Courtney: Oddly enough, haven’t raced at too many WI tracks

Bill Michaels
Friday, June 22nd
Jeff Courtney, Pirelli World Challenge Driver for JCR Motorsports, joins us from Road America. The Milwaukee native discusses what he loves about this track and how he got interested in racing.

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Jeff Courtney here witness in the studio. No the ratings won't take a dive even though your following a Mario Andretti put that you are you ever get to us any element of chance. Now I am not okay we know about it before now really three to like bring him over every you've never much of a driver that you. Mario say hide it can Morrison had a Jeff. Just this is always talking right now he stuck with Steve okay Walid was the book before you leave your will make sure that. He's ahead of our electric tie absolutely collision now sitting here it watching you when you walk that you'll like all smiles as every driver like him around a guy like Mario. I was listening into your conversation guys as the legend I was actually at some Thomas. I thought maybe he does so much for IndyCar thought he might be part ownership yeah he well he's he's got. Race team I mean obviously they've had a marketing company and such a meeting still very involved with a quick. For everything that they do RB I when he was talking about drivers in the safety cars. Not only the series you Grayson with the cars of today. I mean he is literally like cigar tubes with wheels as with these two races that have caught out that it was metal and motoring and that was pretty much it that you parole or that you thought were safe and it's come so far even to where it is not just in the Carville always it trickles down how harsher those guys were the pioneers rates right. I'm maturity and some equipment back and I. Still alive how'd you like road America I mean obviously you're here in your home state to those who don't know what Jeff is from just from the Milwaukee area originally from Whitley correct I don't know likely likely likely have started frankly which is are there for effort Hartford area near where it's at Hartford got corporate history and chuck or. So that my mother's house is actually the one that got them all really OK I get a job or house to let me ask how we act accidentally pigeons that are perhaps I was back in the day. I so what do you think about racing your road America grown up as a kid wanting to race wanted to driving now you're here at me. Is a beautiful facility obviously and it keeps getting better at making it better and New. Hampshire you know skinny restaurants and a top favorites. Sent them all the time and obviously I've got a question that experience comfortable in the home country how to get in the sport but a lot of cases Coker racing like. I really never to go Kart I do now for fun and I doubt it I wish I wish I was exposed to it as a kid you know and what kind of go court you have those are retired our 3040 miles I don't know I don't have won all rates around the things I don't know or haven't really been a proper go Kart all I had so facilities guys going under miles it freaks me out there. Your NH off the trailer while I would love to get in a proper golf cart you know soon. But I just goofing around age I love that ocean to expose who but I wasn't really agro. My dad was a motorcycle racer. Unfortunately he passed when I was. You know one years old -- no real connection my little Brothers and they were all and a fast cars and motorcycles you know. Have sisters to that they too yeah. So I think we just got that we did some marchers racing motorcycles automobiles as kids that we are always. Whether we are on track and how we're racing right do and had an image is kind of expanded from there are some you know motor cross and will be on the bench in a car. To be honest I always wanted to be a rally. Racer and I didn't know the path to get there yeah rally was always a big thing for me and I knew that wasn't the rally in pretty given to rallies it's that he and now. That was thing I really didn't. You know and maybe I didn't try enough credit with didn't know the path. That is something I'll always love but I am with it wasn't that it had to be road racing because it was an indelible picture on I would love to do that too I'd love to do everything right that. Tom what was your ultimate goal. It's rally racing is is to well not anymore harm in I might my idea younger days have passed a passion you know if I can put together. You know a couple more solid years in. You know go play golf right of the bunker so. You know trying to make some guys wanna jockey from a series to another series are kind of looking for that expansion that progression you're looking for something different. Thank you discount you're you're happy to which you know well I love sprint race and unfortunately the series is going. Through some changes right now and there are you know dabbling. And now they were bought by Astaro which. The ratings probably on the wallet they're gonna go to this for an text format which I'm not a big fan of I read it the thing I love about world challenge this whole time and I've been in real challenge for a long time for that. Reason is it's fifty minutes flat out right one driver and you just you know put the pedal down and down titles asks you cancel. If that goes away and it's you know street racing. May be gone for awhile yet and also. You know hot to adapt to something you know see the percent liked to have fewer. I'm driving very well right now so I'd like to stretch for a few more years in the NC what happens a lot of friends apparently gonna for the weekend. Yeah everybody's contingent here. I think so we have realized at some good support here and it's a lot of fun and more than a few Wisconsin and it's here to read here Q it's a little while ago Indy Lights series you get a big group coming up from the Chrysler curious our. Good well represented as far as seater racing goes now you'd like. A local racers Forest Lake victory stocks to go to sleep years ago crossed it yet. Did you even do any of that wild swinger I did just that amateur level right right goofing around back in the day but no it's always been rumors have been you know road racing since the ninety's yeah right so. Never did anything local except for a distracts so everything else's you know. All the tracks that we run on the road America and Canada so. Well it's going to be while represented as far as Wisconsin I go to Jeff thanks for stopping by for a couple minutes and no we didn't lose ratings Mario still here in elevation captured countries of special which searching at least they had a markets get ready get out of here but yeah it's much of a talkative. If by government go to Milwaukee River elements are little more wild as they go past that riverfront pizza at regular and areas of south and my guy when he's very valid. Late who have if you could just give me 12 elected to sit up that we're around we're helping out patriots education fund is wonderful. So that was done through charity auction hurt someone bought the chance can be part of our team for the weekend so we're really trying to help promote that. And of course night sponsors kinda. X analytics and Rex right I appreciate them down and go to. About health because anything you can do Richardson and people that don't nearly good appreciation along the way for. For us to be able to sit out here do this right to those that say hey you lay your head on the pillow at night I got you. Do whatever you wanna do that's it that's how I realized that great cause actually things are haven't actually thought he says that according it would JC motor sports racing this weekend as well.