Crew falls apart in a 6-run ninth inning

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Thursday, August 9th
08/09/18: MIL 4, SD 8 - The Blain's Farm & Fleet Baseball Post Game Show presented by Milwaukee Admirals Hockey...we are #MILHockey. Tim Allen and Bill Schmid sadly talk about the Crew falling apart in the ninth inning and address the issue of ,"Who is the Brewer's closer?"

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Brewers fans you've made the switch after the last pitch to this show for twelve seasons welcome to the boy is pharma fleer baseball post game show praise about. The Milwaukee admirals we are. Hash tag male hockey now. Live from the international Hyundai Greenfield and Hyundai west Alice studios' gears the franchise Tim Allen and bill baby town Schmidt it. It is safe final from Miller Park big game in the series and homestand and boy oh boy it did not end well wow welcome everybody it's ablaze farm and fleet post game show presented by the Milwaukee admirals we are passed sag mill hockey. Tim Allen David's house bills read. The body feel after that one awesome just great what are we just start over rate do we start over let's start over at the top of the big show and it's. Stuffed got this Wendy's big show got the script right here what did we start out let's see here we started out with confident concerned. Kyrie areas about LeBron James and during his first season and Los Angeles Lakers uniform and how you feel about LeBron James playing on Christmas against the warriors the warriors yes. I think. Right back off post the Wendy's big job. Eyes and ears well yeah and we then recovered some some Klay Thompson talk as well rhetoric absolutely locked yeah what about drain migraine dream on was in the 248 Psycho count yet. Yeah I it's a video and Jim Weathers yet with his son Kauai Leonard buddies despite did there are no that was after REE is alias segment a I get this right we had this regularly do you tell. And then then we switch gears to talk while Leonard Fredricka and yeah I knew you had all the good we don't like Clemens on. The talk about Kevin Durant in cancer and where he might play after the Tony eighteenth and nineteenth season Barca. And I at a McKelvey you'll join us and he will talk about the resurgent Boston Celtics in the also is get a preview tonight's packers' in that you. On Sunday if Aaron Rodgers should play tonight yeah aren't I don't seem to be understood RC guys see her down here. It's 7991250. Your reaction after eight. Talk tough. Brewers loss. This one call is big this is a nice now fox sports was content back on giving us the post game show you ads hazards he cut out in the middle of the sixth inning via. At about viewed in that nobody yet and as much you miss the bloodbath. As the brewers had a 42 lead heading into the on ninth inning with Corey can naval AM. Walks the first man walks the second man walks the third man an infield base hit scores a run to make it 43. And any gotta go get them right. The reason in this that it is a tough situation here are I think a little fault is with Craig Counsell. I'm not gonna go off the deep end and I know you guys I wanna get your reaction we definitely want your reaction who is the brewers closer I mean let's face. Can you trust Corey can able over the weekend and in Atlanta. And down the stretch here until further not as important got 44 left via until further notice who's gonna close games out. So we have all walked to the first batter walked to the second batter right about here. Is when you warm up another pitcher just in case. Just in case. That a walk to the next batter. If you scramble the jets when you fall behind that fourth batter. You get Joaquin Soria called in no hurry to get ready to go you're about you give up the infield single. Scores a run. Now you go getting to enable you bring in Soria without his regiment of warmup. He gives up the Grand Slam. And he's hurt. Poland and also Jacob Barton gave a vote solo homer. At that point did it really matter. And he did you knew was lost with that the point being eaten. I think if you hurry to Soria in for sure and call their pants down can you. And I don't know the injury to Joaquin story was pulled after that Grand Slam. Not going to be a Little League all my armor it's outs because you are given up six runs. Just watching him walk off with a damn right. Didn't look good now been look awesome. I don't believe he got his full regiment of warm up time Nokia to fly in there because Corrigan able confined strike zone. Corey dude really. I told my son asks. And I understand it happens at all levels but I told my son this for the last. I told him that mountain a mountain of Arizona Billy couple years ago when you and I went to see imply depth as it if you ever get out there and walked the farm up Killian. That's not what you do as a pitcher you can't throw strikes and don't be a pitcher simple as that. Can navel in the most worst opportune. Moment of the season. You had a chance to take five of sex. Against. Lesser talent right. You swept him to open up the season did you not it did. Then you take two out of three if you win this game here now it all make sense yet that's what you are supposed to do against worst teams. When five of six. But that didn't happen Corey can naval who physicals or 7991252. Haven't taos hear. In the international Hyundai Greenfield and Hyundai west Alice studios. As we took over the Wendy's big showed today. This kicked him out booted amount we yeah we didn't wanna hear anymore we didn't need anymore they wanted to do the show with us today and we just said now now. We we've been through that are specially today. And there's enough to get too aren't you on a bright because my little too yeah I character went I can't hear anything. And are here because I'm gap and yeah Corey I'm just own balls here. That's what I'm doing on the shouted through I know what it because he can get paid a whole ton of money so cannot. I'm gonna walk a bunch of batters for that we'll be back on the fan. Where did things go right horror well not so much. This game turn. Time for today's turning point of the game brought to my first Centennial mortgage talked a mortgage probe Peter read Jenna bench and go at CM dot com this is doubling his farm and lead baseball post game show. Present by Milwaukee admirals hockey. Yet they lose today a blown save in the ninth inning by Corey can naval 66 and 52 now two games back in the central cement house. And the boys farm and fleet post game show presented by the Milwaukee admirals taking your reaction. And really. Do not like this aren't you know you call that a blown save that was just an abomination. Yeah. Six runs in the ninth innings a six run ninth. My couldn't give him a six pack on the way down that's real nice and the and the mid western. Yeah that's a turning point hospitality we should do ninth inning six runs. It's it's turned into a lecture everybody feels really good about themselves Leah all right let's go to repeat in Appleton. Yet but he didn't and a mighty thing not good yeah actually I'm what are you like bounce on. Because. And here we've heard is struggling. Here potter's have been a human that's not a victory. That got. You gotta read this situation. Gonna happen. Not yet your phone your phone is really crafts and our IP when we get it. At what point then would you have gone out to get Corey Knuble because all the better question are often times it does snowball quite quick on it. I would be one that has always a plan B. Always know I'm not say and that every single time demy closers out there. One out nobody on our guts I'm scramble in the jet's here but I'm a hell of a lot faster than most managers are but CIA I would explain that. To my bullpen. I would explain that to the bullpen coach as well as the pitchers they don't be offended by this guys don't not one of you be offended. Might have taken a peek back into the bullpen to have someone warming up behind the FC and we that we have insurance and if something goes haywire we have somebody that government helps out because that guy that's warm enough for you when he's in there often times on someone warming up for him to do. So let's just it does snowball I would say and again I spelled it out for you at the at the open. After the second walk is was that tipping point for me. That was it I got to scramble the jets against someone warming I again I gave me the opportunity now all of a sudden we've got the losing run at the plate. I get the tying runs Iran in a 42 game. Losing runs at the plate moving forward. Little forward thinking who is the closer for the 2018 championship season from this point forward. When our friends have forward financial partners Jack about it FF PW I dot com moving forward together. Let's go to our Mike in Kenosha Mike you're on the fan. They would put a lot of money in color relievers Eric holders. And quite frankly they caught the last two games. Under wondered if he could impact. That it used to march and August about it later and see. The wanted to take them. All right thanks for the call it's good question maybe a little community concerned and the numbers are. Coming down a little bit. Mean they were ranked I think Griffin. Checked it out yesterday. They were ranked tenth. In all of baseball their bullpen and they were top three for most of the season. There were dynamite for most of the year. Yeah that's a three point six ERA for that bullpen still very good Josh gators already throw 56 innings Jeremy Jeffers 52 and two thirds. Off 54. Innings for. Dan Jennings got a lot of middle reliever a look at the appearances too and when you start second appearances and a five apiece for JJ and and Jennings you know with 44. Games remaining. It only gets about that seven indeed 73. May be of a tick more mark in court and missed. God you have to assume that they're gonna get in the playoffs to sell. Mike in Kenosha maybe got something there not not just for now but I think moving forward. Got to take a look at that as well and maybe that's why they signed Jordan Lyles. Really liked what he was able to do out of penned him load a lengthy got started for yeah you thought you're gonna have that going into the playoffs was suitor but but you guys. You guys can't fault. The general manager this baseball team for swing and and and try and he brought Mike's occur ski in the pitch abroad JJ Hoover in the pets. Boone Logan was one of the sought after guys Oliver Drake was on the space you waited sixty days so wade Miley could come back Alec Asher. Got some alone time. So she is trying to you have to applaud that effort you really do Albers I think was. Was that it was a key moments when he got her back in June yeah that that was tough that that was a big loss. Talk are coming off injuries to you can naval. He didn't miss was at 46 weeks earlier on. It's already 37 appearances taken away as it ought to just getting the word on now Joaquin Soria a mild right groin. Injury. Don't day today was Soria and this just my opinion I don't know I'm no expert. I'm just saying because he had to hurry through the regiment of warm ups that's why you sir. Am I going to read off and of the tweets and fire Craig Counsell there'd you know wanna hear your weekend to weekend. Miss I always am am amused by this mr. Morgan said season's over cable socks here's a concept. Pitcher best pitchers when you need to win. Earth. Your next year I'm a fan of this be on join the conversation nerve. Yeah that the an equivalent. This is adequate anybody or order a look I hear that thing. The award cal fire at all I think. Is it doesn't get too much credit of intricate matter here and eight Olympic sort of hypocritical about it article literally being pretty good team. I think at this you know I think they do over you Cheever a cut if we close out games like this. And we're counsel I just think. He needs to. And it's like every day is the last game like we're in a canoe race. Every game count there were no tomorrow you had enabled or make up what ours. So obviously you have a competent you're going to vote or not he's only got one so you had been no they may be a look tired or whatever you want effective. Matter well known and no no no I'd curve the reason burns was up the brewers were batting in that bottom of the eighth inning and I think to deal there was of the brewers if the brewers put up three or four runs and it was there and yanked down to naval and go to burns. But at at that point yet what other people some of these guys like I don't know enables don't Hispanic and white or are rampant period. And they got the courts are bit players. In the game because if autism is that there are we can delegate and it's kind of like a bat and beckoned at Atlanta for a while car. Like say in the so that we can we not make the playoffs but I would on the path of I've ever felt before a filmmaker. Now it's you can you've got to get nobody talks what you went cold and and peered at we have movement in Scotland fears could. One Atalanta welcome back and a cut there's no guarantees. We could be out but in taught it. No question and I'm with you curve I'm with you a 100% especially now thanks for the call specially right now Billy I think you're in on board with this. It's coming down to crunch time here and I know 44 games it's a perspective is that a chunky games yet to chunky games. Is in the midst of serious generates hell yes at some bits of a serious been erased. Look at the numbers he has 63 wins over there gets 62 wins or 60s58. Or 64. Our brewers sitting here with a 66. And I think gets if not now. Then curve is right it is the seventh game of the World Series then so if it would if not now in Atlanta. Well then is it next week in Chicago is at the follow next weekend in Saint Louis of the tick tick tick tick tick tick today as the games take it away. What is it that Amazon now and you don't wanna sent a panic rush or your your club policy you're making a move because because you're worried about is some slip in your worried about. Powell how the teams fair and how how everything is shaking out but. You are pushing into a final full quarter of the games. After tomorrow's game or you'll be at 43 games left that's according 5% that's 25% clip of about 162 game season. So your breasts shift into the fourth quarter. If you beat people wanna use a football analogy this joining me to put four fingers up and everybody's on their a game. In just the second here and everybody got tired everybody's hurt yet it's yeah it's all hands on deck now. We'll check out the numbers here and I think when we go inside the box Billy will just take a look at Corey can able line. So just just stick around and I'm gap and no but I also do this for Jonathan skull. Let's take a look at his day to. Take a look at Travis shot against a lefty today there were some good things that came on this scale of our. Let's go to down missing canosa Dennis your next year on the fan. Guys. I would bet I do about it now that you are. At the conclusion of the game but I got to believe that. How little you know as aggressively it he's substituted out some of the relief pitchers. Throughout the course this season part of me gotta believe what they compound that you think you know about that the man. Everybody's got it kinda like an out that the training camp. It's open competent and right now we're going to and a businesses fail and have it be then I got to know you're gonna put up or shut up and you can't litigate the Padres at all. You're back into it on the road against the Braves so I got to figure out right now we're going to war away at eight years old beat my guy hater you're most people I got. You that aren't gonna do it you know I can't be expected to sit here warmup every garment depends what you under you've got to close the door. Here's lawyers and Dennis and I'll keep you here here's where I gotta say right here and now Corey Knuble is now the closer until further notice. Because this is this isn't about someone put a good swing on a ball. This isn't about thrown a good pitch and it ends up 440 feet over the wall and you tip your cap to the batter. This is about you can't throw the ball over the over the plate. I bet that my order when they got runner dot Britain's second and he walked in into it. It kind of idea which is banned and I was with Al can you not informant somebody out and you're probably right with a Soria in Iraq to not very probably got to our I'm not saying. How did the right thing here what I'm saying is I only dependent on what that could have been life. Let the man put up or shut up if you don't care you're out there let's do all your art guy you were at all. I'm glad that we don't need you to be back absolutely. And I've been rooting for this guy Denis thanks a great point. Billy you know this I've been rooting for this guy Corey makes that entire bullpen look different. And wrong it's not only does it's not even close what he does he stack it up he makes that and dominant dominate their there's six guys that no team wants the face. And Taylor Williams when he comes off the DL he's also one of those guys that can lock it seemed down Dan Jennings is a veteran people know what he can do. I mean you're so. If he had the back end of that and yes locks down game got longer now because Corey can't throw strikes. The game just got longer now because Corey can naval can't throw strikes not are now maybe there's an injury and there we always say may do you think that he's nursing anything I maybe and we always got to throw a cabbie island. And it's possible but it would be brushed himself back let's assume that there's not wild and just assuming there's not. Not good for the crew now and not have a lock down closer in the ninth inning you're the guy get to wait with the lead. What forty out of 42. Times it should be a win right. But let's say take a look at the numbers we gonna Corey can able take a look at a couple of key numbers here. In the brewers' 84 loss in game three there's three game set. Inside the box Raja by Dave and buster's in a wallet toast so where you eat drink play and watch sports woody effort Corey. If Torre can able these two and three on the season. A 479. ERA after two days of fairly from. Not recording an out he gets his third loss of the year gives up one hit three walks and four earned runs. His body working Soria he gets blown save. I did get a batter out solo plus side there for Soria. One hit one run was charged you lock team and your boy Jacob Andrew Barnes and outfitting my guys is up the ninth inning. Giving up. A solo home run and the only the only way to do it and job and still yeah my boy. One for 42 runs scored two knocked in huge two run double in this ballgame vigorous obtain multiple hits as well. HP also thought to its entrap Shaw. A three hit day including one of Tim Allen's favorite plays of 28 team the bunt. I want you to wait for that well he's done it before this year and their very rarely does he do it but need doesn't and I love it. A Johnson scope by the way in that inning I did have the two run double then. Also you scored a couple of runs in the ball game including one on an infield single. An infield hit I don't know if that's gonna go down as an air they roll into an area you have so if I mean he scores from second base though. On that plot of all it never leaves the infield and a beautiful slide textbook. It's the outside part of the base base or home plate just swipes it with the fingertips all right so your the next contestant on spend the brewers' bullpen closer wields. And who are you choosing for the final forty floor as the closer of this baseball team and 2018 championship season. Or weakening. Takes off one man now might be putting it mildly as the brewers fall in this game they blow of the lead in the ninth inning and a lose a game in the series of the Padres however they are foreign to against the Padres and it makes you feel any better at all. They put some lipstick on that pay 39000. And Miller Park 39000. Plus. If it makes you feel any better brewer fever start to catch on here. Don't let one game swell idea. No it was a good day. Huge crowd and yeah I always love it's him on the on Twitter you know you're gay game follow along CLA people are gonna be out there. And you always know it's going to be a good one when the brewers to weed out about 35 minutes before game time. Preferred parking is now so slow out general admission oh yeah that's you know it's going to be a good day. All right well OK well let's get to our drive of the game with Acura Brookfield I mean you could point to the two run double from Jonathan skull that was huge. You could. We'll have some fun with this one how much Travis shock. Many months is one. And that guy you take it narratives on fox sports Wisconsin. I'd blames farm and fleet post game show presented by the Milwaukee admirals 7000 by the way tomorrow morning there's a change in the air here on the fan. Can't wait Timmons house in the morning. Tomorrow morning at 6 AM this isn't a podcast now. It's gonna be a full our radio show with just this microphone yes all right so. Why are you ready I'm ready actual ball chuck end and what's his name as they're off. Or where are they I don't know but we were fastest start the era of him and tell you know we weren't we were told to be in here at 6 AM and we saw you in the morning shows just aren't. Let's see I know that thanks I know they had some. I don't know what they have this mourn them some camp pillars or something. Yeah and apparently one of them thought that tomorrow. Is apparently. One of the one of our producers on the station was that was in today with Kevin Holden. And said that they think tomorrow just to be a big impersonation of him fast. There's better things to talk about yeah. Then producers I've qualified seven FM the fan off like hackers football yeah brutally slow and a lead the hawks play and on Christmas Day. Get to you guys at 7991252. Wallets hosts and Greg you're on the fan who's the brewers closer moving forward. A man offered the volatile and have a big burns today but that's all this. Pegged the brass. I'll be okay. And by now all out that there rage here about Jeffords fresher. I should be our closer for now I'm done combination I'd hader and earns seven days. I think enabled new job could be throwing BP but he came into that maybe he can practice but the catch it and you didn't get like pat volleyball and the. Their practice. Speak ease into. And it is tough to watch right they had electric stuff there's no denying that. But beyond the former college pitcher myself that by my favorite thing to watch in the game pictures and he. It's so difficult that he had not very second pitch for right now want out every tech hadn't curve ball looks okay. But that he's getting into all these predictable hitters counts as an adult matter how hard you wrote. If they know it's coming and I can't even. Out of fastball just like get it over the plate type of Iraq I mean negativity is that I don't pay would be the final breaking or no chance that you'll be in the ninth inning there at this year. While I don't know about the rest of the year but until further notice for sure. All right well yup yup yup and you might be right you did it could happen that way. I mean what if he does that say that's that they ma'am if if she does get it together. As bullpen is wicked. And now without him having it together. It's not as wicked so good. How gutsy it's still upper third in the league. Yeah but. Is it. Cleveland Indians good. Wherever once saying it's it's the next generation of how you're gonna play baseball. I don't know about that let's go to Dan in restrained dandy or on the fan. Jolie can hear it. Again I apologize to them and I won't want to do that. Anyway with that being said. Bridge between the picket Putin could have looked older we caddie. So I can understand why can't Patrick my career when I taught this course going to be electric they're up like he may or if I'm wrong. No wonder that closely tied to the final call when I don't know which almost that's probably three to your order because no commendable prominent. And it's going to be like a bit of an expert. At the guy just is not at all all your personal art be dependent. And cultural and it didn't know this one pictures. Are going to anarchy yank anti what you want to keep shoppers and another thing. Don't know now no idea. The plug can be kept a prisoner of course you are at the owner. Am not below that worked very well at least you look at his game and we're gonna get old. You don't of course if you got a queue jumpers and Eric Holder. And hopefully the press man you can just put it has endured emotional about it and then pick the optical demanded repayment. I'm injured there's a lot I'm not doing right. Disputed right now because it. There a look at more. It has been surrounded we can't 567 technicals are probably anymore and is being. And I got a lot larger. Picture to. I mean we finally got the production the guy. At all is the thought. So now no doubt it and she called that's not the only time he's done that to imply it's the best way to to get somebody hot right to have a big night and sit him down then set him down I liked what I saw HP today it short. Yeah and he's stepping up to there are some players guys here that our step and not know that it that are trending in the right direction. Heard counsels say the other day that. Does not always gonna be the same guys offensively every night and he's right it it runs in cycles. So where it's yellow it's in in Cain for ensues for awhile and of flops of brawn and Shaw and you know who ever else claims or somebody. And you're seeing the upswing of guys like many Pena. Guys like Orlando Garcia a Travis Shaw Ryan brawn those are four players that I can point to that are. Trending well right now offensively that's a good thing. And now you can you put skull open their category a minister that lately and I can't say this I'm I'm I'm really curious as we welcome and Brady in Oak Creek Brady I'm really curious this team stinks. On day games and I can't figured out you can call it an anomaly all day long. But there's something here. You don't you don't go 14151618. Games over 500 as an overall record. Yet your 101112. Under 500 in day games. Out of organic Brady go ahead I'm sorry. So I was wondering. Is accurate this game was on council. Just kind of connect the blocks contrary people than about what people mean. Or at least its own warming. Yeah. But the thing that while he doesn't have any trust in enabling more credit if this thing cut earlier. It why would you have cable warming up to another leader like I have trust your vote. Yes you do and India are Brady good story at the game today. I'm no out watching it without thinking. I really we really need Jeffords to start at Kroger now actually Corbin burned to the settlement most the time could he had allergic. Okay yeah a gutsy cursor does how old are you ready. Aren't our but it you're about the same age as soon as Billy here baby Childs. Was when he started calling this show. So here's here's and I'm think it Brady you'd keep keep keep an eye on you keep listening to us. Get some drive gets impassioned go on with the with the broadcast communications industry and then you come in here. In about what nine years. But nine years and then now we'll take Billy off the air puts UN let's take my job Tim and Tim and Brady. All right. I'd deal you know we'll see a nine year. Good luck gift pick it just like you're like yeah let's get a degree and that bar lights out and no doubt. 7991250. Lit up huge huge. Got lit up yet note no doubt a tough one today men aid for us who wanna get your. Reaction and comments on who is the clothes I am and agree with a lot of our caller some say is Jeff Frist. It is debatable talk more seventh house here on the fans today a lot oh yeah. Are you. All four miners. Giving me okay. I always use that line are you what my it's my favorites one of my favorites or on. Believable that's another good one yeah. Or what. I. Or I mean I think one of my favorite ways to use it is how we did it in the problem. For everybody and be listening tomorrow morning. Yeah suit. You myself and I'm a morning show Bartley clerk chimed in as we were talking. You know we're gonna the end and the era begins tomorrow we just had one response to Tim Allen and bill Schmidt. Please don't break anything while you're here parts. From now that's one of my favorite ways to use that that is away all right are you kidding me moment was when. Corey can navel in the lockdown a two run win for the brewers sport two into the ninth inning home. Crowd on knots 39000. Middle of a pennant race and I'm walks of men that don't worry about it did get a ground ball and get out of this thing nowadays the disease labor and will be NC here OK you're still all right. Walks the next guy. Well. One in the gap ties this game. It Greg bank. Credit we we get their body one and the gap to eyes and Greg. When I thought I thought we are went in my two. Yeah due to run scar it's tied all on all walks the next guy hitting a lot how many outs we got. It's a city your dad this Craig Counsell. Well that's he are you kidding me moment the third walk anyway you walk the bases loaded man you gotta go. No it was facing another another matter. 7991250. Let's go to Emery. Emery you're on the fan this afternoon. Old guys. Walt terrible loss and I just maybe Hampton worked tonight cult that kill me you know the worst part of the game. When our committee was coming and I get out of bed he'll let you know that in the diet lost confidence. So I think what helped me to do is just take him all right now between and that is. I did cleared it is confident that put him in a mop up role or something because you can't you know can you guys in Britain is equality depend at least. And if it keeps. Can and can't lose games like this especially because you know now. The just cannot give you this time the brewers just seemed to have that kind of played on us you and it took. What could be really good years just just really messed you know it's kind of been frustrated that you really do some damage to his team's psyche. And Adam and accused of morality one on the total trip now. Hopefully they can pull together and get over Christmas just it was just a tough tough loss. And hopefully council I don't know that we've had Beckett got the what you think ultimately I had done guys. And back to the greatness that kind of tools like calculate debate. Get managed by I hear the case so he didn't detail what do as ever really really good general manager. They've just done so sweet and general manager and I do what is best but tried to do it. But championship here in the city of Milwaukee. We going and you just can't. You know by the manager of Kelso you just can't you can't mess it up like this. League since I've been shaking all year I'm know. Pissed off about them. How do they gain adjustment. He typically all star break. But it did and did you might. Not all star. Experience you know we have I would brewers. We could really be weapons and of course and we just killed last year you know when he lost in the people that that god. Second game of the doubleheader on that Sunday I just doesn't get a good feel for the guy that. I actually did it together. Yeah and I love your solution Emery I really do I love the solution of not just cut bait with them thanks for the call not just cut bait with him. Right but but getting him into a more comfortable role because again that depending I'm perspective views had 44 games. Good junkie games or. Amen every game is huge and I'm and every game is huge category but. To make this team better. Corey can naval with a his head on straight. Is what you got issue for well if you want to related to any different conversation you can haven't sports and it's just like the breath Aaron Rodgers. Conversation with pollen out as is wide receivers it's not he's done with the dudes. It's same guys we have some time here are said to fix flaws but it is go time and we're gonna new agent to be performing yeah. Nam the other the other are you kidding me moment out. Do wanna find out. Who you think the closer would be again this seems to happens seemingly every year now here we are on your thirteen and you'll your. Gonna get used to this to bill. That. It's the ninth inning guys. Friend's. Brother in law nephews evil that no jail bird does radio show after every berg and. As that kid right there my phone is blowing. Up in the ninth inning X. Journal radio line. And you're. We could do Corey can navel is ready to. Did just review really blow this whole series out of the water are not a good mood and your ex. And not just attacks not just. And taxed not just all hates him but haven't talked deal while blowing up. Blowing up. Ask him he was sitting with Rick and. We're just have a nice conversation. Every five seconds to him as the most popular man in the final seconds the dogs are at home the neighbor can't handle the dogs because thunderstorms down there and they get all shaky and court as shaky as Corey can naval wise in the space on him. So let's go to Bob leaving Miller Park Bob it is Terry Jeffers as the new closer correct. Baker pick them McCall yeah. Well I'm what my excitement or law again. You know they have a column. All of the rhetoric and bridge stole it Karbala. I watched it and and cut at the end of that they've been won all fourteen straight. And boom you know you're on Saturday at the bigger though because we know that you know what common. A lot more and and I'm sure Concord that it would the year they had the and and abroad to vote vote everywhere and they went from auto immunity not that what bring out trader one market where it it though these. That's the first thing Bernard but I really wanna. I'm not we're at the last game against Colorado are under way. And able to go look up read too fast bulk of one of the 100 debates well what are eight and the year over what do Corsican able to recoup. It's still coordinator program and are. That he has no control laws and you add that control aren't under I don't get it called the pitcher I would call it a law I'm not good should go about it. Yep and that's something that IE I look at soup and thanks for the call Bob so much that I look at twos so. That fastball that air or not and that's when he won. It's what he wanted to some McKeon ask and all he wanted to belt high right that's regain its but he's looking fastball belt or higher. But a few key in on that area is it a good pitch. I don't mean all you out right from the pitchers respect. Or or if a guy. Is looking for a splitter. Off flow via either junior guerra or. Jeremy Jeffrey he's looking formed and one look and write you know five high that he can get up and and get a little bit along Jensen is not gonna squeeze about two months she's gonna stay loose she's gonna stay back. And he's just he's just gonna go with a pitch and if the pitch takes it flattering style golf and from the ankles. You're on the right as if you're looking for and you're are now. That can't be considered a good pitch if it was a bad pitch Paul. I'm more a more confused over the years. Why a manager would say a home run was a good pitch OK fine if it is this if the guy gassed I get it. If it was a bad sequence. That you never should have thrown a pitch in the first place 'cause the guy is looking for. Then it's not a good pitch even know. Physically might have been a good pitch right. It left hand while the execution was good it was just bad situation wrong such yeah as a group the bad sequence so the pit selection was bad the pits call was bad it's just at its. It's whatever covers your your tail. So what it is Vinson and time he's been our body for the last few years. Listeners that the show on the radio dot com map and and Benson talked to brewers fans that from California. And and tell and tell them tellem that it's it's still of heavy duty pennant race. At a spur of the very Duperreault I got all. All but a number that it I guess that. I made a bad diet and you know but the brewers that no way to go man gonna go I think. And it is that important you you lost to a team. They're bringing up our young talent out into the San Diego sports channel out here. To have a more entertaining and the national that haven't morning. Ben would national and local but it went. San Diego or not they're bringing up all the hotel San Diego fans that that team has done it over there and then dunk that that ship sailed. Well you play against. Courtney what needed to do is this an eight and it parade everything cap when you look back. I guess it kind of worked that covered me up at some standing army that bubble spot where I'll have to. You need to YouTube and because you can be claimed occur. Who you're in a pennant race against the me who you integrate the backup all the land of greens should be but based on year in Dayton I took. An army he went to out of out of three men in essence you went four of six against the San Diego Padres this year. True but right now the Padres mandating that they've named fairly good development says PayPal account so. Any time a good bad and B did ink but many there have generated somebody outside looking brewers don't yet know respect are you hear about the radio. Understand you know that's a panel thought about you they know you're gonna generate so they're going over the edge on that all the idea at a cannery but that aren't. No brew crew are eager about it. And Elaine cardinals that body. Here in the Dodgers and had gotten the call them or Iron Man. And all right yeah it invents it we gotta turn you loose and I love the fact the only smile. While prominent up forty yen or you know it don't go our but. All right ladies on he's smiling California. I think more people might be smiling Californians. Than here. Or just in general accident in general maybe and then the last like five or six years that a big smile rate has actually gone up. Exponentially actually 420%. Maybe like the official number Colorado they'd become a smile their tune on the yeah also a lot surprisingly I mean we're at a lot of Rainier. And it it kind of dampens people's moods out and Seattle Washington there's a lot of smiling going on in Seattle it's amazing. Well there's going to be better days year for the crew and I love memories solution to this and that is get Corey can naval right. And it and that's a thing yet Matt Albers right. It's easy it is to say don't throw home but he can't do that because you need all 25 on the roster anybody wanna raise their hand from Mike's a Kirstie anyone wanna Rory. Well I tell you what we're looking over Witten Taurus Tosca is numbers. Well well well god have brought his gas can Wear them to Maryville baseball park a couple of months ago. Seems to have things under control here you know just get along. Every step up. A city 100 on Quinton Torres Tosca. Oh sorry we had the wrong buzzer. I think it's Jeff Chris and I think others will agree that some I'm surprised we haven't heard from the hater lovers. I honor of the last couple days dampen that maybe maybe maybe I think it's worth. A conversation. Deceived Josh hater might be. In as as a closer mentality type guy let's talk about that next here on the fan. I welcome back brewers with a tough one tonight I should say today as they normally lose on day game I've been saying the same thing have you noticed that in here. Eight games suck. For so many reasons. The main reason of which. Is that they'd lose most games. See and that's the disappointing part of the whole the whole thing as. I'm not gonna lie sometimes I look forward to day games because a lot of times Tim that means out on the back deck by the sunset. With a couple of cold ones and does. But when your losing every single time it happens I don't want to have one I don't wanna have a cold one but ought to go to bat. Just all things went haywire. Right around. 345. Then. Somewhere in there right there always are talk about Brett Favre on the Wendy's picture tomorrow morning at 735. Tenant house in the morning the air begins can't wait. And waits we will be doing the morning show for how long. I don't know I'm I'm assuming it's just we're just asked to do it tomorrow but they Selena. It's led to keep things always keep her options open the best part about it is too and and I joked about this but it reed really is troops -- horrible memory. With what bill that the head hits that I took for firm and copious amounts of years and armed I have the ability now to exactly remember the date that we started shipments optional morning Al Knoll. The anniversary. Because every time that turns a year over adults earlier mr. Yes you know it's funny how that works non in I'm knocks fervent. Once a year goes by you tend to be year older I mean I think are you sure I'm pretty sure. We're gonna ask you guys tomorrow morning to win some reward play a pot a lot of me hotel sedar zero South Seattle the big money play of the game in this one. Boy got trapped Shaw has got to be hunt around for. I'm just going for just wow we heard all of the dead arm go with the pain as the first big play of the game it's big money play the game that's come from the opposing team it's gonna renfro you see I'm sure BP to he could be he could be so what will we ask you tomorrow morning. There's your answer you when the reward play over there at pot a lot of me hotel and casino let's go to Justin. In my nominee falls Justin you're next on the found. Gentlemen gentlemen it is not a good didn't recruit well and stay well. On before I guess I will be all about or how. Important they're what should not be recorder. Also record you're not gonna do shuttle to Billy Schmidt for being a little higher alumni and yes sir. Sold a little bill version I watched you Rhode island school the other. And of course who were happy to be the Carol university pioneers. Game day radio network here. I think this is mania. And so on couture research after the Bible that didn't. Pork and it will numbers are not on the last seven games yet seven point 71 ERA. And all electric and seven point two or your IRA. Or older numbers at all. Okay aren't fair enough we all know he's not gonna close again tomorrow night we all know he's not gonna close a game over the weekend in Atlanta. What's your solution. I went through Whitfield just it's awful performance. Shepherd should be in order for the rest of the. Okay have you considered Josh hater at all. It. Okay sort of a bull pens swing man not not your did typical definition of a swing man a six starter Anibal blond guy. But a bullpen swing men thinking goes sixth inning too firm for five miles can go. You know eighth inning seventh inning whatever right. Absolutely absolutely on I think at all I definitely agree it what you earlier symbolic sort of injury could possibly because of how old washed. Warmup arm I would think that's exactly what happened. All I think Soriano went to get healthy he could be part of that problem solution here. Yeah I think you're in good shape I you're not horrible shape out their thanks for the call your not a horrible shape out there that bullpen despite Corey can naval struggles. That's that's why you haven't so stocked up that's what you're. That's what you add to a strength that's why you brought in Soria. In case something like this one down yes where you have the back of plans available to Waukesha we say hello to Mike Mike you are on the fan. Entertainment. I got does attache. McEnroe put this sought to enable I'm I'm Sharia and Islam but. And she could gain Obama notre work I can only what's string attached to him at all. But my question is are. You talked before and I heard our previous caller talked before about. You don't wanna shake your quarters confidence by having somebody back you know. Are warming up behind him and all had which you know interest in March Ers are August September you're. And these are very very important game. And if he does so shell. Debt they don't watch somebody warming up but I'd won a medal game I think they didn't need to find a new place to a baseball because. What well actually cultural map it manager of this team when they're really worried at all because he placed all these. Analytic change everything is lefty lefty righty righty. He never place from the duct. Yeah putting from the gut that he's got an awful got what what bothered me as I tell my players looked Irish these games are important. And ordered. But there's gonna be somebody else sub and have all that at all times I'm not sitting here and what took. You make one trip to the mob guys when he was walking these guys to be cooperative bond at all at all. It just to say I love get him. Just to go get a visit they ought so you can go out and get that grill. And say tell the curve ball fastball. Took the ball over the plate in aren't you watch any it manager of any baseball team. You'll see two guys walked in anything I can't remember which manager wasn't sure if you can't get what it meant in an inning of up to the mound and at the dirt jackets walking dot. There's there is no walk you'll come into the game as a relief pitcher took up too on the quarters cent and I really don't know what its struggle. Gotta be dominating you've got to go Ida tiger man you gotta be fear Asian in my yum thanks it's a great point. Just had a conversation with my son the other day about old school. And disconnect to Betty these days and we're gonna view we're gonna get more into that tomorrow morning on the morning show Timmons house in the morning tomorrow morning. We're gonna talk about. I don't think it's fair that the term millennial. Is considered negative I don't think it's fair to some honest when he three years old deal and I'm sure you don't. No I mean I I somewhat you and I I somewhat don't I get the preconceived notions about it but to lump everything in there is I think. Incorrect so what what Mike was saying and the old school sort of format is you know it's this about winning. And who cares if you're gonna get mad because someone's warm up the bullpen OK at this as maybe it got too nice you're nice with the connect him but he. It's possible I'm we'll debate it yeah we'll debate it tomorrow morning it was great conversation it was commonplace. Rule when I was sell my son. That years ago you would have a Prince Fielder grab in the throat a Manny Parra. You remember that when that's an amazing okay that was the first I'm actually called the show was that night really was the night that he choked down a foreign. But that was sort of commonplace. In in. Back in the day if you will and NM same way back is seventies or eighties I can imagine what it was in the fifties and sixties. Teammates going that managers and players going at Reggie Jackson was going at it with Billy Martin in the dugout all the time. But that's what that's what happens emotions run hot it's all about winning. Mean you had just recently in the last what four years or so three years Papelbon and and Bryce are on our idea. And it in the dugout soul. You see training camp fights all over pro football. It's all about winning but that but sees these days it's so Powell getting along and staying connected that may be some of that. For lack of an as another term. I don't know ferocious nature of fire is cost yet has lost may be. I don't know maybe it's it's a newer thing what we'll get into that great conversation for marvel unpack all that tomorrow morning for sure let's let's go to a Ryan. Leaving Miller Park. You're on the fan of seven. You now more. A group art critic contract on the order permanent group that a much like it out there. Nobody in the opener Terri ought to be two or repetitive paddle ball I don't think you all that court apparently. No he knows I think he does expert at it it's it's a where I'm pretty sure it does. Let's go to issue another Brian this time of maybe new new Berle and we'll check in just a little bit better. Yeah yeah. Well it all out so is that what we are query able and how can be to quote a rep here. What I don't like it out on Wall Street is a major every inning like. It's Jeffords go an inning and find that each put an end enact getting it wrong that I ready gul. You know I mean. Yeah average or just the year discounting. In in the equation maybe the pitcher's spot was up in that bottom half so if that wasn't. Then you're saying go with the goal at the same reliever the next inning. Right and I felt like all like he should up football don't Schable opposition player but. It. Situation. You should develop that at all in all that go what we are all ready. And another not panic right now. Yet you brought the game at spot but were still better that all year and I think we're gonna have. All of these Eric Berry. All right very good yeah I am with you on the don't panic part. Mean tough loss eagerness tough losses I don't know what I would do if you panic. Well let's find out what happens were it. Every night every day every game every inning. It's all one big panic attack as it gets. I ate at a way to say at a guy is because that's all that's as we joke about that's part of the fun it. Losing your mind every single night is part of its coal. It's kind of cool as being a fan that says Ryan when that. And don't go there. Some people they go there. I don't wanna get my field insert don't go there. I think we've done a nice job Billy of staying away from that nonsense. Oh big time brewer fans have had not allowed that creepy okay good yeah because I have not heard them much at all because there were some. There were creeping in last year and the year before Tim locked. I simply do not believe that this team is capable of winning every single game in the playoffs. That was an excerpt from the fan morning show this morning. 7991250. We're gonna hear from Greg counsel you wanna join the conversation a tough loss for record date for the client. Okay watch this one away. A new things went south when I left my house this afternoon without shoes on the army just in my sock it was brilliant sunshine warm humid hot today now the best part is people people might not know this about you Tim Allen likes to leave the house in just socks just socks and what are your favorite activity I come to work without shoes yes. And give them about halfway here about the time where. You know that things start to get a little Dicey it's. Should he go beyond. Should I knew it when it rains have ornament but let's get to let's figure weds Corey can naval some interesting comments from Corey. After he blew this game. Yeah I mean no confirmed can those strikes I was. They're almost normal confirms an awful. Next you get adamant in September can throw strikes thousand. It's hard to. There's no to instant. It's. No question in their push carts until it. There shouldn't be hard. You know have been doing a prolonged time attrition are normal until stripes can do it I was a it. Get over announced new day tomorrow. And can keep him in the senate to do my job. And to request. I. It's. A conference. Mean. You know story's been there just post it can happen and it's graceful exit. And again and I'm about it. If the ball roll. It. Of course you know he's shown that. Cognitive reasoning look in there he knows I've been a situation for a run out of bounds are jobless console soon. Plunged into the dirt. Its origin and then. First child was huge. And those from the position of them in a situation in the first place and you know hopefully whatever happened to him today he's all right. That's my fault so. They're always come out you know they know it's graceful it's a sudden today we have to win and and I'm blew it but. We'll do and then we'll do our job done again. When you're hot you're hot player Laats. They're not so when it comes to the crew who's hot and who's not. You buy steel horse realtor accompany your roll call begins at steel horse About it was a decent question that it was a real question it wasn't a stupid question and must stick up for that reporter. That was Robert Murray of the athletic because Craig Counsell has sent play Craig Counsell and David Stern's has sent. Have a sense players down from lack of confidence and then. This year Orlando Garcia rebelde anybody in. Would like to see. Corey a little bit more pest I that's tough man I can't tell people how to handle their emotions but. I've certainly wouldn't be. Like roads baseball men and baseball. There's really no good way to answer that I'd is there because he go up there in the surge Robbins 'cause bombs. Everybody's gonna be pissed that she does that gives them a ton more work. Like you're out of control yet you go in there to say dissected everybody calls him Matt Garza. That was the classic 22 cop out a sought to them as a Randy Wolf thank him yes occidental America yeah robberies. It's great when it's great you do if you or of course what is on there yeah I thought I pitched pretty well yes umpire just sucked today strike. What did you call I had so good pitchers. Who's hot who's not. Not Corey can naval we will build out com merger region efforts fourteen pitches thirteen strikes pot. Indeed by the way tomorrow morning is 70000 mourning the Europeans. Room of the name and that we're gonna ask you who is the chili's and BB in this brewers. Loss. If you're the first person when we ask at 835 to mention on two renfro call yeah. On terror renfro. He kills. He does. You're gonna pick up free dinner at chili's that is brought to buy chili's chili's is back baby back and were back next here in the fan. Some of tough tough tough tough game today itself law's rough loss. We're all gonna heal up a little bit. Nobody's dead. No no one died today. I mean I've met somebody. Yeah contact us for us our FCC vote. We're still gonna have a baseball game tomorrow we still have baseball team this is like the sixties where they took your team boy they didn't. So will go back again tomorrow but a rough loss and it it really hurts. That made worse that the cubs weren't playing so the brewers lose a half game here. And now to back in the central let's hear from manager Greg council. Well yeah I mean I think next time I'll certainly. You know this is another nice thing is about we quite get out for us in and we court to get. It's big outs for us Weathers the seventh eighth ninth six you know when needles out so. You know I mean etiquette next time I'll we'll we'll get an argument meter spot for sure but at some point you know we're gonna try to work to get back to big big spots on big spots in the game. Not I think we functioned best when Corey Nelson ninth mom but if we have to we have to do things differently again back on track and that's no auction. There. It's got just a little got a mild right growing just felt a little bit and calm. Just dated a distant known just precautionary took mountain. So we'll reunited tomorrow and say. Or not they uses after that this isn't it isn't it at two Reyes. And I don't want subtle in what Corey you know what what he's he has. The biggest issue right now. Our well I think it's you know overall it's just kind of command of pitches I think that's the that's the big Sam and it's you know me today well obviously walks hurt them and just kind just getting pitches where he wants to get them. Nor has an overall effect and down. Today just. He's thrown strikes but. It's not always it's it's sometimes about the balls he throws too is giving in to the balls the good spots and spots in good swings on. Com which is which is something that he's he's done very well so. It's you know on its its its overall commendable that children now. Is August how do you get him to maybe. You in the right mindset because clearly after Sunday he wasn't pleased with today's obviously how do you get his mind right. The best way to get it right is to have success and to get out there pension and get outs. And and that's that's the best that's however have to do it. So little more final spots forum and on continue to work with them and and that's our NAFTA doing. We're expecting thank you Josh. You know. It is that part of this equation Craig because you liked the way you used in a multi innings and sort of traded a couple of days down after those. We think about changing her used to happen for us. Army. I think what Josh is were using Josh so that these can be the most effective he can be. And you know right now we we we got it we went justices did catch three out of four days. Missed the third it was a multiple innings malt or multiple innings and so let's bring him two days off and that's an area. There will be other scenarios worried you know he pitches an inning in May have a day off but but. What we've got to protect how he feels it and make sure that he's fully recovered when he takes them on again it's it's. Yeah there's Greg council therein and the one thing I'd I took out of that right their ability. This bullpen works best when quarries in the ninth inning. They need to do that everything they can't get him back that was the most telling part of that Craig Counsell agreeing that if if they're gonna get where they wanna be. In the playing October baseball they need Corey can able they do and more brewers conversation tomorrow morning Timmons house in the morning we're doing in the morning show tomorrow until bush who knows when they'll tell us not to feel they tell us no longer and so were were in tomorrow we'll talk up Packers and titans. We'll talk millennial verses old school. I'm. Excited. Excited defend my generation. I will Wear that as a badge of honor you young whimper staffers. And Tim were out here. Throw and hands and yet. And make it plans to take over the world is more meals and Mike Allen a bag. All right graph entitlement. A nice job today and you'll be with us for awhile now and last day in turning. Last interning for a bit you've done a great job you'll be back thanked him and Google's ball skipped it all you'll be back baby back that's gonna do for us we'll see you tomorrow morning at 67000 the morning. Live from the international hunt they Greenfield and Hyundai west Dallas studios unfortunately brewers fall today. Baby Giles bill Schmidt on Sam. You guys have a great night smile Milwaukee the world little smile back. Okay.