Clemens: I'm gonna be watching the (offensive) tackles

Packers Coverage
Thursday, August 9th
Mike Clemens, The FAN's embedded football reporter, shares the latest from Packers Training Camp with Radio Joe Zenzola and Kevin Holden. 

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Mike Clemens joining us now on the great midwest bank hotline he does his job really really well Mike good morning power. I don't Evan RE yeah. We're we're doing we're doing well on. So. We haven't really talked about at all Mike is this new to her that's being put out on Lambeau Field what's this all about. Now well you know all of this past offseason Lambeau Field was completely got it. I was just a pile of dirt out there crane in the you know road graders and all kinds of stuff going on out there. And they did have a counters that collection they had a Billy Joel concert. They replaced the turf last year and they used to be eating grass match they put him. Back in that 2007. Member after they won the Super Bowl in 1997. That feeling got beat up with. Some great games in the post season like one against the 49ers. So they replaced that the turf that there had been saying for years. And they thought it was such hallowed turf Baghdad twelve years ago they sold chunks of it. In like pizza boxes you could buy like a piece of Lambeau Field. For ten dollars. And they were distributed and like what that looked like it was you know pizza carry out the old boxers like that that they are handed out I don't. I think it was part of that Bob I was trying to raise some more money to for. The stadium expansion back in the way so that they weren't selling any that. That the grass matchup they put it something new called SI it's grass but it's same thing like this he regrets that masters. It's a mix of glass. Along with fibers. It's sort of dispatched. And so Mike McCarthy says something really kind of weird. When he was that paid out of the new fuel. Feel like to you guys Saturday night at every night. Authored the surface is great you don't you're fortunate all three fields and shaped surface. The label through those. Though being being new. The Britain don't they're all the same but it's. This was well tire it's to Ted shorter than. To practice field so followed him for normal shape. Often in my neck and hopefully we. We learn from your experience on some remarkable good support within the room happening like. Ohio. And thank football against the colts with a popular about and the folks all okay. But that was two years ago what are you can't. And of the hall of fame game all to aids and so and so you know we had the hall of fame was far. And his induction speech on Saturday night. And then you know they're racing to get the feel ready. For the next day. And what they've done as like 1 o'clock on Saturday afternoon they're putting the final touches and paint in the middle of the field with the policy local and an army thing. And then they can lay a bunch of platforms gone out and people are standing or sitting on that because that that's actually the actual seating for the induction speeches. And the bank stated they pull off that pieces of plywood off. And get and to get ready for Sunday Night Football on the game. And the stuff that well regulated and it was rock hard in the bill the field and wherever that paint that they've played them so they had to cancel the game going all the they've made all those changes down cannot Wear. They've moved the game to Thursday night they put golden field and her so that'll never happen again. But I think it underreported story last year was how bad this slippage was. At Lambeau Field last year and they don't Packers did talk about it they kind of dusted off. But I remembered at least so bad that when the Packers played the same and lost that game you know all the Packers want to turn over racial that they. When I got into the saints locker room for the network those guys are Tommy Sean Payton was watching. Packer home games and thought that this with it was so bad. He pulled his players Wear the long cleats for Green Bay and out up by a pedicure here's a couple was running backs Albert tomorrow had a great season. And mark. Ingraham explaining what Sean Payton's saints head coach told them. Before they got to the plane from nor once. The stress was nowhere motive cleats you know excess of air right ahead on this girl is nothing when was pretty good usually. When we talk screw inside you mentioned that one time when it's kind of it you know. He was on it this week he can bring a clips of people slipping. Cincinnati game where somebody slipped on third down and kind of cost them that. And he's kept bringing it up if pressing issues so everybody was like me. We got thrown these these these does because if you slip Nolan whose loved locomotive that Richards quickly so. Yes insidious pedicure for everybody you know from different than before the money. Eight at. The global pedicure act. So it was so early Campbell's field was in need of it in the Packers you know. Mean they heard stories like that quietly they went out there just tore all open I'd I can't find a price tag with that things would cost but. We'll see the first came on on that turf tonight. Now a million may Jerry's gonna be alive well I don't think money's an object for Mark Murphy so whatever allies or whatever you hated it. Who it doesn't matter it's is right. All the debris Amy they had a half a billion dollars in expenditures lecture but I couldn't find in this. In all of the budgetary or would that they've released. Exactly how much it cost to replace the turf at Lambeau Field. Interest and interest to seal have new church you'll have new. Players you'll have new positions in new and coordinators say you know both offense and defense. There are a lot of things to watch and of course all under the guise of this being a first pre season game. And probably nobody you know really showing a lot of regular season stuff so what do you watch for who do you watch for tonight. Well I think everyone's gonna wanna watch to see these rookie receivers that and I want Aaron Rodgers tripped him after that studies by the way. Where I was frustrated itself frustrated after that nearly three hour practice he took bad ball any in. He was aiming sort of where the tackling dummies were but he grounded it I mean you know peacefully as hard as he could. It was a you know all violence parole is pulled off the chin strap it was clearly frustrated. Clearly pissed that what he was getting from these rookie receivers. Soul I went in the right after reared itself this stuff which is you know on all the national sports talk shows. All the masters all the yesterday about an absurd if Rodgers do the right thing is is leadership is he being Steve. I want to jamaat Moore who's the first guy they took of the three year old wide receivers in the fourth round. At wide receiver and I say I told what they're just sad and I says how do you feel about I mean are you are you guessed right now after that practice. He really knows as part of camp you know bodies. Style wind down you know numbers starred in short so. Other people that big a blow when you know I was part of it. Aron said he had all of disquiet that the catcher missed assignments and some song on the charts did you feel that happened just. When you're going into our three. You know guys who run out of gas. Here you know as far as game being fatigued when it. The greats are able to be fatigue and still be on point so is this something that we got to work on and we'll get better at it from from time. What's coach Brian like. Is a great guy Maine's same person every day beautiful experience joyful person. Practice what he preaches he he he know what he wants you know what it takes to be great and he believes nearby in their home and he's not gonna stop with the league is the best. On the field he's he's very much to the point right not too much talk which is just what a player needs get right to the point yet he's he's the type of guy who don't let you know. Thank validity to your role exactly leaf stakes he's clean slate. He's not going to feed you any extra non system that you know exactly what he he expects it would be that you got to do. So first game. What's on your mind as one got to have played fassel won't go out there and Hamas Imus on someone out there I think in soccer play fast and he beat me not worry about. What think about what it is and I have to do four to play. Number 82 Jamont more and why ask the Varco try to David rise. Who had four years is gone from like an offensive assistant two receivers coach you have. Fast rising position coach star. I can play quarterback and dialogue. And and so you know this could count on him to get these rookie receivers ready as soon as possible so you wanna look at these rookie receivers tonight. At I'm really watch it tackle I think they got a problem. Because with blog and backyard both nursing injuries. Is can Tom Murphy could you actually go at left tackle or right tackle. If blog is not a half percent against the bears. Jason spray. These are the two guys or what's been attacked over the future of the bolt coming off injury of Mike McCarthy said the other day. You know with these kinds of injuries even all the back on the field it actually takes a whole year of the next year before these guys are on the percent all. That's so frustrating and I have thought that the Byron bell that they brought in the better for the cowboys have to before that has been sluggish out there. Adam and he is a guided and camp out for a year to I I was watching him at practice and he wasn't a 100% committed to finding good offensive tackles hard. And as you know team. It was they never do other sort of replaced Clifton and culture for the longest time. And David Bakhtiar it's just been outstanding left tackle but I'll be watching that that's a point of concern tonight. And then there's other things that you know to be. Defensive lineman Montrae hit Adams we've got to get to see number ninety. Unleashed tonight as he's been outstanding in practice he'll be fun to see. You get to see punter Jay case Scott and kick it sixty yards on the field and look at reducing the couple holes when you've been up here with new TV crew. And then though I'm kind of curious about special teams is going to be the kick and punt returner. We've talked about numbers sixteen gig cool world wide receiver out EW Whitewater I have not seen in getting. Specialty assignments and he's got to get a wobbles if he's got a chance to be in the fifth or sixth wide receiver Y Faisal was first team kick off. They had Josh Jackson. The second round pick defensive back he was a daughter on one side and then this linebacker number 58 reader mark teen. You know you're talking about the gonna bring in another inside linebacker from the outside. But this is the guy that Blake Martinez's ion. And martini was on the first team kickoff coverage all the rest were veterans that that that's a good time for those two young players that there are re inside the 53. He is my Clemens are greeting gold insider he'll be at tonight's game it's in the Packers and titans and now hopefully will be able to hear from Mike. After the game on the green angle post game show with bill Michaels in Gary L or send Michael thank you as always and we will talk against him. 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