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Saturday, April 21st
Cutting Edge Outdoors: Tom and Bushy take you on a wild ride through Wisconsin's great outdoors!

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True Lake Michigan to the Mississippi. And every rivers lakes and field in the let's talk everything outdoors and you head out it's time to hop on the crazy train. Western shooters like cutting edge outdoors presented by Goldman insect repellent fasten your seatbelts broke why. Drive through Wisconsin's outdoors. Only on sports Radio One 057 have. Where the mid western shooters so. Welcome back to the mid western shooters supplied. Cutting edge out stars thanks for listening this morning up. Forgot to give my way usual shout out to the men and blew out there protecting us and surveying. We support to the red the fire department but the first responders working. Weekends. Off tirelessly taken care of us know cutting edge outdoors we support those people not value it's. But we support the factory with all everybody else they're working hard listening to us pay taxes great Americans we have sort Alia hash take. America also get a shot out sincere brought the boys and Lou what are your shot to an old team in a mind. Who played on the opposite side of the ball lately defense Levi Bradley who just got a job and round Tony. As a share a room five Bradley Levi Bradley K just remember that if I get pulled over Browner pony up the fact I got several friends of mine work in the sheriff's department up there and round colony yeah I go I know people in high places I get it might what's going niece she retired as a picture from Brohm colony. One of my needs. Well I got another I got a shout out myself here to mr. Scott I work with the mr. Scott he's a baseball coach at Reagan high school. They were listening to the show. Then there are one of the commercials and he said I know that guy if you heard me talk and she goes no you don't she didn't believe that somebody. Like me could actually teach its children so but yes I do. And yeah special shout out in that if she if you have any. This is Scott if you have any newfangled iPods and girlfriends I would like the single white streak it does Tony. The original. Corners I got a question for you yeah they say Aaron Rodgers is the new minority owner of you had a minority. How can he be a minority. I'm sorry I was on the I was on the phone or you're talking about Rogers whom are minority. Hello he's white. Geez. It's it's is it's the amount of money that he's put can never mind. But it's what is that awesome to see that heat that is not not a sign that he's not going anywhere. If that doesn't show you that he because there's contract talks all the throughout there's been contract talks are already and it just might be a good investment in always score with Kia. I don't I'm not not. A hole where war on luckily things subtle that school Ronaldinho Olivia on and that means that you liability among stopping and about Aaron Rodgers. He definitely likes to be seen with the high profile kids. Right I don't think it would be a months kind of hype if he's the movie season and it wouldn't consider height. Yeah I mean needed. I marry you works at. I don't and again I'm still are now on Normandy grilled for the Olympics I'm looking Danica and I agree what I think when you're on a second looking. I if she was just like average. You know not even average you don't like just a pretty if she's she's getting off season oh yeah. And I can get wild and funny and sound like my mom. I let her fall in the nursing home seat Els got she loved Aaron Rodgers but she goes. I don't like that girlfriend and yes I Don T dolls kinda grumble. You like Olivia month. We get online letters crackers and I kind of liked friends first name but he's gotten from fox well well look I didn't have enough. We didn't get her out freely and Greta remember that line to good morning pace though as good when I'm doing when they go more moody at our Dan that's going out and Zaid I want I was gonna say and say I'd analyze. Is that Greg yeah I well sorry Florida he's been hanging around 10 o'clock the end of the regular listener on your mind there. They were I am going up to the wolf forever tonight and man but he's got to try to find a hotel tonight and get all early tomorrow. I'm not quite sure whether we're gonna hit in their Fremont or. New London and also wine or wondering if you guys had tips on how to Fisher transfer of only fish that want last year. Well do you actually reached its show. Yeah corridor for. Yeah did you see who stayed many did when he was up near New London and or did I leave because a lot of wall eyes but a lot of smaller ones. The button at 10 yeah and in basically you know are you using neither geoghan mineral or geoghan plastic. You and using those stinger hope with the middle. You will get hung up every now and then and lose a jig once in awhile you know but. Generally it's hearsay basics golf all of the New London melee like using a lot of those here flies. You know on a wolf river raid. Those you know you're talking about those flies. Are there they're streamers actually. There's green earners and Ed Hillary if you're gonna wake pressured no no no no no not like that no. If you go to any bait shop up there. In that area and you know where they I mean they're there they're all over the place up there but you'll see don't have a whole selection of streamers that you rigor McConnell will forever rate. And and they catch fish like that now personally for me I don't like anchoring in waiting for the fish come to me I like moving from spot to spot I like. You know floating down the river or at least slipping the river you know. But some people have very good success to success to thinker in one spot but Jagan medal with a stinger hook. A jig and like one of those he listens to anyone who's calling him jerk medals in all the four entire minerals. Or sometimes a twister killed will work just as well. And then and of course it'll streamer flies. Rocco it's you know to all of those. How good luck I'll Wear it on at the thing with that fishing itself so hit or miss sometimes it's okay and is now day you're there and where your half. Well look for more than white trash per day or what up or your award weren't fighting off the quite fast. Era now white as but now now here's the other thing finished it looked for the deeper holes through. I'm. You depending on the water temperature of course but. Generally that's what we've been doing this last couple weeks is fishing in the deeper hole so when you find that deeper spot in the river. Make sure you slipped almost deeper holes. Okay. I also picked up a bunch of night crawler is that a bad idea of the premier. Don't need them know you're here here's a rule of thumb OK when it comes collide beef for wall lies. Spring and fall you go with minnows in the summer you go with leeches and a half a crawler. OPEC but spring and fall definitely it's the mineral base. OK but there are good luck be safe up there yet good luck and let us know how you do bin okay okay okay I do take care you know. Are ready. I'm gonna give passes over the jazz if you call him for us we appreciate it and we don't we need to do that we we don't have to enter it that's fine we just. Can't let these lacklustre no we do. Yeah no so I don't care. And iron. God day and I gotta we gotta get that that we had to get that as a bumper on we got shall we hear that we get on all the known name both he and it is all as the did you have every right affect the vibe but. Though that quadrant. And advice on the Kentucky Derby and golf. Why can't I can win big big big big big no. Know my years ago. Danny and I each one how much of that in Biloxi don't know that was Lance had invested. Last year we each one million dollar piece but now you're before that we won some like 36 of peace or something like that yeah. It was thirties in the thirties I think it would go. Hopefully we can do the same thing this year. You know outcome auto winner that is gonna close we don't lose let's put it that way. Yeah I'm teaching probability in the math class right now maybe I can make this a life lesson for the students about you know probability. Statistics. And the great sport of gambling. Yeah that'll be good to go and teach a lot of beat him all ices dad teach your money gamble I don't I'm hitting a bumper now wait how bought YouTube scheme. Gambling on golf or. You know how everybody so addicted to their cell phone call would have we start a site. That offers an app in apnea where you can do you ambling on a fourth in we are. I have already I think at the whole world addicted to it become a Brazilian air billionaire by my eyes can't go any farther in the back my hand right now it might not speak in a billionaire might as well just capitalize and everybody else's yeah this in this world. I was just reading the other days you know that Zuckerberg guy yeah owns FaceBook yeah. You know how much he's worth right now pattern and then I know there's a lot of zeros in college drop by doing six feet Thorman 67. No successful life. Billion. Yes 67 billion. With a B. If I were revealed how do you offer you an opponent and I are really suit either him if I heard him testify before congress and Avery giving me crap I'd say. So why who cares how. And Leah. Let's get a civilian jail me. It's like senator. I will I'm gonna donate cedar. Competitors fun next year and with all my money you're gonna lose repeat it all right ready get well that's just that's that's that's insane. He's one of the top ten richest persons in the world as we need ranked about number seven. But the thing is you never know exactly how much movement has. That he has that he has some hot chicks know he's married and it changes he's married but yeah. Easy either mariner got long girl from over and quite a few years now I think that no I think there Mary we'll be but I bet it really matter where in Austin with. Imagine if she got divorced who who looked at there'd be a catch right there she'd be in for a few yeah so we better go to a break. And I when we come bats yeah when we come back we'll talk to the no name both he. See if he's got any updates for us and we'll get an update with the next week you don't just before it you know I'm gonna bet on trigger this year. OK maybe you'll give her the mister red maybe you'll give us some sites aren't going right back for us led down about on the Puerto Rican Ferrell Miller. Normal the other with a dog. 12:50 AM or 1057 FM the fan give us a call 7991250. Madden welcome back of the mid western shooters supplies. I can't tell dollars 7991250. PM if fishing hunting you a full triple Cobb parade. Bigfoot real court give us a call treat your driveway report Grotrian your drive way and right now they have marriage counselor. Right now on behalf of really want him the only. A man who is on a myth and legend both at the same kind of know they let Fiat and the lie hey hey hey I know they don't name it. Bush the other car and man they were okay you get any hot tips for the Kentucky Derby coming up on a few weeks. Yeah I haven't studied yet they don't it'd be dropped or. Polity and off so yeah I know about that. And you know our our on our I node he was telling me the other day that he's got a grandson named Jack and what's the name of the horse in the field. Data or did you act that avoids an envoy Jack failure gonna but I bet heavily Jack no matter was already getting played no matter a few blocks right. Yeah and his odds might be like he'd he'd won herself I hope it ought that of you know I like that name because they called pike. Up north in Canada they called jacks yeah you know my dad would go we're gonna go catch those big Jack's. Palmer knows how to catch those jacks is witty things and I think we got a Bennett and Jack so the last couple years bushy Meehan you with your advice we've all won money. Yeah by irregular intervals in Florida and everything. So I hope you you and I give as good advice before the derby. Yeah that's where it reports that position and then that Yuri does that make a difference yet what position they're in. You don't wanna be wanna bet or without a quality at all and all you want closer to derail. Yeah I like him in the middle. Well. Okay the feet of all you're known name both he should know right. You know one time when I was a youngster Green Bay travel I ran a 40440. Yard dash in I didn't realize it just pulls the cutting and and her whole thing I know I'm I don't I'm not yeah made as an eighth grade there but the coach went. Low it's. What do you do and could strain got. I didn't understand if so was so last place is it best for us to talk to you next week or the morning of the race. Let Stewart the morning and operate that I would you guys aren't out yet oh yeah going in maker bent on that's the weekend me. This yes. RA and you you ever drink those nasty bit due lips. Yes holder nasty a team or with a new engine live. That's traditional drink at the Kentucky Derby really do look to hear what's out what's the liquor in there. Straight urban Albright and a little bit action man yes that's it. Yeah sounds delicious it's terrible US should send future analysis straight to straight perfect overweight vitamin Greek. That would be fine yet just the street for brutal writes yes but. Put in Edmonton there yeah any longer it. And that matter why would she come down out what what it really let's just head and when we get asking the important question. Are you buying boy I ran away I thought about it and only am I. I got him covered the are idle talk the again Melanie and I it's Diego indicates that. Was a known name bookie brought to you by the norm in both keep her cup and only a look I'm not for a broken by the name of that thing. Mid June live off the proxy lightning rod issue by horns YO brewer there's a little sugar in a mint julep too I think the what they do is they put a little sugar in in a mint mint leaves and indeed. DO model that enough. Mortar and pedestal you know Andy muddle it and then they put in the verb and I got a brilliant idea for the name of beer called what forged while ago. There you go to Q what swallowed as you've been barred swaddled it did it's well it's. A good get up I learned the Schwab will be here. It is you've got that time. We got our own Schwab will be known I'd be borrowing and someone else's virtually without a doubt no doubt about whether jingle formula com am. Was that yet campus. Brought no land of guys who love her and underlined the donut you got you won't that was the bear and I am bear mentoring now the other thing Steve Watson at our game the other one like when you said if you get the time we got you know that Miller Miller you know I map highlights Miller time Miller. Yet come up get your guitar Tommy are great rock and roll artist. World not anymore he did a lot of venue. Yeah it actually vote yeah youth in did you ever write your own phone. Yeah we had a few it is really now we infield when they're maybe like that during Winter Olympics and it really the fifth. You hit it pretty good. I'd be rich and famous now. You weren't exactly Paul McCartney or John Lennon know or melt into the great better. Never had that kind of talent no big talent not to be fully material now. You know. There was some I was gonna bring up but now I know we told little threw you off your game that's right I got to remind everybody two things number one you can also reach us besides 7991250. In reaches via. Email as CEO guys at That's one thing number two I got to reiterate is that. Smoke these muskie bait and tackle shop will be open for business next week's that are starting next week Saturday with a mistake on the lake. Come out and buy and sells stuff I mean not just in the store buy stuff I mean there's going to be a special going on there's some kind of percentage off on everything in the store. But everything's free. But if you wanna Bridgestone alternate you don't bring it on now you know bring it out set up a table cell stuff you know I'm gonna be out there right after the real strong going right out. Danny won't be there he'll be conducting business that really got a wind dog with like you wanna get rid of bring it out we'll know what's on your mind goes back to hand you're going to go to bathroom no I don't have to put an item. And I am a serious matter to talk. Right now all of going back to getting all the loss that we just are utilizing social media so if anybody has any questions. If they don't wanna call and they can begin. Look on FaceBook look on Twitter who know no Zuckerberg will take all your thought oh no way you loan to Nokia alone next thing you know what you want out of FaceBook page Romany get rid of it but you know what I don't know a hundred years. I don't know I'll make you never FaceBook page one ideological wedge let me run it. There's a phenomenal when getting on a settlement around it now. What no hello all we can run it ourselves so we can't yet we can't load and you aloha right another Ottawa doesn't end. It is social media by nationalist somebody's shows us or shields me at least you know how to do FaceBook don't too. I don't FaceBook page. Yes that would help says. Well we get there as well there that wants to help out Tommy ambush she. Give us a call 79912. Fit yet because like gates and what what we wanted to power and do it for in the first place what we wanted to four with one to post. Photos or have. Have listeners post photos you know stuff like that yeah or comments. You know and we could do even Irish short blog on and if we wanted to talk about anything you know from fishing hunting world whatever. Ladies and I I can barely I don't even know if I can find it you know it's. I forgot the name I forget the parent I rely very I was very good figured I'd break will will be. Have a log on in my personal FaceBook in like four month MIA six. I don't know my youth. I'll be able got to be shown himself out into the where I am walking their dog I'm not into that at all not at all I. I really don't. There. All that social media is well well I think if people if that's the look at me look at me generation. And it's like I don't know. Maybe they didn't get enough attention from their mommies when they were kids. And Betty knicks jets that some users out there there's a lot of there's there's not they they're using it in the wrong ways. Yes the media now like you you're great quarterback in college I was an awful quarterback you might ignite a tight right receiver so you could pose what your great wide receiver. Mull these position athletes you could post all your famous stuff her I know I did all of the only thing if I ever post something on social media. Via football it's just like analyst is like it morals flashbacks like bring me back in time and I don't know. But I don't know what most of the stuff on on social media nobody really gives a crap about except the people we'll let you know what outdoors guys post now though a lot of my friends I go on a few lots of pictures of this yeah. I think for the Scholl. That would be good yeah. But the show this that we would post pictures of us with. Dead animal dead animals dead Turkey or whatever and that if you order in and saying you know allows a fun year a couple of weeks ago this is what. Here's what Tom with the war the jacket to act get them. She racked up a stuff like there's Tom sitting upon a lot of being from a slot machine here's at economy haven't smoke outside the studio the great. They ask Tom to say there's got to get an aperture for I can't order a no I hide in the back like solved in footwear thieves like. Like Lambeau Field has the Lombardi statue they're gonna erect a statue of you have an a smoke for the mayor I don't hide their daughter. Culture. We'll I think it's a good time nailing their neighbors. Although we're gonna give these yeah we got to pay some bills we're gonna go to college with a fishing record or whether I'm in history in your friend your current and it counseling you know than in Uganda and Graham when we come back and I scooter do have something to tell you about. For several months. Though world wide web was saying about how in the big bass tournaments spec Bates we're dead. Well I got some news for you when we come back here on. Notified some immigrant and the fan will be right back. I. Welcome back to the big western shooters supply. Cutting it joke goers. 7991250. If you got a hunting fishing for Heath bigfoot report give us a call. Don't forget the others treated traveling to marriage pot GM union helped with you Angie relationship problems call me being ambushed an American injures. An injury that we have a caller yeah okay and we. Yeah yet and all together and LL come watch honorary. The total kind of walk how you doing what's happened man. It imported beer and good morning Colleen Yoon okay all right. At what did your dad thank you guys they have yet shall we should lol well yeah thanks for permanent. You didn't notice. Say standard that the spring hearing probably. At least a quarter percent. Yeah really that while I'd I know and want to show our. We went to over 300 people were the first card probably since we aired the open air question. Yeah yeah wow well that's that's that and be here in this in I'm gonna send an email to our special guest that you had in his well thank you for coming and. Enjoyed it and he. All of the guys about it that it's not a bad for so I'm gonna ethnic maybe it will support guys there. Worked there I also wanted to mention that you know whether it was horrible last weekend. They're cashing clinics were still hailed. And every park had at least forty peered. And it's for the pitching right we're surprised when you consider what the weather was last Saturday you guys whose terrible. But if it worked out OK in. I would've called a called last weekend but I have been a little under the weather arrogant shoulder surgery so you hadn't done on. Yeah I was still a little I was still a little will be on the weekends and I count dumb enough to. Goodell that's remove old football days it Stephen's point their Alley you know when it hired a hit and was that your right shoulder left shoulder. They're right. Oh all amounts got a you'll be freeze their shoot that shot gun not too many hard hits and a football field too many hard hits falling down the steps of frat houses during the party and now off. All of their all of that the end pushing cards Standard Parking or Soledad good yields in what you Wear a bulletproof young and as well. Yes or does that take you guys again and now. Yeah you ought to get where he would. He drag people that the mistake by the lake I know I'm gonna go now you down with the wind and it that's for archer. Right buddy are able CNN next week LOK. Yeah I think you're through by now you. And okay well we get other people call on but I'll get to this group quick you know. A few weeks back and I last month I was reading stuff about the BA SS though few of the elite bass tournament got a wealth of knowledge they're saying how Spinner baits were dead and blah blah blah. Well the latest B regularly turn men down south. With. Huge way to fish. Like 90%. Of the fishermen all caught their fish I'm guess what. Spinner baits I gets better dates or not dead but it seems like since the end invention of the chatter bait which is basically. A jig with a freewheeling medalist in front of it right ever since the cheddar bay came out guys have been like gearing away from the Spinner baits. Well there's still affect. Ability to still work but to think this if conditions all foam known. No I don't I don't think there's no condition debate no no because they don't they they don't have a long term memory I I've but you know what I don't think it has to be. Memory keepers say I think it's more an instinct you raise your hand. In swat at a fly once or twice and the cable and miss it when you raise your hand again it takes up. There's the behavior conditioning defense mechanism I think that's built into everything whether they'd have a big brain or think or not her memory. There's something different and there's the survival type. I don't know and you know you're. You very well might be right there might be but in my experiences. In all these years of fishing I mean I've cut. I'd like broken align on the northern DRI the circular NN to high gas later yeah I would catch to save fish. I mean and it seems like a fate that we're good to. Thirty years ago still catch fish now you know I mean you. Thirty years ago and or forty whatever how many years ago forty years ago Spinner baits came out they caught fish and and are still catch them there right same thing with a lot of other rates but. I see what you mean though it's very possible that. After these issues military laid out member Wynn how girls were really hot that's a big double bladed Pennsylvania up. They'll. Things are read a map that was that then people had have been switching down to the eight yeah and mixing it up a little bit. Or when they I did read one thing I don't know which one of them said it's there actor one of the guys with talk and how. If first they've worked great. But then all of a sudden they weren't working so great play if you burn them and work the retrieved super fast did it differently Matthew and it would trigger room. And it does seem like when you do something different. Even if it's with an old timers to lure you do something different with it. It seems like sometimes at that works but you know. I'm I'm in the process of picking up some secret rulers for musky fishing this year in and they worked well this year I will share them with. Maybe you know cheers and haven't done Abiola what are we got a call yeah we got a caller we got. Tom Pollack from. My neck of the woods my hometown down the street here and l.s corners with solo break on Hilton as foreigners a good morning Tom how oriented than anybody. You look across the street or regular cross street from the radio station here you can. He did his walk. Don't remember attract. I don't know what won him a chance they'll tribal ethnic if you dump and Edwards by any chance and should or. Did you really. Not the question for Tom analysts that the charm couple. I feel great chew week you're talking about Mississippi River yeah. Then there church of birch what you know what lot they were on her knowing that a quarter to quarter you know who. What does he mean are you lot play and I'm going on a barge are going on a boat. Our ours probably Europe to a barge. Yeah you know I might I wish I knew I my brother in law that was the this journal that one engine a lot the what's the name of that one. It's a pretty big name ones and it's hitter mess now like a year ago they hammered like yeah. Fifty giant hurt he went about a week or so ago and got five but they were big ones via big laugh. Thought a couple nice pike cots off forty inch plate get caught too. So you know I didn't hurt tiger right at the Byron yeah I can tell you if you you you've got a computer and hope right. Alms yes or Smart blogger Robert Gordon a handle on our. Okay what would you do is you you you go on YouTube. And you type in Larry Smith outdoors. All right. And it builds over his recent show rules shall pass shows in just scroll down and look for the one where it's Mississippi perch. Hello with that. Wash all that's okay anyway they get through this wax yet. Just tires weren't dogs that show that Larry Smith did it's we will see Mississippi perch barge fishing or whatever. And they'll give you the name of the barge where it is in the phone number of the people who run it. Yet there. It payout that they can't some nice fight. It's a pretty good deal I think sometimes than a week and you've got to get there early there's loud out real early and out there I think it's like twenty or what they're. You're a failure wrote for a week or their audit to add a gut in India and got a great hamburgers out there on a barge I heard it's a great time yeah. Engine all right you do well you know or that other one where Larry Smith was that yeah yeah okay. I appreciate it all right yeah there was a time by now and we got one more caller let's let's speaker other caller here think rather collared now. And it's your dancers show you what you while Andy and Scott all the itself Scott in wall though I've been the Waldo. Yeah yes ask where's Waldo. It's nor where Geraldo that you have her life to check in you catch Agile yeah I don't know if you just ignoring us and and Holler if you guys Zarryon Tyler and he said. Just look on the life cereal box. I was paying attention shall go ahead it's off or I can't pay attention. Apartment about long term memory you've got to get it right forty plus I. It felt my wife our regular basis when we get normally we don't that's enough if one day. That they've now recognize the underside emirates or they purely on gonna need a new poll. Well this is my friend Scott Ramallah. Catch bits yeah use some of a gun you thought you know what did you do little. Is it once you do get on a hot spot to make sure you can find it the next time take it can't spray paint and paint that acts on the bottom of your bowl. That William marks the spot. You know here's the other thing Scott. What I generally do see the fish fear me through so they took they do surrender I just drive on lake opened up alive well and they just jump in. But you know edit what what's that one teacher that women want me fish fear me something like that. Yeah okay now. I don't recall we will all lose you go out there you go did you vote on a Florida you go down there again. I work record all your after you do well. We yet that's what our record setting are currently at 42 different species. Here wild. Corporate merger you bring a bunch back. Outlook or. Oh wow that's fantastic. At what time what time is dinner and a right away once a definite and it's got a call it all worked up about. All do that and bring an optimistic on the lake will fire up until the real thing yeah old cooks Loria and the ago. A whole new ball and we can't let yesterday's or right we got to run shot up by. Think Ben and bank that was captain captain's got a ball low without perfect circle tighter company. He'd he'd be you know late you ever shields big monster tractor tires a net that are that are out in the fields and never could make sandbox is not a moment style he replaces those really. Field. I don't know how they're great for little kids tournament Becky Barrett put gas sand in there and you got that sandbox. Yeah in play with your trucks well anyway we got to go to a break and when we come back. Dennis our Boulder Junction connection will be on the air what does live in unrehearsed from boulder drunk and you know that. Because he's on the phone rental he told jazz that that would be right back with more closely to see so again it wasn't paying attention sorry guys seven. Yeah. 7991250. Is a full who are listening to the mid western shooter supplies cutting edge outdoors. Welcome back to big western shooters supplies cutting edge outdoors thanks for listening we wanna think our reports that with patiently we've got till in Green Bay on hold we've got Dennis the Boulder Junction connection to fishing reports let's go to Dennis quick. Big morning Dennis how are you today. Good morning guys are good give us a quick. Give us a quick two minute of Norton report. -- our report only commodity that we sit worried auto majors well armed. Which we got fairly about all of the sixteen inches assault inventing a warrior at. And in the middle relief in turned a sixty degrees and it's been that way ever sentence start melt. We have a lot of small and now that it's still looks like winter up here and I am sure that we're going to be right searching for opening out of the water this year really would. Two weeks away at all it is and right now when your caught all of our eyes on your right down to order. Also hooked up up up up up up a woman. You reap what we got Paul Mann has trivia there. That is this here is very crazier than crazy spring. I know all the guys are getting out getting the right answer right now. But where hopefully it'll all eyes will be fighting it you've been using that ups the schedule might I don't know where you're going to be open water maybe in the rivers but mostly cigarette. Have ice here for quite some time yet. RA glow will hear from you may be an opening day I. Depth that you guys are you update. All right all right thank you Dennis we do appreciate it take care of OK to that was Dennis Roy sour Boulder Junction connection and now our Green Bay connect send tilt. What's going on you guys. So much man over Colin you don't find out what went the fox river is doing and what easier I. I totally getting crushed my eyes Ares what the hell's going on going out of date. Well last week and you know what happened here yeah hell yeah. I'll not the mob the rivers bullpen. Beat you can't make it too large universities sort of close up right now but hopefully after the date that should open up. But not the river's going strong. Some of the bigger emails there's far and all the guys are still catches and nice finish. And and guide you wouldn't recommend going on the bay right now. Well he can go on the bay I'm looking out the window right now or shop okay and then there's a few boats out there right now but we still look at some heights yeah but I mean. Gonzales Dublin from the north. And so it blew all the guys from you know Connell has to go stir debate at all came down a little lower paid. Cannot be east York is still blocked off so don't try to launch up the east shore or anything like that because you're not to be elegant and and you really got to watch out when you put your audio and you look at the wind direction to see which way to ice caused because out last week and of the guys heard. People got stranded on oval Connell. Yeah we are talking about better leaders this morning yeah. Yachts do you really got to be Koch is an eagle on this big water that they can change in a heartbeat. Oh yeah. So let's of Telus you know if people are unfamiliar with smoke he's on the DL guys all of your location that. Yeah well we're radar and a moderate rate by natural partner former metro launch OK so. You Paul and actually take a lap and actually take your right you can rate in the smoky is on the day. And teller rodeo we all got there. We're also averaged out we got why do we got all kinds accustomed lord as we get the largest selection of counselors in the state of Wisconsin. And everything from pan fish to muskies right. Must is everything here and then I'm proudest day where where. I dealer Sergey three votes right now to we got our first delivery of. Well well that's that's awesome I will say. Tokyo and bending your place. In the custom painted. Crane Bates collection is incredible there. Well it's simply out right now. We have a 168 different patterns and then what we also do is say they will you want to are different vacated. That it might take on the back and black spots whatever you want any weaken have Kynan Forney. Yeah. Excellent skater Craig Campbell doesn't really get jobs and job market so we got some really good gainers here. My old high school buddy up there brought a are real NT you to get fix them but two years ago when he said it came back awesome. Right yeah we have real repair we have rod repair. We we have a false election it's there's no other shop like us in the state of Wisconsin. All you need it now for it or anywhere in the world and an arsenal all you need now houses still in the back room. Where you bought their way back. Let's not even go there. And yeah I can tell you can't. A couple of squads you know I think. A couple of stories that not only is it your best out and so we are expecting big things on the B this year on. All EI NN right now what we're doing we we have not the first. Series of the Green Bay Lally series it's a new op. Tournament squad coming of say we have our first event here tomorrow. At 7 o'clock in the morning and saw they did get like fifty some votes registered and and despite a Lackey got warm and out of some missile launches open and it's gonna be a good tournament. It and you expect a lot of guys efficient and river. While the rate now I get guys right here to check out they're getting mad at me. But that that's okay that's okay. Don't know we'll Willits ago nausea you gotta you gotta make I have money. All of that to an end to cutting edge out the owners are obvious that I'll make a bloody Mary they'll be happy yeah. But they still be OK you guys have a great day and night I had an anti Obama. Yeah if folks if you wanna find out more evolved. Spoke these on the Bailey got to do is is just Google's Hokies on the bay and he'll give you are you don't give a straight guy just lovable and up the parent. The typical Green Bay character being his thumb from there yet I have not been in the new shop but I guess leaving got a shovel. To the launch from the shot so late let's see OK you've you've got a golf cart or some yes yes they're smoking gun a bit yeah. What to do is OK let's say OK you parked there at the launch is is on at the water treatment plant that it's right and a mile to the river anyway OK so you much about lets you wanna come in for lunch. You can call on the send the shuttle over the pick it up and I guess there's. Either they serve it or there's a restaurant right now I think they only restaurant they have a restaurant there are some than. Were you can get sandwiches and drinks or water beverages and and so they'll take you there you have yours and we'll take you back to the dock it being. Didn't we can open hot dog stand there I mean you Tom that's moneymaking scheme number 123. I got on the books you'll you'll be serve and hot dogs at the stand and where rely B. We haven't smoked dare it be salad smoked and barking out there any knowledge along to artillery. And we're gonna. We're not an Angel we gotta have Pepsi yeah. She's murdered his jets that the giants and both of us know fantasy that he's back. And it was only since she's broke it a surprise cheeseburger cheeseburger cheeseburger he's going to go private entities but I love that seen Oprah or bill Murray's late look at enemies. And they do the hiring bill until it. I know what I was in Milwaukee for a performance recently hitting like a week ago buddy went to see him. And in gnome guys are like six. These tables you learn as you Tom Jim. And no guarantees about a young of the Arctic Arctic surprised that not right original and Betty Betty good to me as right and baseball has been pretty good to the brewers. I read last night another one coming up today. Yes hopefully don't want total today I'm not solution that prints a diving I've and if you inference that starting pitcher. They are on the run Johnson's gonna be announcing are being made connection with special contest where you can win a fishing trip with him and Bret. And make Yahoo! your idea to will be a more than enough he's climbing a mountain right now in Arizona. We'll try column next Wednesday night that's all I got today Denny that's all I got. Tell our listeners thanks for lessen it and god bless and stay free everyone does this Dallas fairly late. You've been listening to the mid western shooters supply cutting edge outdoors. Hockey all next week my friends.