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Wednesday, November 29th
College Football Show - Championship Edition - Get all the latest news in college football espically with the Badgers and D3 football as well

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The badgers to UW Oshkosh the playoff picture in Wisconsin remains bright. Alongside the professor Dan under Bergen our producer the polish pipe bomb Jeff for a loss beyond doubt what Joe's. This is the college football show and it starts right now. Once again welcome back geared to the college football still right here on 1057. FM the fan. As we are in the midst of what I guess what we've Michael Daniel championship week two undefeated teams. Here in the state of Wisconsin you've got the badgers who have finally. Cracked. Into the top four in the college football poll and then later on. In this show will talk to the head coach at the university of Oshkosh whose team is undefeated and advancing. Week by week within the NCAA division three playoffs is will take on work Bergen a quarterfinal matchup in Oshkosh this weekend but. For football in this state. In everything that we talk about the entire year to have a cracked the top four finally this is a fun time to be a football a collegiate football fan in this state. Yeah when's the last thing you had two teams that has to be undefeated I mean I can't. And knowing deal when netherlands' happened before and it's. It's funny and in the in the kind of excitement of the Wisconsin game coming up we you week and overlook us cast. And ask us eat in terms of the last two years deep three. They've they've been as powerful as any team out there that are there and incredible ballclub right now last year's national runner up in hopes. We will find their way back to the NCAA division three championship in maybe this year. Come away with the trophy and will talk as we noted did coach. Pat's a Roni around 835. But first let's let's talk about the elephant in the room and that's the Wisconsin Badgers who finally. Have made it into the top four who have steadily and slowly progressed since the college football poll. Has been announced. A few weeks back in making their way up the table. And Jeffrey dissent at twelve and Ole. And I'll start with you and and Dan throw it back it looks as if the committee said to the badgers are right you've stayed undefeated. Now up to it number four it's where you wanted to be win Saturday in Erie and and we won't hear any complaints because I have a feeling if they were put it five or six and they still want. I don't know how things would play out necessarily as far as them advancing into that top four and obviously. And we'll talk about it as the shall progress is a lot of big games coming up on Saturday. But the fact that they put him in at number four it's like. All right you've been telling us all year long this is what you deserve will put you there now win Saturday and you've written your ticket for a New Year's Day games. Yeah it's definitely win and your in now for the badgers I think all the all the conspiracy theories all the worst case scenarios are now all thrown out the windows so. Everything is right in front of home. All they have to do is beat to stupid book guys. And they're in the playoffs then stupid. But I think you for the current and yes absolutely. You know it it's just it's still. Kinder irks me that there is a two loss team ahead of them yeah. You know it it just it it kind of diminishes that the regular season and the every game's a playoff game atmosphere which is what I love so much about Colin. Football Daniel when you listen to some of the national parliaments talk about. Not only what the college football poll rankings are at this point. But noting what the match ups are coming up on well Friday night with the pac twelve tomorrow night and then out all day on Saturday then. Consistently. Here. Those. That supposedly are in the know developing scenarios that even though Wisconsin sitting at number four. And could win on Saturday. That it always seems as if they're trying to find a way to get Alabama in there. Georgia in near what happens if Auburn in in you pull all these various scenarios out. And yet there is Jeff just alluded to many of the conspiracy theories have kinda slowed down a little bit. But yet you still see these people trying to find ways to knock Wisconsin down to at least five even if they win. Saturday Nestle only jump into the community conspiracy theory pool little bit and then just kind of think this one out so Wisconsin plays Ohio State on Saturday night. And let's say it's an ugly game in Wisconsin wins twelve time for a field goals and Karen. And then it then automatically you've got these issues of war early the best team because all Wisconsin did. Was being three loss team at that point. I'm Andy in a weaker Ohio State team blah blah but on the other side of the spectrum. If Ohio State wins then you hear all your body hey another two loss team look at what they did they beat an undefeated team in the championship. So dear yeah there is that element out there ended it is frustrating and a tier point on a much its last Sunday morning after Wisconsin's win and watching his BN. And all their talk him on NE SP and in what will it take for Ohio State to get in the playoffs that's all it was Wisconsin was an after thought they'd be. There was no respect given it was what okay this is how's Ohio State can get it can get and who can't rehearse right OK you've got a team that's undefeated. And I don't and I hope the badgers. If you if you listen to Paul Christie take him for his word which I guess we really don't have any reason not to because he's seems to be a person stands by what he says. He's got their team week by week now worrying about what the outside world thinks or does. Stay focused listen to what we're doing follow the game plan ex senator and go on from there. The problem is right now what you eluded to and that is. This is going to be a game on Saturday I think that will come down to about six or seven place. And what mistakes do you or don't you make that's gonna cost you the game so I think defensively finally. We match up against Ohio State yeah I think in years past like we've seen against Penn State or Ohio State a couple of years go in these Big Ten championship games. Were we just noticed and it was visibly present that we we couldn't match up speed last. I think we finally matchup speed wise and so defensively Ohio State. Doesn't frighten me whatsoever of the way they would have a couple years back so for me Saturday's game and I guess I wanna hear what you guys think. Will come down to maybe seven plays a fumble. A special teams play a defense of stop whatever the case may be and who capitalizes. On the dole is because I don't see either team running away with it. I don't either I think for me a week and the Wisconsin side we know we're gonna get it we've we've seen them you know go through this process now Wisconsin is going to be. Consistent when I mean by that is that you don't with say well let's say Ohio State score first right. This team is not gonna freak out about it they're they're not gonna lose their minds about it they're gonna play their game their their deck kind of grounded type of team. You know that their defense is gonna play well you know that the defense is going to be a lot of began her Beetle Bailey offense out probably once or twice. And frankly we know that the defense is probably gonna give bees it beat at least once walked. Which is happening every and we know these things. But what we also know about Wisconsin's defense says it doesn't matter. Hit every every week they have proven to overcome these things and we have no right to expect it's going to be anything differently. Same thing on offense we know we're getting you know I really do believe that John Taylor's been around for a hundred yards again and I think he's gonna start slow and easy. And he's gonna gash on for one or two big runs in the second half what he's done. And that's what you what you're saying I am with the sixers set employs. And you know I I'd get in Vegas the sameness that ESP isn't is Deanna Sany analytics prove this stayed. I don't cater refuel I just I think this team is is equally matched tool Ohio State I think they can win this game. Yeah I'm with you I think they can win as well. You know as we sit right you know it's they're six point dogs and no idea I think it's gonna be close but obviously meet picking Wisconsin way and they automatically cover. You know it was nice to see you Barbara break. You know further bring his confidence up and everything like debt and you know we go back to the same thing we talked about all season they badgers need a full game. But like you Dan I don't think debt panic sets in. If they get down early I think they stick with Iran I I think the game plan is the same. Ed 00. Then it it would be worse case scenario of third down fourteen relevant you have the game plan's gonna stay it is standard in his state. And play badger football and I think it's gonna work out really well form. I'd so let's go around a table real quake in one would be the one thing. That you are confident about going into Saturday and what's the one area where you might have a question mark which. Kind of frightens you and I have to say this and I I told Joseph off the year I would that I had a thank him. Because he calmed me down last week I was so nervous about Minnesota. And obviously after watching nagged you in my in nothing to be nervous about I did exactly what he says that watched it how coach. Average what. That kind of thing but. Going into a Big Ten championship. Of them like we're going to have on Saturday dump five to field the neutral site it's all different. So going into this channel start with you. What's the one thing that you're feeling confident rolling into this game in what's the one thing. That question market kinda hangs over word you just hope it doesn't fall pork. I'm confident defense I don't think there's anything earth shattering about that I just. I like the way this team is playing in and announcing of the facets of the strongest but they've manages the most consistent and the arrow where they're supposed to be an encounter in terms of whether you know runs out. I'm confident that again even if Ohio State earnings of seventeen whatever does that is not gonna be overwhelming for Wisconsin defense I think they can handle. What concerns me and I say this with a bit hesitancy is that. I'm really kind of expecting a great game for more brute this. This week and I think I think he's got to know him to do it he's played essentially to a strong football games last two games. And I mind my concern is is that. I did not that he plays a week but he plays kind of that that may be that inconsistency again. We don't we don't have the opportunity I think this time around four. 50% or 52%. I think he's got to be where he's been at the average 66 or 7%. If he doesn't he's supposed to do know and again I'm not trying to slam moments as there's that one element that every year we talked about her every week. One interception we know it's common that happened last week great let's keep tackle Jeff. You know same I'm confident the defense did the thing that concerns me turnovers whether it's gonna be Taylor put the ball on turf. Warner broke with an interception. Heaven forbid some happens on special teams and no turnovers. Badgers win. One turn over gets a lot closer. To her more hold out. You know for me I'm like you guys the defense third there's no reason whatsoever to feel nothing but confidence in the way that. Team that side of the ball is played all season long. And I'm not really even that nervous anymore about the offense because suddenly debt idea of next man up in the receiving corps. On the line you name it on AA happens on both sides of the ball but numb to some offense. Suddenly we've got big play capabilities are there we've got guys who have stepped in and if kind of stretch the field would stand is open the running game. And I just feel like we can match up. Extremely well with this buckeye squad for me the question mark is this intangible of this is probably one of the biggest schemes and badger history right now Lou there's those times back in the Alvarez there were we were trying to get back to the rules bowl and we finally did in. That was pre college football playoff and all of that we're the rules apple still really meant. That Big Ten pac twelve matchup it was the granddaddy and all of those things. It's I'm hoping that these badgers don't rule into Indianapolis. Tight. Knowing the pressure that's on the excitement beds there and debt intangibles. That feeling of oh my gosh we have a chance to really make our mark. On this program and put it into another level that it hasn't been before. My fear is that they're going to be tight and if they're tight the mistakes that you guys talked about pitcher worried. Going into Saturday those are the ones that I think Dan happened because. They're just that they're nerves are not relaxed are tight and those types of things can really snowball as the game goes. Yeah I wish this was an 11 o'clock start time. You know I don't like it being almost it's 730 at nine. 11 o'clock you know you're used to play and at that time you play at that time every week is scheduled doesn't change. That would make me more comfortable. But that said I think there's still going to be. So do the thing you know what we've known all season we've known all season and so have their way. It's gonna come down to this game this is no surprise ID we've known that there received they've worked all season we get to this point. We've known that their knack and again in the college football players is they don't win this game. And so I think I think mentally disturbed there's gonna be prepared and get them to go back to Chris in the culture that he sat there. I just don't see this team getting overwhelmed and just to me it's just they're just rounded and I. Not every team has been like that I'm I'm really appreciate that about the badgers. Well as we've noted earlier this is it going to be a great Saturday. For the state of Wisconsin with Oshkosh playing at 1205 and in the badgers. At night both teams undefeated both teams. Making your way in one case with Oshkosh into the quarterfinals of the playoffs. For the badgers were open that they can advance in to that college football playoff scenario that will give them a New Year's Day bowl game. But will we come back after the break wanna spend just a couple of minutes and talk about the coaching carousel. That has really been spinning. Basically almost out of control. This past week since the regular season of the college football schedule came to an end this past week and will touch on a next this is the college football so right here. 0157 FM the fan. And welcome back. Active college football so right here a 1057 FM as we noted coming up. In a few minutes will talk to the head coach at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh that had coach pats erroneous. Oshkosh continues to advance within the NCAA division three tournament undefeated just like they're badgers are up in Madison but. Fellas the one thing that struck me this weekend was the number. Of coaching. Changes that will be taking place says this season wolf finally wrapped too and and by the time we get sued city. College national championship. As of this weekend if you take Brett appeal among. Mike Riley Arizona State's Todd Graham Kevin someone from Texas and them. Jim Mora from UCLA. And Butch Jones out of Tennessee I think the collective buyout at this point stands at sixty million. With more coaches obviously on the hot seat of only Mets and essentially a handful. So the total buyout right now stands at sixty million and obviously that's gonna go higher but the one we're gonna start with and we have to start with his right field among. As head coach. Of the Arkansas Razorbacks had not even had a chance to exit the field. In somebody in a suit and tie ran up and said coats you're no longer the coach of the Arkansas Razorbacks thank you for your time your check will be in the mail. Best wishes. Talk about the fall. It wasn't that long ago that mr. below Moe left the badgers. In the midst of bowl season. To go take on this Arkansas job within the SEC quote unquote the premier. League in college football gonna build the program up like the program was at Wisconsin take them to do heights. And the only thing he's doing right now is looking for a home and a job probably somewhere outside of the state of Arkansas. Well he's you may be easily give her own job is probably in cheeseburger and and counting his his bio right now is what he's doing. Dennis and he needs stay away back to cover a solid today game news editor of the is going to be a windbreaker this the think the effect. That is is. When he left to take American side and the whole thing again was have a better chance when national championship Americans are. Don't collective kind of look around answer was really. It's Arkansas rent a dip that's the SEC we understand that by. It's Arkansas Brad. Mean how's that how's it any closer to the national championship than what you're building Euro scouts and it was just. It was just such in my mind. Just had to such a ridiculously lateral move people plots it's on the Big Ten to the SEC it's better. No it wasn't it was a it was a stupid move and you know you know leopard can't hide it's spots or whatever it is Brett was Brett. Bring in needed stuff he did stupid things American side than that and eventually caught up with them and Jeff don't you. The eagle eggs got in the way in and of the fact that a round these parts I mean. Area over Reza still considered the godfather of college football for what he did for the program at Wisconsin. And I just don't think Brett deal Lomas eagle could handle that and that's the reason Dan why he made the lateral move that you just diluted two. Yeah it was definitely ego and you know. Oh I'm gonna go to the SEC and I'm gonna compete with nick Sabin. And guy and I am a compete with less smiles when he was still there and you know pat Novo. And you know here's Wisconsin Sydney at four in the last time anybody heard of the razorbacks was. Oh yeah that's right and he got fired off and I'll hash tag karma fat boy. It comes back and bite you. There's truth to what Jeff just said in enough the fact dead. The only way Arkansas really made news this football season was how Brett Dielman gas fired up that he would have fired on the field before he could even make his way into the locker room. To talk to his team about the loss they just. Incurred that somebody again I wish there was footage somewhere Obama ever well in that suit their chasing him down to tell him. That you are no longer coach. Coaches get fired all the time I think it's one of the things that. When you are coach going into what ever job you're gonna take there's going to be one or two things. They're gonna build a statue for me or I'm going to be fired and more times than not they're gonna fire you. I can't remember a sick you tasted where a coach was run. Off of his job while on the field usually it's. C'mon in. Teams in the locker room I need to meet which do we go into an office we talked for a minute and then you can address a teammate and given the man a chance to brought. Off the field which I can't get over it kills me hey Brad help me out guys. Mean it may consider my Brandel wasn't there a coach and I thought it was football that was fired before he got on the plane yeah yeah -- and they didn't allow money to play like the flight so he used this were starting to build a mount Rushmore of ways to get fired just to the heads on the mound right now. In terms of putting that together and I hit home. Other than being escorted off the flights and none are you need to find a different means for a I don't I don't know what else there is they yet this is. This one is gonna stick with him for aid is on hung low on time. There's got to be footage somewhere yeah as if there's not that just goes to show that he did nothing to build the Arkansas program. Because especially in the SEC. There's eight million video cameras at every single thing I guess you can't tell me one doesn't have that moment. And I so want a seat at the moment I hope soon injury teams. Rots the all time greats an innocent we we talk stuff that one because of the Wisconsin connection. But before we we head to a break the one thing I wanna talk about is the coaching vacancy at Tennessee. What has happened. So the volunteers. Where it has been an absolute circus. Love them trying to hire the next head coach. And then looking at the leadership that's in charge of doing it. When I see the leadership that's at Tennessee right now. In what they're doing and how they've made eight total debacle of this process. It's astounding to me that the president in the athletic director are still employed as we speak. Yeah this you're right this is a leadership issue. That has not been corrected and this isn't just the football program guys this is the athletic program at Tennessee you know I'm very proud SEC legacy program. Is now going the way of Ole miss or Mississippi State are those routes and it's unbelievable and I think what's happening here is because of the vacuum in leadership. You've got now we've become more few more leadership wanna be people that are in their. Shrine to influence of the citizen and now you're getting people who shouldn't even be either or people who should be hired that are being chased off I think it's. It it's it's it's a really cancer situation in Tennessee it doesn't effects until you get now one of these. Albers had strongly is that no I'm in charge in year out of the room. Well and the biggest thing Jeff is that it seems been listening to some of the this shows that Culver the SEC. That debt fan base was fixated on gruden. In gruden is not going there. Brett there is no reason why gruden wants to give up that fund that Monday Night Football game dead he's got amongst other things that he does. For the four letter network because let's face it he's paid handsomely and you don't have to deal with the boosters. The problems that players may have when you recruit them and all of the things that come with coaching. And it just seems as if that fan base was so fixated on grew no matter who you bring in and right now. They're not going to be happy and it seems as if the athletic director and the president of the university are so fixated by what the public thinks that Daniel goes to what you said. Somebody's gotta go winner with an iron fist and just say. This is our guy and this is what we're gonna do. Well this is a perfect example of how important social media is and how big of a role it plays. You had you know the athletic department decides and Greg she RO. Social media blows up the they paint you know that he covered up by a child's stuff at Penn State and that I'm that rock on campus. You know everybody loses their collective minds and then they back off and all of the and we're not gonna hire. If it makes you look amateurish. It ditches its a horrible horrible look. They're not getting gruden. The only one I think they can go win their now. You know because you've gotten like two of three or four other people now you know. T Martin YouTube torture you gotta bring back big guys that one use your last national title. And have him coach your team. The blueprint for Tennessee is right here in Wisconsin with the badgers. The badgers over the last few years in bringing in Paul Chris. On the basketball side. You name it. We've brought in people that want to be. In Madison people are passionate about the university. And their passionate about the athletics that take place. In Madison and they wanna be a part of it and that's exactly and I couldn't agree with you more Jeff it's a buyout team Marti Martin wants to go back team Marti wants to. Re gain some sort of stature than he had as a player at Tennessee and rebuild that legacy. You're not going to get that marquee coach anymore. Because of what the administration has done to the volunteers. So grab a guy like tee Martin and give them a shot because obviously everybody else that you're trying to attract. Has no interest whatsoever. Well this is going to be a person to whether Steve Martin or anybody else they've got to be strong enough to deal with the fan base and when and when I mean by that is. Tennessee is always had this complex as this does little brother complex that we should be as good as as as Alabama. We should be as good as as they were always get a bucket of Florida for the longest time. And so they just couldn't get over that hump whatever is but they felt like he should be kept on looking for that one way to get over the top and the end and there are still there. We should be as good as well maybe as as an institution should but you're not. So whatever courts. Excess jobs that can't get any better re strong enough to be able to kind of lead people through this route of OK we'll get their butts. This is an interior effects this is. This is a fortified your fakes and got to get a whole new generation of players and their to do that. And then build some momentum in missing tee Martin and an Aggie I hear again he wants to be there it's Paul Crist factor of this is royal wanna be this is well on offense rank your career. I just say be careful this point you've been turned down so many times now it actually offers you an opportunity sit down and take now analytic approach and say. Ari who is the best candidates out there and does do we have to stay in the volunteer failing. Look at you know Wisconsin had to go out to Notre Dame to fix the problem. You know and maybe they need to look beyond. The norms of Tennessee. Define that problem that you heard find a solution. Well I'll say this as we wrap this segment of and that is. If I'm Tennessee I again I'm looking at Madison I'm looking at the badgers and how that program was established in yet you might have to go outside. But when you go outside that going somewhere else needs to start almost at the top. Whenever that athletic director and comes in needs to be established when Tennessee was good. The president and the athletic director were there for ever there was consistency within the leadership that day university. That consistency has been overturned year after year. Within the last ten to twelve years at that university and you look at Madison and you see what's happened recently with Barry Alvarez. Following a succession of strong leaders that have sustained and stayed the course that's what Tennessee is lacking right now. Byron which Summitt Tennessee I don't know it's manager and I we come back we've got one more undefeated team here in this state. And their head coach will join us next that's head coach pat ceremony. Of the titans at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh says they get ready for their playoff game. This Saturday amble speak with him next. This is the college football shall right here 0157 FM the fan. Why can't welcome back of the college football shall write a 5:7. Am the fan now we've jumped to the great midwest bank hotline. One of our favorites on this show he's the head coach at the University of Wisconsin I discussed its head coach pat ceremony can't tell you do it. Derek Berry. All thank you for him. For taken some time I know it is a a busy time for you. And and busy time this time a year is a good thing because. You have advanced to the quarterfinals of the NCAA division three tournament. Yet a great win last week against. North central and before we get into that we need to say congratulations because it's been awhile since we talked to you on the on the react championship and now we're making a run to get ourselves hopefully back. For another NCAA bid. What was the difference for your team for those that don't know last week you took care of North Central College out of Illinois beat him 4221. And I think anybody watch the game or who is talked about the game it was that second quarter where your offense erupted for 28 points. Well what was the key behind the success there in that second quarter play. Yeah I remember back in 2010. We have played mount union and they scored. When he points in the second quarter. That Ennis. That team is really gets. You know on Saturday. Some. Players Israeli response that north central really good football team. Really good football team but mean picture. Which need to play our offenses very. Are right now it is their that are great job. That was a win mean we got enjoyed but you know now or another week. The I struggled. We definitely. That 47 Bentley in pretty. Ticked off to the idea that we patiently and we talked about mentioned you know. It's a cute. When your old and get them back to that point. That they went or Graham. You know we can beat them at danger arms. Minnesota conference this year it was the only conference. You know he ticker Earl you it's been in a war a great round. You know come new and very easy just told seniors today get more guaranteed practices so. He lived by that Saturday afternoons now. Coach how important is it to have the experience that you've. Had with this current roster making Ned deep run last rivals obviously she's beginning to the national championship. And being last year's runnerup. But this group that you currently have on the rosters they've made their run both for a bad experiences there how beneficial has that and for you in getting every one now whether there seniors or freshmen prepared week in and week out. He had been really a surprise for me you know defensively we have fifteen guys graduate at a point seven. And when I asked the room beginning the here. I'm Garrett played the college Jerry game and defense are 5053. Guys in her room and six stood up so. It was like okay is going to be along year sold very surprised we went undefeated in the conference with is competitive as it was. But you know I think work it needs to be out says that better teachers. You know we kind of and the staff have been together a long time and there's a lot of value an ad in the elite recruiting great players you know that's that's the other part of it. These kids can play so. Offensively and we're going to be good football team but. You know I didn't think we'd be that good as we were last week. Perhaps and you know he is right Brad no way anybody. Yeah I'm not yet you take it as long as you can ride that wave. He you know or you don't think too much about it I mean I still are he'll. Tell everybody you know we hear Kleiman. You know that underdog you know and so loss because you know what appears Hewitt Lou just. Should treat you need bugle player opened fire on top ID coach on top and I actually a struggle that a little bit. You know not a street as they pale Hondurans. You know it's just were on top then is different. Well coach with that you are on the perfect sold due to express that concern many times we we don't know sail away. I wanna go back to last week and you Mets into a mentioned Andy eluded to it a little bit earlier with the fact that. You had an outstanding first half of play and kids will be kids. And it's very difficult to keep the momentum going when you have such a sustained leads like you did have. What do you do differently when you reflect back about how you handled things in the third fourth quarter to try and make sure something like that doesn't happen again. He left again it's that they had had a hell yeah. All I'm not a dude you know I Pittsburgh everybody put in on it. You know they're great O meter relaxed what. You know I guess. I can't. They're they are currently especially we're young are essentially I mean oh we made some poor coaching decision there we talked about all week actually. So we had a fourth and one that we didn't I didn't want to also happen we will miscommunication unions that give them the ball back again we fumble. Our onside kick team doesn't recover and I mean it was just a series a thing or what it does that make you reflect well bit. Increase in the latest reverse and he prepared all the situation so that's kind of what happened did you live and learn. And get better. Go to style soul for those who are listening this evening a little bit about your quarterback in Brett Casper he's had an outstanding season. And he's having at least at this point in outstanding run within the post season. Yeah I mean you know. Four years are lost two conference games for years two time player of the year baby girl late forties say you know from his. Came out a senior year and he did exactly what you hoped. He improved. And he is completely. Focused in the neck is focused. While it's just. He's done a great job. Granger outnumbered problem you know at that doesn't really matter now I think he's accomplished everything and I know he's on bill so I can play that. I don't have to worry about him as ours what his goals are what. What he wants to do in every day he's in the air watching film and what a great guy. You know I mean I. He couldn't play like this is sophomore year that was just he couldn't do that. I mean your sophomore Reiner a lot of dominant seniors around here that you know like Joey Summers when. You know transferred out sell in you know deck cares about lot of great players so. You know he used quiet kid but this year he's really become a huge leader. And he just does it every week means they're rushing touchdowns for weeks. Expecting to ourselves as we you know I mean this crazy. Yeah I know I mean you like we were saying he's just having an outstanding season. This Saturday if you have a quarterfinal match up against work berg. For those people again in the area dead don't. Knoll old or anything really about word berg. What can you tell us about what you're facing and the benefit of the assault ban is they're playing once again at home how nice is that coach being at home. Through these first few games within the playoffs. It's really nice and everybody is asleep in her own bit being got to Vienna books. So yes it's huge in that you know the game that back up to the style game because we had to win that game to get the home field advantage. And I was really impressed with their team that date because that was a good football team in the number one defense in the conference. And media only in the air on Iraq on the road. And played extremely well so it to be out sweet guy is the first time that we've been in the playoffs four times that. The last game of the season. We played well so Lee we all knew his coach is what your plan or the players knew. You know the home Cuba and losing the big things so at its huge war vs champion. Undefeated they got a big team meaning big. Corn. O linemen tight ends are tough he got two great running backs up. It got a couple great receivers in the you know they have a good football team they've been a winner a long time it's going to be huge challenge or they took Whitewater that. They'll applaud the BWAY or two years ago in the third round so they're hungry. Yell out seniors so. It's going to be a dog trainer again so hopefully we can figured out. Well for anyone who is interested because Saturday will be a big football Saturday in no better way to kick it off. Then with a playoff game in our scouts Oshkosh will take on war bird. At home it's a 1 PM kick off so by all mean oh or. Well look at the NCAA website. NCAA JD NC where are you don't see yeah right of course a couple of scenes are well without injured twelve and then this week is global five. So. Low life you're good don't go right to the. Sores are right cells let's reset the table and you're. It's great football. After the NY got started with. This I Scott's work for playoff game which will kick off at twelve or five. And I Scots and by all means if you can't get up there to watch the game. You can always go to the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh athletic site and click on the lives have been you can watch it. From whatever device you happen to be around. And get yourself set for what will be a great. Play off game within a great playoff atmosphere. Coach as always we can't thank you enough for joining us here on the college football show. Just wish is on Saturday in with debt we get to hold. That we have the ability to talk to you in a couple of weeks. And were talking about now I won't go there 'cause I know coats over and I go to a bracket so books and it we wanna talk to get a couple of weeks out that. Well thank you guys in the play Edmund and just play at night so you and I get to watch impression that night so they'll be awesome to be great day for Wisconsin football. There you go there next coach have a great night coach. Thank you. That's head coach pat sorority. For the university of Oshkosh titan says we noted they got a 1205. Kick off says we were. Beautifully corrected and rightfully so the NCAA but we always ticket idea big he had web site great area how severe source of that will be disk. Saturday. When we come back it'll be time to shovel the fox brought to you by Americana apparel. And then it will take a look at. All of the conference matchup standard taking place on Saturday because Daniel. It will be key for next week's final four then college football poll final breaking to see who sand. And who's not and I have a feeling with in all of those playoffs. An upset is on the horizon journal bureau and will talk about all of that next this is the college football sole right here 157 FM the fact. Again welcome back kids to the college football so right here on one of 57. FM the fans so all the fog is being brought to you by Americana apparel. Where the teachers for an upcoming event or team jerseys and gear Americana apparel has you covered. Owner Jim van Acker will provide you with unparalleled quality and service for all your custom silk screening. And embroidery needs check them out at their website and Americana. Up Carol LLC dot com that's Americana apparel LLC dot com. Americana apparel official outfitters. For us here at the college football's so well. Gentlemen championship week it is time to shovel. Daniel. And Danny Davis Danny Davis one receiver the Wisconsin Badgers as as I don't even say that led to a resurgence of the wide receiver corps. But he is he is coming up he's becoming a big play receiver that. Spectacular big play receiver that every team needs in a really strong core receivers so this. This week I gotta give it to that guy even though those complete team win last week. Jeff. Mine goes to Alabama head coach nick saving two years ago comes out and says he have to win. You should win your conference in order to qualify for the playoffs. This year surprisingly he comes out and says you don't have to pick a side Jack weigh him. I. It's hard to come after that he gets a federal. My so all of this week is gonna go to the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh says they continued to roll through. The division three playoffs and hopefully will come away with another win and it is their own final four. After this weekend and once you think it coach pats are Roni for joining us in the last segment settlement. Win at the teams that are in the final four that are playing this week in and all of those teams are playing in their various conference championship match ups. What one of those matches do you see with the potential offset which could tip the apple cart so to speak with. The college football poll in the top Ford damp. I you know it's so tough between between Auburn Georgia and then Miami and and and a Clemson I'll I'll say that of Clemson loses this game. In as a two loss issue. You Miami. That opens the door for all the other one losses that are out there I think that's eight and man I toll as as earlier I'd love to see Wisconsin win in the rest is favorites lose I just think they're going to be. Incredibly chaotic for everybody else's so their degree drama Jeff. It's tough. I don't think there's gonna be won the one that. I sort of kinda like could be Georgia over Auburn. But every time Georges and the big game to date show yeah yeah they can never get it done I have no faith in him again. I I think it will be Georgia this time really only because of what Auburn had to go through to get past Alabama. I think so much emphasis is put on the Iron Bowl and that state. That essentially for Alabama or Auburn is like a championship game and when you exude as much energy and mental. Stamina is you need to take care of business with in that particular game. I think coming in to a game against Georgia a very good Georgia team. It's going to be tough I think for Auburn to maintain that level of intensity that they had last week. The problem is Jeff you eluded to lose at George attends to lay in eight when they get to the big game so I'm not quite sure the one I really would love to see. Is Miami over Clemson for the same reasons standard that you spoke of I just with Miami losing now their top receiver. Along with him tightly and I think some of their weapons have gone by the wayside so I don't see necessarily that happening. But as far as. Things like we do in sport talked to C Clemson code that code to Miami and what it could do. For that committee did go into that meeting room and figure out who the top four is. Boy that that would just make life soul interesting after this weekend to play. The music in the background tells us it's time to get up body here first the ball art thanks. To head coach pat ceremony at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh remember. They'll kick off Saturday at 1205. If you can't make it to the game at titan stadium make sure you go to University of Wisconsin Oshkosh athletic paged to the live tab you can watch the game. From your computer war tablet. Brooke professor Dan under berg our producer of the polish pipe bomb Jennifer lost you I'm Donna what shall thank you so much. For listening this week what we have called championship week here on the college football show. You have been listening to the college football sole right here a 1057 FM the fan. In joy Saturday.