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Saturday, July 28th
Cutting Edge Outdoors: Tom and Bushy take you on a wild ride through Wisconsin's great outdoors!

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True Lake Michigan to the Mississippi. And every rib First Lady and fielded the let's talk everything outdoors you head out it's time to hop on the crazy train. Western shooters like cutting edge outdoors presented by Coleman insect repellent fasten your seatbelts broke why. I was Gonzalez outdoors. Only on sports Radio One 057 have. Hey plus. It's a wonderful morning. Here on. 12:50 AM and 1057 FM the fan we sure are glad you joined us this morning for our second hour of power. Would Danny bush and meet come in a true new hour and of course Ryan or about. As our producer as usual. We come do you every Saturday morning from six to 8 AM we are live we Aaron rehearsed. You never know what might happen but I guarantee you one thing we will be talked in the out of doors later pure fishing or hunting or other stuff that happens all their. Even ghost stories but right now on the line we have our special guest. He's Michael Brand from the boy scouts of America's certified angling instructor program good morning might call. Where do agree. Glad to join us this morning. Yet well you know I heard you on another show. Little while ago maybe about three weeks ago and I had a get a hold of your wrote down year. Your email. And I mean year website. And nets. BC. BC a CA. I dot org is that right I can make it easier orient he's he's come with Tom struggles that the stuff out of school in here is that this year. Our armed nearly all BSE Jesse going to be like tell Michael tell us all about the program and what you're doing with the Boy Scouts. Sure. The certified an instructor program with the Boy Scouts was designed by a 2002. Because we reduced markers litter there. And a light machine. Is very unique. Sport and not a lot worse our leaders knew how to. Why Richard didn't have the equipment and so we started to provoke this education course to get our scout leader tool. Get the boys are auditioning. And then what we found out over the years is not only did did not know how to fly fish that a lot of you know how to pleasure at all because. Back in our day we have our grandfather's observers are positioning and it was apparently a prayer and soul portal where you read two generations we've lost while the real reason positioning so. We know look poised well position. The problem was that are scout leaders really have the tools necessary to get them out there and have a successful event. So we've started this training session in week siege adult leaders how to provide. Angling instruction. At the cubs go level which is like elementary school in the middle school. To the board skill level which is little want high school. And then tour mentoring program level which is. Anywhere from high school to college. And so what we try to do is provide they need to appropriate. You'll based program. So they have a lifelong what are. Pressuring. BP great example that we have video. Picture of a boy who caught a little blue gill and he was a birdie you're holes. And then our next social media post get a picture of each and you'll but it Carter a sudden we have put one insurer. In the eighties. And it's so that poorly chosen to put Russian scout this year. So who you know we do this every year there in scouting and ignorance scouting for over ten years. That's quite a bit of fishing trips and hopefully what we do is go look Yelp works. And they are giving them an out there are two do you have a lifelong hobby. You know that is so important Michael because you know so many kids now days they sit in front of the TV they sue Gunner iPad they play the computer games it. When we were kids you know your parents would kick out of lousy golf you played you be home in time for dinner saw Andy get hollered at the fewer home in time for dinner but. You know you're out doing stuff outside IIIU. Ridder you murder report lately that. Kids now days spend less than I was only a couple hours a week outdoors. That's true and that's another reason why this training programs. Needed to. Beyond strong. Is that their kids have got so many different opportunities now. You cannot go in there with a program that isn't well thought out so some of our programs are exciting and of course kids are all about catching their rap about fishing. You know and to be check in those sessions sold to certify they bring in our program. We work with our local camps that are all around the region. And we work on the fisheries. In an effort to enhance the shoreline to give more go to all of the sure. And then also to enhance that picture regarding including fish habitat. In power management. In the end so that DO you have to be able to excite those use. And that's what this program was all about. How does a person become a certified instructor if let's say a person wants to do that you know they know about fishing they've been doing it the long time. And now they wanna share some of that knowledge you know we're the younger folks are hard up and they go about doing that. Yeah we actually check out our reader pro weighs Sachs earns that kind of service. The first one is called the PSA. And going to educate. And that angling educator. Is an individual such as Syria professional. Or carried. Or eighty. Archer somebody who has got a lot of experience. And they just want to help out during a scouting reports and so what would happen is they would call the local council. We learned in America and rural community. Say about it like work as a RBS saying angler educator. And would anti UN out of their program. Another thing you can do you can actually crucial register with boy scout. As some merit badge current work. In as the mayor badge counselor what would happen to scout would come to you and you would go and work with some grocers are requirements. Anything forums. Fishing skill natural base anything regarding searching her flight finishing in new sign off that thing neuter stuff. And then the last thing is is if you wanna get registered as a boy you know. Leader of then you can go through this sort of by enabling instructor course. In so we have ways. Two assist anyone that would be an interest in serving argued. Whether during public boy scout correctly your incorrectly. Okay. There was another thing that was on my mind and finally blew out he loses that the all time. Our go girl known only donated this is all great information so anybody in any state anybody listening to this if they. If all they gotta do is contact the local Boy Scouts. Right below and we console right here and there are Terrell. Land. And then they should ask inquire about the hero's welcome sir where they are doing a program or vision program. And so you an example. You are yet there was a matter bilingual and or regions or so west coloring. Western state the Stucco reader which is what urban bow and I've been struck region and North Sea breeze whipping each agreed to permit. I entered into an urban areas. That we're in each area about thirteen to our city council's. There are they'll give us an archer would post people let. Oppressing the Jews are equal partner PSA pushing back current. We actually have way. Pages. Recent creation chairman. You can just click on any one of those regions of the country and give it to go recent Sherman and amber are you more racial. Michael you got a question for how did you get involved with the Boy Scouts. Well hired escort back a long time ago I was about 1970. Diluted your soul and I don't well the cubs go. And mark my arm and there are. Provide the media. Opportunity. To participate in the area program that went on and earned our right incurred during the year old white. And then hand out for your leader right earned go to war which is illegal. Workforce. It and at worst Serbs thinking there you go out gay Americans serve in the order out. Am well and every minute or so you're mr. sick. And they are doing best. Every day Obama wait right now truly national or video outlets in the universe. And I'll be teaching conservation. And and recruiting people into our ranks and help our outlook initiatives. They they used to have a magazine used all his greeted at the doctor's office grown up called boy's life. Asked will the base or at the. Actually we actually rebel web site called boy why not or. Edgar air going in there. Who. Two that web page. And there you'll meet our our hope up you. I look how important. Although you are a person earlier about you you know it is certain we are on him. There are you'll find all on the trick and technique are great when your kids. Boys like dot work in order and and oh it is great at the critical work it was of the darker all. Are you you know it's funny we are going drawn up beauty you remember certain things and I remember I used to love that magazine the different sections and so forth over the cubs got back in the game and I I would I advance my way to the wolf badge. And then I kind of fell off my cousin was an eagle scout though but the one thing I will say about the boy's life magazine and end the scouting thing in general it wasn't just about. Outdoors and fishing near whatever I mean they really preach good morals and taught people to be good citizens. Well and that there'd been our primary objective it is. To make good great at the delete your. Well root of our program. It would provide reader or Euro we're in right now is that the board member are being are frequently. And now current two and then curled into the program. And now becoming much more willing learner are actively. You know what rhetoric and to read more used every hour or so what we're only about are more important. Ethnic group where because we know it important. That there. And look at urging that they gave way to getting about. You know I have a confession to make all. Lynn dirt promptly went out as a boy scout a young boy scout we had a winter camping thing right. We go there yet the freeze out there what they call and who I forget what they called his long time ago but it was winter camping in we Europe that this. My own I forget what it's cause or a ball off ball bios or by night before anyway. And we are supposed to start a fighter rate with a stick to whatever the heck it was well I got a confession I took matches. There was yeah. And for her out who regrets right out of those corporate leaders no doubt it is sort of player in this whole book is called live album by the united. That's my confession yeah addict you know later into. A at notre Connecticut later in the back back to Parsons anyway don't agree. Is that the Clinton steal yeah necessarily a bad but I. Oh yeah but you know it's not easy you know obviously not it's not you know I'm not it can be done to sit I'd like to see someone do it yeah I mean in this or not so bad. Really interesting is the number of astronauts. That we have had that are eagle scout. In and the initiative. Shown what did you make gains global wind Apollo thirteen had its problems. A lot of is that a boom guilty to work under pressure was developed at a very young age. And I'm not saying that the training he received an SO is. Not important but I accusing him as self determination. And Independence. Bowl was. Bite scouting pro big part in the success of our. Geithner wasn't Geiger a boy's got. Is that Michael we we got a brown Rihanna go to a commercial break but I wanted to really thank you for being on the show listen taken a timeout call it's. Does not give us the website yen BS. It would be say boy scouts of America yesterday dishing dot com. Right and the other one is people want to go I wrote to Panama go to who have boy's life dot or don't wanna check our work there but if you wanna be an angling instructor. For the Boy Scouts are you gotta do is go to. PSA. Fishing dot com right. Earlier thanks for taking your time columnist Michael repression in our armed okay see up up by. And with that we got to go to a break right now will be right back he's Danny bush and time that you Neubauer that guy in the woods shirt that says we are murdered warriors. I'm the cut back on the record fish information on a variety. Oh he's Ryan Hart for about and we are on. While 50 AM and 1057 FM the fan. Listen up. Welcome back to good western shooters and by cutting edge outdoors. 7991250. Be fishing hunting report atomic Gupta reports here for you have on you got some our record fish and it let me read my notes here com. Can't read my own handwriting. Oh Brenda Carter. Broke the catch and release record said a year ago by her daughter Erica Carter. Who goes to Stephen's point. On July 3 for the record pumpkin seed now here's what's going on the DNR I believe has started. New him record. Categories right protection revision released like that in the state yeah so anyway she. Mom caught a nine inch pumpkin seed. I'm not going to be which beat her daughter's record from not to be a year ago by a quarter inch now. And nine at pumpkin feed. How how what's the biggest pumpkin seed you've ever cut Tom. Home and it was almost a state record there was fifteen ounces. In it was ten inches long ten and a quarter inches they okay it was a it was on eagle late easily cope act. That's a rarity. And you know and they don't weigh as much as the blue gill. No and there are a big admirable in her yeah Barbara would cage Camilla banner again and and in a weird but laser aesthetic but. I like up by users are zillion pumpkin seeds. Yeah probably but a probably cut an eight incher before. Let up now here's some of the other records at that it is just curious the current record white bass is eighteen and a half inches it's. I know I caught some that were fifteen inch. Now. Men Dodi years ago and now smarter and now these are the dinners catch and release wrecked rhetoric yet. If not can I just mention real quickly and if you get if you get your. Fishing reg regulation book it spells it all out in their what you if you catch a big gonna finish what you can enter in May get minimum size requirements for each species. And you can enter that in it to the DNR and it and it tells you what you gotta do. Yeah and sometimes people take the record fish right through the blue ga oh is he eleven inches mood it's a plea of not here is one says rainbow. Pot from a private pond when he 3.5. Inches that's the nice guys now. Nice sized rainbow from a private time and time not here's interest in Astoria. Gal I know Susie Shia. She and her husband bought a place I think up near. Let's up near route. Woodruff may not quite sure and apparently they Bada Hollis but it's got access to a golf course and being as a but also in the lake they have access to all the grounds and last winter they noticed some people. Walking out with ice fishing gear out into the golf course and elect. Who went on Maine so they went out they discovered upon out there sure for sure enough they drill a couple holes. And they they they put them on. They put down our ride in the end it through the place. In Susie in the dire fighting over who gets the ride and she goes now I cleared a whole lot muse in this ride and you go. Clear that it other fighting something Yates and grabs them at all. And they fight it. Forever in it was a big rainbow they pulled it and really like. This is what's going on then a couple. All the guys came on her I don't know all the guys but a couple dudes came out. Walked by aiming delisting guy. And I went to the other game that Tom Neubauer you know a lot of single guy FM went to the other end of the pond and started fishing so when they started talking to these guys. Apparently. They also own a place they're from Illinois. And they. Said that they were the ones that planted the rainbow Trout in there and therefore they didn't really want anybody else fishing there. And Europa nobody else found out about it right right but technically they can't tell him no hint. Can't fish there and you know a lot of golf courses have pounds on him. And most the majority of ponds on go go on those golf courses have fission. I mean I'm big bat all right yes are you see in a mad at the golf course you do walk along gold over a bridge just from the on the shore looking for your ball that might have quick hit all other you know. And all know they're there especially in the springtime when respondent there along the shore all my goodness here's a couple of courses around here. I should get out of Pope peel pocket fisherman and be likely Altria held a pocket fisherman dad and boy does it gets fit yet be likely to prevail and catching fish at a he'd be he figures that we did that wanted to do and it was a rain delay at a tournament betrayed and and will be featured the you know it brought out a poll peel pocket fisherman was actually they should not up on and his caddie was Holden. The big umbrella over health it Oldsmobile get pitcher the they said that he was a really funny guy yes as matter of fact he was just in Wisconsin recently for a Roth. Steve. Hundred hitter Steve Stricker saw a tournament. Up Madison he was here in in two Easley Tribune is going to be like eighty years old he won the 82 suddenly that. He's gitmo there now when you use agree Gary Tex mex because of that I was gonna say a tennis Max but it and I satellite phone race is no I don't know that's that's that's what he went by I I had to read that Sports Illustrated in a Mac it's on the off any other. Okay yeah there aren't any way we get off topic sometimes off. Including me will be well blue get off. It was curly white boy boy lay out we religion here playbook that is grumpy old white man. Grumpy old man could pretzel like the moment that I'm I and how. Yeah they're getting off topic again moon sun fish in the half inches a green something. In. Tom we got a green centrist this week pure lucky I was out with Jim Colbert two days ago and we got one that was at least in a big name added to our greens and has deflated. And here's another one this one's interesting. Weight division Tom yeah. How big do you think the biggest creep Schaub in the weight division lengthened wait can you guessed it Tim you even get in the ballpark a creek Schaub. I'm gonna make. Yes. Thirteen inch is maybe. He. Close to a pound me they're pretty darn close eleven and three quarter inches in three quarter alone okay if he's I've seen some pretty good chip average job yeah. And we got to get a caller with a question whenever you actually is Al I got. Sorry I got a report on cedar lake and I am positive that it's Al this time because nobody left any. False names aren't. Raise community edits already else. And we're all Al shook cars that tells tired now Arianna good here hey what's up. Well hired to pocket about that either way in Europe complain about they could plausible large and so on and so forth. In so many of these situations where the deer and our prayers are public launch it in municipality. And if not all cases but a lot of cases there's really you're dealing heirs to the amount of trailer parking available. Yeah him and once those get full real close a lot. All that's understandable L if that's full you can close the launch off. For people because there's no place for them to park you know all I can understand that but this is. A situation where they can. Close the launch even though there's plenty of parking spaces available on their determination on whether there's too many boats on the lake or not. Well it's been very geared it it who owned the large. Is. That's what I was curls two ways to say yeah I didn't know Australia's football bark like the one intro kind of more lake yeah they can do wish they pleased. They couldn't random but by. Air and I am sure period that they would love to quote you actually large because it's. Saturday of the big guy up on a country. Right they are yet to be part. No it it all depends on what kind of deals were made in order to get the logical actually owns and operates them. It. He yet there's a couple of different happening today. The great cancer should go out and word barely if you like track and the united. They're not respond the right to answer you and I will be at the YouTube wore bullet there's huge state today. And helping out with dad and representing. The walking shut Cody conservation alliance. Prepared their free in the gut archery fishing Turkey calling nature walks while training and the B and our safety. And food will be available. Well it. Never been a bit with the kids. You'd you wanna come and feed learn about outdoor Craig come that would give block area to get to two young machine picked about the word barely in the evening they have fireworks are out there. And it's hard nose had fireworks. Yeah its pro they're so good it feels in your throat a lot ordered. You couldn't ask for a better they can earn an honest beautiful well thanks for that update now we do appreciate it and we got to go to break right now. And gentlemen have a wonderful they used to it and they see a body. I don't. All right we let's go to that break and when we come back how we do know we got some more records the record things that Danny's we also I got a great fishing report for you. From Dellums and oil leak so will be right back with that and lore here on the mid western shorter supplies cutting edge outdoors. We begin video. Did that and just it's I'll look. It's okay. So welcome back. Through the mid western shooters supply cutting edge out there are 7991250. Thinks forget now on the train with us today we got another. To NT five minutes. And Tom do you wanna give your Galvin. Her court Vietnam I want development. I wasn't able to go Kazan a work of my son Chris went down to delve in late yesterday. Is quite windy said it was kind of hard to stay in spots now he had heard that the crap he's the big crap these are really on. And he never did catch a crappy than usual spots were re catch copies and ultimately couldn't get any. He did get some nice blue gills he kept some of those he caught late. Forget apiece at thirteen or seventeen northern pike but now one over Tony seven inches they're all smaller ones. Andy Danny EEE cut I think he said 88. Small Maltby got a bunch a large small bass. None bigger than fifteen inches but peacock. Eight small mouth bass. Now he saw some blue gills. Some big blue gills and some shallow water. And he took out his lower. And he caught are you ready for this on an ultralight route four pound test. A cloudy and small mom yet. Guess what lower he was using a mini money out many might I didn't go feel anybody. And he gets a twenty inch small moll and he said dad I'm telling you that had me all around the boat he said that they knew was taken out Drake like I had to chase it says that they believe that tied for contests ultralight erratic and what he's no longer all tried it's got to be six and a half maybe seven feet and he said that baby was his bent right over chasing this thing he finally got a twenty inch volley. I mean that's got to be around five pounder in no way out. Meant any city caught up a couple of others that were in the last eighteen inch range. 22 other small he's over eighteen inches and and some little bit smaller ones as they added element late they got to a size limit of eighteen inch on bass. But he said man he says that was just wondering about it straight but he doesn't he doesn't beat me a small he's with many months ago. On O'Connor Mark Clayton or its compliance office when I used to guide him through anymore. I was somewhat like a couple of guys and know and you know they wanted to get symbols big blue gills were catching a fish but they want to look for some big legal and and I said okay throat I had the mini might rugs all sort of it's OK ready here. And they several going official of the Senate's OK with drugs from a near him while libel for you guys you know I mean. And I caught a 21 incher on my ultralight it was four but still. And in ourselves line though is awesome and and that again told me around and that was the same day Danny. That in the same spot with the same floor and not re tying which they should've retired of course. I caught the 35 inch must be on the mini might with culturally. And and that one really took me around I had I was chasing that for ten minutes Aminu and went right out to deep water and I'm chasing this thing and following an. And we finally got it in his better effect that one guy who's with us. With blows him and his friend. He's got a picture of me and him. He had it in his refrigerator for years. Of me and you know me hold the Muskegon standing next to me with the Mets as he netted if it ticket and but luckily we faithfully we had a net that was. Just big enough of a law layup at the. Years ago I was fishing with the kid I used to take completion once a week. And we just night crawler fish for whatever movie catch bath and beyond anything you just want Duncan like trailers that we are just. In we went in shallow and east and in the narrows and com. I made a cast we both were fishing. And I started winding and I thought I had something thought I handed the arrived home in it just stayed down deep. And I thought on that. Carp mean in minute swim by the lake up forty plus inch muskie algae and in a handed him the rod right. And as I south muskie like that yeah process. And then if they could sit spotted me at the same time at the ball it was just cruising leisurely you know wasn't. Right with those fisted didn't know yet was in trouble exactly and then once it realized that with hooked it took off on a power runs the and then leap in the air and shaking its head and knows that broke a thigh but then nick give blame me for Graham and Iran's president an ass out of. Chorus yeah well you know it's funny though those mini mites you know they're they're great for. You know for pan fish blue gill scrap piece perch but out tea over the years Danny and you've you've that this has happened YouTube. Sometimes he you know the the these bigger official grab like it's like it's like after having a big deal or are you grabbed the mint on your way out yet I don't do. Rule and I do want you to get me the a pack of those bigger many mind of that unlike tempered I forgot wanna try almost lose because they told their met a guy who told me that he's from Washington island. And his brother still lives up there my hand in July when that season opens for this mom off up there they got that delayed opening allow total allow them to spy on. He said his Brothers go to date for big smile Martha Washington island is a mini might the mini mite too. He didn't specify I'll I didn't even know there was a mini might to an ally askew I'm assuming it's probably that size yeah. And I don't think that's probably no horse fog may yet I would believe at first I thought I had a hard struggle but now. And I was even thinking when enrollees pay your work Bassett were bedding and Ron Johnson was out. He set up a drop shot rig any cast way past intrigue and then jiggle and unnerved by their bed and they grab it. But they were really spooky. I thought man if you were to drift a mini might just love that yeah I would think a mini might would work for sure is finally enough presentation. And I'll play those bills cool for little basement they catch everything I've caught just about every fish in this state almost I mean that. Unbelievable it but we got to collar gritty gritty got Ryan we got bill the fishing report RA. The morning bill Welker did so orange. It's bill from sportsman's then. So let's. So I haven't called it a while that they keep coming in when you're shows on it. Yeah game business is good. That's not what's. Listen I noticed the pattern with my customers as we. We were around my buddies went out a couple times development and a couple places they were fission like ours brought about a problem goes in could bide by it but I found out. Now win lake and all the lakes around here at the finish the big Blue Hill third over seventeen feet of water about three and have beat down. Full real leaders suspended high up on the most recent had a bug capture sudden death so. I don't know but I think that's why he got talked and he's good yeah usually mess but he said he didn't Marc LaMont has locate her but. That could be after that show. Yeah well buddy eat my son thought someone delve in and deeper water and any car he said there were really nice ones he could see them rough around the docks. He could see them are on the dot so you just lose chuck and many might around a Dachshund kitchen real nice ones you know so. So you know. I thought I knew everything that's it'd be down around third 2535. Feet. Blunt and normally I'd television yadier usually deeper on delving close to the bottom but hey you know. They don't we just bought anywhere they don't read the same books we do bill. Yeah yeah and out of character going. Really strong now Winnebago yeah. Virtually assure a Winnebago was hot ball and wall ice to wallet is always good. Fisher really good every ballpark yeah doing really good sized ones and all the rivers right now are doing really can't really go Iraq and something I've noticed this year is. My customers are getting a lot of nice transition. Yes no size the size of the PM fission pew arguably the blue duels in the crop peace has gone up. Yes that's good yes that's a great. That you guys know then it's anybody's book of further big Jumbo leeches and actual fighters I've got to win. Sportsmen down not 54 and Millard. RA you got all thanks Phil all right Jim bell. You know speaking of all news just in about. Wyndham and a Winnebago the perch are doing really good. And I mean they're not monster perch but they're nice fully able perch. You know that are right in that nine inch frame it felt a little as little less but. But they're nice they're good perch and in a lot of pain was been waiting for that happened out there and Winnebago. If those bigger perch. So they can give is more records here you want dude it's quarter to eight to do it now or do you wanna take my waters I guess swindler rate now okay we'll do our break and then. Okay right after this break we'll take that caller Danny's got some more records and well he's Danny bush entirely neutral Neubauer and he's Ryan or rock. We'll be right back. Welcome back to the mid western shooters like cutting edge out dollars and would we got glue gun running and we got a couple collars let's start with let's go to Dan first. And I don't today. Oh hey good morning Dan. Good morning guys on do. And all you guys. More appeared triple falls on me in my life just got back from vacation or mask though. The duchy back on radio. The way I'm running. Or did you go to you guys are saying that brought many might cut and everything yeah yeah yeah always use. Some little beetles spend only had to agree to. Black curly black and church whose green curly tail and that catches every you have to work hard everything wrong. Captain this you name. Yep I agree with you I grabbed him or guys used to live on few lucky lake and he swore by a Beatles then. From Los tees off his the other half a hefty drug Bill Clinton says he gets everything and getting muskies forty inch musky air in there you have Beatles in our great lowers the Amazing Race. Great they always have come out to lighten. Turned in the right position but it's hard to put that eagle eagle. Yeah well and and don't put The Beatles been on your fly around on the that damn big base or call and then we appreciated. Yeah do it again by now in I don't know who else you know we also have our update Hager morning are how you're doing is Lauren. The morning Joseph Biden are under water torture guys tall order six Daniel ward economy. It's open bass tournament yeah. And it is. Probably the restaurant around wryly we're gonna pay water out of water. We after the way a year end we go to war aren't familiar. What do Connery and we got all of awful trade. Where we give up the slack in the prizes. And this year I've collected the ball 3000 dollars or so good goods services. In the local area out there that we're gonna give waters or prize. Out OK so when is the tournament. August 4 and out of the enter. Call me. 414 fired 07. Wait a minute wait a minute art I'm gonna have to write this style and start again. 414. Yeah I'm 073779. He's 779. That's in case anybody calls. Oh after a year off the year then you can look at what ought four. What do Connie best term okay Connie best tournament cool all right well good luck or that like certain. Or are considered the restaurant around. Two quick questions how much is a constant entered. It's 220 dollars or dollars for big barrels which we gave. Or second is that a two person team yes it is okay and I've finished limits sort to really wanna YouTube director so. You could fish yourself via the adults whose money you're selfish yourself you're rich kite Tom that's what I would do and swing at and all the money now. They could lose a dollar taken all what I think when they officially large moth they're small marked up there all both definitely. And the whole system at all and other than get all your trickle to a locker. Guys yeah right in all right eight give us that I give is that FaceBook again. Where are all are okay you got an art. Good luck all right good luck with that OK by now is man OK we got some emails anyway. This is from grade re the morning guys wonder what it reversed one of my first bosses after I got out of the may be used to bring us purple pickled eggs. He would buy and now lease pickled beets eat beets and then put the hard boiled eggs in the Brian for a few days. Delicious yours with a smile and a song rate. Look at that now is doing the I never thought of that that sounds pretty good now here's that this is old school this is from Ryan he's got a tip final Karachi late ago. Friday a stompie BA all my god this is really got the party and stump eBay yet. Danny look at this photo he took aerial photo. Look at all those votes all's pontoons and votes. Well that was yesterday already in debt and get ready and he's not if it tying up the day in advance and don't spend in the night if if Robert isn't kidding us if that's hundreds hundreds of on hold my goodness. Our you know our bodies so busy in the water patrol you don't wanna be out there today that's what's going on out. During can drive a noble and then. The last of email here. Okay imagine if a storm hit went on wheels will be out there that would open memo. Now this was from Al shook this is when Ryan was. He was you were recording an update right. From an L sure sent an email while Ryan was recorded news update and it's and I can't get anyone to answer the phone what cell. Well we're busy test. While we're busy or he may get. Is that the term for. But he's got to go back that we'll get there Ottawa. We aligned from a award as Arianna did amazing warriors with a guy comes in the game member goes in in the girls working behind the counter and says she hasn't seen them for awhile and some because I've been busy and or like Tony Soprano. The end of Beasley is there really and he. Who could. That was pretty good to. Get Tony and that you didn't beat me you see in the coming as I move right on myself out of any rotational player. Unless he unless. Spotted soccer Tom we'll ever heard of a spotted soccer never heard of it Danny. And guess what that record spotted soccer than new one wreck pounds six ounces way after a while four pounds hello Leo it totally bounces you know any and a half inches I gotta be smaller since it was spotted soccer. And be smaller since it's odd. I saw one in my life will once it was spotted what finally in my life he spotted. OK right now come and here's another one who have you ever heard of a tiger Trout. Yes actually I have a cross between you know broke the inner ring I think the loyal and I think it's something like that here yet another record private congress seen tiger truck sixteen inches. Two homes one phones. Tiger trial okay. Okay here's species you wondered they taste any different. Okay now. Now they've also got a record category for like rough finished with like bull and aero. Pitch for workers -- our division and you know MA ED. He's not not that we're recommending. You know maybe lodged an excuse and AM meeting when I was a kid Reid did when my dad used to use quarter sticks of dynamite and an image you river and they go up down from Eddie Miller I don't know land now actually right by MIA wealthiest stayed there the fitness data go down and end they'd throw the dynamite in the fixing one part and made net amount river. Good day between there's a statue of limitations. And instead now you guys that it was a real blast. And so now I hung stop light is under this was with a bowl. How big of a white sector do you think that they got with a ball and of the three pounder and there you ten pounder at the can't just I guess all over the boards that pounds bingo seven pounds point seven ounces new unity guess how long it will it's. 28 inches when he four point I guess. What lake it came from people are peace. Starts with a Pete Mo flow it no closer closer on. TPC. I hated who take meanwhile the pine lake pine lake alienate you hope kindly my licked and then there was always a good crappy lane there was also a story. About a guy who thought he had a record bowl had. Oh and it turned out to be a flathead. Catfish owns a small cap this for palm's four point one pounds for a flat head and a and can you guess what the yellow ball had record. About three Powell has a three pounds. Yeah you know if you wanted to get on record ya global head Tom yeah I would create the bay of Green Bay. But it testicle harbor and a years ago when they used to fish tight there. I actually had some you'd fish with big shiner minerals really and in bed smelt. We actually had some giant bull heads grabbing on to the live beta in you think he had a small pike and you wind it wind enough and big. Beautiful that you know those big. Bull heads yeah being. Bulging Yucca Valley they they look pretty cool they probably would have been in darn good either out of that water. You know our table had a lot of people realism bald heads are good eating the are very good eating fish there's nothing wrong with a mandate you during the catfish family. Catfish are good eating too depending on where you get him from when I held but. They are good hey listen any I've had a great time this morning me too. And we though they didn't like was getting up this morning well we got more stuff hey buddy we ran out of time so net net you have to join us next week next week that's right buddy F that's right that's all got any. Like that. Fellow listeners thanks for lessen it and god bless and stay free and who want you have been listening to the mid western shooter supply. Cutting edge out Darth hey don't forget about their fall fest in a couple of weeks we'll talk about that next week.