Counsell: We have to add some pitching, innings

Bill Michaels
Tuesday, November 28th
Craig Counsell, Milwaukee Brewers Manager, joins us from The FAN Toy Drive. How much will he be involved working with David Stearns this off-season? Are they willing to spend the money on top-notch talent?

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Promo links runs to the river flow. This season we're Wisconsin sports fans cone stood tall mobile Michael you know. Welcome to fulfill its audio are so glad to have you today and it is day to. Of the toy drive carefully formed we don't Ross avenue in Oak Creek in we've got a lot to you to do their talk a lot better football today. All the right out of that you were gonna talk some baseball brewers baseball specifically as a manager of the Milwaukee Brewers. Great counsel is sitting here with a straight right and then have a good though things haven't Ozzie Ozzie you receive kind of itching to get back yet. Yeah our we're probably two months and to announce. What's. Get into the holidays so you your attention starts. You know go to next year and you know I think we're really we're really in the heart of the baseball offseason it's been a little bit slow so far but that means that there's there's a lot of activity coming. And I know for David and nine and his crew they're they're working hard right now this is a big couple. X for sure how much are you involved in that now when you talk about David in the staff cut. Getting involved in different things you guys might be doing to build that team so how much you getting involved in this report duties or is that just something he takes care of when you kind of you know. Take the groceries and then make it make the dinner since week. Why I think in the offseason. I probably turn into more of consultants. David it is you know keeps meant little when I mean that's going on zone but certainly. It's a full time job. You know. Doing managing the roster in managing player personnel. Is it is requires a lot of time and then those guys put a lot of time in. Put together a lot of very sound processes that allow us to make good decisions so. You know I I help or I can but it's it's their show for sure. So there's been a lot of rumors of a lot of different things with this team one BG curious obviously so at what point. It was a one recap the season but what point do you say OK we're now ready to start. Could we could we believe we've somewhat awry we believe we're now in the hunt we believe that we got a good nucleus here now we're going to start fashioning pieces that are gonna accept his team at what point do you look at that they were ready ego. Yeah I mean I'd I don't think it's ever a switch you know that's like on or off you know yes or no. And especially here you know in Milwaukee we have to be varies you know. Prudent with our decisions and Smart with our decisions and nowhere were exposed themselves to a lot of risk but the same time know that you know when they are. You know one more win when when yours when you go through a season where one more win can make the difference and that you realize that you can probably pursue more short term you know kind of assets I think and that's what. You know is that is the thing and fun of us this winners that you know the question do you Parse pursue more short term suffered to continue the long term view and it probably is all your always gonna do Wimbledon. The I've met David. Is it comfortable knowing because the with a proposal to cut as they with a rebuilt through the draft and made a couple of key acquisitions. And they got a couple of creative streak open also at 300 million dollar payroll when they warn that it does the World Series. I've always asked is Milwaukee committed not necessarily at 300 million but the spending money it. Plethora of money to be able to go out and say this is what we eat do forever point follow in emulate what it is that model and its. And is that cultural comfortable knowing that they're going to do that you feel that commitment there. Yeah I mean I mean I think mark. You know it's not so has has been very clear that the you'll spend the money when when it when it's time to spend the money and when it's right to spend the money and I don't have any I don't have any question about that at eight. This editing you know Marx probably. Pushing us to push and Johnson and you know it's time to get a slow him down mixer it's it's right but mark's always. He's willing. At all times he'd always has been to me to it to spend the money. The the season itself I don't wanna go back to recount that. Was surprising you with something to expected because I know a lot of people were thinking OK get this seventy eights and nine wins you'll progress. And you just took off they just happen for. I mean I think. What I would say let's season it was a fun season it was just fun surprising error unexpected you know. I don't know I know we know we got to a certain point where. I thought it was a great season for fans thought the players formed a team that they will always kind of remember being and and I told him that at the end of the year I think you know you'll spend a good portion your career as a matter. You know how many games and how far we get. Trying to be on a team like this because it was a it was a special group the way they came together and I think. The fans really bought into that and really felt that from the players and there was a connection with the with the players and the fans this year. And and for that reason you know we were short. You know the playoffs and then take you to another step but. You know I I think it was a great summer Miller Park I will say that and now say that you know twenty years from now that the summer of two of seventy was a lot of phone. What do you what you are one of the most memorable moments iPad was when you which said. I was going to do this bitch coached team means to you that I deferred his decision worked out the news. Who wasn't there at the home run a particular probably raises Aguilera art yeah when they go in it was to me it was one of those things where it is Hillary moment as a manager. Well we have those conversations. Consistently. You know a lot of pretty much every game you have here at the Hugo differ. Publicly decent lie the other. Yeah RV well let's. You know what I have to make the final decision and and I'm fine chaired the inputs and a decision you know that's not that's on doing that it we answered that on to tell you. Here's my input steers on thing in my inputs on here are my choices and decision. And this is why wireless. And I think that's you know sometimes like I can't explain every single decision. But when I can't explain what goes into a decision I'm happy to do it and I think it's it's right to do it. What you've you've grown in the position. Well I you know I think. All of us in our jobs as we work we we get we experience helps us. And so you have to use experience to make you better and you have to use the challenges of the job to make you better. Yet to use the adversity. You know the failures in the job to make you better so. I hope on doing that you know as long resilient thinking of that mindset that you are open to doing that then you got a chance to. In better I would Craig Counsell manages the door keeper richer the toy drive our Brooke Ross and have a do it police formed fleet if you wanna stop by and drop off in new unwrapped toy. Now that you're getting ready for next season there's a lot of talk of a pitching rotations obviously Jimmy knows is not going to be ready. About who will who will not get a shot is this just wide open which you have something in your head can etc. is this just. You've got to play through forms to choose from. And and implement. Peace is a long way I mean he's that kind of you're looking at this thing on its return. And there's no question we're gonna have to add some pitching and we have to add some innings to to what we have right now. You know and I think you look at. You know as far as. The starting. Portion of you know they innings and you're looking at chase Sanderson Zach Davies. You know some. Brandon Woodruff Brent suitor those guys gonna factor in but that's not enough you know we're gonna need we're gonna need to add to that group for sure. You know I think the bullpen is is areas that is changes a lot of Edmonton Josh trader that that first group twos well so. You know we we need to add more innings big league pitchers that can throw big league innings and that's that's what. You know where it is going to be a big part of the offseason and some won't we'll tackle. You know not only offseason but I think throughout the spring we had some big pieces you know late in the spring really starting the season again this last year so don't count that out either. Before I deal with some of the other questions I wanna deal with Trevor shot specifically because he had to monitor for season down on the field it was tremendous off the field it was to. Right Howell. It did did you help him or how to eat lean on you or anybody else in the clubhouse for the support they need for those who don't know his daughter was born was in children's hospital for a long long long time. Yes yes she's home now which is which is great news and you know but it was a it was a difficult. Season for Sherman Travis. He spent. After every game if you if you around team noticed that he kind of ducked out of the clubhouse. Very quickly here's go to hospital. So was. You know that's that's difficult ones and you kind of got to. Right when the game meant to get turned off. And he got to move on to something really more important. And he handled it remarkably well I think. Work. You know in the field baseball became a little bit of it is you know I'll let I think again and his space so. And you try to you respect that you know I think for him he wanted to focus on baseball news that at the field then and the baseball player and be teammates. And then understand that. You know when he left that it was it was about taking care whose daughter and and given his life support so. You know I I admire how he went through it. And I think. You try to put yourself in the shoes but it's but it's really difficult and it is you do to tend to give animals where you cannon and then in the most positive feedback. Can positions that are look upon this offseason second base everything is or any clarity there you just kind of wide open at this point. No I mean I think look and they and for all of baseball this offseason I think there's been one of reagents Major League contract. So far this offseason went with two months of the office a month really and the offseason. That's very low so. I think. Clubs are still kind of on that jockeying position and and the buyers and sellers. With reagents and with trades the prices haven't kind of calm down place for the match yet so. That's the reason for an activity so. You know like asset I expected. I think David would tell you the same thing that the next. Month or so there's going to be at some point there's going to be if Hillary and a lot of activity come pretty fast. And you got to feel good about your outfield situation you've got a plethora of talent to choose. Yeah right there's no question the outfielders is a place well real depth and and really surplus for us. We have solid established Major League you know contributors and we have some of the you know top prospects in the game and top. On young players in the game at that position common and their calls and they're really ready to play in in in a guy like it was president Brett felt so. That's a place where we feel. Really strong and really haven't have great depth and you know it's place for some decisions left agreement. Before I let you go Barton who has just in here you know port from sniping at the ballpark he was gonna ask this question why did this who you were your I have no idea. The other night we saw you on a square after insisting that affect. He was when he wanted to ask the question if you ever had a guy go after insisting coach or something like that what do you do how do you handle something as situation at first like that. When you're talking about being a manager of any team were head coach of any team. I didn't I didn't see that situation but two guys work closely together he's screaming a couple of the Bucs coach yet. Why I think that the big thing is yet you know context evidence it's. Yeah honest from what I see is is competing his butt off every night and and coaches probably trying to make him better and and that's. That. Toledo blow there can be some content yeah for sure yet fresher and that and I you know I've I've. After I regret it in one hand and then we we talked you know one and I apologize for it and hence you know it's here it's always a few of the moment thing. You know I think I had a point to it and answered on a set point so what he was saying. But as long as yet they keep talking out afterwards and understand it. On it plays out in front of everybody. Which is you know it's okay and but I think we have to understand that you know alleged that there's going to be arguments in this competition this heated battle. It's not always going to be if we agree on everything we'd never get anywhere. It's a little bit of a conflict a little bit of arguing it's okay you know some of the coaches I hate most of what to expect. Right and I think. Conflict makes you grow and so and I don't I don't lever look Canada's like. That's a bad thing it's okay and it can happen and I think it's for growth happens. Good stuff we appreciate it thanks Rick toys yeah to yeah that's a great network experience with that you'll be over to its. First serve for serve on this is. You know it's a time of season where were understand how much giving can can impact everybody in I think down. You know for Thanksgiving and and two took to the Toys for Tots in and contribute in this it's we're doing good stuff. Richard thanks to them but they might. Bridget operate them down Mike might be it's a it ranger ran here where I take a quick break that was great counsel to Wendy's for a couple of minutes here in the bill Michael shall we are ruckus like at least partly in Oak Creek. Stop by with a new unwrapped toy your cash or make a donation via credit card we have kiosk that as well. Walked back residence. The bill Michael's voice talking at work.