Johnson rolled. It's got a job to go to Cleveland and who brought you we have a website shall be a question to go to that you don't use. Just portable chargers you know they'll come up. Ought to be better spell would you walk. All year. Aren't being. W got it Thomas they had phonics in high school they can do it yet nobody grade school district and I hope the listeners out I didn't run as well lane which may be a problem phonics learn a great right now. Our I love you man OC good luck they love it. I know. That's what I wanna get any wanna get one of those big grills you know with a little small pox on the side to put a hold a gun it. Love field and I'm real big pay leverage on that solid. I bought a lot of us had no I've I only did I ground by a figure it away a small I mean the girl. Only and a girl think all exposure that would be yeah but you know what you don't know if you win a lottery you'll buy one now you don't some people like yes a little as one some people like yes girls some people light. Terkel repeal don't com. I light. The flavor from the charcoal grills. Better but the convenience of a candy you know have aghast growth slowed darn nice. You know you'll still a charcoal grill guy myself always yeah always is definitely man bought. Nice little fold up grill at. It Pickens slave last dinner and I ya. It took it into who can actually. Do my mom says they look at all that time and you can. It could see he pulled it up and put it in the back of the truck yeah yeah and I took it up to deer cam and I took it up to. Ice fishing really like the bush angular. Yes it it's like a square in its red data folds out it's a nice handy little. Grill I got it on the deck by my place and you can cook the buck he's fine meat bribes and all that good stuff on that song but our goal guy. Yeah amateur goes right through spring I cook yeah speaking at Terkel. And Nestle could come out and stated that. Yeah it's ready you get to compel you got all the friends come from all the most sick satisfying satisfying some of the world is when you throw steak on the grown. See and what what's going to be eight us that there and high. What's your favorite cocktail of choice for this soiree. I don't know it's it's it's a it's a it's a flavor town teams and everything that friends are bringing in as everything with the with the anytime I needed to get you you know highlight for a year relate with skill beer highlight was that these clowns will be during it and at least with steel fence guys aren't you guys mixed drink they're not battled. Although do you guys are getting larger and he -- last night. Some cocktails right at a cocktail I used to talk. Tales come for instance and as a terrorist plot details and tell Diana all. I'm heading stated but it but it ended and you say you have one track down and when it was and it lasts about that pol. But now. We're not a store and you tell listeners and yes I'm talking about earlier this that's so let's look at the stakes you guys like you're more of I mean you guys just got out of college it was Oscar Meyer Wiener zionists they mean there is no legal offering we go to the insular and maybe we don't need enslave only grab him go to New York strip you're gonna look high end stuff all hell I don't know I don't know where you can get great steak stomped. That he's behind me and socks and say yeah that's Hank. The beard he poet well he's a big day had really good one yet proof that beer and they got here. Yeah I got everything athletic audited before you guys close I want to give a shout to my buddy Ryan Dunn Vince do you weigh. Went to high school at play baseball thanks to listen and hopefully the cold cuts or treat you well see now there's a go to ski at the end of his veins got a normal person may have Ryan how. Christian America and economics all right folks that were like yeah. I like at. To all listeners thanks for listen in and god bless and stay for your route you've been listening to the mid western shooters like cutting edge out let's go fish and we'll talk to all next week reference.