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Saturday, November 18th
Cutting Edge Outdoors: Tom and Bushy take you on a wild ride through Wisconsin's great outdoors!

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Although when he's paid commercial programming the views and opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect those of WS SP intercom Milwaukee and its staff for sponsors. True Lake Michigan to the Mississippi. And every rib First Lady and fielded it. Let's talk everything outdoors and you head out it's time to hop on the crazy train. Western shooters like cutting edge outdoors presented by Coleman is set propelling fasten your seatbelts broke why. Drive through Wisconsin's outdoors. Only on sports Radio One 057 have. The more I learn. What from many western shooter supply is way. I managed out. Door is. Hey good morning everybody and welcome back to the mid western shooters supplies cutting edge outdoors with deluxe Danny bush. In myself Tommy the true Neubauer and Greg Janet is our producer who loser every week. Wheat come due every Saturday morning from 68 AM you can always call us with questions or comments at 7991250. Ducks 414. 7991250. And even though I forgot to give you our email address switches CEO guys at Lowell writer this extended email and lower writer and earlier missing and I have to laugh. I you have to forgive my Dick Fuld dyslexia. As I was running through all that stuff I had many hole left to speak. I I was screwed up a few things and anyway lower writers says hi guys. Thanks for the mini mites they did get years deposed woman knows my name and address. Even when it was a little move up. Hi is not spelled that differently and angle is not spelled Angel in the zip code he corrects your zip code. I was lapin when you were talking about this I have lived here for over forty years and know how to spell my name for 55 years I sure enjoy your show. Have a good holiday well. Low rider you have a great Thanksgiving through and see her crib but that confusion you know when I mailed it. I said to the poll the post lady was telling me out of some the wrong address this is the wrong zip code she put the other zip code on the day. I think he sought hand written there by you know different ink. Anyway and ice that wall mail in any way maybe they know the person by name and we'll get it there and sure enough the post lady dead. Good for her Iraq I five when you see your Fermi lower writer. And storage hub that little problem but I'm glad you got the mini mites. Also. Don't forget folks at after the 715 break we do. Will move on Tuesday we will be playing the NFL football picking contest. Where that's sponsored by excuse me by curly waterfront club and you will win a ten dollar gift certificate it out there. Not Danny you wanted to bring up something else says just. When though he went into the brim well remember what it was. No but I got this I want all of ask you our Arabian is. In a Tampa your vast knowledge now Tom. At their pocket that that fox river I guess they've been doing really well up in Green Bay for the while iasis this fall mainly have been. Movement in and out based on reports I hear they've been get them in eight to sixteen foot. Range radar in this in the channel Iran on the channel break in they're talking about here JPEG but they're talking about geoghan plastic. Ring worm style. So my question is what is it Jagan plastic ring worm style. What are they talking about. I wish they had won the show you a ring warm as it's a plastic worm with that looks like it's got rings around it. That's all just do it it boy I wish like candy cane. No no not colored rings but there's like a middle part that's straight and then there's these browned plastic wings overrated. You know like little pie plates over a I mean is it an after show what do you. And her time I'll bring this up harder until a couple I don't know of I can even draw a picture of it as well that would help our listeners thoughts ring more nervous I have okay but here's a thing OK but when it comes the plastics. Whether it be ringing worm style curly tail style she adds style. Is just the plastic one style whatever you know around street whatever. They all worked as a matter fact one of my favorites and out of course don't forget the Jagan middle. You know that works too and this time a year in the fall I have fished out there's so much in the fall. I haven't been out there and a few years in the fall but I have put many many many hours of their. Crank baits are great in the fall the plastics are great and you can Ketchum. Not just them on those brake lines in 1618 feet which you do have a lot of breaks. But even catch him up and 345 feet of water. And they did mention. Crane Bates and they said the brighter colors chart truths fire tiger at the blight brighter colors which after the start water I thought I'll be honest with you I've always loved tell you at the fire tiger. And it in my top top top if I had one. Colored crank bait to go with the rest of my life. Cloud. Oaks on agree called clown. But you know in that that that water's pretty dark up there and if you're efficient in the deeper water let's see your dollar and at 161820. Feet of water. To tell you the truth I don't think they can see a collar down there I'd I really don't is Varitek even when your up in a you know in the 45 feet of water. I don't know they can even see a color to tell you to true I mean it it's it's pretty dark water it's pretty dinghies so. Whether or not they can see it I mean I'd use Craig pizza all callers is matter of fact if you like as you you're gonna lose some result there. You especially to shallow right here guy who's lures. So I lose what I described the next one I wouldn't really even care about the color so much is long I mean I'd 'cause. The colors that I haven't the boxer might be 56 different colors. I know there on the work I know they're all good. One tip terror avoid snakes and losing theirs my tutoring might be to removal hooked. Sometimes there are some tricks and off and I bottom up trouble yeah I wanted to hook saw yeah there are some there are some things that a guy can probably do. Let me ask you the next question hair jig there mentioning me heretic. Here jigs are made have made a big come back on the last dozen batters the same thing they were talking about like first Molly's in the -- bring up monster doing owning a tough and I show would you account here jigs that I've buyout and you said no they were the wrong ones that I had while they were too big this year. Relate I I don't remember I think you thought you gotta get the smaller smaller size. Well for the smaller he's up there you know up to about a quarter answered jig is bought all you have to go. OK you know eighth to a quarter ounce now on the river on the I'm like gonna file server and I'd been hearing some reports too on the rivers that. Like the rock river. Yeah it's been a little slower there are some guys are catching fish but. Generally it's on a short ones Wisconsin river up by the dells is doing really good below the dam and and north up by nick who say they're doing good up there. And of course the fox river you're always gonna catch while he's there OK up. Here's a thing in the spring you get those big league and females you might get a 1214 pound right in the fall. You're not gonna get those monsters but you're gonna get some big fish. While they said I think I read eighteen to 22 went to get a lot of it's an app you want to get some for the freezer now. Is the time to go debt so we had some pretty Lott I'd want. And yes getting hair jig doc as I know they were big got there early seasons Molly's I guess when their finicky and not hit anything cold water. They're biggest pretty light. Are you just. Well you just going to be able to do is vertically fish it are you make in Bonn cast somehow party officially hair. Depends on the structure your fishing I mean if you're fishing. A rock ledge or something then you're you're you're casting up to four or five feet of water and work in a down and edged down to where rates at let's say ten feet or whatever. I mean there you're going to be you know hopping and you might get hung up in the rocks a little bit but if it's a gravelly area you generally hopping it. I I have never used energy vertical digging in the rivers that have a lot of current I don't know I don't want to work. I've never done that is you have to go heavier you bright got a heavier. So are generally in the later jigs on the bay. Or unnatural inland lakes you know for lawless I mean. You know the thing is is that. And you you're gonna need light. Look generally light line with think if you're throwing here Jake Long never arrived to get it out there and not asked that not a fit or eat announcer corduroy you can still chuck wrong yeah you get it I don't know first Molly I imagine they just Mac at there is no doubt when they hit it there while eyes little more subtle hit not real actor now really while. Zone so met smacked at soccer through you know they'll just suck right inserts woman away so okay I mean you know. The other. Like such a simple little likens the kid going through I grew up with their down hills. And wrap allows for pike mostly and I'd look at some little jig with hair around it I thought at the peace occur. Note you know those have been around for years energies have been made for your matter of fact mainly for pain and finish. You know you got the little pink in Ryder boots they're solar Rowland chief Ali they don't work yeah and and but you know a lot of things a work you see that's just that there's a lot of things that'll work. And sometimes we anglers can overload. Our boat with tackle boxes full of all these different things that we read about and hear about and see. On TV and then an and then when you get out during this one guy. He could recite to you like bass master magazine. Verse for verse right on every issue right he knew at all you'd ask him a question given great answers but when you put him on the water. And get squat yeah he couldn't catch repeat he wasn't sure what to use word to use it now the only. Lincoln it Grants Pass newly single yeah ardoyne tried his super technique early artists over thinking it need problem tonight one thing for five minutes and if that didn't work he's going to the next time. And I just saw something known now now they're coming in you you know you're jerk baits your solid like got husky jerk and remember paroled yeah yeah okay Manning rogue well now they're coming out with those soft plastic jerk baits. Now they've been around for a long time like fluke stripe like folks are members of banjo minnow. And got. OK so these have been around for a long time but there are always hooked with a jig with a hook on the big got a system where there's like a piece of plastic in the head on an angle and your line is run through that plastic that's in this plastic lower. Doug the bait does the plastic. The standings dictate. It doesn't really suspend because it's plastic but anyway you run your line through any type put a trouble upon ample one of the hoax in the belly right up near the head. And now you cast Matt out well OK it it it is something different is a different weak way of rigging it. But debate itself the lord's help is not different they've been around for years. You know Danny we are so many of these lowers have been around so long. In musky fishing wallet fishing bass fishing whatever kind of fishing and as it. There's just look like different techniques may be used with them or different reading possibilities. In and that's what's different the lowers himself. Are changing all that much. That and they've been around so long had you some one comes out you forget that that existed years it was your spent a long time ago. Hey listen we got to go to a break but when we come back. We argue and played the NFL football picking contest brought you by Curry's waterfront Bob on beautiful you walked in late. And out over wreck early days. You know they get all the TV set up they got great food over there and of course the drinks don't change too much especially for your beer drinker. But he ready Al lot of TVs we got a lot of great food and you can get a ten dollar gift certificate by playing. Does the NFL football picking contests all you have to do was tiger beat anyone of us three and you're gonna get a ten dollars if if you're there always will weigh yet that's right in 99.9. And I think last week guy's release so. Anyway give us call at 7991250. That's 4147991215. Play the NFL football picking contest. And you will be the big winner will be at what's bar with Dan and common Reagan here on moral vice. And an FM the fan. It is now time. Here on 1057 FM the fan in the mid western shooters supplies cutting edge Al Gore's. Forty NFL football picking contest and folks are really wanna give away this ten dollar gift certificate. Gift certificate to Curley is waterfront public. And we need to caller 7991250. That's 4147991215. We need to cut contestant. The play the game was so that you can win that ten dollar gift certificate and I'll tell you look if we don't get a contesting Greg and Danny. We're gonna use that gift certificate. Okay never made maybe now you great is you might not wanna drive all there. That are not its true. Do I look I think if if we split a ten dollar gift certificate reached can get a beer right. From a I don't know about how I don't well no they're not that expensive out there they're not expensive though. So anyway 7991250. And produce waiting for somebody to give us called grape so while we wait you poke here we go we got our contestants. So Danny we can talk a little bit while Greg is getting. Finding out who we have on the line. And after 730. I'll be telling you folks about a guy who caught a 47 inch must be in a very un usual manner. And and tell you about that after the 730 great. But right now we're going to be playing the NFL football pick and confidence in Al Sharia. Last week I think I saw salt we got our corn test an old shirt not all the lights light up. OK. Take it away great. Are we have Jim from west Els on the line Yomiuri says that last week. Tommy went on for I thought I did Burnett said that after that brings your season record to fifth. A low blow fifteen and 26. Bushy on the other hand when for no leave it. Brad and his did you talk and no name book years. Bringing his season record I knew what he wanted a tough one T Nadal poets who would do that I am hovered right around 500 its warnings when he won. And our caller went three and one why did covering the colors season record to Swanee one in its one. I'm on top of the heap you are five year old with what I have to the caller when. Mode again and had a boy that no doubt about all of this season yet for this season yet inedible. I think his Wendy's and a U. Arcade. I know Jim from was it alive then let's put Aman I was gone Jim. And there hi Jim. OK you know how we play this game right here IRA particularly great arteries start out in the college dreams. The Wisconsin Badgers have a huge match up facing the Michigan Wolverines. Up Wisconsin is that give vina. Michigan seven and a half points. Jim Leah. Current. Damage well I'll tell you what Jim if if Wisconsin does not turn the ball over they will win by two touchdowns so I will go with the badgers. Pushing. Michigan. Say it was because nitrogen bolivars probably not a very well Lehman has been going well early but I'm gonna go what was garrison. Because Michigan has no offense to speak of whatsoever right so. All right next game we have is Detroit at Chicago. Each Droid is a give vina the Chicago three points Jim Malia. I. Birdied. Boise. Lions. Diamond yeah I'm gonna go with Detroit through the and I think it's up to the quarterbacks on that one arm your greens clean sweep across the board wolves go to Detroit. Let's give on the docket which is believe or not one of the best teams that have felt this weekend. The Los Angeles ray Evans at the Minnesota Vikings who would've thought that the season began. Minnesota is a give vina the rams to what I have points Jim Bassett. Aaron. Donna I yup I think this is the vikings' downfall I think the rims will pull it out. A god I hope so. Bridges. It can't go with wishful thinking Tom I know. Well I'm stuck in any way you see yourself. On the go the rams well Randall looking very regularly and having good defense. In the stifle peace in the final game of the docket. Brett ho Lee in the agreement badgers looking for their second straight win the games stay in the hunt for the playoffs. Green Bay is giddy. Two from Baltimore. Good Jim Malia. Ravens. Our day. Bushey. Who would that have been Lambeau all right it is the bill limbo. Ending days. Giving who remain as giddy. To voids in days getting. I will say the Green Bay. Ayman. Well here's the thing. And this is a tough 1 but I am gonna go it's Green Bay only because. The Packers will have two picks. And Flacco isn't what used to be Huntley high hope is a little bit better I hope he's getting better every week. And the Packers really need this win but I am not be in a home here I really actually being. The Packers will pull this out. And I really think they will are especially being at home very. Undergo Baltimore. Okay well you know they've always filled their teams on defense. They still got a decent defense but it's not like Whoopi used to be flat polls not what he was or all of these. Net new. If the Packers secondary can give a 300 yards to Mitchell Robiskie had they known it scary. Offense is gonna do allow more than yeah. Well I've just did in the line we need to get more of your info. He had good luck to him. Thank you are right now I I don't yet. I don't know I I still think though that that Michael's gonna throw a few picks is you know I I they're throwing the ball downfield. Hopefully we get a couple excited that sort of call and you know they do throw called fixes don't think there. It did I the Packers defense looked is common. I know there's secondary well. And the secondary is atrocious I know that's the problem you know butt out we'll see what happens. I'm still rooting forum all at Yale always bells got a chance. There's are you there your home team here again for a the NFL is so weird lady you know that you never know what can happen well you just. Glossy Aaron Rodgers hit a lot of your deficiencies. On offense and defense in mere lack of talent in and that's why he should be the MVP because it is. Showing that he is the most valuable player to this team. Because when he goes down there or not the what the normal checkers are. They were saying there was a talk or rumor out of you remember this. Off. 67 years go and Eli Manning. And you rounds or Peyton Manning was out for the year. Gives Indian for Indianapolis. Indianapolis at the best record in the league the year before right and he had his next surgery was awfully terrier and they went to a fourteen and a UN AB did you get. That votes for MVP yeah is it just showed how you're going to play how valuable he was to his. Well listen I'll let you take. They contestants. Address. And I'm gonna tell this quick story all right. I was gonna till after 730 when I'm gonna do it now. This fell off. Not to access this guy anywhere where the heck was he used the values from up and Spooner somewhere. And okay him and his buddy you're out fission. And he hooks aligned Danny credit he looks a line. So we figures wanted to get this line out of the water that's not good for that to being in around in the water and all excellent. So resourceful and well guess what he gets what he finds on the and the line he finds a rod and reel. Was morsel why now. Want that again I got a nice most Iran and real here right Somalia puts it down and try to analysts I don't know but he's guitars pull in the line that's at the end of his round and I don't supple screwed up or whatever it was anyway. On the end of lying about Robbie really found in the water was up 47 inch steam. He's so that's how I was at the heard way to easy way to catch 47 ensure I don't know but. Maybe we can never callers it was a call on some of the weird stuff that they've caught. While fishing and I can tell you one right now. My brother Larry and I were out on a rock river they and he starts tolerant me get the net while okay. Well what does he have money and the line he's got a really nice Fenwick rods and I'm sure mono real spinning out. They take out a nice round real I took it all might cleaned increased at an all that stuff the run was fine you know I just had a cleaning grease the real. I mean there were other things that happen that they in Iraq but yeah. You can catch some stuff like that and we know of other people caught things have ever caught anything like that or hey here's one real quick my brother in law. Proficient up by your Rica. End. He catches a ten speed bicycle. It'd been at a water quite awhile law particularly good speed bike. Is that a Schwinn I don't remember what I new lows but an and we had a heart and it was he could lifted up just high enough. So we can grab the tiger. Is he couldn't lift it up the whole thing where there's a rather bright line you know but he came up just enough we have to wonder who pulled that thing up. Unreal so what have you caught anything weird like that you're efficient as crappy zip code to a two is enough about it now. Yeah through those yeah. But I don't often read the exciting nothing really good I. I think one time I. Caught another run real ones but I forgot all about it you know what probably world's crappy ones you know. But that's an old when my son was fission. The last month on an Arizona there there's so one of these areas where they stopped catfish and so I took his kids over the thirty put out a couple arrives and he had a little bells on on the at all. And he he did catch catfish and as it turns out he ended up giving it to. Somebody also was commissioner for several days to catch a fish even though these were stocked fish but at one point. He had his Rodham this railing Annie said and how this happened he doesn't Oca is one of the guide should've stopped it or something. But all to ease out of Carter's ICC's as he's a rod and reel flying through the air into the water. And so the fish took it right out and it so his wife was there and she says who wanted to go get a piece is right and you go. She's and allies is just go get a so he goes in the water it's all their up to was met. And he never again. Let you look good for a we got to go to a break folks if you get interesting story about some the net you caught while fishing that once in a fish. It was the call at 7991250. Will be right back with more. Of the midwestern shooter supplies cutting edge outdoors. Warm welcome back to the mid western shooters supply cutting edge out donors so above and holy are talking before the deer hunting season. It only starts complaining Ollie says I'm gonna change the way things were doing this year deer hunting Bubba asked why. Always says well last year we hug did the Mexican national forest. We can't get a dear but my wife got pregnant the army far we hunted the nickel a national forest reading get a dear but my wife got pregnant. Bubba ass so what are you gonna do different this year Foley says. Take your web me. How awful awful look at the at the a that's a good and then have you ever heard a little quality of government at the thought but let's. You know a lot of a lot. A places have. Deer hunting would go weekend a lot of virus have stuff like that you know what a week in the they. Lot of places are having specials. You know make good money in them down food do you have that in your place and now we're back. A bar that I frequent. Does that they have a lot of specials for the women and they come on drove men who literally. Yeah Danny. Hey you know what yeah. North Torrey should be in all of our guys I don't wanna go on to let us regularly otherwise there was applause mother Doris relating to an offense around two years ago in Green Bay they had some thing where one of the Chippendale shows would come in over though and leaked. And of course that was deer hunting but one of the guys were dancing in the tube well I think that almost not a what I might but one of my buddies who worked. At the gym we were all young muscle heads at the gym he was recruiting. Guys to work as cocktail waiter. Saw all the guys within my brother did it in a bunch of my buddies did it where they were. Walking around with no shirts and little bowl ties on their name Federer serving cocktails and they all met. One guy ended up date and one girl he met there and paranoia and yeah that was a great opportunity form the meat all kinds of women. I was deer hunting. Now I'm not as lean as I was then I'd never get an opportunity. And you never know. Yeah. Go to along those Stallone ours has look a little bit more mature people and yet you meet like some Saber tooth please don't do well nine year old. I think your way. Left that's even worse than a cougar as they're they were two they shouldn't I think. Yes but anyway yeah I'll start mentioning earlier EI think your new year and a bathroom that spoke these muskie big tech shop is got a lot of soccer's. And guys are kitchen muskies. On the suckers that are dead numb. But they seem like this year there's been more bigger fish caught this year than last year. Well no good they're growing and but more 4040. Plus insurers this year more fifty plus injuries this year. Then last year. It was the golden era about a dozen years Jerusalem moment whole bunch of you know beat Fisher elbow into big fish were caught many kinda. Seemed like the size kind of was down but it's going. Going back up again. You ever notice how stories of big fish the fish keep it bigger in the stories you know by you know one guy tells one guy some men neck I tell somebody else than that in elbows around by atomic inspect you. It's like it it I'll never forget years ago and Indian are around you while key and they measured they'd be netted a musky. That was. I think it was like 53 inches or whatever. Within two weeks. A guy calls the radio shows tell me about the hundred inch muskies have caught you know trapped on. This and this fish kept. Getting bigger and bigger and bigger yeah they and I dear Todd definitely slowing you local fire and all tell you of the DNR netted a world record yeah I'm barely dad happens up north a lot fall on dear loved your last three days they've got they got you know the world record in the lake area. Yeah Indian are negative yes and I'm marred boat and I could see that I had on one side and that tail on me. Are there at. Lake salt. Out. Wolves can we talk a little wolves Tom churn ago Julia from first thought last week when we were talking to our. Good friend Kyle Drake might kind of I'm suited to this and he said next topic he didn't want to address that and here's what's going on. I'll just kind of get into a little more in depth and I just briefly touched on it with my question last week. Some northwest northern Wisconsin legislators. Are proposing a bill. That would end the state efforts to manage. Wolves. And forced police to ignore killings. Unless the federal government. Finally removes them from the endangered species list so basically out representative Adam jar I don't know JR CH OW. Mary fell cows fills cull ski in roaming Quinn as well those are representatives as well as senator Tom Tiffany I guess hopefully I. It elbows right they basically. Are the ones who are kinda introducing a spot bail and basically what it would do he did do that. Well if this bill is pat asked yeah because here's what happened. The odd governor in Idaho governor Butch Otter. Actually did that same thing with an executive order a while back where he declared that they won't managed. Wolves anymore all our investigate illegal wolf killing foods basically say and the NRA got the manager of the states and I've been Amanda jumped and guess what love farce meant it could investigate not then. And that Ashley force the hand. Of the Fed's two then remove. The gray wolves from the endangered species list in I don't hold thus allowing them to manage them and hunt them now right now. There is a bill in the US senate. To remove them from the endangered species list for the states of Wisconsin. Minnesota Michigan Wyoming. But it's sitting there in the US senate and they're not voting on Nash could take forever right so this is kind of a bold move. To force their hand. It would be real nice of Governor Walker were to sign that I mean because you don't what is many wolves are in this state and there's a lot more minutes longer stay in there it's. Club close to a well follows and in the initially started trying to manage the number one it was like half that amount. Yeah yeah and how we're not hunting or trapping them at all they were not managed. And people can do shooting like to do coyotes. We still have walls here ten years well. Now once this came out the you know about ten nature will slumber tree hugger organizations came out. And basically said that that if this happened. That they basically be wiped out in every wolf would be killed nine and on I doubt it while I have all those northerners they'd be shoot everyone they stopped there they definitely yet take a hit if does anybody imagine if it is your season all the people in the woods they'd. They'd be wiped and a bunch of Ramallah I don't wanna see did. Did the walls wiped out. But I I think this is a way of saying hey. You guys have to do some things. I guess what you're not gonna regulate them at all now we're gonna. You know also I think it's a real bold move may be out whether these weekends we can trying get one of these representatives of the center around and talked to move on now would be concerned are from northern Wisconsin and I'm sure we hear their viewpoint because you basically reflecting. The Paulson the feelings of the people that they are representing up there. Exactly exactly and that's we the people feel out there but they've really got to remove them I mean a fifth set any US senate now. I mean right now all our senate and congress than in half the time these. These overpaid legislators aren't getting anything daughter out to not get anything out there and argue and fight with each other all the time and playing dirty politics and I'm sick of Vietnam. Let's let's pass some excellent you know call your representatives you know they've only got to contact our representatives and in the senate. And in is Wisconsin I can say hey listen. Get this goal what. Now you know vote on it or not they can get him delisted but I'm sure there are all worried about you know tax reform in Russia and everything else in a moment. Not worried about aren't this particular bill again. I guess not I guess it's low on the totem pole yeah and calls it. But maybe you know hopefully you know may be of people were sending emails or governor whatever I mean he's he's done some bold moves in the. Pass on the screen was all but do you think that the thing to do would be to get a hold of our representatives in its ends in the senate yeah as if they're the ones that are supposed to be vote on it if the bill already has been introduced right now that I from what I read are you talking past the Wisconsin says now now -- a federal a federal federal these guys after all yes we'll bring need their right to do. Is pass the bill that removes them from the endangered species list. Which then allows the DNR to manage in the way they want the dealer wants to have a a controlled on tin man out the numbers now. Obviously the dean. You know all her open season in on a day. I -- any of that money that that would be fine with me open season on walls that be great at whatever you wonder for a day or two I grew up all trying to get it will hi guys I think open season year round would be good now and then yeah that's way I feel that you're one of those doesn't want any rules whatsoever well I don't you finds guerrilla I don't know I don't and that's what there would be I don't mind if there's. APEC ovals just one. And way way up there should llama down somewhat yeah. You can have one pack that it's OK I don't I don't mind. Some wolves in Douglas County has the empire pack running the river valley I wasn't there hunting the one year my brother said it was. It was a year with the fog I don't know if you remember there is years back there is opening gave fog all over the state. He was in his stand in the dark in the middle of nowhere miles back. And even before first light the walls started howling and it was echoing up and down the river valley and allied. He's that it kind of raised here and now. Erie yeah absolutely clear if there. We got to go to a break folks but it you guys any thoughts or comments you've got to make our you got a comment about the wolves situation or anything really. You can give us call at 4147991250. Will be right back with more of with Andy bush meantime is true Neubauer. And Greg Janet kind of boards will be rate. We welcome back to the western shooters and I. Cutting edge I'll cars. Greg's plane had me unemployment you you should of went back dignity he thought he I never thought anybody and anybody wanna point a finger at someone there three point Beckett shoot a yeah that's right green point north of looters here. Yeah so. So your leave him at sometime today Conant the diagonal Michael Douglas Tony no no no I don't I got bad beauty for land sitting there. I got a forty acres that. Nobody even hunt non out there is that in it and don't mildly Connie forest is it because there's no dear you're. Now their leaders you know I I was centenary years ago. And one shot a hundred their two years and Rowan is forty which my uncle owns at the time and I decided to go there to my brother have been ball hunting and they jumped the really big buck in adults I set up the stage and shut to a small box. But one year I told my uncle who gets in NC has had a not Oakland owned this forty together when I said to me to sit all today. Does leave me alone over there and don't bother thought sure enough about noon. I hear of Bagram. But that's not a good sound for of a four Wheeler but you know and trying to make some formula here the formula comic. Enter and I'm like god dating don't tell me it's getting closer and cloth sharing. He drives all the way to meet nom ponting about a 150 yards off the edge of and imagine river. Just on the edge of them big ridge little maple lol and then picked cedar swamp. And he says did you see yet. You what big Bucky big buck if Alex I was in big buck and dole he says I thought they were run it right so yeah. So all they said no. In the left. About why don't bother five minutes later. Across the river and I hear. Paying by saying bang. And about. Fifteen minutes later for a Wheeler common. Right to where I heard the shots. And then a floor really relieve them from wearing her descent. I'm quite convinced that he chased that big buck. They like to cross the river that's like a known escape route okay go from one side to the other and it can be pretty shallow and spots they can wade. Are they can swim right across as sure. And am quite sure that he chased that big buck right across the river. And in back then you could take four wheelers the end. And drive through there. Then they recently they put a trail through their I don't think it's the ice age trail but it was close the so my uncles land where they almost they contacted him about possibly. Paying for that land to bring the trail through but since that time you can't take four wheelers back in their so nobody's been hunting across the river. And they got to come in from a long ways and means it's a big hike to get back is you want to talk remote. This is remote stuff where you can get on a buck track in his goal men in that cross fences in goal and trying to add Benoit filed a tough on top of my. But now I actually own that land across the river and I'm never even crossed the river to be on it. Ruin FBI hunted you know actually the majority of the land is across the river I would compound our side by the cabin and like I said I shot a couple small box there but. When these days may be or got to go up there but I can hunt hunt such a good area and Sparta. You know where I mean there's so many years there well that but some day. I'll probably be back up there in Douglas County. Well your question for a year efficient that river. It's interesting that you say that Tom it's the it's real red clay that read comic clay though the river is like. Brown but it is not polluted it's not cuts it's not. Dirty water it's just got to a tinge to a rail to it yeah brown air like a brown red clay now years ago my dad. Each. They used to throw dynamite new river in they'd collect the dead soccer's around shooting. From boys you know when town trying to poetry up. On and then another time they put a set meant you know like I say these mind this past the statue limitations dad's dead announces are my uncle. Armed anyway they put a set nip down there in they would get soccer's. But sometimes think might get a while I rarely. And then one time they went to pull the net up they were like high school kids. And something with strain in the net they pulled on this poll in a poet in this giant head came. Giant had and they all freaked out and the Nanette war. And years later they said that had to have been the sturgeon. Now this runs into lake superior well and I join into Lake Superior and India early seventies. The Saint Louis river at that time was totally polluted nobody guessed it. But just is that Saint Louis river with start the clean up a little bit. People started trolling for a while lies kind of near the malls. Hunting near where it goes into lake you know Eagles into Lake Superior kinda near near that area not. Up rivers much. And at the same time people started fishing net and imagine a river. Right is it goes into the town of superior. In diverse sit on shore I remember is that kids see in them. With stringers and nice while ice fishing with leeches on the bottom just kind of smitten by this muddy river in July. In we actually went in troll that river with crawler harnesses because my grandma's neighbor was trolling get 45 while eyes today on the five pounds. Trolling with crawler harnesses in the river and widens out a lot more red deer hunt. It's real narrow win anyway up there and miles away. But near near that multi area. There were people get while ice we troll with crawler harnesses. And we didn't. I maybe got wonder too small Wally but what we did get many many years ago we got a muskie it was a Great Lakes. Muskie not planet it was one of the real Great Lakes we caught like a thirty and spotted muskie prolific crawler harness there. For that had to be one of the rare remnant strains left nothing Dave Stockton reintroduced them. But you know I drive over there river in the summer there's not a single person sit on the bank and I think to myself. What a fight. While eyes were there in like when I was a kid you know maybe 'cause I'm they can hold with and maybe eight years old in 1960 and you know 1966. They were there in the sixties nobody's fission that I'll betcha I can go fish wildlife. On that river and catch him catch him this summer and nobody nobody's fish and all over on the Saint Louis rivers talked cleared up with not polluted German mark that's the big history. The sleeper one has to go over to the new magic. Spastic if you want a fish from the shore with leeches and catch while you know without a deal and had to be found as I sit relax and finished. That would be right at this summer. Now you should turn that you know. Unmet thought we are talking about the five server earlier. You know what makes they serve stock in him in that river was really dirty really really bad. And they started with a Clean Water Act and all that it's her cleaning up in the paper mills had to put some kind of compound in two that are. Stuff when they were discharging stuff back out that are revert to a reduced. Them molecular compound you know big strained whatever anyway. But they sort of stopped and and the late seventies. And by the early eighties I surf fishing up there are things about 1981. Under eighty who suddenly. Danny I am not kidding you. You and there were not that many people on it. Very very few. Very few English guys you would literate you do that you would get a blade on every test you would get a bite on every test and you might not catch every fish that debt. But it was like every other test to catch official most or every second or third it was like on but. There weren't that many people knew who now we're noodle trying to kind of keep it quiet at first with that. Kind of a taint the pain economy. You know idea I don't remember feet deeper he picked quieter not but I tell you you you mean. I had a guy now this is I didn't know it was illegal for media guide up there. 'cause you have to have a charter kittens license right guide all you know from the great from the B every day it's up to the first damn great at at. So actually now guys it. Guide on Winnebago and stuff has gotten they're just because if they start push in that limited yeah Greek lake ray system. But that lot is closed. And I had to appear but anyway. And so it was late. I didn't know is illegal to be guiding their but I had one guy. After two hours he actually got bored of catching fish now these weren't monster fish right there were any words from sixteen to Tony two inches. But he got. He got board he was Ketchum. Almost not every desperate every other tennis. Yeah can you imagine kitchen and inefficient and just didn't board of at and what do you think. Ed there was a time when it was like that is it like that now no no because again it could Julian people up there efficient yet effect. I got friends who used to fish from shore up their and then they built some appear there I mean they said. It's too much of a you know what show and yeah they won't even go there Anemia. But if you go to fall fewer people fewer boats and especially the nastier the wetter weather. The better it is for the Wrangler but anyway. They had had a great day today Danny yeah I mean to win then annexed it a good laugh neck yeah thanks my next week I do plan to be Beck Greg was ask enough. I'll give you call later let you know for sure hopefully I have a buck on if not. In punting sucking then maybe I won't be here on Saturday saw a column lets you know all right sounds great right that's all I got happy Thanksgiving everybody else. To all listeners thanks for lessen it and god bless and stay free everywhere you've been listening to the mid western shooters supply. Cutting edge out Doris. Good luck content in. Talked to all next week reference.