Cohen: There's a better chance than not that Hundley makes the roster

Tim Allen
Friday, August 10th
Insider Michael Cohen of The Athletic joins Tim & Tausch after Thursday night's preseason victory for the Packers. What's the outlook at QB2? Which young players made a case for the 53-man? The guys discuss.

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It's a great midwest manic hotline has all our guests do and we'll talk to Michael Cohen our insider here. On the morning show talk and some backers football a.s from the athletic Michael are you good morning. Hey guys it's it's going good you okay today. Our career. It sounds like a Michael what's what are you get out of that place last year every season it brought the game rap was a little bit short right. And under and well not discreet and. Rule ten after three so the only real places opener like those late night diners for you go in and grab a bite right. Whoa what's wrong. Because we. But yet it's a late night. Okay Kamal Gonzales Google or demoted just got to go out and Exxon to lure applause here militants that it's not very great night and said. But. Here we go what it what did you get out of the quarterback play last night in the bogon. Thought it was or her importance that. I thought that perk. As many issues it. Is inept that he did last season. That to bounce back as strong. That you couldn't you have with the the first shooting offense against you know the maturity of the spotters. Two record and her partners whom. I think if he can continue to do that they accuse them. More confidence surge could perhaps your reliable backup this you're down sir is it. Indeed exhibition games here where I. Finished second or third billions in yards. And passer rating over the four games would you repeat their church. But the bottom line is that you know eventually either putting you to do it bounced back. Showed that. He can make some throws I agree to that. He wasn't making last year so I thought it was a positive step the right direction for him. They Hundley is not united the it is not gonna make this team right immediate you don't trade Randall the Kaiser. Just to let eyes ago right. Dependent Kaiser pretty. Partners. You have to go through pre built literally from the ground up they changed school where it has to learn really seeking it was great addition. Well then why did they trade forum that entries in this news got all these mechanical issues and and there are some concerns are why would they do that. Rework accurate reporter becomes your didn't present the writers who interactive got you okay process of playing for a bike or at the is that they want everyone to have the same or whatever want to have this or pretzels so they breakdown quarterbacks and and rebuild them from the ground up. Essentially so. We Kaiser you know he can you remember to back up if he does all the things they want to mechanically. You know body wise compositional who has been at that plus yet sure. In any event at the playbook and a command of the offense. You don't all of a span knows basically from April to now and it's hard to do that even though he's been the starter you know but I also. When I'm getting at is that the only way a week doesn't make this scheme is that Kaiser plays so well in the next couple weeks. But the Packers can be totally confident in him as their backup quarterback and based on looks on. Last night it. I don't know if you can get to that point but to say that you won't ever get there and just I don't believe he can do it or lose it in the span of the next three games so. I would say right now there's a better chance than not the only dust. Envoy to Michael's I want to just watch and Kaiser and that in that two minute drive though and I give that he started over for a full season. With the browns last year obviously and when he gains we had plenty of time coming from behind in its image real. I did like the poise that you saw out of the do during that that's human it's stretch before the half. You know curtain certain. Press conference wasn't exactly. Will. Be temporary personnel go for that reason. Mike Leclerc was. Having personal appearances. They've ridden favorite traders real tumors situation differently. They're bigger and you know you're correct because of wrong don't there. Iran where your line of war and now please call that he put the ball the end zone. Counts. Are. There in person on and some pros and. Our guys are young. Won't buy it buy him a quirky cop. In their little. Other risks you know indication. Could have an effect of making it really expect this way or particularly well. Repudiated their car between the two guys want extremely pleased to put it put on the field the other one was just okay about what he put on paid. All right Michael. Most of us is gifted that news is finished up more running short on time you know let's finish up with a view. Zip the OK if you've got to go out and have a couple of Beers and Tim in taos where we're gonna we're gonna re energy in Iraq energized. How would you be interest in net. But over their bunkers aren't those guys that's OK what what would you do for fun Michael let's get to know Michael Coen. The content I was fortunate Arctic gauntlet sport of soccer. A little tennis on cracker. Locals to figure out there just brought her. Well Michael if you if you really wanna if you wanna hit that if you wanted the black top I could I'll show you some down on the low block man I'm not gonna lie. Not gonna say them a team Elijah one but if your child if you're trying to play a little ball. I might be able back you down and put a couple. Well they got there he goes on we're a plan. It's it sounds fun. All right thank you might appreciate it man certainly CEO Eric you're no. Pro here and there's Michael Cohen at the athletic join us. The great midwest I'm like Tim is starter renovation journey with a simple and convenient free up Ruble. From Britain to West Bank dedicated to providing perfectly personalized almost those right here in our communities since 1935.