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Saturday, November 25th
Cutting Edge Outdoors: Tom and Bushy take you on a wild ride through Wisconsin's great outdoors!

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Following his paid commercial programming the views and opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect those of WS SP intercom Milwaukee its staff for sponsors. True Lake Michigan to the Mississippi. And every rivers lay and fielded the let's talk everything outdoors you head out it's time to hop on the crazy train. In western shooters like cutting edge outdoors presented by Goldman insect repellent fasten your seatbelts broke why. Ride through Wisconsin's outdoors. Only on sports Radio One 057 have. I know. Went from man western shooter supply chains are now. It is now time for the second tower of power was drama heightened right didn't nominated for an hour. Along with Greg Janet is our illustrious producer of as a midwestern sugar supplies and millions of our show. And we come to you every Saturday morning from six to 8 AM and will we are live you can give is call at 7991250. And I forgot to mention is before you can always email us live as CEO guys at And of course were real happy don't take your emails or phone calls with questions or comments. Now run what about deer hunting some some about a six year old girl yeah if if you recall. All bad and the twelfth of November of Governor Walker signed assigned to fill in the legislation that. Eliminated the rule very. As far as his home minimum age for person to do Iran and should've gone in Wisconsin are only within a manager while America they have to have lament her parent a longer film. Are sold this year on Sunday the second is Susan a six year old girl like she heroes Ella for corn balked. In non natural colonialists and but. If she's a first person and the youngest person ever harvest the Balkans Johnson six years old. She should she shouted myself. You know I. Could you take understated. He that was a question we had to a platoon had to have hunter safety before he could do debt. I won't defeat uses I don't know mentoring program which is different the program you'll Wallace signed into. The bill was signed on the 12 November losers is started on May eighteenth and November and leave. I don't think she could take him of course an animal time. No. Well yet you don't know you could in a week yeah yeah you could but I don't think. And I'm a little we got somebody's got the answer right we do whoo yeah. We have the wealthy straight lazy doorman for as I happen daddy bush. On big learning day today. We're waiting for a single straight could we no longer already know that. Well I'll close. Single hot weather and hope they're well taken in here my empire. They're going to cut and run out yet you're a day so what they'd do it. Would he do right now. Well we're hard at work at the deer camp but watch and based expert characters that'll immediately it is bad right now we're at the el Rancho motel which at Mexican for raunchy. Well fired up. But the play it's still there if. Our issues goes beyond the woods by now. Well we decided that we we've ever had to be here in the April polls before 9 o'clock. So I'll look at where we go who knew or 9 o'clock. IRA leader dead you're getting ready all the right. Yeah over there will be the last they then he would talk for a lot of the here. It all. Smallpox. So far and I had lunch up in about. Great shooter bock opening bay colony had about a 102 window where it was which make it through Jason Nadeau and added in the school but there were a couple of toppled trees in the way and I thought it would it'd it'll make it at Conrad. Tried to make gay Yee also would stop but didn't stop but they had besides the red tape in its C shop there's life. Not take the shot when Barry was the bond they had all of a second I think about all we Goran had been wishing I should've just taken the cracked. Particular shot would edit that they haven't seen another. Big barker shooter box since it's the definition of shooters outside the years or eight points or bad. Are. What these Scott took a cracked the big board on the field opening weekend it was running across the field. It's son Stephen took a cracker or operate before dark that this chase an adult. But right now sitting on the field may and even a little guys are coming out after dark it's like it doesn't take long. Formed a figure out sitting in the woods so I've been in in my other stander told them. Still it's a great week likely to be up here though so that the people as they will make a few drives and color ramp. While got a question for area I mean look who the staff let's say after 12 o'clock will you just shoot any gear you see now. I I couldn't come to the conclusion that. It's like becoming just the start let her fly but I. Think and let you know but this crap yet despite that start. Otherwise I could wait that for two weeks from now for the bill although only saying what we did last year and didn't get any all of a sudden they kind of became scared and maybe we should take a big bill while we can and so I can and are concerned about your venison or. Sure it's open also interest not a rich and you know all the wounds that ultimate sexual perhaps stop button. Probably guide to an improper things with the women alike think they got to take and hit it good cue from nature this is like suggestion. Scott would watch and the big bill in its young or not but came up right behind it imported all right honor rear end. Yet the bill. But it's back like in coal. Particularly the oh yeah I appreciate it is evident that you're able wondered what happened. To follow it a little bit they have no problems get near Aspen and that they'll put that little guy displayed. I I think he's got a good point there Danny. Good point. Well you mean well anyway I'm. Quality guys skip school and I know you got a break there is broad and. Yes yes I had it question freed Danny yours just talk and I don't know if you saw on the news when a six year old girl shot a balk on. The second day of the season she was the youngest starter not to take one after the governor signed into law the are additional minimum age to haunt. Did at the question came up does that person have to have a hundred received the course of that day and age. You know and that's I kept the question why a sudden I'm not I'm not sure there are the other questions. That this pitch your old XP by a license. That's a good question are with 60. A court order now I got another story for you up my cousins kids which would be my second cousin he's in his thirties. He took his seven year old player daughter off but might lay on beacon Douglas County. Which by the way they saw a lot lot or Bolden for drivers around their this year so the deer coming back up there. Federal the wolfpack is well under a lot but it's good to see bickered come back up their little bit. Anyway. He got a seven year old daughter out and out. She held the rifle kind of balance the rifle and she aimed at who pulled the trigger boutique I would have holding it. They got the light box for the seven year old daughter got despite box but the school came back. Lot Bellwether into her but the chairman was the front to back correct it's seven year old in me yet. And opt to the emergency room for eight stitches. And. And it suddenly you'll never forget. I don't know that there really turn like yellow lab around for something in the future. A little smack in the head leading up to the emergency. Well I felt like a good time. And that's better that's how he looked scenario remember. Yeah. But both kept up we are very are pretty tough state you know they got their different breed. And trade. Are a key role in there may. Outlook or. A played daddy was seal later Sudan's in next week. By and that was the any bush. The regular cohosts on the show but we always love it when Ron comes and fills in for men or even when he just joined us you know and you. That you know I've seen there's a couple of questions about this noise singularly taken hunter safety course or what they have to violates I'm. There's a lot of questions we don't know I mean let's face it we don't know everything right but the thing is is that I. Am not fully confident. A ball. You know because his right now of the way the law says it that that six year old could carry the gun by their self. Recommend to does not have told before the mentoring process was the minter carried the gun. And then when opt opportunity came to shoot then he would pass the gun over. I think that's. A and I don't know I just a just and I don't don't agree with button six Yemeni girls theory and on. You know in the woods I mean I'd I don't. It's I don't know it's a tough one yeah I don't know it mean if anybody knows whether these kids got to. Have a hunter's safety course or of the violations or what the deal is if you know something about that if this call at 79912. I almost victims are going to need one. But I don't think the window the timeframe when know that we were given here from November 12 to November 18 was long enough to implement any of that stuff through my peace more gun the gun. What's a calling I received hunter's safety course you can do that real quick yet. Really lay out years ago it used to be yet to go to class every day for yeah are weaker to remember take commitment kids to a you know on. But nowadays you'd be big shorten it up. Yeah and I was enter. Some actual life wondering part of the course yet the end. Yeah okay who is usually a shotgun or 22 or some international and allied effort yeah right. Yeah us first lesson is concern armor in third I'm just wanted to mentor songs they have one. There to test on into their blanket and they essentially might. Be but I'll I'll tell you one thing for sure. Does not da da though registered dear in this state is going to be down a lot. This year over last year and last year resolved over the year before and that is because. And at this and this is surprise me you don't have to register that deer until 5 o'clock the next day what's to stop a guy. Or woman or whatever to go out shooting deer you don't have to take it as long as it's in your possession. Take dead near home butcher it get rid of hide. And now the next day while I still have my date. The law shooting wanted to do the same darn thing now warn up promoted this know well we're promoting it but I'm Tonya what. There are people. That know this is happening all right the DNR knows it's happening. And and the other thing too is. When manhunt when those hunters are out and they don't have a decade gone bad did our warden they don't know what they're doing our bit on all their hunting deer or doing whatever. You know I mean and and and if they don't have to take the dear you know a lot of people say they're going to taking I'm and a registration station was more Ava. But was. Tradition tradition thank you run. Was more of a traditional thing to do you know see the other beard talked with the other hunters you don't register your gear is a rite of passage are almost up. The main thing why that was done is to get an accurate count on the deer kill bats was the main thing accurate account right now. It is not accurate. And didn't you tell me that. The first two after the first weekend would you deer kill is down 141000. Was a result from a 2016. I was like are a 116 balls under shot that opening week in and Fisher 103000. Yeah and last year's was down from the year before every yours ever ever every win when it is Susie instituted that where you didn't have to take dead deer. When especially now when you don't have to take it. Used call in on the full well how many people forget about that too. Or maybe what appear in an area Dan Abram were appear in an area. Ron where were to get dough don't have cell service rate but he and then. I'm Tanya that they're there are things. That tired chose not sitting right with me I don't know why you folks out there. But they're not sit right with me we got to go to a break. And after the break we are gonna play in the NFL football picking contest brought to buy Curley is waterfront public. You will win a ten dollar gift certificate to occur is water from prop pub on beautiful pew while you will win. You will win without a doubt the Saudi got to do is tie your beat one almost three and that is real easy to do. Everybody does. So is America at one week the polar did not but I had already mailed it out so he now and I think and edit clarity mailed it out what act. Anyway you're gonna win that ten dollar gift certificates 7991250. Will be right back with more of the red western. Sugar supply cutting it out or. Now time for the NFL football bowl picked being behind the but here on the midwestern. Sugar supplies cutting edge out the orders. And brutally have for a contestant great we have Charlie from Jackson are way too early from Jackson and I know you're gonna win this so. You're you you know you you're you're Donald does football picking right. Aurora over the rate well let let. Greg give us our updated as far as how we did last week are quick recap of last week week eleven. We saw you W Wisconsin beat. Michigan. Detroit and Chicago. Spread the story. So there was a push but I gave every the victory they can we saw the answer we saw Minnesota beat the rams resolve Baltimore beat Green Bay. Tom Lessig you into into to bring your season record seventeen and 28 boom terrible bush seated when one of three. To bring his season record territory to and 23. And I went three and one blue ringed by his season record to 23 and 220. Rendered. All right now we are going to have one at nine NFC north team builds me. Because that we saw the vikings. There's Bayer's yet. And outside the lines of the bears lions an underdog Thanksgiving GAAP and are gonna do 19 NFC north game another big game in the NFC though. Or resign over the college drinks. We see Wisconsin tried to go undefeated in the regular season they traveled to Minneapolis to take and the Minnesota golfers. Wisconsin is give Venus Minnesota eighteen. Charlie really got. OK got to go what the badgers do you know with Miami losing. Yet all I mean it's the goal an opportunity for the badgers so I think bill will put a blowout book that the badgers. All right time it. Well you know bear me. How boy you know the Chris the coach of the badgers is not one to run up scores. You know he's not guided do that but I wish you good. But saying that ice still think the badgers should have their I know they're gonna would buy at least fourteen will be seventeen. Will the golfers Kamal tough I don't know but I'm gonna be a home and go with the badgers. Earnest because Minnesota can't stop the run how many points some Angela Minnesota it. I am also gonna go Minnesota that's a huge point spread in the big rivalry game. In Minnesota. Mano in room. So are you acts. That I am and go with. And so Netscape by the dark yet we see the Aden to New Orleans Saints. Traveled to Los Ange is take on these seven and three ramps. The rams are giving. New Orleans to points south new yet Arctic that they have. Rod saints. Tom it. I'm Dora the rams because Drew Brees ain't gonna win missile on. I am goes senses well. That's given the Duckett Chicago travels to Philadelphia to take an Eagles. The Eagles are giving them. Though the arms or the Eagles are giving Chicago thirteen and a half points Gerald yulia. Are what really. IRA time it. You noted geared true risky Fella he. If if if if if if if well if that's a lot of points. You know what. It's gonna go to bidders for the heck of it. Ron on the bulletin there's a competitors defense is pretty good deal Philadelphia is good but the sooners defense was most loss on the come on out because there you have the debaters and scored the importance. And hours ago Philadelphia. Because his head I don't have any favorite Mitchell true business whatsoever. He prayer move in there hey I don't gave. Seized the beloved Green Bay Packers travel to Pittsburgh to take on the Steelers. Green Bay is eight for thirteen point underdog. To rally would say you. Got to go with Pittsburgh guy I mean the factors that. It just so. I think that that the that the that if they put a no faith turn it. I thought but what I heard the tape Boise. Currently the program I think that is the steal of the cauldron that. Done it. You know Charlie I I I am in the same camp with you even at the Packers defense plays well Roethlisberger I think. Well first of all they can run against the Packers I think NN then these are throw against them like crazy I mean you're the Packers. There defensive secondary makes every quarterback they look my god trip Christie threw for almost 300 yards. What are they big Ben's gonna do right yeah I gotta go with Pittsburgh now. And Ayman go Pittsburgh as well. Well Charlie good luck. Whatever good Arctic right you do I don't know. But yeah yeah and you know. With the Wisconsin game. They can run the ball against Minnesota. There's no problem there. Plot you know. I don't know Minnesota's Gergen this this is their championship game right you know remain. This is businesses like their Super Bowl acts that and it reacts and I don't even know what that hell is what this actually in anyway as the I don't I don't you know. These these different college teams beat deeply forwarded this this slow bucket met. But no head or whatever relatives. Who cares about I don't know I don't care Bono act. What they do. Let her let babe keep is that how baby gonna chop out all the entries rather zaps it to your brother who talked to Gary Ellis and either different point of yeah he probably would look for the badgers to me I it. They'll be good they keep that axles they would have they given the trophy case they've all said that proudly I know first for the guys it's it's important but for me just win win the game. If the if they cover the spread fine but you know I am I was dealing with decorated you know you know what waffling back and forth you know which way to Waco. But I concede the badgers. I can see them getting one or two touchdowns per quarter. At least one consol per quarter at least one per quarter and I concede their defense. Holding Minnesota to maybe six or ten points. I can see that. All of the problem with the badgers who will not the problem but the reason that the badgers have lost some spreads. Is because. Horn brook. Throw the interception yes and badgers territory and leaves the defense with a short fields up. And that's how a lot of these opposing teams having him there touchdowns and field goals because they don't have to go. 1520 yards to get it yet because order Brooke likes to throw that interception. Well and I'm sure his light too but he does he just has you know is doing. He just has some real sometimes you know it's funny how sometimes you have throws that are beautiful like dead laser shot in the end zone. Yes Michigan. You know threading it between two defender I knew I was beautiful. But then on another one he'll over throw guy and go right into the arms of a defense of back I mean I don't I don't own it. There's did I daggers there's time very. Looks leg of a fantastic quarterback and on some of those NASCAR now needle thin and there's times roads as stated on his receiver NL have a horrible throw eaten on the flat where he does lobs it out there in the defender urges. Jumps in front of our president takes to harass. Well let's hope that doesn't happen I I I play I I mean I know the badgers a win. I know that for effect will they win by over seventeen that I don't. The only other from buy it can for C would this bad team today. Is that. They've now with Miami losing and they know there're. Pretty much control their own destiny there in the driver's seat and they're looking past Minnesota. 20 yeah let that big tension. They they had Michigan no big game last week big game next week and yet this could be a trap game you know I mean it could be but. If Clemens and beats Miami now. Lol I suspected of them better all of while the blob on the bottom of Bucky measures in their for sure. You know so it it it's you know there's some interest in college teams as we can Leo Auburn and Alabama. That's another against another good game scenario yeah. Yeah they're they're stock and national radio if you listen CBS sports before we came and they're talking about. The scenarios that could happen. If certain things play out and you could see. Two SEC teams in the playoffs this year. Yeah. Yeah that's true and and I didn't like the one comment her well it's probably true existed like it though. Commentator made the comment. That horn brook isn't gonna beat you passing. You know yet they can run the ball but he he gonna be passing. OK that might be true but I don't like hearing it. Thought that it up so when they play Ohio State and you know or. If they get in the top four they don't want them to be given in the fourth seed because that means they'd probably the Alabama rates. And you really wanna play you know Lila a no no no no he'd rather be in that two or three seed. Per prefer we used three and who played two but I but you know what. I'm gonna enjoy listening to the game because I don't think it's on regular TV is. Is the measure gamers I know it's on at 230. So they are. And then they are gonna tell us as a positive it's on ABC all I hope so. All I hope so now. Thank you threw in Washington and I'm wonderful yeah I'm almost positives and they receive that president and a receipt of great excellent wonderful. He's Friday you have Auburn Alabama which plays the same time on CBS on Auburn Alabama came up because at 1130. Know as now to thirty. On all while. Well. But there's you know your eldest do them. During a commercial in the badger game I'll flip over to the thought there puppet in Alabama Auburn take jobs at 230 it's and serious about it. So yeah I'm you know a lot of lot of good football coming up but today and and really get. Get excited for the Wisconsin these specially this year this year that it's this could be the magical year. Nice thing watching Wisconsin is that they run the ball so much. And their defense is so good that they're games are are. Significantly shorter time wise yeah that's who in the other games seeking out and I guarantee you that Wisconsin Minnesota game is over a good half hour before that Alabama Auburn game. Yeah over I agree. Will be. Which is always good because and you can watch. If it's a close game between Auburn and Alabama you can watch that ending of that close game that. Anyway folks okay that was our NFL football picking contest brought you by Curry's waterfront public. You know that's the place they got a ton TVs they got great food. Very nice people working there they're actually they have for from the Packers games they have on wrapped like a raffle roundtree and Q by you get a ticket. But I ended Crawford jerseys and on and some really nice lies right yeah NA NAL's got specials going on you know these old beer before we end this for a quick did you hear about it tavern England I think grin Glendale wasn't. They've been doing this all year it's free beer until bill packer score their first touchdown off a flash away it's. Yeah how old soul no closer to underscore all until the Packers score yet touched on our field oriental apparently score. This last week the owner said that the patrons were actually feeling sorry for it yeah. It's just I think I can't remember the name of the place at auto was in. Being bailed Glendale some light that. And I don't think that we may see instituted that I don't think the ever envision that that was gonna happen this year. And but they said they're gonna keep it going that could happen this yes they're gonna keep it but you had the name of the place and no turning your right now yeah. That they're gonna keep it going. So. If we find out the name of the players will tell you. The Bavarian beer house that is. Where's that. It is in Glendale is right off of 43. In between. Hampton and so respond to guide or that is an Oreo is the order so there the soccer field yeah yeah write off of yes I mean. East inside of 43. Is an airport Washington rolled. That Iran yet yet part of they used to be the appeal all I got her partner yeah I don't know it's directly off port royal arc of the sort of broad immunity you get to have from bright road right but appraisal fraud a broad traded to it rained yet so lot. The Bavarian men. If you want Bavarian beer house deposition and down for a little bit they just reopened more than that I used to be the Blackberry and and okay and they had a little part behind it are able Heidelberg or officially announced for a couple years notes the Bavarian beer house and if you want free beer. And it's very ago because the Packers might not started a it. They Melissa had honed in 300 Dobson says is that all. That's all of the rim and you know 300 can pints of beer almost a toss well yeah I know it's not cheap but I mean I does mean that he's it'd be amended a 150. 150 glasses. Pint glasses under for the Dubai glasses and each. Have their assets. To hamper or you have girls now so let's. Well over 200 dollars just in. What. I would they face for the this. All charge for it then well you know god bless them they're gonna keep it going so. Did it. Go to the Bavarian beer house and get some free beer today all of their account and around as well I shouldn't be promoting them they should be telling people it all occurred league's top it all with a very with a cut on his people beam they are buying food and yeah everything else while you read it while you're doing for free. Right all right folks we got a Gora break we're way behind time at home we'll be right back with a roar of the midwestern sure spliced. Cutting heads outdoors on 1057. FM the fan and the ball 50 AM. Yet short segment here 7991250. Is the phone number. Run Heidi Reich is sitting in today for Danny and I'm time and a true Neubauer great Danica on the boards. And we're taking your calls were talking about a lot of different things today. You know the fishing season Ron is winding down a little bit it is it is winding down this is the type weather that you all everybody is not a lot of people put their votes away now. You know and it's winding down but. There's so still a lot of die hard senator muskie fishing and wildlife fishing. There are now. These are actually you know with the exception of yesterday musky fishing has been really good on you walk Keogh. Attaching to the catcher the catcher catching have been really good yeah and a lot of muskies caught them I'm hearing a lot of law. Multiple finished d.s and from the guys on their mind and right now live beat is probably the the most productive but that's what most people use. You know yesterday. When I was up in my friend's house I was driving by pew rocky end there were. What's the name of the island known is that cottage island cottage on the west and yes how often that the and our launch. There were three votes. It looked like they were anchored and they were all quite it would Iran like held forty feet of water tank. And there were three of sin and that one spot not normally they're a little closer to the island works like or is thirty feet right. But they were often quite aways and quite a ways off of it now. This was yesterday yeah now I know they were doing and they get those suckers on the bottom line there and you know so. But yeah but this time of year where you know this. Actually he's my favorite time of the year to wall life fish out on the fox river pardon me this is a great time ago. Not as many boats blocked a wall lice and you be surprised the ball the other fish he Fisher who you know. And you know got guys are going to all the year. Rivers actually Wisconsin river and and and none that the rock over here. The rapper Rose Bowl a lot of short ones you know years ago why I've had a travel trailer park to northern Wisconsin for the better part of the last. 35 years yeah and when I was in a bullish option area my next door neighbor of their lives didn't cross okay and he was and he was an older fillies although Libya at the time that's for sure. But we're talking about the fall fishing on and on the Mississippi River and he told B says. You know everybody comes up here and they come up here and in March and April casual always says the guys that know what to do when are often are not over November. He says that's when the wall invite is really good on rivers is an act over in November. Yeah I it is this it is very good yeah. That they're the two regular TV shows here Larry Smith outdoors and jungle espy's waters and wards. Zeros all wallet fishing in the fall and doing very well known you know it we got an email here from David. David says does face. A penalty that must mean thus theory keeper removed and all my gash at. I love the show might twin boys and I listen every Saturday we love fishing group Putin. Can you tell me anywhere the pan fish are biting right now we have a good hole in. Monk wanna go on phantom lake they weren't biting at all is the water to cold any other suggestions. We had ice near the short to just may be too late we need help. Well David. First of all they're not they didn't stop by Eddie still got a EOK. And if you find the fish you will catch from now this time of the year. Pan fish. Not not not all the pan fish but the majority of them especially properties. Will go to the deepest part of late. And they will suspend. It will suspend over the deepest part of lake in new. And that they could be it could be forty feet of water and they could be down anywhere from twenty feet to thirty feet they could be rate close to the bottom because. The water temperature and ended dissolved oxygen that's pretty much the same all the way through so. So what you wanna do use start driving around that deeper areas with low heater on. At the low Gator on and look for those pods of panther shoot you'll see on you'll you'll run and norm. And then just drop down I mean whatever you wanna use if you wanna use of many might Dora. A dig in whack our hope and elects formula will be fine you know Horry and placed it in a way excellent you know nine. Peace a crawler whatever but just get it down their you'll see him you'll see among all cater David. Yet not too cold because what the heck they might in the wintertime ice fishing on each guess was not who called. It's just whether or not is too cold for you when the voice that's for a particular do you wanna go out. I swear I swear it fishing and abort. In November and December is weak cold and sitting on a pocket in January. It's just it's got to be a canvas of the open water and. It probably. Probably I spent many of those days you know we're when it's leading or snowing on new whatever. But as long did you dress for a yeah you but you're right it aping his dad Dan and is this evidence of fuel or water yeah. And so anyway David I hope that helps. You will find them but look I mean let's face it this isn't the easiest time of the year define him finish. Because usually in the shallow water they've vacated now you know usually. And they're out in those deeper water holes you know there's a hole though you know they're like well what we've seen here. He is a film he says they got a good hole. On phantom lake when they got to do a whole lot of I don't know what exactly what you mean by that if there's a deep depression in the lake or whatever but. Driver on those deeper areas in and look for the pod to fish you will find them I guarantee they are all gonna have a. Just in the studio I believe it's December 9 assist Saturday there indeed weaken of the balky a sufficient -- was on. And he is what this group called ice junkies in a big time and a crop nutrition and we'll go fishing rodeo race. But yelled at the time period as Claus between when the right now and i.'s salt. I think you'll have a lot of stuff that's going to be relevant to what her which are running and so yeah you're oh yeah. So if you haven't put that photo way. You still have time to go out and tried it yet December tonight and have a guest the hazardous pretty open up on campus issues. Now yet coming up this year we're gonna have a number of different guests of with that are affiliated with the ice fishing show while dice for shoe show is just 101 day Saturday Daryn and Clancy will be and but then we're going to be having three afford different guest coming in for the lob Milwaukee down south the muskie shall which is held in west and was Jan it's not just the most he shows also. Did its usual though it's too short and one fish x.'s the general shall and the muskie shores and no building next store and the action are doing something different this year. It was last year was ten dollars got two in the bulls chose this year ten dollars gets you into the muskie shall finish X shall is free. And that's not a Washington County fair grove press. Yeah it that that's really good deal because let's face it not everybody finishes four big fish right in other fish while they fish for big ball as a bass or whatever but. Other lot of people who fish from the and finish the wall eyes the past problems whatever. And play. But this latest gives them an opportunity guru through sectional for free and and not have to go to muskies if they don't want to get in don't want to but it there's a lot of must be nuts out there that will go a bit about space shuttle went up. There's always good stuff at that it we gotta go to our last break folks. 7991250. Is a phone number again any questions or comments Ron's here I'm here rigs here. Yeah in Danny's up north dispute not a bad is probably still got. Well they read more on the midwestern shorter supplies cutting heads outdoors. Lose the final countdown. On. Packer badger weekend. And I hit. I started as low Plotkin badgers Packers and all that I do. I'm not much into that go to the basketball. Or the hockey. I like talking baseball to you know put pet badger packer football the even though like complain about. We backers out they still Emma packer fan. Well it's going to be a 5050 weekend for meal open for a badgers and I'm dreading a Mina the C badgers a hole any sort of badgers and I'm dreading the pact and better. The I know it's but you know what. We're gonna be watch and anyway we're gonna be watching and let's hope so. Yes. It you know I look forward to to score some points Packers. Score so I don't if you don't cover the spread fine. Score some points especially for the Bavarian beer how's he has retired circuit that's right pop up well. I want her curly waterfront public there did fumble that there and Evernote right and as always looking at ways to a twitch that as a yes he's pretty good promoter yeah you know and all that talk about a typical of empathy empathy with that pass tossup enough Gordy was up and the eagle river area lastly and waited and you hold on yes. We get innocently okay yes and now it is time for our. Up our report with Dennis Royce are bad Boulder Junction connection good morning Dennis. Good morning guys or maybe it. Yes and do the same do you for an. So what you got isolates yet. Yet regarding. How I am actually slept there are roles ruled out for these days old. Sunday probably in my allies say water applicable away. In the arsenal melted this week yeah just wild well now what Blake are read that happened. And I would say that pretty quick here some pretty good bass fishing. And I can guess what lake you're going to be going and you're going to be going on Trout lake. Big he'd been the last one to freeze well. That are sure we were up there let's let him leave it outlaw. There were patients sixty B water. I'll pop in and honored when he beat up to sixty would bar that we are patient arm and because MySpace. And your position on the bottom and sixty feet. The yes you're right outside that a lot and I hope there's still there but. This week or bide changes. It so you said you're snow melted. All melts yeah you most at this week it was pretty warm and piled her lap but most well melted and they're a little bit but what did you guys just double and opera running but the data when there's just Ali and it's supposed to be nice samarra all in hand so the the bullets in law or more time at a golf literally saw. Of now on the shallow relates abuser any that this device that allows anglers or get out on the ice. They are going out yeah I've made you ought guys value I'd be very careful and check. But they. Fishermen are fishermen and women are going out and raised in especially in the basins and that. Bays and and all lakes so there's there's sites out there nice and I'm not. Garlic crumbled early here a couple days ago and it it didn't crap in my late so I guess it's okay. Yeah I'm in that same boat to life friends usually have me go out first. Yes. Yeah yes exactly. Our debt as well thank you for that update we do appreciate it. The orchid that part but. Yeah thank you YouTube thank you badgers yeah definitely brings. Back the we'll all know is still there that's all that's rated at here from yeah it is still here all right thanks Dennis our guys. I know of yet been here for what thirteen years but anyway I'm. There are what sort it was up to eagle river last week and he stopped in by actually used by him my ex brother in laws are resort that he wasn't there. And he brought back the cop was a sticker to put on wall. And it kind of ties in a little bit with this football thing and kneeling for the National Anthem. And has sought to stick and he brought back his shows. Michael beaver damn tape tip up with with an American flag open the area. And it's that the northeast underneath that is this is the only way that O'Neal for. Ha ha ha ha ha I was terrible bad. That's cute I like that is because of course you and your ice fishing your kneeling over the whole you have to do that's the only way you know or bad idea to kneel down for the benefit that's funny that's cool. You know are we just I had Black Friday go past us and our eyes started. This site yesterday at sport he's muskie being tackle from now until Christmas everything in a story except live gate is set 15% this on everything that's in stock. In the store. 15% off well that's good. The one thing you do indeed do do we are running shorter hours is stamina years so the best thing to do would be to call in advance. We're basically open for 7 and a morning until four Ernie after known right now and but you know if you get it a couple of days of inclement weather you know were were locked in Peru because of those of paid. Does appear to be standing orders over the coming in very I don't watch so much TV yeah thank you you're right there in Philly clean so much that's right there's always. When it's all clean unit and sooner or later but that and what about your. Suckers you got a lot of soccer I've got a hundred twenties in yesterday afternoon. Vienna live pretty good run comment yesterday and I got to distort 1130 and it's like all old who were in trouble and all of a supplier and it brought a 120 dollar bought two or later Jack. So love our rivals have no problem with soccer's national problem getting a ma. We. We always we never Ronald youth in unity the coal sporting here believe me in the threw on some way. Yeah yeah I know EI eventually Euro was left with a few in not you feed those whose Eagles is that legal if you did that well and Omaha. They've yet to see Eagles or protect and so I don't know why wouldn't illegal there it is helpful lying gives some that is Eagles and its its got Matthew on its fun feed fee idea animals and written. You know I I've related this story before what one time and also previously. And I think he was sooner than you anyway and there was his slate that they had to be about a fourteen in soccer goes big. And there was a Siegel said not on the dock when a doctorate and I took that it's it was a dead soccer. And I took it out and I threw it out and it landed on the dock okay and that's Siegel must've been a good 1012 feet away use towards the end of that. He come hop on over. And I watch said being take dead fourteen in soccer head first. Ruhr right on down want a whole thing right down and gone estimated one. You know life. Couldn't fly away credit agreement he could each ride he'd keep his shirt flapping his wings and certain jump off he went right in the water with the and then he handled his laid back got on short and then walked back up the dot yeah again it could miss. I see you alluded when he picked one up on water on a bigger one at 1214 incher and it beat these swooped on watered it land by an innate picking up but it wouldn't try to get away from the other one yeah. And make me confident beat and beat presidential front heavy. Her head as Stoner and water and are there what it's. This guy and the big gallantly to edit the attitude and our it was fun but just to watch it's Eagles won the Olympics coming on down I mean just. Gone. While and and and also you get out there that are there meaty yeah you know you don't Ron instead of throwing those that one's out. What if I were to smoke some of those you can smoke a tennis soon it is pretty good why not why did you save those for me and I'll smoke and for us. It dollars and fifty cents Scott. After regulars got thrown away and want to charge me. Chief. Where a minute got to get Hillary camp as try it a minute that's right and calling governor we'll try as leaves her that dog keeper over and you don't. What those references are keeper movement and oh my gosh. Got to tell you all about the Manitowoc minute when were off the shelf located just Google Manitowoc minute on it there is a hilarious guy out there. It's about a two minute little stint did you ever see that great. Men and women. When you get some free time in nearly. During the show the next show with might be different. You you you might wanna Google Manitowoc minute it's it's humorous but is yet I like it away with that. Rodney got any last words to say I am not no mean me neither lets play John. To all listeners thanks for listening and god bless and stay free everyone. Okay folks this has been in the mid western sugar supplies cutting edge outdoors thanks to run I'd be right for sitting in today. Or are Danny thanks for having me I'm Tommy threw Neubauer he's great Danica and thanks for listening and folks often exploit.