Craig Coshun: You can't give enough credit to Cain

Chuck & Winkler
Wednesday, June 13th
Craig Coshun joined Chuck and Bart to share his thoughts on the big Brewers win Tuesday.

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You see this guy when you watch brewers games on fox sports Wisconsin. And Bucs games as well for that matter it's great to Sean joins us on the agreement West Bank online Craig thanks for a couple minutes is always how you do Olympic Greg. So while we get Andre you bet that you or I I Siam was adding as Monday and you're wearing a tie and I thought. That's it from the pizza commercial wasn't. Okay yeah. I noticed the water out. All the pizza you want you to be serious yet and you're like king pizza ranch. I've gained about and she's a until April so yeah oh man Oca. OK all right you want like a lot about some how civil pine sol. Next time you're up there you're gonna have to take you to pizzeria so we get some pizza as a goalie you need the fate or what. I've got a card that or or or call. Early to worry and Greg and they of this was solid win last night they scored some early offense. On back to Mike Garrity isn't a guarantee of blue victory yesterday they got it on Greg and a former spy chasing Anderson. Well what her special that's for sure he had everything working yesterday and that I think the thing that stood out. For me which has never yet heard a lot to be back and now it's the good parts maker when you can. You know get let them create creek got you know and not sure two and in his kitchen case it was more like Doctor Who were re. That to set himself book for everything else sell off speed pitches. What's really what he's still capable. Of bringing that to. The rest of the year like he did yesterday. You know look out. I think this is going to be you know really special here this is. The current quarter this season we're in because quite frankly you know we all went on a separate data is what this pick and there are you what the starting step MITRE knows Kirk. For somebody to really step up and get formats like that. She seemed pitching today he's been very solid but but they need a guy that says I'm gonna take to coordinate this rotation and you know what it's my turn we're gonna move in a separate cable or Ford are first come you know on that in the coming days ask yourself some extra. I think that stretch in May and June of last year or he was one of the best pitchers in the game and a when he can get closer to number one starter. Then maybe three year for starters he was an Arizona. And at times he looked like losing some velocity. Could have been regressing back to this season when he's your line. And then you've got she seemed pitching the way he has junior guerra who no matter how much crazy gets I think still quietly is having the year he's having. That just makes the whole rotation look a little better. Sure what's gonna happen with Davies we don't know would drifts here today gone tomorrow you've got some stuff at the back and suitors been all right. But to have chased be an ace type pitcher Craig I agree it. It's that about the rotation starts and ends with how he performs I think. Yeah yeah you're right you know it's not it's not a crook patient. You know Alex. It's not a rotation that you know I was gonna command Q lights you know some of that some of the page you know. Rotations of the past whether Milwaukee you know they're cranky days or whatever and you know it just rotation rate now that. If they pitched the way they can't pitch to their capabilities. Extra whatever they're. You know their best averages are. That torture opener collect all one time here. And then and then I think a lot lows if Stearns to. You know be much more selective. And in this case you know he's got in the quarter record for the most part when it comes. They can write moves with this team. So hopefully that'll beat you know. Guys like chasing Anderson what we saw yesterday rule will help make his decision when it comes to light trading our order operatives. Are that much easier. What seems to be the biggest issue with Garcia other plate discipline and as it is baffling to their poor front office why he just can't turn it around east on the 199. What you know waits it's like being concerning. Sure. You know we've we've seen this happen with players before he still young. You know I know people like to hear that when they're exceeding guy you know in the lineup for school year plus. But he hasn't put together to pull Major League Baseball seasons yet and you know guys sometimes struggle like this. But. The good ones are the ones sickened eventually get out of is that hours later probably going to be able that later for our I think. You know I think is best case scenario great outlook beat her in the go back to triple A critics during the period of time. You know get out of this atmosphere. Now with the hope of of an immediate return. For him well 01 working needs to stay down there and just get it straight. And and unfortunately. You know all the entries the first look at in backup help. You know that that hasn't been able happened for in the Arctic is replaced it was 45 based cops. No they're open or are they could you know getting you know ten based two weeks sure down their minimum. But he just needs to he just needs to figure out the Canucks again in. And get confidence back we we know he's capable of doing. But again that you know that the lack of depth to our position right now within organizations. You know. Mostly. Via injury cases just absolutely killed franchise this point. So. You know hopefully hopefully they'll be in the position here suit which they can they can send him down and get him straight marker all so. This finger here but. You know it it's really you know matching their few people are sparks gets very you don't want to feel story or basically baseball player. But sometimes you feel that way into the batter's box you can just tell. You know how confused or lost two years straight now that things are quicken at all. The passengers is it it hasn't affected his defense ought I think. That to sign rate there were you know all. That eventually he's gonna he's gonna get that offense back I mean imagine if you are sitting even 230 this quarter to forty what a difference maker it would be. I'll put him and to know he'd be on the cusp of turning things around and even help but not the club even more which hasn't happened away. Craig to show on fox sports Wisconsin they're chuckling clerk. On the fan. You look at Monday night's game in the brewers' you know lose one that maybe they connect had a 90. In their locker room they think they can had that one then they come out yesterday. And not only have the performance from chasing Anderson. But also from Travis shot and also may be the most brilliant display of base running you might never see from. Lorenzo Cain who was really the only one that knew what was going on there when you look at the brewers and the cubs. And you look at how the cubs have been able to. And it dominate. Over the last couple years at Miller Park and really this year. I think that they needed the brewers needed like a turning point hurt Eric turning moment to realize that they can compete with the cubs not just. Throughout the season but in those key moments I Craig right now on the a look at that. Play and that came yesterday depending on what happens today as a play that really could've. Helped the brewers get over that hurdle it's a long summer by bed place specifically I mean I've never seen anything like it. No I have a theater and you know mind my immediate reaction to that was. You know look at what they did when I got this kind Lorenzo Cain. You know they had become a World Series what are they got experience you know you can say all those things you could put on paper put that headline. But this is this is what they're really got pick out one of the smartest guys in the game who are constant thinker. I mean somebody needs to you know in order your bird good you know. Grant disguise your journal. You know another Korean on her degree in something her coworker yes there are. Some. At some kind of being that was that was not equal being tight move. Coke that was not a great escape that would that was purely by design you incorrectly what was happening. Or even developed. When he's sorry yeah Alex caught between second and dirt pace yourself. You know yeah you can't give you can't give enough credit twelve runs came. You know it did yesterday because it it all happened because he's a banker the game and he's incredible experience but I would agree with that that certainly. Kirk PH turning point and now it's up to the team says you know make at all happens starting today. But I are you know optical back you know talks about one big game they could've worn out there are thought. Now imagine if they weigh in on Monday. And you go back to back in my turning point next game was was that Ronnie defensive play all. On the fence now they win that game. To me you're thinking almost as much. Hey you know what may we caught up to view were you know were not to you know. Intimidated by the cops or whatever just the way he. Played that whole thing out by hiding at all behind his back and you know kind of stick and that the cubs fans who were there that day and you know if the merger it pull that out in addition to what they did yesterday. At all so you're saying. You know not only is momentum swinging but you know this team has arrived when it comes to. You know equal laying you know talent tin and in the factory there it's it's also their time right now not compete to the end so. We know that they're getting closer sure. But it would be great to to pinpoint depth player last night we're ready or to come here. All right the trade deadline is so they are still several weeks away now and the end of July but. Now sometimes CT is make moves earlier and earlier in the Bruce made up my removal of the weekend but do you think that they will be. Involved. In a lot of discussions so therefore make it their team better. Aaliyah I I don't think there's any question I mean. It that the best record in the National League right now and I don't think it's gonna stay that way with the current team that they have on me because. Somebody else to three other teams that are that are rate there. In the National League are also going to makes a move so. You know it it just part of the process through based policies should go to the contenders tax to something continually make themselves. Better and try to stay that's Deborah to head competition. And which you don't want to fall into. In my opinion anyways what happened last year one. You know the culture ripple American. A Concord Rupert TrueCrypt you know completely out played what. Where the rumors were. You know a year ago and in July and August when it came to you know potentially make some groups. You don't wanna fall quickly behind the competition now wait so. They they've got a depth in the the minor league system to do this straight now they've got some notes and cap a little way. To be able to afford computers as well so far I definitely see them doing so. Greg you sound fox sports Wisconsin cradle see the game today and then afterwards the walk on pizza rants is open till 9 o'clock. So we can get there by then and enjoy a meal the current. Effort that's sort out Greg appreciate we'll see out there. Great healer.