Charchian: Is Mahomes a must-start this week?

Fantasy Football
Thursday, September 13th
Paul Charchian on gives the best fantasy football advice heading into Week 2. Does Aaron Rodgers have any chance to put big numbers against this Vikings D?

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All charging and the charges whether it's band ball but commonly save dot com charge they've been going. I've been great I wanna get your opinion on the door packer often it is dot tricky matchup with the vikings. I and I were just talking about that I think you it's going to be him he member went Peyton Manning played his last year. When he was so good the offense was good with the defense was in the and it can be beaten Super Bowl. I and got a Margaret Cole it's about. No when he was written with Denver when he was with Denver out of Denver or Oklahoma or you don't know he's last year when they were offensively they were good day that the viewer they wanted they wanted with defense and when we had a man yeah I remember here that like the metal or that they went to the meadowlands they got their ass whipped okay. Want my picture is Aaron Rodgers and a lot of three and five step drop getting rid of the football and allowing his guys to get yes that's that's what I picture right now is. I don't think he's as mobile as he wants to be I think in the is probably playing pretty core I think it probably sore than what we're led to believe. I think just me personally he says it's the springs and yet let's go with that I think it's more either an NCR and LCO type of terror. Just because it knew the words that he said after the game on Sunday night or doc and I decided he couldn't get any worse which usually means something's popped. You know which you can't get any worse meets broke in on the it to its there's no return that so to me I'm mistaken there's something more serious there and at the end of the season we're gonna find out yeah I played a whole season with this that type of thing and he's gonna go have surgically fix so. I think he's not going to be anywhere near his mobile and Brian Billick was on the show earlier this week and he said does. When you look up to try to defend what Minnesota brings he says it's like looking at that if that like gave the looking at their defense is like looking at their team picture coming after you. So I I'm thinking to myself they've got a monumental task to keep keeping him upright it can be a lot of quick outs and they're gonna try to run the ball a little bit but they're gonna rely on the defense to get to Kirk cousins so. I think it's a pick them at best I'd I'm favoring Minnesota in this ball game I don't want to but I am. So that's one that this. I think Rogers I think your your you get on you really can't point it rockers the writers that so much damage and make it that. Growing quarterback on the run ever. Wind if you happen mobility a lot of what great people but the pure pocket passers get it. Kind of diminished and that it Aaron Rodgers. If the vikings defense white nose where it. And he's going to be properly in the pocket most of the time that a massive advantage for you and the line I'm telling you. You can happen keep liking the niners. Yeah me that he kept Jimmie grapple running all game long it was just gotcha line of scrimmage and it down if brought particularly from that he had to throw out half of the ball quickly the media hope that you're not dark Randall probably definitely part of this game. And by the way he matches up against second star rookie Mike in the slot. Mean if there's one there's one if you're really strong advantage out of this offense against the defense that but one right there. I copped to be sitting on our game reach its target it and I'm this week. Let's get to be a phone calls lot of questions as go to TJ listening to missing Greenfield TJ I don't what's going comment. Good argued. Holmes or go off. Yeah it I will I was Patrick Holmes at that point we'll watch all out a four out now about ridicule over mobile app but goal line but I don't care that doubt you'll bump that diary you know it's so much on. Neutral matchup this week but he's my number seven quarterback he's my proper level off well the white. I and number eleven but more homes goes up against Pittsburgh. They finished their impact art if it touched down last year. One but in the last vikings at home in the public passing yards jet bound for me and just to keep soft and so what we're now I just I wanna I want to start. Virtually everybody from a whenever it can. Bob let's get to an atom listening to his agree bad I don't what's up. Adding a charge quite. Or the back side and nominates him Jimmy Graham. On the wrong and believe that I am full wallet. But public ram either way tonight just circumstance it I what Matt Ryan is he going up against Carolina bit. But laps or matchup between division rivals so collapse this or match ups Ryan at a college game. 353. Starts to would have thought stout. That's domination by their clearly Brian and the falcons still on the east Carolina that area back and anyway. Doubt that it may have to start from that line them up it really really tough match up on that Thursday night opening I game against the Eagles this Ian Jack opposite. Don't get freaked out by his underperformance on Thursday. Let's get back added Joseph listening to us in Milwaukee Joseph I don't know what's up. They got out that I've been up PP army all animate I'd add purgatory I got spanked McDonald's I question both look like. And drafted David joke do. Yeah you know we've advanced McDonald. Inactive laps we don't even know it go I didn't Joseph cook my numbers he team I again. They're your best news for Joseph who is. We gotta be acting out this game we know that he and score touchdowns and attack and when a New Orleans. Yet there's secondary that we think our sport could really get off the sector and to be read until I'm just after. Touchdown. They'll we'll try to attack the middle field and joke that went out there and I'll walk. Opts not to green as well John. I know I had here and get it all the parameters being paid hourly. All right well Philip Rivers this week he goes into buffalo win teams face each other last year. Though the chargers put up 54 points on the board. That they just keep up what 48 have been last the bill that. He talked about this last group Evansville builder had it for the number one pick in the draft and it dips it's going to be a slaughter at some point. Though aren't just running the ball like the ravens last week. But he'll Flacco threw three touchdown diamond golfers who got a reporter art by. So a Philip Rivers might have to court records. Philip Rivers number three you need to these three of PPR Mike he's good one. Kelly going coal or Tyler Lockett. I don't know what government can play if you got to get Detroit and that certainly that's certainly you'll like it helps. Just not Detroit it's a liberated by that just happened act. So it Goodman goes I think in on this one you called it the focal point. Oh of the jaguars passing attack because they don't have anybody else but it broke two and if under and it doesn't go. I deeply formal got to go the next game tail that's in you know what it's a great signature game. It's a fascinating game that you can't work or eight minutes away from winning and if you can accept it going to be going to the Super Bowl and acting within that in. New and in New England so a fascinating game and it Puerto over start to pull something quick or can have passed on. All let's get batted him in Brookfield Kim welcome the program what's up. I am wondering Bagger burger Alex. What do you think there are you're running back are color. Ought to Bakalar my favorite sneaky player of the week. You know we talked about the forthcoming water that's going to happen in buffalo where the charters are going to put up on the point. The data back they're gonna get all the work late Mac game. In the ops backcourt he kept it on a path anyway at some point they'll get at and they'll run their back it's just like the ravens did. They're backups got and the more here he laughed. Then Alex I would get when they step off or so came running game script jars you whip it out in the run up on a fair amount. Real quick to say Michael Crabtree your nose and alarm. I won't know tonight alert this week it goes up against Tampa Bay if there. The number one number two and a portrait quarterback are all out your story. A couple of years are. I didn't meant. Am but we're. And Carlton Davis. You know anything about what those can spell you among. Them we don't want to look at eight feet caps right and secondary. Are free to expose that. A well thought and Nelson like a lot this week maneuver a lot and my receive. Got one more time for one more hits and walked on the I don't know what's up. They get morning I have picked up speed and Peterson. To possibly spark for Leonard or net analyze one or no. I'm definitely got to impress the heck out of this last weekend. On hand. Don't look at Indianapolis laps no team. No but he was impeached apple at an awful lot on them and the front bunker. Out to me it's just almost a month around. So I like it was an era quicker now than the other writing themselves. It was she abducted or have they happened upon entering that game. They have it good charge show finally got only once again this week approach pitch him in late thanks buddy we'll charges him. Yeah absolutely talked it about Leo Paul Georgy joining us for a couple of minutes. On the Schneider or challenge shatter our drivers right now you work are the peach fair eighty plus years and getting it done calling hundred point four product division I jobs dot com.