Crew drops first game back from break 6-4

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Saturday, July 21st
07/20/18: MIL 4, LAD 6 – The Blain’s Farm & Fleet Baseball Post Game Show presented by Milwaukee Admirals Hockey – we are #MILHockey. Tim Allen and Bill Schmid cure your Brewers baseball fix after a long five day stretch without baseball. Hear about the dissapointing loss to the Dodgers, Counsells reaction, and the trouble in Milwaukee!

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Brewers fans you've made the switch after the last pitch to this show for twelve seasons welcome. The blaze farmers league baseball post game show presented by the Milwaukee admirals we are. Hash tag male hockey now. Live from the international Hyundai Greenfield and Hyundai west Alice studios' gears the franchise Tim Allen and bill baby town Schmidt. It is save final from Miller Park in the results are not good the brewers fall in game one of this three games sat six for the final welcome everybody. It is the boys farm and fleet post game show presented by the Milwaukee admirals we are has sag mill hockey Tim Allen. Maybe taos bills mad back after the all star break and good I'm feeling rested and yep and then a 64 loss for their seventh. Consecutive they lost again yet they might not care they might not want to make sure we are on the same wave. Tough tough times for the Milwaukee Brewers won the eighteen championship season as they fall. To 55. And 34. After this 64 loss and this offense is going to be the death of me man it it has they've already put about two. All 3000 gray hairs here and these guys at the top of the line up cannot do it all general manager David Stern's. They can't do at all it is light was on the orgy of pictures there out there on Stern's watch hug watches going on yeah that's not waiting for reinforcements yet that the ad that is nice review score who cares if he had Cain yell it's in zoos cannot do at all you're gonna have to get some help somewhere somehow some way. I don't know where it's gonna come from but that's going to be the death of this team in less they get some more offense on the board it could be a little more of a an issue with with the game of baseball and the players in the personnel that they have they've got right now to adjust to that. But now it what is is and what is is at the brewers' offense needs to pick it up. I am I really don't have a major problem with the pitching a mean. It's hard to it's hard to have something wrong with the pitching they haven't done anything wrong well they've done is produce Woodruff a little rough go in that second inning of work there and mountains now after two outs the walk the broken bat base hit AME when it rains it pours you don't. You don't get. You don't get the broken bat bade broken bat base hits like the other guys Kia when things are goal Matt. They got to get through this power they get a get throw it is going to be with the offense. David Stern's message to you man. You've got to get some offense in there I'd like anybody in a brewers uniform. Some of them got to go trimmed up fat and get someone in here that can swing a baseball back. They're not gonna have the opportunity earlier on in the season rumor it was just after April right after the cubs series you lose all four bomb. And what they need they needed a slump buster right so you go out to Denver. Well you'd go out there. You're gonna have to play some big boys now. Yes the big boys are in town you're not getting a slump buster your play in the team that was a game away from winning a championship last year. You've got to figure it out you've got to figured out and when it rains it pours seven we all know we just didn't life in general guys man we all go through a bad. Funk for awhile yet do we not yeah. Just didn't (%expletive) fed general. Whether it's that worker at home what the why if that is what is some funky funk that they've sent to us we had a girlfriend with a alive when both. Maybe he had caught that he has. And the kids build Searle all over the ground they got to clean that you locked your keys in your car. Come home with the kids to me that salad all over the kitchen floor you got rats and there's cucumbers all over the place if it's a credit cards shut down that's maxed out you have your data over there watching the kid here is mixed in a bunch of shots he's got Jamison and -- Obama should your electricity gets shot off because you know big kids build to a late on that stack of bills it is through a mile applaud the toilet in the basement on both working for the wonders and a dog ran away now. That's always the killer once Sparky gets Lewis and you know its image 7991250. If you wanna join the conversation. Tough tough times for the Milwaukee brewers' year levels at this I've ever heard you just let alone the fact that the area they hater thing there in the all star and then you'd. You lose out on the Machado sweepstakes. And he lands at Miller Park and 08 landed at Miller bargaining. Let when I start this in in May that Manny Machado was destined for the LA Dodgers and only made too much sense yeah. It's all you can get them away from 7991250. A rough on. Again to go box right senator double. It two for 32 walks. Two for three with a couple walks yeah yeah yeah there's some law that we built it we that's what we call office. Well them the brewers don't need. They're doing just fine and it's a while yeah person Ellis had three hits tonight he did. And it and again those guys can't do all the damage man and it it it's got to be. It's gotta be with more than three and a half often inhalers may peeking ahead to base its tonight. That is a good sign for sure does and that's your inside the box brought by Dave and buster's Dietrich. At sports. There's not much else really wanna go now I well really wanna read the pitching lines a roster to base running blunder in there from IKEA on Broxton and at cedar. Big time. As a policy of two rounds. Wait Miley there's added there's another good sign. For what are Miley six innings of one on her run baseball on foreheads I mean he battled through his outing and Miley with the with the butcher boys play get some. Gets them an opportunity to score runs Sierra and like you said Kia rocks and runs out. He had a tough tough tough times for the crew seven straight loss seven consecutive losses they've lost. Nine of their last eleven. Their game away from going just ten games over 500 now sitting at eleven over 55 and 34. By your reaction in brewer land just out of the break Tim and taos refreshed what did you do on your us summer vacation. I know I'm in me you now. Went out idea I hiked a mountain. Out in Denver okay Iran and I went and saw sports authority field. Denver op played some golf. I'll Denver out in Denver. Flew home out of Denver. Is she dead was hiking a mountain does that mean you climbed to curb a white house office or via it was. I'm telling you by about it was the single worst experience of my life you know or we're gonna hear about it on here all of its of its arch mourning by yet it's a good story coming out Monday among others I would have killed myself I was. Tough times for the brewers 2018 championship season for sure let's give him let's get to you guys. What's on your mind coming out of the all star break. And will start things out with Ron Ron your first out here on the fans 64 brewers fall. Well you'll remember the last game before the break I call him a called for the firing to break council. It even after that you guys describe might like earlier at the beginning of the show. I yeah I don't want acquiring more than ever after watch tonight's game. The pitcher's spot was two up in the bottom of the seventh for the brewers. Miley is cruising along at about eighty pigeons if there are some. Of letting a picture it's 38 my order. The other in light up when he's pitched that well all right. Not at all I don't know why Kroger decided it was trying to particular Williams show and let her high gain. The typical things supposed to be we put these highly leveraged reliever to beat high elaborate situation. Well Taylor Williams is now on each slam yet he has graduated into the high leverage situation for sure. I who well at Jefferson isn't going to enable. I pampered between new. Oh yeah it but he says his numbers bear now Manny is pretty good. I do not know about that and add that that kind of ridiculous that a they are okay well why are being accurate and don't work for your favorite. And they're setting up the garbage. He's been give given more opportunities. But the whole point is this well. You know Craig should help elect the starter Ian in a minute we this starter yet that aren't. You know what when a tight could be in the game to get sick I reached a lot of ridiculous to all right Ron a little bit but got your problem you've got to get somebody don't. I know I will say this I will say that sin and just just follow me on this guy's. There you were seeing a EI tipping point baseball hero who we are we are seeing the tipping point baseball on how starters and relievers are being used collectively. I don't I don't know about. A lot of that the proposed one game we're a starter should be given a chip but it sort of sitting in the other quarter when it's sacred we were talking about offered at the walk right. Can can public on the other than a cute story why New Yorkers on this baseball. A believing in yourself and don't don't don't rock. Don't run which could borrow it or run a day had dawned on yet on the. If you keep yours onshore threat for some some team somewhere. At some time. Is going to win a World Series by handling of the pitching staff the way Craig Counsell is handling millions. It's it's going to happen I I can't tell you went on hope and it's the brewers this year and I I give Ron's frustration with with the starters we've had that conversation. Too many times the count them. 83 pages and tie ball game you got through six. Against one of the most potent offenses in baseball he did his job somebody's gotta go score some runs so now many get it's my position players who take BP every day to go figure this out and they're not figuring things out a nice little of flurry at the end there and and again you're having guys like Christian yell it's. And an Asus. Carry the load here it's not good enough Stearns is not good enough and Tyler salad was on base ones with. The bunt base it yet but that so our eggs you fly Patrick you're next on the fan the tough times in Ber land. Yeah man I'm I'm trying to break down here in Chicago remember rather I've activated its overlapped weakened standings but. I respect a call before and I I agree kind of environment and on our electoral matters all you can have a very even Williams as one of our better guys. You can almost seven of them basically rope MM cylinder and he's still on the mile with the bases loaded and one out you luckily got out of it but he could evil six let me that would just. There wasn't even someone while I agree with you I was yelling to get a model there I'd there was an even someone warming by the time it was a a batter to too late. You know even our TV announcers are saying hey this doesn't have a thought based or not or not I do. Either. I don't know everybody else in the world Q besides their manager and we have everybody fresh from the help that we have other people that are better. And then I mean again we get back to one run down in the eighth with a month regular. Amendment no creek you know we we don't know what you're content of another Jeffrey greater keeping him close and then we scored two more rudimentary Mara and Americans don't like to. That's one thing I will disagree with council on he he'd just eat just at times is so hard added. About this tie game one down her one up philosophy. You've got to give this offense a chance I tried to I completely agree with you Patrick hold it right dairy your one run down go to your gun right there it's okay. A couple of weeks ago and when you're out it was the Atlanta game and they don't go to hater and a one run game where you are clear opportunities. Top the Braves lineup. I think it's three out of four guys are left handed left handed power stakes with Freeman mark K just to all source starters yep. You don't go to them because they're not winning the game because you know winning. Now I will I will also add after this break. Explain Craig council's decision to have Taylor Williams in the game. I feel like we somebody needs to try to fight for Chris yeah. Like I I do feel like I'm getting Mikey why he left him in their fight the offense not the manager I 1000%. Agree six basis it's got to figure out some did. You gotta figured out that you guys and always see they're just sit right there. This via a quick break here would give back Tia. Trouble in river city here in a number of different ways a very challenging. Day one of the 20182. Half championships that he's and and that were refreshed and were ready to go we hope you guys are to its strong but the Fed has just 63 to play here. In the 2018 season we got some things that. Sort out here ember or land you're listening to the boys farm and fleet post game show presented by the Milwaukee admirals ware has sag mill hockey. Tim and taos hear in the international Hyundai Greenfield and Hyundai west Alice studios. His ball 64. Who shot or a big line drives let's get today's driver. They gave. Driven by Acura Brookfield check out the all new redesigned RDX models in Brookfield at a 191 in blue mount. Hide a a tough time. For the Milwaukee Brewers they're gonna get through this thing no I'll tell you that they well they are faulted 96 for the final half. Asked you yeah they were they well there's lot of talent on this team and and the test of time. Has proven that out there are star got a haircut looks nice 63. Games remain here and they just did they gain and a big and they got to get through all of what ails them. And there's a number of things here and and bad luck is being one of them. You heard dumb pipe bomb in the update their mentioned that the cubs using three position players that's a lucky they are. That's how lucky they are in a short start. From last year I think it is for others and let us all while at gas that it was a blowout and they didn't after he burned their bullpen. On a short star while they thought about postponing the game later on in the season Lester on short but they decide it's. The drive of the game in this one brought you by Acura of Brookfield. Is is a dude that just continues to come up clutch late innings sixth seventh eighth and ninth innings. He gets it done this a two run triple in the ninth inning for Kristen yeah Alice the brewers all star. There's your drive of the game let's go to our Owen your next at 7991250. What's going on on. What on and they columns. Label from the upper right now how does it in the I mean the pin burglary and I was sitting on earth is signed by a lot of darker fare all that great. But I. One place. I think it's great by Craig Counsell. The put however that was you know a number of follow up who you are now. I don't care about it for days. Peter Bach for Tibet and against what was that whole. Whole approach you know the goal a then there. Well while Owen let me ask you this with things and brawn still on the DL. I don't know who I'd a went with in the five hole. Or would still be got to go all around me. I don't know Travers. I mean keenly I mean rocks then. Part of what Perez. About parents. I like Eric what are what about brought Phil what about our little buddy Brad Phillips. I'd be real what do. All of them better than I was at. And salad Dino has got a vast numbers mass memory you I don't. Bomb oh he won the comments Ari would clip he is if shy as Idaho is is brewing today. It is Tyler sell deals birthday that's true. It's the participation trophy does he tell you later Eddie got the ball base your jacket in just yes I was if you just look at at the offense so guys commodity it's easier best alternative right there he ias by the way Taylor Williams. At this not that down Taylor William that Ted Taylor Williams is a good. Major League Baseball relief pitcher a good one he has the ZIRA now sits after this. Performance tonight at what 32304. Just over three history as a reliever with almost forty appearances is really good and before. This this start in the one before that prior to the break. He'd like six or seven straight appearances prone shuttle ball his last two outings just based on the last two prior to his last two Rihanna to four ERA but now I I will agree that on the broadcast they were they were. Talking about it Brian and bill or bolts and the velocity is down for him today. Yeah sudden someone's you know you're able to see that Satan in the second level in the Loge level call me game JaVale Lucy from the oval from the bullpen or the Doug rough tough times for the crew were talking about a here on the planes farm fleet post game show let's go to Dan. A buddy in the Twin Cities there's always tuned in on the radio dot com am Dan what's going on. You know what I got to bring an operating on and you guys are really handle but. I give a little radio you know here you look at right need to get something better and reading back on the thing it Ali scaling out. You need to talk but there. It. Yeah. Eight and it just it just didn't offensive it it is new to us too so that were working the bugs out here within our count CBO. Our exit actually a litany well I'm. Opened up an apartment so I did not an airline can do well on radio or other and I. I don't know that that was good that was just it just for the record to our supervisors. That was you guessed that was that was not me. Okay thanks yeah. It is I can't dance. When you were going to come on the airwaves. And talk in that manner. You will be responsible for your actions I just wanted to you know that and make sure you wait one hour after eating before you swim this summer. I probably shouldn't have used that name. What are. It will ain't our budget from the big HL. Excellent well what do you got to end troubled times you brewer land. I bought but not the rope act. That he picked up opening. All that but they aren't out here in the all mention Cuba. I'd like you can't get permanent and uncle and a few up on the right are you got a real quick. I mean it might look at the box or an act he doctors' numbers and look at their averages. Without any charming yet and out it can be better but. Infinitely shot clock paper and I looked at and the team averages I think it probably true. Oddly also a greater because I see it wouldn't be included but to put that we're we're seventeenth in average eleventh in runs. Fourteen Nokia. And eighteen and OBP. Whereas. All that team right now where you know using these red arc that stroke. Well there given but on the other adult in that are and a ticket thing like the Dodgers. All that happened from doctors and oh yeah act that is no BP and it should. In the compound in the. I talked about a lot of injuries but look at Washington national only have they Erica and I bet a lot of teen. Also had a problem that we have aged eighteen to be able somehow and it quietly hitting and I can get out without on the late in life. All right Dan thanks thanks for the call it it is a you're right there and I was waiting for your. Talk about the injuries that does play a part in this but that's not the whole excuse me and he's right every team has gone through injuries. Hell look at that team ninety miles south they lost the guy that won an MVP for like a month. So you're gonna have to deal with that throughout the course of 162. But they've stacked up here in the last two weeks on this team. Sacked now yeah yeah. No doubt 7991250. Let's go to Chris Chris you're up next. What's going on crests. I go to and been better. Yeah I can back from the game all or end you know while when you look at the lineup. I mean it's kind of funny when you look at the one or. Creek back there again bill or I can't carry that being. Everything after the foreign you know it's the Twilight Zone you're in the what's going on out there at time. Arm and you look at our home when you look at people coming off the bench I mean you guys touched upon them out of touch upon again you know with the all or. And another hitter that really aren't coming through. And it. Look at the injury I mean I think Ryan from the two last year I mean honestly the guy kind of ironic that there is plastering up on the screen. The starting lineup are figure on Sunday and the guys ever you know it never in the lineup. And then when you what you think about coming up fast when you look at free agency and the people while they're appeal. I mean I don't know I think that Brian Billick is going to be the debut of dirt you know going to be the pollution problem. And the guys are having had downed new heir Adam you know I mean he's better than having some of the guys we have in the lineup but I mean the guy who told strikeout prone to. He has an a but I I'd like his team in Escobar though. Yeah I mean Escobar I mean they're having a really really bounced back year. The guys that are based Obama's team you know he plays that he'd be and I think we really need something like that. And I think honestly I think counseled me to let the leash a little bit longer on the east starters. Because it Miley was actually pitching a really solid game and emit fewer kept them NL east what what marketing we could've won that game. It's of it's possible with without a doubt and then I'll just so this out there to you guys and I again I think it's gonna sound crazy region Crist thank you Chris but if you. If if this continues. With not with a thin offense. After after a three at your first three and a half batters tonight I count shod saudis have bounced back a little bit he's like half a season so far. I know it's gonna sound crazy. But is it think about it during the break you wanted to comment on it go ahead. But I want Ryan run at second base. I do. I do I want brawny at second base Zeus at first and themes in right field. I know you're playing with fire would defense right there but your offense at times it's a whole whole bad if you watched Brad Miller play second place. He asks. Yeah yeah. It's it's not that much worse how candidate your not gonna go with John TV every single day which I don't know what else the guy's got a view. I'd really now needs totally bounced back figured out this lineup them imagine that shots in the four we all know who the top three are right then. We all know it's came yell it's Zeus and show off. But think about the next two. Famous and brawn five and six. You might have to gamble was that Manny Kenya whose all the way up to 232 at this point man on. The back and that in it looks a lot about F yeah and then salad Dino is your. Eight hitter or not your five or. Forbid the name Orlando RC comes up and bounces back that'll take a look at his numbers will be later Sammy. Since he's been Downey's decided it's our producing sweetness this offense is crazy good. I'm sorry their record is crazy good I wanna say. Maybe maybe graft and can grab this. I wanna say they're like 34 and nine. When they score four more runs and yeah some like that get some runs on the board as a staff has done at all I'm long. I'm not say it it's easy need one more starting pitcher we use our Richard you need some offense I know this run this other guys trying to throw you out throw curb on the outside corner I get I get that they're big league players and sometimes not sometimes Rich Hill is out in the corners we get it yeah not every night. Not every night the guys got to get some more offense Stearns gudermes offense but he oh man. You're right in this thing. And war ask horse. It's actually Escobar a lot of Escobar and Rodney make that deal I've kind of laughed about it earlier on but it since I've throughout the break we had enough time you know decompress analog around. Clippers are actually trouble in brewer land Milwaukee and a world we're talking about trouble is that oracle with only trouble. Trouble. There's some trouble OK. It's not the end of the world. It's not nuclear war you know your your radio girlfriend wrote a song about that who's that. You know your radio girlfriend is Taylor Swift the now on a hug nurture. That's right I hope that's not what needs Egypt Egypt -- saw that better not just like stables or is able sought to dance better be that would also. Stick around a lot to get to play as far mentally post game show presented by the Milwaukee admirals brewers fall 64 tournaments out issue on the fan. Where did things go right horror well not so much where this game turn. Time for today's turning point of the game brought to my first Centennial mortgage talked a mortgage probe Peter read Jenna bench and go at CM dot com this is the blames farm and fleet baseball post game show. Presented by Milwaukee admirals hockey. 36. Manny Machado mayhem tie ignite new media going nuts would not only that but the Josh hater situation and then. And the brewers say they're not on a good role right now that's that's for sure are you kidding me moment brought you by Jeanne Wagner plumbing. A company you can trust Jack amounted Jeanne Wagner plumbing dot com I think the whole nine yards here. The whole. Starting in Miami the whole Ron is are you kidding me and just what the hell happened. Since you can put their finger on what the hell happened. Please let us know after you loved him now after you take three of four at home against the Atlanta Braves and you are lion guy. And then what happened right there. I went back and I look at looked at my notes at take notes on every single game guys every year every single game. And I couldn't detect anything there was really nothing eventful. That occurred right now did they get beat up by some injury bugs yes and that it was roster. Full worry. Of moves right did 26 players involved and eight days eight days I think Jesse are you kidding me. Frame of reference here I think it's safe to say that haven't used and I. I Beatty are you kidding me. Definitely yeah the whole thing is you can. Yes let's 7991250. Let's go to our Chris in Mount Pleasant. That's right virus scene right there right is that. Okay are what are we what are we what are you out where your current. And Chris Chris. Chris just give me a double quarter pounder yeah he's I'll take a chocolate shake that sounds good. It. Update three everything Chris. All right all right McChrystal put tobacco in all Americans you DA is much nicer. Yet. Chris out seal wow why are you election bill actually beyond on the year Chris is on the air. Hello. Guys there it is hello Chris. You bet unpleasant habit but now. No I wasn't you know more this is the third Chris that's been on tonight. Yeah I don't upward step it up yet. We weren't that in the garage in it would cut it was from the moderates east and I would need you guys tell me what school what I would Eddy cedar. And the windmill or about stops I have to go around can we give him is can we get them up Bernie without setup on flights maybe. They asked. I asked Eddy cedar a couple of years ago I didn't like dude what what you deal here c'mon man. He said hey Ed die when they just fly by me I just yell it was only as sick just yen. Now and I thought it was. Not us pros say yep that he like Chris hit a hot issue if it's sort of a garage are we talking about what's in that garage years. Well it and all of Byron and and he had is it better we called the practical up and we it's gonna remodel. On it up. Then a bunch of Beers and with the brewers on the radio and. Do you live has stressed it is Chris do you guys have a couple of speakers in the air do you guys just use the one boombox lewis' game honoree. We've got the one boom can add up but maybe our I have I have a refrigerator out there isn't a cooler always had a refrigerator full size harmony. All eyes will be here nice okay you know smoky in there Chris. I don't know no more easily now since it's a barn. It's so lets me go to Barnes and their own. It's sorry go ahead. Byron by a dumpster fire idly inside got a bad feel to what's going on guys. Well they've lost seven in a row it's not a great feeling is that. Although women make you feel better crest of this despite losing nine of their last eleven including seven straight. With 63 games left they're eleven games over 500 in just three games back of first in the central. Yes sir. We got a tough stretch coming up against we get to worry about history against watching them yeah I'll look for or against severed the Cold War against the Dodgers again how many how many games do we you know. Yeah we're up by after I just feel that went out but tickets for the cigar dinners a period. All over the bill O yeah don't Michaels he's going to be at that one. And yeah yeah I think he's going to be. I kind of bartered there are no matter what you are loyal player you don't want either of them I tell you what you wanna put put out a couple of cots in that barn 7000 Giuliani about the you come out of that weekend in new man dressed. I got no. Yeah I don't ever hear and I feel that you that it become download and Beers and hopefully up in the box. We got a bye OK you are undermine all grist for what Leon all looking to put them on all of this appears in the bar and grill number the difference house tour 28 team. I had a few Fazio. I now let's. Let's go to Tim and or seen him in action on the fans strap of your chicken strips. Well. I got past the boosters like. I got so angry at those. Home level or local New Orleans. At that it's important and you have nobody ready in the ball really does crack all the time Arnold want to reign as Atmos. Be careful now. Boy does that thought I am. Are you there yeah yeah all I can understand 10 yeah. What is knowing why you know or any elsewhere in the ballpark. And see and we don't want to. That's why applause that's because every time rising raw every time you're about to tip goes and serves document via. It didn't say a bar bar bar bull bull all. Idea that. What we didn't mark you know not invited. Him okay. I'm Bonnie aren't well take tank at a lot of punch prick all orderly Nolan ball the. The only issue is. Councils city slicker right from white fish Bay Area mean streets of white fish Vick tell you it's him. And you step on the block in about by Craig Counsell parkinson's back like that. You like yourself checked into the smackdown I'll tell by number CC. He could put her not him you've seen him walking to his car out of the club and you can see his dad is well crap. And come and Greg council races where it is tougher than you think I've yeah look I think yeah. I don't I'd do. Greg council would oh. Down on some of these guys I. I got I know I. I got my money and Tim from Racine. Taking counsel okay well it depends how much ever clear to him before 79 nines while evidence to reform its answers we see what Chris from if he get his food yet. Chris from mount well EA back to Chris Chris easy. Access when and where you gotta drive through we went into last. I don't know what we're trying to level I get what you are at the let's have been in trouble and rough times for for brewers fans. Lawyer and a couple things we are not here he would counsel bullet I mean much now William Condit you hit it off. And I agree with putting a name but want to get it rolling I could well. They all of let them. Typical yeah. My biggest frustration they get their chance this year wouldn't current number by either but I get per vehicle wrong players year RBIs. You what kind of get your read every table and chair Chris it's a great point what exactly. Yeah that would be no doubt 300 got a or would appear as. We are very important goal bird. Board in would be to not be long and Milwaukee Brewers. All right it's gonna to critical mass here to the point where you're gonna have to make some tough choices you really our thanks thanks very inspiration. You're gonna need dudes like that though aren't you. Salad Dino off the bench I'm I'm great with that if they have that's where your 25 man as I'm great with that one. You're gonna have to gamble a little bit on certain things that the brawn at second base you know you you probably laughed at that. A little bit you need offense so bad grip found the record 41 and nine. 41 in nine when they score four runs or more just get to four. In eight era leaving you burgers. Not leaving in your burgers. Get to four start get it before now that the labels they gambled with what he's a bet that's. They gamble would be you know are some would say irrational move of putting brawn to second base. But the then the more reasonable or realistic viewpoint is what Chris just said right there and that and that's not are aligned you and I talked about it. At some point you're gonna bring up demean us and channel and Garcia into the role those guys out there and just let him go and gamble that way also column in the mentions him tonight. Lot of people also backing the idea Craig Counsell lot of people not liking cry while this is of the about ask Greg council and it's crazy about it and read. Com but also some love for our cast here. Talk about second baseman Salinas stack. So they want him up this year this year to play second base who. We did have a conversation and Rami brought it up early eighties I would peace prize brought up this year. We both said extremely surprised. I would be surprised you. And in this you know again where we were more impatient. And as fans than our. Front office member we have this person yes and that that's OK that's that spell it wrong this. Livelihoods are. Right let's call that. Bears are however. They they need something. To continue this trend and again it hasn't been a big trend this hasn't been a big deal. The big long term deal here guys it hasn't been spurs fans who listening that I know what's in dire straits in the skies fall in the hold Leo you lost nine of 117 straight. But but look at this you're not gonna play at this pace the rest of the year there will be some good run this year. I hope it's tough to understand. Sometimes I get past that are run around here rant and rave myself sometimes sometimes. Can you get dumped four please on a consistent fast. Yeah yeah. And income for our. More of what she did on your summer vacation coming up in just a little bit I had a cavalcade of activities over the all star break to sell. Yeah I saw you at all over the scene shifts. It was like I was cruise directors following a schedule Monday were doing this Tuesday were doing that when it now the funniest part is. I could see you. Walking through with a whole group children. Yup checklist appear on the on the on the full yup on the full bore me. Starting at 830. You get your golf carts we will be playing nine holes. Seeing as you're gonna talk stirred one of these kids when these kids of subtle line. You're not doing anything you're a set and we're gonna hold the ears down to two in this nine holes well. Now we're at these ridiculous. I. Gotta take a break it we'll be back man. BC sports yeah flexible. Your ex SS. Dot com station. When you're hot you're hot. Or not. They're not so when it comes to the crew who's hot and who's not. Brought you by steel horse realtor accompany your road home begins at steel horse I I was excited to give back to work and it is exciting. You would have hoped a better outcome in tonight's ball game because. They did put up four runs in a 64 loss. Despite that the bullpen a big bump in the road here Woodruff by given up three Taylor Williams given up a couple. And the offense sides mustering up their four runs on just six hits. The Ellis did have yell listed have a good night tonight though I will I will say that F three hits three knock him who's been clutch sort of knocked in four Kia Broxton doesn't run him out of that inning but indeed yeah who's hot who's not who's not our the our Milwaukee Brewers as a whole the 2018 championship season. And it has them. Well losers of force I should say seven in a row nine of their last eleven they need to right the ship. Pretty quick time out steel horse realtor. And company. Hand. The riot. Off our early this weekend so. Just just as old analog to Carmen just sit and have just ride on the front nine evil. Might kidnap and I think Europe is that all the way at apple might tough times tough times you're on the air. Cool little room. Oh and beyond. On what first a report so. What would group having forty pitches and threw two loading. Ridiculous. When the old boy opened greater ready for a while would have been sportage indeed there are 32 ballgame. No idea. Suck it. I agree we are should that should be second base all star nor do right now. And winning but it's 12. Base. At a certain. King. We are Jaric Pete to show all wrong. Our senior. European university. That. That could have a lineup that could happen. And then. We need to get better up here these things so the media center off the bench they came off the bench Tel Aviv will temper it. I'd take Domingo Santana struggling over Nate or for any day of the week and always on. You go why did or contention before we guarded. This. Via via our ser VVRs on the DL. So that when you're in Indiana around last Sunday. You heard his thumb in a based on. Oh yeah. Animals that are yet or need to go from normal or the honeymoon orchid over. Is that does their one now there was one other call my appreciated that was one was yeah a bomb. Yeah there as it was and remember these zoos and Manny tell them about it shoulders and. Yeah I don't know violence on the down while the not for now do you play that's are now. No we ideas play any any time at the end Mary Janes last stand hopeful and breakdown I wonder. There is also another one other zones from Matt. Tec nines version of I don't tweet this also a little mean let's not do that. All right Brian. Right you're not gonna disappoint me are you because says graph just whispered in my ear here. That and Brian are good ol' buddy Brian. You're you're our Buddy Ryan you're the guy that goes to brewer gains by yourself you love this team you go on the road to see them. And. I go on other and one negative and a positive is I got to considered a recovered from those in that regard are driven. And my negative you know I am jumping off in the. Yes you can do know is that I did. It. Isn't tomorrow night at this time they could be a game and a half out of first place with sixty to imply it. They're prepared and has produced one funeral arms are. What a I said it is just no I didn't know if you're gonna win another game you really don't think so for another month. Okay it. There are barred. I don't I don't see them going and another game. We're here we're from where you drink and tonight. Where you Marie Allen and anybody in the noble and Brian. Good as we we talked a. More than a word. Matt but don't drip with the Soviet in Brazil on there was like nobody Beverly boom you know. Or better Jersey. Oh good that's good that's good thanks thank you Brian. Yeah Brian we talked to a not sure about you. Now we get the full report on Bryant. Bryant was Ryan's is joining the deal one club okay. I don't get it a tough times happen every now all I think I think visit. People are doing this on Twitter too I think their strategy you to reign over there. I think that's what. You continue to have an eight hour on this guy's night out these guys they're done with this team and it's gonna make well enough Mary Ball eight. You and again again and as I said before the break I don't mean to pick John or. I don't. But it's not just because I don't the sound that seal makes little mate. Little Nathan. Is not the full brunt of the problems here with the office he's not. But then. Yet no at all he isn't a match. That ignited the fire but he's just nice. To poll liter bottle of accuracy just throw it right in yup and here I am fund that. It's fun it's always pretty close like oh yeah. They don't idealists out Sunday Greenfield in. If if you're gonna tell me now again this may be roster issues and forty man issues and I don't you know I'm not a GM might how to get all that. I do know this. That is the best guy you could have a house. As the Tony right man yeah I roster. That kid that guy is the best you can do it that guys over the air. That's for three spring training easy gave him a 96. Jersey you don't wanna pick up Brandon Phillips. And give him and I know. You didn't want us to bring back up Domingo Santana a give him another try. Work. I okay. Brewer might your next on the fans. Gentlemen. I'm gonna quote there chargers. To relax. Tonight. Very eager clueless like voice of reason we need to relax. You know I live every dated OK. Okay I mean at the end of her much longer nor. I've got some major stuff on aren't employed okay Horner park library in power anyway it would. Our own. We need to relax. We follow the upper need to go off and whatever cornered now on. What are Cincinnati or are we need record and that. We need to bring him back here Cincinnati not going to be able to pay your Mort you war. Very he's gonna walk if you walk through and end up going to the ink next year very. Art is he going to be durable for a baby meaning that maybe Oscar role wanna come back here. You know what I don't get to have you and helps. Why. Is J. J. Hardy still on. This scrap heap. I don't think J. J. Hardy wants play baseball anymore. All okay wall because New York you know all you east baton. In our. Ward 69 cents. Right now whatever it is he's got as one yet. Worried boards on wasn't. I I agree with all your caller. You've got to bring it to me at all I mean. But I mean maker predictions are OK if you can sign autographs let our plug in a body minorities. Sign autographs connect say a word. In that quarter and off. Liked he wants to plug the establishment. I'm hosting as Zeus autograph session. Yet. Sure awkward shot sports Kurds are OK. So he's gonna be all fired up OK it's gonna be science for two hours tomorrow. And when he comes back he's gonna hit herself for not warning not to recurring in it for three day here. Unlike. Hillary like in New York of course going to be terrible and gosh. But scored all 412. For all on John today marked its say Smart boy like fairway profound acres in north Sunday at. Ford off or. And I aren't thanks Mike for his there thank you sir 7991250. Thank you thank you. Tough times. We're gonna hear from Craig Counsell up next. I think the moved to go to Taylor Williamson turned things over to that bullpen they've got jobs to do and that's what he's gonna tell you. They've got to do their jobs. That's why Boone Logan was sent out. He was set out because he couldn't get lefties out that was your job Hoover was Lego play couldn't get anybody out. But but they have jobs to do you can't just have these guys ever vacuum is elected he says it's. A question I. Happening here from Craig Counsell coming up in just a couple of you wanna join the conversation. I didn't hear on the a song front I did hear Craig Counsell in his pregame. With the press mentioned that term this is the ride the ride goes up in the ride goes down and he's not gonna make this plea is he might be shill and for that song. Animal fiction it's a song called the ride. No foul he ET it's no crash. Who knows what he's listens to I don't know if he listens lackeys. Anyone's summer as the Eagles last year you did. I don't know if he listens in this show. Another show or or checks out social media Leo a lot of activity on social media due to the show and maybe he's reading this this that. All out. Bid for a 28 team championship theme song and maybe sports and I know he's number I don't know rising campaign manager for animal action if EA yes if we in maybe know someone in the group or whatever but out outside if he is still in for that song. Then we can always say that he panicked yet not up. Us. So we're we're good on that I just don't listen let's average of them parts of it are good though. No not that it's not an and a who sings. Brown brown landed brown. Yeah PTO that want more I think so is that a Bachmann turner overdrive and leave so I mean that may be a different a better ride. I mean turner over so overture hides a stupid question three dudes. Don't know. I'll take it's I'm not that no okay cool thanks Spock men and turner arrived I would imagine there are there in the group the law firm. Exactly it's fallen there. Now. That's a different Kenya that can't be on producer of speech he doesn't beat TO do let it ride. Will look now yeah we're we're gonna check it out because. I mean if there's anybody that is so it's meant I know that it is an analyst say you are a whole it is OK see that's that's the man that you're jam it is kind of a jam this that's good so I've listened the blue leader excel but to see if it fits buy it. He did mention in the pregame today Craig Counsell and Craig Counsell and the French guys taking on a commercial free rat like Canada next thing. Counsell and and me in the morning in. That. After you find some ways it is said how's your way out a year I was fired him. You couldn't Friday morning it's tough times for the brewers they've lost seven straight six for the final were back in council next year in the fan. So what's the skipper got to say about this game. Let's get the scoop from the skipper. Brought you by Brian Stratton college athletics offering athletic scholarships and nine junior college sports learn more at BSE bobcats dot com. This is the only station brewers fans need before and after the game. 1057 FM the fan. Well it's always are with what we do know what we do know is that there will be better days for the Kerr. Does that make you feel better. I'm not responding and archer. I'm just yet. There will be bettered their past and now big time yeah well sure I don't get through the us tomorrow seriously though they will get through this it's just a rough little patch here and they're gonna play better baseball once a baseball games there well they need something light use under those guys from earlier in the year. After they lose that series odds Chicago. And shot makes remarks. You know we've heard people say we can't beat good teams. I'm at that time like I might have been like a week after that but they they heard that it is and it was fuel for. So what's going to be this catalyst that gets the bill is it a new player that enters the clubhouse. They've tried to get somebody out. That everybody light that was our CF acted now. A would imagine well hopefully it's going to be come from within in terms of thought internally. A few roster moves they've got to make that decision on fame is in their brawn in junior gare. We've we've forget about he's now on the DL and so there are flurry of roster moves comet and MM maybe that's the a spike of energy you get things. Normalized a little bit if indeed that's a word. But get things back to normal seriously got hay of that song letter arrived at its possibility. It's of you got it. Quite found they've gone. Maybe now. It's cool song. You with a I. I guess that's a jam that is a jam him this. Yes it's not it well it's an old school down there and it's his site he would just an old rocks rock and now you out. Back at the six string in my 63 ship has stepped back. After half a let's hear from counsel as raise big talks about wade mine alien in the pitching change and in this offense back intact here. You get what you. Yeah up for sir it index it would. This really well. You know as those are outstanding outing now mini. Get a base hit that you know had a chance to give us beginning and I think it is nice job amended the pitching is gives you six strong innings from all the gonna ask for sure but take. Allege that he based on me that anything you guys are out on the race. Well yeah I mean that the mistake is. You know okay we we can't keep the first mistake yeah on nexus we've you know let's hope we can make we got to just keep our head up and be aware of what's going on out of us. Mom. And so that the out of home I think you got us on me take exciting score on right there two miles for sure. You know those are new overture. What you just hung up there is there isn't any problem let's say. Yes there. Case and do it eases on thank you assume that might walk him you. Your first place of them it's our choice. I mean. Look it was. There well it doesn't matter of reliance matters at the players it was a close play and they executed it perfectly I'm in that it's absolutely the right two bouts now. The communities next and very good play and they were perfect. Is is not perfect. It's good. Would you do it. You struggle tonight. He's been throwing the ball really really well. And then on and he gets. I thought did that really the debate get analyst oddly worry worries get gets gets ahead of him and he's got some two strike pitches in name. Mean he tied down in a bonding just didn't get it there. That was immediate that that. You know he's dead. Once once he gets it out of him he's got a that's fit that's got to finish. And in and just put himself close in trouble with that and we managed to get an out there but some. You know roms and you know they become more had so he struggled tonight just just didn't get the ball to stake his fastball at or it wanted to and up you know sometimes up sometimes downs. Distant near where I want to. Turned up last. Year. So costly that you weren't doing earlier this year. Miami it's true. Again it's like as well it's different guys it's well I mean look at it we got us. Or more runs and into the bottom line and we're not score enough drugs. That you know we're. You know we're playing. Plan often behind. Tied Canada the best through all of it through this threat so. We have men apparently much. So I think you know us early in the game's very rarely played Lee in this stretch so that's. No I think score runs early as some that's. Known to scorn morons loses something that. No we we have given up runs late you're you're right and it's been different guys but dome thing. You know I mean there's we can point a lot of things right now when your losing streak and like this and Nam there's a lot of things that middlemen better. Leo look at your letter to Greg Craig and the ball has like all guys that were bench guy so he's sort of media they don't you know wrong you know. You know you know is it. Possible to have much all that's what this to me. Key guys. Non. Yet it's yes certainly it's possibly and I think we knew you know we're gonna need offense yeah. Talks and you know when and where we are missing some guys. But I also think we got it in all of that can't be any excuse to not score runs Norwood out of some kind of final way and have good at bats and limit our mistakes. On and when you got a little less margin for air the mistakes get highlighted a little bit mom. And they and they did tonight. From you know look at that inning as bases loaded nobody out in terms and a different innings so. Those kind of mistakes right now that are that are on us. Africa through work obviously expectations that you wrong. Yet. Then there is Craig Counsell after the brewers' seventh consecutive losses we go 64 final. Help was on the way the good news on aid to be activated tomorrow a couple of things in that. He echoed what we talked about earlier in the show and that is she gonna have to score more runs and get some run. Production I don't care law I don't care for AKA terrific comes from graph. Right I don't get it matters just give some run production. And then news you know as important. Here's what I camp figured out figure out so when someone help me trying to figure this out. Dude is good at baseball. And dude plays professional baseball. And plays in the big leagues. And doesn't have. The land legs. Should be aware of his surroundings. When he is running the bases in a big league baseball game. You don't know where the ball is or if you do why you're not aware of your surroundings. There's number twelve up there in Green Bay that we. All know he doesn't have eyes in the back of his had. He knows there's a dude behind him. This guy is Ron and head down a ball in play. Any doesn't if you look over at Eddy cedar. Or look or the ball as employee Leon aware of his surroundings. It's the most how is that possible at this level. Especially watch did you play defense right. Could you seem to make all these tremendous plays UC instincts he has baseball instincts. Apparently not on the base maps Carolina apparently apparently what's that Salmonella apparently not tonight. Is that best ideas happiness. I think that's fair Dave at least we will live in the moment and say not tonight are with the always you know he got thrown out ran out of a couple of guys just don't understand how does this just doe was mistakes that really drive you nuts as a fan. I'm sure it drives announces coats now it enough. To make your manager mentioned it tonight. Yeah in the post game. He was this Auburn of debris and I don't know you why isn't hot like bringing it up. If he isn't fully sold on what happened at Craig Counsell has a reflex. And that is. Immediately you focus on the positive news and through this stretch tough times tough times. He's been very critical as certain situation has. All coaches nowadays Tim I think you're starting to move towards right does that mean we've we've seen that evolution and sports on the field. The game strategies. But when your your work with these dudes were growing up as in Stuart Graham stars yeah. There's a different kind of my country after eagle at the positive first that. People call coddling B one called millennial needing a booster seat a free ride. You're gonna need to start out with with praise and do for what he does right when he screws up. There's only a few different ways. To speed to Iraq to tell the dog miniskirt now being direct and Rotella dog that he beat the house one way. UP in the house. You're did -- now the Kia UP in the house and did you know sorry what it means we'll play it well how calculated out where we'll get for a one that's not the issue we got the will not be on the couch yeah we got the spot by. Mary it was go over to clean up your mouse like I'm your kids are Ian McCouch. Yeah yes they him. It gives if he'd been cooped. Everywhere in the bathtub all out yet. Thousands its scoop it out with a cup for your hand not with a paper towel and it's unreal it's and I think I good and then and it's squishy and how we went from Kia on rock Hudson's Bay's running to that I'll never know a one of the all star Kristen and Ellis. At a good game tonight we're gonna go inside the club policy reform. Yeah Alley next year on the fan. Now here's the behind the scenes post game update as we take you inside the clubhouse brought you buy at a out of deputy dot com ready to get inside the new. House Adam deputy dot com gets deals done that others can't or won't. Brewers fall six for the final. Tough times that's it I'm calling it but they'll get out of it and it could happen tomorrow that's a cool thing about all this I know it sounds. Try almost right that there's a baseball game tomorrow right you pick yourself back up and that's the reality. And with the bullpen management that Craig Counsell going on catching hell eat and not be cynical more heat on leave and branded Woodruff and there. They will play a game every single day. Until August 6. That'll be the next opt out and they and they got around the around some big boys and other runs out you wanna make sure that you can keep your bullpen I guess is Russia's possibly get Workman right out of the all star break schedule hadn't been friendly to home before and after the race is not a nice stretch ego you you still have this team right here the Dodgers. Or more times so word. Forward thinking here there friends for financial partner FF PW buy dot com those eyes that make me. So doctors. Oh yeah. Dodgers. Nationals. I also have the giants out there we know that places then a demons. Dodgers again. For floor. Are full of longevity you know don't let you know the best part is them. All 49 tenders its ninth and will be staying up late while our crew our by our guys that are they've been steady. No I didn't coined that phrase somebody else then so I'll be a little forward thinking a little forward thinking. Drops of two were borrows do you you you got to get back and get a win. As quickly as you can I know always adds it's as she got to score some runs get some runs eight. Hey try this try playing with a four zip lead. Let's see what happens Craig Counsell alluded to that as well. One of video brewers all stars had a good night tonight his team didn't he did its Christian theology after the game. Us. So. Itself but it has. I. This. Costs. Good things on the islands and to stick to some agreement. You know I actually. Did I try to take some time off and I didn't swing a whole lot. Where else are racist. Trying to buy it for us. You know so it's national news content is. Keeping the flow of baseball. Take him for the office of pumps you know it's it's different every year it's a sometimes you feel. Veteran comebacks you off after four days just. Case dependent. You know as some balls possible. I think it's been just a little bit everything I mean I think we've. You know we've scored on Austrian haven't scored on sponsors he's lost justice. Then tough force. You're gonna go through stretches like yours and and Pittsburgh. Obviously we need office are we wanna in the second half but. You know he's got to keep trying to keep plugging away and and you know a turn for special. You sound. You know since fast was deception that it plays hard and assess. And forward. Obviously he's got a really occur volley knows how to manipulate you know changes speeds that after this different a lot of times you can change arm angles on so. It is so efficient. He makes it that kept us off balance and you know I guess Agassi and performs. Steve. Now I would say is obviously. It's obviously different to me that. I would save. Training I think once became stars everybody kind of got back. Just playing baseball folks when do I don't think any idea. Staff had any impact and we'll recruit and no freedom of. Hi there is Christian theology after the brewers 64 loss of war end on this note a and communicate just came in about. One of our bodies listening oh well there. Once in a radio know you've been there for a long time and gave me a lot of advice. But he got somebody else trying to China and to the radio business. Well I would say that yeah it's fun. It was a lot of fun it is fun. So. So what I'm saying is. Do anything yet. No will give Gloria good to be a CPA and he knew that. Yeah you think you make money your work with would numbers grip. So the real question would be how many times has your mother contacted you today. Just once one time. They'd normally it's about three or four Bryant I think you're vice and the over under at two and a half pretty much every OK it's not the under tonight as there was money to be made me under her goes back at a tomorrow they can pick themselves up in less than 24 hours a big win. And chasing Anderson has been known to haul off and throw beauty. That's overlook him for tomorrow tough task against these Dodgers. And that guy Kershaw. Yeah it's that it will be a tough task. That's at the Burris come up big tomorrow needs something big get out to a lead and just hold that. From right there Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show gets you ready at. Correct yes there are right now after the last Mitchell meets arrived back here boys farm fleet post game show presented. By the Milwaukee admirals we are hash tag mill hockey. Me too right here in the international Hyundai Greenfield and Hyundai west Alice studios. Despite the loss it's it's always a lot of fun talking to Bruce fans are really no and some of them I've just I'm ready to go always his goal all night. And eggs and some are bosses may have an issue with that the fishing guys like in the morning. That's a god here we are still on the air that there style I've been in there before with those views and they would feel that your thanks to our crew at Miller Park for graft the polish vibe Bombay beach house bills read my name is Tim Allen have a great night this file it'd despite the outcome. Try to smile Milwaukee the world will smile back.