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The Wendy's Big Show
Thursday, August 9th
Big Show talks Packers camp with Mike Clemens

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Stay out running Mac I'll Solana coaching. Are you former Packers Gary Ellis in my WNFL has tonight's pre season opener. Against the Tennessee Titans. Also LeRoy Butler and the return of Steve's Sparky Pfeiffer round of applause everybody. Further turn to other applause Steve. Spartan nobody nobody's gonna plod mailman you're gonna put an underdog and I don't turn your Mike got baby touch I don't think I don't have what it meant this radio today and paying a Roy Moore had could have came back and is now. I'm young I. A few hours and but. More than analysts publicly for applause at bat I don't know that he apply Ezra you want to by the Packers aren't going to return to get to a future now. And I'm sorry I'm. I am Margaret I'm not as quick as art or Joseph what is known is coming back sorry to wrap my head ready I plan. My advantage on Alexander replay applause in the show we'll talk with my Clemens are united Green Bay football reporter will get his thoughts on tonight's pre season opener and all the latest from camp at 248. And at 3 o'clock is Aaron Rodgers. Leading the way leader should lead we'll get to that at 3 o'clock by gonna start off today that way back man what did you think was soda. Certain warming up for the regulars and just wait hammers are. And before but in the greatness again we ask but he competent. Concerned and curious about when it comes to your Green Bay Packers 4147991250. Or you can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan normally go to go to one of the packers' first on this what appears in Green Bay and their ideas you want me to go to get the last post game from agreement we will might it was a Michael. Maybe one day and gear wasn't here you know images Meehan Gillespie. And Russian and I'm Robbie yeah it's to be just somebody gave last year was moved. Again rob did a Richard Gere yeah album before we are out of lemons that blog figures say. That was second test happened I used to sort of got it happened just before I'll off did you notice yes she would do that yeah I forgot about it. This does not ours they have and other targets and lamb now there's a Gholston here now really if he was sit in this chair he did a great job yeah nice and quiet. And all of a sudden it just doesn't move and why are you get back yet. In the chestnut to mall there we heard of dollars rudder on deadly on Larry Drew does not me. And that's what happened the week before a lot same thing I was gentlemen I'm Sharon piracy should. I was told to payless and I'll save. I've about 22 to I know we're out of 22 to forgive me you little I would give your teens in the U Duca who think it's cool. They do it again just to swim in my blessed enough. An idea. They don't go back yet another look at the total for our video and interviewed. I happen. The greens has to pick me up the way he would a baby though and that's the only candidate should know he's come a little prayer bell where like three or perhaps just. Via conduct my head in the water order priests are we camp has gone what are you confident and served a curious about what it comes to the Brazilians ever figured. Or what fours are now Dodd told that your tweet a set went off by seventy. At them the fan with the blessings of LeRoy and Jerry Ivan heard Gary say anything at carrier there right. Your particular platoon player you always look at your demise tags on the now which it would your blessings are two former Packers now please. I wanna go I want to defer to Steve and Randy I understand on what he's confident about going into this game 147991250. Let blitzes at us is clear the air and gassed us on an immense. I've been out of the loop for like eight or nine days I've read some stuff I'm sure missed a bunch of stuff. So any top mom wrong about whatever may have happened and this guy into the family night practice or whatever the heck they call now. And see that I saw all the injuries that they've had along the way which again hamstring injury after hamstring injury can be all that surprised. So for me at least confident of the world relieving a threat we're confident that what he's confident about in this game. Two figures. Well I didn't read anything on Rodgers I'm assuming he's now playing tonight is that correct. Yes he's not McCarthy said he's not like is simply not a lot what I right. OK I'm content I'm confident. That Brett Hundley will throw. Two touchdown passes. Tonight for the Green Bay Packers policies easier. You can upload it and I have Saturday Terry you're up there and meet the army's black Bradley's healthy and playing right. What I asked her every agnico Narnia got so I'll I'll say brown Tommy there was a double touchdown passes and looks a heck of a lot better than he did in the regular season last really yet what makes you say that. Be that he had a full offseason he's got competition now from the shock Kaiser. I think that helps focus you know the best and it helps focus a little bit more because you know there's a serious. You know somebody seriously they're competing for your job. And I believe this final year of his deal so if if he's going to have that opportunity to go play somewhere else I think he needs a big pre season for himself. A for the team if they do have anybody that wants to trade him he's the future Green Bay it's the shot Kaiser at this point. So if public wants to go somewhere else he's got a big pre season and I think it starts tonight. So Gary is confident that Brett Conley as a nice that's a solid outing what I say Gary I'm so I've been so Easton you not being here after I guess our marquis is confident item in your confidential meeting this that. Good to have a solid out exited yet you're the only want to what are their company concerned and curious about 4147991250. You can tweet us. At 1057 FM the fan Gary Bret Holley is like your confidence you got some different. Well clubs. That's probably yeah I did and I would just note you miss this rod I'll be honest do you miss this. You can't you can't come up with on you wanted to go to LeRoy and come back to you in a few minutes while you think about it yet it would be confident about. That McCartney will run out for. Run out on the field via. While like are you talking like pregame post game all that. But Tudjman during the game that you're predicting some sort of blow up by Mike aren't you among the training Demi really. And it's a better chance of walks. Or. You are not the island at the refugees and that is now Gary just say gets before the game and after the game. He'll do the customary walk out onto the field that a coach does to grow too greedy opposing coach. Russian property after upward robbery. How do you go to Rudolph above guys argues and he's got good jokes and I don't get sparking that. A real answer that is Tom wave and barely look at I've become profitable vehicles this first. Game. Now I'll pick up yacht that a proverbs you'll see you. Ausprey. Dumber for a lot. Yeah I I don't know that they're bad they're gonna be right. Fox guarding the line against the obvious that clock. Yeah you know that we know that the court. What. Do you said at a sprint mobile O'Donnell first serious and is likely went home and OK to simply do this. I hope I hope. Gary has moral we get to concerned interiors are out to keep it moving though and and moved to LeRoy Butler DL yeah hundred X the real solid guy and he's the most out and got some real thought and analysis on what he's confident about in tonight's pre season opener against the titans. I'm confident that two things that there will run the football more than they will pass. The running game is far needed to pass. Being major. Hit two quarterbacks. These receivers like and we'll get into that later. Different ball from different quarterback highly of Kaiser's is different. And the other kid go to located there what. To the mate that they. Like I was. Born on. There wasn't a Tim Boyle I. I said oh yeah and LG. Oh yeah that Iran. That's not hold on what I don't know I don't know and and and I thank you yeah I am I gonna have to realize all your mics on the first day we get the whole big show back together than just can't say nobody want to boil all of my mindset when that does that. Eastern Kentucky Tim Boyle has his supporters I'm not in that camp I know I don't you have got to have sound had a terrible fan club out there it is and there. I think it's great it to pick Callahan people across the yes yet it's the Joseph Villa Angela it's like I've I've. I've said this before 'cause arrays it's it's I think people like that's what they like Julia guerra he were all very locked up picture people until I like him. Okay well it is who stole all you have here beat those people are products and no Jacob grows we got now I got caught the Rex. Yeah dads definitely absolutely. Does other lenders are correct that's Rogers who got to. And he hears he claims to really like him. A million cut. As they that I Uga you hate regular don't eight live matches suitcase just to be clear. I've got the the president nor a member of the bush. Loyal fan club I'm just being clear nothing wrong with the nets and I'm not wanna disclaimer aren't that LeRoy I've lived enjoyment. So those got the all girl three different balls sold. It's safer to just run the football tonight and I think that's what they're gonna do not defense. You see these guys blitz more. I'm confident you'll see them blitz more than a normal pre season game. Because the people they plan. The titans. Not or did Israel was coach and as different as a whole different show. Their whole system and there's no way to Dallas back. So a bit and get in there's don't get into all their cast of all these coaches know each other. First why's he going get twelve men on the field may get thirteen. You may yet have that out there is as a lot of organizations problem when all the first particular game. Dispose of trying to get rid of that but some confident or run the football Maude an annual passes. And so you may seek thirty carries forty carries all these guys may or may go to ball you know there are 1819 patents. Got a bill boring game. I hope I'm wrong when Negroponte the people who paid him on a regular season ticket by the way his seat when he this year Rogers I think ghosting should be discounted. Almost and half pay only two political show. Bit of religious or why they blitz and so must they had a test some of this stuff out so you us a lot of laws outside don't wanna Cordoba. I don't think it is should did not complete their stars. So you that you're gonna see more for Mike Clinton's defense only actually seen it yet a lot of our one of the preceding weekly cover 123 afforded him pre season. Says. Nobody assay is now home now no subways bridges so people and our bright note you do this to tutor you just go for a guy. I don't sit that I alignment. For lab backer or vice Versa Austin in a safety. Or corner to. Play opposite a certain package. But let's be honest every coach in aura nosed edit system. You can't heightened system is just a person and basically. It. They calculated a windy you do stuff. British armies to blitz on third and fourteen. Most every cornyn I know play cover two. Something conservative he would blitz it a more quarterback standing back. They notices they just wanna get a pattern. So I didn't have the little guys charging to analytics how many task on third and fourteenth in blitz I'm in town on third and nine they did this. You don't get a lot of us started tonight so that's why you're assuming a little bit Margaret. What are you confident concerned and curious about. And tonight's game so far we've got the confidence of Sparky LeRoy and Gary Sparky is expecting a solid outing from Brett Conley you know Gary says Mike McCarthy. Will on two feet walk out onto the field before I want after the run ninety he's candidate to walk when you said he'd probably want the right word and LeRoy is confident that run the football they'll rock football and you'll see more from a defense then you're used to seeing in week one of the priests and got a question. I'm okay with an. Artists were very low yeah it's Ballmer for years Marie yes yeah all that's right I'm sorry I'm sorry I. Ronnie did right and Downey just for well everything is coming to. Earth now that I had been a minute since I've done some comedy. You do. After entering. You do you got bigger platform he would anywhere you. Although the roast of Milwaukee which I headlines last week all that's that's up at Milwaukee record dot com you wanna go and listen to me. Make fun of our fine fine city. You roast those just remember you roast those who love when you go listen to atone daughter and you know walking and yeah. To elaborate. It's a go to Milwaukee I paradise cabbies and got a question for LeRoy after the after the break or I would you company concerned and cares about four what four. 7:9 now central fifty tweet us at 1057. At them the fans to Wendy's big shell Gary live from green bad at tonight's pre season opener in drawback right after the. I guess because it's it's really we really haven't done we drove it. We haven't done any live work. That's something that's always just kind of an unknown and we've got there we think we. And we have a sense of how will be in and who we think of attackers are going to be and what it's worked for you never know till it's so it's truly live. Straight. Pretty big Joseph served up hot and fresh and here and the fancy Sparky Pfeiffer along with until one and only. Ronnie Mac blog unless you wouldn't want them. You can get it you know. You you know the warning caused these by your fat and they're each other aren't I really needed to do now is when there is another island off is bad dude. Or you keep us in there is another me Mac golf is a bad dude don't really do that is that's his wrestling percent no he's not good people are you being serious IMAP they were shot dead serious. He listeners again I'm dead suggests Google and the exact same spelling maybe touches or their work uniter right now we deadliest. What I mean I don't know we. Yeah I wish I had no I don't know what allows gun is traced logos I wish I had that money that he has that's all save a Sparky and I know that there's video out what he's every hamburgers they would. Fresh never frozen beef now here's the big deal you can get a day's double with a half a lot of hot and juicy beef. Along with a small Fries and a drink for just five bucks when you doubt global Wendy's app and the real deal. A whole lot of delicious Wendy's food for just five dollars gold download the Wendy's app. Two day. And why you wouldn't have when he's about this one but if you needed incentive not you have consent of a Dave's double the half spot IG CB small Fries and drink for just five dollars he dollop the Wendy's apt. Today is as short to not ask the if you're looking for one that's yet. Right absolutely right let's go to the web site you just passed it around. Or LeRoy got a question for you miss which he says the last segment you tried but you think they're gonna run the ball more tonight okay. We know Joseph Philbin. Likes to run the football. I get that we all snow that Rodgers Ross what he says doesn't appear to be the biggest fan of that running option for saying on forward. With Joseph Philbin in tow and a lot of new coach and offensive side of the football do you foresee down running the football more this year than say they did last year. I think that the senators are billow high here only because McCarthy it sometimes gets in our rhythm Hamad and they forget that they have little ball sixteen times ready. That it works. It works but to set up a play action. You have to run the football. So opted to pursue the liberal higher exposure via especially if you got. Both young gas from last year help wit Montgomery are you there as a third down back. All those rather helping you Aussie Abacha runs. And I think that's a good thing and it should be excited to hear that. Are you concerned Gary. About these running backs ran Tyler concerns but since you brought it up. Since you have so many running backs plus time on gummery are you concerned that they're not really get anybody really into a rhythm and their shuttling guys in and out constantly. Well there's there's this pre season Steve wood I've always plea during pre season powers over read it irks you to remember they were she's so many guys. But that's that's not really unlike. So far in a perfect world your ball where you they want him to be da hammer he contributed got to get the tough talk yards. Our if you look at Eric Jones he's the change rates GAAP. He's a little bit more expulsion if you look at tiger mark armory future third down back sort of world that's all that. That's how they should work out. But you're you're never really give it to a true rhythm there at the ready backed securities pre season. There's a lot of guys that that they wanna see it it really would Jamal we've brought it now. I don't know hardly carries you really wanna give Arum ought to appreciate her she's just a rough. Roger rubber between tackles. That a lot of hours. They got one here from Mike we televise seven the fan for the first time in about 27 years I have nothing I can say MSC confident about. Charred about one is 34 years all the why every key receiving cores souls then. Is standstill as a line backing core running back in DBs are unproven off until one has questions and so does the defense of line. That's so realistic. Fair underwear you he's played that he's right about a lot of things but the way you set it up to put the years on it people would just discount. He served for 27 come out. Well that's what that tells name we get the right hyperbole and noble or what Italian left that sound right below what it tells me as. Is that for the last when he seven years this team has been sell Sallie going into pre season that you've always got 45 days I know this is good they're gonna do this I noble why receiving cores are gonna do best. And you Noual lock. Mean there's a lot of questions right now with the Seymour so there has been out. Yeah you're right now or more answers there's a lot of things every FYQ three and actually it is earlier view. There's so much there's so much changed his team I think we're taking everything for granted there's so much change our top. David vector or operators which changed its target locker room that. That they've never really gone before him with fava beans say it. Everyone expects agreement back Q2 Q2 ways bowl this year with all the exchange I think it's a little bit too much for. Another one here from Calvin constitute that the fact comedy casual I'll play hunley. No question no doubt in my mind also got a people Warsaw complaining that Rodgers isn't blank. These are the same people that will go now to be placing gets hurt letting dole curious about the defense all of it. Our speakers. The defense has a lot of unknowns review do your homework is out here. You know the system. It is just listen you don't get a job. First honest about it you're out of a job for a year Hiram. You don't con man and you wanted to most storied franchises. To hire you if you don't already have a system. Interior and justice system that you waiting for who hit scope. Tuna on a second and third is you are I'd double. All of it but people move people may. Same order and that dude is. The dividend at the golf clap blow up the tab as well your skull. I'll pop out early and managed to meet. Got warriors and he's got bad problem lies and rambling unit units and point five patents out you understand college right. Tell people at this duplicate and I don't know that as I get the frustration but is it it would and it went a little too far yeah no doubt about that day he baseball is an argument. Has mark for the first time as a burden lighter right down the line all the way to the wall to run score. Now 31. Brewers over the San Diego Padres bottom of the fourth and LeRoy and they're gonna like as a talks on yesterday. For the yandex show up he goes man just wait till I get Hough is it's fought watch me get hot as he was hot before that trading hit a homer to like five or six. Larry and I'll start last year for not right and you discovered. Are underway engineer and I think that's a lot what's gonna happen and I lot of these guys got to find herald you have a defiant rolled tonight and you plan a team really. And the titans. Garrett and if you if if people really think a sending up. Coming team. Debt to put pressure on you. It had to Dick LeBeau system for so many years. They're bigger stronger physical they run the football they play defense to wasteful to play they run the football bit this is a good. Challenge. For the younger Mika you're really this is the team that are always want to starlet. A team that air about thing it's up and coming in the years to come. That you should be playing against if you ever make it to a suitable. People think to put these pieces around a quarterback and all that. But it would this defense. They're going to plan. Office loves. The rules the I don't know of they listened to on game day I think these do that a radio dot com app I've seen in about a players. Should do indeed. Asylum don't play actually big on the loud hammers are they gonna be good or are they got some guys. They're firewire receive only wanna get deep balls don't get none they want their random house version. They wanna go deep. So would his defense we're about to find out that these young cornerbacks since they desire play action go and he. What are you confident concerned and curious about when it comes to Packers and titans tonight pre season opener. 4147991250. Or you can tweet us at 1057. Ask am the fans have really gotten too concerned yet I don't agree now to concerned yet aren't we'll do that. Right after a short break and right after I tell you about. What is really really a fine. Find her but offering beer which is available I grew total lot and more. And Brookfield and Greenfield a high quality beer from the country of Luxembourg Boris to number one selling beer in the country and you don't know. Luxembourg shares a border with Germany and Belgium so you know these folks know what good beer is opening his family element and bring it to the same high standards and 1764. 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Are launching at the sport club tonight including offering beer ramp or insider an assortment of winds and there'll be samples of all that. And make little time and I'm sure you'll be able to watch that football game. There as well it's both bring beer aisles asking between me a picture of your opening at Rami is tweeting shared with me I'll shared with the world let's share the splinters of opening. With everybody because it is Milwaukee's new favorite import what do you confident concerned and curious about when it comes to the Packers and titans pre season opener two nights from Lambeau Field as the Wendy's big show. Hear from you and get to our concerns and what were curious about right at. Sparky viper. Your former Packers. Floyd Butler and very Ellison he's live from WNFL studios. Head of tonight's pre season opener with the titans CN bill Michael we'll have the dream goal post game show. As soon as that game is over right here on these airwaves and statewide. On the bill Michael's sports talk network asking you what we ask you before every Packers game what are you confident. Concerned and curious about in tonight's game 414. 7991250. Can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan my Clemens are embedded Green Bay football reporter he's gonna join us coming up. At 248 let's go to leak on the east side you're on the Wendy's big show what's up week. Oh my bed go badly. Can I can you hear this guy up muscle car is well you know. You remember that you brought. Put that Dobson saying that defensive backs were diamond doesn't resist certain Brian sheet. It. I'd I'd I don't to be honest with you but he might he's not in the studio right now from the number. A team into the matter in the era of life. Yes you're on the air right now yeah. All. We were just says Brian. Really accuse for his position because the way you handle those defensive backs. Was worse than a barge Brothers comedy and he gets rid itself with guys couldn't be afraid to go all over the cap. And he brings back command that we of that group two years ago that is that is our brochure or we're never gonna get their typical more than. I have been out what 32 ranking note article 32 teams in the league. Yeah and thanks thanks for the call we appreciate it our. All. Or not. I mean we'll see how it works I'll leave it does what Bryant because decided to do you think thanks for the call that we appreciated that is. I'll just not it has not. Yeah he's upset. About the way that Brian Utica and still is handled the cornerbacks. Which OK he's entitled to that opinion right now we're asking though are you talk. Confident concerned and curious about the Mets game. But the enemy don't share government. Let's talk about that are at it maybe didn't get his guys are. I'm really year career aren't good schools. So to speak basically were bribed to doctors expert here are. Breyer inherited what you hear. Me if you go back and look. At you for Barack's. Our Ted Thompson. Didn't really hit on drafting. These. Just trio well it interaction and shields. No it and I'm now an undrafted. Who left the models under for models on draft and he was our draft and management tools that yes but the other. Well we'll find out if I guess storage to be written maybe your story could be but he agree Berry for all. It's broke the buck. So he Heyward they draft and of course while he was a probable. I'm not here not here but he's a pro bullet items for young guys who succeeded elsewhere right yeah. He. Hit it in order to. 1520 years. Well that Karl Malone and Gary is zeroed out front. Wrecker to wrecker says. He has really had downgraded development out of football that that particular position. Is Bryant go to coombs had come clean it up to protect children are experts row because we used to draw up pictures you're two years prior. Didn't work out and it it decided it would keep Hayward or mark hi it is better that also walked the mistake and I need to get count on. Yet the heat can't ought. Aussie or she owes you her not being there for cover it for you thought they are at least. Two or your career and nick Powell got her bottom. Yeah that her life. I think Derrick what position they have to clean up. Bryant inherited what was that pro from. Scenario yet yet comments on the particulars but back again on life. Now. From. The fictional. Yeah that was government Sparky what are you concerned about this because these are more. It was that I was trying to run from anything and trying to stay out of I don't know I don't. Our view but it's sure to either about it they would just pick and why let's call. But he is a thing. I'd really just wanted to move out. Why does anybody think and they can call in and talk about what the hell they feel like talking about it a given moment like we have a time out here on top of the topic the question on the table. Stick with it otherwise the show's going to be complete chaos and not well. And as difficult as I look at my opera Santiago. Got scary. Thought you were part. Oh my god told them what time. These let me touch electorally. Smart you would you consider about admits guilt about drugs in here. A nice big green card that about my retirement don't know these aren't tired. Looks like green card turns red everybody's head that you heard it. But the little raise it to you right here yeah a little bit reticent the other. Yeah those rubber and run over to. You don't see them there and President Obama. Honestly you probably even even if I have the birth certificate assured we'll what you're concerned about what it Barack Obama and what I did better than that although. Rock group. Who blazed the. I want however initial house gone that's why can't blame the call. Got cut out eligible to edit look at these. I I agree that quarterback obviously is going to be under the microscope by think and pre season tonight I think. Those three review our receivers got some pressure on them too whether they wanna have it or not Rogers. Essentially throwing them under the bus right off the idea that and then Peter King stupid college Scion models three as a talking to cut his a Ryder said also idiotic. I I just think right now these three guys really. Need to put together a nice three season not only for them to make the team went to prove that there there are capable of being the big play wide receivers at the Packers want. We all on this show kind of open our eyes a little bit we saw how big old as the receivers or the day they decided to draft and even a bringing in guys. There sighing as reagents are all 616263. They clearly have a plan in mind that there are gonna try. And views on the event I don't believe any other team is done which is they're gonna try put a bunch of big dudes out they're going forward now won't be all big dudes this year with Randall Cobb. I assume route Cobb is gone after this year. And then you're going to be lining up you know Dovonte Adams and a bunch of 62 and 6364. Guys. Four cross and that's how they're gonna try to add the only way that works is if these three guys that you drafted. All pan out so. I think all three of them even if they don't play their Rogers have to have. Big moments. Big play explosion plays twenty yards or more. This pre season and I think it out if it starts tonight with all three of those guys they only to have big moments because if they're gonna challenge Trevor Davis for a roster spot. Or they're gonna challenge Iran more Allison for roster spot. They've got to Pavel while factor about them they've got to have our eye opening. Moments and three season if they're gonna try to beat those guys offer roster spots and I think all three remarkable doing so I think all three of them are probably. I had the potentially better than ball posting guys I named so what's he now they can step up and help those moments with Kaiser in hunley court. Laura what's here can not concern excuse me. I guess doctors now would be somebody scoring. If we get to delete our concern about that. Let's get back on it. You know my my biggest concern about up out about this for a couple of days now Howell these guys handled the pressure not be in the man. All of these guys on their campus was the man but did make some mistakes tonight and make some mistakes and I don't know they can get a load factor it made peace symbol. Mean it or you may not play as much as you want how do you handle the diversity. I'm really word about that when you go from guys. Who all of Mae who ever would have caught it probably. Had to be demand when you hear about is pretty. Some concern about how you handle this you may get some coaches. To rarely. Goes out the tools to some guys out Osama you know you have to remember did you on the kick off team. And you have to remember dead hue on the field goal block team unit it's a lot suggest. So well. And it comes up. So I'm just concerned about the mentality young group can they handle adversity could at all be proven with their policies look a bit of score that may be doubt teen and no you may be up to how you handle that that's up to the coaches to get he's been there appears part of this thing right put these younger. And Gary you or concern for Packers and titans tonight before we check in with my Clemens will really injuries. Largest forestry and use the biggest case you're terrific year. Well they're there they're not as deep mr. Arctic there they are. Our moat most certainly big artistry the on the offer excellent and just really rock preaching that. RB records or dribble pretty serious pain. Injury free this priest you barring suffer focused catastrophic injury which you barring suffered a big injury. In whip with Wright allowed dark years were straight injury free if for being express your efforts of our. And again touched Gary and bill Michaels on the green gold post game show as soon as this game is over right here tonight. On the fan live from Green Bay wanted to quick break on the other side we'll see what might Clemens are embedded Green Bay football reporter is looking for. In tonight's pre season opener but first Steve Sparky Pfeiffer fresh off vacation meant to sleep in them Brooklyn and sheets for the first time last night half my ten days. You're gone now along route from your sheets. 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What you should do so just in case you missed something go to 1057. Can get called off on what. This is a win these big show. Wendy's is taken that. House lot of family dinners with dollar 99 kids' meals after 4 PM. That's right kids meals are just a dollar 99 after 4 PM so make the most of your family mealtime that way. Wendy's with dollar 99 kids' meals after 4 PM at participating Wendy's for a limited time. No hope Radisson hotel and conference center green and gold training temple tapes rescinded by Robert peck diamonds. Mike Clemens reports from title town. Only on 1057. F I am with those fans. Approached in the first game down on the sidelines where they'll know. Stay there for the next two or three you'll see. You know about always George Washington from the top you know agencies are much more into. I think it's first formal discover what that the young players are we have a leg to share how they interact their coaches and and the stress of of the moment. That was Packers GM Brian good against saying he'll take this one in tonight from the sidelines this is a Wendy's big show. And as your big boys guys say Arab batted Green Bay football reporter Mike Clemens. Joins us now from Packers camp Mike how are you this afternoon my friend. I think Cho welcome back Sparky thank you Michael argument. Good man good was at is that a change from Ted Thompson's policy watching things from the sideline ever if I seem to remember Ted sitting up in the Booth Moore times did not. Well during games but not Ted has always made it one of the few things that Ted was more revealing. Particularly during training camp that he likes being down on the sidelines and preceding games 'cause you think that's really important his watch. Look at the eyes of the kids just coming off the field party react you know the success. The failure to understand substitutions that you know they actually look like he knows what's going non. With Dauman situations so Ted won't walk the sidelines and look out guys respect there the position coaches play amongst each other now trying to get a feel for teammate but glee kids says you know. Maybe do that night but I like watching the action signals from the sept war. Real quick let's get serious it was a Elvis ready ready gal this solo home run for two now. Birds over the Padres it is in the sixth inning clemens' worst Ted Thompson going to be for this game. I asked him if he's facility organization. And he still has a job as a senior advisor as long as he wants but we don't know if he's going to be in the press box where. Naw I imagine you'll be up in the press box. I really go wherever you want to meaning he's there. In off I would. Sufficient to say you know has no longer here so I didn't know right at Sunday's race. We don't see him anymore but tech came to a lot of practices once training camp he comes to team drills. They'll come and watch the team goes he won't stand for you know tackling dummies. But my senses that. He's got a job. Through next year two years as long as he won't be a part of the staff. That you can hang around and collect a check you know what this contract is actually at the end of this season. You know he's a a scout emeritus of the Green Bay Packers. Dream job. Mike who's the wind got fourteen off his defense or special team that matter wet 12 or three players you'll be watching intensely tonight. Well I'm I'm confident were you guys were talking about captain's concern is that I'm anxious to see number nine months previous Adams. Let loose on the titans offensive line because he's a big strong it has some take. Lucas Patrick would be double teamed and James captaincy you know that insides now. Heck he thought he put the guard and grab them by the assured and crude on the ground like a pill I mean faced down. That's how strong educated. And he says. He's always been told like coaches is that that is his first step so I hope he put on the show. I hope for or won a cup the concerns I've been very concerned about. Watch and wide receivers not because they're minus Jordy Nelson or even jet Janice. But because. I knew there was going to be like there's two or three slots to fill up and I know well our I predicted Aaron Rodgers blow up on Tuesday. Like all right seriously now I got four weeks and why don't and the battle here. And and so I've watched all that the one Bakhtiar went down I've been watched it last the Brett apparently nineties last two practices. And Jay Sprague hasn't changed. He's big he's strong he's put on twenty pounds. But he's still makes this is the strangest decisions. And guys either inside or in early and then how mostly. Is it might become like cultural point without what work. Big kids they're staying current on the left side and it would be great probably for the for of blood blocking. But he does not have defeat that you need at left tackle targets were spoiled by by David backyard. And then the Byron about that that they brought in from. Cowboys can't testify before that I mean just looks gassed at the time. And I talked and he's very serious says. Hey you know what we always thought my outlook the cowboys and Panthers that the Packers had the number one number two. Pass protection offensive line these are moral more danger it and learn before. So he might still be trying to get up to what changed companies but the system like Jahri Evans were you know he just got off the plane from Rawlins. Walked into that right guard spot and nailed it for the next sixteen games. You know back up tackle after block of Bakhtiar. Is wide open. Tucker with our embedded Green Bay football reporter Mike Clemens here had a tonight's pre season opener. Against the titans Mike after Aaron Rodgers tirade on on the young guys the other day and it seemed it seemed to pointed in targeted mostly at. The the young wide receivers he was playing with how the game is tonight for these guys to start. I guess honor may be redeeming themselves is overstating it a little bit but. I mean there are positions to be had there in the wide receiver Koren and in terms of the order that they'll fall. I think that a lot of that starts to get decided tonight does it not. Other gonna get the snaps they're gonna get the maps and it'll be Brett Connolly out there probably first. And then dish on Kaiser after that then maybe camp are killed coming after that but I would you played Dovonte in this game. That's necessary. Randall Cobb is get this sore ankle Trevor Davis has got a hamstring him and I you know it'll be interesting what they do what the first. But the first couple of series and after that you're getting right into Jake co world number six team. And see if he can have the same kind of chemistry with Brett homily that he's shown what Aaron Rodgers and after that it's Jamont more. And that's fully like I haven't announced number 82. And then it's Marquez felt this Gatling. Gary if you still if you run drills three days and roll. And here in the wide receiver group you're the last guy on the line to go to the drills and major lesson capture right. Well you that that could be record being that Mark Udall. Three days in a row and that market is billed as gambling. He. Laughter the title of your own lives or or or duplicate order. It's gadgets feel good about so just really had doubting the geek. Is here.