Christian Yelich with Radio Joe

Brewers Coverage
Tuesday, March 13th
Joe Zenzola goes one-on-one with Brewers OF Christian Yelich

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I'm talking with a guy who's probably done at least a thousand interviews now in this 90000 one's Christian theology occupy herself Hillary don't have to marry. Good to be getting. Sick of this ever want everyone is talking. As part of it in understand it. You know being in the new guys. So it's August harder are these the most interviews you've gotten releases coming up to the big leagues I. I have that thinks. Maybe I mean. Maintains a list similar. The stars like injuries suffered that spurs are. The club that more so this is prize is a new team and all the stuff going on off season. Urges sensors were so far as being. Fine united back out here you know ordinances. You're getting a lot of word god in right field right how is that. It's going well. And then in some work in man. That is a city Ursula and the delegate counts many options possible. It have you gotten no irony in this clubhouse are you still working on gains basis. In better attic. Ops aren't in a pretty good hold on so. I've the this outcome we should I have it down to spread the the atmosphere of this clubhouse. Who did similar or I came from the Miami. Now all the answers some months younger might a lot of fun. I'm extremely easy makes it anybody's ears and you know that's great and and just look forward to again this season Allen and trying to disguise their numbers out of the Christian college you know Craig Counsell said is strictly mean. That we want an active state. Is that is that what they called the room were away is that kind of like the mission statement. I guess you could say that. In I'm obviously New Year's absolutely an expert. I get these are connected. In. Averages back and those type makers feel like at the time team chemistry important and and nothing on it. Is it weird if I say that your a veteran you're only 26 but here the secular ratings do you not classified so this. Is gone out there and it. Plain mean in Ireland playing harder nine. Yeah it's this is going to be I think fitfully here artistic so. On a class I says you classify as it. I'll get any differently don't play in away. Aren't. You know if you do got to respect in that situation about him person you know attackers opulent has the timing like Yemen.