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Sunday, November 19th
College Football Show - Don and Dan put a bow on Wisconsin Michigan and look ahead to Badgers vs. Minnesota.  Plus get the latest news in D3, AND don't miss as they SHOVEL THE FUNK!! 

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Badgers to your. UW Oshkosh. The playoff picture Wisconsin remains right alongside the professor Dan under Burnett producer. The poll is quite pumped up for lost yeah I'm done whistles. This is the college football's. And it starts. Right now. Can't walk into the college. Apple's right lives and and the fans. Our Thanksgiving. Edition gentleman there. Special sales Kevin Shaw a very special Thanksgiving show that it will be. Let's let's be. Up front right off the bat that we are putting this show together before the college football poll is released. As it is Thanksgiving week and people have a number of things on their plate so were putting this together a little bit in advance. Of our airing this week but nonetheless huge win. This past Saturday. Gentlemen with the badgers and in taking down a topped 45 team Daniels something that. The critics have been waiting for time and time again. While the badgers have finally did it. But I don't see. Quite yet they critics jumping on the bandwagon that is the Wisconsin Badgers yet. Lied to me it's very ironic that you know there's stills. There's their criticism is by way of silence but no one's saying anything about the the games you sob. Coming into this region which for the cupcake games on the SEC. And and you know dude there's no question is no prom of those games at this point. I don't think Wisconsin has to apologize to anyone made at they'd be played a tough Michigan team in the first half we kind of thought I kind of went the way I thought it would go. And then they eventually pulled away and some some stellar performances individual performances. In the second half and then again defense pave the way at 66 yards rushing from Michigan. And incredible yes absolutely incredible and Jeff just to kind of go with what Dan was saying. In the fact that. The SEC as we call that the Food Network. Saturday were as easy it was a cupcake wars from one end to the other obvious they're and one of the things I keep seeing. Oh or and or hearing on the radio on one of the knocks it Wisconsin gets is their nonconference schedule. And who have they played outside the conference now granted there are teams within SEC. That have had a tougher nonconference schedule. What was in SEC the SEC is not what it used to be. In Seoul when you're the badgers in your making your way through this Big Ten Conference much like. Other teams are making their way through their own conferences. I agree with Dan there are really any cases for excuses to be made based on. Their level of of opponent and who they're playing because this is what their conference's. You have SECO. Easy you know. They always give that Notre Dame favoritism. You know any time it's. Even 4060. And can be against the SEC they know he's get them the push over the trap because of their reputation and you know whether it's deserved or not I know in the past it's Ben deserved. This year not so much but that's just the way it's been go on and I'll see changes name to end zone. Guys before we get a little bit further into this breakdown of this game against Michigan let's hear from head coach. Paul Crist on the badger win this past Saturday extremely proud of our. Our team in the way that they. Played day in and battled and fought a really good Michigan team and its affiliate it took everyone and certainly good team. Team win. Daniel it was a good team win in of the fact that you saw every facet. All of this football team half to contribute at one point or the other. In order to get that win in let's first start with the first touchdown of the afternoon which was a special teams touchdown on a punt return. And it kind of got set up with the fact that Deb ball wade still on the ground a and I think everybody thought man this was just going to be a down on offense come on the field. And then the badgers get a key block Natalie it key blockage to clean eating block. With that. And the ball gets picked up the next thing you know badgers lead seven nothing. Yet that was one of those moments when you watch in the game live from our angle it looked as though it might actually hit one of the badges on was coming down and sitting there. And then he picked it up in your heart kind of goes in your throat a little bit you'd ask yourself what on earth are you doing. And three seconds later he's coasting in the end zone. You know give. Give that. Give credit to nick Nelson who went with a instinct down Alan I'm not sure that every coach and coach you'd do that. But he saw something there and it. You know I'm one of those cases were you proud to say don't ever do that again but nice job. Yeah and Jeff correct we have from wrong but it did kinda seem as if a number of people humbled the badgers and Michigan. You could just at least from my vantage point watching it on television. That they pulled up a little bit that need they've just decided that this play it was going to be done. And then you had one individual. Who makes a key block in and all of a sudden it's that let's let's take a shot at this thing. They say played the whistle for a reason and it you know there were like you said there were players I'm bowl teams that chose not to played to the whistle. It worked out the badgers favor this time and thank you. Yeah kids did exactly and then. The other aspect of the points that were about to make was the defense once again. This defense once again has been absolutely spectacular. Let's go back and hear what Paul Crist had to say on the play of his defense. You know they've certainly all years have done that played well but I think that. They there's a competitiveness in them and I think there's a pride in that I think the coaches have done a really nice job. Give him your plans but they're playing in their excuse in the make employees you know I can't think of every guy make an eight play you know that was big and so I think that just. Challenging themselves. And certainly challenged by him you know the opponent's going to challenge themselves and not settle in and we've arrived. So damn it we seem to talk about this week in and week out. The ability of this defense to get the job done in some very tough situations. I think none more obvious. Win Michigan I think they got the ball around a thirty yard line Manet turnover in their defense holds them to a field goal. That was a game changer right there because when Wisconsin scored. It wasn't still trying to play catch up it was boom we've got the lead and this team playing from the lead. It's pretty tough to beat. Yeah that again I I go back to what this team is able to do and I think how underrated the errors defense nationally. Does the front seven really control what happens for this entire defense. And that's again remember they're missing probably their two best guys incisions are for the season before the Sudanese c.'s news starts. Chris or result for the game has been betting any I mean all these things or go home and my aunt and still they find a way to do this and I think again allow critter has voted to Jim Leonard on this he's got these guys have. In the right places at the right times they feel like we know how to initiate this defense and they're in control the entire time. And I have to agree completely because whatever Leonard is done to teach this defense. They look like they're playing instinctively while they're doing doesn't look like they're thinking were to win need to be over thinking situations. They're just flying to the football not all are they flying to the football they're ripping at the football and Jeff before. Even having held Michigan to that field goal off of the turnover I think the other key play we need to talk about on the defense of standpoint. Was the fumble. That Peters had win Michigan was threatening to score. And they fumbled the football annexing you know the badgers recover from the defensive side of things. And year of the the Wisconsin offense an opportunity. While preventing them Michigan defense from punching something in. Yeah yet again the defense is just to saving grace on this team. You know see golden parachute where in you know Horner rook threw another interception and all that and you put all your chips son Ahmed defense and they continue to deliver every time that. The TJ Edwards say acting Gary do we sect are both huge you know it is a lot of guys stepping up and making plays and you know it. I guess we should be accustomed to this now by now. You know yeah it's like Christmas every morning every time launches defense play because. Cheer point every day is a new player coming up with a new play all the time as it's like a new president Ernie did the treaty were expecting. You know and so it's it's fun to see because you're not expecting you're doing newcomer on the end and do that. You're not expecting you know some of the unknown named as a Simien as a pop up a new day and yet. Consistently. Every game somebody pops up that you're not expecting to do it. And guys will we look at Warner brooks' numbers this past week. They were nothing spectacular. Another interception which you know we heard chosen soul a couple weeks ago say we should just breeze or sells he's bound for one. Every single game he goes nine of nineteen for a 143 yards he does get the touchdown. But within that one drive. Were he made three key passes. And none more important than that touchdown pass about a 44 yards out and Jeff one of the things. That UV eluded to win corner brook has played better he throws what we liked all the fastball. And he threw what would we would call fastball AJ Taylor. And that I think right now is what keeps former Brooke. Without mention the starting quarterback because he still has that ability to shake things all. He does the way he fit that ball in such a tight place. You know that. If Shaq to me you know I didn't think there was over a chance of them all is going to be caught. And and points scored in the end you know I realize he called you I'm screaming I'm happy to be going crazy and out. You know it how it goes back to amnesia. You know with and then and everything like dad and you know when. When you'd just about to give up and start didn't angry he doesn't a letter. And I'll save from a fan's perspective one of the nice things is that ability as you said to have amnesia or Barbara comes back and he doesn't look phased. This past week watching the Packers. The Packers offense looked fazed when they committed those turnovers. Porter Brooke does not look phased he irritates us to no extent for creating their eternal over. But there's a mental toughness and am mental toughness AJ Taylor alluded to after the game. He's just really mentally strong. If that's the biggest thing he's there. Mentally he's there I'd I'd give them credit to them because I'm not there yet I finally take. Some big outcome almost self when he. He's there he's really missed the strongest and I think that makes us as a core receiving corps is too strong. So. What can you say he's got the face of not only his team. But of his coaches and for corner brought apparently that's really all he needs because. I just think people of accepted at this stage of his career as a sophomore he's gonna make some mistakes but his long is. He makes those mistakes and has the ability like he's shown to shake it off people are willing to go to. Bad form. Yeah I think it does for me and he did well last year when you saw him play it always colleges floating everything appeared now he's now he's got to set a fastball it was talked about. And I think that's enough to discount to see him. Progress. For me the best pass and I think a senior tour all year and it's it's going to be constituted doing you as the same because that pass to Taylor in the hands of him was outstanding but. There was a passer a prior to that and I forget if it was to Taylor no wasn't at Davis. Where he fakes it takes a safety operate he turns this benzene in he just what. 57 yard pass right over the outside shoulder and what I loved about that is that there was no delay he knew what he was close to deal but then it was it was really guises is a flicker the arrest. At that. OK for me that's the best pass I've seen you throw all year because CNET on highlights for the quarterbacks that's sort of been looking forward for you'd be doing this here and he did it was beautiful. Yet the arms trees for corner brook. A couple with their mental toughness I guess is one of the reasons why this coaching staff stand so firmly behind him. In the midst of all the mistakes that he's made throughout the season and yet as we keep talking about these mistakes. He keeps coming back in this team now is eleven in 01 of only two undefeated teams really left two wins in. All of the Big Five conference's that you have across the country. Anybody else thought Virginia. This past Saturday it was gonna come away Jeff with the upset is much says you know we looked at the SEC and called it cupcake wars for that past Saturday. But Virginia. Has a lead they come back being Miami entire Virginia gets the lead again I think by two scores a one point moon in Miami just kind of found her rhythm. And took advantage of being the superior team and enrolled ahead with a victory. Yeah they did you know this is a strange week considering how the last. You know three of four of the last four weeks have gone where there's been so many upsets at the top of the standings. And this week to really wasn't any. So you know yes it was a it was a great win against Michigan I don't expect anything to change our own and and you know but but yet you know I was I was cheering for Virginia. Yeah you you hope that. Something what do curly Q had the week before we had the various upsets that kinda shook up that topped when he five. Europe looking forward a bit this week I think this upcoming week this holiday weekend set of games could be that. And that's one of the reasons why when we come back after the break we're going to be talking about that Minnesota game his way back when we started this show this season. This was the one game that made me nervous beyond belief and it still does and before we get to break settlement. How low bugs you but it's the holiday season and Thanksgiving obviously happening this week in. There's always those little traditions now of this particular tradition of mine is is more. I again something I can't say it's a family experience it's a friendly way when they go to at work fracture. When somebody's up watching the parade because I'm done what parades at my age. But you have to watch. The Thanksgiving episode of W care paean Cincinnati that's a classic you have to watch the Thanksgiving episode of cheers and you have to watch. The Thanksgiving episode of the old new colors show. Though the ordering of Chinese food at the end of the show. Is spectacular and then if you can work planes trains and automobiles and you're still awake after everything that's UV and and then that makes along with the football that occurs on Thanksgiving it makes for good holidays so a couple of those. A little bits to share before we go to break sauter way to break. This is W care paean Cincinnati's Thanksgiving episode. Sky is my wicks. I thought Turkish troops. Yeah welcome back into the college football show up Thanksgiving edition here on the fan. Well. Dan just this is Ben. The game that I have been worried about the most since week one looking at the schedule and I don't care what schedule it is. It seems when we start these things off you know if you're packer frame your light will be fourteen and yeah are you growing up 02 losses in. We have and we had excuse me no idea what what happened to air Roger's obviously and we looked at the badgers schedule. Way back when and then I remember standing here saying undefeated. Twelve and all. But the one game that scares me is happening Saturday is we travel. Up to Saint Paul we go to Twin Cities to take on the Minnesota Golden Gophers. From your thought process stand Jeff. My fears Warrenton should I be nervous or has Minnesota not yet arrived under PJ fleck. Dale while they have not arrived but that doesn't necessarily mean that they're not can be fired up this game. I I think we were talking about the soft fair. There is gonna be a strong desire to stick it to Wisconsin. At this game they would you don't. I don't know how many years and roll Wisconsin has won the acts as say you know Minnesota's tired of that they've got a new administration in there that wants to see some winds. There's there's just there's pride. Now it Minnesota that they want to that they really want to build a pried off of a win like this and really kind of ruin an opportunity for Wisconsin. And so I think this team is going to be ready to go it's going to be a test of Wisconsin's maturity more than anything. It it's gonna have to be. Because if you or the badgers dole. Let's face it head coach Paul Chris is done an exceptional job of keeping this team focus week in and week out and taking it one game at a time. And he's really gonna have his work cut out from from that mental aspect this week for the badgers not to look past Minnesota. To play this game with all the intensity they had. To fight with against Michigan so they're not looking ahead at the Big Ten championship against Ohio State because. Let's face it northwestern just absolutely manhandled the golden gophers last week. But Geoff the rumor floating around in many circles. Is the fact that. PJ fleck his staff were basically overlooking northwestern basically realizing what their season was kind of throwing net game away for lack of a better way of saying it and really now looking for has Dan eluded to the upset. That would not only knock the badgers from the undefeated ranks. But also take away any possibility they would have of getting in Tibet final four. There are rumors stupid but yeah now these football coaches with how quickly they get fired. There is no such thing is taking a game law I guarantee you Nick Saban did not take off for Mercer. You know he could. But he didn't you know maybe Minnesota's is not all of their good no you know they'd get a hundred in nineteen ranked offense in the nation right now. And they're gonna go up against the badgers defense I don't care if you gave them four weeks to prepare they're still gonna get smoked. Demery croft the quarterback for Minnesota went two for eleven. For a whopping 43 yards and then also on top of it threw three interceptions and now working westar. If you. And he's still not it feels good. That is. What you know you look at that northwestern team which is obviously played much better. Since the badgers met up with him wave back towards the beginning of the season. And yet I don't believe that northwestern defense compares to what the badgers have put on the field week in and week out. So of all things hold together no matter how nervous I am about this upcoming road game. If our defense can continue doing what our defense does. I think. Mr. mr. croft of Minnesota will take that two of eleven because. If he's too little in against northwestern I don't know what he's gonna compete against measures well and I am. OP canning goes have the Jennifer wouldn't act. It goes for 50% of the with the other three picks and obviously that if I really think I'm I'm look at Paul Crist on this one because what he is. He has managed to do so effectively. As is put team together that is grounded their week to week they're ready to go. This is a team that not only I takes a lot of pride. In winning trophy games this is the trophy game now one I you can we can talk about the Nebraska trophy arrogant title at the Iowa trophy out think anybody really cares about that. It's the acts that every senior wants. And I think I think it's probably then six years at least. Since Minnesota has tea sets and gone to an entire senior class. And haven't seen and I don't think to Wisconsin senior class wants their final regular season game to be the one that gives up. Knowing they'd they'd definitely don't in. When you have that act sitting on your sideline I mean even when you have to go get it if Minnesota were to create an upset. The animosity that would exist I would not want to be the first. Minnesota Ian to run across a field and try to get my hands on it because there would be some ups it seniors on the badgers side which you open as the catalyst. For their motivation. Heading in to Saturday's contest. Because it's going to be important I think I have loser defective. Northwestern beat Minnesota last 335 to enough then I missed it by four it was 39 nothing I would. He to have Minnesota feel slighted. By that by any means whatsoever a lot of mixture of that extra fees or points was tacked on. The running game. Their passing game their offense has just shown a bit. Of statement schism since they beat Nebraska Jeff and I don't know I'm still nervous and I need like a Bob Newhart says and I needed to just put me on the couch and talk to me and tell me it's going to be okay. I don't know as many big words is about new car. But I'll take it to the bar and we can relax there were the only words you need his beer and whiskey and out of it took me this is a roll your helmet out game you know. You can get nervous and all that I'm gonna put my feet Sanjay is you know get ready to start pre game in tonight it you know. And you know you touched down in and think you firfer heading on the four points at 39 an odd tale will open ages took. They Minnesota's still the 28 ranked defense after. Giving their ass handed to him like it so they've got some players on our side of the ball. But there's no way they're going to be able to put up points against the badgers the only concern I would have is like. To. Or possibly three huge. Game changing plays on special teams man barring that I don't see away the badgers loses. I am with Siena went to I just on its I. This again this team has not. Of the mindset to be looking ahead into the championship game against Ohio State. They're gonna be ready to go I think the defense. Once again if if the badges off and statements which. Well SP NS is probably going to be two or three drives or they're going to release its gonna happen because Minnesota doesn't necessarily have to be a bad defense. My concern is that when you see the energy of of of an underdog. Play you do see it on defense and so knowing that Wisconsin tends assert slow. Knowing that the energy in Minnesota is going to be high and that it's probably going to be transition with the defense. I don't is. I don't know that we're gonna find now blow up that we're looking for eventually I hope it kinda gets a poignant the end of this. Now and in the game we kind of sucked the life out of Minnesota and we just can't get into their game. But I yeah I do I do see Wisconsin walking out with a W and and being undefeated for the regular season so thanks to north. Western first of all for not only. Putting a bootable walking on Minnesota but Minnesota after beating Nebraska fifty for a 21 I think holds there were they were gonna kinda turned things around. To end this season on a high note northwestern obviously. Put a damper to that so we'll have to wait and see it's the battle for Paul Bunyan ax coming up on Saturday. We're gonna take a break here in a moment when we come back after the break we're gonna talk a little bit about. The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. That had aid dominating performance this past Saturday in round one of the NCAA division. Three tournament will take a look at their game take a peak yet. Who they'll be playing next week in round two of the NCAA division three tournament. Will do that next after the break but before we get to break. Again a little bit of our Thanksgiving tradition. Here's a clip from the cheers Thanksgiving episode. This busy goodness norm for pure and I'm sorry guys a little pop thing popped round tomorrow that I have something wrong with you know. It's a little bit. It's not my point please explain anywhere in the little pop thing is on the Turkey. Because maybe it's definitely a city within a country where I'd come from turkeys on one of them pop. They have a name it's called a thermometer and a girl please take a moment. Back to Thanksgiving. Edition of the college football shall write you don't wanna 57 FM the fan. So after talking about the badgers this past week as they continue to be undefeated heading in to Minnesota. Still looking for a shot at the final four we've got one other team in the state settlement. That is still active still in the midst of a playoff run and still in the hunt of a national championship and that's tightens up at. UW Oshkosh UW Oshkosh absolutely. Rolled over Lakeland university. 63. To nothing. This past week so a a devastating blow to Lakeland to come up. Short the way it is it's not even short dated they're not a born even and in this same area of my right into the game but. Congratulations. Goes to Lakeland Knoll for winning their conference. For winning their conference and doing it in an undefeated fashion. It. The program Dan has made strides at Lakeland. But it hasn't gotten yet to the level at UC with Oshkosh or white water. Oral cross now we act is still the king of Wisconsin right now when it comes to you when it comes to for pollen and pushing basketball's while they'd be you know this BS of gamma resources they they can do more than they. If you have an easier time recruiting in part because of the success of white waters at. You know not to need to be Wyatt latter play against Iowa remained even participate were Whitewater so. Oshkosh has effectively developed program that is on that same level mount anti be difficult for. Any team to Carroll won't come until you get. Leader into the playoffs so. In on the guy that said okay you watching old Lakeland you'll stick with a for a little while my and then eventually pull away I was wrong. Satellites nothing. You know. At at the same time it's it's just an indication of of what. Oshkosh is due out there just that good they are just they're good and and granted. Lately and I think if you broke it down was basically undersized at every single position. I think if we wind solely on weight I think you're looking at a 25 to thirty pound differential all way up and down the line in the backfield the receivers. You name it. And soul. You know it's wide gestures. You said before you played the game. Who's doing it it takes its hole after awhile I mean is much as you wanna fight as much as you wanna give yourself a chance. If your being consistently pounded the way Lakeland got pounded. From the titans offense this past Saturday it just makes it hard. To summon up whatever it is you need to summon up and keep yourself active and and viable within that contest. You have got smoked and you know there's no way to you know to put lipstick on that big. Like you said you know what a fantastic season form and you know they're nowhere near on scouts has leveled urges Sydney argued their feet under. And intern in the program around so you know if I mean I would love to be on the lake Lynn University football team. Because you know there are under under wade 253540. Pounds help put that on an offseason and you know sold put me in that training you know I'm my call coach in and see if he needs that old guy. But it you know yes they are not there yet. It it was a great season a good first step for their program and and can gradually. Is to bowl teams so third ranked Oshkosh. Will face north central the game will be at Oshkosh this upcoming Saturday as the second round rolls through. In the upper left quadrant there were Oshkosh. Is is slated to played north central beat Saint John saint John's 9 and 1 north central nine and one also going in. But saint Johns with a heck of a reputation. As far as division three football goes excuse me. So north central obviously having is spectacular year I think the contest you're gonna find Daniel coming up on Saturday at titan stadium. A little bit more competitive. Than what the muskies were able to blow Muster up this past week. With the help Leinart has. You know I yeah but I think you re because and this is the fun part about the stern we're also talking last week to bunt. What do we duty get a terminal like this and do you want to response or at least get to eight teams because you get through. You know that there's couple close games you've got to Ward Burton Franklin 35 to 34 but then you go down once simpler once a lower. And I think it's tree in Monroe. 68 point four. 98 and this is the second level games the second round or you know he gonna be getting more stellar competition. You can see a better indication of of just how good I think the cash cash team is that need to be ready to go. I I like the idea they've been here before. And I am I honestly expect them to be able to work through this data we will now obviously it's too bad and of the ball by any means. But they should be able to get through the. Other story this past we've come another division three was the fact that mount union's quarterback. Was arrested last week Friday he did play in Saturday's game and apparently. It was due to an outstanding warrant. Out of his home state and Florida what are. After being. Pulled over for a traffic violation the Warren then popped up and he was taken into custody. And mount union obviously dale Whitewater had some epic battles over the years as far as the division three championship goes so you wonder what. That background. Could do from a story perspective. To mount union in their quest to make it back. Today NCAA division three title game and then you also look at Mary Hardin-Baylor who won it last year. And he had one of the games like our skies had really took care of Chatman I believe it was fifty to six so Mary Hardin-Baylor mount union UW Oshkosh. I think those are the three teams that everybody's keeping an eye on and now you wonder what this might do for my own union's chances. Is far as disruption maybe in trying to get their team focused and moving forward. You see this usually go one of two ways either disrupts the team or bring them together you know and and that's that's going to be in the coaching staff. Amal union. I am tempted to say that it's probably gonna bring them together were a football again is going to be the respite. To get away from life for a little bit simply because. This again and of the strength of the program consistency of their program. Reasonably that the be able to work through this it's but it's it and it is going to be part of the narrative now for the rest of the season the team. It will be part of the narrative but. I don't know I. It's hard sometimes to know without knowing what the background story was Obama right trust that. Mount union did his due diligence found out what the Warren was. And after reviewing whatever information that they had said we're gonna go ahead and and let the young man play. I just. You get skeptical yeah sure we've talked about her this time and time again wait college athletics it is. Has kinda slid towards the did the skepticism in me I guess I'm just saying it this way being the holiday season. I'm hoping that they did their due diligence whatever that arrest warrant was for. Was for some minor infraction whatever the case may be a mixup occurred and things get taking characters you don't want to see a team like mount union. The last one seed them exit is quickly as possible only because I know how good they can be. But I would hate to see that beat the disrupting factor. That prevents them from moving forward like any other one of these top 45 schools in the country. As you start making your way towards the championship game because. That's what makes this tournament different and in what were talking about with the badgers in our hopes of being chosen as part of the final four there's a definite criteria that allows you to get into the tournament and then like any tournament once you're in. All bets are off you just have to go game by game and see what happens. Yeah for me running it when I look at issues like these these up off field issues. We you re we do you tend to look at it from more skeptical or are and we tend to look at it as a as a an all student athlete awful popular thing in order really isn't you know on the vast majority years student athletes. I'm have a together and in every now and again something like this will pop up even to some decent students you know it it it happens that way. I'm with you I hope it's I am hoping that this is just something where. Yen parking tickets something facility in arm but at the same time it's it's it's a growth opportunity for the core of hack. At some point you know you need to Sudan at this particular particularly a leader on the team. I'll like this like this guy where he needs to be aware of his responsibility is off the field he's in this position. Very likely because he ignores something yup you know I have a hard time believing he didn't nobody was open it would just go away. It didn't I'm hoping it's a little. But it's you know for every student athlete that's out there it's an opportunity to practice what you've got to be accountable for. Right and I think it's those things that people a lot of coaches weather's 73. I think that's what keeps them up then nine up that at some point the phone's gonna ring and you hear coach we've got one of your players and then you've got to step into action and and and rectify the situation the best way you can. Our skies as we noted takes on north central at titan stadium this Saturday. Checked the UW Oshkosh athletic web site for the starting time of that game is that will be Armand a little bit. Later in of the weekend is always in goaded the UW Oshkosh titans dot com because they will be broadcasting their games so if you're in the midst of watching the badger game on Saturday. In need a little diversion. And wanna see some playoff football by all means go to UW Oshkosh titans dot com and you'll have the opportunity. So watch that second round of the division three match up. It's almost time for us to Sobel far spoke before we get to a break. This Daniel has to be my all time favorite and I know we can only play a small piece of it. As we make our way to break but the old Bob Newhart show their Thanksgiving episode has to go down as one of the all time classics in television history. So we'll let. He segment of the old Bob Newhart show of the infamous Thanksgiving episode take us to break. The good guy. As it did you hear on how to run. Mood right now. For the last well into doctor Robinson who want to move that. And more. And move me. Yeah welcome back to our. We'll call the Thanksgiving episode college football story here 157. F am though fan. As always this doubled fog segment is being brought to you by Americana apparel. Whether you need T shirts for an upcoming event or team jerseys and gear Americana apparel has you covered owner Jim van Acker. Will provide you with unparalleled quality and service for all your custom silk screening and embroidery needs. McCall record 414322. 5683. That's 443225683. Or visit them at Americana apparel LLC. Dot com Americana apparel. The official outfitters. All of the college football showed gentlemen it is time to sell all the flock is we talked. Off the year were deceived just for laughs some day ahead of an ominous start with you go ahead so a couple of weeks. No we had we had radio John with us and you as he was very concerned and rightly so about the last of Clinton Seif has for the season. I know what that would mean for the offensive what do it mean for everybody else. I'm I'm happy to report that we've gad. Three yen as of the stepped up and ended listen to from a value I think has kind of got back into it a little bit. But between Kendrick prior AJ Taylor and and Danny Davis. Who'd Natalie had once protector Apache also another cash screwed from him it was he cut that thing. And the wide receivers are now really kind of showing up and I what I love about this is we're gonna get C suspect next here. And I think we're we're just gonna have. Wind incredible wide receiver core to go to Dan before I get to my Sobel funk award and in Geisel racist to you real quick. Every week it seems like week coming here and we have fussed all year long about instant replay and what is the catcher what is McCain. He ability for any one right now to determine what a catch can be or could be or is or whatever it is you wanna put out there. It's unbelievable hall mind numbing it's become. To see whether or not in individual has caught a football or has dropped a football. And I agree with cute to me that look like Cal's cats and I still don't understand why it never was that was watching the replay. Saw that overturned that particular call. But again not only do we seem not to get the calls right. He speaks for have Verne is far as the game goes and we see you know this past Sunday with the NFL matchup. Even in the packer game it seemed like their first half went by in her in I'm not even gonna get into the entertainment value war. Or how the game of dollars and our beloved Packers I was being played. But the pace of the game was much quicker and I think that's one of the things that the NCAA is really gonna have to look at with regards college football is what. Instant replay is doing to the pace of play in what it is then to watch a game. You know replays slows it down but. I don't feel that college football is the same issue that baseball is and I'm now one of those people that complains about pace of play in baseball either. As if it's three hours service three and a half. Really what differences that make to me I go into a college football game known it's gonna be four in argument for hours and I'm fine with and other battered and it. The bureau still call. Island and I'll myself or my soul is gonna go to the university of ask us that titans as we noted the last segment with a big 63. To zero victory. Over Lakeland university to get in opening. First round win in the NCAA division playoffs they'll head to do round two this Saturday. Against. Eight aid much were zero point 98 the seated at waiver just from a physical and a football standpoint. Their opponent coming up this Saturday will be in little bit tougher than what they faced against Lakeland and by no means we've. Saying anything disparaging about Lakeland university because they find seasons and agreed to. In advancing into the first round of the NC division three playoffs. Now professor and have some fun Jeff Sobel. I'm mine goes to to baker made field then he's didn't. Get a lot of slack during the game in Kansas see you know grabbed his junk and told the Kansas players to stick to basketball. I've got no problem with the anything that he did except the fact that he came out and apologize for it he said it was a chippy game. Yeah I like guys that they attitude. So you know so be it and more power to be you know I didn't have. And Dave all right even if it didn't offend it offend you as as a viewer. Do you think you guys it's gonna have any impact on the Heisman Trophy. Voting whatsoever. In the fact that this is not the first time. That he's found himself in some sort of squabble with the media fans another university whatever the case may be. Do you think he's. On endearing himself. So the voters as we make ourself. Even much closer to the Heisman voting been where we were a month two months ago when. He tried to put the flag and artificial turf. At the horseshoe Indiana and Ohio State now I. I just think this is this this is stuff for us to talk about I don't think that the eyes of voters really care. I do understand that you know has revelers disposed to raid on a variety of factors for their for the people of their voting 41 of them being integrity and things like that. But what always happens is the best football player lands are the hottest football where are the ones with the best PR machine behind him. Either way big to me feel has performed strongly in big games. I wish so there are other players are getting a better look but whatever you know I think this is the lose. Near the fact that one of the criteria is integrity and were leaving it to the college football coach is I. Just sit there and can't get the whole world boy judge you Georgia that are you kidding up. Right you know I just. Because I enjoy rated sequel on Barkley as the Heisman Trophy winner about a month ago and I'm still sticking with it. It's got 1057. Rushing yards over 2000 all purpose yards I'm still Golan was sick one Barkley. But I guess some looking for anything I can find. In order to kind of knock. Mr. mayfield off of the pedestal. Because it seems that this he's been an elated right now who's the Heisman Trophy winner of this upcoming year. It's just kind of a weird year usually in six Robert Watson he's the lead. And then offensive if those two you know those two losses and then suddenly he's not there anymore. You know I'm glad he's got a thousand to seven rushing yards in 2000 plus all purpose. That doesn't put me in my mind that does put him as the best running back out there I'm certainly is got a lot of you should be in the top two tapestry ignoring them. But at this point I don't have I don't have a strong reason to say flight speaker mayfield should not. I guess and I think there might be reason other people remain militant safe. Tell me why should win it and now wolf something else. I'll let that be the last word guys I can't thank you enough. For being here is the weekend and week out and talk about college football team professor Dan under birth. And our producer Jeff Orr las thank you so much. To all of you out there we hope you have an unbelievable full Thanksgiving. Enjoy all of the football. Enjoy everything about the family time that you will have them see you back. Next week once again to spend the college football so right here 0157 FM the fan.